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Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -ologists' obsessions. Humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward asks smart people stupid questions and the answers might change your life.

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  • Epicwolfranger
    Alie Ward the knowologist
    From volcanology to kalology old uncle ward brings to the table stupid questions for smart people and I love it. This podcast is out of my comfort realm as I’m a d&d podcast (wannabe)dad and I just finished the kalology-sode. This podcast will make your brain explode so many times an episode. I honestly cannot get enough and alie is an amazing host who channels all of my deepest questions in each episode. I LOVE IT (not in a creepy way)
  • AppRator5
    love this podcast
    i don’t know how to explain it i just love it so much, it’s so interesting yet funny. 10/10 recommend this podcast. it’s just great!
  • hhh808
    Ologies Addiction
    When I listen to Ologies I pretend Alie is my best friend. I listen religiously. Alie, please start a religion, create an Ologies board game, and a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle collection. Ok thanks bye!
  • Will Gollyhue
    A fun and fascinating tour of human endeavor
    Alie Ward introduces us to smart people and their studies with wit, warmth and infectious enthusiasm. She injects helpful commentary for the layperson without dumbing things down. This show is like a red carpet premier with scientists instead of celebrities and I just can’t get enough.
  • windblown27
    Do it!
    What does the pawpaw seedlings in my yard and my burgeoning appreciation for wasps have in common? Two words, dad Ward. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast! No seriously just do it! You won’t regret it.
  • Yogabbagabbayo
    No way this was coincidence
    Today I had just finished the fireflies episode and was walking into a store humming a tune for some reason. I stopped in my tracks because the same song was on the PA. I was like, Do they have music in the parking lot? No—this is that Fireflies song that Alie played a snippet of. And the store? IT WAS KROGER! Dad Ward, how did you pull this off? @sluefootstu
  • Nicker Bocker 24
    Great Podcast:)
    I listen to this podcast at work and I love it! The positivity and the knowledge I gain is awesome!
  • blueeyedbaby348
    New to podcasts and obsessed!
    I’ve never really been into podcasts before but this one sounded interesting. I started with sharks and have now learned so much about seals and lightning and stage props and fireflies and mortuary makeup! It makes my science heart sing and I can’t wait to learn more!
  • huntershandmade
    A daily dose of wonder
    This show consistently fills me with wonder and joy, it’s so HUMBLING to think of all the amazing life out there. Thank you dad Ward for being a familiar and comforting voice while I’ve navigated the odd and sometimes isolating world of being a therapist from home during a pandemic 😅, your show has helped me feel less alone. Oh and congrats on the wedding 👰!
  • Lauren.Ashley2471
    Converted Science Lover?!
    Okay, so I’m a History teacher and my wife is a Biology teacher. I geek out about history and my wife snoozes; she geeks out about science and I somehow drift into la la land. Then…this podcast came along…and WE ARE BOTH ADDICTED. We geek out together after every episode. Never thought I’d be so into science. Bought my wife an Ologies t-shirt and we are now spreading the word to EVERYONE. Now, I just need an Ologies equivalent to history. Interested?!
  • beesoto
    Mom with a talkative kid.
    Thank you so much for the never ending did you know questions for me to tell my 4 year old. He loves learning and now listens along with me! He even says “burbye” at the end of the episodes. Smart, whitty, and just down right good.
  • Franki Huggins
    I switched to iPhone just to leave this review
    Alie Ward is my best friend, but she doesn’t know it. She lives in my car speakers on the way to work, with her velvety asmr voice, her incredibly endearing excitement, and her absolutely bonkers facts about lizard dicks. I can’t wait for every new episode so I can info-dump on my family about bees, bird feathers, and cuttlefish. This podcast is a treasure.
  • Swan Walker
    I love this podcast! I’m a brand new listener and actually brand new to podcasts in general! I’m so glad I found this podcast as it is educational but fun at the same time! Keep up the great work!
  • Kmilway
    The best podcast I’ve ever listened to
    Alie Ward has the best job ever, asking smart people stupid questions. And really, they’re not that stupid. I have learned so much every episode, and I love having this random new knowledge. I also love the chance to expand my Twitter and Instagram feeds. And big, big props for featuring so many female experts and experts of color. Absolutely wonderful! I had on the wildlife ecology episode on a recent road trip, and my 6 year old explained how birds build their nests to avoid flooding and predators the next day. I didn’t think he was listening, but he clearly heard and learned something.
  • NightShade3621
    Bit of Courage :)
    I love this podcast and the passion Allie shows for every topic! I have a double bachelors in Wildlife Management and Biology and finding a job has been difficult; Ive been scared to go back to school and spend more money when I have more interests than I know how to narrow down. Listening to this podcast and the stories of the scientists made me realize that sometime the right interest chooses you; so with a bit of courage I applied to a Masters program in biology. I love birds, reptiles, insects, etc., you name it and I’m interested! So, upon my acceptance to an excellent program I submitted my resume to the graduate director and asked who needed a graduate student. I am now registered for my first semester, beginning Fall 2021 researching Brown headed cowbirds and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I’m a bird nerd to the core (which apparently showed on my resume haha) and this is what I never knew I needed :). Thanks for all you do Dad Ward because you give us the push we need to do better and to find our passions.
  • revnesden
    I am so sorry Dad Ward! 😭
    A few days ago my finger accidentally slipped and I sent a 4 star review instead of the 5 star review you deserve and I totally intended to send! I am so sorry to have lowered your review average. I don’t know how to change it, but I immediately sent a 5 star review afterwards. I just don’t want you to think I wasn’t 100% in love with Ologies. Sorry, sorry, sorry Nancy S.
  • Hubalubbirds
    Dad Ward changed my life for the better
    Alies ability to interact with each ologist has been such a captivating and informative way to learn about science. It’s like the modern rendition of an encyclopedia in podcast format and with a charming and funny host. She showed me I was a science loving nerd before I even knew I was. Infinite puppy snugs to the woman who inspired me enroll back into school to get my bachelors in Environmental Science.
  • SonyafaynoS
    My all time favorite thing to listen to
    This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for since the birth of podcasts, get ready for a binge, you won’t regret it.
  • Ms.AnnaNugget
    Crushing on Alie Ward’s vocabulary
    I was stuck in the St. Louis airport for six hours and the only thing that made me smile and chuckle during that sliver of purgatory was Alie Ward’s stunningly clever and hilarious dialogue with experts. The kindness and curiosity that she and her guests show to each and every little creature and topic is something we could all use more of. Ologies is a romping delight through all sorts of science and I always finished episodes bedazzled by nature and determined to use vocabulary as as vibrant and plucky as Alie Ward.
  • Sweetrev3nge
    I went to school for marine biology and zoology, I’d been searching for another nerdy podcast and found this one. It’s amazing, super interesting and educational interviews with many different subject matter experts! I’m only a few episodes in, but stoked to see what else is in store!
  • cen810
    Love Love Love
    Made our 12 hour drive home from vacation fly by! Thank you!!!
  • Trin.McM
    This makes my ape brain happy :)
    I- just HOLY MOLY Allie Ward is my superhero. As a cute fuzzy ape trying my best, on this rock hurtling through space, this podcast is one of my favorite things! I love listening to Ologies while working out especially because 1. Who doesn’t love getting fitter and smarter? And 2. I just love the idea that people think I’m listening to rap/ pop/ whatever, and in fact I’m learning about how crows mourn/ your gut Microbiome/addictions. It makes my day. So thanks DadWard. You’re super cool :)
  • HappyAuts
    Knowledge about everything without having to think
    I have been wanting to just learn more about the world or things going on but I didn’t know where to even start. Alie will do a deep dive into a subject but keep my interest the entire time. I now silently stalk 15 different ologists to learn more about their specialty.
  • Noël aka Homestyle
    Keeping my mind occupied while hiking thousands of miles!
    I adore this podcast! I was hooked after spotting some bears in the Smokey Mountains National Park while on my 2,193.1 mile trek on the Appalachian Trail and have since spent most days listening to, and learning from your show. Ursinology, Mycology, Dendrology, oh my! Not only educational, but entertaining as well. I now spout off facts about nature things to whomever will listen…which is usually no one, but I have had a few fellow hikers who are now also hooked! Happy trails, internet dad 👍
  • bird1952
    This show is my therapy
    Alie, I cannot thank you enough for this incredible podcast. As someone struggling with day to day anxiety, your witty banter and discussions with Ologists on your show take my back to reality and cheer me up so much. As someone struggling to become an “ologist” myself in this crazy world I love hearing how real and human your amazing guests are. Since i’m not in school right now I consider these episodes my lectures and am seriously grateful for all of the amazing subjects. Yourself and this podcast are amazing, thank you for existing!! I for real hope you read this review, thanks for being awesome. Sincerely, An anxious wanna be ologist
  • kim wehunt williams
    This podcast rocks (lol geology)
    I found this podcast not long ago. I am a huge freaking nerd and I fell in love instantly! My kids always listen with me, which I adore. They recognized Alie from Brainchild on Netflix, and wanted to hear everything! I mean, a few bad words versus a lifetime of knowledge and curiosity? No contest. BUT NOW THERE’S SMOLOGIES! Perfect length for a lesson before bed. My eldest wants to be a geologist, and my middle wants to be a pilot and astronaut. Having the first episode of smologies be a SPACE GEOLOGIST blew their tiny minds. Alie, you are my hero.
  • bgerkgbl;sdbnposf
    historic preservationology???
    I’m restoring an old house by the coast with my dad and the only thing we agree on listening to to pass the time while we work besides Led Zeppelin is Ologies. My only question is how can we get a historic preservation themed ologies? Anyone know a historic preservationologist?!
  • maysen wheatley
    Thanks daddy
    Be prepared to get a hard on for science. 🧪 Love, ya girl Maysen your new biggest fan.
  • Thedoctor 11
    Hilarious and informative
    A science teacher friend of mine recently turned me on to Ologies, and it was like someone gifted me hundreds of hours of my favorite book! I love how excited Alie gets about her topics and how much joy she gets from talking about poop, butts, and penises! I love it!
  • phxflurry
    Thanks Dad!
    Ologies has reminded this grandma in her 50s about the wonder of learning new things about the world. So heckin’ great!
  • Rzmajeed
    Thanks for the friendship daddy Alie!
    Let’s be real - being an adult can be really boring and also really lonely. Listening to “Ologies” makes me feel like a wee baby kid again learning in science class, and Alie alongside her delightful band of Ologists make for a fine group of elementary school buds. You make me feel less lonely during my walks, and teach me valuable things about life. I have recommended to everyone I know. Thanks for being my bud! :)
  • LeesMillz
    Alie in my ear everyday
    I stumbled upon ologies when I needed a cleanse from true crime podcasts for a bit and boy am I so glad this podcast exists! Everyday after work I get to pin down my husband and whisper sweet brain food into his face because my dad Ward keeps me informed! I cannot possibly pick a favorite episode, but fulminology has me feeling like a storm chaser and lupinology had me tearing up with joy after seeing a big fluffy doggo pass me right after listening! I’m telling everyone I know about ologies because this is what we need in our lives!
  • Wpd3
    Captain Jesse Marcel Roswell
    As the security officer assigned to the Air Force Bomber command near Roswell. He inspected ufo crash site. The guests commentators dismissal of Captain Marcel were a bit cavalier. They called him as a low level officer who tried to bamboozle his superiors. Made fun of his subsequent career as a tv repairman. Jesse was my dads uncle. My dad said that Jesse believed the wreckage was alien, describing the material as having hieroglyphics and returned to original shape after wrinkling it. He retired as a lt colonel 3 years later and received 2 commendations In general they too glib and self assured of their conclusions Have we been visited by aliens. I don’t know, but wouldn’t be surprised and I hope they’re friendly
  • Ally6275
    I feel so smart
    Love this podcast. I take so much away each episode to share with people and I feel interesting, because I know a small amount about a ton of stuff!
  • Water is my Passion
    I Have No Idea How to Title This Oops
    I’m a HUGE fan of Ologies and have been binge-listening to it for the past couple of weeks; I appreciate the inclusivity of all genders and representation of BIPOC voices in STEAM so, so much. However, when I got to the Microbiology episode, I had to stop listening about 32 minutes in because of the representation of autism as something that needs to be fixed. As an autistic person who has worked for years on accepting the fact that my brain working differently doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me, it made me feel physically sick hearing Dr. Hsiao associate autism exclusively with “behavioral problems.” Autistic people are more than just the characteristics which make navigating the world more difficult for us; we are wired differently, but that gives us perspectives on life we may not otherwise have. Our minds/guts do not need to be fixed or cured. Again, I LOVE this podcast, hence the 5 star rating, but I had to say something about the ableist rhetoric in the Microbiology episode. I’m sure it was unintentional, but it still hurt.
  • Special_Edvard
    This post is fabulous. The topics are always interesting and Ali takes great care in presenting them.
  • dayspring85
    My new favorite podcast
    I've been having a hard time finding new podcasts to listen to and cannot believe I just discovered Ologies a month ago! I ❤️ science and learning so much that I've been listening to your old episodes constantly. Now with the new edition if Smologies my earholes are sooo happy! Plus the new them song is the best!! Thanks for a top notch, funny, and informative podcast.
  • SashaLeonova
    Refreshing and Fabulously Entertaining
    I was in a podcast super slump and seriously craving something informative and reliable, but not duller than doornails. I also wanted to learn and better my brain but in the time of instaglam and triktok I felt like so many educational things were either someone’s biased opinion or not very entertaining. Alie Ward’s Ologies is that breath of fresh air that mixes actual specialists’ knowledge in a great variety of fields with her upbeat and engaging personality. I’m so fricken picky about what I listen to, and honestly I was a bit skeptical, but after the first episode I’ve been hooked. If you’re questioning trying this pod, just do it. One episode won’t kill you, and it may just become your new fav! Miss Alie, a sincere thank you for all your hard work in making this such a fricken joy to listen to. P.S. The theme song is a fricken bop!
  • Katie J 2215
    Brain science babey
    I have ADHD and this is the only podcast that can keep me engaged during the work day. Alie kills me with her witty and insightful asides that make me have to pause the podcast to laugh. I get a daily fix of science facts and my boss gets my work, actually completed, sitting on her desk because I was using this podcast as a sneaky dopamine fix to keep myself productive. Thanks Dad Ward
  • nfaragon
    Thanks, Dad!
    Hey Aldad Dadward, this podcast is a pleasure to use my ear caves. After one year of listening to you and fabulous ologists, I have built the courage to apply to a sustainable agriculture and food systems master's program. I'm ready to evolve into my final form, and I wouldn't be in this position if it were not for this podcast. Big love from a big nerd, Nat
  • Shaylie Augustine
    Blew my socks off
    Everything about this podcast, from the broad topics to occupy my ever wandering mind, to the humor that keeps me chuckling during my long drives, even the secrets that appease the dramatic gossipy side of me, the WHOLE thing is awesome and blows my socks off every time i listen to a new episode. thanks a ton for making this and doing such an awesome job, this should have a surgeon general addiction warning.
  • Ren Beach
    This Podcast is Literally Bananas
    A mind blowing compilation of science, swear words and dad jokes, Ologies is an amazing way to learn about the things you didn’t know you wanted to learn about. My dad and all of our dad, Alie Ward, has made science seem like such a down to earth subject, which is incredibly encouraging as I pursue my biology degree. I can’t recommend this podcast enough, and I’m pretty sure my family and friends hate me because I won’t shut up about it.
  • 7asafdrgfd
    Dear dad word and mom word
    Lover the pod soooooooo goooood
  • sophi veltrop
    Stop what you’re doing and listen to this podcast
    Oh hey, are you stumbling across Ologies for the first time right now? Lucky you. Wish I was in your position of getting to listen to all these nuggets of nerdy knowledge for the first time. So, unless you are voting, performing CPR, or giving birth (in which case, why are you scrolling thru podcasts??) I recommend dropping whatever you are doing and tuning in. Thanks dad ward <3
  • Cynthia Luois
    One of the Best.
    I come for the vast, vast knowledge and the amazing, funny, cool, beautiful, thought provoking dialogues … but then I realized… I stay for Alie Ward.
  • dophiagrace
    A Podcast to Help You Learn and Grow
    I started listening to this podcast on long drives to visit home and I chose it because I love science and animals and nature. I didn’t expect to find so much humor and wonderful humanity and Dad Ward has the most soothing, ASMR-like voice that lulls me into a state of complete and utter bliss. Thank you Alie for asking smart people dumb questions and for promoting Better Help.. you’ve inspired me to start counseling and your show brings me so. much. joy.
  • Missquiss
    A+ podcast!
    I just started listening and each episode I discover a new thing I didn’t know I was interested in. Alie is an amazing interviewer and her guests are just so excited about their subjects. I’m hooked.
  • Scrabbeler
    Ologies as Religion
    I believe in this podcast… the way Ologies improves the accessibility of science and knowledge warms my jaded heart. As someone with chronic pain, who previously did field research, I especially appreciate the intentional inclusivity. In Wildlife Ecology, Alie made a note to specify less-physical ways that people can participate in such research. It brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for not only thinking about that sort of thing, but including it for your whole audience to consider. Maybe we’re all becoming bette people through Ologies? I will 5ever be recommending this podcast to strangers and friends.
  • joyousbork
    Gahhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSS
    I’ve been listening to ologies for about a year now. I’ve suggested it to hundreds on my own podcast. This podcast is my people. Dad Ward asks all the questions I want to ask. Dad Ward models curiosity and genuine excitement for learning. And Dad Ward and the Ologites make my day better basically every day simply by existing in the beauty of nerddom.
  • CA-3333
    Cute animal fever!
    This show makes me fantasize about quitting my highly-satisfying ologist day job (ok let me try to phrase it as you would— mysterious medical snooze wizard — anesthesiologist) to run off into the wilderness and study cute animals of my choosing. Thank you to Alie Ward and all the guests! Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious 🦠 Also dead that your negative reviews are about pronouns—get a life, people!
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