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Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -ologists' obsessions. Humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward asks smart people stupid questions and the answers might change your life.

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  • David Hyoom
    I must be in a mood.
    I adore this cast. Charm, quirk, play, gravitas,awkward sound bite edits. But. I just listened to the futurology ep and had to end it. The uptalking. The uptalking. For the love of Christ and other holy people. Make people stop doing that.
  • Mooobrien
    My Poor Coworkers...
    This is my new favorite podcast to listen to on my long field-work drives! I get to learn a ton of new facts and then knowledge-vomit all over the first coworker I see when I arrive at work. My brain and cats thank you! My coworkers do not.
  • K86248
    So glad I found this podcast!
    I love this podcast. It was especially fun listening to the mammology episode while at work and pumping breastmilk for my 4 month old baby. I’ve always been a science lover and listening to smart people answer silly questions is the best. Thanks for being so bright and shiny, keep up the good work dad.
  • deardarlaihateyourstinkingguts
    So good I’m actually buying stuff from the ads 😂
    Dad Ward even makes the ads witty and clever so you can be sure the content is AHHHHHHHH SO GOOD JUST LISTEN!
  • Love this😁
    So much bestestness, too few stars.
    How can I fit one amazing podcast into five puny stars? The answer: hack the app so you can give out five THOUSAND stars. So charming, I listen to the pumpkin episode when I feel stressed or nervous, and I feel much better after listening. I have anxiety, and this helps me. I am a twelve year old girl, and I love to listen with my mom when we go on car rides. I have listened to the cat episode multiple times (I love cats and have four) and it’s so amazing. You’d think the scientists would be very serious people who get straight to the point but nope. So fun to listen too and I learn so much. Thanks for making this great podcast! P.s. Could you make an episode on mountains ( mountainology?) And one on the earth? (Which obviously is not flat, if it was, cats would have knocked everything off the edge) Thanks dad ward! I hope you know that that is your name now and will be put on your headstone so I hope you like it. P.p.s. Now I want to be a vet.
  • Julia JT
    Crisis-Soothing Content!
    I’ve listened to Ologies for about a year now, each episode leaving me nerding out more than the last. I’m a university student who’s having the quintessential career crisis, and was chatting with a friend the other day when I realized my dream job is to be Alie Ward. So thanks Dad Ward for genuinely helping me guide my passion for science education!! Time to ask more smart people dumb questions!
  • Lo_14
    This is Getting Me Thru The End Times
    I found out about ologies through looking for a podcast that would help me learn while working. Every single topic that is covered in this podcast has been insightful, delightful, and super relevant to what’s happening around the world today. I started from the first episode which was recorded in 2017, right after America decided to inject itself with embalming fluid, and to this day the content is extremely relevant (which is really unfortunate). I’m working from home as an artist, and I feel smarter after every single episode, which has never happened before while listening to a podcast. I would 10 out of 10 recommend this podcast to anyone who is seeking information about topics they have no idea about, because each one is broken down to the simplest of terms, in a hilarious way. Thank you Alie Ward for using your gift of storytelling and your curiosity to explore all the things we take too much time googling and putting it into a format that is really enjoyable to listen to. — Logan M.
  • Meg Composts The Most
    Haaaaaaay, want to know everything about everything?
    It’s my life-long quest to be a Knowledge-ologist, and every episode gets me closer to my goal. Dad Ward’s enthusiasm makes each topic more appealing and exciting, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who employs spicy language when I learn mind-blowing facts. If you want to know everything about everything, this podcast is for you.
  • Kelsey_F
    Informative and Fun
    Would recommend to friends. Full of fun facts, quirkiness, and interesting people.
  • Abby teaches art
    Like having chatty science teachers nearby
    I am an elementary art teacher and I share a classroom with a science teacher. I used to love overhearing them talk about bugs and germs to the kiddos. When I started teaching remotely I got really into the podcast because it reminded me of my classroom. I love the podcast, scientists and artists have a lot in common. We love gross stuff, are DONE with oppression and inequality, love community, and the phrase “gross! I LOVE It!” Get on the magic school bus!
  • catlyn m
    Lovely podcast
    I learn so much every week! Thanks for growing my knowledge, Dad Ward!
  • Lolobflower
    Uhh beware
    If you didn’t think you were thinking about getting your phd in some random ology, this podcast will make you think about it! It satisfys my curiosities in a fun and funny way that is just nerdy enough. Even the episodes i am not sure i’ll like (atlatyl one) end up being some of my favorites!! Alie is a great host who asks the right questions and isn’t annoying or uninterested. -lauren b., fellow faux redhead (Getting my phd in Marketing-i wish there was an ology for that so i could be on the show! 😄)
  • battery_gal
    Simply amazing
    Ologies is by far the best podcast out there. It got me through my engineering undergrad, and grad school applications by reminding me that what really matters is doing the science I love and sharing it with others! Alie is a charismatic, warm, and intelligent host who guides her amazing guests through truly inspirational interviews. I love you Alie!!!
  • Uf Wallygator
    Mildly informative
    The podcast has some fun moments and Alie is funny. The oceanology show was a high point, gemology a low point. The podcast had a good track record of avoiding politics but like most others just can’t help themselves and ruined a perfectly average show.
  • Lladenheim
    If I could only choose one podcast
    This would be it! Love everything about it, and love learning. Keep it up, Alie!
  • jloo98
    Do you want to become an avid bird-watcher? A taxidermist? An astronaut? If you said no to any of those things, you’re wrong. If you said yes, beware. You will want to pursue a college degree in Everything after listening to this podcast. Which is probably not possible. Unfortunately. But for real, if you like learning about things you didn’t even know you liked learning about, then take a listen. Even if you’re like, “I don’t care about snails.” You’re lying. Listen anyway. Plus, Alie is great too, and her commentary will actually make you laugh out loud. Even the ads are funny. I am picky about podcasts, but this one is absolutely my new favorite <3
  • M@d1s
    The Best
    Just the best. Absolute best. Ally is a delight to listen to. My favorite is the Lepidopterologist episode with Phil Torres, next is Mycology (I dabble in mushroom foraging sometimes) and third PROBABLY about Tasmanian Devils... just all around the best podcast out there. Love it so much.
  • One Eyed Cosgrove
    Thank you
    My government job and family (two teenagers, wife teaching from home) induce an immeasurable stress while my health condition(Crohn’s) can times put me in depression; however the one thing that I found that lights up my day is Allie Ward and her podcast guests, so I appreciate it. Much gratitude
  • Dr. Ross Dye
    Not for dudes
    It’s like a totally cool, like literally AMAZING OMG girls do science too podcast. Men are the worst! They should have more cleaning product commercials portraying men doing the house cleaning.
  • KASPG2015
    Favorite Podcast
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. Great for binge listening on road trips. I will be very very sad the day this show isn’t made anymore.
  • gabriella 101010
    1st of all, I love this podcast 2nd of all (and I know they’re not an Ologist) but you should totally interview an ethobotinist, it’s basically a botanist who study’s a plant in its indigenous land and they study how the cultures interact with said plant
  • Sugarprincass
    Thank you Allie! You have made learning about things a little bit easier and a whole lot more approachable 🥳
  • Texarkansan
    Best Class I Never Took
    After attending undergrad at a research university, Professor Dadward gave me my liberal arts education that I’ve desperately been missing and just in time for me to start grad school! Each episode is a tiny slice of joy with a new fun fact to share at the dinner table, A professor
  • ThatOneCarGuyNamedFrank
    I want a career change
    Like many others who have written a review before me, I have never written one on any podcast I have listened to - and according to Spotify, I listened to 30,000 minutes of podcasts last year. In fact I don’t even listen on Apple Podcasts, but being that Spotify doesn’t have allow for reviews, I figured I’d write one on here. After every episode I’ve listened to, I have been convinced that I need to change my career to that of the respective episode’s ologist. There are so many mundane topics I never thought I’d be interested in, like trains or postcards, but the back and forth banter between Alie and the guest makes everything so easy to listen to and to learn. This podcast allows me to be the best version of myself that I can be, and so for that, thanks Dad Ward!
  • K810lea
    Great podcast!
    I have enjoyed every episode so far. Each topic is informative and the speaker’s down to earth tone and humor keeps it interesting! I am a biologist so it is nice to learn and brush up on scientific topics while I sit at my microscope everyday at work.
  • Kaiteschultz
    Nerding out together!
    This podcast is my absolute favorite. I love biking and cooking while learning nerdy facts. This podcast also helped solidify a friendship. Me and my friend bonded over calling pelicans dinosaur floofs after the pelicanology episode. We also ogled over moss together after the bryologist episode. The absolute best friendships are built on the love of nerdy science podcasts.
  • Kansas55
    Haiku review
    Interesting folks- Bright lights in their Ologies. Dad Ward, my friend, too. This is my go-to pod. Thanks for the cheeky, chummy, irreverent conversations that bring me into your enthusiastic circle. - KathPort, LAc
  • Gnm98
    So entertaining and informative. Great show.
  • Lizzy Melcher
    I’m dreaming of ologies now!
    Hey Alie, This is my first review of a podcast ever. I’m usually pretty quiet on social media but I felt compelled to leave a review after I had an ologies dream. It was the night before a new episode release. I was looking forward to it because this podcast is the best thing... ever. In my dream, you and I were sitting by a campfire and you wanted to interview me about my job as a physical therapist. I got super nervous because I definitely did not feel interesting enough to do an ologies episode on. You were encouraging and kind and before you know it we were chatting about physiology, myofascial release and trigger point dry needling. Weird but it was an oddly pleasant dream! Thanks for the awesome podcast and sorry for creeping on you in my dream 🤣🤣 keep on being amazing 👍
  • syncerlylost
    If you are the overly ambitious type who loves having nature around you, be careful when listening to this amazing pod!i want a bat box, read all the demonology books, THE OCEAN PPL!, I’m telling everyone about Alexa, etc. I snoot boot my almost 2 yr old twins all the time now! And Alle if we ever meet can we please hug you!? You are adorable and your enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Amy.G.Dala
    This podcast is my spirit animal
    Dad Ward! A few years back I once proclaimed that I was a “Science nerd” aka a nerd for all things science. My husband tried to tell me that it was “not a thing”. Boy howdy he was wrong then and super wrong now because I have found my people and we have our leader (love you pops). This show makes me feel like that precocious child who comes home from school going “omg, did you know that penguins/jellyfish/atlatls/cats/our brain did {insert numerous cool and interesting fact here}”. As an ologist myself who had a hard deciding which science I wanted to major in when I went to college, I wish this was around at the time almost just to know my options. Also just to hear the ologists’ stories about learning disabilities (ADHD and dyslexia discouraged for years from pursuing science as a career), being a minority and/or a women in STEM, and the dreaded imposter syndrome. It’s comforting to know I wasn’t an outlier and not alone. Since June, I have listened in order and have finally caught up. Not a single moment of wasted time. Thank you for all of this. Go be curious and the dumb questions.
  • sweetie0827
    I feel so smart whenever I listen to this podcast
    Whenever I put on an episode of Ologies I feel like my setting is now more aesthetically happy. I was irritated that I had to go to work so while I was waiting to clock in I told my co-worker I was listening to it and after the million other times I talked about it he finally added it to his podcast list and was genuinely excited to listen. I feel like a smart person passing on important information.
  • Maria Pierce
    this podcast is very very cool
    My favorite podcast! I listen daily while I get ready for work and during my commute, and I am constantly bombarding my family and friends with new facts I learned from my most recent ologies binge. I’ve always said I love school and learning, and listening to ologies is like attending the most fun lectures. I LOVE THIS PODCAST AND I WONT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!! 🌱🐋🌎🌦🌊
  • rl0560
    The BEST podcast
    I would not be able to get through my frequent road trips without this podcast
  • anonymous 718
    Love this podcast!!!
    Even though I usually listen to this amazing podcast on Spotify, I had to come over to Apple podcasts to share my humble-but-honest opinion. I highly recommend this podcast. Charming, funny, interesting, and guaranteed to teach you something, I love it. You should listen :)
  • hitchhikinghouseplant
    Ologiology Professor Ward!
    Does listening to this podcast every day make me a ologies-ologist? Ologiologist? Regardless, I love these crash courses into the hidden nooks and crannies of our wonderful world. The insights are delightful and bring happiness to me and my foster pup - I leave this playing while I’m out running errands for her to listen to and she agrees, 10/10!
  • Onmymccloud
    A life changing source of inspiration, knowledge, and joy
    This podcast will change your life. You will learn so much. Your loved ones will cover their ears and chant “la la la” because you start spouting fun facts 9000 times a day. Furthermore, it will remind you that you can be anything when you grow up and that women and people of colour firmly belong and succeed in every -ology
  • haley neer
    Can’t stop won’t stop
    I know I echo so many others when I say that Alie could make me learn about ANYTHING. This podcast came highly recommended, but obviously there are some sciencey topics I care more about others, right? WRONG. I started with volcanoes and I’ve been binging my way through every single one, RAVENOUSLY. The ones I’m least expecting to care about are the ones that are my absolute FAVORITES. I also just feel like Alie is sorta my soul podcasting sister? Is that weird? It’s fine.
  • TyDugganWrites
    *slaps top of podcast* You wouldn’t believe the knowledge you can fit in there
    Hey Weird Uncle Alie Ward, Since I know you’re reading this I want to inform you that a) your podcast is pretty much the only thing I’ve been listening to for the last month besides my summer jamzz playlist on Spotify
  • Daphne McXi
    Love this podcast
    Alie makes complex scientific concepts accessible and exciting. I want to use this podcast with my students. 👍💕🌺🦔🐿🦋🐳
  • Ellary like Celery
    If you don’t listen to this podcast, we can’t be friends
    I binge this podcast everyday from driving to and from work as well as during my lunch hour. And my coworkers listen to all the cool things I’ve learned in this podcast. PLEASE JUST TRY THIS PODCAST! You will get hooked!
  • wheezy dee
    5 ⭐️
  • m-history
    TL;DR: Thank you
    Me: let’s listen to this awesome podcast! It has grownup words, but you know you get to say when you grow up. My 7 year old: um, yeah, I know that. ::an hour later:: Me: that was so cool! Want to listen to another? Offspring: WHY ARE YOU EVEN ASKING YOU ARE WASTING TIME PRESS PLAY!! Also offspring, over the next two days: -what’s a dick? -what’s a jizz packet? -wait they have FOUR PENISES?!? Why?!? -someday I’m gonna pop a baby outta my V. Maybe. -PLAY PELICAN JUITA NOW! I am coloring brown pelicans and I want to listen to Dad talk about dinosaur floofs. [How about a please, kid?] -::in her best AW imitation, walking into my office:: “Oh hey, Mom. It’s that LEGO that you keep stepping on in my room and swear you are going to set on fire.” -If a fairy gave me one wish I would wish for Dad Ward to be my dad. I just want to thank you for expanding our understanding of the word ‘explicit’, expanding our understanding of the world we share and love to explore, taking fear out of asking and answering questions, and for being YOU!💜 love, Mo&Jo
  • SLP Aide
    Alie makes me snort laugh almost every episode. I am obsessed with this wonderful podcast! Learn something, giggle about it, and be thoroughly entertained. BRAVO ALIE, you’ve nailed it.
  • StamfordNewby
    Thank you
    In a world where everyone and everything is depressing, all the time, it's refreshing to soak in the enthusiasm of Alie and her guests. Alie you are making a difference.
  • Josey11
    Laugh a lot. Learn a lot.
    Love Alie, super respectful, engaging, and humble host. These are crazy cool subjects, I love listening to passionate experts report on their research and fields. I have a background in biochemistry and I’m going back to school for my masters in public health. I learn so much from this podcast, and I love hearing about STEM subjects I never had a chance to study. Approachable and so so so wonderful. This is the only podcast I’ve gotten into, and I highly recommend.
  • thepumpkinh0e
    helped me make a big ‘ol decision
    i had no idea what i wanted to do in life or what career path to take,, after listening i’ve finally discovered my intense love for the ocean and all the sweet lil babies living in it and will be pursuing a degree in marine biology!!
  • QuesterMark
    This podcast expanded my world!
    I started stal...following Alie on social media after seeing one episode of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. When she started this podcast, I was listening right away. Every episode, I’d follow the guest oligist on their social media. Pretty soon the various Algorithms noticed and started suggesting more scientists and...and...well. Oligies is wonderful And I recommend it all the time! And, except for Facebook, you’ll never realize it was me because I use a nom de internet wherever possible. —Mark September 2, 2020
  • Jlaysfab
    So amazing, but I worry about Dad Ward
    I started loving Alie with Innovation Nation. She is always so engaging and delivers information so easily. I came to Ologies through my deep love for the Erins of TPWKY. I am currently on a binge of Ologies and will be so very sad when I get caught up and have to wait for new episodes. I do worry about Dad Ward and fear that she works too hard. She seems to be constantly on the go and doing so many things. What if her exhaustion leads to less dad puns???? Then, I just listened to an episode where she mentioned having a boyfriend. Weird aunt Jennifer was so happy to hear that Alie was not working too hard that she couldn’t enjoy herself. I didn’t want her to miss out on a personal life. Aunt Jennifer is pleased and promises not to ask you when you are getting married 45 times over thanksgiving dinner. Oh, yea... you need to listen to this podcast.
  • dah235
    Bed Bugs and Tears
    Ok… so I have an overwhelming amount work, I measure metabolic rates of starving human parasites to try and understand host specific adaptations. Handling 1000s of bed bugs daily is a task and I often find myself in tears. Since I started listening to Alie and all the amazing Ologists she has on the show, I cry less and the bed bugs also seem happier when the episodes are on (their basal metabolic rates increase) needless to say I had to start listening to Ologies on my headphones so I didn’t have to add an additional variable to my analysis, although “metabolic rate while Ologies plays” would totally be the highlight of my dissertation. THANK YOU ALIE!
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