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Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -ologists' obsessions. Humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward asks smart people stupid questions and the answers might change your life.

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  • Chrisgocon
    So Good
    Alie is the star of the show. With some laborious googling we could learn a lot of this information, but Alie makes it a breeze to ~meet~ and learn from these -ologists. Alie makes the podcast feel welcoming and fun (even when it’s uncomfortable). She’s like a modern Ms Frizzle lol. My partner casually mentioned the podcast to me and I am SO INTO IT. Thank you for making something so special and rewarding. I know it takes a lot of work, but the host and editing are so great they make it feel effortless. That’s really cool
  • Hayungski
    I miss the blue streetlights too
    Alie is the internet dad I never knew I needed and also that I’ve always wanted. Beware: you can’t just listen to one of these, so carve out like 4-9 years of your life to obsess over every ology known to humans as I have just begun endeavoring to do—you won’t regret it. I just finished the 1st ADHD episode, during which my brain found it’s Why! So helpful. And also SO many more of my heart’s and brain’s random questions have been answered, but none more important than why streetlights near my house have been turning purple: spoiler alert, it’s not an ode to the Ravens, which is a good thing. Alie, you and MacKenzie are not alone…I will miss the purple lights sorely when they’re fixed. Crossing my fingers for more film on streetlights near you to erode. xo
  • H. Coffey
    You will need some hankies, understanding friends and strangers, and a decent internet comnection
    This podcast may make you cry (see emotions), it will also probably make you dance (see jams), and it will make you say things like gooch and cuttlefish beaks out loud. You will also learn a ton, laugh, and maybe learn how to deal with the loss of someone you weren’t sure how you were going move forward from. Ologies With Alie Ward is easily one of the more enjoyable podcasts out there, and recommending it to friends and strangers has become a sort of part-time occupation. So check it out, and you’re welcome.
  • Brodster8
    This Podcast Changed My Life
    Alie Ward…. ALIE WARD! I had to wait until I was fully caught up to finally write a review and a year and a half later (and almost 6 years of podcasts worth) I am sadly up to date and have to wait every week like everyone else. But, this is the best podcast I have ever listened to and Alie’s raw passion and curiosity to learn about these ologies mixed with her lighthearted adult sense of humor is the perfect formula to make you feel what it was like to have the excitement of learning as a kid again and really care about these topics that you didn’t know exist. This podcast has reignited my love for science inspired me to go back to school and pursue a career in marine biology studying coral reef restoration! I could not be more grateful for this person I have never and probably will never meet but I feel like I know so well. Thank you so much for this experience and I hope you see this!!
  • Salco
    I fall asleep listening to Ologies on autoplay, and whatever episode is on while I’m dreaming ends up influencing that dream. When I wake up I replay that episode to see how much cool stuff I made up in my dream vs how much cool stuff was in the podcast. Sadly I’m not as inventive as I hoped. If the Oneirology episode hits during a dream I might fold into myself and disintegrate.
  • tww37523721
    In my dreams
    Love your podcast! And got my neighbor hooked on it too. I love it so much I had a dream early this morning (fresh off the brainwaves) that you sent an email looking for someone to go to Hawai’i to interview an ologist in your stead because something came up and you couldn’t go. I said yes please and then you responded the morning of said interview to accept me as your second and to say that everyone who goes on these trips needs to have their vision checked. And then you were suddenly in my dorm room (we don’t actually live in a dorm room) talking to me and my partner about the trip, and also maybe to check my vision? And just as I was thinking how amazing it was to have Alie Ward in my dorm room I woke up thinking about your Somnologies episode. Because sleep is a rare gift sometimes. Also I live in NM and I work with one of the best bee scientists in the US (Olivia Carril) and she would be really great to talk to about bees. I know you have a mellitology episode already, but she can share way more about bees than the honey and orchard varieties. (As it happens, NM has one of the highest diversities in bees out of all the US.) Keep it up! I love it in both my consciousness and subconsciousness.
  • Kducks36
    Endlessly entertaining
    I stumbled upon this podcast, and am thrilled! I’m such a science geek and Ali is the perfect host for all of these podcasts. I have gone back to the beginning and am thoroughly enjoying all of the Ologies!! To Ali: please keep asking stupid questions to smart people!!
  • Supermuth
    Love this podcast
    I have been binging this podcast for the past year. I have ignored all of my other favorites because I can not get enough. The energy of Alie and the guests are infectious. Half my Christmas presents this year were books written by guests or recommended by guests. Keep up the good work Alie!
  • Flrabbit
    Love it!
    Ologies makes every day better. I learn something every time I listen no matter what the topic. Aly’s genuine but fearless inquisitiveness is infectious and an example for everyone.
  • orphan papi
    Refreshing, funny, weird, and bright
    I’m a relatively recent fan and so happy there’s a back lot of so many topics imaginable. Wonderful host and I love the approach.
  • LudditetheSlow
    The World of Knowledge
    Is too big! Wow.
  • d!ngus
    Favorite favorite
    Alie is in my top 10 favorite people I’ve never met and every episode is like a long phone call with a best friend that felt like just a couple minutes. 🖤
  • 숄ㅁ뫄류
    Binge listener
    I have never thought I would do binge something in my life except watching Kdrama on Netflix while eating a whole bag of Nacho cheese Doritos.. This podcast just introduces me another world of binging. I am a full time mom and hardly go outside specially in this winter time. While I’m listening the serious of episodes, I just feel I explore so many aspects of world. Not only from science aspect, also the history, social affairs.. etc… Thank you Allie! making this podcast so awesome. PS. Your voice tone is additional bonus why I am love this show.
  • Brave wolf girl
    Best 1000000/10
    Ologies is the best podcast ever, recently listened to the Fearology episodes to help my brain cut through the dense jungle that is life. I feel no longer lost
  • 1997daisyalaska
    Allie’s perspective and personality breathe giddy life into subjects I never knew I needed to know.
  • Cyca18
    been listening to the this podcast for four years & finally caught up this week so now i can brag to all my STEM & academic friends about it <3
  • 11111777738
    Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl”
    I think you totally misunderstood the meaning of that song. You bashed it on your episode about linguistics. Frank Zappa is an extremely influential musician and is the opposite of homophobic. I think you should look more into people before saying something like that.
  • NMSunrise
    Love this podcast!
    I recently found this podcast - what took me so long? - and I'm so glad I did! I learn something from every episode and it's so enjoyable! Alie is funny and I love the asides she makes to explain things or just to share something about herself. The ologists she interviews are so interesting and open to answering all kinds of questions. Listening to this podcast always makes me smile. I have several years of episodes to catch up on so I am set for a while!
  • KathrynSLP
    What the Hyoid?!
    Thanks Pod Dad, I am squeeing so hard this week! I LOVE the larynx and singing, and anatomy. and talking about the hyoid. I teach speech therapy students and have now added Ologies to my syllabus. So glad you have joined the phonation nation. Cannot wait for part two. KathrynAAC
  • m3ital
    ologies from the mountaintops!
    Alie! I truly feel like you and I would be the best of friends, mostly because I am ~that~ person who always spouts off random facts. I’m also a nerd. This show makes me want to be a geologist, a botanist and everything in between. I love downloading episodes for mountain treks so I can do what I did on a recent trek up Mount Meru in Tanzania: spend four days telling anyone who would listen why mountain goats are not the same goats that graze on the side of the road.
  • Splattysplatt
    This podcast stimulates my science brain and soothes my anxiety brain. I have learned so much from this podcast and it brings me such joy every listen. Ali, you bring beautiful things to this world. Thank you for all that you do. We are all better for it.
  • Shwazam
    I loved the Dreams 2-Part episode!
    Alie, what a wonderful and fun Podcast series. Thank you! Your Oneirology two-part Dream-cast was my introduction . Then I listened to more! I’m glad a friend recommended you to me. Happy I finally listened! - Shwa
  • Ktedmonb
    Been listening since 2019 and it’s still my favorite podcast
    Thank you dadward for allowing me to forget about my problems and dream about birds, volcanoes, and more! You’ve been with me through college, pandemic, and now through every relocation and long distance flight. My forever favorite podcast thank you 💗
  • $/$38;&!,!
    Used to be good
    Used to be a fun way to learn but now they spend half the episode focusing on inclusion for this group or that group and how ‘all white dudes are all bad people’. In a happier time science was apolitical and just focused on information and education. I had to unsubscribe, just not enjoyable to listen to anymore. Divisiveness is everywhere else, don't need it in my podcasts too.
  • 🐌🐋
    Uplifting and interesting podcast!
    Any media that promotes science (especially the FUN of science) and especially the amazing and beautiful individuals who carry it out is a gift. 🥰🐋🐌
  • Tirnan
    Such a great show!
    I was recently introduced to the show and I’ve been jumping around listening to a variety of episodes. There are so many great topics and each episode has taught me something new. Alie is an absolute delight. Her asides are either hilarious or incredibly informative, or both! Cannot recommend the show enough. Especially if you just like learning fun new facts or hearing someone talk about those random ones you already happen to know! Also, if I get nothing else out of Hinge, at least I found my new favorite podcast!
  • aptanalogy
    Helped me fall asleep- in a good way!
    I’ll keep this short and sweet. I tried the technique to help fall asleep where you come up with boy’s names, or whatever, for each letter of the alphabet. At first I was disappointed after getting to “Zachary” and not falling asleep. But now I realize that I don’t remember anything after that! Just took a second to kick in, like any good medicine. Five stars! I’d like rate it ten: 5 for the podcast, 5 for Fancy Nancy!
  • BessSara
    Perfect Blend of Fun and Facts!
    After listening to maybe every episode of Hidden Brain and Ted Radio Hour, the all-knowing algorithm gods suggested I try Ologies and I’ve been devouring it ever since. Alie’s quirky sense of humor mixed with science is the perfect blend of fun and facts. Great for anyone (kids too if they’re used to a little cursing)!
  • irvinjr
    First ever podcast
    I love this podcast. It’s so nice and laid back. Idk if you have done mycology (mushrooms) but please if u haven’t do one
  • klarz07
    love love love
    I found Ologies with the episodes on ADHD while I was in the process of being tested for it, and I feel like it helped me learn so much about myself. I felt so seen!! Since then, I have been listening to every episode in order, and each is a delight. Alie is so inquisitive, funny, and respectful of the various fields she explores. Also, I am 1 month away from getting my PhD in biomedical engineering, and it would be a dream come true to get to be an ologist on this podcast. No pressure. But seriously. If you want to do an episode on the intersection of computer science and brains, I am so so down!! @k_e_larson is my twitter. Also, sorry if this is annoying. You rock.
  • old x-ray guy
    I just recently happened upon this podcast and found the host energetic and funny. Because Radiology is my field, I went right to that episode and was completely disappointed. For over an hour the Radiologist talked as though they did everything in the imaging department and never mentioned the Radiographers, Ultrasonographers, CT, or MRI technologists that actually produce the images that the Radiologists read. It is these medical professionals that know and use the complex and potentially dangerous equipment, communicate with the patients, and provide most of the patient care. It is disheartening that the public is led to believe that only doctors and nurses provide care to the patient and these talented and professional technologists are ignored.
  • 123123Asha:)
    Thank you Allie
    Thank you Allie for enabling me to keep science in my life post-college. I was recently thinking about how back in elementary school we learned so much about different organisms (why did I know so much about tadpoles??) and I truly missed learning about those things. Ologies has allowed me to bring that back into my life. It is so fun and I always look forward to listening.
  • kelsee666
    First podcast!
    This is the first podcast that I could wrap my hyper fixated ADHD around. Thank you Alie 🤓
  • Annick Adams
    Applied Ologies 101
    I like to imagine I’m guest-hosting an Ologies episode every time I go to one of my professor’s office hours. It has resulted in learning the coolest things about snakes swallowing snakes (shout out to Professor Jackson) and Salman Rushdie’s recent almost murder (and Professor Chopra) I think it leaves professors feeling a little extra appreciated and me a little more satiated in the wait for a new episode to listen to. Ologies is truly a compilation of curiosity that inspires me in my own learning journey. (Thank you Alie Ward, you are too cool.)
  • Honeybeemeadows
    This perfect podcast
    I’ve been listening for years, but my 8 year old feral child overheard an episode a few mo than ago, and now it’s our favorite thing to do together! We pick an episode and pull out the art supplies to make a shark out of clay, or draw volcanoes, or use pipe cleaners to make bugs. It’s become my favorite moments with my kiddo - and he’s tickled pink that ‘real adults’ use bad words but loves the smologies eps just as much. Thank you thank you thank Ali for helping make science cool
  • ellpearson
    It’s the dreams episode for me
    When I heard the dreams episode and the expert was talking about seeing dead family members in their dreams, I wanted to ask if it’s normal to march up to them and demand to know where they’ve been, as I do with my late husband in my dreams. That made me subscribe to the Patreon. A+
  • otismomma
    My only concern…
    I’m another wannabe -ologist living vicariously through you. I’m too generally interested in too many sciences to pay for college to become a scientist and this fills a hology in my heartogy? 👍🏼 Ever since I found Smologies this week searching for podcasts to listen to with my five and two-year-old, I’ve been addicted to everything ologies. My only concern is that if you are going to continue to be accountable for things, when you apologize I recommend you consistently start with the phrase “My apOLOGIES…” beforehand. Thank you
  • Ellpeegee
    Ologies helps me live my dream
    I’ve never rated a podcast before but just found myself seeing the new episode and actually “yes”ing all by myself in the kitchen. I’ve also always been a really intense dreamer and was so fascinated by the first episode that debunked so many myths for me. Love this dang podcast!
  • Jjqbert867
    Don’t waste your time
    Used to be a pretty good podcast before it got so political. And the host decided to lean in to the terrible use of bad, totally non scientific terms like “floof” and “face purse” and countless other terms you will hear each episode. Then she decides to answer her own questions if her expert doesn’t satisfy what she wanted to hear. And the last half of every episode is just her reading off names of listeners who asked questions. How much do I have to pay to get her to stop doing that!?!
  • rshx22
    Soothes my brain
    I found Ologies first with the Awesomeology episode. Literally bought an alarm clock to replace my phone and went for a hike in the woods as a result. I’ve been binging all of the episodes available on iTunes ever since! Thank you Alie for all the times you tell us to take chances (“cut your own bangs, tell people you love them”) ❤️❤️ truly have helped reframe my mindset going through a very funky time in life!
  • Joyful_Amoeba
    The Best Vitamin
    I got a vitamin stuck in my throat this morning and it reminded me if Alie's introduction to a recent episode. Alie you are not just any vitamin, you are a Flintstones gummy vitamin. Every podcast is so much fun but also makes me feel like I did something good for myself. So everyone do yourself a favor and fortify your day with facts about pizza rats, stolen bird eggs and giant mushroom colonies. Proven to increase energy and boost your mood!
  • SeaUrchinHug
    Came for the crow funerals, stayed for the dad jokes
    Love the pod and you with all my heart! Also, at the end of the oneirology episode, your impression of Gremmy dreaming was so accurate it made my dog perk up her ears and bark suspiciously. Don’t worry, she is also a fan. Thanks for the continual inspiration and reminders of why I love science and learning!
  • mklaverick
    Literally redownloaded Apple Podcasts to leave a review
    I’ve been listening to Ologies for years and absolutely love it! Just listened to the bonus episode and begging for a fern episode please!! (Michael Sundue or Dave Barrington at the University of Vermont may be good options) I’m a botanist and love all plant related episodes on this pod, dendrology was one of the first episodes I listened to that got me hooked to the show and I fangirled so hard over the Robin Wall Kimmerer bryology and Alexis Nicole episodes they’re amazing!!
  • Rowan55
    Just great.
    Mood. Podcast. Right? When you’re in the mood to learn about something, while cooking, cleaning, doing, whatever, Ologies with Allie Ward (sp) is just plainly awesome. Look it up. Enjoy. Love the silly audio exclamations👂🏻!
  • Kaleanddance
    My Favorite Podcast
    This is hands down the best podcast I’ve ever subscribed to. So approachable and cute while also being incredibly in depth and very very smart. I love hearing answers from experts to questions that I thought I knew, and learning about topics I never even thought I’d be interested in! I could learn about moss all dang day. Also I truly appreciate an in-depth podcast that’s episodic so I never have to feel like I’m behind on episodes. My only complaint is waiting for a new episode!
  • Joleen Nichole
    Dad Ward is my hero
    As a first responder, I have to commend Alie for this spectacular podcast. My partner and I listen to Ologies between calls to decompress, and let our minds have a moment of relaxation. I recommend this podcast for anyone who needs a pause button on their lives to sit back and enjoy. Thanks Alie❤️
  • christy f strouse
    So enjoy this
    Alie I love your show. On the episode of dreams: just over a week ago, I had a dream that mice had gotten into our house and I wanted to inform my roomates (which are actually my next door neighbors). Today I find a chewed hole in my snack bag with mouse droppings. I have had meaningful dreams all of my adult life, but not every night. Paying attention to and writing down dreams is a very important part of my self discovery of self… and dreams help me to know what’s beyond even my conscious awareness. And then today just happened to be the dream show? 🤯 me reflecting on my dreams has helped me to solve major life problems. Love you! Your humor is the best
  • Ericaaaa B
    So good
    I love fun, weird facts and this podcast has that and more, I love how Alie interviews people and her funny asides. It’s like I have a buddy telling me cool things about stuff I never thought I would be interested in. I like to think she’s keeping me company during my baby’s middle of the night feeding sessions and when I have to be her human nap bed during the day. Thanks Alie!
  • BerglandSophie
    Most interesting podcast I listen to!
    I LOVE Alie Ward’s Ologies podcast. Every single episode is laugh out loud funny, quirky, relatable, fascinating, unique, and I always always learn something new. I recommend to my family and friends looking for an interesting daily podcast about various topics and subjects and a great binge worthy long road trip podcast to pass the time!
  • Sarah Mabel
    Spot the difference
    👄👄👄👄👄🫦👄👄👄👄👄👄 next 🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲👨‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲🧑‍🦲 next 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️
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