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Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -ologists' obsessions. Humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward asks smart people stupid questions and the answers might change your life.

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  • Valentina90
    The science podcast I’ve been looking for
    I found this podcast thanks to RadioLab. I came to it for the dark matter episode and have not been able to stop listening since. All my other podcasts feel terribly neglected. Alie is hilarious and excellent at guiding the conversation. This really is the science podcast I’ve been looking for for years!
  • CVillaVanilla
    Things That Got Me Through
    Ologies!!! Alie!!! not only is this podcast interesting and fun but also it truly helped me get through my father’s sudden death (along with Ted Lasso) Alie lost her father very close to the time i lost my dad and i felt we were going through a lot of the same emotions at the same time. Alie even had a grief episode that was SO HELPFUL!! this show kept me laughing when i wanted to cry. and made me cry when i needed it. love you ologies. sending you all the love and all the good vibes. here is to many many more episodes of Ologies xoxo
  • Paufz
    It doesn’t get much better than this
    Every episode I’ve heard so far has been pure listening enjoyment. This is highly interesting, mostly science content for anyone
  • Kpea21
    Chaotic, Amazing, Science-y
    Alie is like your chaotic best friend, pelting you with science facts you didn’t know you needed, via audio message. I have recommended this pod to quite literally anyone who will listen and have subsequently pelted them will the things I’ve learned.
  • Han Graveyard
    This podcast and its phenomenal host provides never ending sources for engaging dinner table conversations (with two teenagers!) and brain food for me as I commute to and from a very stressful job in mental health. ADHD episode 1 may have changed my life AND made me a better therapist.
  • Heskan T
    This show is the bees knees…wink are you doing?
    How am I just finding this pod in 2023. I am straight up binging and can’t get enough! Thank you for all the laughs and learning!!
  • Mia Raimondi
    i <3 ologies
    I love this podcast so much, I listen to Ologies to learn fun things while avoiding the education I pay for. Currently brainstorming the most obscure possible topic to get a PhD in because my new life goal is to be interviewed for this podcast :D (Please continue this podcast for at least eleven more years I’m begging you)
  • Zodama
    For people who also love the rabbit holes while learning cool stuff.
    I have been a science educator/ presenter, field guide, and naturalist for 40 years (yow). More importantly, I am a ravenous lifetime learner and one of the most pleasant things I have recently learned about was Alie Ward and her Ologies episodes! How the heck have I missed this?! Since this was a recent discovery, I have only gone through about 20 informative, hilarious, mind boggling episodes and I am so happy I have about 300 episodes to go! So much to learn and discover from ologists interviewed by a person who loves scampering down side stories and other rabbit holes as much as I. PS- I was asked what do you call a person who studies the origins of the names of the insects they study? I had to try spelling it out. An etyentomologist?
  • imaginontech
    Love the show
    I only discovered the podcast after RadioLab (thank you) shared it (the DARK MATTERS episode). I wish I found it earlier. I have been binge listening and have listened to nearly a year’s programs in less than a month. Thank you for a funny, informative series. I will likely go back and listen again to absorb more of the amazing data.
  • Alex Sinno
    26 hour travel journey, Ologies was a life saver
    I am a long time, listener and lover of ologies. On my way to my marine biology internship for the summer, ologies was a lifesaver through the travel. I am a NOAA Hollings Scholar and was chosen to do an internship in Saipan and traveling there is a journey to say the least. Thank you Dad Ward and all of the awesome ologists, I love science and this podcast makes to so accessible.
  • Skullduggery Inc.
    Black American Magirology (FOOD, RACE & CULTURE) with Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson
    Wow! This episode should be required listening for any history, social studies or anthropology curriculum. Dr. Williams-Forson is brilliant. This is the ultimate truth about black food and how it is still weaponized. (Today, I STILL will not eat fried chicken or watermelon in public). Alie's interjections could be strung together to make a podcast of it's own And you knowledge of the BBQ world is impressive! Thank you for this episode. I'm going to try and make this go viral!!!
  • physhyfacepj
    Best podcast for your brain!
    I started listening to Ologies a year ago and was smitten from the start! I LOVE Alie’s voice and goofiness and her enthusiasm makes me excited to learn the subjects (even the ones I wasn’t initially interested in!).
  • CoachErin
    Learning and Laughing
    My two favorite activities rolled into one! I’ve learned so much about topics I never knew I was interested in (or existed!) My only “complaint” is that I usually listen with earbuds in, and often outside in my garden, so when I have to lay down my trowel to actually laugh out loud, I don’t like thinking about what my neighbors must see. The episode of the Hadron/Hard-on Collider was a real side-eye event. Worth it. Fantastic show!!
  • Neverendd
    Fabulous, Engaging, informative, and Fun!
    What a great podcast!!! No matter what the topic, Alie makes it fun. I especially enjoy Alie’s side notes AND her sense of humor!
  • nicknamesbugme
    WGA Solidarity!
    I loved the episode explaining why the WGA strike is so important to all workers. As a teacher who just voted to go to impasse as our union struggles to reach agreement with management on a fair contract - I want to throw my support to the WGA. Thank you for organizing and standing up for your members.
  • asfgjkkoff
    A few minor complaints
    My only complaints are that the show makes me tear up and cry regularly which is okay until I'm driving. The other issue is the development of my parasocial relationship with Alie. Love this show, not every episode is for me but there's seemingly an infinite number of episodes that are.
  • Nano-Nicky
    Great podcast!
    I love Ologies. It’s a great podcast, but I do get annoyed that you spend so much time listing people’s names and reading reviews. But I just fast forward through all that stuff, which leaves only the good stuff. So don’t read my review on your show because I’ll miss it. Awesome podcast though!
  • Hi I'm Proioxis
    A Sense of Peace.
    There is not much I can say about Ologies or Allie Ward that hasn’t already been covered in the comments/reviews that precede mine. However, I can share a moment I think both listeners of the podcast and Allie herself would appreciate. I’m a book nerd so bear with me as I try my to tell this story. I recently began volunteering in the Greenhouse/Nursery located within The Bok Tower Gardens here in Florida. Waking in to this overwhelmingly serene greenhouse was a moment I couldn’t help but feel thankful for. Maybe it was the realization of how beautiful floral varieties could be or perhaps it was the calmness that washed over me as irrigation lines began their work and insulation fans continued their everlasting fight against humidity. But, something about that moment felt sacred to me, the equivalent of stepping in to a chapel filled with hand stained glass & polished marble floors. I continued my shift doing anything I could, from trimming overgrowth to repotting plants and spreading mulch. But, as the time for lunch came and staff made their way towards their afternoon meal. I was left in this serenity that was simply water, air, and earth. Left here “deadheading” plant species, I was transfixed in the beauty that surrounded me and as the moment struck noon, the tower bell began its song and my world was filled a chime that signaled that the day was half complete. But, it was in this moment that of all things, Ologies & Allie Ward came to mind. I wondered what Allie would feel in this moment, would she be overcome by the beauty of it all and shed a tear or would she be lost in her thoughts reminiscing about her father who recently passed? No, that wasn’t the impression I came away with, what I truly believe ol’ Dad Ward would have felt was Peace. Peace to know she was good enough and that her life was her own to define and despite the circumstances that may surround her, there was still beauty left in the world to uncover. Thank you for the work that you do, Allie et al. You are truly appreciated. If you ever need a book to pass the time, Joan by Katherine J. Chen is what inspired me to write today. Keep your head up, Dad Ward. With Sincerity, Surin
  • Mchaffie
    Amazing show
    1. You are the absolute bomb 2. I used butt creme on my eyes and it works great. 3. See number 1. - Brett:)
  • SachiMerrill
    He loved my nerdy so much he married me
    How much do I listen to Ologies? So much. How much do I love Ologies? Listen. Last year when I took the giant step of dating again (I got divorced after 22 years of marriage and 7 kids), Ologies was what I put on my dating profiles to warn away the non-nerds and attract the right nerds. I met an awesome man who works in science, who listened to Ologies with me, loved it, loved me, and set up a sound system at his house so I could quilt while listening. Readers, I married him last week. He says Ologies is now one of his favorite podcasts too. Alie Ward, thanks for being our song.
  • yurnotme
    Great show
    I come for the science but stick around for the cursing. Each episode has fascinating nuggets of information but it’s Alie’s combination of charm, obvious glee for learning, and filthy, filthy mouth that make the show soar. I love it.
  • Lolomclolo
    My personal drinking game
    I talk about Ologies so often that it’s gotten to the point that my colleagues have invented a drinking game around it: take a shot every time I mention something I learned from Ologies. Only…please don’t actually try this, otherwise you could die from alcohol poisoning since I quote Alie and Ologies constantly. If you’re not listening, get into it! And maybe consider an non-alcoholic option if you and your coworkers invent a drinking game around it!
  • Suntangled
    The best!
    The best podcast ever. I learn so much about so many things. These bring attention to so many overlooked things. Also the commentary is hilarious and makes things not so serious. Plus, talking about issues that nobody wants to talk about is awesome and so helpful.
  • mc9093
    My soulmate in pod form
    All I’ve ever wanted from a podcast is topics that fuel my brain, my soul, and my obsessive need to google things. I can’t believe how many hours I’ve spent commuting without Ologies. Like finding your soulmate and wondering how you ever lived without them. My husband is a biology teacher and now I ask him dumb questions every night and see how long I can hang. Thank you Alie!!!!
  • Codename Nicolai
    Awesome sauce
    This podcast dishes out healthy servings of awesome sauce with every episode. So glad I started listening!
  • HikeTeachReadCreate2020
    Science communication at its finest!
    Alie, thank you for asking all the questions I wish I could ask. Thank you for making every commute feel like the best luncheon with my nerdy friends. Thank you for including voices from so many different communities. Thank you for asking the deep questions, the silly questions, and the questions I didn't even know I needed the answers to. I watch our Patreon questions grow and grow with every new episode, and I love the community you are building. Keep up the incredible work!!! 💜
  • Dreambear63
    My absolute favorite podcast!
    I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, but Ologies is my favorite! Alie is a superb host, and I love her humor, enthusiasm, and relatability! She’s curious and down to earth, as well as giving us the information and facts about everything we ever wanted to know about, or need to know about! Love you, Alie!! ✌️🥰💖
  • funky flophead
    Appreciate all the things!
    Not only do I learn so much from this podcast, it’s also a great way of appreciating and noticing the little things in life that are easily overlooked (like the poisonous spaghetti noodle inside a cone snail). It’s like an hour of fun learning and a mindfulness session where you just love how weird and cool the world is.
    Field Trip saved MY Butt
    I’ve been a listener for a couple years now. The episode Field Trip: My Butt, a Colonoscopy and Ride Along How To convinced me to get checked out after two years of issues. I had my colonoscopy today at age 30. The prep was the worst part. But two polyps were removed and another small issue was discovered. Thank you for sharing your journey. It probably saved my life.
  • JDBikeGuy
    Alie’s exudes an infectious love of learning and curiosity in every episode. Binge now.
  • cobraclogs
    Simply perfect
    This is my favourite podcast of all time. I’ve harassed so many of my friends and family to get them to listen to this. They all hate me. But they loved this podcast. The host, Allie, is funny and enthusiastic and I love the extra tidbits of info she gives to give more background info on what the guest says. All the guests so far have been so entertaining to listen to and I’ve learned so much about niche topics in a short period of time. Truly, truly would recommend this wonderful gem.
  • OhDonna
    How does she do it?
    Topics that seem boring are not at all with Allie. Thanks, Allie!
  • Mom and Nerd
    Finally a celebration of everything nerdy! Real questions about real life from a really real person answered by really really smart people!
  • Arepole
    Best show
    I have shared every episode with every person I know. Thank you for making me geek out over everything, from Chickens to Dark Matter
  • Van Remsen
    Making a difference
    “Professor” Alie — whenever the grind gets to you, please know that you must be making a difference in inspiring many young people to pursue careers in science. The enthusiasm and relatability of your guests adds a critical ingredient. This is a welcomed antidote to the stereotypes of scientists in so many movies — most scientists are actually fun to be around, with great senses of humor … like you.
  • tkbog
    Unfollowing on IG
    Sorry for the clickbait Allie! I love the show and share it with anyone who asks what I listen to. I genuinely love being surprised by new episodes and unheard of topics that I actually had to unfollow on IG because I don’t want social media to spoil the topic reveal before I’ve checked my podcasts app!
  • Angela in Wisconsin
    Science can be accessible and fun?!? Heck yeah!
    I’m so happy I found this podcast a couple weeks ago. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a single episode so I went all the way back to episode 0 and I am listening in order. I can feel more brain cells coming on line as each episode passes. I am recommending it to anyone who will listen. At this point I’m probably as annoying as those CrossFit and vegan people we all know (and love). Please never stop doing this!
  • RubyMN
    Perfect for the curious!
    I love Allie’s personality, she’s such a fun host and I wish she was my friend every time I listen! I also love that when I listen l learn cool stuff and find more in the world to be fascinated by. It’s also so cool that they make the smologies episodes, which I can use with my students. Allie, you rock! Also, if you did episodes on coffee and endangered languages, I would love that.
  • Whit HK
    Text your crush, cut bangs, and…go back to school?
    The ONLY downside to this podcast is that it makes me want to drop everything and be a scientist. Give it a listen and soon you (like me) will be staring at bugs, buying a bat box, hunting mushrooms, and telling everyone about what you learned this week. Such a delight!
  • Barthbader
    Brings a geeky smile to my face every time
    Alie’s personality shines bright, and I learn something new every time I listen to her podcast. Keep it up, and thank you for sharing such an amazing podcast with the world.
  • Shadow-blaster-light52381
    Best podcast recommend by far
    I looked at the reviews and I scrolled down and saw trillions of 5 star reviews and I’m one of those people. And so I thought I would just quickly check out the podcast, but immediately got sucked in and listened to every single episode in ONE WEEK AND A BIT.🤯🤯🤯 P.S Barely stopped when I got back to my house and tried to listen whenever possible and I’m now gonna have a reason to be excited every Tuesday . From your biggest Ologies super fan . Pun: I’m probably your biggest fan that you would be blown away if I was next to you.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • CB1273
    Lovely ELT replacement (IMO)
    I’m still upset ELT was cancelled but OVERJOYED to now have Ologies in my life. The show is a wonderful mix of humor and science. I appreciate when Alie breaks the podcast 4th wall (I hate myself for typing that) because the extra context is needed and these moments make me laugh the most.
  • Patches1989!
    Thanks radiolab
    For real, I have no idea this show existed and I’m stoned (I said what I said) to have found it. Allie, you really speak my kinda language. Thanks!
  • Rainst0rm
    My new favorite podcast!
    I’ve never had a “celebrity crush” before, and I’m certainly not the type of person to engage in such frivolity. However, I must admit I am a little bit in love with Alie Ward. 😊
  • Arrtsnob
    Joy amongst the mundane
    As anyone who’s worked in hospitality knows that some days are just the WORST. You know what isn’t the worst? Driving home decompressing listening to Alie Ward’s dulcet voice discuss corkscrew Dolphin Vajajays and knowing the nerd that was my 10 year old self has a safe harbor in her seas of knowledge. Thank you Ologies.
  • Tator-Jo
    Ologies is food for the brain and soul
    Ologies. Alie. Holy Freaking awesome. My story of listening to Ologies begins in July 2022, when I started a second part-time job assisting with jewelry making. Being a very tedious job. I seriously needed something worthwhile to listen to besides my coworker’s awful taste in music and I thought “hey, I should try a podcast”. I had never really gotten into podcasts and while browsing I came across Ologies and was instantly sold. Then i started listening and realized I recognized Alie’s voice. I realized I had seen her on a Netflix sociology experimental show (I can’t recall the name of it), which I also loved watching. I love learning about all of the different types of Ologies and I never get bored. I also became a part of Patreon, where you literally get to ask the questions that she asks the Ologist which she features in the episode. I tell all my friends and family about this podcast - now it’s your turn to give a listen. You won’t be disappointed because Alie is amazing and there is literally anything for anyone.
  • TeecherAmy
    Alie advises us all to ‘ask wonderful people wonder-filled questions.’ This show is the perfect combination of nerdy & funny. Alie is officially on my “name five people you would invite to dinner dead or alive” list.
  • Essovaro
    Súper chèvre
    My daughter recommended this podcast about 7 months after COVID begin. I was not a Podcast person yet. But after listening to just a few episodes I was hooked. I love science even more now that I understand it. Jajaja. Hahaha. I always have wanted to write a review but I listen to podcasts to unwind at night so it was difficult to break my routine. Today I finally did. Love your show. Love your personality. Also how you interview. Your honesty. How you shared the heart breaking was of your father’s health. He was lucky to have you and you him. It took me years to talk about my mother’s death. You are powerful and brave to share it with all of us. That brought me closer to you as a person. Overall I just want to say Thank you for sharing your mind and your heart. Sonia
  • the n1ghthawk
    Informative and entertaining
    I am new to this podcast. Like many I found my way here from Radiolab. This podcast covers an expansive range of topics. I am anxious to listen through the full catalogue!
  • Wongster77
    Best Podcast EVER
    This podcast is nerdilicious MAGIC. It’s as if RadioLab, Mental Floss, and Comedy Central got together and gave birth to the perfect podcast. It will have you spouting off little tidbits of super interesting factoids to anyone that will listen! Just like Cliff Clavin in Cheers! I thank my lucky stars, and the pale blue dot, for you Alie Ward!!!
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