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Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios.
WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and many others.
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  • VeeEmOh
    BEST Paranormal Podcast 🙌🏽⬇️
    I’m OBSESSED with this podcast. So much in fact I went and purchased the Luminary podcast app because I just couldn’t get enough!! If you’re bothered by having to pay for the Luminary app to unlock all episodes then just wait til they release new episodes when they do. The fact that they moved to a paying app goes to show how great this podcast is. I highly doubt that producing a podcast with music and sound effects is free. Not to mention the time it takes to produce and edit each episode. People SHOULD BE PAID for their content!! The production of this podcast is just AMAZING!! From the WONDERFUL host of Mr. Glynn Washington who gives a little monologue preview of what’s to come in each episode to the background music and sound effects!! This podcast does such an INCREDIBLE job at making the listener feel as they are in the story that’s being told! Which is another thing I love about this podcast, the story is told by the people who actually experienced the paranormal activity. And who better to tell the story than the actual person it happened to. There is sometimes a little narrating which I do not mind at all if anything it adds more detail to the story telling. I’ve read some negative reviews on the host’s intro but I LOVE it! In my opinion it’s super artistic. Yes it is creepy but it’s in tune with the entire tone of the podcast.It’s like the appetizer to the the meal. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast!! I’ve listened to quite a few paranormal podcasts and my humble opinion this is HANDS DOWN the BEST one!! If you have an open mind and enjoy a good spooky story you’ll definitely enjoy this podcast, however, if you’re a skeptic who’s just gonna question the validity of each story then this podcast is probably not for you.
  • NurseNatt
    remove the host
    the host kills it for me, we just want to hear the stories
  • Saminjax
    Bass and sounds mixing is terrible
    The bass and background sound can be so overpowering you can’t even hear the speaker’s voice. Who is mixing this? My goodness, do they not listen to it during production?! Also the narrator isn’t good, isn’t interesting? And rambles for 6-8 minutes every episode. Skip all that. You’re welcome.
  • RL...EN
    I’d be ok if Glynn Washington hosted all the other podcasts I listen to. I’ve been bingeing for two days now. Love it and obsessed!!
  • Duggernaut02
    The beginning narration of this show is terrible.
    Good after you get past the narration.
  • A2329777
    Great show but...
    I love the content of this show and everybody’s stories. It’s all really enjoyable if you love spooky stories, but I skip through the host’s monologues every single time because he is so irritating and the monologues are pointless. It’s honestly such a drag and a huge downfall of the podcast for me. Would be five stars if he stopped talking because it’s really annoying to have to constantly fast forward and find where the actual stories start.
  • purifh53
    Love this so much
    Sometimes things just need to be spooky and this podcast is just what I needed for rainy quarantine days. If you need something magical to distract you from the fall of society, I highly recommend :) I also ended up here from MFM like I’m seeing in tons of reviews so that’s fun, thanks Karen! Only one minor complaint from this perfect podcast - Glynn Washington is wonderful but the way they have mixed his deep, spooky voice with music in the intros is often not intelligible on speakers. Sometimes you’ll need nice headphones for this one 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Sasha queen
    I was referred to this podcast from My Favorite Murder. I just finished the last episode of season 1. First and foremost the host is need to be dramatic with all the’s like you’re talking to kids around a campfire, we are all adults here. I love the stories that are told in first person except for the stories the host tells about his own life. I hope with the oncoming seasons his own tales will no longer be needed as filler. Otherwise the stories are great!!
  • internetbridget
    Season5 episode 1 Take me home
    Who else thinks that the explanation for the events described in this episode is meth? Anyway, I digress. I love this podcast.
  • tmr0717
    Skip the host
    Good podcast but the host in the beginning is highly annoying, always skip forward to the stories!
  • Soozyoulose
    Made me believe in ghosts
    Fantastic pod. Just started listening and I’m blowing through episodes. Great storytelling. Perfect length.
  • 1thunder_soccer
    Love Spooked!
    Spooked has been a fall staple in my house for the past two years now, so I look forward to these episodes as a little fall treat. The stories are truly scary and I have to be careful to pace myself with them otherwise I’ll have trouble sleeping at night.
  • brookiecookie2001
    Love it!
    I love this show so much. It’s very well put together. One time I got so scared listening to it in the car on the dark ride home I had to run inside when I got home!! I’m 37!
  • AkShlee
    Thanks MFM!
    So happy Karen recommended this podcast. It’s awesome.
  • Ramosa1098775
    Paid podcast
    Moved to paid podcast after building a following... ridiculous.
    Very well done, amazing story telling!
  • woweewow
    mostly spooky
    I’m enjoying most of the stories, some are truly spooky. A few sound like fake creepypastas, and a few sound like people overreacting to things that have logical explanations. But the real ones will def give you a good spook if you’re listening to them alone at night. I don’t understand the narrator’s intro stories though— I mean, sometimes I literally don’t understand... like was that even a story or just rambling? I can’t figure out how his stories relate to anything in the episode either. It’s bizarre. I usually have to fast forward through them, especially when they go on for 5+min. Overall, though, the show is a good binge-listen for ghost-story fans. Good theme music too. And you can sign up for a free week trial on Luminary to binge the missing episodes, so it’s all good :)
  • PatrickBateman1
    Luminary 👎
  • Jmmercer
    Not paying to listen!
    Sorry, not paying to listen to your podcast.
  • marypwd
    Great Stories
    These are great stories but unfortunately they are not consistent with content posting every Friday. I thought there was a new season full of episodes but it’s been weeks since the last story. Please upload new stories!
  • LBisi
    Love the show. Hate the host’s long weird intros
    Fast forwarding through the host’s weird and long intros is starting to get old. The show itself is awesome.
    It’s OK I guess....
    After listening to the very first episode all the way through, I just knew I couldn’t deal with the host. His voice and monologues are a compete turn off and I don’t get why he has to be so EXTRA. Anyways, I always skip forward to avoid him and go straight to the stories. Some of them are pretty good and stand out while others are mediocre and sometimes downright lame. Overall, it’s not really what I was expecting (or hoping for) which is surprising since I came because of Karen from My Favorite Murder. She was raving about it recently and went on and on about how amazing it was including the host?! So here I am. Disappointed and kinda confused. Thanks Karen LOL
  • Mrs.W 2008
    Very well done!
    Spooky, unexplained first hand accounts are the best, and this one does an excellent job of that.
  • lordcockemort
    Like the concept, hate the host. I fast forward the first five minutes of every episode because I find his voice and “stories” annoying.
  • Rhiannon S.
    Yikes in the best way!
    I was sent here by Karen from MFM and I’m only one season in and I am totally hooked. The only problem is that I can only listen during the daytime because these stories are truly spooky... tried listening at night and it was too much anxiety before bed!
  • =vex=
    spooky supernatural stories
    fantastic production, sound design, great stories. love it.
  • leonarrdtaylor
    Why did the intro have to be so long I was started to get very agitated and annoyed before the podcast even started
  • ItsQuietTime
    I can't gen enough of these stories!
    This podcast keeps me axiously awaiting the next episode. The way people share their stories first hand is so engaging and poignant. I love listening to my favorite episodes every year when fall rolls around- they never get old. I hope one day I'll have a story to contribute!
  • boxin' beth
    Spooky Fun!
    MFM mentioned this on a recent intro and I’ve been binging whenever possible ever since! Spooky stories to get you in the Halloween mood! Thanks for a fun podcast. Well done!
  • Jennielynne
    should be 5 star
    I’m here because of MFM! Karen raved about this podcast so naturally I had to check it out! WOW!! I am so impressed and amazed at the quality and the stories and the background music and just everything! I was up most of the night binging and now i’m exhausted but that’s OK! I just love the overall tone of the show and give the highest praises to the host because he makes the show! ..It’s amazing. You should listen..
  • Hope11314
    One of my favorites, but...
    I really did enjoy this podcast, but it’s become clear they’re no longer putting new episodes up on this platform. It’s like a bait and switch now, and everything new is behind a paywall. It’s a shame, this was a good one.
  • freedownloader
    Love this podcast
    Love this podcast.....but the bass and drums tends to drown out the voice. Background sounds are just the background. Im contantly turning up and down the volume to avoid my ears blasted by bass and drums.
  • Fay Whitelock
    Suuuuuuper Spooky!!!
    I’m loving these first-hand accounts told by the witnesses themselves!! Definitely worth listening to. Just don’t listen too late at night!!
  • YogaATX
    I look forward to this every year!!!!
    I loooooove this podcast. It’s my favorite time of year, just be because of this.
  • Keyryebutton
    Full Body Chills
    Just found this podcast. I loved Glynn from the Heavens Gate podcast and after listening to his story with his brother in the first episode got several full body chills. Can’t wait to devour all the episodes!!!!
  • Newsyoucanuse
    The new season is a huge disappointment. What’s up with the host’s monologue at the beginning? It’s awful.
  • Michelle_2020
    Spooky Stories & Genuinely good music
    The guests are fabulous story tellers. I might like the music even more than I enjoy the stories. Is that weird?
  • EYH_314
    I love being scared and I can’t listen to this podcast alone at night. That’s a win for me. Amazing production and stories. Keep it up!!
  • Lgrahammmmmm
    This is the paranormal podcast that I have spent so long looking for! AMAZING
  • morevern
    I am in love (plus a question about technical error maybe?)
    I loveeeee this podcast. Perfect. Question though: I’m listening through the old episode and it seems like The Shadow Men ep and the Borderlands ep say they have different stories from Rocky Elmore (one about a sighting of a dead colleague, and one about a creature stalking them) but BOTH episodes only have the creature anecdote, word for word the that an error? Any way I can hear the other story of Rocky’s? Thank you so much for this perfect podcast and Glynn’s incredible storytelling, it’s a delight!!
  • Maude The Third
    Unique and Brilliant
    Mr. Washington is the best. So. Well. Done.
  • Fjsjjjjdjdjj
    Ahhhh i love it
  • kelseywoodehrlich
    Favorite podcast
    One of the VERY few pieces of media that has ever managed to spook me!! I’ve been a horror fan since I was a kid, and these are now some of my favorite stories... tbh, a handful have actually made me reconsider my lifelong skepticism. Thank you, Glynn Washington, for freaking me out!!! Please never stop!!! BEST podcast host out there, BEST true scary story show
  • Kay8387
    Great podcast
    I love the stories,So creepy!
  • fatimasuprema
    I got here through My Favorite Murder. They plugged it in the intro to episode 240. I immediately went over and listened to season 1 episode 1 and I’m hooked! And like the beats though?! 👌🏽 Great music great stories and the host’s voice will NOT let you down 😍
  • janeypoo4000
    Chills and Thrills
    One of my very favorite podcasts, right after the legendary Snap Judgement. Glynn Washington does it again and again and again!! The theme song alone is worth a listen not to mention some truly strange and disturbing tales. As soon as the weather turns cold I know it’s time to get Spooked.
  • Clubadam
    Really creepy and fun
    Very similar to the “Radio Rental” podcast, so I can happily switch between them to keep from being sad and bored when one is on break
  • E-L8ted4dinner
    Highlight of Autumn - every year!
    Spooked! Is the one thing I look forward to every Fall. Since it moved to luminary One year ago, this show is the reason I pay for a subscription for about two months. Glynn Washington is the master, Master of Ceremonies. I love the storytelling style - across the board. I think it’s the strong format of the tales which allow the listener to imagine the darkest recesses of their own mind. And the Soundtrack is delectable. Keep the goosebumps coming!
  • Durpadurrr
    Quality podcast 👌
    Great music, expertly produced show, the host is awesome and storytelling is terrific, very addicting!
  • SSII surge
    So spooky!!
    Once you start listening you’ll get thrown into the stories. Awesome stuff!
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