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We need a crash cart! Scrub in each week with Becca Tilley and her BFF Tanya Rad as they fangirl over their favorite shows, work through boy troubles, and hang out with the biggest celebrity guests. After first gaining notoriety on Season 19 and 20 of The Bachelor, Becca is now on a Dr. Pepper fueled journey to see as much of the world as she can, go on adventures with her friends and family, and find the best shows that TV has to offer. Her best friend Tanya spends her mornings as the co-host for On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, and the rest of her time goes to navigating the dating scene, Facetiming Becca, and going to bed early. It’s like hanging out with your best friends, all from the comfort of the OR! It’s Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad, on iHeartRadio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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  • mimi120889
    Disappointing email advice
    I appreciate you all taking the time to read listener emails, however I think the advice the girls give is generally extremely poor and not useful. On top of that, they just laugh it off with a boy bye. Mark is the only one who provides solid advice, I love listening to his input! To the girls, do better.
  • unsubscribedgal
    Advice Section
    Honestly I think these advice write ins need to be skipped if the hosts aren’t into it, Tanya says “wait what’s the gist of it” after every time Mark reads an entry. Are you even listening? And saying “boy bye” or just “just no” isn’t advice. It’s dismissive.
  • iilooovemuusic
    Tanya gaslights Becca
    Tanya writing a book with Raquel makes so much sense now . Toxic religious positivity at its finest .
  • 444Nice
    By yt women for yt women
    I started listening to this podcast because of Becca. But after being on the Facebook group, I realized that it’s a podcast for white women. Racism, microaggressions, etc. Also, Tanya’s white privilege really comes thru in her toxic positivity. Love Becca but I just can’t. Need to listen to women who aren’t afraid to stand for things even if majority of their fan base disagrees. #ModernWoman = #ModernStraightWhiteWoman
  • Melfab91
    Let the girly speak plz
    I’m a Tanya LOVER and need to start with that. I always find myself getting sad/frustrated when Becca is telling stories that get cut off by Tanya and then we never return to them 😭! I always want to hear what Becca was saying (for example, when she was talking about her trip!), and it would be SO HELPFUL and appreciated by all listeners if Tanya could acknowledge she cut her off, and say something like “okay, sorry I cut you off, I wanna hear what you were saying about ________”. That’s what most people do in conversations when they feel the need to say something abruptly. This happens to me all the time when I’m catching up with people, we end up cutting each other off, but circling back! Also, team more emails 4eva. Maybe even doing what Dean and Jared are doing with the Thursday call-in eppies? ❤️
  • karriegee
    Constructive thoughts
    Trying not to be too harsh. I have been a longtime listener but lately it’s gotten so hard. 1. Episodes are way too short now. It feels like about half the episode is an add. Half the time there’s “no time” for emails… According to who? I’m theory the 2 episodes a week are good for people who don’t enjoy guests but it should be a full episode Tuesday and an interview Thursday if you’re going that route. 2. Not trying to gang up on Tanya. She’s obviously happy in her relationship and in a different head space than years ago when the show started- but the constant interruption of Becca and guests needs to stop. 3. I miss the fun segments with Mark and Easton. I love the banter between Becca and them when they discuss tv (grays and AJLT, etc.) It’s hard when there’s just a Tanya/Becca episode because Becca has nobody to bounce off of. I truly used to love this show so much. It was the highlight of my week on Tuesday’s listening and I would genuinely laugh out loud every episode, but now I seem to be skipping at least half the episodes all together. I know this is a “revolution”, and I do love Becca being open about Hayley “95p” now, but it would be great to move forward to scrubbing in 2.0 or whatever while also trying to regain some of the old magic.
  • lola33746
    Becca is great!!
    This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to. Becca, Easton, and mark are so great ! My only advice is that Tanya should really take the time to let others talk and share a point of view. She constantly interrupts other people while they are talking and always tries to make everything about herself. Some of the things that also come out of her mouth are so ignorant.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss
    More Becca Please
    I love the podcast but I was frustrated Becca didn’t get to finish her story about her trip and Tanya was bursting to talk about Kourtney. Let Becca talk please. 😩
  • beec894
    So fun to listen to!
    Such a great listen, I am always laughing during walking my dogs. It really is like two best friends talking about life, love and sharing their experiences with us. I really appreciate the openness from both. Love this podcast! Only suggestion is wish the episodes were longer or were consistent on the two day episodes even when they don’t have a guest! Ex - On mondays full weekend recaps, sometimes this is glanced over and it goes on a bit off tangent, but still worth listening to! Keep it up & excited for the “renaissance if you will” as Tanya says! 😂 5/5!
  • Laikyn Oswald
    Long time listener- hope it never ends!
    I have been listening for almost five years now and I can honestly say that I never miss an episode. It feels like you’re hanging out with friends and it’s always uplifting and positive. Love Becca, Tanya, Mark, and Easton!
  • triplethreatteresa
    Screw these Tanya haters! Tanya is literally in the very first episode, and both Becca and Tanya comment on how different they are from each other, and that’s what makes them great. I think they both are funny, and love their commentary. Also for the people shaming Tanya for comparing a dog to a human baby… have you seriously ever owned a puppy??? They are a immense amount of work, and it is all hands on deck when they are puppies, and people should take animal ownership more seriously. Obviously it’s very different from having a child, but Tanya literally stated that in her comment. Love the podcast, and I’m not even a greys anatomy’s fan, just love the girls!
  • DJ-4444
    Weekly listener
    I’ve been listening for years, and genuinely want the podcast to succeed. So, I’m saying this out of love and desire for the podcast to be the best it can be. Tanya, please avoid interrupting guests/Becca when they are talking. It was so difficult listening to Tanya interrupt Elyse talking about postpartum depression being the darkest period of her life, just so Tanya could talk about being a dog mom. If Elyse was somebody else, Tanya could’ve totally derailed the vulnerable conversation. Luckily, Elyse was still willing to be open, but Tanya please read the room and assess when it’s appropriate to insert your thoughts when others are having their moment.
  • $Katylnn
    Sorry not sorry
    I’ve listened for years and I honestly miss the episodes when it was just Becca. I feel bad saying this but I literally cringe when Tanya starts talking; she interrupts Becca and guests all the time and she has to make everything about herself and make herself relatable on every story, but she is completely missing the mark. The fact that she was trying to compare a guests postpartum experience was the same as when she got her dog. I used to look so forward to every episode but I find myself skipping or not listening because of Tanya.
  • baldmeg
    Tanya stop talking for the shock factor
    It’s hard to listen to Tanya continue to interrupt everyone and say things just for the shock factor. The LIVINGE and BLEEDINGE and constantly talking about periods/vaginas/etc is only entertaining for so long. Totally support her doing her thing, but I feel like she jokingly continues these conversations and debates just for the shock factor/reactions people give her.
  • California Kaitlyn
    Love! sans complaints
    Updated to add- they have really stepped up their game lately and I continue to look forward to this pod the most!! I think you should try and get Kelsea Ballerini on the pod, she’s perfect and her new album has significant butterfly vibes — I love this podcast! Look forward to Tanya and Becca’s life updates and dating advice and just general positivity. Mark and Easton are also awesome additions as well. I went all the way back to the beginning and caught up and love the happiness and laughter and joy this podcast brings to my day. Also thank you to Mark for the rec on Smartless!!
  • BHM98
    Best podcast ever
    I have never been a fan of a podcast. My attention span had not allowed me to finish an episode before. However, I found the podcast due to being a fan of Hayley. I cannot describe how much of a fan I have become of Becca and Tanya since. They’re so refreshing to hear. They’re absolutely hilarious and each episode is so enjoyable. The best podcasting duo in my opinion. Mark and Easton are equally as amazing! This new episode with Hayley prompted me to write this because I just need everyone to know this is the Beyonce of podcasts.
  • HaylieSH
    Fav podcast!
    So grateful for this podcast! It brings me joy to working long days! I’ve met friends through the Facebook group and I feel like Becca and Tanya are a part of my friend group! Love Mark and Easton as well!
  • Stellios9684
    Favorite pod
    Love this podcast! Always makes me smile😍
  • lovefromCO
    We STAN 95p, Red Star, and the Girls
    Had to edit my review to just say how heartwarming these last couple podcasts have been. Thank you Becca and Tanya for letting us in and you’re so loved! Also just LOL at how much of a Tanya Hailey is and Robbie a Becca haha it’s so cute. They are both so sweet, all the best to you ❤️❤️
  • noot kadoot
    Feels fresh
    Ever since for the girls, I’ve been loving the overall vibe of the show! Feels more authentic and fun. Both of them now being open and vulnerable has given the show a new life.
  • Mollipop12
    Thank you!!! 💜💜💜
  • ScrubSisterLRH
    So much to love!
    Every episode is like catching up with my friends. Love this podcast so, so much!
  • 2009heidirose
    It’s not all about Tanya, except it is.
    If Becca can’t be a part of the episode, skip it. A Tanya only episode is painful. In fact, the BEST episodes are the ones Tanya aren’t part of. I used to love this podcast but ever since it has become the Tanya show, I can’t listen anymore.
  • Ellisbee99
    Loved Jojo filling in. Feels like a true, supportive friendship. Sometimes I feel like Tanya is a little competitive and high maintenance with their friendship.
  • ssteppphh
    Good vibes and lots of laughs
    My favorite podcast by far! Sooo entertaining, great guests, love the content and just such a good time. Love these girls. Love love love and you will too.
  • sweetsassymolassyyyy
    Scrub Sister for Life!
    I absolutely love the Scrubbing In podcast! I look forward to the episodes each week and am SO grateful that they’ve started doing two episodes a week. It makes commute to work so much happier and more entertaining. To me, the Scrubbing In Podcast is the podcast equivalent to the show ‘’Friends’’ which I know Tanya and Becca love. It gives me the same happy feelings when I listen to it. Becca and Tanya are the definition of Modern Women. They couldn’t be more different than each other but they they love and support each other so much. They learn from each other and they make each other better. I am so inspired by their genuine friendship. I also love the way they treat Mark and Easton. They encourage them to participate in the podcast and treat them like the main hosts. Mark and Easton are absolute gems and are such great examples of how men should treat women. I love when they join in on conversations! I have made so many friends through the podcast Facebook group. Becca even crashed our Zoom one time and we all freaked out! She chose to join her fans during her time off which was the sweetest thing ever. It says a lot about Becca’s character! I love everyone involved in Scrubbing in so much. I could go on forever about how wonderful they are! Thank you for all the laughs, light, and positivity each week. Keep on shining! :)
  • Kmelanson
    Bring JoJo more often!
    Love listening to Becca and JoJo (no offense Tanya, love you too)! Great pod and has been added to the rotation of "must listen" the day it drops. Don't change a thing :)
  • listener from DC
    It’s not the same
    I used to love this podcast, have listened from the beginning but i can’t get my self to listen anymore, it’s all ads and not much else. I’m a huge Tanya so it pains me to say this but ever since her relationship she’s gets up on a bit of a high house and it’s pretty hypocritical. I could listen to Becca, Marc, and Easton all day.
  • maddie@podcastingyou
    Amazing podcast!
    Like catching up with best friends! Becca and Tanya are super insightful and fun, highly recommend.
  • K.F.F86
    Great escape
    Have binge listened to this podcast since May and I love it! It’s a great escape from the real world just listening to Tanya and Becca discuss all things and I’m usually laughing throughout.
  • P. Sasha
    some rough listens but hopeful
    I wish Tanya would stop interrupting guests and Becca, it’s no longer an enjoyable convo to listen to at that point. Becca can’t share a moment without it getting interrupted & bringing it back to herself, or her bf or butterflies. It’s not about changing who she is but just being more aware and less spacey with serious convos that might be uncomfortable eg; body positivity/roe vs wade (100% audio assumption, just cos she doesn’t speak much then makes untimely jokes). But I did love the ep with Becca and Katie Lowes. It was fun and light. Becca was still able to get deep and talk about serious life stuff which she’s tried to do on a few eps only this time she wasn’t interrupted by talks of whimsical nonsense. But the episode was still so relatable and fun. Ideal. This seems to be a frequent ask so I’m hoping it changes.
  • VibesInASuit
    Love the trivia!!
    I am obsessed with the trivia night. I have SO much fun with it. I love when the guests are basically mirrors of their friendship (PowerPoint girls). Felt like 4 long time besties on game night
  • EvaViva17
    Used to love it
    I used to love this podcast but stopped listening because they started getting political and one sided. No different view points from anyone.
  • CailynV
    Back & better than ever
    OG scrubber since day 1, we’re talking pre-Tanya era. I was getting frustrated not too long ago with how the podcast had been and to be honest I think Becca & Tanya were too. You can tell y’all made some changes and now more recently the podcast has been better than ever!!!!!!
  • kar_612
    The Best!
    Always look forward to this podcast every week! Tanya and Becca have great banter! I love their conversations and they are so real!! It is so light hearted but can also make me think deeply on current topics! Love them!!
  • xyz1239866
    Love the show and will continue to listen, but what is going on with the clicking by Corinne on her guest appearance. Had to change the episode, but you guys are great.
  • gfbf1132
    Ride or die
    OG scrubber since day 1. Love you both and thanks for the pod
  • lulu1004
  • Liz1_20
    Can Tanya please stop cutting Becca off?!? It’s so annoying and makes it very difficult to listen to this podcast lately. Please let Becca finish her thoughts. I want to hear more of what she has to say.
  • josiegiiiiiiiiiiirl
    i pray the Lord softens your hearts to the truth. ❤️ love you both.
  • RJ0622
    Love this pod!
    I look forward to this pod every week! The friendship Tanya and Becca have is so fun to be a part of. Would love to see the live shows come back!
  • Juline W
    Truly have enjoyed this podcast. I was scrolling through old episodes and then saw recent reviews based out of pure hate and that took me back. We are all entitled to have opinions and you are more than welcomed to disagree but to have so much hate in your heart and to denounce how “Christian” someone is because you disagree with them is pathetic. Love you girls keep doing your thing 🥰
  • ElyssaMJ
    For the Girls
    Came to the podcast to hear the for the girls episode after Becca’s Instagram announcement- and ended up a regular listener! Thanks for putting yourselves out there
  • SabaM11
    Fabulous Podcast!
    This is literally the only podcast I can listen to from start to finish! Love Tanya and Becca’s banter/conversations. I also enjoy their self-awareness, they are able to see things from multiple perspectives. I honestly feel like I’m listening to a conversation between my friends. Keep doing what y’all are doing! Ignore that noise.
  • jgomes007
    Great co-host with KB
    Loved your episode this week with KB, and how real and raw you girls are. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • twinswithdisabilitiesmom
    One Sided Views
    I’ve listened to this podcast from the very beginning and really enjoy listening. Lately, when taking a stance on a polarizing issue, this podcast is very one sided. I try to keep an open mind and listen to both sides but the Roe vs. Wade episode was frustrating to listen to. Where is the representation from a different point of view? I agree with other comments that information discussed was inaccurate. In MO, a strict abortion state, anything in response to a mothers well-being comes first and is legal, this includes ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. If you claim to do research, I suggest you actually read the laws, this is becoming a place that spreads misinformation. If you plan to discuss politics in the future, I suggest including people from other sides of the aisle since there are no opposing views between the three of you. This comment is meant to help, not to make you feel down. I however, left this episode with a heavy heart.
  • FF5 has got it goin on
    I absolutely Love Becca and Tanya! They both have such kind hearts and and absolutely amazing together! My one and only issue with the podcast has been that it’s pretty clear that they don’t do much research besides scrolling through instagram and twitter for their facts on certain issues. I don’t care wether or not they are pro abortion or against it, but it was sad listening to them instill fear into listeners who may not know the truth. There isn’t a single red state that will not treat a mother if her life is in danger. It scares me that someone possibly hearing that will not seek the medical help they need thinking the may be prosecuted for it. It just simply isn’t true. Please please PLEASE, if you guys can, reassure women that they will get the lifesaving help they need in any red state. 💕
  • adjndjcn
    i cant
    want to keep listening bc i love becca but i can’t stand tanya anymore. she acts like a middle schooler obsessed with her boyfriend and dog 🙄 and while becca was trying to guide the roe v wade conversation into an informative/serious conversation and tanya kept turning it to chopping off guys d**ks plssss get real
  • Buckle7
    Love and Best Podcast!!
    I recently started listening to this podcast a couple of months ago and I loved it. I listen everyday to catch up from the very beginning and still enjoy it! Becca and Tanya are very relatable and seem so kind!! Love Easton and Mark also!! Great Podcast!
  • eiblan
    Used to be a great & inviting place to listen, but now… Uninformed and uneducated views on so many things.. everyone involved in the podcast should do some research before spewing their privileged views.
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