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  • Suicide soda
    Young guns
    Although i may be one of the proud and few younger listeners here (im 21) this podcast makes my stomach hurt from laughing to much. When the days comes that mike and Eli shoot attach golf i will be driving to Netflix HQ to demand a docu series on these two. Lglg
  • Josephmeister
    C’mon, Rick!
    I really enjoy this podcast. From the golf to the movie quotes, TV quotes and more. Very entertaining. I want to hang out with these guys. I wish I had this much fun and played this much golf.
  • RunSaquanRun
    Relatable to now unrelatable
    The pod started out as two average dudes trying to get better. Loved it!!!!! Total insanity and hilarious. Even told my golf coach about it so he could understand the brain of amateurs. (Think Velcro episode) Now they are getting custom fittings at titelist, vokey wedge fittings, weekly golf lessons, have sponsors and it isn’t relatable as it was. The journey isn’t the same anymore. They spend episodes pushing products, which I understand….. gotta make a profit for your time. Just a major change from when they started. The spin-off podcast is typical like other pods who started for a specific reason. Reaching. Still a good listen, but not what it once was. They have their faithful who fall at their feet and put the p&$&y on a pedestal. Feels like the soul of this pod is different or they sold out or something.
  • Lumber07
    More golf content please
    This used to be my favorite podcast but over the past few seasons they have cut the golf content in half. Now the majority of the podcast is dedicated to exercise/nutritional discussion, talk about club fittings and specs (boring for those of us who are not gear-heads) and thinly veiled plugs for whatever product du jour they are using. The talk about actual golf is still enjoyable- too bad it only comprises about 15 minutes of each podcast. What’s a guy got to do to get a dramatic scorecard reading or two???
  • beerssee
    Hey hey, my my…
    It’s about time. I was turning into a stage four clinger! Nice work gentlemen; LGLG!!!
  • golfingandy
    Binged all seasons in 4 months…LG LG!!
    a friend recommended this to me a few months ago and i was hooked! binged all seasons in four months and am fully caught up now. love the entertainment and humor but also love the serious golf stuff too! because of chasing scratch, i’m working with golf specific physical therapists and going to hire jayson nickols as my golf coach and i’ve got a carl weathers leaning center setup in my house. i’m a 5 handicapper and have been as low as a plus 1 but i’m ready to get down there again! great job mike and eli, bringing all that smoke!! lg lg!!
  • Me wicket
    Great stories
    Great golf podcast and some jokes :-)
  • Everett Eaves
    The Best
    This is the only podcast I make time for: relatable golf, classic 90s references, silliness, real friendship on display. I’m fully invested. Mike and Eli could fold right into our group from college. Should have written a review months ago.
  • Sly lefty
    Love love love this
    I’m only through season one episode nine, but if you’re a golfer, this is a must listen. This is so fun and so well done. I tried this once as well. I can tell you it takes many years for most to make the changes necessary to become a true, scratch golfer.
  • remccart
    The nutrition episode…
    Nice that you’re improving your diet. But Eli… have you tried the McDonald’s spicy chicken McGriddle? Ryan
  • Rich Eagar
    Kudos to you Chasing Scratch
    This is the most relatable golf podcast out there. Equal parts hilarious, inspiring and frustrating in the best way possible
  • LaneATX
    Great pod
    Just learned about this podcast and I think I’ve found the meaning of life.
  • Bobby Birdies
    Been a fan since day one. I have hats,shirts, head cover…plenty of CS merch. Part of the Velcren community as well. For those just discovering these gentlemen, you will fall in love with their struggle to find time to practice, play, and improve. I love them. But the journey changes and the presentation changes in later seasons. I miss the dramatic readings, the amateurish wonder, and the identifiable quest for a path for improvement from the early seasons. The guys are now on a path which the average golfer may struggle to identify with…corporate sponsors, expensive golf trips, world class instruction and physical training. All journeys meander through twists and turns; in their journey I imagine I would have made similar decisions to partner with sponsors and connect with popular golf personalities. However, these decisions have changed the dynamic that made us fall in love in the beginning. Listen, please, to this podcast. It is truly amazing! But brace yourself for change as, somewhere along the way, the innocence is not lost…but perhaps diminished.
  • DiMo SSF
    The Best
    Pretty much spot on for the trials and tribulations of being a golfer. Honestly look forward to each new episode that these guys release.
  • Michael Connor
    Great podcast for golfers
    Absolutely hilarious podcast. Sounds just like me and my idiot friends.
  • Mbayne76
    Boys it keeps getting better. Team Polar bear for the win. Thanks for keeping it real as you go on this journey. This podcast helps people see the real process of getting better but also enjoying the game.
  • patsfam_mg
    Shared Experience
    I love these guys. Hearing about their experiences trying to get better are in perfect alignment with my own. It’s just cool to know others are striving and struggling the same as me. As well as celebrating the successes.
  • team polar bear
    Episode 8
    Atta boy Eli!! That’s how you get it done, shades of the MJ flu game.
  • Jordy Barrel
    Kudos to Mike and Eli for an amazing podcast, and Kudos to Craigers!!
  • Salvi13
    I recently found this podcast and it’s amazing. I’m an 11 handicap, in my 30s, with kids and can completely relate to everything they talk about. I highly recommend this for any golfer.
  • TreSauce
    Fun. If you hate fun, delete your podcast app and cast your phone into the sea. Fun. If you love fun, this podcast is your savior. This podcast could potentially cure male pattern baldness, or at the very least, could provide you with some laughs.
  • Hdhdidhfjskdhdjjsjd
    Favorite Podcast
    So many inside jokes, so much laughter. If you love golf this is for you!
  • Povlich
    Growing the game
    Like so many others, I started golfing during the lockdowns as a way to get out and get some exercise . Through these podcasts, Mike and Eli have made golf so much fun for me and I’m completely addicted to the game now. These guys are truly growing the game.
  • TxCyclist
    What a great podcast.
    Absolutely loved listening to this. Real guys, real golf “experiences” real fun!
  • Ben Hogan Rocks
    The Reverend is profound!
    Great episode that could help any golfer that takes The Reverend's sage advice. I’ve listened to all seasons multiple times and enjoy all aspects and various media of Chasing Scratch. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work. You feed our passion for golf!!
  • Dude who fishes
    Greatest Golf Personalities of the 21st Century
    If you don’t like this, you don’t like fun.
  • Camills98
    Great guys talking about there golf game some of the time, sometimes about important things like like 90’s music and aquatic death battles.
  • DanP123456789
    You know when some new company is created, or an existing company launches a new product, or someone creates a podcast, and you think to yourself: “Man, I had that idea, that could have been me!” Well Chasing Scratch is the opposite of that. Simple idea, sure, but the execution was so good right from the start that it pretty quickly makes you realize that your version would have sucked and you would never have built what these guys have. There’s too much good stuff to fit in one review, so I’ll just say Mike and Eli’s friendship and the way they carry themselves in life is enviable and something to aspire to. And these guys incorporate their sponsors into their shows in a way that literally no other podcast does. Any golf company that gets an endorsement by these guys should be absolutely thrilled. Keep killing it guys!
  • J.C. Baysinger
    Please do not stop posting
  • jhan76
    Love it
    Late to the party but glad I found this gem.
  • User 892
    It doesn't get any better than this
    Dear Mike and Eli, Lenny – queue the fan mail music. You have ruined me. I used to be a man in his late 50’s with a wife, kids and a job. Now when I sit on the couch with my wife in the evening to watch TV, she puts on a Hallmark movie or TV show, and I have my earbuds in. It could be the moment when 15 small-town’s men die in the horrific mine accident, and I am giggling – staring off into space, oblivious to the tragic moment, and the fact that I should be crying with my wife. As I snigger, she gives me a furtive glance. She knows. She knows what I’m doing. And I’m not sure that she’s happy about it. I used to listen to other podcasts, even terrific Christian sermons by theological giants like Tim Keller as I drove around in my car. Now I only listen to Chasing Scratch – always desperate to find out what the next amazing/horrific/unbelievable/highly exaggerated/movie-quote encrusted/name drop lambasting/dramatically read/expertly cut story is going to be. Stories that will always include some of the most incredible background music ever selected for golf-related stories – kudos to you Lenny. Can you interview him once on the show? Does he even like golf? You have taken me down a deep rabbit hole of sports personalities, movies, TV shows, and more. One day I was googling “Palmero”, cause I had no idea who that was, and if I was ever going to Palmero someone correctly, I needed to know this person. Finally today (Season 3, Episode 7), you said his full name – Rafael Palmeiro. Now I know all about him – useless information that will probably never advance me in my job, or bring more credibility to my name at the next dinner party. But I will be able to tell someone, “oh great – I’ve been Palmeiro’ed!!!” I began listening to your pod just a short 3.5 weeks ago, as I drove 4 hours to LA to buy a used Fiberbuilt hitting mat for my new “Chasing Scratch Training Center” in my garage. The golf simulator wasn’t named that to begin with, because I had never heard of Chasing Scratch when I put it together, but that is its official name now. I’m currently looking on eBay for the appropriate autographed picture of Carl Weathers – I suspect I’ll find something out of Germany. I will proudly frame and hang this treasured piece of memorabilia in the Chasing Scratch Training Center. When my friends come over, point and say, “what’s up with that?” I will just give a knowing smile, yell out something like “C’mon Rick” or “Kudo’s to Craigers!” and make them all think I have gone insane. Today is January 26th, 2023. I’m living the in the past. I’ve made it to the beginning of the pandemic (dejavu all over again), as you go through the TPI club fitting in LA. Kudos to Titleist – how many people want Titleist golf clubs now – freaking millions I’m sure. Well played Titleist. Now I come home from work and say things to my wife like, “let’s watch Good Will Hunting tonight hun!” To which she replies – “oh yeah – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that one.” Then we get to the most powerful moment of the show when Dr. Sean it telling Will over and over again, “It’s not your fault”. My wife is tearing up, and I’m gleefully exclaiming – “There it is! That’s the line! Don’t you see?!” She doesn’t see. I made her watch Varsity Blues (she wasn’t really against it – she’s ok with a good dramatic sports movie). I have to say, I was a bit disappointed that one of your most-used and famous tag-lines is a quote used by the antagonist – the most evil coach in all of high school football – the infamous Kilmer. So I’m not a big a fan of LGLG as some probably are. But I’ve just switched it in my mind (Dr. Jason would approve). Now I think you’re just talking about the electronics/appliance manufacturer – LG. And think you’re saying “Life’s Good Life’s Good!” when you exclaim “LGLG”. I imagine you’ll never read this fan letter. By now you must be millionaires. You probably have people who read your mail for you as you are wined and dined by hundreds of golf equipment companies trying to get you to talk about their merch on the pod. Yesterday, I saw something that said Chasing Scratch is one of the top 10 golf podcasts in the world. I just googled “top 10 golf podcasts” to try to find the reference that said that, and Chasing Scratch was nowhere to be found. But mark my word – I did see that somewhere! BTW – when you start typing “Chasing scratch” in Google, the first thing that pops up to complete your search string is “twist pic”. Just wanted to be sure you knew (wink wink). Anyway, I’ve digressed (you can appreciate that). The show is super-fun. Nobody I know has any idea about it, so I have my own little secret world I retreat to anytime I have a free moment (heading to the store, pulling weeds, sitting on the toidy, wherever). I feel like you guys are my best friends. I promise I won’t stalk you to find out where you work, or try go get in your group at your next golf outing. I will just stay here in my house, practicing my swing (careful, not too much video) in my Chasing Scratch Training Center, listening to you guys crack wise, and giggling to myself as my wife looks on perplexed by my new obsession. Yours truly, Greg Yes – Greg, like Craig but with a “G”. Kind of like “MacGregor” – you know the famous Golf equipment manufacturer. Which of course sounds a lot like MacGyver, or even better, MacGruber. Did you know Val Kilmer is in MacGruber? At first I thought Kilmer might be a reference to a character played by Val Kilmer – I was so uninformed before I started listening to your pod. And now I have to go watch Toy Story again, because I found out Carl Weathers plays Combat Carl. Ah – so good…
  • jpellsman
    This is epic
    I JUST in 2023…discovered this podcast and have been listening non-stop. All my self-care, abuse recovery, self-help, psychological development podcasts are on hold. This makes me laugh so much. I’m stuck in January in Alaska as an avid golfer and former caddie. I feel like I’m on the course with these guys (come to Alaska guys so I can be) and in their living rooms and conversations. Thank you for doing this!!
  • Its me. Stevie Janowski
    Lenny, cue the 5 star review music
    Entertaining, comical and relatable. I’ve been a loyal listener from the beginning and no season disappoints. Tons of great golf tips and the tempo training has 100% improved my golf game. I’m ready for all the smoke of season 6! LGLG
  • JubeeGankin
    My favorite podcast
    Mike and Eli are two golf buddies that will remind you of the best times with your own.
  • J Bo1974
    Outstanding show. This has been the best entertainment.
    I started to listen to this show at the request of a friend. This show is great. I up to season 4 and find myself listening to several episodes a day. This is fun for golfers and anyone around the age of 30-50.
  • C Gavin
    Let’s go let’s go
    I don’t know who Craigers is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.
  • CCP_Calgary
    If you have ever wondered what it would take….??
    To get to 0 well this is the cast for you. Two good friends cover all the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Like how to integrate golf balls! Very entertaining.
  • deuce0515
    2x great friends hilariously covering their quest for great golf
    This is a high quality podcast. The background music, Mike and Eli are great on the air; editing and production are top notch. It’s a pleasure to listen to a podcast with consistent high quality. The 90s and 2000s references alongside their genuine, emotional responses to the highs and lows of golf resonated with me instantly. Interviews, some equipment talk, but mostly an entertaining audio (and video) capture of their golf rounds, good and bad shots, plans, technical and “feels” of golf, and just two life long friends enjoying life together connected by the greatest game. Highly recommend.
  • golfingoat23
    Great start 2 season 6!
    Man I’ve been counting down for this new season! You guys killed the first 2 episodes! So awesome to hear your voices again and inspire me, as well, to keep chasing scratch! It’s gonna be freakin great year! Cue the break par music!
  • cdfnugg
    Great Show (minus the chewing sounds)
    Love the show; great content and very relatable. The show makes me want to get better and feels like me and my buddies talking about our rounds. Just please stop eating and talking on the show - I can’t deal with it, I’m going to have to start skipping any section with food being eaten while talking. I’ll keep tuning in though. 5 stars.
  • Spanish master
    Best golf podcast out there
    I have burned through 5 seasons in 2 months. Listening every time i get in the car. Funny, tragic, cliff hanging, unbearable, but always a good listen. The funny moments make the show. They have great chemistry. If you golf you will understand and love the show. Lets go lets go.
  • Rando1942
    Yea to Neal
    Been listening for a couple years now. Hilarious and relatable. Just restarted with season 1. I think they could get to scratch if they stopped headcasing like the rest of us. In the first round after deciding to chase scratch, Mike shot 3 over par? Your swings are good enough, but confidence. Cross some people over and stop headcasing when there’s a turnover. It’s about the war not the battle. #lglg
  • jg_555
    Best Golf Pod
    Relatable golf content and pure comedy. Can’t get enough. Awesome editing, kudos to you Lenny. And kudos to you craigers. #LGLG
  • Kcvols
    I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this show
    My only quibble with this podcast is that I didn’t find it sooner. Hooked by episode 2. Filleted at the end of season 1! 🧡🧡🧡
  • First 4 Outdoors
    Pure Entertainment
    Such a great show with the amazing banter that goes on between friends and competitors.
  • TimmyProffitt
    Very entertaining! SO FUN!
    Lenny, cue up some review music. 🎶🎵Mike and Eli are great! I can’t get enough of this pod. I don’t care if they never hit scratch. C’mon RICK!
  • Stephen "Tweety" Lemmons
    The best in the biz
    Been listening to mike and Eli for a year now and every single episode is better than the next. Best golf podcast in the universe!! #teampolarbear
  • Bardytime03
    What a journey
    Love you guys. It’s been a blast. You fuel my enjoyment of golf. Keep grinding. Your journey Is a perfect summary of this sport.
  • razor99
    Kill it
    The show was awesome the first 3 seasons. I’d laugh so hard along with the guys I would have to pull over. Now the episodes are stale and boring and for whatever reason they’ve decided to buddy up with politics writers like Charlie Warzel.
  • R.I.P. to Funny
    I wonder if these boys play half the golf they pretend to on the pod…The fake drama is cringe.
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