Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast

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Two guys. One goal. Zero chance.

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  • 🐶🐼🐨🦊🐻
    I like it!!
  • Ddaabb
    Among the best
    I just discovered this podcast and am almost through Season 1. I now look forward to car trips so I can listen to episodes. The guys are funny and relatable.
  • bballard3
    Just a Couple of Guys Being Dudes
    Eli and Mike fantastically narrate their foibles through the journey from ordinary amateur golfer to the illustrious scratch status. They craft hilarious inside jokes filled with excellent references to movies and pop-culture, brilliantly woven into their golf games as descriptive terms for niche scenarios.
  • PNW Chris
    Real dudes
    These guys are my age, similar situations, and understandable positions on the infuriating sport of golf. I would enjoy around with them any day!
  • R&B Nut
    My favorite pod
    These guys are hilarious. I can’t stop listening to this. Kuddos to Craiggers! #LGLG
  • Trey.Hayes
    So, so good
    This is the best thing I’ve listened to since S-Town. That’s right, I said it. That good. Hilarious, relatable, and so well done.
  • dayzed12
    Two guys...
    This is a great podcast. I have re-listened to multiple times especially the first season. Mike and Eli make their struggles funny and relatable. If you like golf or 90’s-00’s pop culture references this is for you.
  • Joe in BDA
    So much better than I anticipated
    Just two good guys with great self awareness. Love it
  • siderides44
    A hopeless yet hopeful journey
    My brother told me about this podcast recently, and I can’t stop listening. Mike and Eli’s utter despair and self deprecating commentary after bad rounds is pure gold. The dramatic scorecard readings in particular kill me. Anyone that does not take themselves too seriously and loves golfing with friends will relate to these guys. Must listen for hopeless golf addicts.
  • Zach The Boozer
    So good
    Hilarious must listen
  • Zarms
    Best golf podcast on the internet
    If you’re into golf you’ll absolutely love this podcast, and even if you’re not, you should still listen for the stories, the comedy, the incredible pop culture references, the inside jokes and all round good vibes. Keep killin’ guys! Come onnn Rick!
  • John-ers?
    Your podcast makes me want to change my name to Craigers! It’s that good.
  • AC8703
    New Listener
    I just started listening to the podcast. It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to catch up and see where you are now. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to connecting on other platforms once I am caught up.
  • Rastacals
    Very funny love you guys so far
  • D153
    A great podcast running downhill quickly
    I get it that 2020 was difficult, but there is soooo much time spent discussing non-golf items in Season 3. After binge-listening so many episodes and hanging on every word, I found myself skipping thru a ton of content. Talking about cereal mascots? Reviewing 20+ year old music albums? Even when talking about golf there is a bit too much influence from corporations, whether the swing speed guy or other corporate / individual plugs, which is a large departure from prior seasons. What made this podcast GREAT in the first couple seasons was these guys actually golfing and taking about their rounds. I really hope they get back to focusing on playing and telling us about their rounds and journey to lower handicap. Overall great podcast but would love more focus on the actual golf. These guys are hilarious. Nail nail nail Carl Weathers nail nail nail!
  • AaronWould
    “Wieners on the glass at the Alano Club?”
    If you understand, go ahead and do yourself a favor and listen to these guys. They will reference none or all of your favorite movies and tv shows while they play some golf. You know, I always say, “go big or go home.” You listen to this podcast, you could be making the biggest mistake of you life, or the biggest GOOD decision of your life. It’s either going to be the best thing you ever did, or the worst thing you ever did. If you want some boring, white bread clock watchers who put out a podcast when you want it, at the agreed upon time, these aren’t your guys. You ever play Russian Roulette? Time to spin the barrel, Boris... By listening for another year! Let’s go, let’s go!
  • KurtK Tyler
    Nearly perfect
    Just was told about the podcast this week. Also just finished Season 1. Fantastic! Very relatable but you guys also keep things very funny. Already learned some things... I'm committed to playing MORE this coming year. To breaking 90 regularly, or staying around 85. To take golf trips. To play with more guys. And today, on the range with you guys in my ears...I hit the Jack Nicklaus baby draw just from turning the club a little. Keep it up boys!
  • TJ hajshcjjd
    If you play golf, follow this now
    Mike and Eli, Two days ago, on a whim, I looked for a golf related podcast to distract me from the mundane tediousness that I happened to find myself in at work. Less than 48hrs later, I have just wrapped up Season 1. Needless to say, I’m hooked. Riding the highs and feeling the lows that you two have amazingly stitched together, not only has had me laughing and crying with understanding, but also has inspired me in my own game. Thank you for such a great experience living vicariously through your antics, and cannot wait to start Season 2. Wish you guys the best, TJ
  • cjduffy0521
    Best Golf Podcast
    And frankly the only one I dedicate the time to listen to!! Hilarious stories and interactions; Mike and Eli are like hanging with my college buddies or my now adult golf buddies. Highly relatable and entertaining; but as things have progressed I am now improving my own game along with them! I am all in on #AdamWay #HammerinNails and recently purchased the holy scriptures (Strike and Accuracy Plans)! Plus the regular updates on all things Carl Weathers is crucial while being reinvigorated by a good Kilmering to make sure we don’t lose sight of the pursuit of Scratch!! Let’s go, let’s go!!
  • Jake.Rosiek
    So relatable, it hurts
    Mike and Eli- Found this podcast last week and finished the second season today (1.5x speed, don’t judge me). I love the podcast because you sound like my friends and I, my dad and I, my brother and I. It’s just great. Also, pro tip: to have bros with wives who like each other too seems like a huge bonus that hasn’t been exploited near enough yet.
  • nerdychad
    Favorite Podcast
    I’ve been a long time listener but just started using Apple Podcasts, so now I can leave a review. This podcast is funny, informative, and the creators are extremely active with their fan base on social media platforms. I listen to a lot of golf podcasts, but this one is my favorite. #lglg
  • BrettBledsoe
    Thanks from the Troops
    Hey guys you are awesome and can’t wait till next season. The way you describe and document your matches reminds me of how me and my buddies do it. Beginning of next year I will be deployed to the Middle East and will be anxiously waiting for each episode just to get a taste of home. Thanks for everything
  • Xcurmudgeon
    Two Innocent Golfers
    This is a terrific podcast by two amateur golfers who have great chemistry together, and whose innocence about golf gives them a charming honesty. This podcast was recommended to me early this summer by a playing partner I was paired with at a resort course. I started at the beginning, with season one in 2018, and can say I looked forward to podcast time (walking dog, driving alone) for weeks in end as I caught up to the present with Mike and Eli. Warning—many episodes are long, and it will take awhile to catch up. But I found it well worth the effort. If you’re looking for a podcast on technical aspects of golf, this isn’t it. While there’s some of that as these guys attempt to go from “shaky 11 handicaps” to scratch, the appeal is their humor and sense of wonder as they try new things and explore the often frustrating game of golf.
  • C-brony
    So relatable but also inspiring.
  • The Real Scalpum
    Best golf content out there
    Kudos to Mike and Eli
  • Homerun380
    When you’re cold
    Whenever you feel cold, put in your earbuds and listen to this podcast because it’s straight fire. #LGLG #cmonrick
  • my boy beat cancer
    Best podcast period
    I have listened to every episode of every season at least 3 times. Mike and Eli really have done a great job of exposing their golf insecurities and making every listener think, “I guess I’m not the only one”. Beyond the golf aspect it’s great to listen to two buddies joke, tease and rehash college stories. I spend A LOT of time traveling for work and there’s nothing better than having these two gents keeping me company and entertained on the road. If you’re not subscribed to Chasing Scratch, you’re wrong and missing out on clean, family friendly entertainment. After they reach their goal, I feel “chasing tour card” as the next chapter! Keep it up guys. #LGLG #KudosCraigers #ExclusiveNealestate
  • birdies!!!!
    Love It!
    Great show - go for it!
  • STttttttt12345
    Fantastic Golf Inspiration
    I have a group of guys called, The 5Club, in VA. 10 of us trying to move from 15s to 5s. 80pct of us did it within 7 or so years!!! This podcast was us. We would love to be guests on your podcast! Awesome job. Very entertaining and spot on with all of highs and lows. KEEP BATTLING.
  • Corpse89
    Great show!
    Great show! These guys are hilarious and relatable. My favorite podcast
  • Mildee3
    Les go les go
    Got a late start on this Pod....just finished season 1. Two of my favorite movies of all time are varsity blues and Rounders. I knew when I heard these movie quotes, that we were long lost friends from another life 😂. About to binge season two. Can’t wait to hear what happens on the chase
  • P_Daws
    Come on Rick!
    I started playing golf six months ago just before my 29th birthday for no other reason than to spend time with my buddies who, after getting married and having kids, only got alone time by playing golf. One of those buddies got me into this podcast and I can say Eli and Mike are one of the many reasons I’ve become obsessed with this game.
  • brianswp
    Best golf podcast
    Wow - I am hooked! I find myself laughing out loud in my car as I listen to Eli and Mike’s adventures. Super relatable to any golfer. Highly recommend!
  • Lance Eaker
    Let’s Go Let’s Go!!!
    The best podcast ever! Their ability to pull Seinfeld and 90’s movie quotes off the cuff and then incorporate into the show is nothing short of amazing. I’m a hack golfer myself, but have introduced the pod to non-golfer friends and they all love. I have picked up some solid golf knowledge as well. All around great pod. Did I mention that I have listened through it all the way through twice?!?!?!?! Thank you guys for putting this together and making me laugh while I work and drive.
  • Teacherbetty
    Best way to describe how i feel. HOOKED
  • inorkuo
    The best podcast I’ve ever heard
    These guys are a riot. I’ll be driving down the road laughing by myself in the car and I’m sure people around me think I’m a crazy person.
  • scottfergu
    Best Golf Podcast!
    Just found this 10 days ago and I’ve listened to every episode. I’m now encouraged to chase scratch myself. I feel that I’m on the journey with the guys!
  • Paper City
    Not just for the men!
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast! My husband and I are both golfers and he recommended it. I am HOOKED and here to say that all the head case moves on the tee box, frantic thumbing through Golf Digest and integration of golf balls is done by this lady too. One thing I won’t palmeiro is this podcast ♥️
  • Cbizzness32
    Wonderful listen.
    I found this podcast from listening to the Hosel Jockeys where Mike is on. Started from the first episode 3 weeks ago right as an injury made me unable to play any golf. I work overnights, and this podcast has absolutely made work, and the lack of ability to get on the golf course over the last three weeks a good experience. Mike and Eli have wonderful personalities that mesh together so well to make this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode over the last three weeks, and I can’t wait for more. Definitely my favorite listen.
  • Hillbhgyi126789
    This is by far the most funny/ interesting and relatable golf podcast out there!
  • BendCPA
    As a fellow single digit handicapper, I really enjoy the golfing adventures of “good but not great” golfers. Also love all the other discussions delivered on the podcast - especially the cereal effort. Keep up the great work! Think about a major in Central Oregon - many incredible courses to choose from. LGLG
  • Gamezer2862
    Best podcast out there
    I know I’m not actually friends with them, but the pod makes me feel like we are friends. Is that weird? Maybe. Is it awesome? Definitely.
  • Samyjoe91
    I just binged listened to this whole podcast while driving around my big brown truck yelling CMON RICK! This is the first podcast I’ve laughed out loud to and got motivated enough to go play golf by myself. I’m really rooting for you guys to make scratch. CMON LSR. As Frank the tank would say, WE GOT TO KEEP OUR COMPOSURE! LETS GO LETS GO!
  • NotHighEnough
    The Holy Grail of Podcasts
    Simply miraculous! I cannot stop listening.
  • matttyice76
    Rocky and Apollo
    Mike and Eli are the most relatable golfers on any platform. Every golfer is a nut case and they are too. Keep up the good stuff guys.
  • artumilla
    I have never found myself rooting for someone/a group of persons success like I am for These guys! These guys make the journey of chasing scratch just an absolute blast! Don't know how ir why it took so long for me to find out about this pod but fortunately I have and I am on a crazy binge, in order to catch up! Keep up the work and best of luck!
  • SportsPenguin
    Greatest Golf Podcast
    This podcast is relatable and hilarious. Mike and Eli are all of us amateur golfers, hoping that we too, can one day shoot even par and reach scratch! ‘One Last 9’ from season 2 is my favorite podcast episode of any show EVER! #LgLg
  • jsh1177
    Best Podcast Ever
    I’m on my third time listening to this entire series. As a fellow golfer that’s trying to reach my own milestones, Mike and Eli help bring me laughs and insights, reminding me that I’m not alone on this quest. #LGLG!!
  • Landon.......
    C’mon rick!
    Rarely does a podcast inspire me to watch Wayne’s world, hit nails on the tee box, start a 30 day yoga challenge and quit after 5 days. I brought this podcast to a coworker and he took it from me and burned it in my face. My wife was there and she told me “you’re a brilliant man. Sometimes people just get lucky”. Kudos to the chasing scratch team for making such a quality product and kudos to Craigers.
  • JY for the Win
    Let’s Go Let’s Go
    Great podcast. The references are hilarious as I too am a child of the 80s and 90s. The golf struggle is real and relatable. Just sounds like a couple guys I would want to hang with. Feels like the 19th hole with my buddies. Mike and Eli are funny and a little psychotic and it makes for great stories and podcast.
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