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“The suspense in Remade is gripping.”— Observer

Twenty-three teenagers from different backgrounds die at the same time, reawakening in a mysterious world overtaken by deadly robots. Alone and abandoned in a futuristic hellscape where killer machines are hunting them down, they have no choice but to set aside their personal issues and band together to survive.

ReMade is a Realm production created by Matthew Cody, and written by Matthew Cody, Gwenda Bond, Amy Rose Capetta, Carrie Harris, E.C. Myers, Andrea Phillips, and Kiersten White. Listen Away.

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  • Stroke kid
    Not an Audio drama
    I was disappointed after reading reviews about the “terrific voice acting” to find that its just a narrated story. It’s an audiobook masquerading as a podcast. I can’t take an hour of just one dude talking.
  • podtakes
    Am I the only person who feels like the female voice actor is meh?
    I really want to like this podcast but every time the episodes switch to the female narrator, it takes every ounce of self restraint I have to not skip through. I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to move past the over enunciation and labored way the narrator is narrating the story. I even thought that my audio speed was on 2x because she talks so fast I didn’t think it was at normal speed. Every “t”, every pause, and sentence ending is exaggerated and breathy which is really distracting and basically just ruins the story. Maybe just read the script smoothly and make it more conversational. It’ll be much more enjoyable.
  • samgasp
    Inez dies or I am done
    season two episode one: I don’t understand how they can create a storyline where anyone listens to someone as heinous as Inez. Unless she dies, I am done.
  • alias972
    Remade woke
    Interesting storyline and terrific job on behalf of the narrators. Like so many other reviewers I have the same feedback. Lots of times in the story you scream out to yourself are you stupid? Also bothered a bit with the demonization of the three stupid white characters.
  • N. O. P. E. N O P E
    The Worst
    insufferable crap. Inez a horrific character
  • Giest117
    You had to get political
  • 1776keith1987
    Woke political garbage
    I wish I could escape to another world with their stories, but they have to remind you how horrible liberals have made this one.
  • danger336
    Enjoyable that continues to have ups and downs
    This was an intriguing story line. Yea it plays more like an audiobook. It bounces from character to character and gives present tense mixed with backstory. I like that. I want to know about the character past and how they all die .the one character, Inez, is insufferable. She is portrayed as a raging lesbian bully who really is not a character I care about. I kept hoping for her to be killed off after time and time again disrupting the flow of the story. Until she joined, the story was really exciting. I am curious to see more details that explain the situation come to light.
  • Patrol G60
    Great sci-fi entertainment
    Just straight up, classic sci-fi story with excellent writing and voice acting. Superb character development and great world-building. This one will pull you in and hold your attention, especially if you enjoy diverse characters with deep back stories. Although the story has great breadth, it is so well written that it is a breeze to follow all the lines. Listen and you’ll be very entertained.
  • TracyLeeHall
    Unique storyline! Great characters!
    I really enjoyed the concept and all the characters involved in the story. I love that there are so many episodes and I can’t wait until more are released. Check it out, you won’t regret it.
  • KingJamesTheIV
    Great story. Horrible podcast. Great audio book
    Think tile speak for itself
  • lostsailor17
    Unique story line
    It’s an original science fiction story which is hard to find these days. Please stop stealing your audiences time with your politics, it’s inappropriate
  • Awfhijde
    Hard to stop
    Such an interesting story I can’t stop listening!
  • N7ShadowKnight
    Pretty great show, sometimes gets political.
    The story is very gripping, but some of the characters can get annoying, and leave you screaming “DON’T BE SUCH AN IDIOT!” Each episode is told from a different character’s point of view so events can have many different interpretations from different shades of light. There are some political stuff mentioned, and maybe slightly racist saying things like “every white boy is the same” but overall its pretty great. The downside is theres no ‘’main” protagonist so if theres a character you don’t like you’re stuck listening to their POV for at least the next hour and a half. The world they are building is fascinating and I can’t wait to hear more!
  • JerrodH
    Great series but….
    This series seems to be told a lot from the females POV and given a lot of back story of just about all of the females. We were never told the rest of Hiram’s backstory, we don’t know anything about Alex or his backstory, and the same can be said about Sebastian. This is a really good series but has a great deal of room for improvement. I also agree with another reviewer, your episodes shouldn’t be a place for political views and opinions. I come here to listen to the series, not the political views and opinions. If I wanted to hear that I would listen to a political podcast.
  • Groomer2022
    Love this show! Realm consistently makes the best podcasts!
    This is my absolute favorite of all your shows. Ninth Step is right up there as well. The story is fantastic! I love the depth of each episode and the details about each person and their back story. The sound and overall production value make it easy to listen to and get lost in the story. I also love that the episodes are so long. Thank you! Keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️
  • TheCoatsSis
    I feel really immersed in this story. I like the narrative jumps even if they were a little harder to recognize in the beginning. I have enjoyed the mystery of each character as well as the overarching story. Still binging my way through!
  • Meepps
    Roe v wade
    You have the right take on Roe v. Wade. Knowing that you are on the right side of history makes me an even bigger fan. Anyone who says overturning Roe v. Wade “just sent things back to the states“ is being willfully ignorant because 13 states have already outlawed abortion and another 16 will do so imminently.
  • CoryDye
    I like it but!
    This isn’t the place and we don’t support you so you can talk politics or the Supreme Court. Nor should you want to spread false information about Roe v Wade. The new ruling doesn’t stop anything. It only says it is a state issue. Which is a lot easier for the people to hold those to task that are closes to your elective representatives!
  • JasmineRicce
    Love the story. Something different and new
    I love the story line and how it’s something I never could have imagined. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next so I’m always eager to listen to each episode with excitement. The only downside is the few amount of actors and sound effects. But as a small group, this is great! Keep it coming!
  • alinmyhead
    Every episode says temporary unavailable
  • Repoklamb
    Loving it!
    Great story mind bending and keeps you wanting more. Only negative to me if the woman that reads speaks way too fast. With the right budget it would be a benefit to have other actors for the different characters and sound effects are needed. Still a great job! Love realm!!
  • Shalini Coffee
    Can I keep listening?
    Inès could hardly be less annoying the past couple of episodes, the latest I listened to being Season 2, Episode 1. And the others would be willing to just go along? And finally, they’ve had 3x now in the story where they can’t possibly get their heads around the possibility that some AIs are out for bad and some are on their side. If this is supposed to mirror current society it’s lacking a little nuance. All that said, it’s a fun idea, has some interesting characters, and keeps you wondering. Well read and, for the most part, well written.
    Unique and fantastic
    One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to! Great characters, sound quality and story.
  • Kool-Nerd
    Worth The Binge!
    I read what this one was about and thought it was going to be too dark, but this is actually really good! This gives me Manifest vibes!
  • anbroomfield
    So good!
    I love this podcast. Great character development kept me so engaged
  • OBstan21
    Can’t get enough
    Absolutely love this show — all the characters are so well developed and I literally can’t stop listening
  • tarabv
    So good!
    This is my favorite Realm podcast ever. Please make more. The characters are so well developed and the simple sound design is refreshing. The story is captivating. Keeps me coming back for more!
  • StopInTheNameOfCum
    Not a podcast
    This is an audiobook, not a podcast - one voice reading a written story
  • Taken?!
    Why does it
    Sound like the woman’s voice is sped up even though it’s regular speed?
  • EveryKnicknameITryIsTaken
  • Gojuryu24
    Great show, but I wish the story would give answers about what happened before episode 12 instead of stringing it along.
  • MrKit5120
    Tons of episodes
    I really like that this show has tons of episodes and they drop twice a week. It’s a fun YA show that reminds me of The 100!!
  • belovedgarden
    really cool cast of characters and i’m enjoying finding out their backstories, can’t wait for more episodes!!!
  • asdffdsasdfdsa
    Super mysterious and I have no idea where it’s going, I’m hooked 👀
  • AKA Mae
    Bring it on!
    You guys pretty much had me at “killer robots.” I’m in!
  • Fred the Goatherder
    Engaging and wild
    Realm’s fiction podcasts are consistently well produced, well written, and pleasantly beyond description. ReMade doesn’t fail to please! An eerie premise and great story that gets under your skin
  • Audionerd33
    So good
    There are lots of dystopian podcasts out there but this one has some fresh ideas and I really like it so far!
  • Angelfire415
    I can’t find the show
  • TangoDuo
    Interesting world-building and smart characters
    Love hearing about all of these different POVs! And exciting and gripping story all the way though— definitely check it out.
  • NV_Berto
    An engaging but incomplete story
    The show is definitely great. Good writing and excellent production. Both narrators do really well in conveying the emotions of different characters. My only complaint is that the story isn’t finished with season two and with 4 years since the last episode, I fear it’s been abandoned. Still worth a listen, even with the monthly subscription to the podcast network.
  • ~ Violet ~
    It’s an Ad, Pacing is Weird
    Pretty decent story and some gorgeous writing, BUT ... This is a long-form advertisement for the rest of the content, which is for sale elsewhere. This is a narrated fiction podcast (like an audiobook) with some sound effects and a couple different narrators doing some voice acting — I think the company is trying to pitch this as an Audio Drama, or full production, but it’s not — and that’s okay if you know that’s what you’re getting. The pacing of the story doesn’t quite work for me. The story is split between the “contemporary” survival action adventure and flashbacks for character development. The flashbacks are important but they really slow the pace of the story and each episode is pretty long, which feels exhausting so I disengage and loss the thread and have to relisten, which only exacerbates the sense of tedium. In later episodes some of the writing sings along pretty nicely, but the pacing issues remain. I quite like narrated fiction podcasts (like audio books) a lot, and could be really into the survival adventure SciFi story, but the format (pricing & platform) and pacing factors are enough to drag this down into low star category for a podcast (would score higher as an audiobook). I knew going in that I wouldn’t be able to afford S2, so that’s on me, but wanted to hear the quality of the work on offer from this company, so listened anyway. Add it to the giant shelf of fiction podcasts that leave listeners hanging because they never finish the story.
  • drf5876
    Good story if you don’t mind them pushing “woke” agenda.
    Production value is pretty good and the writing is engaging. I had been considering purchasing the second season, but they priced it outside of what I would be willing to pay.
  • werfgtyyg
    Good story, but...
    $19.99 for season 2?? That’s outrageous!!
  • Phroggygirl
    Good listen
    I enjoyed this story. However; because season 2 is not accessible to me without downloading yet another app and paying money I just don’t have, I can’t rate it a 5.
  • Cdeen
    Great story
    I really like this story. I was so excited for season 2 but if I want to listen to it I have to down load another app and pay $19.99. Boo! So that's why I didn't give it 5 stars. But if you don't care it's worth the listen.
    Good but not worth it
    The story is really good, I just wish I had noticed you have to pay for season two. I’m just not a big fan of that and I can’t think of a podcast I’d spend that much on
  • Irish!!
    Could have been 5
    I enjoyed the story but as discussed in other reviews, I don’t like the format of season 2 release. Also, I could do without the racial tension. I listen to story dramas for an escape, not to be smacked in the face with racism.
  • Bene Ray
    It is an audio book
    I find it frustrating when a podcast turns out to be someone reading to me, because that isn’t a podcast. That is an audiobook, which I don’t want. I want a podcast. It takes time to find these, get the settings correct and get the equipment ready to carry you through a task and Ooops, you do NOT have a podcast at all. You have something you leave on the server even when it is a gift because you do not want it. I know some people love audiobooks. A LOT of people love audiobooks. So just label it “audiobook” so those of us who would rather shovel manure than hear a book read to us don’t waste time with this. Please? It has happened SO many times and with the amount of time it all takes, I often end up doing chores without anything to listen to. And, no, for me an audiobook is not better than nothing. Simply marking them as audiobooks helps everyone.
  • Zbolula
    Excellent story.
    Intriguing story with great narration. The first season has an immersive soundscape and is deserving of 5 stars. The second season, which you have to buy, only has the narration, which strikes me as slightly deceiving.
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