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Former acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell speaks with top leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping national security policies. As a central figure in the most significant U.S. counter-terror efforts of the past two decades and a former CIA intelligence analyst, Morell is uniquely skilled at taking industry leading knowledge to make connections that provide deep insight into complex security events – helping decode intelligence officials’ key priorities and providing perspectives on how to achieve national security objectives. Morell is the author of “The Great War of Our Time” and a vivid account of the Central Intelligence Agency, a life in secrets, and a war in the shadows.

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  • Coreperformance
    Was sometimes enjoying this podcast until learning more about the host and his poor intentions from his position of power
  • ThaneKrios
    Host is a POLITICAL HACK
    Update 5/23: It’s expected that a trained CIA employee would conduct an information operation against a foreign nation. That’s their job. But against Americans in the form of politics?! For Michael Morell to fabricate a letter about Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation” to (his words) give Biden a political talking point against Trump is nauseating. The fact the podcast was canceled is very fitting. I was looking for something very different. Morell’s stances and who he chooses to interview are selective.
  • ForeverFarris
    Partisan Hack
  • apt6ix
    Top grift
    Serves as the “acting director” for less than a year and goes on to the private sector to grift. I hate these type of people in the IC. literal sellouts.
  • Nunyasxray
    Don’t bother
    A lying sack of ****
  • Project Pratt
    Liar, fraud, & spreader of disinformation
    This is the same guy that said Hunter Bidens laptop was Russian Disinformation when he knew it was not. He has no issue with interfering in elections. Complete partisan fraud. Not an intelligence expert.
  • ARListener
    More, please!
    I am sorry to hear that the CBS podcast has been canceled. This has been so interesting and educational to listen to. I hope Michael can revive the podcast elsewhere. Thanks, Michael, for all the thought provoking and intellectually stimulating interviews.
  • TestMadness
    Dennis Ross Called It
    Your last guest asked for more activity against Iran for their perpetual menacing. They didn’t know where the line was drawn, until now
  • HudsonDL
    Tanks in Ukrainian War
    I enjoy this podcast in almost all episodes. But would like to hear military experts explain why Russia won’t be able to take out the tanks donated to the Ukrainian army the way the Russian tanks were previously destroyed. As the saying goes armies tend to want to fight the previous wars until reality drags them into this one. Give Ukraine more javelin and stinger weapons and long range artillery plus anti aircraft weapons
  • takeitsleazy
    Whitewashing makes for arduous listening
    There is some genuinely useful info to be learned from these guests. But the bias towards explaining every aspect of the ICs GWOT policies for posterity is tiring. That era will go down in history as a failure and subsequent overreaction for the IC and US foreign policy. Deal with it. We are currently in a moment where global rules are being/should be rewritten ESPECIALLY regarding the internet and data policy. This podcast would do well to focus on the future because you know the IC is.
  • Westwind4466
    Excellent podcast
    I really enjoy the topics and guests.
  • Prometheus---
    The Wagner Group
    Please have an episode with the leading intel expert on the Wagner Group. This Group must be annihilated ASAP.
  • Deemyze1
    Level headed unbiased conversations that matter
    It’s refreshing to hear intelligent long form conversations from experts in the world of politics and intelligence, in a non politically biased way. This is the sort of informed conversation that seems to be missing in the news cycles and online, that would help us all as Americans find common ground and get back to finding harmony together as Americans. It’s informative, sometimes entertaining, thought provoking, and reminds me what being a citizen and beneficiary of this country means from people who have devoted their lives to making sure these values are here for us.
  • Vls99
    Great show
    I love every episode i just read a book that is not bias towards any party about someone who was on the ground in Benghazi. His book Benghazi just came out by Ethan Chorin. I recommend it.
  • Richnikon33
    Graham Allison missed question
    With all of the indepth Taiwan discussion - there was no discussion of how we should help Taiwan avoid the fate of Hong Kong. All of the CCCP promises to keep HK’s political freedom was broken and replaced with brutal repression as soon as Xi was able. Did Michael avoid or just miss this question??
  • danielledelany
    The irony of this podcasts name
    Is not lost on me 😂😂 it should be titled Propaganda Pod!!
  • Sarita7981
    Jill brings down the quality of the podcast
    The voice overs ads by the host are okay, but the ads by CBS Jill Schlesinger are jarring and out of audio character for the podcast. Very annoying and brings the show down. Other than that I’d give the show 5 stars for good content and audio quality.
  • dehavenalex
    Great show.
    After reading you’re one and two star reviews, it seems like all of the reviews are mad about Michael taking political sides. One review said Michael always sides with views that trump and the MAGA party hole. Then the next review was someone going off because Michael didn’t go down the rabbit hole of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Michael, I think the hard work you are putting into this podcast is a great service to our country and me personally. I think people should just take a step back and accept that you are a person like all the rest of us and your points come from life experiences. I really appreciate your points and I enjoy almost all of your guests. If I happen to dislike a guest on one of your shows I truly try to understand the point of view that person. I usually come to the conclusion that the person on your show definitely cares about the shows topic far more than I do. So I just listen and try to learn something. Keep it up Michael. I love the show. Alex from Seattle
  • hazelbnr
    If you don’t …
    know this is propaganda, you will probably be just fine with these corporate financed lies.
  • rustyorgr
    Far left ideas
    Another pod cast that only highlights how bad anyone without their same views is a far right extremist or a step away from becoming one.
  • RangerElk1977
    I usually enjoy this podcast, however, this latest episode with Bob Page was disappointing. Bob definitely had an agenda and it was hard to listen to episode, I couldn’t stomach the last 10 minutes and turned it off. Bob paints anyone who supported Donald Trump and White as possible violent terrorist. His data points don’t sound correct. He’s sounds like a woke academia, not surprisingly he teaches at UoC. He’s so far removed from the everyday American trying to survive and who love this country, that it made him sound tone deaf.
  • RML1216
    Suggested word correction today’s synopsis
    Suspect you wanted to say exacerbated rather than exasperated. Please have a look and correct if that is the case. Really learn a lot from your podcasts. Please keep up the great work.
  • GetThere
    Great Insights Not Found Elsewhere
    Particularly loved the August 31, 2022 episode with Daniel Yergin. Went right out and bought all his books!
  • dennis.karpf
    Experienced and analytical yet not as good as could be provided. Perhaps the ingrained bias of diplomacy only for CBS is the cause of a too limited view of intelligence. For instance, on the issue of Iran no detail of “pressure”, “sanctions” or embargo, not even non kinetic or kinetic military action is considered. Furthermore, why is diplomacy for the sake of diplomacy in the Biden administration, to pursue any “deal” with Iran, not critically discussed. Nor was a strategy of the U.S. against Europe, China and Russia helping Iran to avoid the current, limited sanctions discussed in any detail. Finally, the language of interviews could be plainer; in this podcast the failure to use the term “terrorism” and the studied and willful world wide campaign of mass murder, assassination with drug trade in the Middle East, Africa, and South America by Iran and its subsidiaries and proxies (e. g. Hezbollah, Hamas and the cartels) is virtually ignored.
  • Johnny in the Mass Hills
    Colby interview was very educational
  • TG1956
    Ok until the ideology comes out
    This could be a good podcast if it stuck to intelligence matters. Instead we get left leaning guests who waste no opportunity to slag off Trump and praise Obama, Biden and Hilary Clinton. Then the show loses all credibility
  • Achef2u
    Great Podcast
    Does the CIA recruit members of all ages? I've noticed that many of your retire at young ages? Is that mandatory?
    Mike, you put out an exceptional podcast filled with insightful questions and knowledgable guests. The last episode was even better the second time I listened to it. I appreciate you for your perspective and for putting out a product that helps me understand important details, discover the unknown, and generate further questions. I thought it was time I reached out. Again, thanks.
  • KichiroSan
    Former Ambassador Peter Wittig
    Wonderful insight and dialogue between Mike & Peter, I have listened to it 3 times so far. Trying to assimilate all the nuances. Keep up the great work.
  • MysticRoad
    CIA as family?
    *Guests present general knowledge—most of which can be found & discerned from popular news & web sites if read carefully. *Many guests have lots of praise for the CIA which gives the perception that the podcast is more of a marketing channel for the CIA. *More interesting though would be the reason the podcast is connected to CBS. *One of the guests views the CIA as family which I am sure is misrepresented. After all the CIA is an employer. Employees come into work, clock in, clock out, then go home. Nothing extraordinary really. You get hired & can get fired.
  • Gdhrhfghffghydsgjjmike
    Good podcast
    Interesting guests and analysis. Obviously very pro-CIA for better and for worse - but worth a listen for a very interesting insiders take on past and future global challenges facing the US and the post WW2 global order.
  • VA DFO
    Morell Undermines Presidential Election
    Morell was one of 51 intelligence “officials” who signed a letter 3 weeks before the 2020 election suggesting that E-mails from corrupt Hunter Biden’s laptop looked like a Russian disinformation op without any evidence to undermine the election. Corruption? Incompetence? Why would he do it? This “expert” is now at George Mason University. Another deep state propagandist…
  • tr..........
    Would have liked to hear
    the perspective of someone that supports this regulatory proposal to get a more complete picture of the goals and trade offs. This conversation was extremely one sided.
  • Auron Renouille
    Could’ve been good.
    I’m pretty disappointed. It was a good show until Morrell seemed to get personally offended that people challenged his support of the Bush-era torture program. After that, instead of focusing on professional commentary, he seemed to develop a personal beef with the new administration and turned the show into plain old talk radio, taking on guests who quote Trump talking points without citing evidence, most recently re: Iran, repeating fact-free claims that things are better without the JCPOA in place without defending those arguments. I’m sad; the original concept was a good one. That said, I unsubscribed today; I liked that the show challenged my views but I absolutely don’t need right-wing propaganda in my life.
  • LRDL90
    Wonderful interview with Elizabeth Williamson. Brilliant perspective. Insightful. Thank you
  • Sean - Fairfax Virginia
    Focus on national security not school shootings
    Sadly school shootings happen but they have nothing to do with national security. The Sandy Hook episode adds nothing to the global security discussion.
  • Bizjan
    Is it a production of NPR?
    Mr. Morrell has been overall more successful in his show than CIA. Here, at least he sincerely serves those who he has pledge to, Far Left, who want to topple completely this system. In his show, he has been doing his best to have his guests only confirm what he believes. If any of these guest expresses a slightly different opinion, Mr. Morrell will interrupt, CORRECT, and Educate them. Fortunately, there were some great guests who schooled this poor guy in his own show. This crap just like NPR isn’t worths my time.
  • Bart Ranger
    Great Podcast
    I’ve listened to the podcast from the very beginning and I’ve never missed an episode. I am not an intelligence professional and you don’t have to be. Mike and his team have an uncanny ability to break down what is important in a way that laymen like us can appreciate the enormous sacrifice and dedication of the intelligence professionals who are keeping us safe. To all the professionals who tirelessly and anonymously keep Americans safe, thank you for your service 🙏🏿
  • listener034
    Brett Holmgren
    Brett Holmgren? Really? One of the worst podcasts I’ve endured.
  • A Lohrer
    Never forget betrayal
    The country was betrayed and we should never for get that Mike Morrell’s signature counting Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation thus changing the 2020 election results. These men will pay no price unless Americans who love their country start to call them out. History will judge them in the end.
  • Rokjok34
    Needs a less corrupt host
    It’s hard to listen to an “intelligence” podcast when the host signed on to a letter about Russian propaganda with zero factual evidence and the claim has since been debunked. Then again he was a big player in IC when we invaded Iraq. I guess he didn’t learn his lesson about false intel.
  • BiffBifkin
    I liked this podcast until I learned how evil the sponsor is. Peter Thiel is a crook and a moronic Trumper.
    Must listen
    I’ve been a listener of this podcast since the beginning. This is the most important , cannot miss, insightful, and helpful conversation to inform on historical and current events relating to our country, foreign countries and foreign policy. Please listen.
  • Sinai.Coons
    Gravitational-Wave Astronomy & Intelligence Matters
    Michael has a calculative approach; he articulates his emotions delicately by sharing the lessons bestowed upon him. He is a compelling choreographer of letters; he understands his emotions towards a subject prior to strategizing his approach.
  • Badacathcare
    Not very intelligent
    Adam Schiff? Jesus Christ... Hey Mike, you lost all credibility when you said the hunter Biden laptop was just Russia disinformation. You should immediately apologize. You are not an intelligence professional. You are a leftist pundit.
  • 36776543256677
    Don’t cut episodes short!
    I love this podcast but I always feel like Mike is rushed at the end to cut people off and end the show. I wish you would allow it to go longer as I always feel like I’m left hanging and want to hear more. Great show I listen to every episode!
  • kmunshi5
    Great Podcast
    Really amazing for those interested in current events. However I feel some topics like Russia and North Korea are covered again and again in multiple episodes. Would love to see more experts talk about other important parts of the world like India, Central and South America, Africa or Central Asia.
  • AHB28
    Totally biased
    Apparently national security only matters from a liberal Democrat perspective. Try having some guests from sides that you don’t necessarily agree with, push back on conventional wisdom on the part of the your guests (many of whom happen to seem like personal friends), do something intelligent rather than sycophantic. The reason why DC is a mess is because there is too much groupthink. This podcast is a great example of that groupthink.
  • drexonius
    Great content, poor audio quality
    I love this podcast a ton and have been listening to it since it’s first episode. It’s been an inspiration to me and is a good glimpse into how national security employees think and analyze problems facing the country. I can’t give it five stars because I’ve become pretty bothered by the audio quality, specifically of the guests. Other podcasts have started producing similar, albeit not quite as good, content but with a much higher audio quality. Sometimes I can’t understand what the guest is saying.
  • HillsboroughMan
    Dr Fauci
    Freedom of Information Act shed light on the potential connection between the NIH, EcoHealth and WIV and the trail of money used to fund gain of function research. Should this evidence be used for a further investigation? As a national security expert what is your opinion on this topic?
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