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In “The Remnant," Jonah Goldberg enlists a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day. Is America doomed? Has liberalism failed? And will mankind ever invent something better than ‘90s-era “Simpsons?” Mixing political history, pop culture, rank punditry, and shameless book-plugging, Goldberg and guests will have the kinds of conversations we wish they featured on TV. And the nudity will (almost) always be tasteful. Brace your bingo cards.

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  • Pahstin
    Simply the best
  • Boilingrug
    Pretty good, but…
    Usually pretty good podcast, although I really dislike these “talks” w/the Bahnsen group…they feel like those fake commercials about gold disguised as a news segment
  • Mukkuroni
    Remnant or Ruminant?
    I’m new to this podcast but the couple of shows I’ve listened to seem to be just Jonah Goldberg monologuing. Interesting in an ASMR-ish way.
  • Nyarl de la Thotep
    Episode entitled “Me and My Monkey”
    Guest starring a immigrant? Bad racist jokes on the cover? Goldberg seems to be a sadly commonplace tool (of authoritarian fascists).
  • #8#24
    Smart people?
    Jonah talking with Matt Continetti trying to describe who would represent MAGAs intellectual elites? You must have missed the part when Trump burned all the smart people. U guys are great!
  • Sanson Carrasco el Estudiante
    Been with Jonah since the beginning
    Way more hit than miss. A good mix of the kind of stuff I went to hear and the things I didn’t know I wanted or needed to hear. Often extremely cathartic to hear JG and realize I’m not the only person who thinks the world is nuts.
  • Textdgh
    A major critic of conservatives
    Goldberg seems to criticize conservatives about 95% of the time and occasionally gives the left a hard time with a "Oh yeah…and the left, too..." Not sure what happened to him after he wrote about liberal fascism, but I give him three stars for having people like Matthew Continetti on. Other than that, his never Trumper insanity has made him hyper critical of the right and he leaves the left alone for the most part. And by the way, I don't like Trump either, but it hasn't made me nuts.
  • NavySteve87!
    Must listen
    Best political podcast out there
  • Freemy64
    Continuously informative and enjoyable
    Consistently, one of the most enjoyable and informative political podcasts available. Depending on your political orientation, you may not agree with everything you hear in the separate podcast, but it is generally respectful, informative both as to the historic traditions of conservatism (rather than Republican)politics as well as exploring, the thought processes that true conservative bring to current political issues
  • JKBWDE1988
    It’s called “The Remnant” for a reason.
    If I could download only one podcast per week, this would be it. Sanity for conservatives in a world of MAGAt lunacy.
  • Touchdown dance
    Feed your head
    Jonah Goldberg is really smart and also really engaging. His discussions on the day really tied back to meaningful philosophy history and culture. I learn a lot and I laugh a lot.
  • MFalcon0887
    Where Every Hack Knows Your Name
    I’ve never actually laughed out loud while listening to a Dispatch podcast, maybe any podcast, more than I did during Jonah and Rob Long’s re-enactment of The Daily on this episode. So good.
  • liztootsully
    Fred Kagan
    Agreed—- one of Jonah’s best podcasts. Serious adults. Thank you.
  • 1019374
    “Banana Republicans”
    Criticism of Tucker Carlson, Clarence Thomas, Fox News, those who oppose War in Ukraine, and literally being titled “Banana Republicans.” How is this any different than boiler plate, no enemies to the left, Democrat talking points?
  • jewls317
    Fred Kagan
    He is great to listen to. I learn so much from him and he really makes you think ! Thanks Jonah!
  • GMac1776
    Great episode
  • with all due respect
    I really appreciate the show and TD overall. Truly feel informed by both you and Sarah. You’re right, I’m team Sarah on speech. Thanks for all the insights and helping me to sound smarter than I am.
  • the Frebbler
    More please
    Especially thoughts on Donald J. Trump. Thank you Jonah and Guy
  • Takoateli
    I never miss an episode
    I love this podcast and I listen to everyone. I really appreciate Jonah doing it.
  • Mo'Mango
    This UFO content is bozo-land. Jonah, you’re much better than that. Please stop! I love ya, but if I wanted 2AM ART BELL AM radio I’d go somewhere else. Remnants, not Romulans! Peace ✌️
  • RR8088
    Keeps my priors challenged
    Trump on blast in this one but as the public, in record numbers, retreat into gated communities, private schools (mainly for safety)and twitter enclaves, I wish Jonah would use his genius to truly battle the cultural trends. He seems forced by his business model to call the, admittedly ridiculous , extreme right blog posts “profoundly stupid” while ignoring all of absurd stuff going on around him. But have been with him since the ‘90s so will always check in with what he has to say. Why you leave out feckless (maybe corrupt) DAs, porous/dangerous borders, runaway spending, crime, public schools, etc etc in the equation of the “rube” Fox viewer is baffling to me. Maybe Fox hasn’t changed that much since 2015, but you have. I believe Susan Rosen was first to use term “crushing morosity” in a podcast which was hilarious. Need to give her a nod for it. The word “performative” is so weak sauce. (When you don’t want to agree with someone who actually voices a hardline conservative policy. ). It’s not as smart sounding as Jonah and his partner thinks it sounds. Jonah reclaims his 5 on this one. Really good conversation. Previous podcast-
  • PunkoMusic
    Rule of Law?
    Jonah seems to be arguing that because Trump doesn’t really care about rule of law, we should not be worried that Bragg is violating the rule of law and establishing a very dangerous precedent with the Trump indictment. I’m no Trump fan but his indictment in NY is only going to debase our politics for a long time. Perhaps irreparably
  • Alexandria Bill
    Avi Loeb
    A terrific episode. Great to listen to as highly credentialed a scientist as Mr. Loeb being questioned by Jonah, who asks logical questions and still keeps the conversation moving along pleasantly.
  • Thovarf
    Great Episode, but…
    The interview with Professor Loeb was one of the best ever, although my all time favorite is still Episode 11. A fascinating topic and very entertaining. An hour plus with no mention of petty politics (or politicians). But really, how could the two of you speak for that long without even mentioning interstellar justice?
  • Robert Henry Holtz
    Great Podcast
    Great conversations and dog talk. Jonah is my favorite Lib of all the Libs!! Best thing Jonah does besides the floor is lava!
  • coinct
    Very thought provoking podcast
    Jonah is a very intelligent and interesting man and brings a great deal of thoughtful concepts and criticism to the show. Guests are all very smart and knowledgeable. I gave 4 stars for two reasons. One, sometimes he goes down a rabbit hole in his mind and it can be a little frustrating riding along. But worse, for me, are the “ahs” and “uhs”. I’m trying so hard to ignore and sometimes there are long stretches where he doesn’t do it, but oh man after 20 plus years can you fix that? Otherwise, love it.
  • trying to shop
    favorite news podcast
    My favorite thinker and impromptu talker is also a very very good interviewer. Love it.
  • @brianjacksonxp
    Great Podcast with Some Technical Problems
    I listened to Episode 615 yesterday, and there were some bizarre cuts where the podcast jumped forward and backward several times. So while the material is great, and I’m a fan of Jonah, following the conversation became a task. This seems to be a problem with a couple of The Dispatch pods, but this was the worst example so far.
  • Geoplanter
    Estate settlement / Santander bank
    Jonah, I know you’re not looking for advice, but a letter from a lawyer can sometimes work wonders!
  • Sue in Boise
    Guy and Jonah AMA
    Sorry Guy. I love, love, love the solo Remnants. Keep up the great work Jonah.
  • Jes, Quasi’s dog dad
    Please don’t change the intro ditty!
    The Remnant intro is the best out there. And Jonah is a diamond in the rough. Keep it going, ya’ll.
  • DA1927
    Keep it coming
  • markflies
    Current intro music is awesome
    As well as the rest of the podcast
  • SteveMc88
    I thoroughly enjoy the podcast. You have great guests and interesting topics. Chris Stirewalt is a national treasure! Is there any way you can increase the GLOP podcast to maybe twice a month? I say keep the intro.
  • loss follower
    Long, long time listener
    You got me into podcasting. Proverbial hat off. But as you asked for feedback on the intro, know that I do what I can to skip it. Love some of the references but the extended exhalation makes me uncomfortable. I dare to dream I’m not alone.
  • Mattheworion
    Love the podcast but change the intro
    Hi, Jonah. You asked for comments on the intro. I hate it, especially that grunt at the beginning. But the podcast is great. I love the random ramblings. I loved the intro for Mad Dogs and Englishmen when that was a thing… maybe you could do something like that. Keep up the great work.
  • ShawnG1313
    Still iTunes issues with dispatch podcasts
    Love the all of the dispatch podcasts. I have moved on to listening to them on Spotify however to the continued issues of all of the dispatch podcasts skipping/jumping around. Iphone12 mini ios 16.3. I know this has been a continuing issue and hopefully it gets fixed. Too be clear still listening just moved platforms. Good luck, and still listening.
  • Noah Dolan
    Best rambler in the business
    Love what The Dispatch does
  • Bigabe2002
    Excellent Podcast
    One of the best, most informative podcasts available.
  • soflotchr
    I enjoy when Chris is there. Keep having him on please.
  • Omar Fan
    Please fix editing
    There are skips, conversation hops back 30 seconds or so, you hear same thing repeated. I’m starting to care enough about this to skip forward instead of just listening. Happens a lot. Otherwise love the content.
  • 77westend
    If we get rid of all the dams out west, like Jonah wants to, how do we manage floods?
  • Abdellat
    Long time fan
    What a grand podcast with Jessica. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. It was a wonderful conversation. It’s all about the integrity. You and your folks have it, along with intellect and a golden sense of humor. I’m reading Betsy DeVos book. Beautiful show.
  • theDerd
    Still One of the Best
    Been listening from episode 1 and this podcast never disappoints. Jonah and guests keep things lively and topics are far ranging from politics to the life of rats. A don’t miss podcast.
  • rudy4dawgs
    Pls pls pls do a travelogue and videos of Istanbul. I lived there in the mid 90s and it is my favorite place. Istanbul cok guzel!! I’m so jealous of your trip. Pls post videos and pics on Twitter and let us hear about your trip on the remnant.
  • Cbc826
    Puppy Love
    Great show, best ever! Thank you for the relief from politics and all the other non-essentials in life. Dogs are reality. ❤️
  • oldrip10
    The echo of the shadows
    Jonah always talks about persuasion and the importance of arguments: he always invites back-slappers on the show. It’s his show and will go where he wants it to go—that’s fine. Until he gets to the more essential issues with an adversarial guest and proves he has the better logos we will know why the institutions he took for granted until five minutes ago are bemusing relics of a ‘miracle’ that couldn’t endure itself. Keep the polemics up in your LA times columns, Fabian tactics are so suited to decadents.
  • JPChaCha
    Love this podcast!
    The Remnant is my favorite podcast. Also, I’ve been really happy to see Jonah on CNN!
  • millerja34
    Democracy IS on the ballot
    A Republican-controlled Congress made up of election deniers will not certify a trump loss in 2024 … that’s what puts democracy on the ballot
  • MetsFanInExile
    Best podcast
    I’ve been following Jonah since early NRO days and have all his books. Man of integrity who also loves pop culture references and can be funny as well as profound.
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