The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop & a dream. Fast forward a few years, I’m the 29 year old ex CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. That company is called Social Chain. My world is intense, sometimes crazy, always challenging and always unpredictable. This podcast is simple, every week I’m going to share insights with you from guests with different backgrounds, experiences and learnings. I want to give you a look into what it’s like behind the scenes, being an entrepreneur, the deep, dark thoughts that nobody else will share with you and anything else that’s playing on my mind. This is not scripted and I don't have questions I just see where the conversation takes me. This is the diary of a CEO, I’m Steven Bartlett. I hope nobody is listening, but if you are… keep this to yourself.

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  • HAH1Dlover
    Liam Payne
    To Liam Payne I’m just a fan of yours reaching out you you and telling you about my birthday this coming Sunday on September 12th please wish me an happy birthday on that day at this number (321) 603-9306 thank you
  • yogoes
    I appreciate it most when you delve into self-worth and the battles we confront in the lack or the shame that hides in our shadows. Pls check out the career of Mr. Fred Rodgers. He might illuminate and expand your mind into childhood attachment issues. Thank you for your work!
  • megan@podcastingyou
    LOVE This Podcast
    So glad I found this podcast! Steven does such a good job covering a variety of topics. I would recommend this show to anyone!
  • Wine_Fac
    Steven propagates self-awareness by questioning everything. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but he shares the tools he uses to GET answers. Highly recommend listening to this podcast for an honest approach to happiness and success.
  • Fr3nchh
    Thank you !
  • lori 29
    Episode 11 and My Life is Changing for the Better
    Over the past 2 years I have made up my mind that I want to be a CEO of a hospital that produces tangible solutions for social determinants of health in an effort to achieve health equity for all. I realized within a year and a half into this goal that I had a long path ahead of me. I needed a plan. In addition to becoming a CEO, I want to become an entrepreneur and have several business ideas to pursue. This podcast has helped me realize that this path that I am choosing is difficult, taxing, and overall a process. I have had experiences with network marketing businesses in the past which have glorified achieving financial freedom and flexibility of time and money. However; I have learned that achieving the goals I have set before myself is a 7 days a week process. I further realized just 11 episodes in that personal growth is a consistent process and to take the approach of becoming a life student. I mapped out character traits I would invest in and those that I would not. I created a list of 37 goals and am in the process of achieving 10 for this year. The amount of wisdom, knowledge, and transparency I have received from this podcast has been incredible. It’s a perfect balance of being authentic, facing hard truths, and failing forward. I wish you all the best, cannot wait to read your book, and pray that you continue to impact the lives of the generations to come. One last thought: each year I take a social media detox in order to break the addiction of scrolling and comparing myself to others. I agree that as a society we compare ourselves to the materials and unrealistic lives of those on social media. It truly is about happiness and pursuing goals driven by passion and purpose. Sorry this was so long but I really appreciate this podcast. Ps. Extending my social media detox.
  • AndresR11
    Become the best version of yourself!
    There’s so many podcasts out there with great content but I have yet to find one which is as practical and deep on truly understanding entrepreneurship, human psychology, mindset and growth as Diary of a CEO. I’m a huge fan and have learned so much, so thank you Steven! Keep doing what you do✊🏼 @andresrios_
  • PodcastDan12
    Engaging and Resourceful
    A truly engaging and inspiring listen. As a young business owner in the second year of a start up I have experimented and discussed the implementation of many of the approaches on both a personal and business level. My friends probably get frustrated with how often I share one of the podcasts with them. Thank you Steven @insfergram
  • Mommapeneur
    Changing My Mindset
    Today I’m listening to this podcast for the first time and I already feel empowered with new knowledge on how to become a better entrepreneur. This episode with psychologist Jamil Qureshi is packed with information that is super digestible. I have read books about the power of thought and changing behaviors, but this episode hit me harder than all of those books. Getting our minds right is definitely part of the key to taking your business further. This podcast was recommended to me by a family member and that person may have changed my life. IG: @rebelledurbanclan
  • GaryLHenderson
    This is the podcast I’ve been looking for
    I’ve been looking for a podcast that bridges business knowledge, entrepreneurial advice and real life stories. I’ve finally found it. I can’t wait to start another episode!
  • SnapBack Mark
    True Influence
    provided so much value for me in so many aspects of my life. Thank you.
  • sarahtarvin
    Insightful, wise, honest, & every millennial needs to listen to this
    Steven’s podcast pulls back the curtain and sheds so much light on so many relevant conversations. The way he intertwines a lot of the incredibly human struggles our society faces with his own stories, guests experiences, and the challenges overcome in business is fascinating. Please keep being honest and leaning into the hard topics and areas you may feel particularly vulnerable; like the topic around monogamy in your latest episode. These conversations need to be had!
  • Svge
    Amazing self improvement tips
    I love this podcast. Listening to stevens podcast has definitely helped me learn more about myself, even some stuff I haven't even understood like the topic on shame and blame which has been holding me back a bit in life, it was something I never understood as I was dealing with those emotion and how it impacted me. I definitely would recommend listening to his podcast.
  • Jandromacii
    Thank you for letting me into your inner thoughts and personal life. So authentic and real about everything you talk about without filtering things that might offend a few. You speak from where you are in your journey, unapologetically and it gives me hope and courage to be my authentic self as best as I can everyday! Thank you Steve -Alejandro M. @jandro_macii
  • Samtantha
    New listener, 5 stars — well worth my time. Appreciate you sharing and I look forward to getting caught up on all the episodes! Hope to hear more soon; my mental health needs this — as 2020 can at times feel like a rabbit hole of sadness. Thank you for being a light. IG: thingseyec2day
  • Lexi319
    We are living in a world that is changing faster than our brains are able to keep up with. With social media, a global pandemic, all sorts of shared info of which may or may not be real, partially real, or blatantly false to shape the way we think about things, Steven Bartlett’s podcasts offer a calm amidst this storm. He pushes away all the BS and allows us to find clarity within ourselves. His diary is raw, honest and speaks to getting our minds back to the fundamental base in order to process everything hitting us at once. I am so thankful to have found his platform ❤️ @lexinicole319
  • neetikabharg
    Steven is a MASTER of human psych & its truths
    THE most articulate leader out there. The way you put words together to articulate truths we’ve all been unable to, but so want to, is astounding. Came over to listen to your podcasts because I love your Instagram series ( 5 things people regret, 8 things people overhype, etc.) and am so glad I did. You really give actionable steps to achieve the things you discuss, and it’s great. Especially love your personal episodes, even without a guest, where you go into details on practices that are serving you, how you deal with these ideals in real, lived life. Favorite new personality who allows me to ‘consume’ good content in a world full of ‘junk food’ media. TY! IG: nothin but Neetika
  • Gardongfgdg
    Everyone needs to hear this.
  • VaviZ
    Podcast of a CEO
    I have been following Steven on Instagram for a while now and I recently started to listen to his podcasts. I enjoyed the last 2 episodes so much that I went back to listen to everything he did since he started! I have to say that both solo episodes or the guests he interviewed are very interesting. If you have not subscribe yet, what are you waiting for! And I love his honesty! So refreshing
  • Risseria
    Raw and Authentic
    I have followed you on Instagram for a little while, but was always afraid to listen to your podcast due to hearing impairment. First, you talk very clearly, and I really appreciate it. Secondly, your podcast is so authentic and real, thank you for the lessons you chat about. I hope that this truly helps you as much as it helps I am sure several others. Amazing. Thank you.
  • Rose654321
    Wish I found you earlier
    I don’t know how I didn’t know of you earlier, but thanks to a single Instagram post that another entrepreneur reposted... I found you, or maybe you found me. Your voice, raw honesty, and story are inspiring. Thank you so much for all that you do
  • kyung921
    I don’t know how I found you but I’m so glad I did! I was even accepted into your intern program at Social Chain but was discouraged due to being in the US. Anyway I look at that as just another lesson and THANK YOU! I only say something about this because I’m speaking my truth and this is why I listen to you! It’s open and honest. THANK YOU!
  • Shenpa7
    Finally listened.
    I have followed you on Instagram for some time, but have never listened to an entire podcast until today. This one on chaos piqued my interest and it was great. I work as an admin for the counseling department of a sexual assault crisis center and we were discussing how much this chaotic time has affected us and our clients. So many good thinking points here. Thank you for the reframe. Each day is different, but this gives me ideas and will share with my coworkers. @shenpa7
  • Yanet M.
    It's amazing. Thank you!
    It's helping me understand parts of success, communication, life and myself in ways I never imagined. Some clear and simple concepts I seem to missing. It's casual and relaxing to listen to. It feels as though he's speaking to me on an individual level. It's really guiding me on how to think better. I can't describe how grateful I am.
  • Jrey1227
    Home Run
    Steven hit it out of the park with this podcast!!! Very thought provoking and insightful!!
  • AmyDoo
    Unfiltered, Insightful, Profound, Revelatory.
    I love this podcast and I feel privileged to be able to listen in on the thoughts and more importantly the thought-process of Steven Bartlett. This podcast is so real and unfiltered and its awesome. We are presented with raw material - the thoughts that he has and events that may happen to him, which he writes down. Then he picks apart what he has written down and sculpts it into something that makes sense, something that is profound and necessary for him AND us to hear. I say “he” picks it apart but it really feels like WE do it together because of how directly he speaks to the listener. Truly a unique experience. Also the audio quality is fantastic, especially for someone using a microphone that plugs into their phone! Wise beyond his years is no exaggeration! You’ll want to take notes while you listen. P.S.- Thank you so much for this podcast, I found your YouTube channel some years ago when I had dug myself into a very deep pit of depression. You and Tom Bilyeu played the most pivotal roles in my change of thought process and dragging myself out of it. I am inspired every time I listen to your podcast, to strive for more in my life and become more self aware and just a better human being. I’d like to put in a request for a book list of your favorite books or books that you think we should all read...if I may. Thank you! With love from Trinidad & Tobago
  • ranchgirlheart
    Each time I listen to Steven, I feel like he can’t be more real and relatable, and then the next podcast I listen to, he blows me away again. Puts himself out there which is so refreshing. I’d love to know what sort of culture working for/with him would be like. The guy is wise beyond his age! I learn or am inspired by him each time I listen! Keep it coming!
  • Stephanie Mc.
    A must listen
    Great guests and great insights!
  • annesa bano
    Life changing
    I feel like god speaks to me through you. I follow Steven on Instagram but I swiped up to listen to his podcast. I was going through thoughts of self doubt and how 2020 is approaching and how I need to change myself . Here I am it’s 1 am in NY and I have stumbled upon episode 22 and it spoke to me in so many ways. Steven is an intelligent brilliant man! You speak To millions of people and you should be proud of yourself ! Thank you again
  • Tjones720
    Need help
    Thanks to this podcast it has help me figure out somethings in my live that I need to change.It also help me decide on what risk to take. I will soon be leaving for the military. Hopefully this helps me find out on what I what to do in life.
  • Takashi1!
    Steven Bartlett
    💥💥Hey Steven! Been listening to your podcast since its inception and I have to say it has definitely helped me look into myself and accept the parts of me that were toxic. I’ve been on a journey of realization and acceptance of my faults as a way to resolve and overcome them. ~~ In these past years, I’ve become more confident, more genuine, tactful, better in friendships and romantic relationship, business and every other aspect of life holistically at an extreme rate. Part of it has been attributed to a sort of obsession to succeed and grow in life but also another part is attributed to the wisdom you provide in your podcast. I went from being self centered and socially awkward just a couple years ago to someone who excels at leading and guiding others to their own self realization as well. ~~ 🙏🏻It is truly the biggest honor to be the person who people look up to and want to be me. And not in an ego way but as one where I wish to become better myself so I can better serve and help others as well! In a lot of ways I am very similar personality wise to you so I could relate and your wisdom has been very personal and relevant to me. ~~ Again, if you took the time to read this to the end I truly appreciate the time. I’m very excited to say that you are one of the people I loon up to and aspire to be like in life and I hope that gives you the same honor it gives me when after all the work, people say that about myself. Thank you Steven! 5* review🥂
  • Nizhonlii
    I’ve never binged a podcast before
    I feel like I’m a bit late in the game but since I decided to give the podcast a listen, I have not stopped! So many good thoughts and gems throughout. Highly recommend this pod! Thank you for sharing your light, Steven! @nizhonlii
  • Mari283b
    Life changing words
    I really loved to hear you. If you are open to change your attitude towards the things you’re doing wrong and be better in whatever aspect you want to improve, this is “the”’podcast you have to hear. I’m really grateful that you share your knowledge and your past experiences in order to help people to find themselves. 👏🏻🙌🏻
  • El Pichino
    Podcasts that inspire!!
    What an amazing series of podcasts, which I ran into, and I thank the moment that it happened. Steven is a person who is not only successful in business, but surely in life. His podcasts reach the heart and soul, and they provide motivation, together with real-life situations and the deepest reflection. Thank you Steven for reaching out to all of us. Though I don’t know you personally, listening to your podcasts every day makes me feel like I do. I would recommend these wonderful podcasts to everyone! IG: jahpichino
  • 01kkane
    This is my third podcast of Stephen Bartlett’s and only podcast I have ever listened to. I can’t get enough don’t think I will ever get sick of listening to what he has to say. He is inspirational, true to himself and authentic. I love his thoughts on Karma.
  • Doing It For The Cuddles
    Great podcast
    Only recently started listening, great podcast, keep it up. Thank you.
  • crazywithkidsanddogs
    Not what you think...
    I’ve been listening to Diary of a CEO since Steven had Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) on because I follow Joe and do his HIIT workouts. Since then, I am hooked because of Steven’s raw and engaging way of connecting with his audience. I didn’t think I would like the podcast because I am not into all the technicalities of running a business, which the title makes me think it would be about. However, his podcast is full of personal stories, struggles and overcoming those obstacles.
  • J_ahlexis
    Thank You
    I’ve been following Steven on social media for quite sometime and enjoy just how personal and deep he goes in with his topics. Every one has been very insightful, direct and significant as any advice could ever be. At times it doesn’t seem like advice or an opinion but rather as if it were nothing but factual statements being spoken. I’m often left inspired while reflecting but in awe as I take to heart the information and find similarities within my own life (past
  • AutumnP1803
    One of my top favorite podcasts, entrepreneurs, people 🙌🏻🙏🏻💛
    I have been following Steven on IG for almost a year and can’t get enough of his wisdom and refreshingly raw and honest insights. I follow multiple people that I feel assist with my personal development and he is one of my favorites, and always a go - to for me when I need to sit with myself, reflect and hear real subjects, thoughts and perspectives, whether business related or personal, that will help me sift through my own thoughts and situations. I will continue to follow & share his content for as long as he creates it. Steven, I thoroughly appreciate you 🙏🏻🙌🏻💛 Thank you.
  • Liz Chavarria
    Phenomenal Podcast
    I first found Steven on IG and I really resonated with his messages. He hands down has some of the best content out there to focus on growth🙌🏽 I love to learn from high performance people and I can get into Stevens mind, right here, just by listening to his Diary Podcasts which provide excellent insight and practical applications. Highly recommend! Liz @healthwithliz
  • Naildn
    Unapologetically himself + Refreshingly direct
    The mad thing is I am already following on IG. Your account came on my feed once and I liked your videos and I followed you from there. However, I didn’t dig deeper into your page or story so I did not revisit your page again, although I was still following. Nevertheless, I was reintroduced to you via via bossbabe podcast, as they are part of my listening collection. The truth is in a time where we are obsessed social media and we don’t have enough time in the day to consume quotes, memes and motivational speakers to help us get through the day, you just cut through the noise for me after that one episode with bossbabe. Your directness was refreshing, but what I really gravitated towards was your ability to unapologetically be yourself!!! Deep down for me that’s something I struggle with because of the “what the neighbors might think” syndrome. But when I’m listening to you I feel like your talking to me directly specially when you go through your journal, it’s like a conversation between two friends and your helping see questions I’m avoiding to answer. I have a 2 hour commute to work, so it’s safe to say I’ve absolutely over dosed on your podcast and wanted to know when the next episode was? Massive fan hands down 👍🏽 Cheers! Nai IG - radionaima P.S if your ever looking to mentor people, in their career, business etc - can I just through name in the hat :)
  • lilmizmegatron
    My monthly therapy session
    Perhaps therapy is the incorrect word to use but this is certainly a mental refresh. Nothing helps better to put my mind back on track than listen to this pod cast. It’s inspiring, thought provoking, and engaging. Also suggest following Steve on IG and twitter or seeing him in person! Thanks for the content -@lilmizmegatron aka Megs
  • ligma321123
    A gem
    I stumbled across Steven on instagram and loved the content. The topics he chooses to speak and the way in which he does makes it very easy to digest as well as provoke me to think and more importantly to do. Thank you. IG @brandon.sandford
  • juliakesia
    This podcast it’s great! Real, truthful, fun and deep at the same time! I may never become an entrepreneur, but I’m learning so many things about improving myself! It’s just great! Thank you Steven! Instagram and Twitter: @juliakesia
  • PaqTeq
    Young yet wise
    Hi Steve. This is Laticia from The Bahamas. I found your podcast episode on Ambition, Motivation and Procrastination to be very interesting and stirring. My takeaways: I can’t have the best of both worlds. I cannot eat whatever I want as much as I want and still be my healthiest self. I need to exercise restriction. Whenever I find myself procrastinating, that is the very thing I need to throw myself into. (Exercise and Building/Launching my Business) Thank you for sharing!! ☺️
  • LilmamaRMarie
    Thank you for the gifts you bring and insights on life in your perspective, you’re an amazing joy to have everyday thank u so much I appreciate you so much! Always love !❤️
  • Chargers538
    Love this!
    I love this man! Thank you for the vulnerability, I appreciate that.
  • lexxy.g
    Life Changing
    Hands down I would encourage anyone to listen to this podcast it is very relatable no matter who you are. I love all of Stevens content not just in his podcasts but also on his Instagram. It has helped me improve my self awareness and how I can be better not just for myself but also for the people around me. Highly recommend 👌 @lexxy.g
  • Dreamz01
    Absolutely AMAZING Gives me nothing but motivation and positivity!!! Instagram name : Dreamn_in_my_own_world
  • ShrayKom
    I thought it was really insightful. I’m definitely going to try to implement some of these ideas into my life as soon as possible. Thanks Steve for the great information and being honest with us and yourself. Ig: @shraykomal
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