Darknet Diaries


Explore true stories of the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of hacking, data breaches, and cyber crime.

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  • Draz28
    As a an ethical hacker trying to sharpen my skills this podcast has some awesome resources that I didn’t know existed. The stories are also mind blowing. Jack is a great narrator from start to finish. Im addicted!
  • Graciebjjman
    Mind blown
    Stumbled across it on Reddit while researching the r/darkweb. I downloaded it and was ready to listen to it during my commute, which is the only time I listen to podcasts, period. I start listening to it and as the story evolves my mind lights up. I get home but need to finish the episode and just sit on my bed staring at the wall while finishing it. Then continue to do the same thing over the next 3 hours haha. It felt like the best documentary I’ve ever seen with 3x the detail and authenticity. I’ve burned through a lot of episodes over the last few weeks and as I make my way through them I dread the moment I can’t binge anymore. I’m a patreon supporter as well and never been happier to support any form of media in my life. If it ever goes away it would truly break my heart. Cheers to Jack!
  • HermioneGranger5412
    Great podcast! I’ve been binging the episodes because there so good. (Please don’t judge the username I made it when I was like 10 lol)
  • danderdude
    I’m instantly hooked my dad showed me this podcast, now I can’t stop listening to it. Good work Jack.
  • pinemtn
    I am consistently blown away by the stories on this show. The reporting is amazing!
  • Elsa T Hamilton
    Extremely interesting!
    Curious and fun!
  • LeahSouris123
    Good stuff
    I’m not even into computers but I’m really into this podcast. Great work.
  • Cquilling
    Legit getting me through grad school
    I’m in a tech policy grad program and have almost no tech background. Jack’s super approachable way of explaining cyber exploits has really prepared me to better understand major cyber attacks and just more generally how hackers think. I really love it. Keep up the great work!
  • Carpententer
    My wife loves this podcast
    And I love hearing about the topics from her!
  • Donjuanounce
    I didn’t expect it to be this good. Idk what my expectations were but this has quickly become my favorite podcast. Amazing production, amazing storytelling, really couldn’t ask for much more
  • Elbo Jones
    Five Stars
    Again, five stars!
  • Be96855578262
    Great storytelling, interesting and fun!
    I’m not the most tech savvy person, so I love listening and learning new things in a digestible level. All of the stories are well researched and produced. Super cool!
  • Kev48
    Great stories, this guy does his homework.
  • EvenThisNicknameIsTaken314
    Very informative and entertaining
    One of my favorites!
  • JStukes
    So fantastic!!!!
    This podcast is one of my favorites. It is so well done, so entertaining, and I seats learn SO much. This is the very reason podcasts were created. Do yourself a huge favor and check it out.
  • Aml24
    i love this
    it’s cool ash
  • b555kira
    Fantastic podcast
    It’s so well produced and Jack R. does a fantastic job at keeping a Luddite like me engaged and on edge!
  • Boomboomshroom
    Amazing! 10/10
    Amazing podcast that I wait to listen to every week! He always has amazing guest on, some that would never get a voice on any other platforms, such as the young Xbox hackers, and he always has great conversations with them. 10/10
  • jp75556
    Great work
    Bookmarked awhile ago Never really listened to Now I am really liking the show keep it up
  • Nooo000000oooo
    So well done
    Just found this after it was recommended to me. Holy smokes, it’s such a well done podcast! I’m hooked
  • Wu-Banga #1 J.J.
    Easily my favorite podcast
    This podcast literally has me, at times, counting the days until the next episode.(BTW, I wish you would pick up more advertising, because an episode every two weeks is simply not enough!) Anyway, I can always tell the host puts a ton of work and research into every episode, and is also genuinely interested in the subject matter. That means a lot. It’s also written in a way that laymen such as myself can still understand. Hats off Jack, keep it up sir.
  • t-ratchet
    Just incredible
    This podcast is soooo good. I know almost nothing about computers but Jack makes it so easy and interesting to follow these complex stories
  • Jitters Horror Podcast
    Look forward to this show new content
    Jack is a great host. Shares great content, and has a great handle on production. I have caught up on all the episodes, and listen to and from work. For longer episodes I will take the long way home just to finish up the episode. I always get happy when I see a new episode has been posted. Thank you for the great content.
  • #ink
    Love it
    I would recommend this to everyone. He focuses and searches for events that everyone needs to listen to. Plus would love to hear it once a week! Lol please do
  • trailaniack
    Simply Amazing
    This show is one of the best I’ve found, and can have me sitting for hours on end binging episodes. The great stories mixed with his calming voice and testimonies of real people make this podcast a joy. Go listen to it!
  • Muffleluffagus
    Jackrey Sider is the Best
    Ths is my most highly anticipated podcast
  • I ❤️ listening
    Informative, in depth, excellent podcast! I recommend one hundred percent
  • Said Chavez Arana
    Best podcast ever
    I’ve listened to many podcasts before but this is by far the one that I listened all the episodes and replay some of them as well. Jack Rhysider does a fantastic, amazing and excellent job telling the story. Keep the good job man ;)
  • linux master
    Great topics and interesting as well. Do more please thank you.
  • rolexmd
    If he would make 1 a week?
    This podcast could be the best out there. It would be if he would make at least 1 podcast a week. No complaints otherwise. Cider is the bomb! If a 43yr old non computer savvy white man can enjoy this everyone will. Also, the name would imply dirty dark web stories and that is far from what this is. This is fantastic educational content! It really is one of the best podcasts out there.
  • the rock dada
    Make one a week!
    Hey, this is great podcast! However they good for sure go for top 200 on the charts but for some reason Jack refuses to make one episode a week so if you can write a review like mine, and tell Jack to release one a week!! Thanks!
  • IanGunn13
    One of my favorites!
    This is a great podcast delving in to the dark side of technology with great stories and interviews. I binged the entire catalog, and I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Also, if you have the means, support this show financially, these stories are incredibly relevant to our current times and need a platform to be told!!
  • cashew110
    Stories you won’t hear elsewhere
    I was so excited to see someone finally do a deep dive into the podcast top chart algorithm, and was even more excited to have learned of a new, quality podcast I can begin listening to. Great show & unique stories. Good for those who like true crime podcasts but are looking for something just a bit different.
  • just the facts, ma'am.
    A very insightful podcast.
    Covers very relevant topics. If your a casual tech user or hardcore nerd. You can get something out of this podcast.
  • RecklezzPenguin
    Great Podcast!
    Thank you Jack for an always awesome listen each episode.
  • J Montell
    I’m an IT student—this pod gets me so hyped to do my homework. Thank you!!
  • Baby Pants Ken
    ♥️ Love♥️
    I'm pretty picky about podcast. Little things like someones voice or speech pattern can turn me off. This podcast is perfect. It also keeps my interest which is hard to do
  • JackBeeSix
  • BigDaddyEman
    One of Best Podcasts
    Great content on well crafted podcast. Jack is a super storyteller and the whole broadcast is very professionally produced.
  • MichaelVan2020
    Highly addictive story telling!
    From the first episode I was hooked. If you are even remotely interested in IT, the internet, and/or hacking then you will love this show. They research great stories and the narrator is an excellent storyteller. You won’t regret subscribing!
  • Jay Kid
    Never knew this was going on
    This podcast expanded my mind to the other half of the world. There’s what we can see, and then what we can’t. This is a great show, I’m hooked to say the least. Plus I’m learning stuff, that’s cool too. Nice work jack.
  • Willniccolls
    Great But The Music Beds Mean Hearing Impaired Can't Listen
    Good well reported content, ver well written. But the music beds that are constantly playing under segments really interfere with the listening experience, if you have a little bit of hearing loss, or tinnitus these music beds make listening pretty intolerable because they interfere with your ability to distinguish sounds. A nice improvement would maybe just use intro music for a few seconds or transitions. Everyone lives music but all these music beds are junky royalty free generic crap. Beyond the taste issie it is an accessibility issue. Thanks!
  • realengineer618
    Good to know stuff
    I’m certainly not hacking literate but completely enjoy hearing what’s going on in the darker side of the internet. Lots of details, sounds well researched and moves along quickly.
  • doggrowl
    A great show for technology fans overall!
    I enjoy the way the host switches between allowing a guest to tell his/her story, while seamlessly interjecting tidbits to help inform the listener. It allows the show to flow nicely — without any awkward gaps. My only small criticism is the intro. That jungle beat music makes me cringe. LOL The content is so compelling, the intro music is unnecessary filler (IMO).
  • wesr23
    Great stories, keep your politics out of them.
  • Kathrynk12
    Awesome and binge worthy
    I started listening to this a couple weeks ago and I have managed to catch up on all the episodes. He has such fascinating guests and stories to tell. I’m hooked and way more paranoid about my security as a result. Highly recommend.
  • MagicSeaPickle
    Episode 75, compromised Coms.
    Jack love the podcast! 5 stars for sure. This review tho contains a slight bit of criticism. And not solely at you, the CIA targeter who was the initial “Whistle Blower”. Was largely ignored and not listened to regarding his report. The two intelligence reporters, as well as you have numerous excuses as to why he wasn’t listened to. He’s just one guy, huge bureaucracy, maybe a troubled spot in his career etc. and why would the entire agency stop because of this one guy?? I must point out, that these reporters and the companies they work for covered for nearly a year an IMPEACHMENT started by a supposed “Whistle blower”, who was one guy, and was a single guy that has yet to have ever been questioned by anyone!! In your podcast the CIA whistle blower was named, the one who began an impeachment has never been. It’s just really insulting to hear these reporters (not you) give so many excuses as to why it wasn’t followed up on when doing so could have saved many lives, yet in the ridiculous case of the impeachment it was followed all the way until a final vote in the senate, all for political power sought by those who didn’t win an election. What’s more important to those in DC, and ppl who report on them, the Lives of our bravest, or Political Power? Answer seems clear.
  • Rlment
    Highly recommend
    One of my favorite podcasts!!
  • BillWeiss
    Great security stories
    Darknet Diaries is a podcast I jump to listen to whenever there’s a new episode. The stories are interesting, in depth without being deeply jargon-laden, and accessible. It’s one of the security podcasts I send to people interested in the field when they ask.
  • $👏✋🏻👍👍
    Best ever
    I love your podcast I start basic haking in my favorite game you inspired me to do it
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