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Explore true stories of the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of hacking, data breaches, and cyber crime.

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  • @moonlittea
    Very interesting
    I don’t know anything about spying governments, IT, hacking, social engineering, scamming, nothing. So idk why I though this podcast would be interesting when I first started listening maybe a year ago. But I don’t think I’ve ever skipped an episode. For some reason, I find these stories very captivating.
  • MeghanB007
    Where have the podcasts gone?
    It’s almost February and we haven’t had a new post cast since December. This leaves me disappointed. I’m glad I do not pay a subscription or I’d be asking for my money back for the month of January. I have reached out multiple ways and received no response. I would think something had happened to Jack but he’s made other posts. So he’s alive and well. Just no podcasts for an entire month.
  • dubiza
    Jack is an ace storyteller
    This is, hands down, my favorite podcast. Some episodes sometimes feel like they are the same thing, just a different person, but for the most part, all are fascinating to listen to.
  • Steeps5
    Great podcast
    I'm somewhat out of the IT world at this point but some of the content here still fascinates me. I love to hear the stories provided on this show.
  • thisistheyear1908
    Interesting, informative and well researched
    Jack does a phenomenal job contextualizing and summarizing really complex and interesting stories involving the internet. Really appreciate the hard work and research that goes into each episode.
  • Bmactn
    Xbox Underground
    What a great podcast episode.
  • linux 66
    Great podcast, thank you!
    Love the stories.
  • Glowy Moon
    Best Hacker Podcast
    Amazing interviews n guest… love the corny jokes. I like that the guy who runs this podcast is knowledgeable in hacking type stuff. I also have leaned from the podcast. This is one of my favorites and close to my heart ❤️
  • zbhdufhdjd
    It was good
    I am a giant fan of this podcast, but lately the episodes have been getting worse and worse I am sick and tried of some dumb pre recorded episode from another podcast.
  • Akerica
    Never subscribed
    Pulling money out of my acct when I never subscribed.
  • Markules1
    Excellent tech podcast
    Jack is a compelling storyteller and interviewer who manages the right level of explanation for complex technical scenarios. Every episode has a great flowing narrative.
  • Mac Muga
    Great Job
    Awesome Podcast
  • reuab2213
    Great, great, great podcast. Very well done all around.
  • MoranInRealLife
    Fascinating, well explained for the novice
    Jack does a fantastic job explaining the complex so anyone can understand! This podcast is so entertaining but I’m learning so much at the same time. So glad there’s a huge library of episodes, too.
  • wr18r02
    Excellent show
    Fascinating, informative, and well-told.
  • Squirrelgirlrehabber
    I listen to a million podcasts and literally never rate any of them. Listening to the outstanding storytelling of this episode (and a many others) made me step up. Jack you are amazing. I’m not in IT but in my previous life I did a lot of social engineering (before it was a thing) and you do such great work making complicated tech stuff accessible and fun. Great podcast, outstanding guests, excellent production
  • NewtoVaping
    Just Awesome
    Found Darknet Diaries a few months ago!! And they have made my drive to work so much better. I started from episode one and working my way up.
  • NotAShillstg69
    Favorite podcast ever
    I only ever even started listening to podcasts because I saw somebody (maybe Jack himself?) post on a certain forum popular with this audience demographic. I’ve been listening and have listened to every episode. It’s still the only podcast I’ll play as soon as ur comes out, other ones idc and will forget an ep or 10, but I listen every single one of these. When I went to jail the first thing I was am excited about after eating I said “it’s been two months! There’s gotta be 4 more episodes out by now! Got home smoked a blunt and started kistwning. Point is- best podcast ever keep up the amazing work Jack, certain stories I know well from some sources too and we had the same info. PA I’ve read a lot of the recommended books or books by the speaker relating to the topic and they’ve all been great. “This is how they tell me the world ends” or something by Nicole Perleroth; not a small book but I read it in two days. I’m not not some genius. And so much if the book takes about what could happen in cyber warfare affecting real world systems, talking about how Russia’s done it multiple times to the Ukraine, now it would be an even better and much more terrifying book to read with current events
  • Lofi Digital Monk
    We all want to be like Jack.
    Igor (The Spy episode) is awesome and this show continues to remain in my Top 5. 💯
  • sub to quinnstans
    You have my vote for president
    You also have my vote
  • AA.ron
    The Morgan Freeman of Podcast Narrators
    This man, as I have stated in YouTube’s comments, is a master of voice narration. You have my vote for President! #DarkSomnium2024
  • Joisey Jeff
    Keeps me listening..dunno why?
    I feel like I am listening to US Tech support and he is telling me how others are hacking into my life!
  • dammiebbe
    First podcast
    My first podcast I listened to and have been hooked ever since. I finally subscribed because I Listen to it everyday at work. This podcast is VERY ADDICTIVE. You have been warned! Oh JACK IF YOU SEE THIS REVIEW KEEP DOING YOU JOKES AT THE END OF THE PODCAST!! I love them. They crack me up. I learn new stuff every time I listen to a new episode. I’m hooked like a fish out of Water. TUNE IN!!!
  • Sneel001
    Very good
    I love watching this podcast with my dad
  • Mrmreff
    Jack takes you directly to the source
    I’ve listened to almost every podcast since I found DD through another podcast. His presentation and interview style keeps me wanting for more information. I’m pretty sure I was a grey hat hacker in a past life.
  • Bigdaddyshiznit
    Enjoy it
    I’m not super tech savvy. I build gaming pc’s and such but know no coding etc. yet am fascinated with dark web shenanigans and stories. These are presented really well and easy listening even when I’m not familiar with some of the tech lingo. Highly recommend. If your in my realm of tech knowledge as I stated.
  • playmaker_41
    Excellent. Highly recommended
    This is an outstanding podcast. The content is informative and also entertaining. I’m impressed by how well Jack explains technical information so that the average listener—someone without a background in cybersecurity—can also follow along. Jack Rhysider covers many different topics on the podcast. He has had many cool guests on his show who have shared experiences from their careers in information security, physical security, intelligence, etc. Many episodes are presented as documentaries of important hacking incidents that have occurred in history. I enjoy these because they help me gain a better situational awareness of all that has happened.
  • SerDuckOfPNW
    Always good value
    I love the pen testing stories. Red teams are the fighter pilots of the cyber team. I have been working in aerospace cybersecurity for about a year and while we are all critical in our role, the testers definitely get the glory. I think it is the Hollywood factor of being the “hacker”.
  • hdaniel511
    Helped me with my job
    I love this podcast! I learn so much about my own safety and it even helps me with my new work covering cybersecurity news. I would like to hear more diverse voices (especially from women) but I understand the field of cybersecurity is very white cis male dominated.
  • Panman79hhgyhgf
    Great show with great insights and sound design!
  • xenonman53
    This guy is very underrated i hope his channel grows well
  • grey-lo
    Fantastically Interesting/Scary
    This is such an awesome podcast that’s equally interesting and scary. Jack does such a great job of finding interesting stories, would definitely recommend to anyone interested in tech, or in general!
  • Ampers&&nd
    Interesting show, but sometimes gives a moral pass to bad actors
    There are some really interesting stories in here, and some great lessons about best practices and how to not fall prey to a social hack. However, this certainly isn’t unbiased journalism - Jack isn’t shy about sharing his position on the stories he’s covering, and he sometimes gives a moral pass to some really shady characters. The early episode about the revenge porn site was a good example in which Jack seems to find grey areas where there’s really no grey at all (at least morally). And I’m writing this review as I’m listening to the Pirate Bay episode, in which Jack gives wholeheartedly supports the subject’s portrayal of themselves as innocent victims. If these guys are such crusaders for justice, they’d be working on a model to help get fairer compensation for creators, but it’s very clear that their real interest is in getting free stuff. Stealing from artists because the current system is unfair doesn’t help the artists, so please, enough with the hypocritical victim talk. FWIW, I do pay for this show and generally really enjoy it, but the editorializing in support of these Pirate Bay dbags and others like them is infuriating.
  • Balvin E
    This show is a 100 in dollar bills. Shout out to Jack and all subjects behind this piece of knowledge. Thanks to y'all workin on this show
  • Xav. C
    Absolutely Amazing!!!
    This is a very informative and educational podcast, I’ve been listening to it for a little while now and I don’t want to stop listening to it. I love his amazing storytelling abilities that make everything so interesting. Personally one of the best cybersecurity podcasts I’ve heard on the platform!
  • alliebwoods
    Pronunciation of names!!!!
    ArKAYdee (not, ARR kuh dee) V IH taly (not, veye TAL ee) It's so distracting, and a bit disrespectful not to get common names correct. :(
  • Cptpoohbear
    I just started listening to this podcast and it’s mind blowing!!!! All the episodes that have let up to now today finishing episodes 45-46 omg just amazing!!!
  • careless_hippo
    The best podcast out there
    Great podcast
  • Minecrafterflyers
    Very high quality podcast - fantastic research, storytelling, and audio. I also appreciate how little the episodes are interrupted by sponsors. The only thing I don't like about this podcast is that sometimes the people being interviewed are hard to understand, but Jack usually will usually clarify what they're saying :)
  • Brendan 👌🏽
    You won’t regret downloading
    Excellent podcast! Superbly informative and educational! Highly recommended listening even, if you don’t have a lot of understanding in Cyber security.
  • lover emoji 1432
    I was never interested in tech or cyber crime or even knew about it until I found this podcast! I’m on the younger side and most definitely want to have one of these jobs! Most definitely has inspired me to learn more. Turkey I’m obsessed please don’t stop releasing new episodes , keep it up! 👍👍😄
  • peggygator1
    Dark Net Diaries Is the Best
    Thank you Jack, you have taught me so much about the Internet, technology, cyber security, and risk in an extraordinarily entertaining and interesting way. I have listened to your podcast since finding it on Wondery last year almost every day. I have listened to numerous episodes several times and recommended your podcast to all my lawyer friends. I hope they sign up and support you. Peggy
  • LairdToland
    Legit my fave podcast
    Recently started a new job where I can listen to music and podcasts, and well let's just say my entire 10 hours while i'm on the clock this podcast is playing. This podcast is perfect for someone with 0 idea what hacking is (me) or even someone well versed in the IT and security community. Seriously, give it a listen it's worth it
  • Mick Camigi
    Amazing Show
    I recently started listening started this show and I binged it so fast I’m running out of episodes! Great story telling. It’s like the “This American Life” of internet and hacking tales.
  • Im depressed 57
    Haven’t read it yet but I can tell this is going to be awesome
  • Dońń
    Best Cybersecurity podcast, hands down.
    Got into Darknet Diaries pretty late and in the beginning I found the length of the podcast to be overwhelming. I got used to the short concise and awesome SANs ISC Podcast by Dr. Ullrich. With time, I’ve grown into this podcast and find myself refusing to go inside the house when I get home before a podcast finishes. Gotta finish it in the car. I started listening to all the past episodes I missed and I can see the progression of Jack’s delivery and sound choices. Am a blue teamer just like Jack and the amount of education I get from this podcast is insane. Each episode has a lesson to take away and some stories are wild. Entertainment and education all in one go. Don’t stop Jack. Am definitely spreading the word. Thank you!
  • Shafalakiefala
    Just Excellent
    Seriously this is my favorite podcast. I have listened to each episode and practically count down the days till the next one is released. Great job Jack!
  • okahdbjxejd
    Don’t want to here other people podcast on this show
    Not trying to subscribe to this podcast to listen to other peoples worse podcast
  • barbera
    Extremely intriguing!!
    They’re the two words I would use to describe this podcast. To be honest I can’t stop listening. Jack is a wonderful storyteller! And I’ll be subscribing as soon as I have some spare cash!
  • Legohorse
    Suspenseful and informative!
    Jack is a gifted story teller and has a knack for finding people with interesting stories to be told. His true stories from the darknet have challenged me and, to be truthful, also fed some paranoia (… no longer does one have to step out the door to enter the wide world…). My personal favorite is The Spy - (Igor needs a podcast of his own).
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