3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

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  • Happy Scheduling Manager
    Updating my review because I still 3 in 30!
    I came to write a review but already had! So I’m updating to say that years later this is still one of my top podcasts. I eagerly await Tuesday’s for new content. I had shivers and was so proud watching your live feed on who you will vote for president. Thank you for being brave and inspiring me. You are authentic and real and you do hard things gracefully. Thank you!
  • cchdraper
    I don’t miss this one
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s short enough that I can listen during a short ride and I absolutely love that there’s a quick recap of the ‘tips’ at the end. I’ve gone back and listened to previous episodes from before I was aware of the podcast and they are still relevant today. PS - I’m not an Apple user so this may come through on my husband’s account. I’m a mom, lol.
  • sarahktp
    Episode 147 Nailed It
    I like to listen to podcasts while I’m grocery shopping now as a way to stay calm and adjust to the new normal around me due to COVID-19. The first one to pop up was episode 147 on teaching your child to be their own advocate and it could not have been better timing since my son was just diagnosed with dyslexia this morning. One of the questions I had for the neuropsychologist was advice on how to talk to my son about his dyslexia and she didn’t have much advice for me in that department. This episode has given me the tools and some of the words to step forward into these mostly uncharted waters. I feel I can go home empowered now, and all it took was a 30 minute listen. Rachel, I can’t thank you enough for what you do and who you seek out to share their gifts and talents with the world. Keep it up, I’m listening.
  • impossiblenicknamr
    Hands down one of the absolute best podcasts
    I would recommend 3 in 30 to everyone, not just moms. I am the mom of teenagers and a young adult and I still find so much value in Rachel’s podcast. She is so genuine and real and honest and never makes me feel like a failure as a mom. I feel that is a real gift to be able to make moms feel seen and heard and give them hope that they can improve without being overwhelmed by mom guilt.
  • HackSteph
    My go-to podcast!
    3 in 30 is my go-to podcast! As a busy mom with three young children, it’s hard to find time to listen to anything for an extended period of time without being interrupted! I’ve found most other podcasts to be just too long! With only 30 minutes, everything is short, simple, and to the point! And with 3 main takeaways, the information and insight that’s provided is doable instead of overwhelming! Thanks, Rachel, for creating the perfect podcast for busy moms!
  • Ctilt
    I feel seen because of this podcast
    This podcast is one I genuinely look forward to each week. The episodes are packed with information and golden nuggets, inspiration and encouragement, laughter and light, authenticity and a sense of community. I leave each episode feeling uplifted and encouraged to keep doing my best, and of course I’m given valuable tools to try to be and do better each day. I am grateful to the incredibly talented and kind host. Because of her I feel seen and heard as a wife, a mom and importantly as a WOMAN. I highly recommend this podcast and often I even share certain episodes with my husband. He also received valuable insight from this.
  • starcyl
    SO helpful!
    Every. Single. Episode. Is. So. Helpful! I love how she keeps it sweet and simple. Amazing tips to help with this journey of motherhood. But also keeping it short, since we have so little time haha. Grateful for all the helpful information to help me be a better mom <3
  • klreyni
    Mom System Update Must
    As I was gathering my thoughts on what to write for this review, I realized that there is one very specific way to best express what the 3 in 30 podcast means to me. Just like an app update, with every episode I listen to it feels like I am uploading the latest and very best version of my mom system. The topics that 3 in 30 tackle are vast and relatable. The 3 takeaways make it easy to identify and chip away at struggles that I face as a mom. I love that when I am needing a boost on a specific topic, I scroll through the library, find an applicable episode and in 30 minutes I have 3 takeaway items identified to run with in my own life. Thank you so much for providing this resource for moms!!!
  • Lucillelu33
    The best mom podcast ever
    The only way I get motivated to do any house work is by popping in my AirPods and turning on 3 in 30. Rachel is THE best.
  • KMErekson
    Great for everyone
    I am a single woman with no kids and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Even though this podcast is designed for Moms, I still find so much value in these podcasts. Rachel and her guests have taught me so many principles of living a good and balanced life myself and have given me great tips that I pass along to my family, friends, and patients. I look forward to the podcast every week.
  • Katie H F
    Consistently my favorite podcast
    It’s hard for me to pick favorites, but I think this is my favorite podcast. I have listened to almost every episode and have gained so much insight to help develop my parenting skills. I love how authentic Rachel is (and her voice is the perfect podcast voice, which is a little bonus). The 3 do-able takeaways in 30 minutes is my absolute favorite format - always a valuable use of my time. Every mom should listen to this podcast! It’s the best.
  • Brookebg
    Such a great podcast
    Such a good parenting podcast. Rachel is an amazing interviewer. She’s so relatable and down to earth and she always selects great guests. There are so many interesting topics and I find myself feeling like 30 minutes is way too short.
  • jjcmmomma
    Practical tips for all moms
    A friend recommended 3 in 30 to me a few years ago and since then I’ve loved listening while prepping dinner or doing dishes. I love the diversity of topics which all benefit the many responsibilities and concerns of moms. I appreciate that Rachel is authentic about her personal imperfections, and after listening I feel both inspired to be better and good about what I can do right now.
  • jjake55
    One of my favorites!!
    3 in 30 Take aways for moms is one of my absolute favorite podcasts! It’s definitely my favorite parenting podcast. I enjoy learning but often cannot take notes when I’m listening to podcasts because I’m walking, cleaning or driving. The format of this podcasts is very straightforward and I always leave clearly remembering what I’ve learned. Also, the guests on the show are people who you’ll want to hear from. I look forward for to this podcast each week!
  • SurelyIM
    I Always find something to apply!
    I found this podcast a year ago and it has continued to be one of my weekly go-to favorite podcasts. There are always great takeaways that are simple and not overwhelming. It is so applicable to me as a mother of 2 little ones. I often listen while running or driving, then go back and look up the notes so I can remember the things I want to apply better. They bring good value to me and my family. I am so glad someone told me about this!
  • efitz38
    Helpful tips !
    I always enjoy listening and love the topics, especially relative to all the changes in our world and how to manage that with our kids.
  • taking one day at a time
    Just what I need
    I just happened on this podcast and I just love the practical things I take away from each episode. I also love that I don’t feel guilty for things I “should be” doing, just encouragement for what I can do!
  • fridagm1
    So helpful
    My favorite mom podcast! Their tips are realistic and so helpful.
  • (***)
    Love this podcast!
    One of my favorite podcasts! I love that I walk away feeling uplifted and inspired. The host is easy to relate to and she brings on great and interesting guests. I was worried I’d leave feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing enough but it’s the complete opposite. I leave each episode ready to up my mom game in a positive way. Thanks for bringing some extra light in a time that’s been a little gloomy!
  • LoveAlwaysElizabeth
    Never A Disappointment
    I’ve never NOT enjoyed and/or learned something while listening to this podcast. One of my faves and go-tos. I feel like Rachel is a real friend although we’ve never met or talked before. She is down to earth and authentic and always interviews amazing people. She is succinct but thorough. Can’t recommend her enough!
  • Moore Mom 5
    So practical!
    This podcast is at the top of my “regularly listened to” podcasts because it’s just so practical and down to earth advice! There’s always at least one thing I learn that I can put in to practice right away and it really adds value to my life! Thank you for putting it out there!
  • I believe in magic!
    Applicable help for busy moms
    I appreciate Rachel’s transparency around various mothering topics. She is relatable and invites the best guests onto her podcast. Whenever I want to learn about a topic or need tips that I can easily apply, this is the first podcast I turn to.
  • marcopolo girl
    Love this podcast!
    Whenever I need a mom/life pick me up I always come here first. Rachel has the best episodes and advice for how to better any aspect of your life. It’s one of my favorite podcasts!
  • Westie08
    So much relevant content in an easily-consumable format
    I love this podcast! I have learned so much. Even episodes that don’t seem like they will apply to me at the outset give me a perspective I wouldn’t have found otherwise. The idea of doing three doable takeaways (plus the summary sheet emailed out monthly so you can have a physical reminder!) is so perfect for helping you actually make a change instead of being overwhelmed. Thank you for all your work, Rachel!
  • Ten forty Friday
    You 👏🏻 must 👏🏻 listen! 👏🏻
    This is the podcast you need! Rachel has the most amazing guests who better your daily life with 3 “takeaways”. They are presented clearly, succinctly, and in a way that motivates you. I am constantly referring to this and have converted many friends to be loyal listeners. (And it’s not just for moms! There are plenty of applicable episodes for all, so don’t be intimidated or discouraged if you’re not a mom!) There have been some truly life-changing topics and approaches presented here, no exaggeration. Do yourself a favor and listen! You won’t regret it!
  • squamgirlintx
    BEST Parenting Podcast
    I LOVE the 3 in 30: Takeaways for Moms Podcast! It is my favorite parenting podcast. I love the format of three doable takeaways in thirty minutes. It’s the perfect format for busy moms. There are so many episodes that I share with my husband, sister, and friends. Some podcasts annoy me when they post encore episodes. But with 3 in 30, I still listen to the encores because I know that there is more for me to learn from another listen. Rachel has great interviewing skills and features diverse and interesting guests on her show. Thank you, Rachel!
  • mock18
    The BEST of the best...
    If you are a mom that always feels like there is more you should be doing but don’t always know where to start...THIS IS YOUR PODCAST!! I truly love this podcast. I found it shortly after Rachel started it, and have never missed an episode. I also feel that Rachel is my spirit animal. Her struggles are my struggles, her thoughts are my thoughts. I wish we could be best friends in real life! I have recommended this podcast to all my sisters and friends which has led to many more loyal followers of Rachel...all very well deserved. Moms, trust me...this one is worth your time!
  • Andrewsfamilycircus
    Genuine and Do-able!
    Rachel is so talented at choosing applicable topics, finding experts, distilling information, and making it genuine and do-able. I am inspired every time I listen to her, and feel like I have a friend cheering me on!
  • Becky BT
    My go-to
    If there is one podcast I’m going to listen to it’s this one. It’s my go-to. Listening to this helps me be a better mom and person. I love thinking about the things I learn from them. It has also helped me so much to realize there are other people that feel the way I feel or struggle with what I struggle with. Thank you so much for this podcast!
  • KayleeMason
    Love this podcast!
    I’m hard to please when it comes to podcasts, but 3in30 is a 10/10 in my book. I love Rachel’s down to earth and vulnerable way of discussing and sharing—I feel like she’s my friend IRL 😂. Definitely the only podcast I listen to every week and refer back to again and again. You won’t regret listening!
  • danikrommenhoek
    Love this podcast
    Thank you so much for sharing yourself and all of your thoughts on things that I need help and encouragement with! You do an amazing job💗
  • mjbc0921
    Parenting advice you can actually use!
    This podcast is so great! Rachel presents the information in a succinct and quick 30 minute episode. She always recaps the takeaways at the end to remind you what was discussed. The takeaways are actionable and doable for the average busy mom to implement. I’ve learned so many good tips and tricks to figure out this whole parenting thing. Even when there is a title to an episode that I think won’t apply to me, I always take some nugget of advice away from it that is helpful and can be applied to my life.
  • clrawlins
    This podcast is amazing
    My friend told me about this podcast when I was feeling really overwhelmed and discouraged as a mom. I binged every episode (about a year’s worth!) until I caught up, and I have a few I’ve saved and go back to on specific topics. Even when I don’t try all the takeaways, I love knowing I can come back to them if I decide to, and especially knowing that I’m not in this alone. My experiences as a mom, trying to figure this all out, are pretty universal. I love the community and the idea that we’re coming together to support each other through this journey. I also love that listening gives me motivation to do something productive at the same time, so it’s a double win!
  • Meloosamama
    Favorite mothering/parenting podcast
    I LOVE 3 in 30 so much. Great practical advice and tips in a short amount of time. The episodes are usually something I need to hear the week they come out. And if it’s not something I feel applies to my current situation I think of someone who can benefit and forward it on to them. I am always buoyed up and encouraged by Rachel’s genuine love, concern and experience to help moms feel and be better 💗💗💗
  • kw2216
    Hope in my dark spaces, and inspiration for that hope
    Thank you for sharing and interviewing such relatable people. I find so much comfort and useful practices in listening. Thanks 🙏❤️😊
  • Myrealnameisnatalie
    Empowering you to be your best mom self
    I am always in the mood for this podcast. The conversations Rachel has are super interesting and there’s always something I can start to apply to my family right away. I’ve been listening to this podcast from the very beginning. I found it when I was feeling like I needed to read every parenting book but had no time to do that. I needed help, tips, and answers NOW - not 3 weeks from now when I could finish one book. The show is so positive. I finish each episode feeling empowered, knowing I can make small changes that will help me feel like I’m being my best mom self. Thanks for your real chat Rachel.
  • Gtorg
    Life and mom tools
    I loved listening to this podcast even before I had my first baby. There is such a variety of topics that have helped me in life and now as a mother. I love how real Rachel is and can’t wait to keep learning more!
  • Natalieplusfour
    The real deal
    Rachel is the real deal! I have listened along for a few years. She has great guests and her show is interesting and diverse. I highly recommend!
  • Luddy237
    Love this podcast!!
    I often listen to this podcast as a “treat” for myself while doing dishes or other housework after the kids go to bed. This podcast never feels like a waste of time. I love that it’s packed full of applicable tools. I always walk away with something I can immediately apply to an area of my life and be just a little bit better, without feeling completely overwhelmed with having to overhaul my life. The advice and tips given always feel within reach and doable. Rachel does such a fantastic job of drawing on the expertise of others and interviewing them in engaging ways without making it all about her or her life. I love her personal examples that she includes as well. It’s always entertaining and helpful! Thanks for such a great podcast Rachel! I keep recommending it to others!
  • EMM55555555555
    Practical and uplifting
    I love 3 in 30. Rachel always has such relatable episodes and guests on her podcast. I love that each one has 3 simple things I can try to better my family’s life. Thanks Rachel!
  • PlantStrongMom
    Best Podcast for anyone with kids in their life!
    Rachel is phenomenal in her ability to select and talk about topics that are so needed by moms today. I love the way she’s able to create the perfect bridge—understanding and validating challenges and then relating and explaining the advice shared by her guests. Her podcast is truly an inspiration and a strength to those of us in the beautiful yet soul stretching trenches of motherhood. I always feel a little boost and pick-me-up every time I listen! If you have children in your life (even if you’re not their mother) you are guaranteed to find helpful information! The best part? She knows you don’t have time to burn, so she keeps her episodes short and to the point. Love it!!!
  • Malooley Mama
    So so good...
    I only listen to 3 podcasts and 3 in 30 is my favorite. I love the 3 takeaways! They are always relatable and something that can be tackled right away. Recently there was an episode about raising and helping special needs kids and I LOVED it. I have put the takeaways slowly to work in my home and I’m a better mama for it. It only took 30 minutes too!! Thank you Rachel for all you do. I hope you realize the impact you make in so many lives. ❤️
  • MDC Mom of 2
    The only podcast I listen to
    I don’t have as much time to listen to podcasts as I used to. This is the only one that has stayed with me! I love how simple the takeaways are and they are always applicable even when I don’t think they will be based on the subject. Thank you 3 in 30!
  • lunchsackgirl
    Improving My Motherhood A Doable Piece At A Time
    I absolutely love this podcast. Rachel is a down-to-earth host who exudes compassion and courage as she addresses listeners and guest speakers alike. I feel comfortable, empowered, and guided to improve myself as I listen to each episode. Rachel shares 3 actionable ways to grow in motherhood in each episode, and I can attest that hertakeaway invitations are doable! Most recently I have changed for the better in mothering by applying the following takeaways: allowing for unstructured & ample outside play for my children, reading picture books about diverse cultures to my children, and mentally listing all the good things I do for my children each day. I am a more educated, happy mother because of this podcast. Thank you, Rachel!
  • mwakley
    I believe I’m a better mom because of 3 in 30
    This podcast has been such a blessing for me as I’ve navigated life as a new mom! Before I had my sweet babe I worked 40+ hours a week at a job I loved so transition to being home full time was often pretty boring, and isolating! Listening to this podcast helped me to find my passion in motherhood and shift my focus to the beautiful blessing it is! This podcast has helped me to view being a mother as a career and something I need to study and learn more about and that simple shift has been life changing! I am soo grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and inspiration I’ve gained from 3 in 30!! Thank you Rachel!🙌🏻
  • D-Burn
    Great podcast!
    I have loved listening to this podcast. Every episode I have listened to has given me encouragement and hope. I love that the episodes are “short” and leave me with a few things to work on during the week. I love listening to them while I’m folding laundry, mopping my floor, doing dishes, etc. it makes the tedious chores seem to go faster! Thanks Rachel for all your hard work.
  • Beffers108
    Always a Great Recommendation
    I always feel confident in recommending this fantastic podcast to other moms/parents. No matter the age of the children, a mom can always find something helpful with this podcast. I also follow her on Instagram and highly recommended you do the same. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Aycarrumba
    I refer this podcast to all my mom friends!
    This is my favorite podcast and I love listening to it every week. I have started hosting my girlfriends over to my house for 3 tips night and we all come with three ideas to share and it is such a fun way to bond (and they all love this podcast now too because of it)! Thank you Rachel for providing us moms with this invaluable podcast! Confession however: I listen to it on 1.5x speed so it is is only 20ish minutes!!
  • Madeline456
    Practical Podcast for Improving Your Mom Game
    I stumbled upon this podcast about a month ago, and one thing that had kept me listening is the practical and easy to apply take aways. Each takeaway is easy to digest and very applicable to my life as a mom to 2 boys under 4. I love that her tips aren’t just for parenting, but instead, tips to add more to your own life as a parent. Rachel also does a great job of connecting to her audience and choosing guests to highlight the chosen topic for each podcast. Thanks for providing us with this great resource, Rachel!
  • 1brownp
    Love the Format
    I love to listen to podcasts but I am particularly drawn to 3 in 30. I love the format and the length. It’s so nice to know that I’m going to learn something that I can apply in my life. It’s also nice to know that the podcast is right around 30 min. Rachel does a great job of covering lots of topics and even though I’m moving out of the stage of young children, I always find something I can use. Thanks Rachel, I love that you find experts that help us make small changes to improve our lives!
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