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Tennis #61

The Behind the Racquet Pod is the best glimpse you can get in to the ins and outs of professional tennis, told by its players, and voiced by Noah Rubin, and his podcast partner Mike Cation.

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  • Val from Philly
    New tennis fan - love this pod
    I found this pod after watching AO 2024 (first time following tennis tournament). I think you guys are great - especially for American inside perspective. Please keep going!
  • WalkinToAkron
    Good Podcast
    I enjoy Mike Cation’s interviews with players from the Challenger Tour.
  • Financial Samurai
    Great podcast!
    Love the behind the scenes and stuff. - Sam, Author of Buy This, Not That
  • Former Ump
    One question
    Listening to Chris Eubanks on the episode today he brought up college tennis. One player who I’d love to hear interviewed on his perspective on College tennis then and now is Mitchel Krueger. He was supposed to go to Texas A&M, but in the 11th hour went pro instead. I’d like to know if he has any regrets on that decision, or what council he would offer to a top ranked Jr Player in a similar situation to his?
  • 80'sVillager
    Good Luck!
    Two comments: 1. Don’t use the new cliche “What are we doing here?” It makes you sound stupid. 2. Look up online how to improve your podcast sound quality.
  • Greeny 3819
    Excellent podcast!
    An excellent look into the world of players outside of the top 100 and the struggles they face. Very interesting and eye opening. It’s made me more of a tennis fan.
  • Forgone ante
    Great tennis stories
    Enjoyed the Emilio Gómez interview. I follow Emilio and other Ecuadorian tennis players and have not heard such insight as this. It helps that Noah is a pro. Keep going!
  • N_L_2_4
    One of the best tennis podcasts
    It’s great seeing a consistent podcast from a tennis player’s pov.
  • @jay_lass
    A lot of whining
    The whining never stops but the audio is pretty good so at least there’s that.
  • Erin Mize
    Crybaby millennial!
    Classic crybaby millennial whining because the world doesn’t revolve around him.
  • Rogermaria25
    Great podcast
    So glad I found your podcast I'm excited I found it on No Challenges Remaining with Ben I hope to continue listening and let us know how we can help keep you going!!
  • RichieOrtiz
    From a tennis player/enthusiast, 10/10
    Love the perspective from an adult tennis player. Interesting to hear the players talking about being tired or playing too much tennis when I’m counting down the seconds till my next time on the court! Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s really interesting hearing about the players issues with sponsors/clothing and how they go about getting them. After seeing Dan Evans make that run in the Australian Open wearing uniqlo white t shirts he bought himself I’ve been obsessed hearing about players struggling to get sponsors. Players coming to mind I’d be interested hearing about how they came about their sponsors - Tennys Sandwich (he was wearing underarmour at the New York Open), Su Wei Hsieh (random brands everywhere), plenty more but just a couple off the top of my head. Thanks again awesome podcast. Richie
  • DoopSanity
    A unique look at all things tennis
    Mike and Noah provide an entirely unique conversation on all tennis topics. The insights into subjects outside of the on court play are great! Only suggestion is to fix the audio channels as Mike often comes through one side and Noah the other.
  • Soft Sounds
    Audio channels
    Great show but you need to fix the audio channels. One voice in the right ear and another in the left ear is annoying.
  • OhMyAchinBack
    Embracing Conversation
    Great back & forth between Mike & Noah. Not sure anyone knows tennis from the fan side as Mike & Noah knows everything about being a pro & playing The Dream. Great guests. Very informative for the l.2 billion non-pru players. Mental health issues discussed. Lots of time it’s a Behind The Racquet on steroids.
  • Dr. Cynthia -psychologist
    A must for any tennis fan
    Up-to-date facts & updates PLUS behind the scenes view of life on the pro circuit-ideas about supporting the up & coming players grinding without the resources to afford a “team”. The best information about men’s tennis (below top 100) but headed to the top! Thx MIKE & NOAH
  • Coach pnw
    Some great insight by Mike and his guests. Having the inside scoop on tour is great for us fans to be able to listen to.
  • noneatthistime233
    Need to do better with guests
    I was disappointed by the conversation with Sandgren -- which was supposed to take a real look at social media. The hosts let Sandgren act completely confused about what he had ever said that may have offended them. Sandgren was like "I guess some people are offended that I don't think big government is the solution to everything. Actually people were offended by the bullying homophobia, by the retweets of white nationalists, the fueling of conspiracy theories, and the casual racism. I am sure that is what offended the hosts too. But they were afraid to just say so. Its not just cowardly, it made the conversation pointless and bland. Missed opportunity.
  • JugeSTP
    Mike Cation is the best in the business
    Too many tennis reporters make terrible jokes or just struggle to deliver news about tennis with personality. This is the best out there.
  • Jaxsonjay
    I can only give 5 stars? Federer, Nadal, Djokovic info you can get anywhere. This is the nitty gritty of the pro tour. And much respect to Noah Rubin for bearing his soul. You won’t find this often with world class athletes.
  • Brooklyn Tennis
    Refreshing Insights
    Noah and Mike are funny, humble and thoughtful. It's good to hear the perspective and context which makes tennis such a complex sport. Thanks for letting us, the listeners, into the mental (and physical) side of the game away from the tennis superstars.
  • Jmayhem69
    Best tennis pod
    Really enjoy Mike’s work
  • thunderc*ck
    Best in the game
    Enough said
  • Joey Hanf
    Best in the Game
    Mike is the best play-by-play commentator in tennis, and his access to and knowledge of the players is something that is extremely valuable to all tennis fans.
  • ALTA A4 league champ
    Great podcast - behind the scenes look at pro Tennis
    I love Tennis and I love this guy’s work. His laid back, positive attitude is contagious and you can tell the athletes genuinely like him. The players seem comfortable during the interviews which yields really interesting discussions. As he gets bigger, which I’m sure is only a matter of time, I hope he continues to focus on the challenger tour. Don’t get it twisted, I love watching Rafa, Fed and the top guys play but it’s refreshing to hear from these up and coming super stars.
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