This Podcast Will Kill You


This podcast might not actually kill you, but it covers so many things that can. Each episode tackles a different disease, from its history, to its biology, and finally, how scared you need to be. Ecologists and epidemiologists Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke make infectious diseases acceptable fodder for dinner party conversation and provide the perfect cocktail recipe to match

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  • gracedmess
    So informative - and fun! And addictive.
    This year I heard about this podcast on another one I love. So I’ve started with episode 1 and moving forward. Oh, how I wish I’d been up to date before the pandemic began. But, the interplay of science and history and narrative makes it so easy to stay focused on the information - and with a desire to keep going and going.
  • brligirl
    I love this podcast and the ladies who run it. I have a little “obsession” with infectious diseases with my Bachelor’s in Public Health/Human Biology + working on my MPH in Epidemiology, so this is right up my alley!! Erin & Erin have done a great job of creating a fun and intriguing podcast while also keeping serious enough to inform and educate about numerous diseases. I always learn something new and look forward to the new episodes and ~quarantini time~ every week. I especially love the book recommendations. :-)
  • Ah poky
    I love this podcast for the science but…
    This podcast is filled with facts and good science, and it’s fun. The one problem that I have with it is the interjections of the political viewpoints of the hosts. It gets in the way of factual presentations of the hard science. I really do not care to hear your opinions- I just want the facts! Leave out the politics and it’s really good.
  • madisonnnwatts
    Love this podcast
    I like how Erin tells Erin when she asks a good question I think it’s nice
  • Emily:)
    Well-written, educational
    Erin and Erin are AMAZING! I love this podcast so much. It’s informative and conversational. They educate each other as well as the listeners in terms that make sense. They are fantastic.
  • emmy.cliff
    Love this podcast! Super super informative and easy to digest! The Erin’s do an amazing job!
  • Lisa2018 OK
    Informative and Entertaining
    I am enjoying binge listening to this podcast I recently discovered!! This has been a great refresher on diseases and their origins, and I have gained a lot of new information while being entertained. You do a great job not making it too complicated or too basic. I think the anti-feminist who gave you a bad review is clearly jealous of your accomplishments. Also, I don’t drink but I look forward to hearing about your Quarantini and Placeba Rita each episode! Keep this podcast going!!
  • Judicious_listener
    Entertaining and Educating
    Great work. So valuable! Educated people talking with passion.
  • futurenursefisch
    This podcast helped me pass Microbiology
    I listen to podcasts while running because you know, running. I was introduced to the Erin’s via Ologies; enter TPWKY. Complete game changer on how I viewed diseases that I was interested in but didn’t love reading about in medical textbooks. I showed up to my microbiology class and by the second week was label “microbio nerd” due to being able to name those involved in the field, different kingdoms, where certain bacteria, viruses and fungi are, the shapes, gram + or - and, the list goes on. All from listening to a podcast while I subject myself to torture via cardio. If you are interested in the medical field or are in a medical major for college, go ahead and give this one a listen. BUT YOU MUST START FROM THE FIRST EPISODE.
  • Is there air? you don't know!
    Dynamic Duo
    The Doctors' Erin are among the best podcasters in the game. This show is a must.
  • RachymamaWilson
    Insufferably Annoying
    The topics and information are cool and interesting. I like my podcast hosts to have some personality, but for two women who are such militant Feminists, they sure seem unaware of the fact that trying to deliver this material with constant giggling at inopportune times and acting like 11 year old girls at a slumber party is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. I’m a woman myself, So it’s pretty disappointing to hear women who say they have so much education speak like bimbo valley girls who can’t stop giggling. Couldn’t make it through a whole episode. STOP. EFFIN’. GIGGLING. You sound like the stereotypical airhead woman while also being offended anytime you think people aren’t taking you seriously because you’re women. Cringe.
  • slwlg
    Very much worth listening to!
    I had caught up on Sawbones and needed something to listen to on my hour long commutes. A friend suggested My Favorite Murder, so I gave it a shot. Except, when I listened to one of the episodes, it wasn’t the first, but the one the two Erin’s were doing as guests. This Podcast Will Kill You was also recommended to me, so when I saw it was from the same people I had just listened to, I gave it a shot for my next listen. And I am very much glad I did. I am definitely one of those science nerds who cannot know enough about something, and infectious diseases and how they affect the human body is one of my top interests. I absolutely love the history and the biology being presented with each disease. Super bonus points for presenting the information in such a way that still feels human. I just finished the first season, and that last episode on HIV really hit me. I am a queer trans woman, and while I do not know anyone directly affected my AIDS, it’s impossible to miss the impact it has had, especially the demonization and lack of support, on the community. I’m also an Anatomy and Physiology lab educator, so while I may be late to the cocktail party, I am still very much glad this podcast exists, and that both Erins spent so much time making it as amazing as it is. Thank you. 💖
  • Jilliemae
    My favorite podcast ever. I love how the Erins are so interested in everything they talk about and express it with such a great sense is humor, but they still show respect to the people/animals involved. The Plague episodes are my favorite, and there’s really something for everyone. They’re the perfect hosts and you know you’re good hands with these gals.
  • ScienceSavannah
    This podcast makes diseases & disgusting stuff delightful
    This show is absolutely amazing. I love the format they use for their episodes to dive into different facets of the diseases etc they cover. It gives me a deep dive into all sorts of things I never thought I’d find interesting without being all over the place. Very cohesive and easy to listen to, AND I learn a ton. Did I mention the hosts’ voices are like butter and syrup? Thank you for making this podcast!
  • Karlaxxxx
    This is a fantastic, educational and super interesting podcast. If you have interest in history, medicine or disease, then this podcast is for you.
  • Lindsey34684
    Please Add Ability to Mark as Played and Save Progress
    I love this podcast! But as someone who doesn’t listen to an episode all at one time and listens out of order, not having the ability to mark episodes as played and pick up where I left off is frustrating. Other podcasts under Exactly Right have this function through Apple Podcasts and would be appreciated!
  • readingrenee
    Some info is good
    Overall it’s another fail. A drink recipe and two girls trying to create a niche arena for themselves. I did get info on some good stuff but… the glossary - pathogen- if you have no clue then this needs to be explained and that means this is not for you. Overall - just ok but pass on it
  • rtmae
    So good!
    I learn so much! The pace of their conversation is extremely listenable and it’s fun without being too banter-y like some pods. Really great stuff! I think my friends are tired of me sending them episodes though 😬
  • absolutelycarolyn
    Quarentinis please!!
    I’m an RN and I recommend this to all my coworkers and friends. The Erins are brilliant! The show is so well researched, they include sources and a reading list, have awesome music and sound quality, and is super entertaining. I’d love to hear mono/Epstein Barr, strep throat, and diverticulitis since they’re so common and I’d love a deep dive.
  • Eve 🌺
    Best Podcast Ever!
    Literally you will not find a more interesting podcast the. TPWKY. Every episode brings you into a new world of knowledge. Everyone’s always asking me how I know super random facts about disease and the answer is TPWKY!
  • Laurenmmh
    This pod has great structure and is a perfect balance of entertainment and educational. A great road trip podcast!
  • amyquispe
    Listen twice!
    Love this show when I know very little, and love this show when I know a little more on the topic. I suggest two listens.
  • moobdoob
    a must-listen for anyone interested in medicine/diseases/science
    educational, insightful, eye-opening and entertaining! I just discovered this podcast recently but will definitely try and catch up on all the episodes!
  • taykuro
    Learning so much
    I love this podcast. I’ve never been good at science but I feel like Erin and Erin have taught me so much! Epidemiology is so interesting and I love the format of the show. Can’t sing the praises enough.
  • stacy518
    So much potential ruined by their politics seeping in
    I’ve listened to about half the episodes but find I can’t even finish them anymore. Every episode, and I mean every single episode, they make multiple comments about how no one cared(cares) about the disease because it didn’t affect rich while males. For a couple minutes. For some perspective, Im a 25yr old female, and their over the top feminism and anti American statements (which, fair enough- they’re often somewhat valid, but they’re also much too focused on; a complete tangent) has become unbearable to the point I literally cannot finish the newer episodes. Not everyone is out to get women, and many people do care about those in developing countries- something the Erins do not believe. You wouldn’t guess that the two hosts are both PHDs by their “wow”s and “oh my gracious”s for facts they should most definitely have known before each episode. At the beginning of each episode, they have someone effected by the disease give a few minute account. After this, the dialogue goes “wow” “yeah” “wow” “I know”. It’s all very educational.
  • Tex N OK
    Why only 5 Stars?
    I wish I could give the Erins 12 stars. Who would have ever thought that someone could do deep dives into infectious diseases and still make you laugh? The science is great and the 2 Erins are even greater. If you have the slightest interest in learning about epidemics and, sometimes, obscure diseases, this is the podcast for you. A clink of the Quarantini glass to you both!
  • darlingxniki
    I discovered these rad scholars prior to the pandemic. I loved the light hearted punny cocktails, historical background, and scientific breakdown of each topic. This episode got me thinking one day about what we would do if we found ourselves in a pandemic and how crazy it would be to just hole up in our homes. Then, a few months later, exactly that happened. These ladies unintentionally prepared me for the worst. I’ve always loved anything that will make you think and this podcast provides some great food for thought! Love you ladies!!! Science is cool 😎🔬🦠
  • falsefoot
    Thank you thank you thank you!!
    I’m sure I’ve written before but as I’m currently binging again I felt I had to say again how wonderful your podcast is. I love facts and science and reason and you give me these with every episode. Thank you.
  • day bore
    It’s great
    Watch this first episode at least to see if you like it and if your like me you will enjoy it!
  • Bufana
    I LOVE It
    I am a 12 year old and I love this podcast, it is awesome for kids! I also love that the Erin’s are not scared to say what they think about politics and vaccines. I agree with them, I also think people should not get all wound up about them saying what they think and feel. It is their podcast. I want to be just like the Erin’s when they grow up! They are superheroes to me. My whole family loves this podcast, even my twin brother. I love that you add in humare, and I can’t wait till i am old enough to have the drinks at the start. You guys are THE BEST!!!!
  • todro1
    Awesome podcast
    I started listening to this podcast three months ago. Started with the syphilis episode and I was hooked from there. The Erins are so passionate about each disease that it is no exaggeration to say that it is infectious. I recently finished all the available episodes, instead of moving on to another podcast and listening to it as new ones come out, I’ve started re-listening to past episodes just to absorb more of the information. I can’t really recommend this podcast enough.
  • ThreeDogDaze
    Topics are Interesting and Informative
    If you want to endure two elite racists who hate America.
  • evennicknamedoesntwork
    Huntington’s Disease
    As someone who has a friend who’s grandma, her dad, her sister, and she herself who also has it, I’m very familiar with this awful disease. Your podcast was so detailed, informative, compassionate, and hopeful that sooner than later a break through is coming soon. Thank you for the time & care you took to do this podcast! I’m now a loyal follower.
  • sneakykikiriki
    I always hated science growing up, so I was shocked by how much I love how this show. It presents this info using captivating story-telling. I especially enjoy hearing about the historical contexts of different conditions.
  • tellthewholestory
    Context is everything
    I love this podcast and how they contextualize everything in history and politics. For the reviewers who complain about the political commentary, you have clearly missed the point that science and public health are inherently political. Who, what, when, and how things are studiedis determined by politics. It's funny that only those who seem to be conservative balk at this point. 🙄
  • ZanoZanoZano
    Informational and fun
    I really enjoy this podcast and the hosts — coming from a Biology background (undergrad plus neurovirology research for 7 years) it brings me back to my roots in a way that I retain information and enjoy myself while learning new things!
  • Southernragerrrrrr
    Love All The Information!
    Heard about this podcast multiple times on My Favorite Murder so I decided to give it a try. Totally don’t regret giving it a try either! The girls are totally into giving the information, stories and facts about all the diseases they cover (only on episode 4). I’ve been blown away but what I’ve learned so far about how the diseases originated and the back story. Totally give it a try if you’re into these type or podcasts.
  • 1001 Jell-O shots
    One of my personal top 5 podcasts ❤️ you two are the absolute best!
  • AshSmash123124
    Excellent Information, but hard to get past moral high horse
    The Erins are brilliant and present information in a way that laymen can understand. However, the constant moral high ground they take against conservatives is annoying. They always talk about how no one cares about something until it affects wealthy white people, and that is just too oversimplified for my taste.
  • cilantrosfool
    Informative and Fun
    I look forward to every episode of this podcast and the Erins never disappoint!
  • JLaTaDa
    Such a great podcast!
    Is it fair to say this podcast makes me feel smarter each time I listen?! I had no idea how much I’d love this podcast but I do and I refer to it quite often. The Erin’s are wonderful and so easy to listen to. I can’t imagine the time they spend researching and putting this together but I’m so grateful! Thank you!!
  • Jmty88
    Great listen!
    The Erin’s are great! So informative and captivating to listen to!
  • Skittlegryph
    My favorite podcast!
    Genuinely one of my favorite podcasts, and I’m not saying that just because my name is also Erin.
  • mlaufstks
    Can’t stop binging
    This women are brilliant and compassionate. I absolutely love this podcast and am learning so much!
  • SNG757
    A well needed dose of compassion and reason. These two women are incredible in so many ways. Truly making the world a better place.
  • AmateurGeekDad
    Super informative and wonderfully nerdy
    Love this podcast! The hosts' obvious love of learning and sharing such interesting stories makes listening a delight. The Erins are also honest about history and the present day - the good and the bad. Some reviewers here would like them to ignore our often racist, sexist, classist. colonialist medical history (as well as issues that persist to today). I'm happy they don't whitewash the ugly truth to make certain people feel more comfortable. Ignorance may be bliss but it leads to repeating horrendous behaviors (and apparently making snarky mean-spirited comments about wonderful podcasts).
  • what if world
    Can’t wait
  • Cryptodnut
    Started good, turned horrific
    What could be a great podcast, and the first season was, is overshadowed with terrible narration. The lady that says “like” and uses “valley girl” rhetoric is just nauseating to listen to. Furthermore the entrance of of political bias into what should be epidemiology science, was enough for me. TWIV & TWIP (This week in virus and parasites) remains the champ of the epidemiology podcasts. They may be a little dry on the fact delivery, but you don’t have to hear dumbed down comments and political opinions.
  • jorleigh
    This podcast is GREAT!!
    My favorite sciencey podcast!! It’s refreshing to hear honest history told through a scientific lens. I love the Erins and the passion they share for both learning and teaching :) not to mention the thoughtfully told history, the dry humor, and the careful consideration that goes into choosing experts, language, and topics! Love you, you wonderful, probably not filthy humans 💜
  • Medgey
    Horrified and I love it!
    So good!!! So terrifying!!!!!!!!!
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