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  • Hltnhdmama
    Heather Gay got hurt
    Those are front scratches on her arms -I’m done with Bravo unless a real investigation is done .
  • Hskrfan64
    I watch WWHL religiously and realize that the housewives do what they do. HOWEVER, Wendy got to go. The entire time she was on, she kept looking at herself in the monitor. She and her conceited fake *ss needs to be checked and checked out of Potomac. Btw Wendy…you ARE NOT a Nigerian queen by ANY stretch of the imagination except your own. 👋🏽
  • Tgrehow
    Really didn’t expect Andy to hold gizelle or Robyn accountable nor PUSH the fact that they are colorist…I mean he does have his favorites and they don’t look like nene
  • hunter9978
    I wonder if Andy will ever have any conservative voices on his show instead of living in an echo chamber. Hillary and Chelsea??? Really??? Eeewwww
  • freehouse
    No politics
    Andy, can you please quit with your political views and political guests? I don’t watch WWHL for that! Get yourself a liberal podcast for that!!
  • Sue me...
  • golfersclubhouse
    Decent show
    Not bad
  • Bbdd1643
    Stop Talking Politics
    What makes Andy think we share or care to hear his political views and opinions? Stick with Bravo topics or get a show on CNN.
  • Michele Jo
    Lisa Rinna
    Andy you need to pay attention to your viewers. Lisa Rinna is s horrible person. Why are you keeping such a vile, sneaky, liar horrid woman??
  • j.hamm
    Worst housewife
    Honestly . Crystal is not cool. And , also as a women of color, I find her a little racist
  • Marcshawn1988
    Andy Cohen and Bravo TV like to bank of women’s quarrel’s, connections, and lifestyles — only to tear it all apart. Men like to use women like the Bravo Network only to destroy their lives, self image — and now marriages. And don’t forget … FREEDOM. Get the handcuffs ready. Andy make sure you film that too. Gotta sleep well tonight.
  • jeowprvdmeo
    The ADS!!!
    The lady who reads the advertisements... Get someone that can read copy well. Her voice is monotone and I always have to skip. Someone please give her some water.
  • dedeferre
    Best show ever with Isaac and Sherri!!!
  • Barekeep
    Below Deck Galley Talk
    BDGT w/Kate, Ben, Bobby, Colin, Josiah, Anastasia, Alex etc is SO entertaining! Unlike Chat Room, which is a snore. BDGT is equally as entertaining as WWHL… where Andy does a great job.
  • hazelbnr
    Recovering listener /viewer
    If one wants to become dumber than a rock (an insult to rocks) keep listening and watching WWHL. I once enjoyed Bravo shows as an escape, but not at the expense of further intellectual decline. Bravo, is no longer an escape for me, but a reminder of our gross celebration of consumer culture.
  • #sad person
    Porsha Williams
    Dear Andy Choi’s I am so disappointed in the Porsha family matters it’s not to good I hope u didn’t have Atlanta housewives not shown because of Porsha show 😂 . Come on Andy 2022 can u do a little better I’m getting bored
  • Smells/TeamLeader
    Let’s be real…
    What do you expect? Rules for thee not for thee, virtual signaling, apologetics, cherry picking, crawfishing…. Ironically enough served from literally what is dubbed “the most privileged of classes” but I mean hopefully the irony is not only lost on me. As Neitzche stated loosely “ stare long enough into the abyss and eventually it will begin to look back at you”… but I mean have any of use really come here to be enlightened😬 Now that’s scary.
    New adverts
    I like the pod. It would be great to have new ad hosts. They seem out of place. Add in Danny P or WWC hosts so there’s less skipping :)
  • gavin angelo lester
    I hate the podcast
    I hate the podcast so I hope people agree with me
  • Lotus Effects
    Can’t believe they were lying about knowing Erika Jayne allegations for years, profiting off orphans & widows to sell a TV show
  • stateofgray
    Tired of getting lectured
    I loved the bravo shows as an escape from reality. Completely vapid and my guilty pleasure. Housewives, Southern Charm, etc etc. But now each show is slowly turning into one giant lecture. Served with a side of “listen to us, we’re better than you…” well, no you’re not. No longer interested.
  • @ReallyJenny1
    Hey, Andy!
    This is a podcast. We cannot SEE what’s happening in your studio. If you could just take a few extra seconds to let those of us listening know what’s going on, that’d be great. Otherwise, maybe just stick with the tv broadcast?
  • Sososijwnsnx
    Andy Cohen Drunk?
    Andy Cohen seems drunk when talking to Luann which seems so inappropriate. I hope it just lagging but either way upgrade the quality or educate Cohen.
  • Mithrandir.
    Never listened…
    … but my word! Just look at them teeth!
  • improtanz
    Bad person
    Awful exploitive human.
  • SAMBOSS121.1
    Total vapid, dumb crap. Served with an attitude that says I’m better than you.
  • Cvos0904
    GIVE DANNY HIS OWN SHOW!! We love Danny ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • just call me Blu
    Andy is a real cornball for the way that he treated Monique and Chris Samuels. She knew what she saw but cornball Andy, Wrinkled neck no man havingJezebel, and her trusted boring behind sidekick Robyn lied about what went down at the winery. Jezebel knows that was her hand nudging Monique and we all saw the wine glass fly. Wendy is a bore and Candiace the crying chihuahua are is an absolute turn off. Im done with RHOP and anything else Andy has a hand in. The Grande Dame is the only thing left to see but I will support her by buying her merchandise.
  • AgelessHarmony
    Entertainment at it’s finest!
    Love Andy and his shenanigans! RandyW80 must be salty about his lack of ethics and values while he throws fits in stores without a mask.
  • RandyW80
    Andy Cohen is a habitual liar and a fraud...the desire for fame has ruined him.
  • K3484748377383
    Bring back Brandi to Housewives of BH....And pay her what she is worth.
  • philly doone
    Glorious Gloria
    OMG- you’ve got to have Gloria on more often to tell stories! Gloria Glory Days! Love her and you!
  • jujupumpkin
    Please bring back Watch What Crappens guys
    They make me watch all your shows
  • Mairces
    And now we said it...
    Loved the Watch what Crappens and Danny Pellegrino episode!!!
  • Traveler2828
    The “Watch What Crappens” Talented Podcasters
    So glad to see you finally invited the hysterically funny duo of Ben & Ronnie from Watch What Crappens podcast to your Watch What Happens show. Their creative & engaging recapping of Bravo reality shows are responsible for bringing new viewers like me to some Bravo shows I’d never thought about watching. So glad to see them finally recognized by Bravo.
  • Kovacsiss
    Love what Crappens
    Thank you for having Ben and Ronnie on! They are the best! I love Danny too!
  • jodyabs
    Cancel culture isn’t the answer
    Just hopped strait on the ban wagon. Very disappointed Bravo.
  • z1978!
    Agreed will never listen or watch bravo again not fair letting go of Stassi and Kristen.
  • amberjane05
    Huge mistake
    Huge mistake getting rid of stassi and Kristen.
  • crazy hickey
    Take a stand Bravo!!
    Why is it seem like Bravo is just doing this because of tv and not for the real reason. #dumpthepump They seem to talk the talk but not walk the walk. Bring more diversity to these shows. I am done with Vanderpump Rules and I’m done with Bravo. You aren’t listening!!!!
  • Nadine1288
    Andy Cohen never holds any cast member on any of the shows on Bravo accountable for any of their problematic behavior like Jax’s verbal abuse to his wife as well as their attitudes towards the lgbtq+ community, Stassi and Kristens covert racism towards Faith, and lastly the blatant sweeping under the rug by Lisa Vanderpump about these issues.
  • MD/SD
    Keeps my sane & entertained
    Thank you for the Podcast ❣️
  • Grete Gower
    Love love love
    I enjoy my coffee each morning while watching last night’s episode of WWHL. Great interviews with my favorite Bravolebrities. Andy is great and I love hearing his stories. Starts my day off right with smiles and laughter.
  • jkfan13
    Used to enjoy
    WWHL used to be light and fun but after the Below Deck reunion disaster I just can’t. Mind blowing that Andy didn’t call out the misogynistic cast members - worse, he seemed to side with them. I’m not on board with that. Bye WWHL.
  • LFaw
    The Below Deck Reunion was one of the toughest listens.. so geared toward the men, the questioning felt sexiest and blaming of the victims. Disappointed
  • kindergartenrockstar
    Totally here for this
    Love this talk show so much and the games they play on it.
  • Cat4290
    Game of Thrones
    Stassis obsession with GOT is annoying. We all know she would have made fun of people who actually read the books .but then it became a fad 3 years ago and like she always does she hopped on the bandwagon . Ugh! Stop Stassi.
  • Brain Reich
    Patchouge Medford chorus
    They are amazing
  • jo_eth
    Hands down my favorite podcast! Heather has brought so much joy to my life. Thank you!
  • kelliwhit
    Announce the poll winners!
    I loved the show but work too much now and don’t have time. I love that the podcast is an option but hate that i don’t get to know the poll winners sometimes. Andy will say something vague like “what a landslide” but never mention who won. Podcast listeners can see the poll.
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