Procedure Ready: Ob/Gyn

Medicine #61

Procedure Ready: Ob/Gyn (formerly called Pimped Ob/Gyn) is a podcast aimed at medical, PA, and NP students who are entering their clinical rotation in Ob/Gyn.  It covers topics including Your Ob/Gyn Survival Guide-Tips and Tricks, Labor and Delivery, Vaginal deliveries, C-sections, Hysterectomies, and more.Each podcast walks you through a portion of what you’ll experience during your clinical rotations, gives you tips for excelling, preps you for the clinical questioning that’ll occur, and sets you up to overall Honor the rotation!Email with comments, questions, and episode ideas. ##Legal Disclaimer## The opinions expressed within this content are solely the speakers' and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of their employers or affiliates.

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