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The FOX News Rundown is the place to find in-depth reporting on the news that impacts you. Each morning, Mike Emanuel, Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Jessica Rosenthal and Chris Foster take a deep dive into the major and controversial stories of the day, tapping into the massive reporting resources of FOX News to provide a full picture of the news. 
Plus, every evening The FOX News Rundown: War On Ukraine brings you up to date reporting and analysis on the crisis unfolding in that country and on the weekend, you’ll hear everything that’s going on in the beltway with The FOX News Rundown: From Washington and special uncut, unedited interviews with The FOX News Rundown: Extra. 
Each day The FOX News Rundown features insight from top newsmakers, along with FOX News reporters and contributors, plus a daily commentary on a significant issue of the day. Check us out twice a day, every day.

FOX News Rundown: War On Ukraine:
With Russia launching a full-scale invasion against its sovereign neighbor, The FOX News Rundown is there to provide in-depth coverage on the conflict. Every evening The FOX News Rundown: War On Ukraine provides up to date reporting and analysis on the crisis unfolding in that country. With insight from experts and reporting from correspondents on the ground, The FOX News Rundown brings you everything you need to know about the armed conflict.

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  • Terry & Sara
    Challenge Your Guests!
    I like this podcast overall, but it can be a bit frustrating in a couple ways. First, the hosts tend to ask rambling, long winded questions. I mean, ask a concise question and let your guest answer! Second, when the guest answers by not answering, or with a twisted & spun answer, challenge them!!! Whatever happened to real journalists who push for the truth and don’t settle for political sound bites? I mean, you don’t challenge your Democrat or Republican guests! By the way, you’ll love this podcast if you think Republicans are always right and Democrats are always wrong. Fair & balanced? Not in the least!
  • Blackshoe81
    Fox News Shifting Left
    With a few prime time exceptions, Salem and Newsmax seem to have taken the lead on Conservative contributors. I have listened to and watched Fox for a long time simply to see a second opinion on issues. This podcast has slowly shifted to CNN light content, which is fine if it suits your needs. Everyone sees things a little differently, and this particular show is no longer one I’m very interested in.
  • LTiger999
    Pro lifing, republican conservatives. They talk about free speech like they don’t have it but bar us lefties from saying anything remotely sensible. Oh also gun rights are horrible abolish the second amendment cmon
  • burntoutongreedyapps
    Great News Podcast
    It’s funny to me the “pride” commercial is put on this podcast. Like every listener isn’t skipping it. But let the alphabet folks keep wasting their advertising dollars.
  • Rdyrbl1967
    Speed talk
    Just subscribed but not sure I’ll continue. Sounds like the news is playing at faster speeds and is not normal. Can’t listen to the news “speeded up”. Why???
  • layla r123😋
    Just stop
    Please stop spreading lies about, well I mean everything. You are making citizens dumber.
  • Ghosts60
    Fox News
    Love Fox News
    Gotten Worse
    Fox News is all over the place these dates. Half the time they have idiot leftist propagandists on here and the hosts just go along with whatever they say.
  • Textdgh
    Juan Williams is a Race Baiter
    I would give it five stars, but Williams dragged it down by 2 stars. Keep putting that jerk on and I’ll keep taking stars off.Why in the world is fox keep employing dumb liberals? I know they want fair and balanced, but good grief, get somebody with half a brain
  • TTVtrev
    This is the best
    I have always loved the news and I can’t get it on my car radio so I listen to this when I can cause I want to listen (or see) what’s happening in the world
  • Benuboy546782
    Is Fox news going liberal?
    Please spare us from having to listen to the lying liberals. We can hear them on any other station. We don’t need more of the same.
  • Grooipie
    Nice Change
    This is an excellent option for unfiltered news without prejudice of a political point of view. Add this as a “must” listen to your podcast list.
  • California Titans Fan
    Awesome reporting
    Real news that’s accurate.
  • KimAdele13
    Seriously fox!!
    We have to listen to some lunatic climate guru. Now Syria is a desert because of climate change. Egypt is going to implode because of tension between factions because of climate change. If I wanted to listen yo propaganda, I’d listen yo CNN. Do better!!!
  • "Kalifornian"
    Thank the Lord I no longer have to expose myself to the NPR branch of the DNC. Finally something worth listening too on my way to work.
  • Texas GranMa
    Superficial Reporting
    Julie Kelly is doing In depth investigative reporting on January 6. You might have her on your show for the rest of the story.
  • bekieboooooo
    Check the audio
    I tried listening but all I heard was diarrhea noises.
  • SaltyRadish
    Too Many Ads
    Way too many ads
  • ajgb392
    I have a idea
    Must people that listen to fox believe in conspiracy same as qanon what is the difference
  • ***sciguy***
    Diligent Dan
    Is an idiot
  • Alee510
    Extremely disappointed
    I am daily Fox Rundown listener and hearing headlines that sound like advertisements for the vaccine and masks is a turn-off. This is what the media has literally reduced the Covid equation to. Masks don’t really work. Viruses can still sleep through, and they muzzle young children who are not at all at risk. The vaccine, while quite possibly effective, is problematic. Side effects are real and efficacy is fading among those already vaccinated, now requiring booster shots. So stop being a part of the propaganda machine for Big Pharma, and start being HONEST!
  • qrrwee
    Sound Quality is Awful
    Insanely bad sound quality
  • Diligent Dan
    Biden is NOT the president!
    The guy who does the evening edition is TERRIBLE! Get someone who has some animation to their voice! I'm SO sick of what used to be the voice of reason promoting the FAKE NEWS that Biden is President! I just fast-forward and curse under my breath. Next: Fire Jessica Rosenthal! She's a biased witch that puts words in people's mouths and then moves on without letting them rebut. I don't think she has an original thought in her head. Everything is "interesting" then she acts like a mind reader. If she hosts a show, I will delete it. If she hosts a segment, I will skip it. In my book, she and Chris Wallace are the worst reporters (term used loosely) Fox has.
  • rrdwtrsdyysdwdd
    More trash from the propaganda machine
  • FoxNotso
    Advocated for the most extreme right wing talking points to ever infect the air waves. Screw this.
  • thskadow
    Real Fake News
    Propaganda. For people that can't think for themselves, so they let someone else do the heavy lift of thinking.
  • ur_worst_NiGhTmArE
    dumpster fire
    that’s it.
  • Jbica001
    Sound quality.
    Again Fox, sound quality is terrible. Why does NPR, Axios, and Apples morning brief sound professionally done while fox podcast sounds likes high school AV club?
  • normalfolkslefthere
    Tool nation
    Only with Fox anything will you get the most inaccurate news, facts or the truth. The radicalization of the low is conservative is about the only thing you can count on. Should be shut down for the propaganda they spread. I’d give it -10 if I could.
  • alcth
    A steady stream of propaganda
    Garbage “reporting”
  • ashel23918
    Absolute joke
    This is not news. This is propaganda
  • Jackson from SC
    Promotes racism and conspiracy theories
  • SouthOmike
    I started listening because over the years I’ve trusted Fox News. After listening for awhile it sounds a lot more like MSNBC or CNN. I’m sorry to see Fox News lose it’s backbone.
  • pwebtx
    Stop whining and where is the news?
    I listen to three news podcasts every day. One left biased, one right, and one center. The Fox News rundown was the one that I listen to on the right, but they don’t report the news anymore, it’s just all complaining about Democrats. And it’s become non-factual. I’m going to find myself a new right leaning news podcast.
  • Mad Mimi 65@$
    Mimi J
    Trey Yingst needs a vacation. He’s slipping and skewing. Move someone else in who understands the issues better. Both sides. A correspondent needs to keep opinion OUT of the mix.
  • BaylyWatcher
    Where’d the depth go?
    Ever since the election there has been no depth to the reporting. It’s just a droning, on and on, from one person per story, repeating the same things over and over. This podcast could be one quarter the length and provide the same info and perspective.
  • Kj Eomma
    Lazy reporters
    I just listened to your podcast relating to Texas' power outage due to the cold weather. You put down solar energy as if that was the reason for it. No mention of the fact that Texas has no backup with other states, because they are independent. No mention that solar isn't the only way, as they have energy from other sources. Or that all of them has contributed to them cutting power. I only listen, usually with a ton of skips, to this to know what garbage you feed your listeners. You find people to support what you think they want to hear. Not the facts. Just opinions and no real work behind it. You are also feeding the division in the GOP. But I'm pretty confident this doesn't matter. So sad.
  • Bobby Buffalo Jr
    The truth
  • Dan-0
    Fox has completely gone over to the dark side. Please release Tucker so he can join a team with journalistic integrity and remove the Fox stain from his career. UNSUBSCRIBING NOW.
  • Fibrogirl96
    I love this podcast
    This is a phenomenal way to get great stories and insights from a multitude of people. It’s great to hear from anchors. I thoroughly enjoyed Dana Perino’s talk with The psychologist and learning about so many things that we do everyday and even more than that why we do it and how to change it to help benefit us in our day to day lives. Great interview Dana.
  • Justuskurtz
    Let’s Call This Morning Opinion
    I teach 4th grade, and my nine year olds are better at knowing the difference between fact and opinion. This podcast definitely has a purpose, to get people riled up against one another. This is a disgrace to “news.”
  • Kraymca
    Fairly fair news reporting (says a liberal)
    I listen to this postcard every morning along with a left leaning daily news podcast. I consider myself slightly left of center, and I like to hear how stories are reported from each angle. I find that the majority of the time it’s very fair reporting (very similar to the other podcast though with some different guests view points). But I HATE the opinion pieces at the end. It’s like, here’s some good honest reporting, now let’s get everyone riled up against each other again! Here’s my opinion- get rid of the opinion pieces and stick to the objective news reporting!
  • Geo_
    A Separate Reality
    A Separate Reality
  • hoopla24
    Leaving It Out
    It is one thing to base quotes and videos off of the Fox rhetoric. It is a totally separate issue to completely leave out entire quotes, and to pick and choose what to leave out in order for things to comply with the Fox rhetoric. Journalists should be reporting entire stories, not cutting and pasting footage and audio together in order for it to fit ones opinion. This is so disheartening.
  • Jimmy the bubble headmaster
    Fox News Radio
    I really like this podcast this is Fox News
  • sparwwwwwww
    Not just news, preaching too.
    I tried. I tried so hard to listen to this podcast, I tried for months, but the amount of spin, color commentary and outright christian preaching usually at the end of the cast is ridiculous.
  • jbowkett84
    Too much opinion...
    I wish that this podcast & Fox in general had slightly more integrity.
  • JK-Oregon
    Used to love this show...Now it’s getting quite liberal.
    I really enjoyed this podcast the last few years. How, the liberal agenda that is given airtime by guests like Spencer Critchley, and the supportive responses by hosts is making me leave FOX news to look for a network that hasn’t sold out to the liberal ideology.
  • smwtcool
    Keep the option pieces out please!
    I have been enjoying this podcast, but can’t stand the opinion pieces at the end. Stick to the facts please I don’t need anymore opinions in my life.
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    Reporters have lost their curiosity
    Kristen Fisher calls America’s mayor a liar. Wow!!! She doesn’t seem to know anything about law. Now is not the time to lay out discovery. But she got in her snarky neck cranking and finger pointing to show just how emotional she is, instead of reporting. Child-like reporting.
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