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Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, Traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc.

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  • Can't get a good one
    Chris roe
    Loved the four hr podcast especially the must be nice as a cattle rancher so much echos true there.
  • crow_32
    Back in the Game
    Gave up bow hunting for a number of years. Started listening to these guys about two months before archery season and thus got back interested in it. This morning I connected with my first bow kill and this evening back straps for dinner. Thanks for getting my interests stoked up!
  • Juniorcharles
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Easily one of my go to podcasts! The knowledge and humor of Aron and Frank is priceless!
  • #crossfitdad
    Great Information and Easy Listening
    If you get boarded easily with other podcasts and you love to hunt and especially mountain hunt this is a great podcast for you. Highly recommend the no BS talk and advice given. Thanks Y’all.
  • long tong yanni
    If you make a bad shot on an elk with a muzzle loader, and lose the animal, is it ethical to keep hunting for another animal? Your tag should be deemed invalid. 🤦‍♂️
  • Stuart from NC
    Honest Information
    Just want to thank both Aaron and Frank “The Tank” for giving honest and unfiltered feedback on all things hunting. I began listening to you guys after getting a Kifaru pack for my first DIY OTC archery elk hunt. Long story short, I was able to go back home to NC with elk meat in the cooler! The knowledge imparted to me from you guys was invaluable and I cannot thank you guys enough. Thanks for making a great product and keep up the good work!
  • grittybow
    Great Podcast
    Aron and Frank give you legit advice on backpack hunting, their opinion’s are unbiased as they will give you an honest opinion on what works in the backcountry. They are funny and this podcast has made me a better person and hunter.
  • Kburgert
    Straightforward hunting podcast
    If you want to hear good hunting stories and also useful gear info, this is the show for you.
  • jchild0515
    New Ownership
    Love hearing from the new generation of ownership at Kifaru! I can personally say that Chad as a friend has been a blessing in me and my family’s life and So excited to watch him on his new journey!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Kevin Palmer.
    What a great podcast. I’ve been listening for about a week straight at work. Great information and great Guests. I’m new to bow shooting and can’t stop listening. Thanks for such a great podcast!!
  • BarFiteCo.
    Good stuff
    Get Dave Cousins on, we need some more archery knowledge, do a legend series!
  • LordGutz
    Just subscribe!
    Amazing podcast with a lot of information. As someone who is looking to get into hunting it has been so helpful.
  • bowhunter4613
    A fresh course of no B.S. real world archery and life gear and topics
    A fresh no beat around the bush in your face this is how it is topics on gear, life, and the mystical flight of Arrow. Don’t change a thing fellas! I love the humor, swearing, and honesty. Aron your article on Mental Toughness rings true even in everyday life. Great Job and keep it up!
  • Choppa Papa
    Great podcast, but......
    This is a great podcast,’d be a lot cooler if you’d introduce your guests and say the name of their Instagram page or podcast they’re from!!
  • IDHunter38
    Great content
    Great podcast with Mike Barklow. You guys were on fire. Very nice to get Frank back too. He always makes me laugh. Good one to listen too for sure.
  • flyrodsandbows
    Best hunting podcast hands down
    I’ve been listening to this since it’s early days and of all the podcasts I listen to, I feel like I’ve learned the most from the Kifaru crew. First and only podcast I support on Patreon. 🔥 🔥 🔥
  • gamerboy234567
    Realistic perspective
    For a guy who is a backcountry hunter for 2weeks(maybe) a year it is great to hear info based on experience from someone who has much more experience. Not sugarcoating or selling the experience just reality. 2 critiques 1. Listened to a lot of the podcasts and listened a lot to how much Aron thinks of himself. We get it. Tougher than most humans. 2. Great content for my boys to listen to that they should hear, can’t let them. The occasional f-bomb or salty language would be fine, that’s life, but this is just too much. Aron is obviously an intelligent guy, language used is below him.
  • Jeff Stroup
    Really enjoy the podcast
    Thanks for the no BS perspective you guys put out. I have learned a lot from your podcast, thanks!
  • johnandrew_b
    Really appreciate Arons brutal honesty about gear.
  • fvgrace
    Makes me laugh
    Arron and crew is the funniest hunting podcast out there. Seriously though, if you like backpack style hunting, this podcast is for you
  • Quincy Jessop
    Love the cast
    Good information and some Laughs
  • KCglide
    Burying the hatchet!
    Good to see you and Gritty putting things behind you. Respect both of you for different reasons and truly enjoy both PODCASTS. Keep killin it!
  • Jacob P. Pedersen
    Super helpful
    Been hunting most my life but 2020 will be my first true backcountry wilderness hunt. Kifarucast has been a huge help when it comes to gear, wilderness tactics, story-telling and its entertaining as well. I may not agree with everything they say on the podcast but I don’t agree with everything my wife says either. Probably my top outdoor podcast at the moment.
  • Cullen Brohannon
    Big fan until recently
    It’s very clear Aron understands gear but nothing about wildlife issues. Stick to gear. Can’t believe Aron believes the super wolves conspiracy.... too funny.
  • Wahpeton Art
    No BS
    Super informative and entertaining. Aron’s recommendation regarding gear carries some pretty serious weight in my opinion. I like the made in USA appreciation and focus.
  • podcastwow
    Decent, better hunting podcast out there
    Repetitive and boring he just calls his hunting buddies and they talk about hunts they done. Hard to learn anything. Check out Remi Warren cutting the distance podcast thats what you want as hunter.
  • JK euhgfh
    Best in the Biz
    Thanks for bringing no BS reviews and info out to us. You guys make the best packs on the planet. Keep up the good work.
  • jeeperdroop
    You done messed up A-Aron....
    Thee best hunting podcast out there. Aron and Frank cover all things western hunting and back country living. From fitness and food to bows and broadheads Aron knows all and tells all. They have knowledgeable and entertaining guests on a lot as well as quick hitter info blasts. Aron is more determined and dedicated than 99% of hunters. They discuss trad life, photography, some gun hunting, some whitetail hunting, muley hunting all over and whatever else they can find a tag for
  • Tradarcher1234
    Real talk
    I appreciate how much time Aron spends helping myself as well as others by having such a diverse group of people on the podcast. There are some things I don’t hunt or do outdoors but enjoy the camaraderie of the podcast hosts and guests. Thanks,
  • extremehunter6
    Best podcast
    I listen to your podcast while I drive to work everyday. The only real podcast that doesn’t sell out to the highest bidder of crappy gear. Keep on the honest reviews and gear selections!
  • Bowhunt276
    The best fukn podcast out, that’s all.
  • The Real PK_
    One of the best
    Aaron and Frank are great to listen to. Lots of knowledge on archery and bow hunting many species in many places. In today’s world it is hard to find unbiased opinions especially for gear in this space. Even tho I can’t really relate to the type of hunting you do (Public land whitetail hunter in FL), nor do I really need any of the gear you guys use. I still find the podcast very enlightening and entertaining. Keep it up and keep the haters tuned out.
  • Cy1642
    Great podcast!
    I travel a lot for work and have troubles finding podcast that I like. I came across Kifarucast just recently and have burned through about 50 episodes so far. Keep them coming!
  • kjewell32
    Awesome podcast
    One of the best podcasts available!
  • Montana111111111
    Awesome podcast with your wife! After listen to it I sat down with my wife and it surely hit home.
  • JPx200
    First buck
    Awesome first buck story!!!Who cares about yours Aron.
  • BWHeck
    From the beginning
    After listening to most of the newer podcasts I’ve decided to start from the beginning. I can say Kifarucast is of the most excellent hunting podcasts out there. Just finished episode 10 with Kifaru founder Patrick Smith, great to hear about where it all started.
  • Adnan96
    Great Podcast
    Always look forward to the new episodes every week! Funny and informative. Top Notch
  • trad_bowhunter1965
    Great podcast with Rob
    Great podcast with Rob from The Stickbow chronicles.
  • J Iowa
    More profanity please
    Best show because they cuss like a real man...hahaha.
  • Nebuckhunter
    Best out there
    Thanks for a great show! I appreciate all the hear reviews and great guests.
  • Leverdoug
    Ya, no, for sure
    Great podcast and great info, really great guests that are a lot of guys people don’t really hear about but are straight killers. Frank and Aron are a great team and the episodes with Luke Caudillo are hilarious.
  • private4995
    Excellent and fun
    Great information based on real life lessons learned. There is no BS keyboard commando crap here. The only 2 ways to improve it are to make more episodes, and for the love of all things Holy, stop giving Aron peanut butter bars during the recording! Other than that, great job all!
  • BCoonce117
    Gear reviews
    Love when you guys do gear reviews! If you can get your hands on the new razor UHD Im sure lots of us would like to know what you guys think.
  • R-1-O
    Awesome podcast!!!
    Thanks for a great podcast.
  • SSenske
    Aron tells it like it is!
  • Horsey20
    Could always use more Bart!
    Lancaster’s are a good interview
  • Loma-bow
    I’m hoping for more stories from Harold at some point. Love the information and the podcast.
  • Duckassassin001!
    I agree with Landers.
  • Reviewer dudes
    Convinced me to not buy Kifaru stuff
    Vulgar, profane, disrespectful. Not a company I want to support.
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