The Unexpectables

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Follow the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains.

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  • Fazeman23
    Self serving
    This podcast can be a lot of fun. They have and are great at role playing their characters, but it’s almost like the listeners are an afterthought. Compared to the other DND podcasts that I listen to, these guys do the worst job of acknowledging that they are playing to an audience. Now it is nice not to hear advertisements or commercials for products during the show but they don’t seem to care at all about the viewers. They do a very poor just of calling out rolls, don’t describe scenes or monsters very well, and don’t bother sharing what upgrades they’ve picked when they level up, which can be frustrating to keep up with the what’s going on. They also have so many inside jokes and a lot of back story that they don’t share with the audience that makes you feel incompetent at times. Lastly, they bicker about rules and “taking away from our time”. To explain, one or two characters will be doing a scene and another chapter out of scene will make a joke, the others will bully the others and shut down the one joke that the audience gets and will laugh at. All-in-all it’s a good podcast, they just need to do a better job at relating to the audience and get over their egos. (Mainly Greckles. Borky on the other hand is hands down the best part of this podcast!) I stopped listening during season 2. Maybe I’ll get back into it, but I’ve started to feel empty while listening to it and find that other podcasts do a better job of acknowledging the listeners.
  • D&Dlist3n3r
    I love this podcast so much and have been listening for years. This podcast may not seem super deep but it’s helped me through some of the hardest times of my life, and I highly recommend it. The characters have kept me company for so long and I listen wherever I am. Thank you so much
  • monkeys in my head
    Best DND Podcast
    My friend told me about your podcast 3 weeks ago and I can’t stop listening. I started with episode 1 and I am now on episode 43. Y’all play like my friends and I do and it’s amazing keep it up!!
  • KJD-X
    Great DNDcast
    Good dm, good player, 1 star off because I really despise the character Remi.
  • brendillon
    Good series
    Great characters and great character development
  • SarcasticEdge
    Been listening going two years now. The story, role playing and general banter still entertain/crack me up. Distortion Devil please keep working in the Butthead chuckle!
  • nabzib
    Absolutely amazing
    Easily best real play podcast I can’t stop listening. Great story funny and smart. Every fan of story telling should be listening to this.
  • DHair50
    Writing from an iPhone store since I already submitted a review
    This is the best real play podcast I’ve found. Please keep it up!
  • Ummy111
    The storyline had everything in it. They have wacky high jinx, emotional moments, epic battles, and great food. They are true to their characters and you can tell they are having a blast. I keep up with all of their shows and enjoy each one.
  • MattyMikes
    I think the cast are funny and professional and unprofessional at the same time. Sometimes they go a little too far with the cursing, but who am I to say they can do what ever they want (Sorry to the unexpectables if you read these and it sounds mean, but you guys are awesome and DnD Is more fun for me because of you guys)
  • myndtwitch
    Fun cast but...
    Wish the guy playing Task would yell so loud and so much. I know it’s the character but dang. Everyone else is awesome!
  • ImperialHC
    Where to even begin??
    The short of it is, this is one of my favorite D&D podcasts. The story Monty and the others tell are absolutely entrancing. Not just the main series though... over time I have learned to love Da Krew, Prince Division, and the others almost as much as I love the stories told in Alivast. I usually listen to podcasts at work and I have to say, it’s sometimes really hard to hold in laughter. The only downside is, I’m officially caught up and can’t listen to multiple episodes every single day. I really can’t wait to see how the rest of these amazing stories unfold.
  • quinncool
    Love it even though the player who plays task can be quite annoying at times. Definitely worth a listen if you know your d&d
  • Kharahtheunrelenting
    Cool story and characters but...
    But it was not made to be listened to as a podcast. At the start of each episode it shows that they can do better audio quality but the dms voice always sounds like they are 3 meters from the mic. And they hardly describe what they are seeing along with people.
  • Vakohacha
    Absolutely Amazing
    TLDR: Is really good, 10/10 you should give it a listen. I started listening after the second arc of TFS at the table, Monty has ruined me for other DnD parties, Connor and Bosco are good, but Monty is the gold standard. I started in during the Winter Festival arc and I’ve listened to the entire podcast in anticipation and to tide me over at least 5 times. The beginning is a bit rougher around the edges, as all things are as they start and I’ve seen a few complaints about Task, and Chris playing him, if you listen to the actual Raunfalt arc on Taka’s channel you realize that he mellowed out before the hungry bois, and it’s all about the character, don’t blame the player for being true to the character. My only complaint is more just me wanting my fix, the delay on uploads is off, sometimes 2 weeks later, sometimes the next day, but that’s just how things are and I just get impatient. In terms of player complaints, it’s only Bosco trying to tell the others how to play and what to do above game, which he has gotten better about but it happens from time to time, and the occasional slip ups on metaknowledge, but that’s genuinely human error and you can tell it’s a slip that has gotten progressively sparser. The party or Monty forgetting a name, losing notes, or forgetting an ability is just human error and helps you remember that they are human and have lives and don’t only have the campaign. The Dogzone, Waterlogged, Pultrygeist, Naked Fear, Hard to Swallow, the beach episode, Levity and Legacy are only a few of the highlights that are absolutely bananas, off the wall with hilarity but also seriousness and tonal whiplash, I don’t know how Monty does it but it’s amazing. Sorry for the paragraph.
  • puglovergaming
  • Svederik
    Better than critical role
    I said what I said
  • hn_singh
    Great to listen too
    Really loving the characters so far, however I feel the one who voices Task gets a bit annoying sometimes. Maybe this will change further into the Podcast.
  • Jmacleod1400
    episode waterlogged
    digsby hits a long fly ball going back back back GONE HOMERUN episode poultrygeist greckles splits borkies uprights
  • Trithion754
    A Hilarious and Fun DND 5e podcast worth listening to!
    I love the show, Panic and Borki the Orki are some of the best role playing I’ve seen. Grekils is a lot of fun and an excellent Rogue to take tips from to, Task is cool but he could use a chill pill. I wish that the prince division would become an entirely different podcast because it can get annoying going from old fantasy to new. Monte? Monti? The DM is one of the best I’ve ever listened to and from another DM’s perspective I have a lot of respect for the world building and story arcs!
  • Purplehairkid
    Pretty great
    I do love this game and these players (even if Gaijin can be really annoying with metagaming). My one issues with the podcast is that they never describe anything visually. When new characters are introduced it’s clear they’re all looking at photo but no one describes what it looks like. It’s kind of irritating. They also only call out like half of their dice rolls. Otherwise I do like this game a lot. The GM is super creative and great at creating both funny and intense moments. Rulings could be more consistent.
  • lucid.lapin
    Everything you want
    Found this podcast a few weeks ago. Listened to a few episodes and was hooked. Currently going through the back catalogue from the start. Great humor, balanced with deep emotional beats. Definitely my favorite actual play. Thank you for creating this wonderful story
  • YepFx
    Borky. Best Tusk Tusk is best task
  • Katie K2F
    Exceptional everything!
    I’ve been a long time viewer of the show, and watching Greckles, Task, Panic, and Borky improve has been fun for my ears! I’d recommend this podcast to anyone who’s looking for a good time and are DND fans! Enjoy!
  • SpecialKay329
    Hilarious and Epic in Equal Measure
    I’m so glad I found this campaign! The world-building is excellent, the lore is intriguing, and the characters are extremely compelling and endearing. Plus it’s so funny that I had to stop listening to episodes at work. My only regret is that I ran through the archived episodes too quickly. PS: Don’t skip the one-shots. They’re not related to the main story, but they are excellent.
  • Kyo29
    A treat
    It’s what a game of D&D should be, friends having fun and making jokes but also having some serious and heavy roleplaying moments.
  • Zecknel
    Not Sure if a Current Issue
    I enjoy this podcast. Decent characters and DM (even if I find them to all be a bit bland) but they all have fun personalities which makes this entertaining to give a listen during work. However, I can barley hear anyone about 40% of the time. Whenever anyone is speaking directly in character their volume drops so low I can’t hear. I have to literally put my ear directly next to a set of speakers in order to try and make out anything. It’s especially prevalent with Monty with npc’s and Gaijin as Greckles. I miss out on 30% of what certain people are saying so half of the information that results in people shouting is kinda out of nowhere. Homely they just need someone to edit and remix the audio after recording sessions. I do realize that this is streamed on twitch, But trying to have this as a podcast as well the results leave thing to be desired.
  • Tkaeser
    I love most of the cast. Too quiet. The player that does task is annoying and his attacking party members for no reason takes too much time and isn’t fun to listen too
  • OrnTrothar
    A inspiration and source of light
    I can vaguely recall about when they started uploading their sessions on YouTube since I was subscribed to Takahata101, but at the time saved the slowly growing playlist to watch later while in the process of moving. Eventually I was able to start listening and binged through the playlist as much as I could whenever I could, while driving, playing a video game or reading, whatever. The series has seen me through a number of ups and downs, from getting married, divorced, moving once, twice and now with someone that is legitimately interested in listening with me. I find myself referencing the game and characters more than Critical Role much to my DND playing group friends amazement. It cannot be said enough how much they as players and Monty as a DM inspire me to want to do better in my own attempts at those roles. Thank you guys and gal for sharing so many happy moments during my darkest moments.
  • jeff swart
    love the show but...
    the layout of the podcast is really confusing. the recent episodes seem to disappear in the chronological order and end with gazed and confused, followed by “unknown season”.
  • Fieldy Znuts
    Don’t forget, some of us are listening.
    Hard to follow by audio only, especially when they react to a dice roll that isn’t called out. Wish they’d just roll real dice. Good characters. Borky is great. Task will make your ears bleed. I find myself shouting rules at the DM quite often. It’s not bad, though.
  • oexnappa
    Story telling at it’s finest
    Started watching when they first started and it has kept me laughing and up at night worrying.
  • AskedCentaur
    I was throughly surprised at how much I enjoyed this podcast. The story Monty and the Unexpectables are tell is better then most movies I’ve seen recently. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode to come out. This is one of the better podcasts I’ve listened to, and I would rather see these guy then critical roll.
  • williamjacksonrr
    I have been listening to most of these guys for years, and have been following this campaign since near the beginning. I love getting to listen to the curt role gang and I use it along with others for ideas when running my own campaigns. Highly recommended.
  • Zayne10
    One of The Best DND Campaigns I’ve Ever Seen
    This campaign is VERY engaging and ABSOLUTELY exciting! All of the characters have there own distinct personalities and work amazingly off of each other. Monty is also one of the best DMs I’ve ever seen. Someday, I strive to make a campaign just as good as this one, if not better. If there’s one thing I don’t like, sometimes really Grekles gets on my nerves with his edgy attitude, personality flips and decision making. But other than that, these characters and campaign are amazing. I can’t wait to see more and I hope you give it a listen. It truly is an unexpected adventure.
  • BoyFromDaHood
    The Unexpectables
    Monty is such a great DM. This is funny, cool and very helpful
  • whocares
    My favorite D&D campaign
    Absolutely my favorite D&D campaign! Monty is the best DM, fully immersive voice acting, incredible story telling, compelling combat, I could go on and on. Players are also on point, interesting backstories and consistent with their actions. If I could criticize one thing, occasionally the voices aren’t synced, ie Zito and Monty are having a conversation on top of each other. Voices could also be EQed a little better. Connor comes in a little quiet and Zito always sounds far away. Love this campaign!!!!
  • Azukl210
    I’m so glad
    I have been watching the live streams and YouTube videos while at work so I can keep up. Now that I have found the pod cast and can download it I don’t have to worry about the video stoping to buffer. With this I can listen to the amazing ness that is The Unexpectables
  • DeSoto Leohart
    Monty is Better than Matt M.
    Monty made a beautiful and immersive world for her players to interact with and engage in. It really shows her dedication. And as for the players, they don’t metagame too much and are entertaining.
  • alchimage2
    I love your podcast I’ve laughed I’ve cried I’ve cheered and I’ve been made hungry lol this show is amazing
  • Megamudkip!!!!!!
    Worlds best D&D podcast
    I love this podcast and I love listening to it and it makes me laugh all the time
  • water duchess
    This crew tell a great story that pulls you in. I love the creativity and inclusivity of the characters. Enjoy!
  • Cammander CIRK
    Truly fantastic
    Throughout the campaign you get to know not only the characters but the players behind them. Chris, Curtis, Gaijin, and Snake pepper the experiences with references of every kind that bring new depth to the story and create hilarious, memorable, and unexpected scenes. Monty expertly GMs and cultivates this tale in a way that can make anything happen. Great job guys! Keep it up!
  • tomtomjkjkjj
    Yes can I get a cheese pizza with extra cheese and some garlic nots
  • Ninja awesomeness134689
    I’ve only recently discovered this series and am having to do some major catch up. I love it! The story line is amazing and the voice actors do an incredible job. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  • Xod12
    To be completely honest, after listening to this podcast, all the other dnd podcasts just seem dull and boring with no depth to them...
  • \{•~•}/
    I love this
    I have always wanted to play dnd or find a group but I’m fine with listening for now and I just think that these people are the best I love them and their characters so much.
  • FuriousJohn
    Worth your time and attention.
    Wonderful players at the table with a talented and entertaining DM. Guests come often, stick around and check out the stream on twitch.
  • Endless_TGX
    Unbelievably Entertaining
    This show is incredible. I can’t tell you how many times that I wish I could also be apart of their adventure as well, playing along with them. Monty with her incredible storytelling and Taka, Goomba, Snake, and Zito with their player interactions as well as a supporting cast of NPCs that you can’t help but root for...where’s the 6 star option?
  • Darthmechas
    Best DnD podcast I have ever listened to! Excellent actors and wonderful story Also love the Warhammer and spinoff stuff, I hope my DnD campaigns engage my players as Monty has for me, bravo everyone!!
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