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The Chad Prather Show is your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Often called “the modern day Will Rogers” and “the voice of the everyman,” now Chad brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspiration, comedy, and fun. Nothing is off limits on The Chad Prather Show!

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  • sue the night movin nurse
    The man !
    Love his way of saying how it is; his humor; never a dull listen !!
  • BettyA9908
    Awesome Show
    Hello, faithful viewer/listener here!! Thank you and Blaze TV for what you guys do!! I’m so tired of the woke agenda and appreciate listening/watching normal God fearing people like you!!! Keep doing what your doing!! ❤️🤍💙
  • Queenie 50
    Great show
    Chad is the best!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Fisher'sGirl
    You are Awesome..
    I love your show I watch it daily. You tell it like it is, no sugar coating and some people really need to hear it.. And your songs love’em can’t wait for more... Keep it Real... Oh and your Two Beavers with a pair of Scissors comment , I spit my drink out.. That was awesome …
  • sandblaster73
    Awesome show ! Keep yelling ! Hahahaha
  • Soulki Jenkins
    All day!
    If you need a pick me up, pick up some Chad in your life!
  • Glomom 65
    Love Chad keep bring on the common sense rants especially about democrats.
  • Captain Cecil
    Tell it like it is
    Love Chad! He speaks for many of us conservatives.
  • App KO!
    Love Chads rants no one does it better PS: I’m out of Chads Pads where can I get more?😂
  • Baxter2023
    Ask and you shall receive
    Cant wait to hear more
  • LS says God Bless
    May 25 Target
    Thank you Sarah and Chad for keeping it real. Thank you for the truth and rant on the pod cast. We have to stay strong and get God back in our lives.
  • Geurin P
    Thank you Chad
    Thank you from the blue collar community we appreciate your voice
  • kblack7809
    USA - horny teenager
    America is 245 years old and compared to other countries America comes across as a horny teenager
  • Dghsmh
    Puking in my mouth
    I always thought I was missing out only listening. I realize that it’s a good thing after hearing about Whoopi’s lap dance. I don’t think my intestinal fortitude could have withstood actually seeing it! Hahaha!!
  • shane9972
    Great show
    Great Great Great Show. Love it. Haven’t laughed that much in a minute. The transgender comments where in short. Love the show keep up the good work brother.
  • Power Stroke13
    Love the show!
    Thank you Chad for keeping it real!
  • !no_thanks!
  • Sean Lindsey
    5 Stars!
    I enjoy this podcast and look forward to every time there a new episode from the buttery chords of Chad Prather. I want to throw this out there… I think that Chad should add a segment to the show called “Nancy Storytime Hour,” where Chad reads us stories in the voice of Nancy Pelosi.
  • DKears1
    Biden is so good, he has actually exposed how corrupt both sides really are. He knows how to crash an economy better than anyone ever!!! FJB Love ya Chad, Duane K
  • sprykceb13
    Your Hat is ugly and your Balls are sagging.
    😆 just kidding love your channel and energy!
  • nonahs69
    The man!
  • okoklahoma
    Oklahoma review
    Love his dog he’s funny truly enjoy his type of comedy
  • armymedic1981
    Great Show
    Very insightful.
  • Vacvacvacvac
    Because you ask for it
    Super show. Wear the hat.
  • Reno Mike A
    A real take on the clown show we live in today 👍👍
  • no nick,name
    No nickname
    Good stuff
  • TessloFaith
    Veracious & Humble
    Keep spreading the TRUTH Chad!! Your style, authenticity & grace is one of a kind! May God continue to bless you & your family!✝️🇺🇸💪
  • Doodlebot1014
    Love ya!!
    Started with the talks in your car…hysterical. Now I listen to you nightly on your podcast. You say it all.
  • StacyMcNabb
    Great voice for Freedom
    This country needs more voices like Chad Prather and Glenn Beck if we have any hope of taking power back from the disgusting criminals running the show. Thanks Chad for speaking the truth boldly.
  • Retiresux
    Chad the man
    Enjoy his view on the world!
  • ECuyler
    Chad is my go to when it comes to political podcasts. Expresses his point of view with wit and humor and just talks to you like a normal guy. His standup show is great too!
  • f_ckpeople
    Ugly hat with saggy balls
    You are the only one I watch on Blaze now. Blaze will lose my membership if they don't figure something out.
  • Aggie Suzy
    Chad Prather
    We enjoy watching Chad Prather every night because it is the only show that is real and we can relate to. Chad is blessed with the ability to captivate his audience with his wealth of information and his hysterical wit. After a long day of crazy meets crazy that we all deal with in our world today it’s nice to settle in for the evening to listen to our voice of reason, Chad Prather! Thank you Chad for being the wonderful man that you are. Nance and Jeff Sale Houston, Texas ❤️
  • Shay.2
    Love listening to your show
    Keep up your awesomeness
  • 81561
    Chad Rocks
    If you haven’t listened to Chad Prather, you just haven’t listened !!!
  • Big Bear Blake
    Must watch
    Chad says what we are all thinking.
  • Spartytime
    Love the cast and content! I he tells it like it is!
  • jdadsslc
    Chad told me too
    Just got My chad pads in the mail today can’t wait to sit down have a bud light 😏 ps better than doom gloom beck show 😂😂😂
  • Kingchewie
    I love the show
  • SmallTownLiver
    My top podcast
    My go to podcast when I need to hear some logic and truth as a 28 year old female bombarded with the problematic and questionable culture that surrounds me.
  • Erin.Moretti
    Love it!
    I love hearing Chad’s opinions
  • Hhvincent
    Love hearing your thoughts and opinions
  • kimberkali
    The Chad Prather show
    I love listening and glad someone has some common sense left.
  • Last stop ranch
    This is a great show with a fantastic host
  • kyle tennison
    Awesome podcast
    Chad told me it’s important to leave a good review and what chad says chad gets. Great review!
  • Ndreck
    Love the show!
    The show provides a variety of topics as well as humor, and it is enjoyable to listen to!
  • PattyM71
    Great listens!
    Always honest and funny. Great comedy shows as well as informative talks.
  • Mackenzie h-man
    I listen to you every morning and couldn’t agree with everything you say, more!!!!!! Amazing
  • Isaiah 66:2
    Chad is the best. Required listening if you know what time it is. Hint: it’s late.
  • no free nicknames -_-
    You told me to write this in my review. So here you go bud
    Your hat is ugly and your balls are saggy. With that said I love the hat and I’m sure your balls are glorious lol Love the show. Love the bluntness and big fan of when you go off the rails and rant for 5 minutes!
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