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A fun and inspiring plant-based podcast from nutrition experts at The Physicians Committee. "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll, who lost 275 pounds, is frequently joined by Dr. Neal Barnard and others to motivate and educate both new vegans and those who have been plant-powered for life. Learn the secrets to radically improving your health as Chuck goes one-on-one with others who have transformed their lives. Dive into the science of a plant-based diet like the effects of eating a single beef hamburger or slice of cheese can do to the body!

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Recent Reviews
  • Kinmaine
    Thank you!
    As a plant strong triathlete and self-described health nerd, this podcast feeds my soul. Thank you so much for answering all the questions and sharing great science with the world.
  • LT 209787
    Highly recommended
    This is a must have on any vegan’s podcast list and it’s also incredibly helpful for those curious about starting a plant based diet.
  • MeggieRinehart
    Love this podcast! I’m plant based, 37 and would love a collagen supplement recommendation. Thank you!!
  • marikmac
    Excellent podcast!
    I look so forward to Chuck’s podcasts! He is well informed and relatable. My fav podcast and I listen to many!
  • S14-0
    Life Changing Info
    A must listen to learn to have the optimum health. Thank you Chuck
  • mysaviorisyeshua
    Love this show!
    Great show! Very informative.
  • goatberry trails
    A lot of plant based info!
    A great place for plant based info!
  • beehappy21
    On Point
    Best Podcast for anyone who wants to regain health, maintain health, enhance health—just BE healthy!!! The amount of FREE information shared on/in this podcast is absolutely priceless. I am a healthcare worker and I am astounded with the sheer amount of evidence based information that is freely shared on this podcast each week. The mission, vision and values of PCRM shines through and their educational, preventative approach is a true model for the healthcare industry. Bravo! I appreciate the availability of Dr. Barnard on the show, answering questions, mentoring the audience in a very kind, informational way—with a wee bit of humor. Chuck Carroll is an excellent host-very relatable. I look forward every week for new content and binge it immediately! Highly recommend this podcast.
  • Kia Kiani
    Best teachers I’ve ever had, Thank You!
    I am a dentist of 25 years and I thought I knew enough about nutrition but I must admit, until I started listening to Dr. Barnard at Rich Roll Podcast and Lateran The Exam Room I was clueless. Thank you for fighting for something so meaningful!
  • Tina8016
    Best plant based podcast
    I have been vegan for years, but recently have been trying to go more plant based. I love this podcast and all of the information it’s given me. My favorite episodes are the ones with Dr. Funk, thank you for having her on your podcast!
  • andreapaulina
    Fantastic Topics and Guests
    I switched to plant based whole food life-style and my joint aches have greatly diminished - so has my waist line. Now what’s really exciting is following some of the better vegan health podcasts to accumulate the specifics of nutrition, cooking and medical benefits that I can use to help share with folks when they are ready to hear about it. This podcast seems to have a lot to offer in the way of encouragement, expertise, and focus on evidence from medical and nutritional studies - which helps win it a 5 star. It isn’t boring and I like to listen when I am preparing food - it keeps me inspired!
  • travel podcast with a twist
    Need a better host
    Guests are top notch, well spoken and informative. The host is annoying, interjects constantly. I skip the first 5 minutes. He’s way too yada yada throughout.
  • JennyKCMO
    Inspiring and educational
    I made a huge shift from the standard American diet to a whole foods, plant-based diet just over 2 weeks ago. I’ve already lost 10 lbs and feel great. I subscribed to this podcast both to be inspired about continuing on this path and to learn more, and it’s delivered on both.
  • Nad McDonalds
    Delete the music
    The shouting tone of the reading and the sound edit/ music are actually stressful which is an emotional turn off. You're screaming 🥺
  • Zois-b
    Extremely informative and motivating.
  • Roughleyme
    Great podcast and host!!
    First, I have to say that it’s so nice to listen to a podcast where the host is experienced enough to know when to speak after a guest and doesn’t interrupt. Secondly, this podcast is so inspiring with some of the most knowledgeable guests. It’s one of my new favorite vegan/plant based podcasts!! I love that it’s weekly but I wish it was more often. Keep up the great work Chuck!!
  • DmanInBton
    Keeps me on track
    Listening for an hour or so every few days keeps me on my healthy eating plans. I’ve been WFPB for a few years, but still learn something new. Thank you, Chuck!
  • lms1007el
    Great Show
    I am changing my eating habits after breast cancer. This show has provided me with the information I need going forward.
  • TVD84
    Love this!
    One of my favorite ways to spend an hour xx
  • Jillstir
    Ray of sunshine and wisdom
    I never miss a week of the Exam Room podcast. Chuck and the team at PCRM are providing a critical service to the health and well being of the community. Everyone’s energy is upbeat, positive, and hopeful. If I need a boost I am happy when there is a new episode in my queue to join me on my daily walk. 
  • TheRealCSuzette
    Excellent Podcast
    I have been eating vegan for about 3 years and my health continues to improve. I follow Dr Fuhrman and Dr Gregor, but this podcast is excellent for its “tips and tricks” and also reminders to eat your fruits and veggies!
  • susugol
    Annoying Intro Music
    I love this podcast but HATE the intro music. It’s annoying stab me in the head kind of noise. I always have to turn down the beginning. Please change our reduce the volume!!!!!! I would give it 5 stars but for that.
  • Em217sm5489
    Well done. Awesome people and content.
    Very well done.
  • susan4now
    Great Information
    Thank you for providing a platform for plant based living and inspiration. Please change the opening music!
  • J.Late
    Everyone should listen to this podcast, great for nutritional nerds and people who are new to the plane based lifestyle. Dr. Barnard is very helpful, topics are well explained easy to understand!
  • Krysfos
    Fantastic topics and very informative!
  • witchyvet
    Well done
    Being a Dr myself I prefer information presented based on research and fact rather than emotional feelings. I have found so much of what’s presented on this podcast to be incredibly helpful. In fact- I recently went plant based after reading/ following Fiber Fueled; I wasn’t convinced to stay 100% until I also found your podcast and began learning what you have to teach. Thank you!!
  • dannykc
    Science Based Nutrition Information
    This is without a doubt the best diet and lifestyle information out there. The team of Doctors and guests on the show are the best in the world, and will have anyone feeling better that will use their advice. After suffering a heart attack, and a triple bypass in which 2 of the grafts failed, I then had a total of 7 stents placed in my heart. Fast forward to 22 months later, I am walking 4 miles every single day, lost over 40 pounds, and for the first time ever, my BMI is in a normal range.... but bottom line, I feel fantastic! Keep up your wonderful work, millions of people need to hear this
  • Alaskahouse
    Easy Listen with Lifesaving Info
    There are a lot of podcasts with plant-based advice but this one strikes a balance between nerdy doctor talk, and “go be a vegan now”. Many podcasts emphasize losing weight, and that’s a good side benefit, but getting the body healthy once and for all is the underlying goal here. This is NOT another weight loss podcast. There is real science here. They have guests that share their wealth of well-researched, useful information for the common person. The show notes for each episode is my favorite part I think; being able to see in detail what each episode is about - GOLD, thank you.
  • jny112
    Best health improvement and vegetarian podcast!
    Chuck you are the best interviewer/ conversationalist/ podcast host. You listen and respect what your guests have to say and you ask great questions so that your average audience can understand and take notes from. Also thank you so much for inviting Dr. Kristi Funk back for the breast cancer awareness month. She’s educated me on nutritious food and debunk myths about breast cancer. I’ve learned so much! I also love both of your positivity and enthusiasm in your episodes. Looking forward for more!
  • mom4/ever
    Best ever podcast! Simple, to the point, based on science while still enjoyable!
  • KaliP99
    Listen to this podcast to improve your health through healthy eating.
  • radioskylight
    Wonderful resource!
    Thanks doctors for your generosity of time and factual, helpful information - it is much needed and appreciated!
  • musicfreak2003
    Love this podcast !!!!
    This is great life changing information and needs to be translated in different languages for all over the world for people to learn and WAKE UP !!!!
  • Vegan Norma
    More Info in Spanish
    I love you podcast, it is so informative, i’m a Spanish speaker but i speak english as well but i would love to share and sometimes i do, i translate this info for my Family, but if you could get Marco Antonio Regil or any other Spanish presentador will be awesome and will get to more Spanish speakers living in US and other latin countries. I already shared the info on the last Spanish conference,looking forward to receive the recorded video, unfortunately I couldn't see it live.Thank you for all your hard work, you guys rock.
  • cabney56
    The gold standard
    The information I’ve gleaned from this podcast for the past 9 months is the gold standard of plant based health and nutrition teaching. I made the switch to whole food plant based eating August 1, 2019, and when I’ve faltered and slipped, it’s the information I’ve received here that’s gotten me back on track. God bless Chuck Carroll and all of the health professionals helping to change our lives.
  • Mimistrawberry
    This podcast will save lives!
    Commenting to boost
  • Gdiv59
    Stop pushing the race narrative
    Your guests aren’t even agreeing with you.
  • pfarrellop
    Well put together
    This show is full of science. Chuck is a good host and interviewer. Lots of variety in each podcast.
  • RoCal21
    My favorite podcast
    great information, lots if science, stories, several smaller segments, very entertaining. Except the yoga person laura smth who sounds stupid and pushes the yoga religion. I did a yoga training and I wasn’t exhausted from yoga practice, only from late nights and sitting on your butt for three straight hours. She is just so dumb, says “like” a lot!
  • Angelo_C
    love the podcast
    What a wonderfully produced podcast. I enjoy all the segments and especially the weight loss champion Chuck. Thanks for bringing the science and evidence based research to the listeners.
  • Veglord Supreme
    Essential Information
    In a world where the number one cause of death is heart disease, the environment is being demolished, and animals are being abused by the billions, this may be the most important thing you ever listen to.
  • Oil&Water
    Balanced Content
    The podcast has a varied discussions which apply to many areas of wellness.....this helps keep interest and improves my understanding. It’s not just a eat and lose fat it’s not a show designed to promote an individual’s books or products.
  • vicare70
    This Podcast is AMAZING!!!
    Chuck Carroll is an amazing host, he’s always in a possitive attitude! You can learn so much about fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Every episode they bring a new guest talking about their acomplishments, which is so interesting! You can use this podcast to get your fitness and health goals completed! You will always learn something new. You can lose weight, get healthy, and much more great things! I totally recommend it 100%!
  • bbyers92
    I'm a new subscriber, and I'm bingeing this podcast. It has informative content and I love it!
  • amritoburrito
    Dhal is not an Indian comfort food btw(just thought you could know)
    In the episode five red foods for a healthy heart they call dhal an Indian comfort food even though it’s not. I just wanted everyone to know
  • phrannnn
    Dr. Barnard and Dr. Greger are world heros!
    Both are wonderfully informative and charismatic scientists. No opinions from either, just science based, evidence based facts. PCRM and are precious resources for all of us, thank you all!
  • portamar15
    Love this podcast! 😍
    I can’t have enough of this podcast! Keep up this great work!
  • Morgansm051509
    Very informative
    My favorite podcast by far. FILLED with information, I’ve binge listened to the whole first season, over the past week, and just when I start to have questions about something, there’s a whole episode addressing that question. Very pleased!
    My Go-To Podcast for Health and Inspiration
    This podcast is my first choice for my daily walk. The inspiring stories and research-based health information keep me on track with my goals and purposes. I love the interviews and the doctor’s mailbag! Thank you for all you do to improve the health of individuals and promote the changes needed for a healthier planet.
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