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Learn to care for plants successfully and cultivate more joy in your life. Ever killed a houseplant before? Host Maria Failla can relate. That’s why she interviews planty experts to get answers to the plant care questions we all have, but might be nervous to ask: like what the heck IS bright indirect light? What is soil and potting mix made up of? Or What IS the best way to water my plants? Tune in to stop killing your plants, learn how to get them to thrive and most importantly, how plants can help us grow a little more joy in our lives while we “Keep Blooming and Keep Growing”! Follow @bloomandgrowradio on IG for daily planty inspiration.

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  • Scubalove
    just no.
    i blame myself for not being able to listen to someone so cheerful and easily excitable. it just comes across as over the top and fake. also, the episode i tried to listen to was about growing citrus indoors and she wouldn’t stop giggling about her lime tree “limey” which is a derogatory term for a british person. for the life of christ don’t name your plants.
  • let-663
    Perfect Podcast for a Walk
    I love listening to B&G while walking my dog in the park. It’s perfectly planty and allows me to appreciate the nature around me on my walk!
  • lulu8582
    Love this podcast
    This is a very upbeat, informational podcast especially for beginner plant parents. Maria always finds interesting guests and the content is never too dry. It’s my new favorite podcast.
  • adfu45hb
    A wonderful show for all levels, but especially beginners
    Maria has created a vast library of shows that are full of plant knowledge and tips. My friends frequently come to me for plant advise. I always give them my personal tips, then share a Bloom and Grow Radio episode that applies to their question! Whether it’s a topic like grow lights, or questions about a certain type of plant, there is always an episode available to share. Thank you for all of the amazing interviews and content you’ve put together for us!
  • listener78174
    Please do more research
    I appreciate the guests on this podcast but the host keeps asking really basic questions that the guests have already had explained, or the host would interpret the guests shared knowledge in a very simplistic and often wrong way. After guests answer a question, it often sounds like the host doesn’t even truly understand and just wants to wrap up and move on. It was fun for me to listen initially but after several episodes these problems stand out and become somewhat annoying.
  • Keeowee Key
    I really enjoyed the Plant Pause episode, made me think “quality not quantity”. Maria is delightful, always enjoyable. And you learn so much from Maria and her guests. Truly the best plant podcast.
  • AmberPrincesa
    New Covid plant mom
    Soothing, informative, relevant. The first (and only) podcast that I listen to regularly.
  • Treyable311
    I’ve always enjoyed plants more than most, but something about 2020 shifted my passion into another gear. As a guy in middle America, I don’t get to nerd out to all things plants. I stumbled upon Bloom and Grow Radio and I. AM. HOOKED! I love how Maria is so upbeat and passionate about all things plants. She has made me feel like my obsession with plants is completely normal and I feel like part of a community. She brings such a range of topics that has opened up a whole new plant world for me. Since Maria is fairly new to the plant life, she asks her experts the questions we are all thinking. I can’t promote this podcast enough! If you’re a lifelong learner and love plants then this is for you. Thank you, Maria!
  • WestTexasJungle
    Love this pod!
    This pod is amazing!! I love the content which is both easy to understand and also touches on the science! Definitely recommend to all planty people!
  • JamieJ527
    Delightful as advertised
    As a newbie myself, I love this podcast! The contagious enthusiasm and unjaded approach of a plant parent who is still a bit of a neophyte. People seem annoyed that host Maria isn’t an expert. Thing is, she completely owns that fact. If Maria acted like an expert, that would be problematic. If she was giving bad plant advice, problematic. So really the negative reviews are just gatekeepers who are mad that the world is loving something outside their own POV.
  • LoisG1
    Okay podcast about houseplants
    This show is okay, but doesn’t really go into the detail that I’m looking for with houseplant knowledge. Many episodes are covered in other plant podcasts, and those seem to go into much more detail on the topics. Maybe some people are happy with the coverage, but it’s just not enough for me.
  • Craft Royalty
    Chris, the Orchid Master!!
    Just re-listening to ep. 30 with Chris Satch because I just bought my first ever orchid....after already successfully caring for 180+ houseplants. Orchids always intimidated me so I never bought one. And common phils bored me. BUT, I found a beautiful paph and absorbing all this knowledge will help set me up for success. Love Maria and all the special guests she gets. She’s created a great planty community.
  • ekong7
    amazing podcast
    i love the host of this podcast she’s so positive and genuine and the podcast itself is really beginner friendly and easy to understand because she always breaks down everything. i’m in the middle of a plant awakening and i love plants and am dying for more plant content. bloom and grow radio filled that need for me! thanks!
  • Destiknee
    I’m a newly addicted plant parent and I’ve learned SO MUCH from Bloom and Grow. It just makes me so happy and even more excited about my plant babies, as if that was even possible. If you love plants, listen to this podcast!
  • cats,plants,bread
    AMAZING, so informative
    As I started to get into plants and became a crazy plant mom I found myself confused with all the information out there on plants and this podcast has helped me so much. She isn’t afraid to ask the questions we all worry about and have, and the variety of subjects helps you become an expert. She has also set up such a nice and welcoming environment. Her voice is also so soothing and I love listening to her personal plant stories. Keep up the AMAZING WORK!
  • Freshchester
    Something for everyone
    Maria has a genuine enthusiasm for all things plant related. She’s been on a roll with guests during The Quar, and I loved learning about soil science by way of the NYBG! If you’re just starting out, this is a great podcast to listen to. For those of us a bit more experienced, it’s a great vehicle for a little early plant parenthood nostalgia (remember the first succulent you euthanized?), and to acquire new knowledge!
  • lifterlan
    This is the most uplifting, educational, and fun podcast! Definitely give it a listen!
  • Lacy-w
    Love this podcast!
    Love, love, love everything about this podcast! I look forward to the episodes every week and have learned so much! Maria is a breath of fresh air in these uncertain times! I highly recommend.
  • Haleyadara
    The podcast I didn’t know I needed
    Every episode provides me with high quality information, and all the questions I didn’t even know I had get answered for me. As a new plant collector, this podcast has helped my get my plants thriving beautifully!
  • Reba Reba
    Fun listen with lots of tips!
    I’m a new plant hobbyist and I’ve learned so much from this podcast. A fun and easy listen. I feel like I’m listening to a good friend while listening to the show. I patiently await every new episode.
  • SaraJoTho
    Growing together
    Maria’s was the first planty pod cast I came across when I first dove headfirst into the world of houseplants. The amount of information I’ve gained while listening to every single episode (sometimes more than once) has helped my first two years of owning house plants so much easier. Every time I have a question or a friend asks for advice, I can almost always go back and find an episode on “that.” Thanks, Maria, for being a wonderful planty lady and an amazing podcaster. Keep blooming and growing, I’ll be right there with ya!
  • MMBergstrom
    Fun, Informative and Friendly
    I’ve been enjoying Bloom and Grow for a few weeks now, coming over when my main plant podcast On the Ledge did a feature. Maria is fun and enthusiastic and while the podcast is aimed more at beginners for advice and care, I think that’s lovely. I often listen while caring for my house plants and I find it fun to imagine what I’d tell Maria about my plants.
  • AlphaBtch
    One of my top 3 favorite podcasts!
    Listening to the new Bloom and Grow episode is often a highlight of my week. Maria’s cheerful disposition, her lovely voice, her endless curiosity about plants, and her enthusiasm for life in general is inspirational. I adore that she is up-front about her knowledge and lack thereof on any given subject; she’s eager to learn right along with us listeners, and she lines up amazing experts to help educate herself and us at the same time. My personal plant journey has been similar, but about 1 year behind Maria’s, so it’s been perfect for me to binge-listen to the old episodes, while also waiting for the new ones with anticipation. This podcast has quickly become one of my go-to listens, and it was my pleasure to choose to become a Patreon supporter to keep such great content coming- not to mention that I love the private Facebook group for instant access to a community with a wealth of knowledge when I have specific questions about my plants. In summary, Bloom and Grow is a fantastic podcast, Maria is a fantastic host, and listening to it will only improve the condition of your plants, and probably your mood, too! Thanks, Maria, for all you do. You are a planty rock star! 🤩
  • Lalalala......BOO!
    Would definitely recommend this podcast for some positivity and learning more about plants in such a chill atmosphere!! Great for beginners, because she asks great questions but also good for experienced plant people because she brings on such knowledgeable and wonderful guests!
  • Daisy Mae Mae Gurl
    My happy place
    I love Maria and her mom ❤️and the positivity she brings when giving us all this planty knowledge!
  • Baker and plant lover
    Love listening to this podcast. Fun and real!
  • Melissa in Ohio
    Binge worthy!
    New to the podcast but not new to plant parenting. I found this when I dove down an instagram rabbit hole a few weeks ago and I have been bingeing ever since. I am learning so much, adding to my toolbox of plant lady skills, adding great resources to the plant reference section of my bookcase, and I adore the variety of guests. Biggest take aways so far: bottom watering and I am shopping for a grow light! Thank you for doing this. I find myself humming your theme music all the time now.
  • Linzanity
    Such a great podcast!
    I started listening to this podcast when there were only a few episodes out and was instantly hooked! It was so helpful as I was just starting out on my own Planty journey. It’s positive, inspirational, informative, entertaining and so much more! Maria is extremely helpful by asking her interviewees basic, specific questions, it really helps the listeners learn about new topics, and she is extremely responsive on social media if you ever have follow up questions or episode recommendations! Cannot recommend it enough! Love Bloom & Grow!
  • pimpdaddydk
    Find my self humming or singing the theme song.
  • Deanloveshiscaspie
    The Most Accessible Plant Podcast for Beginners
    I am not a complete beginner to gardening, but I find a lot of the information intimidating, when I try to learn about gardening science. This is the podcast that has left me feeling more confident and more excited about my gardening journey. I found Bloom and Grow through the Joe Gardener podcast and before this I had never wanted to have houseplants. Maria has 100% changed my mind and I am now prepping space for my first houseplants and I couldn’t be more excited.
  • ParkerSeneca
    Insta Garbage
    Ever wonder what that dumb houseplant lady on instagram would sound like if she made a podcast? Well, this is it! Horribly edited and poorly researched. I love that people are getting more into houseplants but this podcast goes to show you how superficial that interest really is. DO SOME REAL RESEARCH ON PLANTS PLEASE!
  • Iguanagirl
    Great podcast!
    I love this podcast because it covers great info for beginners but also dives deeper into topics, providing more information for growers with more experience. Maria, please do a deep dive episode into bromeliads! I’ve absolutely loved the episodes on orchids and succulents and would like more tips and tricks to step up my bromeliad game!
  • Chloejoy1533
    A favorite!
    Adore this podcast. An educational and relaxing listen. I could listen to Maria all day! A must listen for plant parents.
  • Idontlikenicknamesmm
    A joy to listen to
    I love this show so much. Thank you Maria!
  • Jpersondirect
    Positivity Podcast Purity
    I love how positive the podcast is. I think the information is wonderful. I have noticed that other podcasts discuss plants as status and can get negative about people‘s choices of house plants. This podcast is just positivity and great information.
  • PublicPleb
    Responsive and Receptive Host
    The jingle perked me up one day and Maria’s upbeat persona kept me listening. As the show has bloomed, I came to appreciate Maria’s joy at learning from her listeners and responding to them. The engagement is fantastic. I feel like I’m growing with the show. Great listening on my commute to work.
  • iNibblet
    Maria is so sweet!
    I love listening to Maria and guests. It’s such a fun podcast. While it isn’t packed with tons of in-depth information, she includes so many links and resources from herself and guests. I am hooked, and this podcast helps me feed my newfound plant obsession. Thank you so much Maria!
  • Lola1248
    Supporting beginner plant-people
    I'm a beginner and deeply appreciate that someone is catering to people who are just starting out. Thanks for asking the questions that I would ask in trying to make my way through early planty days!
  • Kaylalabr
    I absolutely love this!!
    I can’t stop listening to this. It’s so educational and I’ve learned so much. I’m a new plant mom and this has been so helpful. It’s also super calming and makes me really happy. I 100% recommend!
  • Planty_Miami
    I absolutely love everything about your show! Your podcast is playing during every free moment I have. Thanks for sharing such amazing content.
  • JessieLynn1987
    Love this!
    This is exactly what the plant space needed! Even if you aren’t a beginner, the content is still enjoyable and always has great guests!
  • Jen186473
    Plant newbie loving Maria and her podcast
    As someone who has never taken the time to learn about plants, and a newer collector of them, this podcast is exactly what I was looking for! It's been a long time since I started a podcast from episode one, but I just started this one (and am now on episode 14), and it's so fantastic! Maria is likeable and real, her guests are knowledgeable, and I love the tips and tutorials. So good. Thank you, Maria!
  • hello_lina
    Packed with sweet plant knowledge!
    I love this podcast so much! I listen to it daily while at work and it helps me learn about plants in such a relaxing way! This podcast is great for any plant-lover, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro- Maria has all the deets thanks to the amazing people she interviews. I recommend this podcast so much, I could give it 10 stars!!
  • sec626
    Excellent and Easy Listen
    As someone who has been into plants for about 2 years, I am still loving and learning about my hobby on Maria’s podcast! She is so fun to listen to, brings on some seriously knowledgeable guests, as well as some just “normal people” that might not have a degree in botany, but have just been in the hobby for a while. This podcast is really relatable in that way! Great for all levels of experience and interest, as there are some wide ranges of topics, from neuroscience (Your Brain on Plants!) to basic plant care. Can’t wait to hear more of what Maria has in store! 🌿❤️
  • trumblefamily
    Finding this podcast has changed so many of my views about food, dieting and my body. Stephanie is both practical and scientific, making big changes like This manageable. She’s also my favorite kind of Christian: not too many church words and keepin it real and honest.
  • Amccartn
    Like spending time with a sweet, planty friend
    I recently became slightly obsessed with houseplants and stumbled across this podcast in an attempt to further my plantducation. I’m so glad I found Bloom and Grow! Maria is funny, she’s joyful, and she’s a fellow New York-dwelling, apartment-living plant mom who always has great information to share. I also enjoy her interviews. She finds the coolest people and asks the best questions to help you best understand the interviewee’s area of expertise. Sharing this podcast with friends! Thank you.
  • Allergy momma1
    The Best!
    This is my favorite podcast. Maria is fabulous as host. I’ve learned so much and her enthusiasm and energy is infectious. I love the questions she is not afraid to ask, her willingness to learn along with her listeners and to be vulnerable. She is also really great about summarizing key points along the way. Always terrific guests and topics. I’ve listened to nearly all and can’t wait to catch the next one each week. Thank you Bloom and Grow Radio.
  • figntx
    Time for me to go home
    I love this podcast. I have binge listened during the last few weeks while I’m at work. It makes me so excited to get off work and go home and check out what my urban jungle has done for the day! Thanks for the hard work.
  • ding_dong_plant_head
    Good but host needs work
    Great guests and subject coverage and I always learn something. But the host needs to learn how to ask a question concisely. She goes on and on and on and on - I want to hear from the experts, not the host!!
  • rachygr8
    Good info and interviews
    I’m a hobby plant lover and her interviews are really helpful right now.
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