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Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.

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  • penny antics
    Joy smart but tired
    I’m so sick of hearing a political host do a deep dive on religion, Chris Mathew’s advocated Joys rise on the network but she never learned his greatest achievement, separation of church and state, he got it, she doesn’t. Nough said.
    Joy Reid, you are flawless. Thank you for your no-nonsense, extremely insightful commentary. Also, thanks for doing it all with a great sense of humor and a great, contagious laugh!
  • midwestBlue
    interviewing issues
    look joy, i like you but your interviewing skillset isn’t the best. a good interviewer 1. listens, you on the other hand say “yeah” after each sentence the guests says and 2. doesn’t interrupt. for such a short amount of time you gave Michael Isikoff tonight you should have, let the man talk as mr. Isikoff has a lot to tell us that you don’t know. arrgghhh
  • Jriz94
    I lose brain cells every time I hear Joy speak.
  • LaraGen
    Brilliant words on
    March 1 broadcast on how trump is not being held accountable but other people are. Perfectly said. I share your frustration.
  • Who Rules The World!
    Joy tells it like it is!
    Joy is fierce. She does truth justice.
  • Ugly Chugley
    Very good coverage on genocide of Palestinians
    Joy, thank you for being the strongest MSNBC voice speaking truth about Israel’s genocide against Palestinians. I am Jewish and I appreciate the courage it takes to criticize Israel at any time, in any way. Speaking of courage, when talking about brave imprisoned activists like Navalny, Mándela, MLK Jr…please consider including imprisoned Palestinian activist Marwan Barghouti. He’s considered a Palestinian Mandela and is thought to be the best and most popular among Palestinians to become their next leader. Salaam and Shalom
  • Romantic Tulip
    Brilliant and factual!
    I know I can count on Ms. Joy Reid to be honest, thorough, fair, meticulous with facts and details. Ms. Reid and her program are brilliant!
  • Krissy_O
    I was a HUGE fan of joy when her show launched but I’ve grown tired of her unwarranted attacks on President Biden. Bringing on CTG was the final straw for me. HARD PASS.
  • Taralainee
    I love this woman! Joy, you are so knowledge and thoughtful and I value your voice in this space! Really appreciate you and what you do. Thank you. ❤️
  • Vote2018
    I really appreciate your point of view !!! It’s usually what I’m thinking to myself, but am sometimes am not brave enough to face.
  • send 218
    She is very racist
  • M.S.S.
    I usually enjoy your show/podcast
    The very idea of book banning hurts me to my core. However, just like movies have ratings, I don’t see a reason not to limit access to books that are graphic in nature. I think a parent should have the right to monitor what their children read. Banning books is extreme, but monitoring what a child reads and limiting access to topics beyond their level of understanding is reasonable. If a parent believes that a book with a particularly sensitive topic is a great Segway to a conversation with their child about an experience they’ve had, then that book can easily be obtained on Amazon or a local bookstore. It doesn’t need to be in the library of an elementary school. And, just because a book is considered a classic doesn’t necessarily make it appropriate for every child at any age. Some books will be better understood when children are older. That’s common sense. I consider myself a liberal, a huge fan of the most and best education anyone can have, and a person who is completely opposed to banning any book. But some topics and some books are better left to children of a certain age. And, and as many have said, leave it to the parents to decide. If you know your child, you should know what their capable of understanding. And, having this take place in the privacy of that child’s home also seems like a reasonable choice. With the endless battles about education, and its disappointing results these days, I would appreciate more conversations about how to make the most of the short amount of time we have to get our kids truly educated while loving to learn…about EVERYTHING… as their age and maturity permit. A well-educated society makes better choices. In closing, I was also disappointed with the way you conducted your interview. You were rude and badgering. I believe that you are better than that. A person can still be polite and respectful even when a person doesn’t agree with or like the other. Michelle
  • Thomas8700
    Reed did a good job Friday on 1/20/24 about the Books
    Reed you did a good job checking that woman on January 20, 2024 about the books. You got into her soul. Keep up the good work. I love your show.
  • Marcella Berardi
    Moms of Liberty
    Thanks Joy for your incredible interview today! I’ve felt outraged by the “Mom’s of Liberty” lack of knowledge about these banned books, conveniently calling out profanity when clearly she never read or understood the context of the book. Growing up in Boulder CO, predominantly white collar/class community, I was exposed to several literature classes grades 10-12. It opened my eyes to many different cultures, ethnicities and history I never knew. To be forbidden to have access to these classes and literature is outrageous. Especially coming for a bunch of bored Moms that are a bunch of hypocrites. Again I think you for calling her out and exposing her of her ignorance! You’re the best Joy!
  • Sactowngirligirl
    Negative Nancy
    Never anything positive to say. Nothing spoken about unifying people of all races, religions, etc. HARD PASS!!
  • Historical insomniac
    Happy, happy, joy, Joy.
    Excellent, cogent questions and observations. Smart, intelligent. GLAD THERE IS MORE JOY! Low ratings = MAGA mewling about an influential black female journalist who is smarter than they are and happy to call out the whackypants extremism of today’s GOP. Love her. Scaring is caring.
  • Enough with the updates!
    I love Joy. Her show is not only informative but she does it in a way that is sometimes humorous. The only reason I didn't give her 5 stars is because she commits the most offensive act for a host.....interrupting her guests. I can't listen to because it's so irritating.
  • Marie0017
    I love Joy! I love an intelligent, beautiful woman doing such a great job!
  • asdfghjkl650
    Your 10/30/2023 10-minute monologue on Israel-Gaza situation was so right on!!
    Joy, what you said was so right on and such a balance in our one-sided bloodthirsty world right now. You talked sense about being able to sympathize with civilian victims of both sides, denouncing hate against both Jews and Muslims, allowing free speech for both Jewish and pro-Palestinian students, and most of all needing to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians. THANK YOU for a dose of badly needed sanity, together with MSNBC hosts like Ari Melber who have also been able to present and sympathize with victims of both sides, and reach for a way forward for BOTH Jews and Palestinians to live in peace and security and dignity.
  • Raging Southpaw
    Thank you for showing the other side
    All day I have been hearing Israel’s side of this horrible War in Israel and Gaza. Joy shared the other side of the story. The Right Wing Party of Netanyahu has increased attacks against Palestinian civilians (including the death of children) this year. I appreciate Joy’s further facts from the Palestinian perspective. Thank you for expanding our knowledge about this crisis. Thank you for your logical comment on October 30. I agree with you. To Life!
  • Juniemoon12
    I love your show and agree with your opinion of bombing Gaza by Israel. Their own citizens don’t agree with it and it’s not right to kill innocent people. I’m disappointed in our government concerning this issue. I agree with supporting Israel but not with impeding on others rights. Thank you for what you do.
  • valestt
    Too loud/too much
    I like the”Joy Reid” show and listen most days. I think she’s as informative as some of the other podcasts I listen to. The problem, I am having with her show is in general, she is too loud, her voice is much louder than any of the guest that I have heard. Also, when she asks a question of her guests, she always has a small unnecessary commentary between the questions she asked, and when she allows them to answer, because of this, the time allowed for their answers are shortened, many times the guests can’t finish their answer. She talks a little to much at times.
  • JazzBass13
    Updated - 09/22/23
    I had previously given a really scathing low review of Ms. Reid's show, based solely on what I had referred to - being a retired professional musician - as a "loud, very poorly mixed" podcast version of her daily news broadcast. Since then, I have noticed a huge improvement in the complete sound mixes. **my original review appears below this update** Soooo - Joy Reid is an invaluable voice and reporter on today's most important and pressing issues, and this podcast version of her daily news show is essential!! **I'm a musician - sound and mix can make or break anything. I've listened to a few Joy Reid show episodes and - overall her voice is so loud, overbearing, and distracting that I literally have trouble paying attention to the guests - bc I get angry about the sloppy mix! If whoever puts this together can level out the mix between host and guests I would consider trying it again - til then, I'm out!**
  • ottowoods
    A “Joy” to watch
    Keep on the fire.
  • Loganfool
    Great show
    One of my new favorites. Thank you!
  • Craig Dayton
    Joy is smart and articulate…but
    I would have more respect and appreciation for Joy, and for those who guest-host for her, if the reporting was balanced. I am also a person who appreciates equal justice under the law. When Antifa and some in Black Lives Matter (BLM) we’re burning police stations and destroying court houses and looting private businesses, as well as killing people, Joy was perfectly fine with those activities. With all the horrible things that were done by Antifa and BLM, no one has been prosecuted. Joy, however, is all-in on the prosecution of those who entered the capitol building, unarmed, on January 6. I believe that those who were violent and did damage on January 6 should, indeed, be prosecuted, and those in Antifa and BLM who destroyed property and killed people should be prosecuted. It is called equal justice under the law. This seems to be a concept that is beyond the grasp of Joy and her fellow elite leftists. It’s too bad, as she knows how to deliver a broadcast in a professional manner. She could, however, learn a lesson from Walter Cronkite, who was a dedicated liberal, but who also knew the importance of balanced reporting. I was honored to have been able to correspond with him on several occasions over the years. He was a very gracious man.
  • pkwilde
    Podcast lag time
    What is up with the lag time in dropping MSNBC prime time podcasts? In this rapid-fire news environment, last night’s news will be passé in 24 hours.
  • nemy1
    Pete Nem
    Love your show watch it every day positive vibes keep up the good work and allowing the public to understand what we must stand for as the great Bob Marley once get up stand for you rights. And I will leave it at the my sister 1 love 🇯🇲🙏keep it 🔥🔥🔥🔥.
  • flyover land
    Continue your great reporting
    To quote in part JR from episode, “trumps…history of…embracing alt-right”. “Who is man enough or woman enough to take the hit”… say her name, Tiffany Cross & to show her support? I guess only you Joy Reid. Thank you 🙏
  • Ayaso
    Rhonda DeSatan Ad
    Joy Great show tonight!! Someone just needs to play Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” song over that very homoerotic ad. That would b hilarious!
  • Richnomore
    Love and admire
    I was so happy when Joy Reid got a primetime show!! I admire her so much, and I learn so much from her show! I do miss seeing Malcolm Nance! I hope he’s OK!!
  • Bhilhg
    Bags are a lot of money to be had on your hands
    Bag is in a box with a box in the middle and the box in a bag with the bag on the top is on top and I have a
  • Burdyblue
    Sharp Woman
    Reid speaks so intelligently.
  • cmstanford2019
    Thanks for your pushback against CNN’s misunderstanding of free speech.
  • cartiran
    You Bring It
    Thank you Joy. You bring the news with such intelligence and joy. So glad to have the news to look forward to each evening because of your delivery.
  • dbw-13
    Thank you joy for sharing your thoughts and voice.
  • Mikip255
    Housewives of Harlem, circa 1950.
  • Azgirl25
    Ignorant Racist
    She is unequivocally the most racist human being I’ve ever heard speak. Clearly her goal is to start a race war. There is not an ounce of love in her heart. She is the worst of the worst.
  • pooh4092
    Y’all don’t get it the South is gerrymandered to where we can’t do very much about it!
  • T for 1
    Roland Martin
    Your Show is outstanding every day! I DVR your show , I think its past time they take Chris M . Picture down MSNBC! This is Joy’s show now.
  • Stephie656
    Total Queen
    I love listening to Joy - she’s articulate, relatable, and real. Her approach is unique. She’s a queen.
  • DinaForHill
    Black Excellence
    I just looked at a bunch of reviews and it’s clear that Tuckems’ viewers despise Joy Reid and make a point of coming here to tell her. Joy brings current events from a POC POV, she ties current events to history, and for me that’s the most important thing she does. The history of America, a country born and nurtured in the ideology of white supremacy, still struggles to be a country for all. The Tuckems crowd works hard to maintain the white oligarchy that was the founder’s vision. Keep it up, Joy!
  • Carolsummit
    Joy for president!
  • jc_ral
    Love this show
    I love this show. I only listen to the podcast right now because I don’t have cable at the moment. As soon as I get cable again, this will be my #1 show to watch.
  • Naturegal99
    Stop the Zombies!
    Updating my review back to 5 stars. Thank you Joy for the Walking Dead reference! That made my day. Meanwhile to repeat myself, please avoid the CkFA (I won’t even type the name) product placement ads! I hear them everywhere and I want to drive a sharp stick into my ear. Seriously, that brand is not good for our personal health or the country’s health. TAX THE CHURCHES
  • Teresa I.
    2nd execution in Iran
    Thank you Joy , The media is far to silent on what is continuing to happen. If only women all over the world could somehow unite in support of the Iranian Women. Like a movement or organize, globally. W-O-W “Women of the World,”, or “Women of Our World” call it what whatever. Use a global movement , to support all women and their families.
  • knucklehead1946
    Anti-white racism, raw and ignorant.
  • Rhanedragon
    Give us solutions!
    We who listen know the threats; we know. Please someone help your viewers, all of you at MSNBC, with at least one solution a week! One. Besides voting. We vote. We help get out the vote. Most or or many of your viewers. But what is missing is good coverage of people and of organizations or agencies who are making a difference in the world or here in the US in a Democratic humane positive way. Please, this omg here’s another thing to be afraid of… and they are there and real I am not a Pollyanna… but this is numbing to the point of creating the opposite of action or galvanizing; we are all afraid enough. We need your access to people and organizations and ideas with the BEST most effective work being done to offset these issues; climate, democratic democratic decline, etc. we need to see options and connections as seen on tv that really work. Once a week; five minutes per show. Please. Thank you. Wendi
  • odjfofmflc
    This lady is so insanely racist and spews hate and it’s disgusting.
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