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An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.

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  • Che Block
    Good guest
    Trump should have been handcuffed and escorted out of the Whitehouse Jan 6
  • midwestBlue
    fyi: matthew dowd is a hack, why is he an msnbc analyst. go back to fox matt.
  • gordoe72
    Don’t listen when there are substitute hosts!
  • Cynthia St James
    Love this show
    It’s great to have someone so knowledgeable, especially on economic issues to report news and moderate discussions. Excellent work!
  • Burdyblue
    Thanks, Stephanie Ruhle
    Keep the reporting up on Trump and his cronies. Freedom to protect democracy.
  • King of a
    Truth about insulin prices
    I’m 40 years type 1 diabetic, insulin dependent. What I’m telling you is a fact. I or anyone can go into Walmart pharmacy (for the last ten years) buy a vial of insulin, no prescription, no doctor, no insurance (please pay attention now) for $24. Anytime during the last 10 years. No insurance, no doctor, no prescription, voila. Thus, the hoopla about reducing insulin costs is ? Please let me know you’ve received and understand my communication, Appreciatively, Marco the tucson cowboy
  • 2MnyPopUps
    Great reporting
    Great reporting, lively and insightful
  • Sirbunsalot
    Rhule does not rule
    How can you replace Brian Williams with just meh ? It’s like they didn’t even try and just hired the first person who was available. Ruhle annoys me with her style of constantly asking questions that’s she obviously already knows the answers to. She doesn’t bring any new viewpoints or topics. The show is not horrible but it’s not good either, kinda boring. Her voice is fine which is always a plus but I’ll think I will take a pass on this one for now. Such a shame because Brian Williams was my favorite podcast. I know these are hard shoes to fill but I think you can better.
  • pooh4092
    Happy Anniversary
    I love the show! I’m glad to see James Carville Back! Love his honesty!
  • DemFromTexas
    Great episode
    The March 18 episode was the most uplifting thing I have heard in ages. I have shared Your great interview with drag queen Jinkx Monsoon with my family and friends in support of my trans grandchild. Thank you for all your political insight AND your humanity!
  • kartimfry
    You’re a great lady!
    Love hearing you challenge Tucker tonight, bet he’s scared of you!! He better be!!
  • Tata425
    Love Steph!
    An absolute fantastic hour of news with heart and perspective. Stephanie leads with truth and love. As she’s says, watching the 11th Hour makes us smarter. Keep up the great work. You’re a bright spot in what can feel like an otherwise less than hopeful world.
  • BKWcbc
    Boo Hoo
    How many kids were killed, but not at MSU today? You interviewed a privileged boy safe in his apartment and exuded heartfelt sadness for his plight, angst and wondered how will he endure such pain. Give me a break.
  • Knickckick
    Loved her on Velshi and Ruhle
    And in segments as an informed econ reporter/consumer advocate But "let's get smarter" and arch poses merely underscore MSNBC's strategy of beating a few three Republican outrages to death for 24 hours a day. Comcast's corporate strategy: keep viewers angry, scared and uninformed.
  • Debbie in AZ
    Please post podcasts
    Late podcasts
  • RECQueen
    Post Earlier!
    Best recap of the day but posts very late
  • cc.. dragon
    Star power
    Stephanie Ruhle nails it night after night with smart sassy talk. Keeps her cool keeps her smile and lives in the real world. Informative fact checked stories told with strength and compassion. Truth matters big time and Stephanie delivers consistently. Thank you Stephanie and corporate MSNBC who gave her the 11th Hour seat!
  • nallenc
    Episode 610
    The last panel was horrible. Everyone talking over each other with boring loud emotional banter. I don’t care how much we hate trump. I don’t need to hear snide insults from a panel of talking heads. It’s as bad as Fox. I’m deleting the show for good. Stephanie used to give a relatively straight forward delivery (for msnbc anyway) And the trashing of Lindsay Graham was really homophobic
  • Felice260
    The last part of Friday, day 610 was unlistenable
    Oh I still love the show, but I had to turn off the last part of day 610 because people were talking over each other.
  • MPK1939
    9/23/22 episode
    I was very disappointed with the second half of your show. Rather than discussion of the Russian referenda, or mobilization you let the show deteriorate into a Letitia James congratulatory back slapping cocktail party. Poorly done.
  • RangerKIdz
    I’m getting smarter!
    Thank you Stephanie, you’re my evening newspaper
  • pacific eddie
    Heady move by msnbc
    Not easy to replace Brian, with that said, stephanie has now set the tone and direction of where the 11th Hour will now go. It is her show now and I am impressed with her smarts, dry wit and her ability to think on her feet. With Rachel now on one day a week, I now start my msnbc podcast with Stephanie and then move to Deadline White House (late at night for sure). A heady move by Msnbc.
  • valiant voter
    Superlative Stephanie
    With intelligence, calm tone of voice, and excellent guests to provide details and background, Stephanie gives me the news without increasing my stress. As a woman of 78, anxiety threatens me as I witness the damages to our democracy. Stephanie provides the facts with hope. She enables me to feel like a friend she informs with positive perspective for the future.
  • gray paw
    To Ms. Ruhle
    You exemplify the core of successful women—. EMPATHY. I won’t miss an episode. Great reporting. Heartwarming show. Thank you
  • Henry Lee MC
    Stephanie rule is ruining the show
    Chris Jansen is great but who I’d really love to see host is Katie Turr. Stephanie rule is 100% not a good fit and is often cringe worthy
  • tsujoan
    Off All The Options
    Who is Stephanie Rule? Why her? It’s just not the same. I’d love a more dynamic voice.
  • Person with Magic💦💫
    I miss Brian
    Not trying to be rude, but it’s just not the same without Brian Williams.
  • Edgewoodcottage
    Great podcast with new moderator.
    I loved Brian’s moderation and touch of humor. Stephanie’s style is different of course, but she does a nice job of asking probing questions and generally moderating the discussions.
  • margaretdumontscat
    Well, that went downhill fast…
    MSNBC, in their infinite wisdom, has replaced one of their better late-night news anchors with an elitist pro-Wall Street shill to shrill at you with near Fox News-like sideshow hypnotism.
  • flyover land
    In the 11th!! Finally🤙
    Been waiting for a Stephanie Ruhle podcast from an MSNBC hour... I’ll be subscribing fs ..TY TY
  • sfncar
    No, just no. Steph is great but the sharp tone that worked at 9am is unbearable at 11pm. With so much of importance going on she just bounced around shallow, repeating bits of what had been said throughout the day. Not an auspicious start. I’ll check back in a month or so to see if things improve. Very sad — I used to love this show.
  • EvalonWitt
    Awesome New Host
    What a great host and excellent guests. Yay!
  • Kalfisher
    Rules. I know, that’s obv, but reasonably so as you won’t find a sharper wit in the nightly news broadcast buffet of talking heads. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and thoughtful curator of information and events, one who has signed an invisible compact with its audience to presume their attention is a valuable commodity that deserves to be told the truth straight - you couldn’t do better than rhule. Very happy msnbc slotted her to succeed Brian Williams on the 11th hour.
  • jheintz81
    Stephanie Ruhle Rules!
    I was sad to see Brian Williams leave but, sooo glad Stephanie Ruhle is now the host. She’s awesome and will definitely tell a guest what’s ups if need be. Love it! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
  • SuefromCalifornia
    Congratulations Stephanie !!!
    Excellent broadcast!
  • very very sad fan
    Brian Williams
    I miss Brian terribly. Please ask him to come back soon. My birthday is approaching. Thank you. Nancy Grudzien, Very very sad fan
  • Rjoe at Iinnovate
    Stop interrupting your guests
    I listen to every episode of the 11th hour. With Brian Williams gone I find the new moderator asking questions and then interrupting guess which is quite distracting. My hope is we can go back to listening to guests and what they have to say without interruption.
  • mrs mc gonagall's sister
    W.H. Log, ok
    what about the camera or cameras on the doors! Isn’t this a norm to have security cameras? Time wasting headlines are Driving people crazy! Ask Michael Wolff…. Ask the footmen! Anybody can walk past a log in book. 2.16.22 thurs
  • Dragonwings121
    Seattle's Brandi Kruse
    I loved Brian Williams and have missed his more moderate right-leaning viewpoints of the news and moderate guests as Nicolle Wallace has on her show to balance out what I hear from left-leaning commentators on MSNBC. Brandi Kruse has a great podcast called undivided too. I wish you could get her for a show to test her out and see what viewers think.
  • Jasch21
    From trusted Brian Williams to a partisan racist
    The last of the great newsmen is now gone. 😞 and they replace him with an obvious pardison racist. 11th hour will now no longer be in my list.
  • Certified Interpreter
    Please make Alicia permanent
    She’s a great presenter, very expressive.
  • YourDownstairsNeighbor
    Brian Williams
    Okay okay thanks again and THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!…13136754423
  • Bwyandt
    We miss you
    There are lots of great journalists and broadcasters but Brian Williams was unique in a very good way!
  • GaiaLady
    Used to be good
    Loved Brian Williams. Don’t love Chris Jansing (sp?). She’s constantly interrupting her own guests. Consummately rude and difficult to listen to. Goodbye Eleventh Hour, I’m done.
  • Desperate for normalcy
    End of an era!
    Already miss you. Hopefully they will find an appropriate replacement for you. Chris Jansing doesn’t cut it. 😢
  • long time expat
    Always the best summing up of the day’s events
    And I like many others will miss you Brian Williams! Very best wishes on your next chapter.
  • balanceforever1
    Brian Williams impressive
    Heartfelt tough impressive everything we all need in the person sitting at the desk telling the news stories of the day. Will be greatly missed. Take care.
  • AmRadioGal
    Whoever takes over this time slot…
    …has really big shoes to fill. I have listened to and watched you since you’ve been doing national news. I can’t thank you enough for being yourself and delivering the days information with your unique personality and the driest of wit. Impeccable lineup of trusted and informed columnists and relevant guests. And always a ‘last thing before we go’ that never fails to make me laugh or think-or sometimes, both. Thank You for being the ultimate late night company to a former newsperson and forever fan. Good Luck and God Speed.
  • e-cooling
    You will be dearly missed!
    Hope you get to be the jeopardy host :)
  • Finn Mstrong
    I’ve been a big fan for decades.
    Thank you sir for all your years of great work and service. You will be missed.
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