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The Amelia Project is a secret agency that fakes its clients' deaths, then lets them reappear with a brand new identity! A black comedy full of secrets, twists... and cocoa. The series starts as a succession of interviews with clients who want to fake their deaths, then slowly a larger narrative begins to emerge... Each episode tells its own story, but we recommend starting with Season 1.

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  • Angryscottsman
    Dithering Faff
    Boring dithering conversations about nothing peppered with gross commentary in order to titillate. Falls flat.
  • Andreea94
    Actually obsessed with this show. It’s such a fun story with amazing world-building and storytelling. Don’t miss out on this podcast if you’re into fiction!
  • mattsmith0622
    Gets old very quickly
    It’s just not a good show.
  • HH22609
    Proud patron
    Everything about this podcast is perfect. The storyline, the different characters … the Cocoa…!
  • Accesette
    The characters, the writing, the concept, the actors, & the stories are all just perfect. One of my favorite podcasts.
  • Sprout_babby
    Such a unique concept
    I’ve read a lot of reviews commenting on how they don’t like how they have to ’pay for the ending’ of each episode but personally, I find they’re missing the idea of what the Amelia Project is about. Sure, they help people disappear, but they collect STORIES. And that’s what we get in the podcasts, people’s stories. I hate cliffhangers as much as the next person but I LOVE that I don’t get to know what happens after the interview. I get a full story and the rest can be left to my imagination, effectively challenging my brain. 10/10 one of my favorite podcasts
  • #bradleysapartment
    Hits all my entertainment happy spots!
    Great group of characters accompanied by amazing dialogue
  • rafflmao
    This show is so good I don’t even have the words to describe how happy I am to have found something so witty, well-written, well acted, and with great storylines. After a series of misses with promising podcasts that turned out to be disappointments in one way or another, this one hits the mark spot on. My most favorite thing is the different renditions of the theme — seriously whoever writes those is a flippin genius. I doff every hat I own to you folks (because I would put on every hat just to make this gesture to you). Excellent, excellent work. Small edit: a looooot of talking before and after the episodes. Snooze. Also, please don’t say, “here is the epilogue.” Let us find the surprise at the end. Thanks. Also, cut out the “when we last left our heroes…” bit. It’s just more talking and very cheesy.
  • am i me?
    Well strap me in a rocket of cocoa and call me sold
    I love this show, I cannot contain my joy for when it comes out. It’s fun and intriguing with some great characters and also the episodes of season five have been hilarious.
  • rayanne53
    Laughing so hard my sides hurt. 🤣
  • fish grower
    Great fiction podcast
    Really fun, good storyline. Darky funny. Great writing, sound engineering and voice acting. Really creates an immersive world.
  • Average Amelia Enjoyed
    My favorite show
    I listen to lots of podcasts, but none can compare to The Amelia Project. The writing, jokes, acting, sound design, and editing are all perfect. I recommend it to everyone and they don’t get enough credit.
  • Jen12345678887654321
    A classic
    This show has a lot of incredible extra episodes and is really funny. The way they do stories is always interesting and fun. I’m really excited to see where the rest of the show will go
  • smeliner
    Amazing reward
    I love this show so much that I’m only allowed to listen to it as a reward- usually going to the gym. Whenever a new episode is out I know it’s time to go and be a healthy human being so I can listen to the next instalment! It’s that good that I happily do things I hate to listen !
  • NAJ1018
    So good
    Incredible and entertaining story telling
  • Elleayyouareeen
    The interviewer kinda ruins it.
    This show is witty, interesting, funny, and well written. The episodes are definitely entertaining and wonderful vignettes that weave together well into an overarching plot line. The only drawbacks are the mouth sounds in EVERY EPISODE are gross and cringe inducing (cocoa slurping and moaning right after, smacking on malteses and other food can be a bit much and even repulsive) and the interviewer’s over the top metaphors/exclamations/ rhyming attempts can be corny and kind of obnoxious. I know it’s part of his character as intelligent and eclectic, but the slurp/moan/ smacking combo plus his exclamations in EVERY episode almost make me wish he wasn’t the main character. The slurping/smacking/moaning sounds are literally DISGUSTING and I’ve felt sick more than once listening to this show.
  • SecretlyAlice
    I love this show!
    I love this show! It’s funny, has great characters, and all of the little stories start to weave together to create a complex plot (which is my favorite type of plot).
  • Jay L.D.
    love it
    i binged the all episodes in a week. it was so good i couldn’t bring myself to not click on the next episode. excellent podcast :)
  • Cassie1410
    Great show!
    I have only listened to a few episodes, but it’s a great show so far!
  • tonyokay
    Humor and Coco
    Top notch voice acting! The fast paced banter and wit, the excellent stories, The Amelia Project has it all!!
  • Windy Skykicker
    Crime & Cocoa
    Absolutely delightful tongue in cheek humor
  • 47Reviews
    The Best
    Great writing, performances, sound design and—especially—music. The gold standard in audio drama.
  • Johnny one-shoe
    Simply brilliant storytelling
    This started as offbeat and delightfully silly storytelling and since evolved into rich and compelling narrative. And throughout, it has always been surprising, witty, and beautifully crafted.
  • WholePorkChops
    Pretty good.
    A bit repetitive. Warning: they beat a dead horse named Coco. If you took out the coco references, the episodes may only be five minutes long.
  • mommaswann71
    Love it!
    I’m loving everything about this podcast! The characters are hilarious! I am obsessed!!!!
  • weirdostephy
    Love it
    I love the concept and how outlandishly creative each episode is. The show is hilarious.
  • arminfaridi
    Great show
    Great farsi speaking ameliaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Cache Flow
    This show is amazing. It’s funny, smart and lighthearted. The acting is great, the writing is superb, and the value you get from supporting them on patreon is unparalleled. If you’re a fan of The Penumbra, Wolf 359, or just good ol’ dark humor, this podcast is for you. Check it out. You won’t regret it.
  • Ruffian1004
    The best.
    Cast, writing, performances perfect.
  • Cyanalkal
    Ridiculous and excellent
    I swear this show is really just an eccentric and long-form cocoa commercial
  • Jimbo Kav
    Scripted comedy is one of the hardest formats to do on a podcast and they make it look easy! Sehr Lustig.
  • maggie_lc
    Totally weird but wildly entertaining
    The Interviewer just cracks me up. Even tho each ep is a different case, there is some seriality to this show, which is what I need in a podcast. Super entertaining.
  • Iguana123
    Started with a bang!
    This show started out so well. Simple interesting format with each episode standing alone. By the second season it got so confusing I couldn’t tell which character was which and gave up. Please go back to the old format with one new character per episode.
  • RShekaT
    Such a treat
    I truly enjoy this podcast. It’s hilarious and I love the main character. The personalities and scenarios of each episode always keep me guessing and are like many adventures. I needed something like this during these quarantine times.
  • Claire Scare
    Great storytelling- each season just gets better and better!
  • SpartanCole
    Why not finish the stories.
    I don’t understand the concept. What a great idea. But just no follow through. Super disappointing.
  • Joni541
    Obsessed with this podcast
    If you love audio fiction podcasts you’re in for a treat here. Heck, you’re in for a treat even if you’re not into that genre (yet)! Funny, charming, quirky, and full of delightful absurdism. I subscribed to their Patreon because I started running out of show, and they’re very generous with the extra content. One thing I wonder about though is if the writers secretly work for a cocoa company, because I’ve definitely started drinking it most days. #suspicious. Listen and find out what that reference means :-)
  • Richard KL
    Top Tier Comedy
    This is one of the funniest, most charming shows out there. Ever wondered what it would be like to try and fake your own death? Don't worry, let the madcap team at The Amelia Project help. Every week there's a new client, a new zany plan, and a new bit of intrigue. Alan Burgon as The Interviewer is voice acting perfection. He captures the Holmesian obsession with Not Being Bored perfectly and has the pure charm to make the characer endearing rather than annoying. Everything else about the show is done just as well. In particular, there are variations on the theme music that made me laugh out loud or smile ear to ear. This show is truly one of the heavy hitters, and is among the short list that I would recommend to friends who have never listened to a podcast before to introduce them to what they can be.
  • Kai RM
    Ridiculous and hilarious!
    Dark British comedy, similar in tone to Wooden Overcoats. The voice acting is amazing, great script, so bingeable and engrossing. Love it!!!
  • Binge!?;7
    Absolute perfection!
    This is one of my favorite stories ever. It’s hilarious, witty, complex, and never boring. Which is good, because I hate being bored.
  • S.D.Smith
    How do I find it and show music to your show.
  • Sara_Scott
    So fun! I get so excited when I see a new episode in my feed!
  • natasha Rusdia
    Love it!
    Brilliantly funny! I wish you could of make Trump disappeared, but the trick is do not make him come back ever!
  • the Afanc
    Best show round
    Enough said. This is the best how out there. You found it. You can stop looking.
  • Listen up 2
    Love It
    I loved this podcast. It’s spooky, funny and charming. It makes me want to sit in front of my fireplace with a good cup of hot cocoa. I just wish there were more.
  • JasmineBaggins
    Pleasant, funny and dark!
    I never know quite where this is going to go but I always want to grab some cocoa and listen!
  • Harlsbarkley
    Charming, Witty, and Slightly Spooky
    Do you enjoy a charming cast of well-meaning, deep-pocketed social outcasts? Do you love air-tight, daringly impossible escape plans? If you do, then this is the podcast for you. It’s like a warm bubble bath with a soupçon of psychopaths, criminals, and spine-tingling deaths. It’s the addictive, heart-warming tale of a secret society faking deaths that you didn’t know you needed!
  • AnotherKat
    Spooky Funny Mysterious
    I’ve never written a review for a podcast before but you need to know how perfectly great this podcast is! My only complaint is that their aren’t MORE episodes! I binged it in only a few days! Perfect combo of spooky funny and mysterious and it’s got the fun tape recorder cast type. So grab your fanciest cocoa and prepare to plan for for your death and new life... but only if it’s interesting enough... and you can pay of course
  • eareading
    My favorite podcast
    This is my favorite fictional podcast and honestly my favorite podcasts all around brilliantly done and hilarious
  • DoggLover3
    Where’s My Cocoa!
    Im writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m home a lot like the rest of the world. This is the second time I’m listening to the Amelia Project as I am burnt out on creepy and apocalyptic podcasts. This show is so well done, complete with wit, humor, sarcasm and lots is Cocoa. The quality of the background sounds go nicely in tune with each episode, never overwhelming or pitchy. Great job!
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