Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer


Nicole Byer is single and has been for decades. She’s smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs. So the question is why is she perpetually single? This podcast is a quest to find that answer. Every week, Nicole invites a comedian, friend, or ex-fling to interview their dating life and figure out her own.

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  • nccurlygirl
    Great ‘
    Love it!
  • hthjggjhb
    You are the best
    I love you and hope the best for you always! Thank you fir making me laughing and giving me a break from this crazy world
  • EGP73
    Amazing entertainment!
    Thank you for keeping it real and always asking the most funny questions to all your guests!
  • dee243567
    I can see why people won’t date you. Not only are you overweight but your disgusting. Not funny and very unladylike
  • q234t68 9dn2*p90iu654321
    I love Nicole and I love to watch herb show nailed it
    I would always go watch nailed it and now I found out that she has a podcast I have been listening every day every since I found out he has a podcast I’ve been listening every day when I leave the house on the radio and I literally listen to it on my phone.
  • arizimzim
    What a treat, what a dream! I could listen to Nicole all day. Always silly, insightful and honest, Nicole makes me feel a little less alone in the f*caked up world that is dating.
  • mspassell
    906,478 stars!!!!
    I’ll let you roller blade into my arms, pole dance down my thigh, and do the splits on my face.
  • PattyFresh86
    The #1 reason you’re single is…
    …men don’t like dating fat chicks and you think you deserve a man that only goes for healthy ones.
  • ZoeJ123
    I need this podcast to exist forever
    I just I discovered and now I never want to be without it. Hilarious, non-awkward conversations, doesn’t go on too long.
  • Maxcraft430
    Love Nicole
    Fun, high energy show. I would love to hear you interview 2 of my other favorite podcast hosts Paul and Sasha (or whoever the actors playing them are) from Community News by Paul and Sasha podcast.
  • gaven.oakley
    Always entertaining and hilarious!
    I already enjoy Nicole so this podcast is just perfect. Guests are entertaining and funny. Nicole has me smiling the whole episode (most of the time). Topics are usually about relationships (which normally wouldn’t be my cup of tea) but if you like her I’d definitely give it a listen. She is a great interviewer and really down to earth but raunchy as well. Love love love.
  • Spockfreak
    She’s a lovely loud lady and I’m into it!
    Nicole is a sweetheart with a raunchy sense of humor that’s also respectable. She has the BEST cackle of all time. I’d totes date her. 💕
  • abbmo9
    The BEST
  • Laramie**
    She Brilliant Y’all.
    She’s hilarious and brilliant. That’s it.
  • samantharothschild
    I love Nicole!!!!
    She is so funny and a great interviewer.
  • hosts up for elimination
    😳 strange “bit”
    but still 5 stars
  • TBombzzz7
    I listen to every ad. She kills me for no reason.
    Thanks for being such a fun and also lowkey serious. But serious fun? Person to listen to. Truly. Ur ads are soy funny. Sry. I type stupid. Thank you again and honestly. This whole moment of “am I undervaluing myself by making a joke that it would be hilarious for someone to want me” just makes me more intrigued and root for you more. Where ever your happy place ends up being, I’m soy along for the ride. Again. Thank you and good luck!! 🤙🏾
  • vgnrnd
    Gets me through
    I don’t know how to put into words how much Nicole has helped me get through my past year. She is by far the funniest podcast host of the century, and I always get little snippets of her throughout my week god bless her because of “best friends” and of course WWYDM. Best guests, best host, best laughs ugh I love Nicole and this premise to death! Also I am a 15 year old gay so she reaches the lgbtq youth people. I will listen for hours.
  • StuntManMeg
    Nicole Byer is THE HOST of a generation
    I’ve been a fan of Nicole for a while. I’m super late on the podcast but kinda happy because I have a ton to binge on now. Nicole is awesome and can carry an episode with any guest.
  • Wishingstr56
    I love Nicole!
    Such a great show, I adore Nicole’s genuineness and find the show so fun and funny! After listening to the episode with the beautiful Keke Palmer, I had to stop laughing long enough to google the ratio of men to women in the world… Keke said there are like 6 women to every man… but really its like 102 men to 100 women, so just like half and half, the odds are way better than she was shouting out! Hooray! Thanks for being my favorite diva! What a treat what a dream! ❤️
  • here to make an impact
    I’m ok 🥱😐
  • anna2banana
    The ep with Punkie Johnson?? Brooo. So good. Love them both. Was laughing the entire time with this one in particular.
  • nothanks15363
    It Slaps
    Five stars for the preacher voice about what you deserve please bless us with that again in future episodes
  • Tiera Berry
    100th Episode
    Oh wow I just listened to the 100th episode and Willam was so forthcoming and disarming! What a treat! A But I want to talk about how adorable “Malaysia” guy was. I’d love to see if other guys you date can answer your survey like this nice gentleman kinda did so listeners can gather data and get down to the bottom of why no suitor has come to his/her senses and locked you down! Ps: “Moo!” by DojaCat should be your theme song because you embody everything in that song! 🐄
  • MaineMatt2
    Met him at a bar!
    I heard you mention this place on last weeks podcast. I went there the night I saw you at Dynasty Typewriter. It was a great night and I agree that place is highly recommended!
  • Vdisawesome
    I’m rooting for Nicole
    I have been listening for YEARS and Nicole’s humor holds up even when the guests are not that great. I love her antidotes and she can honestly make anything interesting. I’m rooting for ya Nicole but in the meantime hope no one tries to fill you with clam chowder.
  • Gleek464
    The guests are amazing, the host is amazing, just listen to the show
    I just saw the latest episode was with Keke Palmer and I couldn’t click play fast enough. WWYDM is one of my favorite podcasts. Always funny, often helpful, and sometimes touching. Nicole Byer is a national treasure and we have never deserved her.
  • AliciaDonna
    Nicole Byer = my Jesus
    Heaven to my tympanic membranes!! Oh yeah!!
  • Luyonce
    Love Nicole BUT…
    I love Nicole, she is one of my favorite comedians and I watch/listen to anything she’s in religiously. BUT ever since the podcast joined Team Coco, I feel like the quality of the guests has really taken a nose dive. She’s recently been talking to some real boring people and it’s a snooze-pocalypse. Now and then Nicole comes alive when she gets to talk to interesting people (a lot of the time these are queer, PoC and non boring str8s guests), but that seems to be few and far between now. I’ll continue listening, but if the quality of the guests doesn’t improve, I might skip more and more episodes. Love you Nicole, but your producers need to put in as much works as you put in!
  • junglbear
    Got me into podcasts
    Gives me hope and also validation in dating, love her guests, plus funny with a heart in social justice💓💓💓
  • nitafromphilly
    It’s my dead mom chicken day. Thanks for making it fun and funny.
  • Babsycat
    So empowering and funny!
    I am so glad I went to Nicole’s IG and saw her podcast. It is coming at a very monumental time in my life where I need to hear stories of unconventional and untraditional ways of loving as someone who wants a relationship! It is empowering and funny and allows us to know more intimately about people we genuinely like. Thank you Nicole❤️
  • amenaB
    So delightful
    Nicole is just pure joy and a great interviewer too. I get the theme song stuck in my head every time I listen!
  • Octavia B
    Love this podcast
    You and Conan should really have a podcast together. I love the vibes y’all have together.
  • ZirHunter
    Always enjoy my weekly drive with this podcast!
    Also loved it when you hosted for J Kim on abc! Would you consider cohosting the Late Late night show with Chelsea Handler! Think the two of you would be a great comedic duo!
  • Kyleste
    Relatable and hilarious!
    Love Nicole Byer and her guests!
  • pamprim
    Nicole & Brandon
    PREACH!!! Thank you, I really appreciated and needed to hear that honest conversation.
  • paul tickles hargis
    I rather listen to Joe Biden sing the alphabet.
  • Lil Lizifer X
    Hey girl hey
    LOVE this show, love Nicole. Just listened to the Nori episode and I gotta say, Nicole, if you want to date a partner you can clothes swap with I’m also a cute cartoon fat lady and you just let me know lol 💞😁💋but for real 😉
  • Stevenvanb
    Funniest comedian ever
    Nicole is the funniest comedian ever.
  • Alickea
    Hilarious, open and fun!
    I love Nicole’s fantastic sense of humor and openness with talking about sex! It’s a really great podcast and great to hear from an openly wildly sex driven fun human!
  • mushroomlivy
    Happiness in a podcast
    This show never fails to make you laugh! Nicole is a fabulous host and her solo podcast has been amazing since day one. 💜
  • pit baby
    Love it
    I’ve listened since last the beginning. Nicole just gets better and better. Even when the guests aren’t great, Nicole stays funny and keeps the show entertaining.
  • JustSayingJenna
    Must Listen!
    Nicole has thee best conversations. So entertaining and fun.
  • Rhornung1
    Ugh I just love this. Thanks for the reminder that there are other “undateable” people in the world! Xoxo
  • it's ya girl, e roberts
    Love this so much!
    Nicole is so smart and just a joy to listen to.
  • Taylorw3392
    This show is hilarious! Nicole is so authentic and her interview skills are amazing. I absolutely love this podcast!
  • atallisone
    What a joy!
    Why Won’t You Date Me is so fun and uplifting! I didn’t want this last episode with Sona to end :) I really appreciate Nicole’s energy, honesty and hilarity-thank so much for this wonderful podcast that I look forward to each week 🙏
  • Katzog614
    Love Nicole! Great podcast !!! 😀😁😁❤️❤️
  • myabrianne21
    I need Nicole Byer content DAILY!!!
    Nicole never fails to make me tee hee hee!!! I love, love, loveeee this podcast!!
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