Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer


Nicole Byer is single and has been for decades. She’s smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs. So the question is why is she perpetually single? This podcast is a quest to find that answer. Every week, Nicole invites a comedian, friend, or ex-fling to interview their dating life and figure out her own.

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  • MrAilleurs
    Thank you sis!
    Lissen… I thought I was the only one! It’s been good to hear that relationships elude others as well.
  • mbaele
    Highlight of my Week
    No dirty fantasies on this review, just stopping by to say that Nicole and her podcast are fantastic! She genuinely makes me laugh so hard that I’ve nearly peed my pants. I really enjoy her authenticity, positivity, honesty, and humor. I love that she interviews a host of different people on her podcast, and I especially love how she’s having open and vulnerable conversations with guests who are also not afraid to talk about different ideas and stories outside of the “normal” narrative. You are truly amazing, Nicole and team, keep up the fabulous work!
  • Abbyolivia
    I love you, Nicole!
    I do not know how this podcast doesn’t have 5 stars. It is truly one of my favorite ways to mentally escape, feel calm, feel happy, feel NORMAL. I turn this podcast on, on the rare occasion that I somehow get a break from my toddler, and immediately feel like a sane adult human again. I laugh out loud, and I feel like Nicole is the most deeply relatable person I’ve listened to in awhile. Thanks for being so open minded and genuine. You’re the best.
  • marshmallow_person
    The Best Host of Anything and Everything
    Nicole Byer forever and ever and ever 🥳
  • dumdumdumdumdummy
    Love Nicole. White guests stay racist tho:/
    Love the show. Been listening for years. Hope white guests (ie. Justin martindale) get schooled for their casual racism off air! Nicole doesn’t deserve them clouding her airtime!
  • Zen yeti
    I love you Nicole!
    I wish we were real life friends! This podcast is my favorite! But why does your theme song have to be so dang catchy? I sing it to myself all the time!
  • LauraJ783
    Always tee-hee-heeing in traffic
    If you need a good laugh listen to Nicole! I tell so many people about this podcast and every episode has me giggling. Great guests and I’m rooting for Nicole to find her person ✨
  • SusshaBb
    Miss the talk about dating!!
    I love Nicole byer, however this show talks maybe 10 mins top about relationships and then just a random boring interview. Just not funny anymore. What a shame! Wish you the best of luck in finding love though. But I’m out.
  • Lola Britawater
    Do I leave a dirty message?
    Dear Nicole, I’ve listened to so many of these episodes I feel obligated to write something filthy, deeply sexy...funny sexy? The reality :::: I’m just not that guy. I appreciate that guy. I APPRECIATE THAT GUY. Anyhow- I’m gunning for you- but what happens when you find that perfect person? Will this podcast explode? In the mean time -thanks for this:: podcast perfection :: I’m a fan. Xo
  • SisGGG
    This ismvnt sexy BUT REAL
    I love you. There’s no other way to say this. You are me personified. I can’t want wait for you to get eaten out by the man of your dreams in (YOUR YEAR) 2022. It’s funny (or maybe not so funny) that I found my husband at work (IKEA) and we’ve been together and married for 10+ years. But I hope and pray on my knees (the knees I hope you’re on while giving an amazing blow job to you deserving KING) that you find your kid to your pot. But I find you finding your person in your peer group. You need someone who can understand and empathize with your career. Bc they need to understand your career and needs. But regardless, I freaking love you. Maybe I can arrange w/ my husband to see if he could be okay with me being w/ you too.
  • ohbuthaaaa
    Why so funny?
    I fell in love with podcasts because of Nicole! This one in particular is the best!
  • *~sAm~*92
    I just discovered this podcast, and I fell in love with it just by listening to the theme song alone. The song is so incredible and so unique! I love Nicole’s bubbly attitude and her banter with the guests she brings on. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts!!!
  • Always❤️Sev!!!12345
    Love love love
    She's so funny I love her. I just wanna say thank you also I have severe depression and this podcast makes me feel so much better thank you <3
  • tmnibbe
    More Nicole!
    Can’t get enough Nicole. Just listen and laugh and unwind.
  • Irishman768942
    Loooooove you Nicole 💗💗💗💗 Side note, I don’t love how some guests just talk over you and there’s no real conversation just listening to them for an hour rather than interviewer + interviewee Anyway you’re amazing
  • ATTmassage
    Quiet Snickers
    I listen to this in my ear while I massage. I’m one of those people that prefer to focus on multiple things at once and it really gets me in tune with my practice…anyways! I have to try very hard not to burst out laughing while working! I love this show and it gets me through my day! Been a fan since Girl Code! Do ya thang!
  • groseoh
    Nicole Byers that’s the tweet 🐣
    And I ooppp, duh Nicole is the 🐝 knee I tehee tehee wildly the entire time🤣thank you.
  • Lizza Thorn Berry
    Patience w/ Bamboozle Laura
    5 stars alone for Nicole’s patient interviewing skills with bamboozle-anti-manifesting-while-describing-manifesting-Laura. The Caucasity of her not being able to answering one SINGLE question Nicole posed, whhhheeewww, took me out! Thank you for all the tee hee hees!
  • Anonymous567843527
    Listening to this podcast truly gives me pure joy. Nicole and her guests are so genuine and fun to listen to. Bonus, they are hilarious! Nicole’s laugh is so contagious. I find myself smiling on my walks to work like a maniac but I’m so happy listening to this podcast that I don’t care! I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time but just finished the episode with Yola and finally wanted to take a minute to write this. And I found a new artist that I LOVE! Yola is incredible!
  • Cee D Bell
    Nicole and Team, I’m a longtime listener (on another podcast venue), and your show is the real deal. Your interviews are exceptional; you are exceptional. Your humor and insights are extraordinary. You ask some profound questions and you listen to your guests. So many podcast hosts don’t do that. You draw out the best in people and in the process bring a heightened education to all. You get at issues without preaching. Thank you for showing that being your unique self is not only okay but critical. You’re an inspiration and funny at the same time. Gratitude and hugs to you and you entire team!
  • katsspearl
    My Go-To Podcast
    I LOVE this podcast. This is my go-to podcast whenever I'm doing something and want to drive away my boredom. I can relisten to episodes endlessly too! It just feels like friends around all the time and I love the crackhead energy haha. I love all the guests Nicole chooses because the chemistry is (usually) super on point. It doesn't feel preachy or trying to give advice, just two people discussing love and relationships and I'm all for it! Edit: I loooove some of the guest hosts that just vibe with Nicole. There are some that don't super vibe w her or some that try to outshine. The vibing ones make the podcast truly enjoyable. The latest one was Kevin Porter.
  • govoks00
    Follow NOW!!
    OMG!!! I love this so much!!! I laugh ALL DAY AT WORK!!! OMG! How did I just find this?!?!?
  • Bexdm
    What a treat
    I listen to three of Nicole’s podcasts regularly, and I am embarrassed to admit I sometimes forget that she is a true professional. In addition to being hilarious, Nicole handles difficult interviews so astonishingly well. I almost had to turn off the JB Smoove episode because I found it/him to be so awful, but I listened because I was so impressed with how Nicole handled it. Daddy O Brien owes her BIG TIME for making her go through with that booking. Woof. I appreciate that she goes out of her way to educate listeners about sex worker rights and activism as well as shining a spotlight on social justice issues that are underrepresented in much of mainstream media. I rarely leave reviews (just rate and subscribe), but I feel weirdly and genuinely invested in Nicole’s continuing success. I hope that soon when she becomes (even more of) a household name she still has time to podcast!
  • Fsfernandez
    Great show!
    I love Nicole Byers and this podcast has really put an interesting perspective on her dating life and everything about her! I love it!
  • Mallovely
    Nicole is so delightful
    And she makes me tee hee hee so much!
  • Ciara (Keer-a)
    Best Podcast Ever
    My favorite podcast by farrrrrrrr. Truly a treat for your ears!!!
  • alexa-s
    exciting! educational! silly! 10/10
  • Casey Showman
    Cracking up
    I listen to Nicole Byer almost every day. Currently catching up on past episodes. I cracked up so hard at one episode, I hit my house. Literally laughing so hard I didn’t see how close I was to the garage. Ran right into it. Thankfully only minimal destruction. This podcast is truly a treat and a dream.
  • peamanda
    Informative and Hilarious
    I learn so much from the interesting, talented, and courageous people interviewed, and Nicole is a delightful host. I am able to become more engaged with important causes, contribute to fantastic organizations, and learn how to be a more informed and empathic human. This recent ep with Cat Hollis, who is doing so much for the dancer and sex worker community, was fantastic! Keep up the great work 😊
  • HGB1199221
    Love this podcast so much!
    WOW wow wow just listened to the Troy Amistadi episode. So good!
  • Marilyn2377777
    Hey Nicole
    Greetings from Accra, Ghana! Yes indeed, Ghanaians are pretty warm, particularly towards Americans Hahaha We actually hosted the "Year of Return" annual event just before Covid hit in 2019. It was pretty successful with a lot American celebs coming through. Since you're quite the germophobe, a well curated vacation to meet your specific interests will be perfect once we move past Covid. *An annoymous fan* ;)
  • ironhayride
    Nicole is brilliant and hilarious
  • Librarian Lindsay
    The best!
    Love love love
  • Rissaroo826
    Nicole Byer, are you some hot chocolate? ……because we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty
  • onesnideasian
    Chaotic fun
    Nicole is so good and engaging. Her sense of humor and laugh are the best.
  • lannahwalker
    An amazing human
    this is my absolute favorite human- its used to be snoop dogg but after I binged every episode I truly want to hear Nicole's voice for the rest of my life she a treat and a dream
  • Lilly@@@
  • Gar in Eau Claire
    Oooh Baby!
    Nicole and her guests always know how to make my day that much better! I always feel like I am sitting in on in-depth convo with my best friend, and I’m just soaking up the great time! Thank you for being a relief during some dark times that literally everyone can benefit from and get everyone to calm the f@$& down! Keep doing everything you do, and keep reading those nasty come on sat the end of every episode, literally, one of my favorite parts!
  • dandeliondreamspodcast
    Love this show!
    Nicole is absolutely hilarious and I love her show! NICOLE, you don’t have to cut the show off at an hour I would listen to hours more!! Especially when you are really vibing with a guest and have to cut it off, just keep going! 😘😘
  • Kenda48
    Smart✔️ Funny ✔️ Empowering ✔️
    I am officially obsessed with Nicole. This show has everything i am looking for in a podcast and I am not sure why it took me so long ti start listening. Thank you for all your hard work, Nicole. I would 100% date you 😘😘😘😘😘😘
  • Stevie-os
    Hole destroyer.
    I want Nicole to destroy my hole. She is an amazing woman who deserves to kick back and really go to town on my poor little hole.
  • Marekiachi25
    Why won’t you date me
    I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and loved it. Ever since Nicole joined Team Coco I feel Nicole has censored herself much more than usual….. sure it’s nice to have “Star Quality” guest but I miss the Nicole who speaks her mind…. Thank god she hasn’t changed for New Comers and Best Friends… Honestly I think you’re better without the Team CoCo squad but if it helps support you that’s cool.
  • K taken
    A Must Listen!!
    Nicole is one of the best interviewers ever and she has fantastic guests every time. This podcast is everything you want from a relaxed conversation between interesting lively folks talking about dating and more. I need my weekly “date” with Nicole!!
  • Birch bat
    Nicole I would squeeze your bobs >:)
  • keyncd
    Nicole use me as ur personal diving flipper!
    I want Nicole to slip her feet (yes both feet) into my sopping wet hole and use me as a pair of diving flippers
  • EmilyW36
    I love this podcast! It’s like checking in with my hysterical friend about how her dating life is going! I literally listen to 4 Nicole podcasts a week. Wild 😂
  • Kate Doster | KateDoster.com
    Only thing that got me through the pandemy
    This podcast is seriously one of the only things I got me through the pandemy. Nicole is so fun, her guests are so interesting. Yay Nicole.
  • LadyPrincePyro
    F*cking Great
    Just listened to the London Hughes ep, and laughed so hard I couldn’t wash my dishes. Love it~
  • madsbrew
    I drive. A. Lot.
    I love listening to Nicole. I drive, a lot. And always look forward to Fridays when I know there will be a new Nicole episode to keep me company. I also started listening to the Madea podcast, even though I haven’t seen most of the Madea productions. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ v entertaining
  • Slohannah
    The best
    Nicole’s podcast is one of my two go-tos. If you don’t listen, you’re missing out. Also, is there an award flout there for most catchy intro song ever?!
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