Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer


Nicole Byer is single and has been for decades. She’s smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs. So the question is why is she perpetually single? This podcast is a quest to find that answer. Every week, Nicole invites a comedian, friend, or ex-fling to interview their dating life and figure out her own.

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  • Kiara Denae
    I love Nicole!
    This is the best podcast ever! I have never related more to a person than I have with Nicole! She is me; I am her! I love the raw honesty, and we even share similar stories. Best podcast ever!
  • abqSarah
    Nicole and Conan
    I didn’t know I needed this pair of people in my life! Please have him as a guest again.
  • 👏💛
    Love love love love love love
  • Queefqueen2016
    I 💜 Nicole Byers!!!! I would definitely date her 🤗
  • GMS000000
    Good show but....
    The only people who ever seem to be on the show are people who work on tv or something. No therapists, no doctors, no one who actually knows anything. Most people who work in “show business” are emotionally damaged high school dropouts. Of course those people can’t figure out their lives.
  • bornbeautystar
    I literally needed this I can’t stop laughing you are good for soul Nicole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Riislover
    Money from QueerWOC pod as a guest please!!
    Hello! Please consider have money from the QueerWOC podcast as a guest! Would love to hear you two discuss!
  • VanillaIce510
    Wishing you the best, always! Xoxo #2021isyouryear 💕
  • Nay_Nay_Y
    Ever since you joined Team Coco
    I love you and this podcast, but ever since you got on Team coco, it’s been a lot of very famous celebrities. I like this, but I liked when you had people who weren’t so well known. They seemed relatable. Bring those back!
  • jsiansoandixkwnsoxmsb
    i would date nicole
    the air that left my lungs when nore said he would not date nicole!! who wouldn’t date nicole??? his loss!!! love you
  • SAgrl88
    I adore her!!
    I first saw Nicole on Nailed It! She is such a fun, sweet, silly person! I recently found this podcast and I can’t stop listening, she is awesome!!!
  • Blah blah blah 12234678
    This makes me laugh
    This show is wild at times and poignant at times. But it is always entertaining. Thanks for all the laughs! I hope 2021 is your year!
  • User062113
    Normalizing the struggles of dating
    I remember those really sh*tty years in my 20s being single and struggling to even catch a second date. I love that Nicole makes this a point of humor and talks openly about some taboo subjects like self-pleasure, fatness, confidence, first-date sex, etc. Podcasts based on such a specific premise tend to get boring after the first few episodes but somehow Nicole did it RIGHT. Entertaining every. Single. Episode.
  • Sable19995
    Is she just going to interview stars now??
    I like when she talks to random LA comedians who will say anything!! Randy Jackson has an expensive reputation to protect! Don’t want these network losers diluting my favorite podcast :((
  • Bellface5
    Losing its relatability??
    Very happy that Nicole is interviewing bigger celebrities, but I feel like the show is losing the part I loved best. This is a show about dating. Celebrities don’t always want to discuss their relationships for obvious reasons and don’t have dating advice for us who aren’t celebrities! Bring back more down to earth guests! Still love the show tho!
  • CLim8er
    It’s no wonder Nicole Byer won the Best Overall Host - Female. She is authentic, hilarious, playful, curious and thoughtful in all the conversations she had with her guests - known/popular or unfamiliar. Truly fun and pleasant to listen to ...I love her high-low-high voice. Hahahaha!
  • Brendagggg
    So entertaining
    Especially loved the one with Tiffany Hadish!
  • Review of this Podcast
    OH MY DANG GOSH! This podcast is so so so great! Nicole Byer is probably THE most hilarious person I have ever listened to, and there have been times where I would stay up late and try not to wake anyone up because I would be holding in a humongous laugh! Nicole is a kind, sassy, amazing person and I would love to meet her one day!
  • tom4ua
    Awesome podcast cause you don’t just only interview ppl from Hollywood or your comedy friends!
  • lolapapaya
    I wish she had better guests
    I love Nicole but I feel like a portion of her guests are just random people without much expertise. I think Nicole is so interesting and smart I wish she had people on who could match her intellect and have better/ more engaging conversations with.
  • blkNDprd
    Y’all sleepin on this podcast
    She’s an ABSOLUTE TREAT.
  • Omni Counseling
    Team Nicole
    I truly just want to consume everything Nicole Byer is in! She’s a hard working lady out there in Hollywood and this podcast is SUCH a joy. THANK YOU!
  • marcella630
    Oh, boy! What a treat!
    I can't get enough of Nicole Byer. Her positivity is infectious and she makes me tee hee hee. As a single 31 year-old single gal, I feel like I'm right there with her in the terrible online dating game. Her guests are always great and I have discovered so many comedians from listening over the years. Keep up the great work!
  • Nina _87
    Nicole is hilarious and fun!
    I love her personality! She cracks me up 😂😂😂
  • ViviannnP
    My favorite podcast
    Nicole cracks me up every time I listen to the podcast! This is legit THE BEST podcast to listen to.
  • take my star off
    Take my star off
  • Mmhmm9743
    Loved you on Headgum, love you now
    Omg, two of my favorite people Nicole And Conan! Ooooeee! Let me just say.... that scene in soul food... I still remember that! Tell me why I went to see that with my grandma when I was TEN! She covered my eyes at that part, so I had to watch her watching it. Hah! Thanks for unlocking that memory. You’re the best. Be my friend! Except I’m a bad friend, I take forever to text back. Ok bye!
  • ohhceej
    You got me a boyfriend
    Hi! This isn’t nasty but i hope you read it. I met my now boyfriend on bumble and he always likes to remind me that the only reason he download bumble was because he listened to this podcast!
  • ieatedabudder
    Love this show
    Thank you for all of the teeheehees!
  • JMundell
    Loooove you Nichole
    Do you still want nasty reviews? If so here is one I made just for you because I love you. ———————- Hey bacon-sweat, check out the dumper on you babay. You can call me the chef, cause I wanna spread your legs like butter, and sling my sauce up your down-south-mouth. Then we can go to the farm cause I’m gonna roll you over, shove my hog into your mud pit. I wanna milk your fun bags like ripe balloons and make you choke on my man-butter.
  • CEP317
    Love this podcast
    Hey girl, if whole-grain sugar-free Cheerios were modeled after your b-hole, I’d eat the whole bowl! 😂
  • Ms. Red 90
    My favorite show!
    I love this podcast. I teeheehee all day listening to this amazing woman!!
  • JordanVmusic
    Loooooooove this podcast
    I honestly just found it and Nicole has me laughing nonstop. This makes work go by faster, of course I can’t listen to it with regular speakers so no one knows why I’m laughing so hard 😂 she’s helped keep my spirits up without even knowing it.
  • KathyJanell
    Love This!!!
    As someone who struggles with finding someone to date me too, this podcast just hits the spot!! Thanks Nicole!
  • Cringe Harrison
    Nicole rules. Great guests, engaging conversations. I hope she never gets a boyfriend so she can do this podcast forever (Just kidding kinda)!
  • Badtingash23
    Love Nicole💕
    The episode with Devon cole has to be the best I’ve heard thus far. As a woman I find it helpful to hear dating advice from men! Nicole I love your laugh & genuine personality. Keep going😊👏🏽
  • Kayleighpaynic
    Saved my life. I love her. So so funny, and she’s so inspiring. I wish I could be part of the roller skate gang.
  • Cruela DeNasty
    I LOVE this podcast!!! Nicoles voice is SO SOOTHING!!!!
  • Squid.00
    Highlight of my week
    I discovered this podcast in June 2020, and it has honestly been the highlight of my week ever since. I get so excited on Friday mornings when I remember that I get to start my day out with Nicole’s witty humor. I have recommended this podcast to so many people already. In fact, I have recommended this podcast to many people multiple times. To the point where they probably just wish I would stop. But I won’t. Because it’s amazing and everyone should listen to it.
  • hahavgshakajabgag
    The guests Nicole has had on recently are legit. they’re not just random comedians (which were great too) but they’re like very legit people?? i’m so happy for her !!! the success 🤩
  • Jay_Walking
    Very funny
    ❤️Birthday twin!!! Nicole is hilarious and her podcast gets me through my work day.
  • Lane1018
    Great guests
    I genuinely enjoy this podcast. The guests are solid and interesting. Nicole is a great conversationalist. You can tell she is interested and engages well. I’ll be honest, sometimes I end it early because the yelling and the “voices” Nicole does are a bit much for me. The opening is indicative of this. She has guests call her out for why she reverts to this obnoxiousness when getting real and I appreciate she hears them. I start all podcasts at the beginning and did with this as well. Currently on episode 10. Maybe it changes or calms as they become more current. None the less, this is clearly a part of her personality! Not everyone is for everyone, and that’s ok. It won’t keep me from listening.
  • Jenjenjenr1000
    My fave drag queen!
    Nicole is the bee's knees
  • Gerbil101
    Your interview with Conan was the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to!!
  • jnoonj
    Nicole is simply an incredible person and it’s impossible not to be cheered up just listening to her. She’s got such a funny point of view and also some really insightful commentary on dating, social issues, and mental health. This podcast is a joy and so addicting! She’s got good guests and keeps it really fresh and funny
  • eeefosseee
    Oh Nicole
    Always makes me teeheehee
  • hilzy24
    Always makes me laugh out loud
    Love this podcast so much.
  • blkgatorgirl
    It was funny.
  • Autumne Stuart
    Weekly Addiction
    Nicole I’ve been a day 1 supporter of your podcast putting all my best friends on to you. I’ve seen the growth in you and your show congratulations!!! Because of the depth of conversation, your humor, your perspective, and eclectic array of guests, I will continue to be addicted to hearing what you have to say. My only qualm...the current sponsors/advertising don’t seem to be you, but 🤷🏽‍♀️get money😄
  • RickiHavoc
    Love your work
    I love all of Nicole Byer’s work! I listen to all of her podcast and watch whatever she’s in. She slayed this last episode of drag race, but this last episode of why won’t you date me with Deon Cole wasn’t for me and that’s okay!
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