Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer


Dating can be a hot mess, from being ghosted by your crush to realizing that you've been catfished by a Tinder match. Why Won't You Date Me? is here to help.

Join Nicole Byer, the perpetual singleton, as she invites fellow comedians, friends, and ex-flings to talk romance and share their wildest dating tales, from cringeworthy first dates to jaw-dropping hookup stories. Nothing is off-limits.

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  • Lil nibbelz
    So good.
    That is all.
  • Reese Omega
    Literally the best!
  • Lies Ahminelli
    Diamond Diva
    I just want to say I’m so happy for Nicole for getting Delta to advertise. That must have felt great for her. One step closer to being MRS. Diamond Diva. Also, great conversations. Maria Bamford was incredible.
  • EverybodyPeople
    ok, make me cry so hard that I’m wet?
    Maria Bamford is so amazing. Uzo Aduba? My two favorite candidates for playing Hillary Clinton in her biopic? Literally I love this show love you.
  • jd carnwath
    Love your show
    Love your show and with Uzo Aduba today oooh baby, yay.
  • Jujuthe best judge 24
    INCREDIBLE, I loveeee Nicole
  • Seastar858
    Love Nicole
    Always a good raunchy time with Nicole
  • find exit
    By this point I’m going back to the house
    I’m going back to the house to go to the gym with the girls for the night so I’ll let you know if you need anything
  • Girrrl Drummer
    Delightful podcast, sexy host
    Quick note to the fatphobic virgins in this review section: please get in a car and drive off a cliff with your miserable selves, thanks! Now to my review: thank you for being such a goddamn hilarious and charming person, Nicole. I needed a new podcast for laughs and this is it. You and your guests have been getting me through my morning routine and putting me to sleep at night. I would absolutely date Nicole, she’s a babe and a half, smart, sexy, AND successful. What’s not to love?! Please never stop making us laugh and think. Nicole is the best.
  • rigglemethis1980
    Been a huge fan of Nicole for years and how I didn’t know of this podcast until this year is wild. She will make you laugh and you will constantly root for her to find love
  • cutty piye
    Love Nichole
    Watch newcomers!!!
  • bloopey5000
    Ooh baby
    The world is a better place because Nicole Byer is in it and you will be a better person if you listen to this podcast.
  • portlandpug92
    Nicole Byer is my favorite
    WWYDM makes my Fridays better. In 2019, I saw Nicole outside of a comedy club before her show. She was smoking and had sunglasses on, so I didn’t ask for a picture. I wish I had asked for a picture. One of my life regrets :(((
  • Nieko00
    Hilarious podcast!
  • laya the llama mooo
    I love it
    I love her energy she is always so happy and always makes me laugh!❤️❤️
  • Rosa201
    I love EVERYTHING about you!💜🤍
    You on Nailed it! helped me be a good baker, cook and to be confident about my body just by watching you. Plus like by listening to your podcasts helps me physically and emotionally EVERY day. BTW you almost had a podcast on my 14th b-day 1 1/2 weeks ago (on the 21st). I know you don't like affirmations, but I just want to say that I LOVE everything about you, period. So stay you and don't care, Boo!🤍
  • yuck job
    Jf I just saw a video on how the
    I’m so happy you found it useful for your work in this subreddit I really enjoy the work and love your videos on the art
  • Wishingstr56
    Nicole is 36! 😂
    Nicole! You are 36 and about to turn 37! We are the same age and you keep making us so much older! 👵 Thanks for all the tee-hee-hees! What a treat, what a dream!
  • 9800Low
    I love Nicole
    I looove Nicole. I don’t understand why she hasn’t been snatched up yet!! I also love the energy she has with the guests of color, I love how they always lift her up. YOURE A BEAUTIFUL QUEEN!
  • Paul 86538
    Why is the guest every week a drag queen? Please stop with the drag queens.
  • your-fatmom
    𝓘 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼
  • KAnn91
    Nicole is intelligent, hilarious, and beautiful. We all know that. But as this podcast marches on, it’s increasingly clear that it’s based on her refusal to learn or grow and insistence on contradicting herself. For example: Nicole mentions SO MANY TIMES how it’s off putting to her when men don’t mention they know who she is until after several dates. And then one day, she starts going on about how a guy immediately makes note that he knows her and it made her uncomfortable. M According to her, not letting her know and also letting her know are red flags. Like? After hearing this comment, I knew Nicole was being purposefully contrarian for the sake of views. It’s like that friend in a toxic situation who has asked you the same advice for years and you’ve told them given them the same exact feedback. It gets old after while- even if you love that friend.
  • abbmo9
    The BEST
    Absolutely obsessed!!!
  • Brownsn87
    Love it
    Nicole is such a bubbly, funny host and is a joy to listen to!
  • hot fool
    Msg has to go back to the house and the house has a few more days left and the only one I have
    We will get back together and have fun together for the day or so I will see what you think I need and then
  • myBlznRose
    Melvin’s Interview
    Not sure why Melvin’s interview bugged me so much. Never heard of this guy. And he just came off as so arrogant. Starting with him watching his own movie multiple times before it even came out. Plus how he just comes off. Just didn’t like it. Maybe that’s why his fiancé took so long to commit…lol. Anyway. Love you Nicole! You deserve better than to have to deal with being perpetually single! Who isn’t grabbing you up?? Xoxo
  • AEON007
    Chip nothing
    The most boring person and episode. Go be a pastor!
  • R.wrestler25
    So I just got home from work🏃🏿‍♂️ to relax by sitting at home and doing more work 💻 and listing to my favorite podcast. Started with Bestfriends then, Why Won’t You Date Me hear you announce the guest and I just had to stop and thank you! Sooooo, thank you soooo much for interviewing TS Maddison! Now I can listen my favorite celebrity #1 AND #A at the same time. Work, school, married, early 30’s life is a “small”challenge but this type of entertainment is what I call “relaxing” 🧘🏿. I’m a constant podcast listener but not much that I’ve found is interesting out there. I mean, my Wendy hasn’t been on air in a while, so I’m down to the Breakfast Club and Angela Yee and TGIF. Soooo, long story short an extra podcast day would be cool 👍🏿 of if not that’s cool too wouldn’t want to overwork yourself. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Ok thanks again! -Nurse Otto :)
  • KelSEE8
    So much fun, telling everyone about it
    Hey Nicole and team, Started listening a couple weeks ago, and I am loving it. The pod has me giggling on walks. And as a mom of 1.5-year old, it’s so good to hear adult convos. I’m telling everyone who will listen about the pod, and I bought a shirt from the merch store. Nicole’s humor, charm, and fun guests keeps me listening faithfully. I also especially like it when political topics/race are a part of the discussion. I really respect and value what Nicole and her guests have to say; I’m learning a lot. Thank you for all you do. 💜 -Kelsey
  • Judy'sPitStop
    It was funny
    I dunno maybe being an older single gay man I just don’t connect to it anymore. I love “best friends but I guess I’m set in my ways
  • Damon625
    Bridget Everett
    Hey nicole Frequent listener just have to say the rapport with you and Bridget was awesome. Two hysterical women together. Made my commute today well worth the drive Marc
    Makes my daily dog walks very enjoyable listening to Nicole’s escapades!
  • Piperandjudesmom
    Nicole has great chemistry with everyone! That’s why it’s hard to find a date!
  • muss1991
    A SLAY!
    This is the Seal of Slay stamp of appreciation 🤝
  • Rushmmmore
    Big Fan for Years
    But especially last few guests have been such a pleasure: talented, black women like Gabourey LOVE 🥰 Edit: James Marsden episode was such a magnetic chemistry! Great flow and just the right amount of earnest 💕
  • EG Rae
    Fun, Fun, Fun
    Always the greatest time! Loved the James Marsden episode!
  • Mirafrustrated
    Love love love this podcast. If Nicole is hosting a podcast, I’m listening!
  • Girrrrrls
    Love them all but X Mayo is the best
    I love every episode for the humor but also authenticity. The earnest turns it takes can be surprising. Paul Scheer was an excellent example of this. But X Mayo was A WORD. She covered literally everything under the sun with humor, reflection, & important messaging across the board. Well done 💯
  • fns
    Simply the best!
    This is the ONLY non-news related podcast I listen to regularly. Every week, on the regular, I’m listening in. Nicole is such a fun energy in my life - we love u Nicole!
  • Space-Taker
    Funny & vulnerable
    Nicole Byer is awesome. Just tuned into the latest episode featuring X Mayo, which was hilarious, affirming, and informative. And thank you for the PSA on transvaginal ultrasounds.
  • Chris F! :)
  • annoyedaf1234567
    How hard is it to put “Spoilers” in the show notes?
  • nickname 373826
    Tell me wwwhhhyyyyyyy!? Hahaha
    I love this podcast, so much so I end up ignoring my gf as I catch up from the beginning. Hey Nicole, or Nicole’s non-stealing assistant, if y’all ever need a regular, not famous person on the podcast I bet I can make Nicole laugh.
  • fudgesmommy
    Roxane Gay episode
    So funny, and relatable! I love that she talks about REAL problems- like being overweight on a plane, and how that’s a problem even for famous people.
  • nccurlygirl
    Great ‘
    Love it!
  • hthjggjhb
    You are the best
    I love you and hope the best for you always! Thank you fir making me laughing and giving me a break from this crazy world
  • EGP73
    Amazing entertainment!
    Thank you for keeping it real and always asking the most funny questions to all your guests!
  • dee243567
    I can see why people won’t date you. Not only are you overweight but your disgusting. Not funny and very unladylike
  • q234t68 9dn2*p90iu654321
    I love Nicole and I love to watch herb show nailed it
    I would always go watch nailed it and now I found out that she has a podcast I have been listening every day every since I found out he has a podcast I’ve been listening every day when I leave the house on the radio and I literally listen to it on my phone.
  • arizimzim
    What a treat, what a dream! I could listen to Nicole all day. Always silly, insightful and honest, Nicole makes me feel a little less alone in the f*caked up world that is dating.
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