Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer


Nicole Byer is single and has been for decades. She’s smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs. So the question is why is she perpetually single? This podcast is a quest to find that answer. Every week, Nicole invites a comedian, friend, or ex-fling to interview their dating life and figure out her own.

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  • lannahwalker
    An amazing human
    this is my absolute favorite human- its used to be snoop dogg but after I binged every episode I truly want to hear Nicole's voice for the rest of my life she a treat and a dream
  • Lilly@@@
  • Gar in Eau Claire
    Oooh Baby!
    Nicole and her guests always know how to make my day that much better! I always feel like I am sitting in on in-depth convo with my best friend, and I’m just soaking up the great time! Thank you for being a relief during some dark times that literally everyone can benefit from and get everyone to calm the f@$& down! Keep doing everything you do, and keep reading those nasty come on sat the end of every episode, literally, one of my favorite parts!
  • dandeliondreamspodcast
    Love this show!
    Nicole is absolutely hilarious and I love her show! NICOLE, you don’t have to cut the show off at an hour I would listen to hours more!! Especially when you are really vibing with a guest and have to cut it off, just keep going! 😘😘
  • Kenda48
    Smart✔️ Funny ✔️ Empowering ✔️
    I am officially obsessed with Nicole. This show has everything i am looking for in a podcast and I am not sure why it took me so long ti start listening. Thank you for all your hard work, Nicole. I would 100% date you 😘😘😘😘😘😘
  • Stevie-os
    Hole destroyer.
    I want Nicole to destroy my hole. She is an amazing woman who deserves to kick back and really go to town on my poor little hole.
  • Marekiachi25
    Why won’t you date me
    I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and loved it. Ever since Nicole joined Team Coco I feel Nicole has censored herself much more than usual….. sure it’s nice to have “Star Quality” guest but I miss the Nicole who speaks her mind…. Thank god she hasn’t changed for New Comers and Best Friends… Honestly I think you’re better without the Team CoCo squad but if it helps support you that’s cool.
  • K taken
    A Must Listen!!
    Nicole is one of the best interviewers ever and she has fantastic guests every time. This podcast is everything you want from a relaxed conversation between interesting lively folks talking about dating and more. I need my weekly “date” with Nicole!!
  • Birch bat
    Nicole I would squeeze your bobs >:)
  • keyncd
    Nicole use me as ur personal diving flipper!
    I want Nicole to slip her feet (yes both feet) into my sopping wet hole and use me as a pair of diving flippers
  • EmilyW36
    I love this podcast! It’s like checking in with my hysterical friend about how her dating life is going! I literally listen to 4 Nicole podcasts a week. Wild 😂
  • Kate Doster | KateDoster.com
    Only thing that got me through the pandemy
    This podcast is seriously one of the only things I got me through the pandemy. Nicole is so fun, her guests are so interesting. Yay Nicole.
  • LadyPrincePyro
    F*cking Great
    Just listened to the London Hughes ep, and laughed so hard I couldn’t wash my dishes. Love it~
  • madsbrew
    I drive. A. Lot.
    I love listening to Nicole. I drive, a lot. And always look forward to Fridays when I know there will be a new Nicole episode to keep me company. I also started listening to the Madea podcast, even though I haven’t seen most of the Madea productions. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ v entertaining
  • Slohannah
    The best
    Nicole’s podcast is one of my two go-tos. If you don’t listen, you’re missing out. Also, is there an award flout there for most catchy intro song ever?!
  • weirderhalf
    Hilarious podcast!
    Nicole Byer is an absolute treasure.
  • Heyooooobadyletsgoooi
    My favorite podcast for years running. Nicole is effortlessly hilarious, honest, vulnerable, and transparent. I will listen to her do anything, and this is the crown jewel.
  • mmixon104
    Long time listener...
    Loved the Paul Scheer episode so much! I love silly, fun, crazy Nicole but you and Paul had such great, smooth and natural conversation. Can’t wait for your show to come out!
  • Emilylavamp
    Please date Jason!
    The Paul episode was wonderful! It’s so nice hearing someone who actually likes their spouse But also I ship you and Jason so hard, the two funniest people together would be unstoppable
  • eepp1986
    Team Coco talent booking is grim
    I’m giving this five stars because I love Nicole and don’t want to impact her ratings or her bag, but if anyone is reading this: the guests booked recently have largely been the pits. Jessica Rothe is the most boring person I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to Nicole interview, and JB Smoove was insufferable. The quality of guests was much higher before the new network booked them.
  • ckellystudios
    I would love her back to talk about dead parents.
    We never really do get an answer back.
  • Trexie Bludgeon
    Charming, super funny & real
    Nicole, if I could, I would not only date you, but most likely ask you to marry me. You are wonderfully weirdly (in the best possible way) funny. Your enthusiasm is infectious, yet you can be serious and cover heavy topics with sensitivity and insight, as well. Subscribe, people; don’t miss out on this gem podcast.
  • Ah-lee-cee-yaa
    Good vibes only
    Nicole brings the good vibes! This podcast is fun and funny. I highly recommend!
  • Autumne Stuart
    Weekly Addiction
    Nicole I’ve been a day 1 supporter of your podcast putting all my best friends on to you. I’ve seen the growth in you and your show congratulations!!! Because of the depth of conversation, your humor, your perspective, and eclectic array of guests, I will continue to be addicted to hearing what you have to say.
  • Hjsacks
    A Whole Entire Treat
    Nicole always says: “what a treat,” but she is, in fact, the best treat of all.
  • Simy2006
    Has gone downhill in the last few months
    I used to love this podcast- was really funny and relatable and the guests were great. The episodes lately have been boring industry banter with her and a guest talking about things no one else is interested in and are more like personal convos that the audience doesn’t really feel any connection to. Was way better when it was targeted more towards things everyone listening could relate to and not chatting about people they know on sets, jobs etc.
  • sgordon6815
    Nicole is hilarious! Love the show so much!
  • Phantasmalmirth
    What more could you ask for?
    Nicole is a goddamn national treasure. She’s so hilarious, bold, genuine, relatable and warm. Her podcast is always the highlight of my Fridays, particularly during the pandemic. I’m forever changed by her quirky sayings like “what a treat, what a dream!” I’ve listened to the podcast since the beginning and like others have commented, I prefer it when she interviews more up-and-coming artists or comedians. Please have on more sex workers too! You’re the absolute best, Nicole. I’m rooting for your success in career and romance and feel honored that you let us witness your journey.
  • cellslip96
    But why
    Why do all her ad reads sound like she’s making fun of the sponsored product? Do enjoy most of the guests but feel like many episodes are more comedy-based than relationship/dating based.
  • Andreamichelle1991
    So funny!
  • Katia3000
    So good! But TeamCoco needs to step up the booking
    This is legit my favorite pod, but the booking has gone way downhill since TeamCoco took over. There are plenty of interview shows that spotlight has-been celebrities like Randy Jackson already; WWYDM shines the brightest when it features up-and-comers, marginalized creator, or people who are actually out there dating. Maybe consider some light screening to filter out misogynists at least? Nicole, you are still the best and ilu!
  • maddielev
    Amazing podcast!!
    Always love the pod, but especially loved the episode with Casey! Please have Casey on again, your conversation was so funny and fun.
  • Shinxsmom
    Flavor town for the ears.
  • SyrethaB
    Absolutely LOVE this podcast, so fun but also so relatable for anyone who has struggled to find their person! Only episode I have hated was DJ Smoove - such a mansplainer it killed me, Nicole no more like this please!!!!! Otherwise the guests and Nicole are always what a treat, what a joy as she would say!
  • listenup1969
    I just finished the Casey Wilson episode, and I had to thank you for it. Happy Endings was such a fun & smart show, and Casey is clearly one of the reasons it’s so fondly thought of. The two of you are such funny & talented women, and I hope you do get to record a Dead ☠️ Parents episode. ✨
  • MissyDell
    Ugh. It’s so good!!
    Love this podcast.
  • oprah 2.0
    What happened
    This went from hilarious dating advice, to months of episodes where people are just complaining about how hard is it to be______. I miss hearing about nicole’s wild adventures ridin and Slidin on poles and whatnot. Trying to catch those loose d’s! I’m team nicole love her, but the guests just seem to complain about how hard they have it in the world.
  • mindsovermatter
    Obsessed with this podcast
    Nicole is everything but this JB Smooth episode was the cringiest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Who let him mansplain and talk over such a fantastic icon like Nicole?! Yikes
  • Irishman768942
    Nicole 10/10
    Are we gonna talk about that JB Smoove episode bestie
  • yungfox10
    5 stars bc i love Nicole
    But please no more cringey straight men as your guests
  • jay1244678
    I miss the old why won’t you date me
    I love Nicole and I love this podcast, but I HATED the last episode. We listened to another random “team coco” man monologue for an hour. Please start bringing your friends on or people you’ve hooked up with again :(
  • notyourcat
    Love the pod plz No more JB
    Love the podcast! The JB episode was so cringey I had to skip it.
  • 2NE1forever
    Ive been listening for a month or so
    This JB Smoove episode is off the rails LMAOOOOO 5/5
  • cynthia from nyc
    Totally hilarious
    Nicole is amazing and I love this podcast, especially the latest app with Aparna!
  • music hunter 666
    Thank you
  • Atsfanatic
    2 thumbs up
    A very funny podcast!
    One of the very best!
    This podcast is a gem 💎 And here’s me hitting on you: Nicole, you seem like a woman of refined tastes. I hope to win your affections gently and respectfully. I would like to make your acquaintance and take you out to a lovely meal at a restaurant of your choosing. We will enjoy sparkling conversation, and I assure you that I am a good listener. After dinner, we will go to an ice cream store and enjoy sundaes together, while we make each other laugh through flirty teasing. We will walk through the city streets, holding hands for the first time and walking close to one another, shyly at first but then more comfortably. I will bring you back to my spacious, tastefully-decorated home, where we will watch a movie while sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Afterwards, we will look into one another’s eyes and kiss tenderly. Then we will 69 all night.
  • Meeshi08
    The Voice We All Need
    Nicole!!!! Like so many when I first saw you on Girl Code years ago I was like...WHO DAT?! You are honestly amazing, you say what I’m thinking so many times and your authentic self is so relatable not just to women of color/bigger size but all people. You are the FIRST podcast I’ve ever listened to and I hope you do this forever. It would be a dream to meet you one day and make you chuckle ❤️
  • Manderson_Jr
    Stop the CisHets
    I love this show and I love Nicole, but ever since it went to Conan’s network, there’s been far to many cisgender hetero men as guests. Please make that stop.
  • Tamisha Francois
    Hilarious - Joyful-Consistent
    Non-stop hilarity. Nicole is a professional entertainer. Never boring. Always high energy and laughter. ( Please do more stuff with Conan, what a wild dynamic duo! Great chemistry 😂😀) And thank you for having Marc Rebillet!!!! I love him!
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