You Must Remember Manson

History #88

From the archives of You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth presents her hugely popular series, “Charles Manson’s Hollywood.” It chronicles the murders committed by followers of Charlie Manson in the summer of 1969, and how the lurid crime and its aftermath were inseparable from the show business milieu in which they occurred. Originally released in 2015. For more great Hollywood stories, subscribe to the You Must Remember This podcast.

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  • joeCT
    wow!!! i love true crime and serial killers, but i never knew anything about Charles Manson and his followers this was truly interesting and went so into depth… about everything! i learned so much and the storytelling made me want to keep listening. thank you!!!!
  • MissLocks
    Excellent & Comprehensive
    Loved everything about this other than the horrifically cringey “voices” the host does when speaking as certain characters in the story, particularly the Manson girls. Either speak in your own voice or, if you must, please hire an actor.
  • ormond by the sea
    The best synopsis of this horrible story…
  • ChiliBowl1973
    Manson Episodes
    Absolutely the best, most accurate recounting of the Manson story … great job of research and presentation!
  • FlightAttendantBret
    Fairly good?
    The researcher isn’t horrible, but often pushes too stark of opinions that don’t reflect reality. Also the narrator desperately needs to learn how to pronounce the letter “t.” She often sounds like she has a cold, but it’s just poor pronunciation.
  • Sher in FL
    Thank you!
    For the excellent research and writing as well as narrating this complicated story. Found new info never before heard. If I could give you 6 stars I would!
  • Zimmerman's Way
    Great and Creepy
    Well written and well produced, this is a really nice breakdown of the fascinating world of the sixties and one charismatic psycho built a family, become obsessed with the Beatles, wrote for The Beach Boys, and ingratiated himself into Hollywood’s hipsters
  • et998
    This Is One of The Best Narratives On This Subject
    Karina, Kudos And Bravo- This Series On Manson Is As Good As Any Documentary I Have Heard Ever On The Subject. Well Done.
  • wilfulgreen
    Nixon ?!?! NIXON 😅 Easy squeezy scapegoat May have been better to include overindulged post war generation Why let facts get in the way
  • Jenn K 71
    I really enjoyed the deep dive into the Manson Family members and the victims. Along with a better understanding of the times and the people who surrounded the family.
  • Belllaaa358
    Excellent Podcast!
    This podcast is top notch! Excellent production, host is interesting and has great tone and inflection! Highly recommend!
  • bodhilexi
    Lots of Inaccuracies
    I only listened to the episodes about Sharon, because I’m a big fan of hers and love hearing about her life. But I was disappointed at how many things were mentioned that I know for a fact aren’t accurate. From her birth place, to how she met Roman—there are a lot of details that are incorrect. I also do not like the voices that she does. I don’t really find it disrespectful, just kind of.. annoying.
  • Wildcat3514
    Mixed Bag
    There is a lot of interesting information in this podcast but I just can’t get past the fact that such a serious story is being told through the use of vocal impressions, many of which seem to be used as humor (or maybe they’re so bad they’re unintentionally funny). It was downright offensive to hear the gruesome details of the actual crime interspersed with funny voice impressions of the female murderers and I had to stop listening at that point. I don’t know who decided that was appropriate but they really need to do some soul searching.
  • bleepblorpp
    i’ve enjoyed this podcast but find it extremely rude and sort of misogynist that you have a stoic guest voice playing manson and all the dudes like dennis wilson etc but for the quotes from the manson girls, you just make your own voice sound kind of high and ditzy. part of what makes this story so interesting is why and how all these people fell in with manson, and perpetuating the idea that they’re just a bunch of dumb chicks who only care about sex and drugs is not really interesting or accurate.
  • chucknme2
    This was good. I read Helter skelter by Vincent Bugliosi about 20 years ago and have been bmveru curious about what everyone else thought Manson. This was such a great podcast ❤️
  • kaycee3625
    A deep dive
    Incredibly well researched. The hosts takes a DEEP dive…in a few spots a little too deep maybe? But overall the best Manson podcast I have found.
  • nickbob235
    Extremely well researched and put together. I was hooked and finished the series in 24 hours.
  • momnpopmiles
    Culture, Background, Music
    Such a good mixture of those surrounding/connected to the Manson Family and beautiful true story telling. Kept me interested the whole time.
  • Heidi F2
    Random Facts that somehow connect to Manson
    I love a good cult podcast. This one drags on and on and I don’t think I really learned anything new. Host lists off every name in the 1960s Hollywood phone book and somehow links them to Manson. The timeline jumps back and forth was hard to follow. Don’t recommend.
  • Tooobaaaaddddd88
    Unique and Thorough
    This series is incredibly well researched and pieced together in a way that creates a fascinatingly complete picture. A fresh take on a much told story.
  • Jaanma
    A Great Deep Dive
    I was 14 when the murders occurred and since then I have heard, read, watched voraciously everything I could find on the subject. Having lived in Southern California my entire life and still, there has been much news available about this. I am very impressed with this podcast and have learned new things. Loved this version that just didn’t touch on the points that we all already know. Hey how about an update?
  • mariasm54
    Very well done podcasts. And the host has a lovely voice. Very well written.
  • T. Ferris
    Great podcast
    I was amazed by Karina’s research skills. You think you know everything about this crime and then this podcast comes and blows your mind! It’s a great listen.
  • Swishersweet3
    Good podcast but...
    The background music was just too Much and I couldn’t focus on listening to her. Maybe it’s just me but it just ruined the whole podcast for me.
  • ginarita2000
    Just finished Polly and binging Manson
    This podcast is incredible. So much information and so well researched.
  • lilstarrgazr
    She takes a deep dive and looks at so many different players and angles which is interesting. It’s not her voice that is unpleasant, unless she’s speaking for a Manson Girl, who she decided all speak with nasal annoying voices. It’s her odd pronunciation (“narwritted vs narrated), her odd phrases (“acid gobblers” I believe the term is drop acid not gobble it) and the mispronunciation of just about every major players name. This is one of the most famous cases, and it’s 50 years old. How do you not know how to pronounce the names when you’re doing a podcast? Among the repeated mispronounced names are Jay Sebring, Leno LaBianca, Roman Polanski, Wojciech Frykowski, and my personal favorite, the three different ways she came up with to say Leslie Van Houten. Also spent a good 40 minutes discussing Polanski’s later rape case and shared her personal opinions on what she thought. Regarding the Manson murders, Polanski was the victim, losing both his wife and his child. Perhaps not the greatest time to be speaking about his future events. It is also possible to feel terribly sorry for the man for his losses, and dislike the actions he took in the future. It felt almost victim blamey to bring both up in the same episode and focus on the later event.
  • Stephanie_jc
    Dive right in!
    Love these deep dives into Hollywood history. Easy listening in the best possible way - high production value and thoughtful research. Cannot recommend enough!
  • Butterflybabey14
    Love it!
    Great podcast! The host is well informed and discusses all aspects of the case. She seems very nice and has a sense of humor while remaining serious. Extremely interesting and detailed.
  • bets-a-rama
    Content is great, odd narration
    I really like the content and production of this podcast. I don’t like the oddly precise annunciation and pronunciation of the narrator, it’s a little mouth-noisy for me. However, the writing is great and the content keeps me coming back. Four stars overall.
  • emiliaaaaaaaaaaa
    extremely well-researched, well-paced, and well-spoken. the host has a very listenable voice; she doesn't drone or sound like she's obviously reading from a script. it was refreshing to hear a manson-related narrative that didn't focus so much on the grisly details but on the family's reverberating cultural impact across film and music. my only complaint is that i would love a transcript available to have as a reference! really good stuff.
  • thornbusj
    I have listened to the first 4 episodes. The podcaster is easy to listen to very nice voice and I am learning so much I never knew ! Riveting information. I would love her to do a Beach Boys podcast possibly! Wendy CT
  • Irish Nora
    Add other guests or interviews. Listening to one person drone on was painful. Lots of repetition and embellishment which took away from the quality of the podcast.
  • thebuffalolife
    Biography Of Opinion
    Clearly a well-researched podcast—historically speaking—that is marred by subjectivity. Interesting topic that has lost its interest on me thanks to agressive political interjection présentes as fact as opposed to assumption or sociological explanation for/of. Disappointed.
  • LittleWroten85
    Interesting and informative
    I find anything about the Manson murders incredibly interesting and usually listen and read whatever I can find. Her background study of what was going on during the time is a fresh take that I appreciate. Though, I find the pronunciation of certain names and the weird ‘t’ and ‘d’ swaps are annoying and distracting. She has a nice voice and she doesn’t sound awkward like some podcasters do, but omg, when she’s speaking for Susan Atkins I feel like covering my ears. Still worth a listen.
  • Shylock78
    Pretty Good
    Some of her facts are a bit fudged, but good overall. Her tendency to turn “T”s into “D”s (e.g., the “Straight Sadans,” as opposed to “Satans”) can be quite infuriating—especially for someone who is making a living recording audio—can be a bit annoying, however.
  • cjameche
    Insightful and intelligent
    Karina gets all of the information, leaving no rock unturned. This podcast is so incredibly detailed and full of so much information. I absolutely loved this series.
  • Demily45
    So good!
    This was amazingly well done! Everyone docking stars because of Karinas voice??? Get over yourself! Maybe review something that can be changed and focus on the story! This was so incredible and new, I love Karina!
  • shellrae
    Another Manson story
    Found this and thought it’d be same ole story. Big suprise! Karina does a great job! Lots of detail. Good music. She presents it in a story telling manner. Not wiki reading like so many p-casters do. This podcast is great . This story ends and I hope she does some more.
  • pokanoket
    Amazing podcast!!!
  • starkravingchad
    I’ve never been much interested in Manson. Now I’m obsessed!
  • TuckerAgardner
    “Totally” informative, “grody” narration
    Great information, but the Valley Girl narration is annoying.
  • gadfly4good
    I devoured this podcast. So many interesting details about Hollywood in the 1960s.
  • littlewhirl
    Interesting but..
    What is with this woman's peculiar pronunciation? 95% of the time she's massively overpronouncing words, then she's suddenly turning t's into d's. It's just SO distracting. So distracting. :/
  • xigbarf
    Great Podcast, but
    the host's voice/delivery/pronunciation was grating 90% of the time. I appreciate that she wrote and narrated the entire podcast and I personally prefer more investigative-type podcasts such as this with little to no banter. I've always been fascinated with Charles Manson but there was a lot I didn't know. I enjoyed learning about Hollywood and how big his circle really was. Despite the host, I enjoyed this very much.
  • mrupah
    Very good
    Great in-depth dive into the events of the fatal 1969 summer. Does a great job of painting a whole picture, instead of just describing crazy Charles.
  • SallySue24
    Very interesting and informative, but I cannot get past the millennial pronunciations. For example, pronouncing t as a d. I know most of the time when there is a t in the middle of a word or name, we don’t usually pronounce it as a hard t, but we don’t pronounce Richard Burton’s name as Burdon, either. And we don’t say threaden vs threaten. This is driving me crazy. I really want to continue listening for the content, but it will be a struggle.
  • Trdrrd
    Thorough and well told
    I truly enjoyed the breadth of this podcast. Great information, told in an interesting way, and thorough. A very interesting approach to a familiar subject. My only complaint is that author teeters on blaming the killings on society, the times, the culture wars, etc., and Sharon Tate is almost written off as a sacrifice for the “establishment’s” ignorance of the younger generation’s frustrations — her perspective, though, and I take it as that. I finished 12 episodes in 4 days.
  • lkjhkjhkjhkjhkjhjkhkj
    Very Informative
    Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the mispronounced names
  • Higzreviews
    Could have been great ....
    Lot of good history here, but the obvious anti-male agenda oozes, creating a consistent distraction.
  • gmj998876
    Why all the mispronounced names? It's so it intentional? The pronunciation of the names is beyond common knowledge.
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