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Cricket for everyone – your friendly guide to the world's strangest sport. Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins combine match analysis with irreverence, politics, interviews and history as they follow the game they love around the world. You can support the show at

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  • A Good 14
    Hands down the best cricket podcast
    Geoff and Adam are simply the best when it comes to talking all things cricket... with the occasional Australian cultural reference thrown in for more mirth.
  • Ochtapas
    Love the podcast, small suggestion.
    This is one of my favorite cricket podcasts. Very insightful and super funny. One small suggestion is that you could devote a couple of minutes each podcast or perhaps every other podcast providing some explanations for us that are new-ish to the game. Cricket is a game that has such a steep learning curve, and beautifully odd terminology, that I think this would help to grow the fan base for the game, particularly here in the US. Specially useful would be information on the state of the pitch, and why it matters, as well as bowling lengths and lines. For instance, a mini-lesson on the state of the pitch could have been sneaked in during the discussion of whether Australia should have batted first on the first day of the fifth test at the Oval. Obviously you don’t want to spend too much time and bore the knowledgeable listeners, but just a couple of minutes would do.
  • Pulv30
    Very good stuff!
    I love their cricket podcasts. Two very good, knowledgeable, and astute minds of the game. They bring the game in a different way, Adam has done work in politics while Geoff was prolific in poetry. This new perspective is fantastic to listen to. They never say anything without good reason, and they are unbiased. I love the longer version, and I love the daily pods. I enjoy the interviews a lot because I can go back when I’m bored and listen to Harsha Bhogle, or Davey Warner, or Ian Chappell. They seem to put a lot of thought into their words and that’s what I enjoy!
  • Gnana86
    A fun, quirky, and balanced cricket podcast
    A solid cricket podcast. They are quirky without getting too much amongst the weeds. They are very balanced in their analysis except when it comes to Glenn Maxwell, which to be honest I find quite endearing. Their weekly shows include great interviews and analysis. But, their dailies during the CWC19 has been fantastic and have really gotten me addicted to them. The hall of fame segments are great and I look forward to them every episode. Their nerd pledge segment, where you make a monthly contribution with an amount that has relevance in cricket which the hosts have to guess, for instance $2.81 as a reference to VVS Laxman, is a unique feature in the world of cricket podcasts and always enjoyable to listen to. Do give them a listen when you get a chance. But, be forewarned, the show is extremely addictive
  • Sagar Sriramagiri
    Parched for a good cricket podcast.
    You guys are filling a massive hole in my life - one of a need for a solid cricket podcast. Keep filling guys!
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