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The creator of Mueller, She Wrote, Allison Gill, and former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, are documenting the federal trials of Trump. With the help of expert guests, they analyze court filings, letters, strategies, and regulations to take you through the Special Counsel process that could lead to the conviction of Donald J. Trump.

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  • bri, va lowercase lib
    McCabe Sounds Sexy
    I actually love his voice. Intelligent and remarkably well spoken…what’s not to love? When he curses, you can tell he means it. Rock on, Andy! Xoxox
  • JeReynAZ
    I filed a judicial complaint form against Judge Cannon
    Thank you for talking about our right to file a judicial complaint form. Glenn Kirschner also provided a step by step tutorial and where to file the form. I sent a copy of the form and directions about pertinent information to complete the form to friends . It doesn’t take too much time and feels satisfying to have done so. I urge everyone to do so. Power in masses.
  • L the Hunter
    Question regarding jurors for Federal Documents Case
    Is the jury pool for Federal trial cases the same as nonfederal cases in regards to how far out (county/districts, etc) you can go to pull jurists or can you look specifically for jurists who have held Top Secret (and above) levels who would understand, and agree to, and take an oath to protect any and all such documents that are presented at such a sensitive trial…..pulling from former/retired military members who have held those levels of security come to mind…..FL is chock full of military active duty and retirees or former. It’s a bit scary to think that anyone chosen for a jury could possibly be given the task of seeing such sensitive documents and then the government has to hope that those jurists will never divulge anything they were made privy to. It’s been proven that we can’t even trust elected politicians to keep their mouths shut if it means attention and/or money flowing to their pockets or cause….just saying…
  • Marie Tellez
    Jack Smith got my love and respect
    We absolutely love Jack Smith ,what a brilliant endeavor, and intelligence thank you!!!!!1
  • IoB.
    Exceptional. That’s what you all are..,
    Sung to the tune “unforgettable “ by Nat king Cole.
  • tmccaffr
    Jack 5/11/24
    Great show and great speakers. I am thrilled that Anna and Allison are working together. i appreciate Andy’s explanations of the law. Everyone is top notch. Lawfare, Jack, and Clean up on aisle 45 are among my favorite legal podcasts. Thank you!
  • 80221
    Another great episode
    Thanks for airing this discussion & answering some questions that I had. One sour spot was the next to last person asking a question, who thought she was too clever by half, referring to jurors as folks who had nothing else to do for 2 weeks & just not smart enough to get out of jury duty. If she is an aspiring attorney, there may one day be a place for her in the Trump stable of defense lawyers.
  • Che Block
    When we have trial Lol
  • user789!!
    Long time listener, but losing interest. It’s not really entertaining or informative to listen to the non-lawyer Allison pretend to be an SC Justice while reading her mock ruling. Maybe let the lawyers talk about the law? Andy just listens. It’s almost eye rolling….ech.
  • DawnElizabethEllis
    Y’all are the BEST!!!
    I’m a Bowie Girl in a Florida world. Not only do y’all keep me virtually connected to home, share current events I’m interested in, and deliver your podcast with sass, humor, and intelligence, your voices are soothing. I often listen twice to make sure I’ve got the deets, and I’ll play it all night because y’all comfort me in these politically violent times. Thank you, Allison & Andy, for all you do. May the goddesses bless you both. 💚
  • nickname mot taken
    You guys are so good. Just one nitpick. Please double check the pronunciation of people’s names before the podcast (Solicitor General). It matters
  • billdebby
    I look forward to Sunday because there will be a new podcast. It is fine with me if they are long. I learn so much. Keep up the good work.
  • trsleep
    Corrupt Judge
  • Devil Dinosaur
    Best Trump news analysis
    I am terrified of Trump becoming President so I consume a lot of Trump related podcasts. This is the best one. Andy always figures out what Trump is plotting next to escape justice.
  • New LMSW
    You make the fall of Democracy fun!!
    Andy and Allison, as dark as some of the episodes are, as they rightly should be, you guys are funny and smart and tell it to us straight, so we know what’s coming. And it is appreciated! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  • ponygsl 65
    Well done podcast.
    This is one of my favorites. Keep up the great work. I don’t ever skip the ads. Thank you for this podcast.
  • Inkonmysleeve
    Cannon Re…
    Re: Hon. Judge A. Cannon. JS: “umm no…” Fantastic show today guys (per usual).
  • Mona1634
    Great Show Thank You
    I appreciate your show, and that you speak to us nonlaw people and explain the acronyms and things that go on in the law to people that don’t fully know. As you will see from that sentence, I’d never make it as a law clerk, but do you get my point lol 😊
  • Fed up in Cleveland
    A weekly dose of how the rich & infamous manipulate the justice system to avoid accountability. System is broken, very depressing.
  • Karenonitunes
    So interesting!
    It is very hard to sort out fact from fiction currently, and I SO appreciate this podcast that simplifies (as much as possible) what is going on with special counsels.
  • Lord of Scandal2
    The strong medicine we all need ❤️❤️😎❤️❤️
  • CKMarchant
    Best Pod
    Read your book Andy have been following you along your journey. Love where you landed Alison Gil is my new hero. AG and Andy’s banter is priceless and lighten the heavy subject at times with their humor. I also follow Clean Up on aisle 45. Read Peter’s book too. I catch the Beans now and then. All good too
  • Dr. Jura
    Best information about Jack Smith’s cases
    This is the best podcast about the legal proceedings involving Special Counsel Jack Smith. Super informative, Allison Gill and Andy McCabe make complicated legal procedures and issues easy to understand. They are also quite funny and are never heavy-handed. They are very well matched as a team, witty and smart. This show is an important part of my weekends. Can’t do without it.
    A must listen
    You need to listen to this!
  • midwestBlue
    Brian Greer
    Brian Greer and his stupid optimism about cannon could be or will be doing the right thing is why the US is in the cluster dumpster with trump and all his n’er do well accomplices incl scotus we can no longer have trust in to do the right thing. grrr
  • Nessa.DeLane
    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” - Frank Zappa
  • 11dalya
    Voluminous news means more episodes!
    The news has been so quick this week that it must be hard to keep up. Obviously we need more episodes. Keep it up Allison. I look forward to your podcasts every week.
  • SisterLaura
    This is my favorite podcast
    I look forward to Sunday every week.
  • A UK fan
    Ginny Thomas
    The supreme court is being covert and playing a game. Please wake up. How can your country be surprised when you have so much corruption on your current court - how can the WIFE of a justice be so openly in support of the INSURRECTION and not think all is well and the court honest.
  • Regineyw
    Supreme court’s intention on Trump’s immunity case if to help Trump
    No question about it! They will delay as much as possible. This is the right wing court that Trump built for this very reason and for decades to come! Justice is over in US! I have faith in that!
  • e-cooling
    A tremendous service to all!
    Excellent! MSW_AG + AM_FBI thank you!
  • Little Rasor
    Great podcast
    I look forward to your breakdown each week and your amusing banter. Question - Andy can you talk about your firing at the DOJ? I don’t know your story.
  • groovy squirrel
    A must-listen!!
    Thank You!!
  • Mommt590
    So good
    One of my favorite podcast. Love both hosts!
  • CherokeeNative33
    Make This Your Sunday Podcast For All Things Jack Smith
    Every Sunday morning my husband and I listen to Andy and Allison give the weekly update on all things Jack Smith. The team expertly analyze the court filings in the numerous cases involving Jack Smith and Trump with some humor thrown in. It’s an easy listen and a great way of updating yourself on where America stands as we try to save our democratic republic and the rule of law. Keep up the great work Andy and Allison!
  • Eyesopen52
    Best breakdown anywhere
    Excellent commentary by two people who Know what they are talking about, and clearly explain to the people.
  • mendoDerek
    Smart and thorough
    Allison and Andy give an informed and detailed weekly (or better) analysis of the travails of Trump. The discussion never feels rushed and it never seems like the hosts are shortchanging a topic to finish an episode. Allison’s impressions of OJ (Orange Jesus) are pitch perfect and hilarious.
  • mbapsu
    What is truly frightening?
    You all believe yourselves to be unbiased, even-handed arbiters of truth when you all are actually rabid partisans and held positions in the Federal bureaucracy with the full power to weaponize your beliefs against American Citizens. Truly frightening…
  • kat%#*$
    My go-to podcast!
    I tune into this podcast first thing on Sunday morning!
  • Nutty mom
    Best trial and procedure coverage
    Excellent expert podcast hosts give out the best coverage of trials. Simply the best
  • mindcentric
    You two are awesome! I love your show on all levels.
    You two are awesome! I love your show on all levels.
  • MKinABQ
    AGAM the best
    Allison Gill and Andy McCabe provide outstanding analysis of all things related to Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • JohnnyMia1
    Never in a million did I think that this news and follow up COULD be so entertaining. you both do a great impression! Each has their special inflecktions. Bravo! The show commentary is even better. Usually they send me something from the merch or menche Store! Just joking...not really… seriously. Excellent break Down thanks!
  • Farmer Pirate
    Phenomenal analysis of criminal cases
    Hosted with intelligence, knowledge, unmatched expert commentary, and periodic spicy humor. Every episode is must listen. Plus Andy’s wry commentary puts a smile on my face. Allison is a genius!
  • Buhnanie
    Trump gets too much implied credit from all sources
    Listener Sean’s comment on Episode 62 makes an observation I also have—that reporting always makes it appear Trump is making all these legal moves. I don’t doubt that he is forever pressuring his council to do things he wants with no knowledge himself of how to move within legal proceedings. Andy McCabe hit it on the nose when he said Trump lacks curiosity and patience, but I would go further, and say he lacks the intelligence, diligence, and tenacity to conceive or carry out anything. He pushes on others, and then blames when they fail. Look how quickly he dumped responsibility for COVID-19 on Pence, but still chose to be the one bloviating idiocy, that he thought made him sound smart, in public. Look at how he has for years claimed he avoids taxes because he is smart, yet he himself does not prepare them, and puts those who do them on the hook and blaming the experts he lies to for any failures. So I get what Sean is saying. It really grates on those of us of the American public who see how impatient, sloppy and non-diligent he is to see him credited, even if it’s not meant to be credit, with initiating various legal options when we know most of his life is spent eating, tweeting, golfing, partying, and trying to make dishonest, easy money, not actually working or learning, or making any meaningful contribution to anything. That said, this is not a criticism of this podcast. It seems most reporting does pseudo-credit Trump with cleverness that he does not have, at least in the worlds of business, construction, law and tax preparation. He is certainly a skilled liar, something contrary to what a Christian upbringing taught me. LOVE THIS PODCAST and learned a little bit more about what Andy McCabe went through in the politically-motivated removal of him by the Trump admin. in this episode.
  • EngageCore
    Not just great knowledge of the law —conveyed in laymen's terms. A standout unique ingredient is the investigative instincts and insights of both hosts. Pulling all of the relevant puzzle pieces together. Jack Smith may be a listener!
  • Tiny Hearts
    Podcast Perfection
    Jack has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts - and I listen to a lot of them. Andrew and Allison are both very well spoken, knowledgeable, insightful, and experienced. They mesh really well as a team - their give and take speaking-wise is balanced; they allow each other space to speak rather than speaking over one another. They keep it light while presenting sometimes, to me, denser legal issues. Nice banter, just the right touch of humor, and lots of insider knowledge. I never want their episodes to end. Oh, and I love their theme music.
  • Sarah Emily 416
    I listen to this show because these hosts really explain the process and requirements of the legal system in a balanced way. Of course there is the humor of explaining what the opposition is doing and highlighting how utterly nuts some of TFG’s actions have been.
  • mg from New Mexico
    You make me nervous and please use your platform for analysis not banter
    Please stop joking about not having the DC court decision yet, Allison. You’ve done it for the last three episodes. It’s getting really old. And your nervousness about it is not helpful. Most people in the US are really nervous right now. Please don’t add to that. Your analysis is appreciated and you have a platform to share that. Use it wisely. Also, I’m getting tired of being reminded over and over that you know a lot of inside and famous people. And that you’re among them. Pretty elitist. Again, share your analysis. Stop the banter. Use your platform. We’re listening!
  • LucasIsAwesomeGomezz
    Entertaining, clear, compelling, and concise.
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