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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.

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  • Traveling Teacher Dog
    Duolingo Podcasts are AWESOME!
    I LOVE the Duolingo Podcast stories. They teach about culture in different parts of the world. Stories that we never hear about in the United States. I love how people are making a difference helping others and the environment. They give minorities a voice. By hearing these stories and situations, hopefully students will learn about these roll models and will be inspired to go on with their dreams and to fill needs in their communities. We need more creative thinkers and problem solvers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. Like the transgender person who changed driver’s licenses, the sisters who created ways collect water on the mountains for farmers to continue to grow crops despite global warming, the boy with autism in Spain that creates wonderful animal art that his mom put on backpacks and T-Shirts(he should put the art on baby clothing), the lady who introduced bee keeping to farmers who could no longer grow crops due to global warming and saved the bears, and the teacher in Puerto Rico who brought solar panels to rural areas still suffering from lack of power due to Hurricane Maria, the man who changed roof tops in order to collect rain water, and so many other stories! I also love the mystery series of true crimes. Trying to figure out who did the crimes and how they were solved from different perspectives is entertaining and uses higher level thinking skills. The stories make learning a second language so much more fun! I love how the narrator uses both English and Spanish. The explanations of how different words or sounds are pronounced differently in different countries is also helpful. I highly recommend the Duolingo Podcasts!
    Ilovveee it
    It’s hard for me to learn Spanish just by hearing it but this I actually understand
  • ;) SOfunny
    I like it
    I would prefer that the new update for Duolingo would keep the podcasts in the app because I basically had to track it down but oh well! Awesome
  • wings offf fire biggg fannn
    Welp congrats on 11,640 ratings
  • J.H. Larson
    An absolutely wonderful resource
    The Duolingo podcast is fantastic. It is both a wonderful way to practice early intermediate Spanish, as well as a source of incredible stories. They can be funny, moving, and inspiring. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to practice Spanish listening or learn more about Latin American cultures and people.
  • La podcast es muy útil
    Ratificación de la podcast
    La podcast es muy útil y interesante.
  • Freak-No
    Great style
    Excellent way to learn. Perhaps best not to use stories containing references to controversial organizations, or persons as someone will always take exception. For example Planned Parenthood.
  • Dhhec
    New Listener!
    Hola! I am new to this podcast and speaking Spanish. Immediately when I started listening I realized it was time to make this a weekly habit. Thank you for sharing this amazing story as I am too a new graduate of Public Health! This just motivated not only to pursue my career en salud publica pero aprender español! Muchos Gracias!
  • jpnugget14
    Perfect bedtime podcast llove it Duolingo is also awesome why don’t you do more great podcast loved it from the start
  • A little artist
    Reply to J
    Yep, they took my family too, Duolingo has been threatening me- I mean uh 5 star app, totally recommend lol
  • pearlygirl10000
    J ur right but I think they took my family was just joking sometimes I don’t get sarcasm too
  • niña biña❤️
    Who ever is ( they took my family ) if you don’t like it then don’t bother listening to it.🙄 Plus Duolingo is great 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The app and the podcast.👌
  • Actual User in San Diego
    Spanish Socialists training
    The good part is hearing the spoken language, repetition is the mother of skill, but the bad part is all of their content has a strong leftist bias. Victim praising, communist loving, anti-business, pro-tranny, anti-religion etc. It’s actually weird and I feel pity for the creators because clearly they don’t realize there is another more positive way to present language learning. It would be much more enjoyable to listen if you could remove your propaganda and bias.
  • Pink_IS
    I love Duolingo
    I love Duolingo because I am learning Spanish I am doing so good I am learning new words everyday and it’s so awesome I love Duolingo and if you read this review you should try Duolingo. You can get it on Google Play (or what Samsung has) or on Apple Store and get this ITS FREE!! So go try Duolingo today
  • ALex211222
    Needs Simpler Spanish
    It would be very helpful if they translated the Spanish to English after the guest talks. and also do a simpler version of the podcast for the advanced beginner, but not yet intermediate
  • z765429f
    They took my family
    I will find you doulingo. And when I do N o m o r e f u c k i n g g r e e n o w l. *🔫
  • Duolingo's student
    What do they mean by taking away families?
  • The Loop Marketing
    Without Duolingo,I wouldn't know one quarter how much I know now, and that’s saying something.
  • l am with you on this
    Duo changed my goal podcast muccccccchhhhhhhhh better than the app trust me.
  • 4Beav
    Story of the Itta
    Like all of the Duolingo podcasts that I’ve grown accustomed to, this one was both historically, informational, and emotionally moving. The stories and the narrations by Martina Castro are amazing. Gracias por compartirlos. Gar Blanks Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
  • i am good at reviewing123
    So good
    I have an 75 day streak an I know a lot of Spanish from duo thank u
  • 😼😼😻😻😻😼😻😼😻😽😻😼😻
    Yay lol 😝
    This podcast is better than the app
  • hello flip and mozi
    I use your app to learn Spanish
  • Weaksie
    I loved this opportunity to learn about the education in remote villages in Peru
    I loved this podcast! Is it possible for me to click and see the English translation so I can learn more?
  • AshleyBoydChickenBro
    Duo I’m lonely😂👀
    I have been on my own for three years I am living on the streets. I found a phone that I could borrow to write this. Give me my family back. I am lonely and sad. Lol all jokes aside Duolingo is AMAZING and very fun and addicting (which is good because I am learning) I found this podcast and this is amazing thank you so much duo!
  • 😻 this game is so awesome!😻
    Why though
    Why are people saying that duolingo is taking someone’s family? Either way this is great! P.s plz respond to why question
  • new.odyssey
    Me encanta esa Podcast!!
    Yo aprendí el español hace treinta y cinco años. Después 2 años con el cuerpo de paz en Honduras, hablé muy bien. Pero has pasado estos treinta añons con poco oportunidad de hablar el español. Ahora disfrutando mucho su podcast. Acabo de terminar la historia de el naufragio del Vapor Itata y que emoción!! Gracias por su buen trabajo! Estoy feliz qué hay 17 otra colecciónes del podcast!
  • Allie Pacino
    Wait like ICE?
    What you mean taking families?
  • AmberChantal
    Indigenous Storytelling love
    I’m so excited you all decided to focus on indigenous storytelling for the upcoming season! Can’t wait!
  • okay!!!$!
    Hope to see more like this season
    I really enjoyed the latest season. Captivating storyline about the “Chilean Titanic” and the quest to find the wreck. Thank you Duo
  • Rated Review
    Can I have my brother back?
    I’ve learned so much, and the stories are so powerful. But… can you add all the podcasts to Duolingo. I KNOW you have the power to, Duo. You could give three options: :”learn” where there are captions, but every so often, you have to fill in the blank to proceed. You could also learn what some words mean by adding the purple outlines on the words. Another option, “speak” could have you repeat sentences out loud. The other option, “listen” could have you just listen to it. Other than all that it’s great! Also, can I have my brother back—I miss him.
  • I did it all!
  • texan cowgirl 😉
    Love you dou!
    Btw Why dose everyone talk about dou taking family’s ?? Any way I just got my free super dou from having a 30 day streak and I love it it’s fun and if you don’t have super dou I still recommend it!!
  • Not An Ohio Resident
  • DejaOof
    Good, but please let my brother go now. I just got my 365 day streak.
  • how do I play scratch for kids
    What is everyone talking about?
    What do you mean duo took away ur families
  • Toucanfan168
    A podcast idea pleas read
    Dear duolingo. I love your podcast but the is one topic I would like you to make a season on. Please make a season on them finding Galapagos islands. That would make a great season. About all the things and trials they went through. Thank you for reading Sincerely -toucanfan168. One of your users.
  • Buzymom100
    ¡Me encantó la serie de podcasts de Duolingo! Espero que hagas esto de nuevo. aprendí mucho gracias por compartir este maravilloso recurso
  • 23458rc
    Dear duo
    I am very sorry I will do 100 lessons to make it up just let my family go. You took my grandpa out of the hospital to threaten me I am sorry duo.
  • Queenofcats312
    I have been learning Spanish at a rapid pace and am on a 12-day streak. I enjoy these lessons but I feel like an LGBTQ+ lesson would be really cool. Or like an animal lesson, where we learn more than just perro and gato. It’s also really hard to hear the speaking because of the background noise. If anyone knows how to turn it down, please help. thank you. love, Layla.
  • Angeldemongirl
    3 stars
    Wish it had episodes organized based on level of Spanish used in the episode (ex - Difficult/More Experienced Learners, Intermediate Learners, and Beginner Learners) It has intermediate levels so if your just learning Spanish, it overwhelms you and leaves you confused. I am learning and I can’t follow along without being confused at least once every 10 seconds. Kind of ruins the experience of trying to learn. :(
  • invisible👻
    Duo I want my family back. I did all the lessons you asked. :(
  • Salmón el Tigre
    Left-wing Propaganda in Spanish
    What would otherwise be an excellent program is riddled with left-wing propaganda: Climate change, LGBTQ+,and socialism are all too often the subject matter. There’s no doubt that there’s more than Spanish in their agenda!
  • astounding alpaca
    Five Stars
    I love duolingo podcasts, because you don’t have to know a ton of Spanish to understand what’s going on. The serialized episodes have action, and mystery. The non-serialized episodes don’t have as much of either, but they give you advice that you could use in real life, so that if you have a mom who says that when she’s old and crazy she wants to go to Puerto Rico or Chile, you would know where to go out to eat, or a neighborhood to visit.
  • cat c.a
    It was amazing and I really loved it I hope you keep making more podcasts and I love using Duolingo. It’s the best. 😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛.
  • modestgelato
    Love it
    Fantastic podcast. Interesting and engaging topics. As a rusty but fluent speaker, it’s easy to understand and helps connect me to my latinidad. Keep up the good work!
  • rospeart
    I absolutely LOVE the story. Shipwreck storys are great, and they really have a way to build action. But they are sometimes sad and tragic. Still great story!
  • ellzorx
    It’s cool
    It okay just needs more Spanish and more interesting but otherwise is nice and great hopefully the make one on my birthday that would be amazing thanks
  • Hello_I123
    Love everything about it!
    I recently started Duolingo after being introduced to it from my children and love it! The Duolingo app itself requires my full attention when practicing my language. With this podcast, however, I am able to reinforce my Spanish every day while in the car. I have tried podcasts before to utilize my time in the car while traveling to work but lose interest quickly and go back to listing to the radio. The story and history of Chile and the Itata this season have fully captured my attention. The story is so well scripted and presented that I can’t wait to get in my car to continue it. I am excited to go back and hear other seasons and love that I am able to practice my intermediate/advanced Spanish every day in addition to the few minutes I spend practicing on my app. Highly recommend!
  • QWERTY what the winner
    I love everything about it and the story of the Itata is so fascinating
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