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  • itunesjma
    Love the podcast
    Love the podcast! 3 notes: -Would appreciate it if Erin could turn her microphone down a bit - it’s reading as a lot louder than Mary Payne’s. -Nobody would notice the throat clearing or coughing if it wasn’t so frequently announced and discussed it at length. -The interrupting and talking over Mary Paine is happening a lot more than it used to. But ya’ll are hilarious and wonderful and please know that I look forward to episodes even if there are repeated announcements regarding throat clearing.
  • jnjsmile
    Despite Mary Payne’s statements about not being political, she’s a very woke liberal and political. Not even realizing that we have an open border due to our current “president”, it’s being flooded with criminals, diseases (Covid, TB, leprosey to name a few) and these people are then released into the US, unvaccinated, and unmasked - her comments are just nothing short of liberal hypocrisy. If I wanted to hear that I’d turn on CNN. And if you politely remind her that she’s out of her realm and misinformed, she blocks you. Nice way to treat the people paying your bills! I guess you don’t need us- fine by me! We had a weekly podcast listening group of several women that would get together and listen over wine but we are all VERY turned off by Mary Payne’s rude and arrogant beltway (Washington DC) attitudes. Her husband works with the DC types. Can you tell? Good luck, you just lost a bunch of listeners.
  • oldlady in california
    Love Pink Shade
    Welcome back Erin. I love this podcast. One of my favorites is Kimberly as roving reporter on Life After Lockup--very funny!
  • Bratgirli
    Ugh! More Mary Payne and less Erin
    Mary Payne and the guest hosts brought this podcast back to life… it’s back on life support with Erin being back.
  • jdedit
    Genuinely Hilarious
    I found this podcast after hearing Erin guest on 90 Day Cray Cray and it has become my favorite. Genuinely funny recaps of trash tv. I even listen to recaps of shows I don’t watch, and find those episodes just as good.
  • contentmonster
    Pink Shade keeps me going
    Love this podcast. The hosts are so real and funny to listen to! They recap all my favorite shows and give me a seemingly never ending supply of content. Love you MP and Erin ❤️
  • Hashtagpoundsign2020
    Love it!
    You guys are AWESOME!
  • misskristakay
    Real, Revealing & Ridiculous
    These ladies are totally authentic, hilarious and full of heart. Erin & Mary Payne are true Besties and lift one another, along with their “Bunkies” up fearlessly. I tune into every single episode and rely on this wonderful community for all of my dumpster fire pop culture recaps and recommendations! Thank you for your SERVICE 🙏🏾💓🙏🏾
  • Jules xoxo
    Still laughing!
    Love you both!!! Hilarious!
  • Dharmaamy
    Attention to details
    Not only does Mary Payne deliver the carefully transcribed dialogue artfully, her attention to the minute and fascinating details is fabulous.
  • Smimberly
    Hilarious and Fun
    Love this podcast.. I stopped watching Love After Lock Up (I just couldn’t anymore - LOL) but I really don’t need to because Erin & Mary do a fantastic job recapping. Thank You for making me laugh!
  • jmml20
    So glad to hear Erin back on the podcasts. All of the fill-in podcasts were fantastic, but so happy to hear Mary Payne and Erin back together again.
  • lulu8229
    Keep the guests!
    Love Kimberly and Keisha so much!
  • catcirce
    I simply cannot listen to any more podcasts with Kimberly as a guest host. Her constant interruptions are driving me crazy!!!!!! So rude.
  • bagels to go
    Money troubles?
    All I can say is MPG is either money hungry or in financial trouble. She talks quite a lot about advising people how to charge listeners more $$$. It’s not a good look. How about advise privately so the rest of us don’t get the impression you are desperate to drain us.
  • Ang Cregger
    Love the banter with Keisha
    Have her back as much as possible
  • PeteyCinderson
    Amazing women
    If you like Watch What Crappens for bravo you’ll love these ladies for all things TLC and sometimes WETV (and also some bravo). They cover all the 90 day franchise and Love after Lockup (and sometimes a bravo round up). They are fantastic. 5 stars. 10/10.
  • SueKing500
    Smart and funny. Great shady stories. This is my sports
  • kcwh3
    Pink shade
    These ladies are amazing! So relatable and fun!
  • AnnMSmith
    Love the Pink Shade!
    Funny, relatable, and the recaps are great. Love Erin and Mary-Payn’s vibe! (Also love the guest hosts!)
  • Becca Bows
    Wonderful Podcast
    Love this podcast and the hosts. I feel like I’m listening to friends ❤️
  • Brookie101010
    Guests can be annoying, but Mary Payne and Erin are great!
    One of my favorite recap podcasts! But the guests lately have been not so great. Specifically the newest one with Rebekah on her high horse the whole time. So awkward. Sounds like I’m listening to a lady with a stick up her butt clutching her pearls talking about the Housewives. I’d rather not listen to someone being so judgmental and stuck up talk about my trash Bravo shows.
  • EVOD123
    5 stars to combat Carole.
  • texaslizbeth
    Love it!
    Highlight of my week!! Thank you Pink Shade!
  • Gidgetlovesshoes
    Such a great podcast!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years and it is always so funny and endearing. Thanks Mary Payne and Erin. Hope Erin is able to return soon!
  • lutgin
    So entertaining!
    Love the recaps of bravo shows! So witty and enjoyable!
  • SerenadeLane
    Fun and laughs
    These podcasts are just plain fun. I love Mary Pain and Erin, my fellow Wisconsinite. And even though I miss Erin, all of the guest hosts like Kimberly and Keisha (she was hilarious) have been awesome. Y’all keep me wanting to watch these trashy show just so I listen to this podcast afterwards. Keep going! Us stay at home moms need to the laughs.
  • R3b3cca80
    Crack me up
    These two constantly have me laughing. It’s been amazing that Mary-Payne has been handling all aspects of the podcast while Erin take a much needed health break. Do I agree with them 100% of the time? NO. That would be weird but I feel like I am talking to my girlfriends when listening. Keep up the good work!
  • Raven@134
    LOVE Kim
  • christie820511
    Love these ladies and allllll guests!
    I have started listening to these ladies a few months ago which led me to several other podcasts that I love!!! They are very Funny and they have become my guilty pleasure! Thank you for all you do!!! Erin, you are missed! Well wishes and make it back soon! Shout out to MP for holding it down!!!
  • Dawn from NorCal
    Love it
    This podcast has been a lifeline during the past two years. Erin and Mary Payne are so funny and relatable. Kudos to Mary Payne for keeping up the energy and continuing to post great content. 💙
  • twin.chaos
    Guest Hosts
    What’s up with guest hosts that don’t actually watch the show they’re hosting?!? Geez, it’s getting painful since we, the fans don’t need a crash course in the shows we’re fans of watching.
  • SophieSSH
    Recaps are too long
    I like MP but honestly an episode is basically her regurgitating the entire episode of whatever she is recapping word for word. There is no need to repeat literally everything in an episode and everything every person says. We all watch the episodes so we don’t need to hear every single line again. I want to like this podcast, I really do. I hope it gets better.
  • Bonepenny
    Enough mouth holes
    Mary and Erin are fixated on “mouth holes” (poor dentistry), and mock people when they don’t meet their standards. Ladies. You are from the US and should know that dental care is very expensive. Did you know that only 50% of the 18-64 yr population have private dental insurance? It’s classist to publicly shame those of us who have to choose between perfect smiles and true life necessities like paying our mortgages, rents, food, etc. You may not be able to control how you feel, but you can control your own mouths by not making shaming public statements about “mouth holes”.
  • megan@podcastingyou
    A Must Listen!
    Erin and Mary do such a good job covering a variety of topics and shows! The guests they bring on are awesomeI would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be entertained and informed!
  • trjvbp
    Please enough with the wokeness.
    Can’t we escape it on a stupid podcast?
  • RocksOut19
    So great!
    Loved the recent episode with Crazy In Love. They had a great perspective. Keep up the awesome work MP.
  • Sheep Doctor
    I love tihs podcast
    I love 90DF and Darcey and Stacey. I usually only listen to Reality Gays, but now I also listen to this one. I even went back and listened to older ones because I love it so much. I'm also from the south, love southern MP. But I love Erin too and their conversation about no longer being able to just hoist themselves out of the pool made me almost run off the road I laughed so hard. I can't afford it, but I did the $5 patreon just to hear them discuss Darcey and Stacey. 5 stars, love love love!
  • WildWildWes19
    Thank you!
    So excited to see you had Tereza and John on. Started listening to them recently and the three of you together were wonderful!
  • Hearts28
    I love this podcast! Much love from this Alexandria, Va native
  • kellysurfs
    Disappointed because of religious preference
    Listening to Mary Payne’s coverage of Love Island isn’t the first time I’ve heard the religion of my birth called a cult. I have been a Patreon subscriber for years. I am offended. I would like to talk about this and the unfair portrayal of my religion. Respect should be paramount. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to listen to a podcast that defames my faith and categorizes it in a defamatory manner. Please, let’s rectify this.
  • egg0mymegg0
    Love them!
    Mary Payne and Erin have great chemistry together. Love them and look forward to all their recaps! Sending positive vibes to both ladies while Erin is away. 💜💜
  • trod94
    Laugh out loud funny!
    Just found this podcast so I’ve only heard Mary Payne. Mary is so funny! I needed someone who breaks down Love after Lock up. So glad I found it!
  • bravoluv
    I recently found your podcast so I’ve only heard Mary so far and she’s so fun to listen to. I loved the podcasts w ben and then Ronnie. I can’t wait to continue listening. So glad I found you.
  • Mr.Beast45267370
    Lots of laughs
    Erin and Mary are so fun to listen to. I love the way they recap 90 day- the stories they tell about their everyday home lives makes me laugh- esp when they talk about funny things with aging. Thanks ladies for all the fun! And Poodle- you KILLED it this week with your Natalie. Spot on!!
  • Joanster1954
    Pink shade is the best
    These women can brighten any day with their shady commentary on our fav tv shows!
    I can’t stop laughing
    I love this podcast soooo much. I did not love Linda from the melanated way though. She took everything way too seriously! It is a tv show sis, loosen up! Erin and Mary Payne are so good together. It was painful listening to Linda. Stick to co hosts that have a sense of humor and don’t take this so seriously like it’s life or death.
  • RandyW80
    How have I never found your podcast until now?! You all watch all of my favorite shows (especially Love After Lockup - AKA TV's hidden gem)!! So excited to start listening to your reviews weekly! I gave up on Happily Ever After around ep 3 this season because of how EXTREMELY fake/scripted it has become but I will be glad to listen to your reviews still!!
  • jasperbird
    Best part of my day
    Love you both! Each day I look forward to hearing you two talk. I always get a giggle and love your content. You are my number one!! Thanks for being there for us. Feels like we are all family and that’s because of you. Thank you!!
  • Hkw1989
    Pink Shade is more than a podcast - its a doorway to a community
    I started reading Erin Martin’s recaps of 90 day fiancé online. Once I found myself spending more time in the car, I decided to check out her podcast - my first podcast! That was life changing! Erin is so snarky and funny. Now she and Mary Payne Gilbert are Sister Wives For Life as co-hosts of Pink Shade. They are hilarious together (and separately) The dynamic duo focuses on the 90 day fiancé family of trash tv (all 7000 spinoffs) and the prison “lockup” series but does touch on a few other shows such as the Housewives. Pink Shade also has a facebook community that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. We support each other and look to each other for advice. I live for Tuesdays when I know that Pink Shade will be waiting in my podcast downloads.
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