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90 Day Fiance, Love After Lock Up, Real Housewives Recaps - and MORE!

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  • R3b3cca80
    Disappointing Episode this week
    The way these two upper middle class white women spoke about the trauma Stephanie experienced after she was stealthed was DISGUSTING. I understand they think of Stephanie has a trash person but NO ONE deserves to have anything happened to them that they don’t consent too. Even if someone has sex 100 times and then at sexual experience 101 they decide to use a condom and their partner takes it off while sex that is not consensual sex therefore it is rape. If you don’t understand something maybe you should actually do some googling before opening your mouths on a subject. I will be cancelling my pateron-this episode made me realize we are NOT the same and I can’t continue to financially support these two. Plus you never know when you are going to get a show-very unpredictable. I understand everyone has lives but technically this is their jobs. People are paying for episodes and would like them in a timely manner.
  • Loggerseth
    Listening today and laughing and feeling like we are all sitting in the living room chatting w my BFF’s! 😁 Also, it’s funny hearing you both pronouncing the beer coosey, on the west coast it’s pronounced like, “cozy”! I’ve never heard it pronounced “koozie”. Made me smile! Love listening to you both banter, your sense of humility, and how down to earth you guys are!
  • Perla Da Silva
    They are 🤩
    I found your Podcast by mistake and can’t wait for you to Post!!! I think y’all is funny perfect match the South and the East .. and when Erin falls out laughing I just can’t... please stay the way y’all are enjoy it every Week💖💝
  • Andria Voelker
    Hours of listening to you two
    I’ve listened to ya’ll more than my kids raffling on each other. (Which is a lot!) love you both... I look forward to your podcast every week and I’ve been apart of you your Patreon Andre’s rage since day one. ❤️❤️❤️
  • CT Laura
    Love this!
    I giggle every time you say he/she “tells the camera.”
  • A meathead
    Love it
    DYING!!! 🤣🤣🤣These two are killing me — I actually laugh out loud. Love it!
  • DallasForYou
    Love after Lock up
    I’m starting to get bored with the Podcast.. Too many nasty jokes about people appearance. Cutting the show down every week makes me not wanna watch the show or listen to you.
  • cannd27
    Excellent 90 Day Fiancé and Love After Lockup Reviews
    I love listening to Erin Martin. Her voice is amazing for podcasting. I could listen to her all day. She is absolutely hilarious as well. I love her spunk and personality. I love the 90 Day Fiancé and Love After Lockup recaps with Mary Payne. I look forward to Pink Shade every week.
  • Karen 1959
    Bummed and annoyed
    I was a fan from day one however I have stopped listening and being a contributing member of patreon due to the recent incessant ads that last longer than the show. I love Erin and miss her but I feel personally that MP has taken over the pods. If Erin creates her own podcast again I am all for it.
  • MMWtpr
    READ THE ROOM & bring back good epis
    It's not what it used to be; fresh, variety, range, respectful, fun. It's lost it's edge, authenticity, & respect for it's listeners. It seems, because it's often said, that the paying Patreon members matter where the regular listeners are more work than they are worth & we should be so thankful. The old saying 'Dance with the one who brought you.' could serve them well. If you join the facebook groups it's stated, a lot as if the Patreon members came from a whole other special place not the original pod. Also stated a lot is 'get those credit cards squared away bc momma needs a 5th vacation for the year'. Which is bad branding & marketing in an oversaturated medium but also incredibly tacky in a PANDEMIC where the avg person looking for an escape via trash tv/pods is struggling with more than anxiety but tangible things, i.e. groceries mortgage electricity. The subjects have gotten dry, overly covered in the pod world & those are free. The disrespect to loyal listeners who can't always pay for episodes on the Patreon is not like anything I've witnessed on any pods. Most pods offer their patreon epis for free just a week or two later without reprimanding anyone. It's disheartening, disappointing, & dickish. Read the room ladies, humble yourselves, & listen instead of being defensive.
  • JEOB73
    Laugh til ya pee
    The jokes and voices are hilarious but the best part is when they make each other laugh so hard I can almost hear them pee their pants.
  • kellysurfs
    Thank you!
    Ding dong the song is dead! Came back to add stars because of it. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
  • rchlsl
    Zied’s Tight Sweater
    These are my COVID friends. Absolutely hilarious.
  • Erica0987
    Love these ladies!
    These two are so funny!!
  • Ariffe
    Hysterical, and in the best way possible
    I love this podcast. Love love love. I find myself laughing to myself all the time- even after listening to an episode! They are real, super relatable, and give great info and recaps of my favorite shows! Their “Hey Bunkie” patreon is definitely definitely worth it! Listen listen!
  • yellow ball ranch girl
    Keep the crazies separate!
    Thanks for keeping 90Day Fiancé separate episode from Love AfterLockup. I’m only interested in 90 Day and it’s so convenient to have it longer and separate. I like how you two friends have fun with each other as you deliver the info.. Thanks and Happy and Well 2021! 💛J.
  • itunesjma
    Love the podcast
    Love the podcast! Please, don’t need all the extended discussions about people’s aches and pains and constant illnesses though.
  • claired12345
    Can’t stop laughing
    Love them! Perfect podcast
  • Anjelica P.
    Love These Ladies!
    I Love These Ladies! They are super funny, and a bit irreverent (in a good way, they don't take these tv storylines too seriously!) Erin & Mary Payne work super hard to cover all our fave trash TV! SO happy they got rid of the theme song! Long time listener, first time reviewer. I had to come drop a 5 star once I heard the change. You guys are the best!
  • superslaw
    Best podcast
    Not being dramatic, but this podcast has literally made me smile when I was so down in the dumps. Relatable, hilarious, and just the thing we all need right now.
  • rabbht
    I absolutely love this podcast. Love the banter. Love your insights on everything. I also LOVED the theme song! I’m so upset that you gave in to the bullies and removed it. If you don’t like something fast forward...that’s what I do during ads.
  • oldladybutnotinspirit
    Love you
    You ladies are fun! I’m glad you apparently got rid of the song.
  • TeneBoo
    Love/Life After Lockup Recaos
    These ladies are effortlessly funny and not offensive 👌🏾
  • hzm721
    Hooray! No more terrible intro!
    Updating review from 4 to 5 stars because they got rid of that horrible horrible intro song. Now they’re perfect!
  • Brittany Baum
    Love them!
    These women are hilarious!
  • Sarlee109
    Love Pink Shade!
    Mary Payne and Erin are always the highlight of my week with their 90 day takes and OF COURSE plathville (hey bunkie!)
  • merliddell
    Gave it three tries. Terrible podcast. No comparison to watch what crappens.
  • k8fir
    Love the show, HATE the song
    Love this podcast but boy oh boy, that intro song is the WORST! It just doesn’t fit with you annoying!
  • Mr Blind
    Please Mary Payne, stop clutching your pearls
    And please stop having guests like the guy you just had that works for Brownwind if you feel the need to kiss up to him. You lost all of your objectivity because you were very busy trying not to offend his boss. Also, you use the word “problematic” like you just discovered it. It’s enough already with the overuse of that word. There are other words out there. Used to be a huge fan of Pink Shade from the beginning, but lately the fake liberal “wokeness” you’ve been bringing is getting tiresome. Last I checked it was still a free country and Kelly still had a right to express her opinions, which may not be totally right, but certainly aren’t totally wrong. Get off your high horse and stop pandering.
  • noralmt
    Fave wifeys
    If I had sister wives, Erin & Mary would be my top picks. Sure I look like a lunatic on pcp while listening to them because I’m laughing out loud by myself. If you’re a Bravo or TLC fan, this’ll be your jam.
  • Chitownchris
    Love these two!
    Listen mostly for 90DF and LAL. So glad Erin and Mary Payne linked up. I love their chemistry. The new intro song is pretty awful but other than that, great job ladies!
  • aam1191
    Picky comments. You guys are hilarious. By the way. I love your theme song. Oh well
  • kfilipov
    Love ur show!!!! Keep going! CHANGE THAT SONG THO!!! Ughhh. Makes my ears bleed!
  • Dunzo Jackie
    Erica Jayne quit rhobh back in September. Check your facts.
  • Raych_Marie
    Great impressions.
    I absolutely love when they do impressions. Just not my #1 podcast. I primarily listen for 90 day fiancé & love after lockup.
  • windtrix
    It seems like they cut down on the excessive ads and 15 mins of dead air at end. Yay!
  • smiletwoday
    I LOVE listening to all your podcasts! You both remind me of my BFF from childhood, and I love hearing your comments about homeschooling, car apt ( I do that too!) having meltdowns on top of the show review. You both make me not feel so “crazy” in family quarantine and you are a true escape! Thank you for making me genuinely lol , I look fwd to your podcast every week! I wanna be friends with you both! 🤗🤗🤗
  • xoBtyc
    Not a fan of new host.
    I used to really enjoy this podcast. Erin & her guests were great. Now she has a cohost who doesn’t mesh. They rush housewives discussions and more than half the episode is trying to sell products. I hope you return to the old podcast, Erin!
  • **RIP OFF!@&$!
    Love you ladies, BUT
    ...what is up w Mary Payne lately??? She needs to relax a little & not be so grouchy w Erin. It's a little awkward sometimes. I'll still keeping listening though bc i love your reviews
  • Jessicas wife
    Long time listener....and Patreon member
    Edit!! So I understand that you have now taken on ads; ok so we have to deal with a few. But for the love of God can you please not put 25 minutes of straight ads in the middle of The podcast?! Omg! Worst thing ever! And they don’t have to be 6.5 minutes each! Geez. For the first time today, I listened to an ad on this podcast for a couple minutes! Please tell me that this is not going to be a new constant for y’all 🙏🏻🙏🏻😔 this is probably the only podcast left that I love that doesn’t have any ads.
  • BDS321
    The Best!
    Hands down the BEST reality TV podcast! The insights and laughs are the Best! Erin snd Mary Payne are like a life-line and their guests always deliver.
  • Sunny Suz55
    Life is way too serious!! This is just like ”dishing” with your bestie! I watch the shows just so I understand what they are talking about! 🧡🧡
  • Angelica0429
    This is my favorite podcast!!! So so so funny! The best recaps of my TLC favorites. They say the same things I do when I watch lol. I’m even thinking of starting the Housewives franchise so I can listen to all the episodes.
  • Tonkaheimer
    Perfect 90 Day podcast
    Love, love, LOVE this podcast. I like to pretend that Mary Payne and Erin are my real friends since I can’t get together with real people these days. Their show is the perfect amount of snark without veering into being mean. I’ve listened to a few other 90 Day podcasts but this one is the best. Thanks ladies!
  • ZacMomma2
    She’s funny and witty
    I love Erin’s recaps of Love After Lockup, all the 90 Day Fiancé shows and Seeking Sister Wife. I am not a fan of Housewives so I skip those. I also enjoy her talking with Mary-Payne. They are truly witty and hilarious together. Update: so happy that Mary-Payne is full time host now. They have great chemistry and love them. Now they are recapping Plathville and I Love A Mama’s Boy too!
  • kristinjohns
    Current references only. These ladies are the bright spot of week. I love listening to them and find myself talking about them to my husband as though they are my bffs.
  • texaslizbeth
    Love it!
    Highlight of my week!!
  • Marcyfangirly
    Fave podcast :)
    These ladies are fun and hilarious to listen to. They’ve helped me so much during this quarantine time. Love them!
  • Kymmee19
    Keeps me laughing thru 2020
    Erin and MP are honestly laugh out loud funny! I can’t get enough of their current references only and all the side humor apart from the shows they are reviewing. I found myself searching and binging Love after lock up just to see who they were taking about. Note i was listening them recap shows I’ve never watched because they are THAT funny! Sending love from sunny AZ!
  • TankTock
    I love Pink Shade! I feel like I’m with my besties talking about bad TV! They are my go to podcast!
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