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Pink Shade is the space to dish on 90 Day Fiance, Love After Lock Up, Real Housewives Recaps - and MORE from Bravo, TLC, and WeTV! We (Erin and Mary Payne) and our special guests talk about all the shows we're addicted to, plus the reality stars we love - even when we're giving them the side eye.
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  • current reference only
    I love the bunkies
  • AudzP
    This Podcast warms my soul!
    Oh my god! These girls are hilarious! So authentic and naturally so flipping funny! Their rapport is absolutely fabulous! They have great rapport with everyone, it’s so natural and unforced. IM OBSESSED! Update: Still obsessed! Also, I absolutely love that they record with A Date with Dateline! My other favorites!
  • Cabrita
    Current references only
    Keep up the amazing work! 🥰
  • kellysurfs
    You two have great chemistry together. Keep up the good work!
  • bravesirrobin33
    Love this podcast!!
    I started listening to this podcast because they are funny. Then I started watching the shows they talk about …and it’s my favorite podcast now. I look forward to hearing their voices as often as I can.
  • Lialaine
    I laugh so hard!
    Y’all! I probably look like a weirdo driving and laughing so hard when listening to Pink Shade!! Really love this podcast and I signed up for patreon too just so I could join Pink Shade Bunkies FB group!!! I’ll listen no matter what show y’all are talking about!!
  • Hellshrine
    I cried and laughed and couldn’t breathe
    Quote of the year! “Is that Becky’s bike?! I thought so. That wh***!” Me trying to breathe while picturing this back in the day 🤣😂🤣😂
  • pandamvh
    Looove this podcast!!!
    I seriously cackle laugh every time I listen to y’all!! Such hilarious women, and y’all recap all my faves. Even my 9yo daughter thinks you’re absolutely hilarious💗 I feel like I’ve know you two forever & I’m listening to my friends. You always make my day better when I listen!! XO Lindsey
  • Kbuggs82
    LOVE this podcast!!!
    MP and Erin are so entertaining! I love hearing their recap and take on the show!
  • MaryJaneLoveLace
    Pink Shade gives me life!
    Erin Martin’s and Mary-Payne Gilbert’s podcast, Pink shade is so hilarious and touching. I can’t wait each week for a new podcast to drop. Moreover, the Pink Shade Facebook site is our little family. We share our joys and our sorrows - and has become like a little family. #90 day Fiancé, #love after lock-up, #Darcy and Stacey and much more!
  • EmeraldCityGurl
    We LOVE Erin and Mary Payne!!
    My husband and I are truck drivers and have listened to all the shows and we love it! It’s always entertaining; and as a woman of a certain age myself, I appreciate a lot of the banter (& so does my husband)! Thanks for the FREE content and the amazing Patreon content, too!!
  • Nursenancy111
    Pink Shade
    This is clearly one of my fav podcasts. Erin and MJ are hilarious, upbeat and and fun to listen to. Reality TV is so good for an escape , and these ladies make it even better. Thanks guys!
  • 619bee
    Love the show
    Love listening to Erin and Mary Payne and also when they have guest hosts!
    Long overdue update to reflect appreciation that Love after Lockup and all spin-offs are on main feed. The 90 day and Love after shows are must listen podcasts each week.
  • It's Just Me in Central IL
    Like this podcast even though I hate the 90 day shows
    Discovered this podcast during quarantine when I missed hanging out with my friends. Erin and Mary Payne are the ladies that you always invite places because they’re so funny! I stopped watching 90 days month ago because it got to be too cringe for me, but I always listen to the Pink Shade recaps!
  • jessicastln
    Pod is amazing, they crack me up!
  • Dash Elle 17
    Obsessed with this show
    This is now a podcast I look forward to! I started watching 90 Days again so I could follow. Thank you for making me laugh! Your giggles are the best. ❤️❤️
  • Sillycat92
    A fun podcast
    Love hearing Erin & Mary Payne’s take on their podcasts. It’s the highlight of my week to listen to their take on my favorite reality shows.
  • Emilia B 103
    Erin and Mary Payne are QUEENS
    These ladies are my favorite. I honestly look forward to every episode they put out, even if I don’t watch the show (Temptation Island- never watched but have listened to every recap). They make me literally laugh out loud, can’t count the times my husband has looked at me crazy while I’m cracking up with my earbuds in. I still laugh to myself at the time Erin told the story of how“Proud to be an American” was her first dance at her wedding. Erin and Mary Payne- please keep doing what you’re doing, you’re giving a new mom a little break from reality!
  • Kym 1970
    Best Podcast!
    Love this Podcast! Erin and MaryPayne are hilarious! One of my favorite parts is their”current references only!” LOL. PS follow pink shade on Instagram!!!
  • sadgirlep
    Iceromancer must be one of the cast of LAL or 90 day fiancé. This podcast is hilarious Erin and Mary do a great breakdown of each show they are talking about! Keep up the great work. Also the guest host are hilarious!
  • TheJoiaOfItAll
    These are your people
    If you love relaxing in a sleep bra watching “Sh!t Show Rodeos” like 90 Day Fiancée, Love After Lockup and Bravo recaps, these are your people. Pink Shade is like the Sports Center of reality shows. I watch these shows in horror and delight and can’t wait to hear Erin and MP’s take on them (surprisingly, husband is not interested in discussing prison pen pals.) The Pink Shade ladies have pleasant voices, great senses of humor, inside info (#journalism), and approach the content with the confusion and common sense that only ladies of a “certain age” can. You are not alone! Come, join your people. Welcome, Bunkie.
  • proveggie
    Love this pod!
    Erin and Mary Payne are the best! I look forward to listening every week! In the words of Reality Gays “Keep Going Queens”! ❤️
  • Angie Doherty
    Bunkie Love
    Love these ladies so much! Thanks for making me lol every listen.
  • Badgerfan33
    Great Recaps
    Discovered this show thanks to the Reality Gays crossover and decided to check it out. I went back and listened to their coverage of LALU from the beginning. Their recaps crack me up. Very funny, with a bit of side research thrown in. I love how Mary Payne started off somewhat prim and proper and now has no problem dropping an F bomb or detailing disturbing sexual encounters. The best part is when she shocks Erin and then just flatly says ‘What???’ Sending love from a fellow Wisco girl … I’m right down the highway from Madison!
  • bakednug
    love these two, they compliment each other so well. perfect recaps of the shows the cover!
  • MsKAM18
    Stumbled upon this podcast & am so thankful I did! These 2 hilarious ladies have me laughing on the drive home or during my workout at the gym. I’ve noticed a couple side-eye looks at the gym & then realize I’m literally laughing out loud while on the treadmill! The nicknames they come up with for people on the shows is pure GOLD! Erin & Mary Payne’s chemistry is fantastic & they bounce right off one another! Keep the hot mess express discussion coming, I’m here for it!!
  • IceRomancer
    They sound so toxic and hateful. Couple of bitter old ladies.
  • kfilipov
    Love ur show!!!! However….OMG ERIN, why do you think you’re so old?! I’m older than you and can’t relate at all. It’s annoying! Stop!! Your show is great! Keep Going!!
  • amgel205306
    Love these ladies!
    I’ve been listening to Pink Shade for about a month. Erin and Mary Payne are hilarious! I love hearing their point of view on the 90 Day franchise.
  • jadejosie
    Pull back from the mic
    One of the girls is extremely LOUD! Pull back a tad!!!! I adjust the volume but then I can’t hear the other girl.
  • Beamse
    Loving pink shade! Always look forward to new episodes!
  • visnewise
    One of my favorite podcasts! These ladies are all hilarious and they have great guests as well. Love, love, love it!
  • sanpsc21561
    Please stop laughing so loud, I can’t hear Mary!
    Erin please move away from the mic and stop laughing so loud. I can’t hear Mary. I love you guys though… great of my favorites.
  • K8marieee
    Keep going queens!
    Love these two queens! I’m always entertained when listening, I really enjoy the commentary of all my fav shows and love the stories they tell ❤️ looking forward to more from you fantastic ladies✨ -love from a new bunkie😊
  • AlyC.
    Kurtis with a K
    Was NOT sucker punched.
  • YourWhiteIsShowing
    GirlBoss Gaslight Gatekeep
  • Dorothy's Nano
    I love this pod cast!!!!!
    Erin & Mary Payne are the greatest, I love every show and look forward to when a new one drops, and once I’m done I look to see if I have missed any so I can act like it’s a new one until I get a new one. Also #notanad I have bought a knot Dr hair dryer & bye bye undereye because of you two! I love both of them.
  • Stacie976
    SO Good & SO Funny!!
    This podcast is so great!! The ladies keep me entertained and cracking up all while recapping some of my favorite shows!! And the guest hosts have been wonderful as well!! Thanks for brightening my day!
  • CG19812022
    Best podcast!!
    Love these ladies!
  • jujupumpkin
    Can only listen to Erin
    And her guest hosts Kimberly from Dateline, Keisha who is hilarious and Mattie or Poodle. Sorry but Mary isn’t funny. I love Erin.
  • andreatrenee
    Funny, funny, funny
    These ladies are IT when it comes to ‘90 Day’, ‘Love After Lockup’ and Bravo recaps. Erin and Mary Payne have a conversational quality that makes you feel like you’re having drinks with your best girls. They’re funny and raunchy yet at the same time wholesome and kind. I look forward to their podcasts every week.
  • braydons aunt
    Laughing outloud
    Keisha and Erin were hysterical today!!!!
  • Halla14
    My 1st go to podcast
    Look forward to hearing & laughing with Erin and Mary Payne every week and it’s always a treat when a guest host subs for either of them
  • Emezemezoo
    90 day drama is the best kind of drama!!!
    I must say, I love this podcast!!! They are so hilarious and always have the greatest guests!!! I come here for the 90 day trashapalooza....but I leave with so much more!!! ❤️😂❤️
  • LLC21
    Ben’s sweater
    The sweater Ben is wearing is called a drug rug.
  • DLRB22
    You gals are so funny, and completely make my day!!! When I’m having a bad day, I listen to an older podcast just so I can laugh. Love y’all.
  • Cracragirlly
    I LIVE for Erin’s laugh
    Erin’s laugh is the reason I wear headphones. It is delightful. I want to put it directly in my brain. Mary Payne and Erin’s breakdowns are so good that sometimes I don’t even watch the shows and just let them tell me what’s going on. Fantastic guest hosts have given me so many new podcasts to listen to. Never change!
  • claired12345
    Can’t stop laughing
    Love them! Perfect podcast except that Erin’s laugh is either way too loud where it hurts my ears or I could barely hear her.
  • JulieJ9087
    Erin is back and all is well again
    Erin Martin is back and the magic is back! The pod suffers without her sharp wit and humor, so glad to be laughing along again.
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