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A weekly podcast tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems. Hosted by Electrek’s Frederic Lambert and Seth Weintraub.

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  • the last time i listened
    They play it straight and unbiased. Unafraid. I wish every news source was exactly like this.
  • Gaijinben
    High quality podcast on EVs
    Every week Fred and Seth make a podcast of their livestream video show about electric vehicles. I’ve never watched the live show but I listen to the podcast every week. They are knowledgeable and humble as they discuss important developments in the field, as well as answering viewers questions from the livestream. I appreciate their integrity and even-handedness in reporting. Also, there is only one ad-break, read by the hosts, and it is usually for a company related to electric vehicles so it may even be of interest. This podcast is worth checking out if you own or are considering buying an electric vehicle, or even if you are just interested in developments in the field of EVs.
  • Cesar Branco
    Very good. Seth and Fred are not stressful to listen to. Very knowledgeable. Just one thing Fred: Reuters is pronounced “roy-ters”.
  • twf16
    Has potential but wish they were a bit more objective
    I really want to like this podcast because they are generally really thorough and one of the most in depth EV and energy podcasts but after a few episodes it’s become fairly apparent that they have certain brands they report more positively on and others they are consistently overly critical of. They report the facts and figures well but a bit more objectivity in the commentary and analysis of those facts and figures would be welcome and help to lessen the impression that they are reporting with an agenda.
  • silverelan
    There are better Tesla podcasts out there
    Electrek covers the entire EV industry but the podcast skews heavily towards Tesla headlines and largely ignores or minimizes every other EV player and the major EV news of the week. If you really want some quality Tesla-focused news, there are better podcasts available.
  • dashboardpws
    Weekly treat!
    I’ve listened for several years and I can hardly wait for each new episode. These guys are like a calming voice at the end of the week and their honesty and integrity make this a must-listen for me.
  • geoknot
    My go to EV podcast
    A great way to get a weekly summary of all things EV!
  • nomad_spartan_2011
    Honest EV News and Pleasing Podcast
    I have been a reader of Electrek website since 2014. I visit it several times every say. The electrek podcast is honest, fact based, and pleasure to listen to. Both Seth and Fred have been doing a phenomenal job as hosts, and provide honest news, and views on everything Tesla and EV related. They keep the show PG or PG-13, and do Q&A at the end of each episode. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone.
  • hiltonnexttime
    I rely on Electrek for authoritative news on the state of the EV industry. Others focus on vehicle reviews and specific components of the EV world, but Electrek is best for broad and thorough coverage. I feel that listening to their weekly podcast keeps me informed on anything that’s worth knowing.
  • kelleyclark
    Just the facts, no fluff or promotion of sponsors.
    This is a wonderful show that is jammed full of Tesla and other EV news. They aren’t Elon sycophants. They don’t talk about their dog or promote their sponsors at the end of the show. They report EV news in a fair and unbiased manner. They are my go-to source for EV news.
  • gaw07
    EV podcast
    This podcast is one of the best EV podcasts I have run across.
  • DSF_OC
    Very comprehensive - always timely.
    Fred: “We are LIVE. Seth, how are you doing this week?” Seth: “I’m good”. Seth is always good. Not great, not bad, just good. … and that’s a good thing because the show is consistently interesting, full of timely information, and always a worthwhile listen. I enjoy the reviews on the test rides. I am a Tesla owner and yes, the show is Tesla forward but that’s the industry right now. No complaints from me, keep up the great work! BTW, if you listen for nothing else, then enjoy Fred’s attempt at pronouncing (butchering) names and cities. Always a good time.
  • A listener of podcasts
    Great podcast
    Always enjoy listening to the show. Great, unbiased journalism. Can’t wait for the latest episode to drop each week to hear their take on the news in the EV world. Keep up the good work!
  • tezjwid
    Great coverage of the EV space
    These two guys are good at pointing out the good and the bad in the industry. They also have a ton of in-depth knowledge and insight. I prefer this kind of reporting to the usual “raging Tesla bull” channels.
  • zhkarate
    Solid EV info and analysis
    I have been enjoying the show over the past several weeks and look forward to it each Friday. I appreciate the mix of technical info and discussion of the overall EV situation. I agree with the other commentor regarding politics… It’s part of the situation, has an immense impact on our transition to electric vehicles and must be taken into account and discussed.
  • Myke222 4
    Like the eletric part, not the politics
    Used to like this show. The host do not seem tolerant of folks in the middle anymore and complain way to much about twitter and PR.
  • David from Wisconsin
    “3, 2, 1 and we are live”
    I enjoy the coverage. They are a very good source as to the health of the transition to EV’s for the auto industry. It is good to hear the criticism of Tesla’s faults but also acknowledging of the status and changes within the industry.
  • lysë
    Love this show.
    Great show, i look for it every Friday. I prefer shows with two hosts that can have a little banter. Regarding politics…. Uh electric car adoption is heavily influenced by it so… I mean if you just want a car review podcast, there are other shows for that. This show though talks about everything happing in the EV world.
  • jcsnde
    Love electrek
    I absolutely love Electrek. It’s my go to source for news on Tesla, electric vehicles, green energy, etc. Absolutely love this channel and cannot say it enough.
  • TeqTiger
    Price cuts
    Tesla vowed to always lower prices as much as possible to promote the conversion to electric vehicles. They strayed from that path over the last few years but I am pleased to see them getting back on track, no matter their motive.
  • YRUR3@d!n9+h!5?
    Disappointment after many years of listening
    Disappointed in how these two hosts focus episode after episode on Elon. Every episode is about Elon and not electric vehicles and other products. The opinions of Elon has affected the hosts ability to run a productive and exciting show. This used to be a great podcast for many years but now there are so many better podcasts on EVs.
  • Juludas
    Ok podcast
    Name is electrik but mostly a Tesla apologist podcast. Seems like a Tesla advertisement.
  • traveling_man
    Way too left wing
    Agree with other commenters. Should focus on EVs and not their opinion on Elon Musk.
  • pwrstar
    Excellent Weekly Summary of the Latest EV News
    The Electrek Podcast is an excellent weekly summary of electric vehicle news. I have discovered so much useful information by listening to this pod.
  • torresinc
    Great source of information about the EV industry
    Electrek is a convenient, smart and enjoyable podcast to be listened as soon as a new episode is available. I normally listen to the shows while I am driving. I recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to be on top at the electric vehicles News
  • evgrove
    Great show but keep politics out
    I do enjoy the show and listen to it frequently but I would prefer the few occasions you talk about it do yourself a favor and keep on topic.
  • Tom Peaslee
    Electrifying Transport & more
    These two fellas keep up on the latest EV developments and provide invaluable details.
  • ericschaub
    Great show and very informative
    I really enjoy this podcast and it’s where i get my information on EVs and anything related.
  • Mark93455
    Great show
    Love the content! Frank and Seth are great EV nerds, but they are real and do not pretend everything is roses. They give you real news, not fake.
  • J4rbot
    Best EV Podcasts
    I love how they give fair and balanced reviews on EVs and aren’t just toxic Elon fanboys - they are clearly fans of Tesla and fans of EV in general.
  • Double2c
    Great podcast
    Have been enjoying your podcast for a few years now. Love the realistic view of Tesla. I’m a big fan but also think Elon needs some honest feedback. The totally fanboys are doing more harm than they realize.
  • Zingo1969B
    Great way to keep up on electric vehicles
    This show is comprehensive and pleasantly geeky, both of which I like. The hosts are knowledgeable and able explainers. I appreciate their clean good humor and affability.
  • Herc Kylie
    Awesome Show!!
    Love you guys!! Great coverage very fair. Keep up the great work!!
  • iMikeyPro
    Disappointing overtly bias journalism.
    I used to really like Electrek, but the baseless hit piece on Fisker, one of the few makers doing the morally responsible thing and incporporating as much recycled materials as possible. Since I’ve been rethinking a lot of other articles I read from this source as well, and it all drips of bias. Electrek has a lot of foreign partners, and it seems they have allegiances to them that affect their “reporting”. If I wanted disingenuous stories meant to dishearten people, I’d listen to NewsMax…
  • PJ Camacho
    Needs better editing
    I feel the podcast would benefit from better production values, such as editing out fillers and long pauses. In addition to that, consider hiring a voice coach. A good podcast to emulate is Ride The Lightning: The Unofficial Tesla Podcast. The host comes across as enthusiastic, but he is in control of his voice tone and cadence. I prefer a more subdued tone of voice, so I can listen at 2x. As of May 2022, I can’t recommend this podcast to anyone, but I hope it continues to improve.
  • Jtso8
    Hit or miss
    Some of the shows are really fun and enjoyable. When there is a new product for them to talk about you can feel the excitement but, when there isn’t anything for them to talk about they are grasping at straws. The episode I’m currently listening to has been 35 minutes of the Elon sexual misconduct allegations. Sure I see a point in maybe mentioning it but, talking about it for 35 minutes when this podcast is suppose to be able EV’s is a bit ridiculous. Please try to stick to the topic of the channel and not the personal lives CEOs of electric companies
  • BBenton
    Like the news but too many petty comments
    I want to like this show. I enjoy the news and opinions they have but both hosts constantly make snide remarks (usually against Tesla). Makes me feel they have a chip on their shoulders so I end up discounting what they say. If that’s how they want to run the show that’s fine. It’s not for me. Not sure why they don’t start their own EV company since they seem to always have the right answers.
  • smeyer
    Chapter markers
    This week, January 21, they made chapter markers. I like this, and extensive episode notes with links motivated me to give them 5 stars and write this review. I know it takes effort to do these things and I appreciate the effort and the result.
  • Brenda1115
    Great EV podcast
    Seth and Fred are greet to listen to , they are laid back and well informed on the current EV news.
  • SirGibler
    Good Enough
    Audio quality is trash ripped from their YouTube livestream. Mostly just Fred and Seth skimming articles written in the past week. Fred seems to be out of touch with anything non-Tesla. Fred and Seth have to frequently disclose that they’re investors of individual shares of various companies - most reputable publications generally bar journalists from even doing this.
  • mebeme
    This podcast will keep you up-to-date on EVs
    I stay well informed about EVs by listening to their podcasts every week as soon as they come out. It’s refreshing to hear Fred and Seth tell it as it is while taking a close look at Tesla and the other manufacturers as well as covering battery and industry developments.
  • PaulB7385
    Best EV show out there
    I love the show. I listen to it every week and it really keeps me informed on the latest EV news. Thanks guys!
  • khrushit
    The guys seem like great guys but the cast is just not great. If you want to hear two guys drone on about Elon Musk and Tesla minutia this could be the podcast for you. If you actually want to find EV news or learn about EV’s check out EV News Daily or InsideEVs
  • Games4Gamers
    Isn’t what it used to be
    Not sure what happened, if it is the new competitor sponsorships or what, but there’s anti-Tesla snark in every episode. No one cares you want Tesla to have a PR team to make your jobs easier. Clickbait headlines and sensationalizing Elon tweets is not news.
  • Coyote 1992
    Great for car rides
    Love listening to the podcast when driving for work
  • djejnyc
    Great reporting
    This is a recording of their weekly live Friday broadcast, very conversational, really enjoy listening in every week!
  • Rider zeroing
    Excellent reporting
    Fred and Seth have crafted an excellent program across their suite of writing and podcasts. I came into the EV industry mid-2020 and got super involved thanks to them being highly informative and making the space interesting and exciting! So much so that I’m working at a startup for EV charging now! Highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in EVs or who is already familiar but looking to keep up with the news and trends. Thanks Fred and Seth!
  • Rock and roll car man
    Enjoyable new podcast on automotive electric revolution
    Keep up the great automotive discussion on teslas and other electric vehicles. I enjoy the electrik podcast, i dont always agree with the hosts but then it would be weird if I did. I find the videos and podcasts interesting. Thank you for both your fine efforts.
  • ¡cristiano!
    Model X-Ellent
    My go-to podcast for all things Tesla et cetera, and if you like this podcast, go check out 9to5Mac. But Seth, I do have one request: get some solid guys together for some good Linux talk. That would provide a great balance between news on Apple's closed ecosystem and information on the thriving open-source development in Linux. It would be the perfect addition to 9to5Mac, and would certainly fill a void in the podcast world that few other podcasts even try to address. If you consider my request, please respond to this post - the world of Linux would love to hear from 9to5Mac.
  • Birdy 23i
    Useful and Reliable EV News
    Been following Electrek since 2017 and have been consistently impressed at the quality and timeliness of journalism. They have great inside sources, break important EV news before major outlets, and stick to the facts. No crazy fandom at Electrek. I strongly recommend. Thanks Fred.
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