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The Manifestation Babe Podcast is a top-rated show made for the ambitious woman who knows she is here to unapologetically create and live her best life. Hosted by leading manifestation expert and multi-millionaire, Kathrin Zenkina leaves you with the best of the best practical tips, spiritual advice, and energetic hacks that are guaranteed to lead you to your next breakthrough. If you’re ready to defy all logic and manifest your impossible dreams, hit that follow button and get ready to experience THE transformation you deserve.

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Recent Reviews
  • sydgurry
    Great listen!
    I’ve been loving this podcast. I listen every morning as I am getting ready, and it consistently changes the course of my day. Such a great way to set the mood!
  • adamsshannon
    So much love!
    I just came across Katherine’s IG and podcasts by chance a few months ago. She’s been recommended to me by a few different people and I can absolutely see why. Her pure positive energy is contagious as well as so insightful! I will be listening to all of her podcasts on repeat. I can already see a difference in my mindset.
  • xuxu for me
    Second time around
    I’ve followed Katherine for a few years now but I recently started to listening her podcast today and everything is resonating so much with now. She exactly what I need at this point in my life. I love that she keeps growing as well as teaching. This podcast is so fulfilling.
  • Anaruth P.
    Changed My Life!!!!
    This podcast has had such a drastic impact on my spiritual journey! Katherine has an amazing way of educating on the process of manifestation but in a way that is totally relatable and easy to understand. Can’t wait to listen to more
  • Pissed648383838
    Love love love
    Listening to this podcast has improved my LOA journey so much!!! I’m grateful I found this and I followed you on IG also
  • laurenkelley1004
    My new favorite podcast
    Hi! I just recently found your podcast a few days ago. I listened to one episode and got hooked! I have been listening non stop. You provide so much amazing information and talk about topics I have been looking into but never found anyone who explained it like you. The way you explain and teach is just so amazing! I am hoping to take MBA next time you have it! Thank you so much!
  • Podcastjunkie23
    Absolutely love the manifestation babe podcast! It is one of my favorite parts of my morning rituals!!!
  • Pd_2
    Kathrin is my guide
    I love what Kathrin teaches. Every day she reminds me to look forward to what is coming in my life. She helps me understand my thought patterns, how to adjust the process of interpretation, and to always come from a place of gratitude. I am so thankful for this podcast and for Kathrin and her team. Keep doing what you are doing!
  • kalieinreallife
    Authentic and True
    I stumbled upon the Manifestation Babe podcast a month or so ago when I entered a turning point in my life. Kathrin’s podcast not only touches on manifesting your dream life, but also on healing your soul and working on becoming your best self. I’m very glad that I found this podcast when I did. I have listened to several podcasts around manifestation, but Kathrin’s is by far my favorite; I could listen to her talk for hours.
  • Mellow Sue
    Just Amazing….
    Kathrin is THE best educator on the law of manifestation. This podcast gives great guidance, tips, and how-tos on how to achieve your best life and manifest anything your heart can dream up. Guests are top notch also and I can’t speak highly enough about this podcast.
  • mlg323
    So helpful and inspiring
    I love listening to this podcast and I the guests are always really great. It feels positive and uplifting without being corny, which I really appreciate! Kathrin keeps it real and that makes her relatable and helps me to really connect with what she is saying. I highly recommend for anyone who is feeling lost or unsure and needs a loving little nudge back onto their path.
  • CarlieCare
    Playing Catch Up
    I can’t quit playing catch up on all the back episodes! Very insightful and full of wisdom. It’s refreshing to hear someone who shares many of my views. It helps me to feel less alone is a sea of chaos.
  • milansmomma
    I love this podcast so much it has changed the way I view life and it’s made me put the work in and see the results. I feel so much better since I’ve started listening and I love it! Thank you Katherine!
  • learneachday
    Different type of review
    I’m approaching this review a little differently. I just found this podcast and have read up on what it is all about. This sounds very interesting and something that I need in my life! So, I haven’t had a chance to listen yet (I’m about to) but yet I think it already seems to have lots of value! So I want to share this immediately! I will come back and update once I have had the chance on listening.
  • BunnyFeathers
    An amazing podcast!!
    This podcast always leaves me feeling upbeat, supported and motivated to live up to my highest self! Just listened to the episode about surrender and like so many other episodes it brought so many ideas, inspirations, and ah ha moments. Thank you for sharing light and great energy to my day!
  • Marie Magnolia
    Always Worth The Listen
    Any time I listen to an episode- it is always what I needed to hear. Kathrin is an amazing soul who shares beautiful knowledge and wisdom with her audience…. I have been following her since 2018 and she is always a constant beam of light and positive energy. I am grateful for her and her huge heart! 🥰❤️
  • simonaandricic
    I just came across Kathrin’s podcast after my life coach recommended I listen to it and all I have to say is WOW, she knows her stuff . Everything she explains about Law of Attraction is simplified and makes sense and I enjoy listening to her experiences with it as well . Definitely adding this to my favorites . (:
  • Agoon12235
    Manifestation Babe ... real world hacks
    I just listened to another episode of Katherin’s podcast and ... wow. The way she explains a concept like SURRENDER in easy to understand and apply language, is what is mind blowing. So many people want to complicate things to make them sound smart but if no one understands you then what are you accomplishing. Katherin is the real deal. Listen and learn. Highly recommended. ❤️
  • B ☀️
    Amazing Podcast!
    This podcast is literally the best one I’ve ever come across about manifestation, I love the host — the way she explains things makes years and years of other information I’ve collected make perfect sense!
  • Kambre B.
    Ep. 211
    I need to hear this everyday. I have such a problem with letting go and surrendering. This episode has opened up my eyes to some thing new and I will be trying.
  • Myg1989
    Episode 222 Forgive Yourself
    Just started listening and really needed to hear episode 222 where Angelique’s manifestation breakthrough revolved around forgiving herself. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into this podcast.
  • jennscroggins
    I love this podcast, Kathrin and Brennen, I'm so happy my friend shared her info with me. It starts my on in a positive, manifesting mindset!
  • Carly A Long
    Surrender was all it took!
    I just listened to the Surrender episode and that’s all it took to convince me to sign up for tMBA. Before I could question anything, I went home from my walk and hit purchase. I cannot wait to see how I grow from this journey. Thank you for spreading and sharing your light!
  • Real Estate Jule
    I’m obsessed with this podcast. I’ve listened to almost 100 of them in the last 4 months. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to reset your beliefs around money.
  • danichris82
    Episode 177 just blessed my soul today
    I absolutely love Kathrin and get Manifestation Babe movement. In particular, episode 177 helped get my mind all the way together as it relates to money. How can I want to help others and give tirelessly, then get mad at my money when it’s insufficient. You have to adopt great money management skills as well as express gratitude for all the resources you have. You cant be mad at money and then expect it to attract and attach to you. Why would it? Kathrin, thank you for your obedience in continuing to put out quality information on how to live the life we desire. I appreciate you.
  • Apryl526
    Best source for manifestation info
    I have been following Kathrin for a couple of years but have only now started to dive deep into her content and practice manifesting. I absolutely love this podcast and love the array of topics discussed! Highly recommend!
  • zbabe05
    So grateful I found manifestation babe!
    Amazing! I came across your IG because of your Greece pictures. I saw your IG name “manifestationbabe” and I’m a firm believer of manifestation and I resonate with your content so much. I’m doing the 5 days workshop, listening to your podcast and I already learn so much. I’m obsessed. Human design makes so much sense wow thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Red Queen 1738
    Excellent podcast!!!
    Before finding Kathrin, this podcast, and the manifestation babe website, I was not a spiritual person because spirituality never resonated with me. But now, I have been reminded of my own power to shape my surroundings and circumstances. Love the podcast!!
  • carolina0504
    Absolutely life-changing!!
    I started getting into manifesting after stumbling across Kathrin’s podcast earlier this year, and I can say that she is the reason that I have been able to manifest successfully as a beginner!!! She is inspiring and it feels like every episode that she makes and releases comes out at the perfect time- right when you need it!! Listening to this podcast is a must and I can guarantee that she will convince you of your unlimited power!! Much love to all those reading this!!
  • Jessie_H
    One of my favorite podcast
    Love all the topics this one covers! Just binged 3 episodes! Def a must listen for anyone looking for personal development and mindset to help with starting to believe in yourself or just some serious reassurance this is it! Thank you for doing this podcast girl! It’s appreciated. ♥️🙏🏼
  • erinscrabtree
    Feels like home
    I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this glorious pod—it’s so RELEVANT and HELPFUL for where I currently am in my life and what steps I need to improve and expand!! THANK YOU! I absolutely love the humor and profanity and grounded discussions about the very esoteric :)
  • QT-Star
    Esp . 211 Thank you for all you are providing. I really enjoy your podcast. My favorite esp was worthiness. But surrender really bundle everything nicely. I sincerely appreciate you and the gift you so generously offering to all of us..
  • DaniCulver
    I had listened to this podcast maybe a year ago and just finally got back into listening. I love how each podcast seems to be refreshing in the moment and always leaves me with good thoughts and ideas. I listen everyday!
  • Millie1316
    Great information and great energy
    I absolutely love this podcast I can’t believe I just found it. This is exactly the podcast I needed. I love how you do a deeper dive of manifesting and introduce me to so many new concepts. I love listening to this on my way to work so I can get my day started in a positive way. Thank you so much for this information.
  • fit.w.schy
    The BEST of the best podcasts for manifestation!
    Kathrine is so knowledgeable, she explains everything manifestation in terms/way they are easy to not only interpret, but that continue to stick with you! There are things I’ve learned that gave me that aha moment being as it was always there, but Kathrine worded it so well that it all fit together! She’s awesome at tailoring to every situation out there when it comes to manifestation. On top of it all, she’s so easy to listen too, and my go to when I’m ready to learn something new or need to kill time!
  • kjenks94
    11/11 WOULD recommend !!!
    Kathrin has grabbed my hand and led me down the rabbit hole of manifestation, Akashic records, mindset, etc. You name it, she’s covered it. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your knowledge and giving us practical ways to incorporate that knowledge into our lives. I cannot WAIT to attend the Manifestation Babe Academy !!!! Currently manifesting my ticket :)
  • HayleySpillar
    My Ultimate Pick-me-up & Go-getter Station
    Kathrine Zenkina is so easy to listen to! I have been binge listening her money-manifestation podcast for months now. I first came across this intelligent, graceful, and high-vibrational soul a couple years ago while listening to the Melissa Ambrossini Show, another inspiration. If you are interested in how to change your mindset, alter your perspectives, and follow your dreams this podcast holds the key to every topic you never thought to be available! A year ago, I challenged my friend to her 21-day manifestation workbook challenge and have been hooked ever since. I simply cannot get enough and her relatable voice combined with her money magic tools and advice are the perfect solution to a positive outlook and uplifting experience if you are willing to align yourself and put forth physical actions to her very words. I cannot thank you enough Katherin Zenkina for making this podcast available!
  • j-baller 94
    A role model and inspiration! Absolutely LOVE
    I am new to my manifestation journey but this podcast is helping me SO much! Absolutely love everything about it & I cannot wait to see what the future holds 💖
  • 666mina666
    Perfect Uplifter Podcast
    Thank you so much! I love these podcasts by Katherine each of them are jam packed with so many wonderful insights, lessons and they always lift me up. I learn so much through them and really enjoy them. It’s like if your favorite sweatshirt or comfort food was an audio instead :)
  • BaileyTruffle
    Real Information
    I just listened to the episode with Brennan about building generational wealth and I love how you approached it from a manifestation view. It got me thinking about my plan and where I want to be. The information was clear and useful. I sent it to my sisters right away and plan on putting that info into action. Thank you. You might have just jump started my wealth!
  • Adv.1111
    Awesome Energy!!
    Love this podcast and the energy Kathrin brings to each episode! I leave inspired and ready to take action or reflect on what I need to do next or stop doing. I appreciate her honesty and the wealth of information she provides. Thank you!
  • SunsetLex
    First Time Listener
    I absolutely loved the episode i listened it so much information I took so many notes!! Sent it to my best friend can’t wait to start this journey and just listen more to Manifestation Babe and just learn!!
  • fauning_over_flora
    I’m in love…or obsessed..or both
    “You're going to be judged on matter what so what do you want to be judged” So I found this podcast from listening to one of my favorite podcasts from Sahara Rose. I found this podcast a while ago and just haven’t really started listening because I felt like I had so many podcast to listen to but I listen to my first one somewhere between four and five days ago and I have not been able to stop listening to at least two a day they are so informative and helpful and make me want her to be my life coach I absolutely love this podcast and all of its knowledge and healing power.It really makes me feel like I can overcome all of my money traumas and create the life that I’ve been longing for so excited to keep listening and just signed up for a five day workshop. I also just feel like listening to things like this that keep you in your body and moving with spirit really helps you notice the simpler things in your day-to-day life. Like yesterday I got the sign of seeing at least five different black cats always near the number 99 or 88. So grateful for this and the timing in which it came to me!
  • Nebula83
    My Favorite Podcast
    There is so much valuable information in this podcast, and I love that Kathryn is so authentic. I’m currently binging the whole podcast!
  • Parkke
    Not your usual woo
    I just discovered this podcast and so glad I did. I have listened to and read a lot of material in the area of manifestation but Kathrin’s approach is unique. In the ep on surrender, she puts into words concepts I’d heard before in a fresh way that was immediately relatable, digestible, and usable. I’ll be going back and catching up on all of it.
  • HVD1123
    Love, love, love her messages.
    Manifest is a practice that I’ve been using for the past year or so and I’m always looking for books, podcast, videos, any resource that will help in my practice. I came across a recommendation for her podcast on social media and subscribed on Apple podcast. It honestly took me about a month before I finally started scrolling through and listening, but one day I started one episode then jumped to another, and another I probably listened to 8-10 episodes in that one day. I felt so connected and affirmed and even learned new practices to put into my routine. 5 stars, can’t wait to hear more episodes, thank you so much for sharing your practices and messages!✨ ❤️✨
  • Goddesses Rising
    Tips for Creating an Epic Life
    I tune into Kathrin’s podcast for shifts, tips and inspiration to live an epic life and to *finally* get how manifestation works, because it does! I love Kathrin’s humor, insight, lessons and perspective shifts that elevate the paradigm. She is truly helping us break out of the matrix and embody our higher selves into Becoming the free- thinking, Sovereign, Source co-creators we came here to be! Thank you, Kathrin, for paving the way for a new reality on earth for so many and helping to shift the collective.
  • DuaaHabib
    My favorite podcast! 💕
    I love this podcast sooo much 🤍 I listen to it in the mornings during my workouts and I’ve gained really helpful tips and advice like investing in emf protection! Thank you for all the help 🥰
  • lindsey333888
    Life changing
    This podcast has helped with my spirituality journey immensely! Listen from the beginning if you’re interested in learning more about manifestation, spirituality, and healing.
  • Sandyxixox
    As real as it gets
    I’m fairly new to manifestation babe’s content and let me tell you, I am already so obsessed. Her unfiltered honesty and advice is as real as it gets. She is able to take the concept of manifestation and really make it relatable to anyone and everyone through her stories and real life examples. For anyone who is a skeptic about manifestation, listen to this podcast, it’ll totally and completely change your mindset AND life. Thank you Kathrin for putting yourself out there in the world for OUR benefit. You are doing incredible work!!!
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