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Manifestation Babe is your daily sip of personal development for all things manifesting, mindset & money.

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  • anisah.k
    Educating ✨
    Absolutely love your podcast. I just finished listening to the one where you interviewed a sex therapist, and I feel so much more educated about my body.
  • nickochick
    Mind & soul food ✨🦋😌
    I have binged your 3 most recent podcasts and I’m just looking through a different lens of life. it’s such a high vibration that resonates through your podcasts. It makes me feel like understand what I’ve been experiencing better. Really getting clear and aligned and your podcasts are continuously helping me. Thank you for doing you!! 🙌🏽🦋✨
  • cflood13
    Amazing Podcast
    Great topics, and easy to follow explanations, highly recommend!
  • emilymariee_
    my favorite podcast:)
    always look forward to new episodes, thanks manifestation babe🤍
  • lizzxyny
    Aligned thanks to you. ❤️ you are my Morning dose of vitamin manifestation and inspiration.
  • audreyHope91
    Iv never had a goal to manifest until Iv listened to your podcast and I love how positive you are and how you tell it how it is I just love your podcast keep it it up !
  • MiddleChild2021
    Love this!
    I knew I’d been on a manifesting on journey recently and ran into Manifestation Babe by “chance” and have loved every second of it. Listening to her and realizing my potential and what I have to offer, I’ve decided to go all in and manifest my multi-million dollar companies. Mark my words, y’all will be commenting on my podcast next. Thank you Katherine for all the tricks and tips and hopefully I can have you on as a guest one day!
  • Noah mills
    My new favorite podcast!
    I am newly obsessed with Manifestation Babe! Katherin is unscripted and real, which I love. I’ve already learned so much and have implemented different strategies into my everyday life. Recommending to all the boss babes in my life!
  • Ateyk
    Hello! Fellow light worker! You are so inspiring and I enjoy listening to you so much. If you are wanting to change your mindset and just live a more positive life you must check this out! Manifesting is real with aligned action. Learning to let go of limiting beliefs is key. Can’t wait to see all the progress that comes from this!!! Thank you for your work! :)
  • alewis516
    Changed my life!
    I don’t even know where to start. This podcast and its teachings have completely changed my life. Throughout listening to the various episodes I have dig deeper into myself than ever before and have started to build a strong connection with the universe and my angels. The things I have been able to manifest in just a short time of applying the teachings has been nothing short of miraculous. I am so grateful for this wonderful resource and its teachings. I am a changed person for the better and the power I have discovered is incredible!
  • Lexiliu
    The best manifestation podcast out there!
    LOVE that I came across this podcast. I was hesitant at first, but Kathrin is so full of knowledge and comfort that I immediately jumped right in and can’t wait for the new episodes when they are released💗
  • Adriana BD
    I absolutely love your podcast and your positivity!!
    I found Kathrin on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I’m feeling so inspired to take my love to the next level!!! Recently I just purchased her book and can’t wait for this new chapter of my life!! Grateful for her !!!
  • Domenica. P
    Best manifestation podcast out there
    Katherin is the best at explaining how to manifest and knows her stuff. This podcast has always helped me in so many ways!
  • Amelia Davis
    Absolutely amazing!!
    I recently came across this podcast and it has been such a light in my life! 111/11 recommend!! 💗💗💗💗 thank you kathrin!! 😘🌀🙏✨💗🌈😊
  • crystallatimer
    Different than the rest!
    Recently I’ve taken the deep dive into all things manifestation and personal growth. I’m swimming in new seas and have been taking in waves of information on this subject (AND I AM HERE FOR IT!) Sometimes though, things can become repetitive. But not here!! I keep coming back and binging on new methods, new tricks and hacks (episode 152!!!👏) that I can incorporate into my daily! Free downloads and goodies to assist in the process too. If manifestation + personal growth is your jam, I wouldn’t leave this one out!
  • Siashwes
    Literal garbage
    This woman is a blazing moron.
  • lolamusique
    I start my day every day with Manifestation Babe 🙏🏻
    Wow! I’m so deeply grateful I finally dove in and started listening to the Manifestation Babe Podcast. I started listening about 2 weeks ago and my life has completely changed. Every day I listen to an episode or 2 while I’m getting ready and am already seeing experiencing results. After listening to the Episode about “the experiment” that changed her life, I’ve decided to give it a whirl and let me tell you I am saying to myself all day all night “my success is’s already done in the divine.” 3 days in and I already manifested over $5k and am now completely debt free. I am beyond grateful and can’t wait to sign up for one of her courses. Blessings to you, beautiful soul. Keep shining ✨✨✨
  • Bmndhsjvn
    LOVED this and needed it today! I was on such a good streak, and have found myself slipping on following to rough with myself the past couple of days... it becomes a habit too fast. Consistently having your back =confidence, certainty, and self-trust ❤️
  • Only1nina
    Manifestation Maven
    As I’ve been honing in on my manifestation skills I energetically stumbled across Katherine’s podcast and it was EXACTLY what I needed. She has really helped shift my beliefs about money and my ability to manifest it. The info she provides is so good I can’t believe it’s FREE! She is truly a manifestation maven and I truly look forward to listening to her podcasts.
  • Wendi D. Carter
    Amazingly real podcast
    I just wanted to say thank you to Kathrin for producing such an amazing podcast. It has impacted my life in such an amazing way. She has so much useable content. Also want to say thank you for not having adds on your podcast. It makes it that much more authentic. Thank you for being who you are.
  • fucnyou
    Crying Chills
    I listen to you everyday. I replay each episode until you drop new videos. I cried with the Jordan episode cause i was just recently in a car crash and i was so bogged down from it but little did i realize that I WAS GIVE A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE!!! Thank you beautiful souls so much!! Kathrin you rock! Please never stop sharing your magic!
  • mherriott
    Manifesting Me!
    I’m “new” to manifesting, and Kathrin is great at laying it all out there. I love listening to this podcast fort thing in the morning to set my intentions and tone for the day. Keep it up girl! Shine bright!
  • fifinun
    Let’s talk about sex eps
    Thanks for the most informative sex episode podcast I ever heard. I hope have more eps like this again
  • Kmdizzle
    So inspirational!
    Thank you for your clearly defined strategies and explanations! I believe in this work whole heartedly.
  • CLV Reviews
    Life changing and extremely paradigm shifting. A binger for sure. 💗 Thank you Katherine and your team for all your work!
  • Yokata Jane
    Happy I found this podcast
    I’m so grateful and happy I found Kathrin and her teachings. I listen to podcast daily now and there are so many takeaways and aha moments. I love how down to earth she is and at the same time so spiritually wise.
  • KateTbug
    Great for people new to manifestation but important to keep an open mind
    Kathrin’s podcast is great for people new to the world of manifestation; she breaks down the principles, and continually shares her own life experiences to help the listener understand and grow. Kathrin is very real and open and I love that about her! She shares some very deep, personal stories and gets vulnerable with her audience. I also love that she goes way beyond surface level manifestation and into the esoteric (but it can be a little like WOAH if you aren’t used to it and can be a shock for some listeners.. I have been overwhelmed with some episodes myself.. so I think it’s important to keep a very open mind and know that this isn’t a podcast just about manifesting, but also spirits/other beings, your higher self and your purpose, reincarnation/rebirth, among many things).
  • kpfanz
    Favorite podcast!!
    I love how honest, open, and genuine Kathrin is about so many aspects in her life. She gives her helpful insights upon money, mindset, health, sex, etc. and introduces a new way of thinking that could help so many people. She gives great advice in every podcast, tells her own story, and makes it fun to listen to. Highly recommend!
  • redrrudy
    Recommending it to any and everyone
    This podcast rocks. I started from her first episodes and am working my way up. I got a job I had labeled my “dream job” the same month I started listening! And as someone who has a warped sense of $$ I love all the tips to change the preconceived notions on it. I also enjoy that some are long and others are only 15 minutes! I’ll listen while I tan at the pool or make dinner
  • Mikbec
    Ayahuasca update review
    Loved listening to your experience regarding ayahuasca six months later. I have considered going to a ceremony, but after hearing you describe all the after-ceremony feelings, I think I have a lot of spiritual healing I need to do before even considering this medicine modality as a viable option. Thank you so much for posting your podcasts. I have learned so much. I recently found your work and I am listening intently! I missed manifestation babe academy- so hopefully next round! I really feel connected to you and to an understanding of the universe through these, so thank you again 💕
  • Shelby Coast of Maine
    Money is hard to earn: Myth
    Hi Kathrin, I have been listening to your podcast for just over a year now. I have been struggling with this concept that money is hard to earn since the pandemic hit. I am a mom of two and I also run my own therapy business. I have some very exciting ideas about expanding that business to include personal development education courses and was taking amazing action in the beginning of the year to make this happen, but I have felt so very zapped and energy stricken since the pandemic hit because all I have been able to do is care for my two kids and keep my one business afloat. My youngest is only 1 year old, and child care is limited where I live. It is also too scary to allow him with many other drooly babies his age so I can get some days to myself to work. So much of my time is spent care taking because his life and health are everything to me. My oldest is back in school and that has gotten easier thank God, otherwise I would be back to also being a teacher full or part time too. Something occurred to me while listening to your podcast, however. I am imagining that starting this second business would have to be very HARD and it is holding me back from even making some traction. Just thinking and believing that it could be fun and gives me some thoughts and energy to begin to dream up ways that I can invest some time to making this come to a reality. I do believe it can happen, I just think I need to reinvent my beliefs around money and that somehow and someway—even through a pandemic—I can find a way to work on this new business AND keep my baby safe and that working towards that new stream of income does not HAVE to be hard. Thanks so much for the pick me up and mindset shift. 💕
  • money brave
    Episode 177
    STOP demonizing money! Yes! It gave me such a great understanding of the battle of the haves and have nots. I absolute love this entire podcast. I recently found it and listen non stop!
  • rtt8!!!!
    I’ve listened to quite a few manifestation podcast & this is by far the best one yet. Thank you for putting this content out there, it’s everything I need right now!
  • Stacey Shapiro
    Amazing podcast! Loving it!
    Kathrin Zenkina, host of the Manifestation Babe podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship,mindfulness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • I'mronburgandy?
    Such a great podcast!
    I love starting my day listening to this podcast!
  • KLASinsession
    Tangible, high quality content!
    Grateful for the wisdom shared that goes beyond theory into action and the “how”.
  • whitneydavis
    One of my favorite podcast
    I look forward to this podcast every week! Such high value
  • Vanessa Phelps
    I rarely sit through an entire hour-long episode cause I have 5 kids and… well, I have 5 kids lol. I could NOT stop listening to episode 188 with SharRon Jamison, it was SO GOOD!! I even had my kids sit and listen to it with me while we ate breakfast LOL. Loved this episode, thank you KZ!
  • Roland1211
    Life Changing
    I manifested into existence my freedom from my narcissistic mother in early 2020. Since then because of the residual trauma and hurting I’ve struggled with moving forward. I really want to start my own business and be financially free. Because of this podcast, I now know I can. It’s not a what if, it’s when. This podcast has taught me how any of my negative outlooks are really just unhealed parts of myself. I cannot wait to keep listening and also invest in myself by exchanging money energy to learn more from Katherine.
  • finemichelle
    I am a manifester . And my husband is so supportive and believes in manifestiation but I think sometimes he needs to hear about it from someone else . I love listening to positive podcasts that raise my vibration but this is also great to listen to with my hubs ! ❤️
  • Sophischix
    If you’re ready to shift listen to this!
    I LOVE Katherine and thus podcast!!! I am getting so many little golden nuggets to help shift my money mindset. I also love that she incorporates spirituality and social issues here. Her vibe is easy going and practical. I especially loved the episodes on breaking down money beliefs. So valuable!
  • sierraxrenee
    After losing my job to covid I found myself in need of a major change. I buckled down with my self care and spiritual body by reading, abstaining from alcohol, and meditating. Finding manifestation babe took what I was already doing and magnified my efforts 20x. She speaks in a way that helps you understand spiritual lingo we keep hearing but doesn’t really click, she helps it click! I have been binge listening for the past month now and highly recommend her to everyone!
  • Ariana In Motion
    THE Podcast to Experience a major leveling!!
    Whenever I need an energetic boost along with some clarity I always tune into to Manifestation Babe! My business and mindset have experienced major shifts because of this show 💞
  • Caroline Noone
    So much value!
    I’ve learned sooo many golden nuggets from the various podcast episodes I’ve listened to! I’m so impressed with the amount of implementable action steps given for free, so excited to put them all into action and dive into future programs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • scarface418
    Great Podcast
    Great transformational content. Thank you for all you do!
  • Sammyqc
    A refreshing podcast!
    I’ve just recently been digging deeper into manifestation work and found the Manifestation Babe podcast through some searches — and I’m SO glad I did! Kathrin brings a voice of positivity mixed with realness, and provides very useful tips, ways of thinking, and new strategies to try out that have been very helpful for me. I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m excited to dig into her content further and put even more of her pearls of wisdom into action in my life to be more intentional about my manifesting. I am extremely grateful for this podcast, and listening makes me feel refreshed and excited about the future.
  • Chastity M. DeLorme
    Great Manifestation Tool!
    This is a great tool to help you with your manifestation process. I listen to Katherine every morning and it helps me center myself and focus on manifestation everything on my list! She had great guests who are empowering and very female-center, which I love!
  • sarah-b-158
    New Morning Commute Routine!
    I’ve learned sooo much from this podcast and can’t wait to start applying all of these principles into every day life. I’ve been really vibing with money manifestation podcasts, and this one really resonates with me. Give it a listen!
  • haileyrosep
    Life Changing
    Katherin and her guests are so informative! I have learned so much. Thank you for sharing Katherin - you are amazing!
  • amax58
    Been listening all day!
    I love all the helpful tips! Worth the listen for sure!
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