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  • jfjfjfjxndjdjfnckdogiendnd
    Do better
    If your going to fake emotions do better at least try. And also i know this is nitpicky but your microphones are kinda bad
  • HeidiPie8
    There’s much better True Crime podcasts out there. These ladies seem to regurgitate the obvious. Nothing new here, move along.
  • withshdu
    Woah. Just woah.
    I just started getting into podcasts and my sister recommended “Crime Junkie” I am totally addicted. All I want to do is listen to these podcasts all day. I’m currently listening to “Killer on the High Bridge”. I love the energy and the addition of Brits perspectives and commentary. I never knew about any of these stories (to be fair I was born in 2000, but still) Im interested in the Kyron Horman podcast, as that was near my hometown.
  • SteFUNNY V.
    I’ve listened to you guys for years- every single episode- but havent left a review, until now. Your Spanish episode on Alicia Navarro is amazing. I’m so glad you guys did this for her and to reach more people. Her story touched my story like no other and a lot had to do with the fact that you guys provided the Spanish version and told her story so well. Love you guys!!!
  • Britters96
    Great show!!
    I started listening to this because it was recommended by my sister and brother. I feel like I have learned so much like what to do if something were to happen or it’s okay to be rude if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a situation. The cases that they talk about blows my mind at times and it has helped me be more aware of my surroundings. Stay safe out there everyone!
  • taniaphx
    Spanish episode
    I am a huge fan of the pod and appreciate you doing a Spanish episode. But I wish you would have ran this by someone in the Latinx community. It is poorly written and there is no flow. There are so many amazing Latinx hosts out there. Even an intro would have helped. Their accent is very hard to understand. I hope you will continue to do Spanish episodes and get a better team. Gracias!
  • pcdavis
    Thank you for Kaysera Story!
    I appreciated your rant about getting the petition signed for Kaysera and the publicity you bring to the MMIWG. We, the listeners, do owe it to the families and victims’ memories to do what we can for change to happen. Too many injustices occur in social and criminal realms and only we can get change to happen. Thank you!!
  • Hockeylvngrl18
    Can’t get enough of this podcast
    As a huge true crime fan, I am always looking for a new story to hear or see. I came across this podcast a few months ago and it’s now my favorite podcast. I love how the stories are told and they have a way of keeping my attention from the beginning to end of every episode. Currently on a 15 hour road trip and after telling my friends they should check out the show, we have been listening the whole drive. Will definitely keep sending people to listen to listen to your show because it’s amazing!
  • Lofi Digital Monk
    Great Podcast
    Listened to majority of the episodes and great show then and now. I’m not sure about these low stars, as of late, but they are not warranted.
  • StaReBlue
    Lost its focus
    My original fav true crime podcast. Have listened to every episode. Have loved it and recommended it to many friends. But lately it’s become less true crime, more social justice platform. I’m just here for the true crime ladies - find a different outlet for your social agenda.
  • CatLover1349
    Mondays aren’t so bad
    Great podcast that got me through many many hours of work, but the quality of the show peaked a while ago and hasn’t gotten any better. Production-wise it’s one of the best, but the storytelling aspect of these podcasts has not changed and it’s starting to get stale. Ashley makes an excitable claim, Brit plays devils advocate and acts like the clueless audience, then interjects about being a mother, rinse and repeat. Starting to feel like there is a very generic script they are following that changes just with names and locations.
  • Eunice Marissa
    Autism Awareness
    I’m happy you are shedding light on this case. It has not been on the media at all. Only what podcasts and social media have done. I hope her mom gets answers soon !!!
  • shmaitlincc
    I’ve listened to every episode. These girls tell a very good story.
  • Xxdris_kinglionxX
    I love listening to this podcast cast amazing storys and vary interesting descvers im under 18 and i love beng listening while working and it passes time and keeps me upright without slowing down work if Ashly Flowers can see this I LOVE YOU!!! And will show full support to this podcast and wish to meet you one day..😊😊😊
  • Cieraraye
    I love this team!
    This will always be one of my #1 true crime podcast. I love their voices, the seriousness but the little jokes in-between. The history between both ladies definitely adds to a great podcast! I have been listening to crime Junkie for nearly 2 years now, been a patreon member for a while as well. I have other podcast that i like, but none i love so when i am bored i start from the oldest episode and work my way back up. I couldn’t clean, work, drive, or function without this podcast. Thank goodness for Audio Chuck♥️
  • Robynface
    The Best True Crime Podcast
    I am new to true crime. I’ve dabbled with some other podcasts and shows. This is the perfect podcast for someone like me. I started with other podcasts but ultimately they were really just lo long and too much of the length was banter. This, I lost interest. Ashley is such an excellent host. The banter is minimal and the storytelling is COMPELLING. It’s not funny or silly. There aren’t a lot of inside jokes but it’s straight to the point. Ashley Flowers is so excellent in all of her podcasts. What I like about this podcast is that it’s good true crime without the copaganda. I think the overwhelming majority of true crime spends so much time showering police in praise for doing their jobs- painting them as the underappreciated heroes. As a scholar of policing I know this is not how it usually works. This podcast is neutral on that front. They give stars when someone goes above and beyond but they don’t ignore the blatant errors and incompetence of so many police departments that lead to tragedy, especially for folks and communities of color. I appreciate the time that is taken to acknowledge systemic racism— where it’s necessary. Absolutely recommend.
  • guidos g
    Alicia Navarro
    This Alicia Navarro Spanish episode was soo good and hopefully you make more Spanish versions moving forward !!! Love your podcast!!
  • Buhnanie
    Give Britt a Promotion
    Britt is such an asset to this podcast—a calm, intelligent voice of reason. It bothers me that she is on every episode, yet is still not billed as a co-host. Maybe technically she didn’t start or finance this podcast, but to listeners like me not acknowledging her as a host, just as the unpraised “Britt,” is thankless and even demeaning. Please do more to acknowledge Britt’s value!
  • Baker babe.
    Love the crime, hate the “pruppets”
    I have always really loved true crime and true crime shows and now that I’ve been listening to podcast for about forever I can say I love true crime podcast as well. I think that Ashley and Brit both do a very good job of explaining the cases and putting their own opinions in. I like how in depth Ashley will go into each case, I’m sure a lot of work goes into this podcast and it’s very evident. The only thing I absolutely hate about this podcast is the “prupett (spelling?) of the month” segment. While I’m happy it has been scaled back, I think it’s in poor taste to follow up some serious talk about people being murdered or kidnapped or whatever with a happy story. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I hate it. I dislike that I am mislead thinking the actual episode is longer than it actually is, I dislike going from such serious voices to the complete opposite with happy cheerful voices. Personally, I think “prupett of the month” should be it’s own podcast and frankly I’m shocked it isn’t since Audio Chuck has so many other podcasts.
  • ken205009
    Not great anymore
    Use to love this show but it’s seems like the more that audio chuck grows the less the quality it has become. Quality over quantity 😞
  • kdnfiwbsyyndk
    Most recent LE guest was trash
    I love this podcast with the caveat that the hosts have always been too cozy with/ready to defend law enforcement. The featured officer on the Alicia Navarro episode was a new low though. Maybe reconsider having someone on the show who is ready to blame protestors and the (much-needed) defund the police movement for LE’s inability to do their jobs. I stopped the episode after hearing this because it threw this man’s credibility out the window and was a clear attempt to politicize the case of this poor child. Do better.
  • LaIvette
    I’m a crime junkie junkie I love this podcast.
  • Stephanieee (:
    Alicia Navarro questions
    Hi…. Usually love love love your podcast but there was confusion with the last episode. What makes you think that her abduction went all the way to Mexico? There was no link and barely information as to what happened after her quinceañera search party, just excerpts of the dangers of online predators. Would love some clarification 🥴
  • fan offullbodychillszzz
    Can’t get enough!
    Listening in from 🤘🏽Houston TX I absolutely love y’all’s podcast. PS. Y’all need to Stop hating on Brit, that’s what gives the podcast its story like trait. She’s just thinking out loud for us. Because what she says is exactly what I think in the same moment.
  • Tiff608
    Much better true crime out there
    Honestly, Crime Junkie used to be pretty decent, but I found Moms and Murder and Crime Junkie legit started out by copying them which irritated me when I realized but more than that it’s SOOOO political now. I love other Audiochuck podcasts but Crime Junkie is just not it anymore, we get it, you’re democrats, in a world full of nothing but politics leave it alone, podcasts are supposed to be an escape from our country being in shambles. Crime Junkie and OC swingers just need to go.
  • hehrs
    Quality is decreasing
    As I listen more and more, episodes seem to be decreasing in quality and facts. Most of the show becomes a lecture on what not to do. I feel like there are podcasts out there that are much better and put in way more effort to deliver quality content. I am close to not listening anymore.
  • Oscar on rez
    Extraneous comments
    The stories are good. Not to be harsh, there are too many extra comments, maybe take turns telling the story rather than the second person jumping in with frivolous comments/questions.
  • farleyjomom
    Stories are good,butttt
    This was the 1st podcast I started and I’m HOOKED!! Always get excited for new episodes on mondays!! BUTTTTT I CANNOT stand Brit!! She never contributes anything useful and just makes the DUMBEST remarks. Have started to skip through the parts when she starts talking.
  • woodyxx14
    Brit is beyond annoying
    The show is absolutely fantastic except for one HUGE ANNOYANCE. Brit asks the most obviously written down questions and it’s so far from genuine it makes you want to bounce your head off a cement block. She brings absolutely nothing to the show at all.
  • MeOnEharmony
    Ignorant take on defund they police. The money should fund other things besides militarization. Also making the latest episode in Spanish cause she might be in Mexico - racist!
  • DrB.A
    Female Empowering True Crime
    Aside from the great story-telling & the bestie rapport between Ashley & Brit , I come to this podcast weekly because of the incredible advice & advocacy that they do for young women, the victims, and their loved ones. Cannot get enough! Love their review of cases & back and fourth critical analysis. Great voices for radio and that theme song 👏🏽- makes any Monday better!
  • bairanna4
    Best podcast ever
    This is my favorite podcast of all times! Each one is well researched and presented very well.
  • CDallas921
    Absolutely ❤️
    I ❤️ the passion, professionalism, & empathy of Ashley & Brit, (I also ❤️that I have the same reactions 😂). I’d rather someone have a “squeaky chipmunk voice” than be a monotone robot devoid of inflection, & I also have absolutely no idea what other commenters are talking about when it comes to being “political?” I’m a registered Republican & I find the women’s sympathy & sensitivity encouraging & appropriate. There are some f**d up things in this world, & if they don’t bother you, perhaps you need to work on yourself. Yet another reason I appreciate CJ, is bc they get right down to the point, unlike some other podcasts that take 15-20+ min to even start talking about the topic. So glad I found CJ! (Please sign that petition for Keysera, Ash is right, it literally only takes 2 secs 🙏🏽)
  • GrandmaHoney44
    Different Presentation
    I really enjoy the way you present the information. It is not as clinical as many other podcasts.
  • Klob24
    Post-Surgery Podcast
    I had double-hernia surgery late May… I discovered Crime Junkie, and I was instantly hooked… I’ve listened to all the new episodes, and I’m currently halfway through 2019!!! Thank You for caring and lending your voices to those in need…
  • streetmedic1500
    I was done the minute these two women said “police didn’t look for the missing girl because of their SYSTEMIC RACISM”! That term was made up by liberals to spread division between races….there is no such thing as “systematic racism”!!!
  • jamie :))
    Alicia Navarro episode
    I’m just temporarily changing my review in the hopes that Brit and Ashley will see a concern of mine regarding the most recent episode (7/26) The man interviewed from the Anti Predator Project made some comments about defunding the police… His words sounded, to me, like someone trying to demonize the movement; as if we want to take money away from investigation teams. “Defund the police” means delegating responsibility away from police and instead to other professionals, like social workers. An example would be to send a social worker in response to a 911 call about someone contemplating suicide or a domestic violence situation, instead of a cop. The man from the Anti Predator Project sounded as though he didn’t actually understand what “defund the police” means, and was ignorantly criticizing it. I actually think with the delegation of these responsibilities to people far more equipped, detectives would have loads more time and resources to investigate. I would really appreciate some clarification on whether the Crime Junkie team agrees with his comments, because this is important enough to me to cancel my patreon subscription. There is racial bias and white privilege behind his words and there should be no tolerance for that.
  • jaxonaah
    Where have I been?
    OMG just switched to iPhone started listening via Apple podcasts and found Crime Junkie. Where has this podcast been all my life? This is a go to podcast if you love true crime, especially if you love podcasts that have a new episode each week. Easily digestible episodes, great storytelling lots of details, I love this show!
  • Elaine Sherrouse
    I’m new to Crime junkie podcast and I love it. Ashley Flowers is great and I love her voice. She just draws you in. I’m currently binging on the episodes ❤️❤️
  • lexxxy_sparks
    Used to be good
    Constant bashing of 911 dispatchers, fake emotions, it’s only centered on Ashley now. Don’t like it anymore! Used to be a big fan and was a patron member but unsubscribed from everything. Most of the cases have been covered by other podcasts as well
  • keato cheeto 38272629
    Used to be good, now they shove their political views down your throat.
    Unless a podcast is actually about politics, I don’t think I should be able to tell what political views the hosts have. This show has been my favorite ever since they started, but now, it’s like I can’t even listen to an episode without them mentioning politics. And I can guarantee cops have protocols that neither of you are aware of so the disrespect towards cops can stop. Done listening to this. Sick of getting 5 min to an episode and then having LGBTQ/systemic racism/anti-cop shoved down my throat.
  • savinggraceface
    What happened ?😔
    Been a CJ for awhile even subscribed to patreon $20 membership, purchased merch. Recently I’ve found myself searching for new podcast because crime junkie is not giving me my fix. The last 6-7 cases has been blah. I was really sucked in with the old content. What happened to the missing persons, cases that takes us down rabbit holes. Bring back the 2018-2019 crime junkie content pleasseeee. Love Britt btw who cares what everyone else says! Its just the cases you’ve been selecting. Yes, BLM ✊🏾 AND LGBTQ BUT id like to hear more stories like Jennifer Kesse, Stephanie Parze, Kristin Smart (although Chris is great) you get what I mean! Give us what got us hooked ash!
  • eazzzzzyE
    I started listening to this podcast on a 14 hour car ride and I could not stop listening! Love how detailed they get and how i feel Like im listening to one of my girl pals talk
  • 啊咪OwO
    Great work
    Thank you for doing this podcast, I listen literally every morning. Hope you could get a chance to cover more international cases, many are worth talking about yet have little attention here in the US crime junkies community. And, you are doing a great job. Forget about those haters, some of those don’t even look like real active listeners’ accounts.
  • ashslayyyy
    my all time fav podcast
    I could go on about Crime Junkie for hours. I was never a true crime girl, as I’m a scaredy cat about everything but Crime Junkie turned me. Ash and Britt are iconic. I love that Ash tells the story so perfectly that doesn’t get super gore-y with details but also doesn’t leave things out you must know. Britt is the perfect side kick. The fact these women are vocal about their stance on social issues, with no apology, is such an incredible thing to listen and to support. Forever a fan club member and forever supporting these strong, beautiful women. 10/10 will always recommend.
  • lizzysooc
    Bye Bye Brit
    Used to love this podcast…. but the more Brit talked the less I wanted to listen. I recommend Morbid for a more casual, and way less annoying TC podcast.
  • MimiSU12
    Do it.
    Start from the beginning and dive in. In terms of content presentation, Ashley and Brit do an amazing job of presenting the information in story form so you feel like you’re hearing scary stories huddled by a fire. Then there is the editing, which progressively gets better with each episode. But the way the show is cut expertly adds to creating suspense as well as a sense of togetherness. Even though I know Brit knows the script, I have the same reactions she does and it feels like I’m listening with someone else and not alone through speakers. Listen and learn - not just about true crime and details of cases, but learn key Crime Junkie rules and great survival tips because anything can happen in this crazy world.
  • confused.jw
    I loved this podcast…not anymore.
    I listened every week, but now it just seems too political. I don’t like feeling like I have to sign petitions just because I listen to a true crime podcast while I clean my bathroom.
  • strawberrycake95
    I cannot believe just a year or so ago I was laughing at my husband for listening to a sports podcast.. like how can listening to someone talk interest you??? But now I am OBSESSED! This is the only one I will listen too. I have tried a few others, but they just don’t fit me! I’ve listened to your podcast on numerous 9+ hour road trips. I never mind traveling alone because I can listen to as many Crime Junkie episodes as I want. When I’m not traveling alone, I do introduce your podcast to my friends & family & they tend to love it just as much as I do. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Emmieshere
    They can’t even come up with an original name. Everything about this podcast was someone else’s work, except the “like, like, like” that Brit says every 5 min. Shes useless and should be banned from public speaking. You want a real authentic podcast check out COURT JUNKIE. The podcast that 1st came up with the name.
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