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  • blanket snugler
    Blanket pig
    I listen to crime junkie every night and I find it entertaining but I feel bad for the people that get murdered even the bad ones. The thing it I like the exciting thrill that comes to me when I listen to this podcast. I can’t wait to listen to your next one! 😁
  • oceancasinoworker
    Love u guys
    I have literally been listening to nothing else! Just crime junkie ❤️❤️❤️
  • liz meany
    Best true crime out there
    Love Ashley and Brit and the way they cover the stories. They are able to explain complex cases in a more simple way, allowing them to reach more listeners. Each case is thoroughly researched and covered step by step. I love both of their voices. A lot of people were dissing Brit on here, which made me sad because I love her. I love her genuine reactions which usually match mine! She’s a sweetie. I love that they are lifelong besties. 😍 I choose this one over other true crime podcasts because they get right to the point. I am addicted!!! I also LOVE how they use the platform to advocate for victims and police/ crime reform. Important cause! Thank you, ladies for the great podcast.
  • Miich.m
    The best!!!!
    I love this podcast
  • jaabq
    The Best!
    I am a “Podcast Junkie” and always looking for new good ones. I have a couple that I was certain would always be my favorites…but nope. Crime Junkies now holds the My Favorite Podcast title, it is soooo good! Thank you!!!
  • 1801kay
    I love this podcast
    I just moved away from home for college and when I drive back home to visit I always put on this podcast. Listening to this podcast always makes a long drive livable. It’s a great study background too! Love love love this podcast!
  • tjroseland
    Ultimate True Crime
    This. This is it. This is the best podcast.
  • ss bank
    Best podcast
    Absolutely favorite crime podcast. So happy I found these guys. Must listen! you will not be disappointed!
  • AlyJoy716
    I really want to love this podcast but it’s so scripted, it’s hard to listen to. It’s like bad actors reading from a script. They try to make it conversational, but it’s far from it. The stories are intriguing but bad “acting” make it unlistenable. So sad, because this could be a great podcast if it wasn’t so fake.
  • gazwes_t
    The women are horrible…
    Whomever the two women are, they’re terrible. Talk about childish and adding their own personal thoughts in.
  • People places and things
    Thank you for the Amanda Knox interview
    I’ve listened to you guys since the beginning and appreciate your thoughtful and intentional approach to true crime. The latest episode about Meredith Kercher was one of the the most compelling yet. The travesty of justice in her case deserves so much more attention than it receives, both in terms of how she was disrespected in death and how Amanda Knox was persecuted in the aftermath. Her story is truly horrifying in its own right and so important for the world to hear.
  • MollyDonovan757
    Shockingly Tone Deaf
    Impressive coverage of crimes, impressive lack of awareness for what is appropriate. In an episode about a missing/presumed murdered woman who was having an extramarital affair, Ashley makes a joke that if someone cheated on her they would be dead to her. Britt asks if she means dead to her or dead to the world, Ashley says she pleads the fifth, everyone laughs like it’s a cute joke about how cheaters deserve to die and continues talking about the missing woman. Do better.
  • LMPWhatley
    Changed my perspective
    Ashley Flowers’ telling of this story they way she did, followed by the interview with Amanda Knox totally changed my perspective on this (and other) cases we hear in the media. Well done
  • kflay20
    I’m baffled at the high ratings. Sure, the stories themselves are interesting. But then again you can hear these same stories on other podcasts. I gravitate towards others because of the charm, flow, and chemistry of the host(s). They lack all of that. It’s so clearly scripted down to the gasps and “Wait, wHaT?!” Not to mention they don’t give credit to the sources they use for each episode, practically using others’ work word for word. Look elsewhere, much better True Crime Podcasts out there.
  • srj624
    Love Ashley flowers!!!
  • burtojad
    Used to be good
    Way to many adds in the worst spots possible and the “hosts” sound like they are reading from a script not actually talking and being personal. There are so many other podcasts out there that actually tell the story and do it way better. If you like them great but there are so many other smaller pods that deserve more attention they what this pod gets.
  • Llamashea89
    Long time listener but you guys hit it out of the park with your Meredith Kercher episode. I vaguely knew the case and remember when Amanda was arrested and released but had no idea about her story. I always knew there was controversy but never did enough research to know this was absolute injustice!!! What an amazing woman and I can’t wait to hear her podcast. I hope this helps shift the narrative around Meredith’s case and brings some reckoning to Amanda.
  • Brandi Sharpe
    Kind of annoying
    It’s informational and interesting at times, and I love their interview episodes. But unsure if other podcasts counts as research... Also, I know scripting is needed to a point, but gd it’s so freaking bad and obvious that I have to take breaks from the cast cuz it annoys me so bad. It’s kinda strange to have one host just tell the whole story to the other with very little input except to clearly prompt the story forward. Each question is obviously placed. Again, I love the stories, but...meh.
  • hannah pfefferle
    best true crime podcast out there🔪😍
  • kdald
    Favorite true crime podcast
    They give the best information on relevant cases as well as those that may be less heard of. They give a voice to the victims and teach us to remain vigilant.
  • JennaMichelle312
    Love Ashley and Britt!
    Best female duo podcast ever!! I love how informative but not boring Ashley is, and I love how Britt is asking questions their audience would be asking, hearing about the case for the first time. I definitely recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • rach2thfairy
    A girlfriend recommended your podcast and I am now totally obsessed! You all get me through my long commute and often I find myself sitting in my driveway continuing to listen rather than going inside.Keep up the good work ladies!
  • TayTayClaire
    These two are trash people. They exploit victims and hypocritically shame others for doing the same- Merideth Kercher episode. You need to examine your intentions if you’re announcing charitable donations. Those things are done in private and should not be used to sadfish more listeners and followers.
  • Tyro240
    My favorite true crime podcast
    Been listening to these two since the beginning and they are still my favorite true crime podcast to listen to! I look forward to their entertaining and informative episodes every week. To everyone at Audio Chuck, keep up the great work!!!
  • chrvon
    Love it, but can do without some things
    I love the coverage. I love the feeling that is out behind the telling of these cases. I’m just not a fan of Brit. I hate that I don’t like her. It’s just that she doesn’t add anything to the show. It’s like listening to a hype man in a rap song except it’s just annoying and not hype at all.
  • Bevalasvegas
    TopChoice !
    This podcast is one of my favorites - well thought out, organized and researched - thank you Crime Junkies!
  • Jbon86
    Awesome podcast
    Britts scripted questions/reactions are annoying, but the podcast is great!
  • MyLucyLou
    Absolutely love this podcast!
    I absolutely love this podcast!!!! I was caught up on all my current podcasts and was looking for a new one and stumbled across this one and it has definitely reached my top 3 favorite podcasts!!! I just started listening and am almost completely caught up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my twitter name I think is @brittro21. I’m not usually on twitter.
  • C12245
    Used to be 5 stars
    This podcast has gone so downhill. It sounds so scripted, rehearsed, and poorly researched. It used to be gripping to listen to. Now it’s like they are reading directly from a news article- while mentioning that they are beforehand of course.
  • DJ0475
    If you minus all the virtue signaling and teenage gossip from the hosts the crime coverage is entertaining. If these two could ever stop op spouting about their “social issues” every episode and just report on the crime that would make it much much better.
  • itsinthe stars
    New Listener
    I really enjoy this podcast. I just started listening to podcasts less than a month ago and found this right away. I haven’t started listening to any others because I enjoy this so much. Makes my work day go by so much better. I am very interested in criminal justice and listening makes me want to go back to school and find my place in that field! Thank you!
  • K$now
    Not the same
    I use to really enjoy your podcast, have listened to all the episodes. Earlier episodes you just have the facts of the crime and in great detail. The last few episodes are filled with your opinions on the crimes and facts given based on your opinions. So many details left out in the Hendricks case and the Knox cause but those details wouldn’t fit your narrative. Please go back to just reporting the story and with all details, whether it fits your opinion of guilty or not.
  • Filterless Jas
    A1 Story Telling
    Ashley and Britt are amazing story tellers. Absolutely the best crime podcast there is Keep doing what you’re doing ladies, I’m hooked!
  • DSidle61
    Defund the police supporters
    Used to be an ok listen until they switched to the anti law enforcement message. Couple of arm chair cops just blaming police with no sense of how law enforcement works. Very little research done, it’s essentially just story time with everything pulled from other podcasts and articles.
  • aubreezy89
    The obsession is real
    I recently came across this podcast maybe two weeks-ish ago. I think it’s safe to say I have a problem, I’m a crime junkie😂 I’ve been binging non stop. Even though the stories your telling are what nightmares are made of and definitely increase my paranoia, you find a way to connect with not only your listeners but to the story and the victims. I love that it’s so sincere, you’re not just telling a story.
  • Palačinka
    not a fan of Britt’s ASMR voice. Talk normal. Thx.
  • Kelly.1313
    It still wasn’t about Meredith Kercher
    I love what this podcast does, sincerely. And for the first time I was disappointed in this show because of the Meredith Kercher episode. I ended the show without knowing hardly anything about Meredith - what was she like? what was she studying? what made her smile? Usually, Brit and Ashley give such a great perspective on the individuals of whose stories they tell. But to me, this was still all about Amanda Knox and her special guest appearance. It was a great episode from that perspective, but I wish there was more about Meredith.
  • purplepenguin6619
    I really tried to like this podcast more than once but I have noticed the cases they tend to do have just been recently done more in depth by other crime podcasts. They leave out information sometimes that I think makes a big difference in cases and to be honest, their style is awkward. It’s a scripted conversation with unconvincing reactions. I feel like if you’re dipping your toe in true crime or want a quick overview of a case this would be something for you but if you actually are a crime junkie this is going to bore you and leave you unimpressed.
  • Cynnane
    I like, but…
    I enjoy the Podcast, and have listened for a while. It’s good, not my favorite but usually pretty good and passionate for the victims. Today I was DEEPLY disappointed in the Meredith Kercher episode. The episode was named for Meredith but they told NONE of her story. This podcast claims to want to speak for and advocate for the victims but they went straight for the headline grabbing “here’s an Amanda Knox interview.” Amanda Knox’s story is intriguing and tragic and BUT this episode did the opposite of what the creators say they are about. It should have been titled Amanda Knox, wrongful conviction, not for Meredith. Very very disappointed in their decision to not tell Meredith’s story and the hypocrisy behind that decision.
  • Old Cath
    Meredith Kercher/Amanda Knox Oct 18
    Absolutely best interview or pod ep. Iv ever listened to...and Iv listened to a lot. Thank you for humanizing Meredith Kercher. Amanda my new favorite human❤️wow....just wow. You two have done something very good here. Amanda Knox’ voice will be heard n I believe she’s going to change things. Thank you.
  • vbrayyy
    Meh. Not as good as it used to be.
    Idk what’s happening but it’s just not as good as it used to be. Too scripted and the “emotions” feel artificial. The “gasps,” the dialogue, the emphasis on particular words or sentences...just not natural anymore. I don’t dislike either girl individually but their chemistry is so monotonous and no longer feels sincere. They also are starting to come off as a lot more “armchair detective” than someone reporting objectively. Which works fine in some podcasts, but it’s just not what they used to be. They also used to say they’d give attention to cases that don’t get as much, meanwhile asked Amanda Knox to do an interview? Idk. I listen every now and then when I run out of other podcasts, but it’s no longer in my top list. I loved the old seasons better.
  • pdmddc19
    The episode with Amanda Knox was brilliant. She was so good and it was great to hear her story And to hear Meredith’s. thank you, Crime junkie!
  • SimplyyCass
    Too Many Ads & Not Enough Info
    I used to love this podcast but over time it’s gone down hill. I feel like the crimes are brushed over because I’ve listened to the same cases from other podcasters and you get a MULTITUDE of information and you just don’t get that with Crime Junkie. I’m also extremely annoyed with how the ads are used in these episodes. I feel like there are double the amount of ads from any other podcast I listen to. If you’re going to have 4-6 ads why not put them in the middle and do it all at once? I feel like things get cut off at the weirdest places and here’s another ad. Take some tips from Casefile or The Last Podcast on the Left and give us more information and fix how you do your ads.
  • thicc as bih
    More Empathy Please
    This used to be one of my go to true crime podcasts but after hearing today’s episode featuring Amanda Knox it made me realize how little compassion the hosts seem to have for the incarcerated. I would love to see this podcast examine the real reasons why people commit violent crimes because it’s not as a simple as “people are evil”. If the hosts truly care about stopping crime they will donate more money into reentry programs, services that keep people OUT of the prison system and not to organizations like crime stoppers that only prop up the carceral state. I hope they take note from Amanda’s perspective because you don’t have to go though the prison system to have the empathy that she does.
  • miri yasmine
    Love it!
    Great story telling!
  • Torirafi26
    I think I’ve literally played almost every episode. This is truly the crime podcast that has me totally hooked. It’s like listening to a friend, I get chocked up at the same time yall do. I truly feel the story which makes you both amazing story tellers! Thanks for continuing to bring truth and real crime out to everyone.
  • Ceruleanna
    Terrible Writing
    How is this show so well rated? The writing is very poor. The hosts say “like”, “or whatever,” “for sure” repeatedly. One of the hosts has no reason to be there at all. She contributes nothing
  • Gloria Lauture
    Wow wow wow I just listened to the Meredith Kerchers episode and it was amazing. I was young when this crime happened and remembered it in a very different way. I had absolutely no idea that someone else had been arrested. I loved listening to Amandas side as well. You ladies are amazing both Ashley and Britt. May i just add i love Britts commentary, she asks questions that i am literally thinking of. I think people forget that not everyone thinks the same way! Love it
  • elyelyuhoh
    I’m hooked!!
    Love this podcast. Never been a big listener but totally hooked..Evan got my fiancée addicted. Great job!!
  • lymor1
    Best podcast
    I love, love, love this podcast. You ladies make my week every week!
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