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If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people.

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  • ericaljones
    Love you both!
    You do such a good job at investigating each episode. That along with your story telling has me hooked! Thank you both so much for caring about each victim and helping to not only solve cases but keep their names alive. You guys are the best!
  • tinalyn15
    Gone downhill
    Like many other reviews I agree this podcast has gone downhill recently. I used to love it and now can’t listen with their political agenda. They don’t seem to really research their political talking points too in-depth, they just lazily repeat main stream media talking points to pander.
  • B from NOLA
    More please
    Day 1 of finding this podcast from my bestie and I’ve listened to 5 episodes. Love it. Hoping this podcast solves some of these sad unsolved cases.
  • burrytuhknee
    Absolutely love!
    My husband recently introduced me to podcasts and I absolutely love this one! Can’t stop listening! They have great voices, great stories, look for the truth and how to help, and they LOVE dogs 🥰
  • L.arita
    If I could give more stars I would!
    Absolutely love this podcast! They are so committed to getting these people’s story out as well as giving the listeners tips on what to do in sketchy situations. Be rude. Be weird. Stay alive!
  • Snuhg21
    Love the podcast but...
    Ashley could do this on her own, Brit just seems like the friend that is there for the clout, idk what she does behind the scenes but it doesn’t seem like she does much
  • CJ Jacques
    I love dateline podcast and I really dislike podcasts that are full of conversations, personal options and little facts. I really like this podcast because they simply share the facts in a narrative way, very entertaining!
  • Lilbostonfan
    True crime fan.
    Amazing take on true crime. Keep it coming. Love you girls.
  • Hlhmommy
    Best podcast ever!
    So, I am way behind the times and just now have gotten really into podcasts since the quarantine began and, let’s be real, need some entertainment. Crime and mystery documentaries have always been a favorite genre of mine so I decided to look for podcasts with this theme. I’ve really struggled to find ones that aren’t narrated by super annoying hosts or aren’t TOO graphic and/or disrespectful of victims, include way too much of a political agenda...or are plain off topic for half of each episode. Finally I stumbled upon Crime Junkie and, y’all, I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I’m nearly done catching up on ALL of the episodes (binging since about two months ago). Brit and Ashley are the BEST! They keep it on topic, get to the point rather than rambling on and on about topics completely unrelated to crime much less the topic for the actual episode. Ashley is very captivating in her narration and Brit’s questions are always the ones I have, so I appreciate her chiming in occasionally. I love that they advocate for victims and try to educate and raise awareness. Seriously, if you like crime documentaries and aren’t obsessed with this podcast, something’s wrong with you. I even got my sister hooked. ;) I’ve even gotten obsessed with Ashley’s Supernatural podcast now... 😂🤷‍♀️
  • user1848491994
    best podcast ever
    they’re such good cases and they do an amazing job at keeping you entertained
  • lauraouutr
    Five stars for sure!!!
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast! The cases they cover are well researched and presented in a thoughtful manner- they’ll always let you know if they have to omit information due to time constraints, which I appreciate and 100% understand. I’m super bummed out that I’m running out of new episodes so I only wish there were more!
  • pitwithbell
    I usually can binge a podcast but after a few episodes I get the need to switch it up. This one has me hooked and I’ve listened for about a month straight trying to get caught up! Love this podcast!
  • SaydeDiesel
    Best podcast ever!
    I’m OBSESSED with crime junkie podcast! Ashley and Brit do such a good job of working together without talking over one another! Can’t wait to listen to more!
  • 1maka_saiga7
    I necessarily don’t listen to podcasts.... I got tired of watching tv & listening to the same music lol so I found Crime Junkie! Omg! I’m hooked! Not usually my thing but now my families & friends knows me for being a “junkie”! I love love love you ladies! Keep up the great work🤩 definitely recommending it to my friends
  • kcaine94
    Love this podcast
    This is probably one of the best crime podcasts. I enjoy listening every week and have flown through all the earlier podcasts.
  • Littlebug1993
    Well researched and respectful to victims
    I love you ladies! They do their due diligence with the research and put it all together in an interesting and easy to follow story. My favorite thing is that they are respectful to victims and their families. It seems that a lot of true crime podcasters forget about the people who’s lives were ruined by these events but Britt and Ashley never do this and are sure to raise awareness about important issues and cases
  • tinasaulsbury
    Awesome Podcast
    Gets me through the work days!!! Would be awesome to hear about a case from MN, WI, or the surrounding areas :)
  • Hannah530
    Best podcast ever!
    Love this podcast’ was turned onto it by a fellow podcaster colleague. We’re essential workers at our local hospital. Thank you for your episodes. You ladies have a calling! Witty, relatable in the fact that I think the same thoughts of “what the heck” and you’ve picked really good stories to share. Northern California girl
  • meganmcguane
    True crime lover
    I just started listening to this podcast and I love it. Totally obsessed Brett and Ashley they have wonderful chemistry. They give us all the facts and details with a great story telling flow! 5 stars!
  • jackiebarbaccia
    I don’t listen to podcasts....ever. This is the only podcast I listen to and I’m obsessed. It’s so good and I turn down the music at work and make everyone listen to it. Thank you girls!!!! Keep it up.
  • Allie A B
    The hosts of this are more inappropriate than comedy crime podcasts (which I enjoy). This show consistently plagiarizes others work. Please cite your sources.
  • TraylorE
    THE BEST true crime podcast out there. Ashley is an amazing story teller who actually cares about the victims and families of the cases they cover. She and Brit have great chemistry and make these episodes easy listening but also enthralling and important!!!
  • T-Marsh2
    Getting Me Through COVID-19
    This podcast is one I fell into through my esthetician of all people. She turned it on during a facial a couple weeks ago and I have been obsessed since! I am back to working in the office and it is a bit slow in my department (marketing and events lol) so while I pass the time during the day making tedious edits to literature and spreadsheets this podcast has kept me from snoozing at my desk! Now it is something I share with my bf on trips to the store and around town. Anytime we see something fishy we whisper “Crime Junkie!” I would give 10 stars if I could! Thanks gals!
  • esk334
    Awful and fake.
    Not sure why this is popular. No originality. SLOW the F down when you’re rambling. We get you’re excited about someone finding a rape victim or dead body, but pump the breaks a bit!!!! “Wait...what?” I’m convinced they’re paying for good reviews. Happens on Amazon all the time- look it up.
  • CourtneyBae
    on to the next
    this is an updated review - the first year or so is great! but ever since ashley started doing every other podcast, it’s like crime junkie has been put on the back burner. THIS is what made you, OUR reviews made you. but hey, hope your other podcasts are striving! maybe just try to be a little more humble and remember where you started & give the same effort to all of your spinoffs or whatever. it’ll go a long way.
  • KellyKirsch
    Best crime podcast I’ve listened to so far
    These ladies are easy to listen to and provide great explanations to the cases. I just. Started listening from the beginning and never get sick of listening!
  • Ahnaleigh and Jennifer
    Thank for making her last moments happy
    Hey Ashley and Brit, my aunt was my best friend, and she had a rare lung disease. She died last week, but you made her last moments with me so happy. We would love to chime in and ask questions. We would laugh and cry with you. But her favorite episode of yours was the Hillside Strangler. She used to find it so interesting. I try not to cry about her, but I’m only human. Thank you for making her last moments so happy. You guys really are amazing. -Sincerely, your loving listener, Ahnaleigh Kia Phavorachith
  • ultravoxx
    Plagiarized and Irritating
    The Hosts have no natural chemistry and their banter sounds scripted. The repeated reactions *gasp* oh my god! add nothing to the stories. There’s no commentary from Brit, she’s just listening and interjecting with gasps. Ashley’s voice is crazy annoying. The way she enunciates every single word like it’s the most important’s hard to listen to. They also don’t do their own research and don’t credit those who do the research. Pass on this one.
  • Lynieee_15
    WOW - 5 Stars Doesn’t Do This Show Justice
    Ashley and Brit go incredibly HARD for this show and I absolutely love them. They take the time to do their research, tell the stories eloquently, but also do so in a humanitarian fashion to help listeners remember these are true stories and many families are hurting for the loss of their loved ones. I also love that they emphasize ways that we can help more through volunteer organizations, following up on the story they share, or even provide petition links to sign to help get a case moved. Thank you ladies for being the best story tellers, speaking from your hearts, and for the time and energy you put into this show. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Crime Junkie is the BEST podcast
  • Cassie & Chasen
    Love this podcast!
    My boyfriend and I started listening to this podcast on a long road trip, and we could not stop listening! Love this podcast so so much!
  • Best sudoku game out there
    Love you ladies
    Amazing podcast! Love the stories. Please stop saying “full body chills” though. We all beg you. 😂
  • Hobbitses4hire
    Terrible Hosts
    Totally annoying and inauthentic
  • Beththesexworker
    Fast forward
    Why do you talk so much faster now than you did when the kid cast started?Sounds like mini mouse on meth.
  • keekeeBowers
    Give these great woman a five star; really recommend. They keep it exciting, really informative, and they care!
  • Sarai.riveraa
    My only fav podcast at the moment
    Keep up the great work !
  • Ryan Bordenski
    Crime Junkie is a MUST!
    This podcast is the perfect listening of true crime stories! I honestly cannot get enough of these compelling stories of true crime. Ashley and Britt are such fantastic hosts and make true crime that much more intriguing and compelling. Crime Junkie is THE perfect podcast for any occasion: casual listening, long road trips, or a weekly fix. Thank you Crime Junkie!!
  • FrayaismyPruppet
    Crime Jun... Besties
    Brit and Ashley are my besties in the podcast world, (if there is such a thing). Every week I get excited to hear a new or retold true crime story with a Crime Junkie twist. EVERYONE... do one thing for yourself and listen to Crime Junkie! ❤️
  • kennedy+layne
    Love This!
    This was one of my first ever podcasts to listen to and still my top favorite! I recommend Crime Junkie to all of my crime loving friends. Thank you Brit and Ashley for keeping us entertained. Not only does your show keep us on the edge of our seats but it is also knowledgeable and purposeful for your listeners. Keep it up! @kennedy_layne13
  • DevyHil
    Need I say more?
  • imalexcis
    Daily listen
    I can never seem to get enough of crime junkie wow I love this podcast so much. I love the way Ashley, & Britt tell the story !! Keeps me on the edge of my seat, slowly running out of episodes will have to join the patrion soon !! Lol when I’m at work I turn it on and time fliessssssss
  • ayehdbrb
    Favorite podcast
    I love these girls so much! They’re so entertaining in their story telling. I actually was in the hospital with my dad for weeks before he passed when I came across this podcast. I’m a huge crime junkie and STAY watching documentaries so this was awesome to stumble across. Been hooked ever since
  • Freaks galore
    I do not understand any negative reviews on this show, it is perfect. Ashley’s voice is so soothing and she is a great storyteller. I don’t know why people say it gets too political because they never even add their opinion, just the facts and they get right to the point right away and tell the full story and even update you when there is new information. I 100% recommend this to everyone!!!!
  • Marissa Hadley
    I am obsessed
  • Dirkismyfav
    Best. Podcast. Ever
    I found this podcast about a year ago. I binged all the episodes, and am currently listening to all of them a second time! I love how each episode is a new case and Ashley & Britt keep you hooked! I find myself wanting to go on walks, runs, bike rides, just so I have time to myself to listen to these episodes! It’s also made me extremely aware of my surroundings and makes me think about my personal safety! Literally no other podcast like this one! Thanks Ashley and Britt!
  • MizzBetts
    Love love love these girls
    I am a liquor manage in a major grocery chain. Twice a week I have to work over night to throw my loads of liquor. 2000 to 4000 bottles a night. These girls make it not only possible but make time fly by. I put my headphones on turn on crime junkie and the night is history before I know it. I’ve listened to all I mean all of the other crime podcast. These girls are the best hands down. They are thorough and entertaining at the same time. Thank you for all your hard work that helps me through mine. K. Betts
  • Time's A Wasten!
    Well Done!
    I really enjoy your Podcast! And I have listened to quite a variety of Podcasts. But I must say that, as for me anyway, I find that Ashley has the most pleasant voice and an easy way of speaking, that I enjoy listening to more than any other host I have heard to date. I find Ashley’s voice relaxing and perfect for your Podcast genre... Brit is also a great co-host. In addition, I must say that the episodes are also well written and produced. Kudos to your husband and to Brit!!. I really should to join your “fan-club” so I can get more episodes. I also listen to Supernatural, and wish you could do more Podcasts..HINT to Sponsers 👍$$...Thanks for what you do! I know that time is precious and I appreciate your contributions to the Podcast world. Especially during this difficult time (aka Pandemic)...Keep up the GREAT Work! Best wishes to you all... From Wine Country Northern Cali.
  • Daniiiiiiieeeeelllleeeeeee
    10000 stars!
    I CANT STOP LISTENING. I’ve been bingeing this podcast from episode 1 for the last week. Can’t recommend this podcast more if you love true crime!
  • Leopardglitter
    Hook, line, and sinker.
    My interest in criminal justice started out as a kid in the 90s watching Olivia Benson on Law & Order SVU. I have listened to a variety of true crime podcasts, but none have the hook like Crime Junkie. Though I may be a biased Hoosier, Brit and Ashley’s episodes fueled my half-marathon training last summer and numerous car rides while traveling for work. I have referred friends to the podcast numerous times and hope to make one of the live shows in the future.
  • taylorchantell
    Seriously love this podcast. It’s honestly the only one I listen to. At work, tanning, on my way to and from work. 😅 I’m slightly obsessed. Also I don’t have a Twitter, lol. But you guys are awesome. 🖤
  • wease1010101
    I LOVE this podcast!!!! I am obsessed with true crime and have been wishing for something like this. I’ve literally binged listed to 20 episodes already!
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