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  • jossseeyy
    I don’t have a twitter but my Instagram is @jothemfleoo and I listen to this podcast 8hrs a day at work . Also when I’m Decompressing from work and taking a walk or a run . Started all the way over to the first pod
  • MelMega
    It’s Too Bad
    This used to be one of my favorite Podcasts, I was always excited on Monday mornings to listen to the new episode. I’m not sure what happened, but the cases just aren’t that interesting anymore. Or maybe they aren’t told in the same way? I find myself zoning out and then not finishing most episodes. In addition, the number of advertisements has gone WAY UP! It’s actually very annoying! Poor Britt with her scripted gasps and exclamations, just so Ashley can make a point. As the kids say, it’s cringey. Needless to say, I’m not going straight to this podcast on Monday mornings anymore. It’s too bad, I just think you guys lost “it”.
  • Dr. Mili3
    This is an awesome podcast for true crime lovers!!
    I love this show!!! The way Ashley and Brit narrate the entire story and set the scene for listeners is phenomenal!!! Cant seem to get enough of it….
  • sndjdjdjd f d
    Could be better…
    So I’ve been listening to CJ for awhile and it’s pretty much 2nd to Mr Ballen for me. When I’m not listening to Mr. Ballen, I’ve got an episode of CJ on pretty much during my car rides to work and such. I love the content CJ puts out but as of lately, I feel for three reasons this podcast can do better. 1: TOO many dang ads-can’t even listen to a story for more than 5 min at a time without being interrupted by a ad. (And no I’m not paying extra to not listen without ads-if Mr. Ballen is successful ad free then…) 2: Brit. Is Ashley like telling her the story directly and the audience is indirectly listening OR is it the other way around? Are the comments rehearsed because we know these aren’t “oh my gosh first time I’m hearing about this” comments and commentary. So what exactly is the point of having that second person on the show? Just curious. 3: So while the storytelling and information is good-some of the time it’s not. It’s almost like a cliffhanger or slightly confusing when not explained thoroughly with backstory and future production. Sometimes the stories end abruptly and if course having to hear another ad, I’ll find myself having to rewind and listen again just to make sure I’ve put together all the pieces in my mind. Otherwise, great podcast but could be better. A+ for effort.
  • EmmaKateBrooks
    Too much of both …
    WAYYY too many ads , I’ve stopped listening, and Brit is so hard to listen to , she literally just adds comments that have no value to the show .. unfortunately it’s as annoying as the ads are .. use to be good , that’s long gone
  • Nigggguh noah
    My favorite crime podcast
    I just wish the eps were longer or had less ads
  • Cynthia RG
    Great relief from political news!
    I am not by definition a Crime Junkie, but I found relief from negative political news when I discovered this excellent podcast. I especially appreciate the intelligent, non-hysterical tone and content of the program. It’s intriguing and solutions-oriented at the same time. Great listening!
  • guhhvccc
    Great podcast
    I listen everyday some of these cases I’ve never heard the details you guy’s give your research is spot on
  • Nixa1211
    I’ve been listening for years now. I’m a huge Crime Junkie. Never miss an episode. I’ve also listen to other Ashely has produced.
  • fcjtcgjcutdfhchgcxh
    Love this podcast so much
    I’m a 12-year-old who loves this because I love the way you talk about this and I kind of want to be a criminal psychologist when I’m older. And I find it Intriguing to learn about the stuff in it makes me feel like I have a sense of purpose to with certain information and I just love the podcast.
  • Klegger78
    I love Ashley and Britt and have listened to their podcast for years. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to defense PR campaigns and conspiracy theories. And considering this defense tactic is likely going to become more prevalent in the future, it is important large platforms like this stop falling for it and promoting it. These campaigns target innocent people, they are stalked and harassed, they are traumatized again and again after the trauma of losing a family member or friend. I will no longer support anyone who jumps on the innocence project bandwagon prematurely and irresponsibly.
  • trolmastersux
    Please. I beg you
    Ashley, I love you I promise. Please talk slower 🥲. I check my watch every 5 minutes to make sure I didn’t accidentally increase playback speed. Girl settle down 😭
  • Naru2theallmighty
    This is amazing!!!
    People who are new to this podcast, I know what you’re thinking “there are too many episodes!” But think about it this way you can have quantity or quality for most things, but this is both! So basically you get to listen to 100’s of amazing episodes. Trust me, it’s amazing!!! (BTW I am a 10 yr old and still listen to this podcasts)
  • Athena36327
    What I loved
    I loved the murder episodes. I especially loved following and researching the stories
  • kassandbarnes
    Good cases but…
    Interesting cases that you don’t typically hear on other True Crime podcasts. However, there’s clearly something going on between Ashley and Britt. Anytime Britt speaks (which is rare) Ashley is immediately dismissive of her comments with an “I researched this episode and you did nothing so be quiet” type of tone. I don’t know if it’s always been like this, but it’s definitely disruptive and distracting to the stories.
  • MoxieMo19
    Ashley, you’re a podcaster…
    Not a detective, a medical examiner, the police, or a prosecutor. I listened all the time until your head got too big to fit into your studio. Calm down and be the good storyteller that you once were. Girl, “fame” has gone straight to your head.
  • tamatopotatoe
    I listen to this everyday when I get ready! Absolute MUST LISTEN!!!
  • CarlyDanielle
    Like 5 minutes of story
    Can’t hardly follow along with the story because there are so many ads
  • JoshVA95
    Too many ad breaks
    I know it’s free and you guys do a great job but omg all the ads
  • Halieutrera
    Could be better…
    I don’t to now if it’s just me but I really don’t think Brit is necessary on the show. She makes weird irritating commentary and it just gets under my skin. The show would be better in only one person talked throughout the whole thing. I love the show and the storytelling but Brit just frustrates me and really makes it hard for me to listen sometimes. Maybe Ashley should do a podcast separately with only her
  • gee$gee
    Can’t wait for the next Crime Hunkie episode!
  • Wooly2K
    It used to be a lot better. I don’t know what’s happened but it’s just not the same anymore. The stories are whack and short. Most seem like they’re just thrown together quickly for content. Not much of a fan these days.
  • Elow20
    Eye opener
    This make sense with the incompetence and or lack of training authority has. How are we the people auto trust authority when they hide and or cover up what has been done. This is the US and coming from someone that lives on an Indian reservation. I mean an indigenous reservation. Geez the US can’t even correct the name of the people that have been here before there was even a country.
  • Flower-BLOOM
    The best! ✨✨
    I LOVE y’all! I love crime, and this is the PERFECT podcast for me!
  • I don't love it hater
    This is by far the best crime podcast i’ve listened to. I’ve binged about twenty episodes in just the last week! I listen ALL the time
  • Juiceesmile
    Thank you
    I survived a kidnapping attempt at 6, a dear friend was murdered two hours after I spoke to him, and another friend has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Please never stop sharing the stories of those who no longer have a voice. I believe this generation will bring us answers.
  • Nat41312
    Good podcast
    as someone who loves a good crime story this podcast is worth listening to no complaints
  • Sassy Jackie 101
    My favorite
    I love Crime Junkies and The Deck!!!! The only complaint I have is that there just isn’t enough!!! Oddly I fall asleep listening to the shows, so it’s hard to know which ones I’ve fully heard, so I listen again when driving, cleaning, doing homework and any other chance I get!!!
  • bellyfyder
    20 minutes of podcast, 20 minutes of ads
    The amount of ads is distasteful. I understand podcasts/ content creators needing to monetize to be able to get these stories out, but the amount of ad placements is ridiculous. They have to be marking BANK off of victim’s stories. Crazy.
  • Jen Jen807
    OMG ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    I absolutely love you ladies. I just recently started listening to you and ong I was HOOKED SINCE FIRST EPISODE!!! You ladies are AMAZING!!!!! Please keep stories coming!!! 🥰🥰♥️♥️🙏🏽🙏🏽
  • VicRuib
    Keeps me company 🥰
    I work weird hours, mostly nights. Ashley & Brit keep me company on my weird hours when I binge! I laugh, cry, say “oh my god what?!” So also, they keep me awake when I’m driving late! Thank you for being so amazing and giving all these victims a voice and a platform for us Crime Junkies to help! Best podcast for so many reasons!
  • CTurek
    I’ve been catching up since last fall. Love it so much. Amazing content. Ironically, the first episode I listened to was Jody Huisenteuit from Mason City, IA. I grew up in that area so it was all so familiar. Been hooked since!
  • sjlrm
    I like the show it’s interesting but HATE that is has so many “ commercial” breaks. Why!!!! The podcast would be better if it had less and longer episodes.
  • Moonnj
    Way to Go!
    I just read Audiochuck funded the DNA research for the 1975 Indiana Slasher case. You’ve kept me as a listener. Keep up the good work!
  • thedude7911
    Absolutely lose this show I don’t know how anybody couldn’t I listen to it everyday and it’s really helped me to take my Mind off things and give me something else to think about.
  • podcastermi
    Four stars
    I enjoy this podcast aside from the political correctness. Curious if in the future drug dealers will be called “drug workers” like “sex workers.” Renaming illegal behavior it doesn’t change what it is nor the associated stigma.
  • Squishlita
    It is very nice, entertaining, this my favorite to listen to on long car rides and when you clean and even if I'm bored. I have been a listener since the beginning and as a fan of true crime this really is my favorite podcast. Thank you to Brett and Ashley for taking the time to make these cases solved. I have become more aware of being safe after listening to every single episode you guys are truly amazing. Thank you.
  • jstew712
    Stop yelling
    Why is the host yelling she needs to calm down
  • Xshopkick Addict
    Ashley is a fraud, a plagiarizer and a grifter
    So fake and contrived. Spewing dangerous what if's without understanding the entirety of the crimes they speak about. These 2 are unprofessional and unethical twits. Not to mention Ashley has plagiarized several different journalists verbatim. She's getting rich off people who did all of the real work and taking credit for it. She's a white woman so nobody bats an eye!
  • Ava_Vaughn
    Thank you!
    I have been listening to this podcast since o was 6-7 and I love it with all of my heart! I’m 12 now and I can’t wait for more! I just started listening to the first episodes now I’m going up! I would also recommend Sword and Scale for those who like true crime! Also Ashley Flowers and Britt are hilarious sometimes and serious yet I listen to much and get paranoid sometimes! 10/10 !!
  • RMW1987
    I adore this show, love listening to it on my hour long commute twice a week. It really keeps my mind occupied. Ashley puts so much work into learning about and then retelling these cases and she really sounds so well researched and like she knows her stuff. Brit sounds like a great person and I hate to say anything negative, but it’s painfully obvious that she has no education past high school and sometimes her input can be very cringey or annoying. You can tell as episodes go on that her responses are more scripted, which has definitely been for the best, because earlier on when she was left to just decide how to respond at random, she sounded very uninformed and honestly somewhat unintelligent, naive even, and it really threw me off and detracted from the show.
  • Kiagai
    True Crime
    In a space that is inherently unethical, Crime Junkie does a great job supporting victims and their families. Unlike other podcasters who simply making money off of their stories. Leave Brit alone she is a great addition to the show.
  • Bsn1106
    I’m 13 and love your podcast and cannot stop listening to it 😂
  • The High Grav
    Gossip at its worst…
    Two completely unqualified people blabbering on mostly about how police and law enforcement professionals are typically the ones to blame for unsolved cases. I gave this show a chance many times but I cannot listen to anymore in good conscience.
  • CatDaddysWife
    Respect what you do❤️
    I have been a listener since the beginning!! I am a single mom of two kids, and listening to Ashley’s podcast with Britt as always, has brought so much attention to my awareness with my children! But not only just my kids , myself too! And other kids and people too. I super admire and respect what these ladies do! And all the cases that have been helped because of this podcast is just tremendous. ALSO, what I LOVE is the idea of a “If I Go Missing Folder” ALL THANKS to this podcast on which I TOTALLY have made for both my children and I!!! And I super recommend it for everyone who listens and spread the word about it! My brothers and sisters don’t know it, but I am definitely in the process of making them each “if I go missing folder” as well!! Merry Christmas siblings. Lol. Anyway I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I do it to all my friends and family. I love listening to you guys. I do it whenever I’m in the car whenever I drop the kids off at school and on my way home waiting for the next episode, you ladies are truly amazing. God bless!!! Also, my Twitter is @AmandaJohn166 please forgive me. I am never on my Twitter, so it’s definitely not up-to-date or anything like that, but I would totally rock the CrimeJunkies merch if I am picked!!! Much love ❤️❤️❤️
    My review
    This is AMAZING!!! I love this sosososoosososos much!! And I love Brit and how she and Ashley will have little moments where they laugh together and they are amazing!!!
  • Ajja123456789
    Love it
    You always draw me in to every one of your podcast. I can’t wait until the new one comes out. I have been listening to old ones at work. I’m in a zone while working listening. Love listening to you!!!! @chellie831
  • emeikle
    Only podcast I listen to really
    I fall asleep to your podcasts every night, no not because your boring I’m not sure what it is but I’m not big podcast or even tv person but I truly appreciate you girls!
  • Iehebjdn
    Love listening to true crime podcast and begun following multiple random suggested pods on my feed. This was one and was pretty good when I first listened but as I continued to follow and listen…I couldn’t anymore. People complain about vocal fry but I’d rather have that than the fake enthusiastic and strange fake surprise voice through every episode. It was a thumbs up for me in the beginning but 👎🏼.
  • Ebean:)
    I love it!
    Crime junkie was the first true crime podcast I found and listened to, and I really love their content! I have listened to many other true crime podcasts before and crime junkie is by far one of the best I’ve found. I always listen in on the new episodes and am so excited when I see a new one out! I listen in the car, while I’m baking, and even while doing homework. I love this podcast sm and totally recommend listening to it!
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