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  • MAJIC8804
    Please make longer
    Can u please go back to longer episodes?? They seem to be getting shorter and shorter. U are doing great work and I love to listen but they are just to short
  • oreo •-•
    I really liked it at first. But I just couldn’t keep listening after all the plagiarism claims. It just didn’t feel right anymore. Brit has a rlly soft voice, and it’s just very calming. But Ashely yells a lot ngl 😭
  • GingerJerm99
    Love the show!
    Have you ever heard of Bob Berdella; The Kansas City Butcher? If not, you should look the story up!! Thanks for what you do.
    Crime Junkie Obsessed
    I work for the criminal Justice system, and I love listening to all the episodes. I see and deal with so many cases a day and being able to hear it in a form of someone that is just an everyday person who really is into crime is awesome. I enjoy this podcast so much, if you’re into crime this is the podcast to get obsessed with! Thanks gals for your show! ♥️
  • killjoysandy
    Okay I love true crime, serial killer docs and everything in between, I am very picky when my comes to listening to podcasts only because some people’s voice really bore me. But Ashley’s and Brit’s voice are the best for telling true crime. I really love this podcast I just started listening to all the episodes and im already half way done this podcast is absolutely the best!!!
  • ZoeeReighFowler
    I listen to this podcast for hours during my day, wether it’s when i’m doing homework or just relaxing, it always helps me to focus. Thank you so much for what you guys do for the victims and the families, you guys are literal life savers. xoxo
  • Davis Itunes Music
    You know you’re obsessed with a podcast when you go back over 4 years worth of content to make sure you don’t miss a single one. 😳😍 (not ashamed in the slightest). The thing I love about this podcast is not only am I entertained, but I feel like I’m being educated to help keep myself and my family safe if anything bad were to happen to us. I feel like I learn something new each podcast, and it’s hands down my favorite thing to listen to! The other thing I love about this podcast is it makes me put my Nancy Drew hat on and think about how I can solve the case. I also always look up pictures of the people missing so I can (though a small chance) be able to help find these missing people. Hands down worth listening to!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 @llindsayddavis
  • Obsessed with vine edits
    Great story telling!
    I wanted to add to my review- thank you Britt for being so vulnerable and sharing something so near to my heart. Love that this podcast covers so many cases both old and new that are not as heard of. My best friend and I listened to this podcast every day on our cross county road trip and would pause the episodes and give our own theories and thoughts. This show has taught me so much about how to stay safe and I love the in case I go missing packet!
  • benm810
    Britt is brave for telling her story. It helped me to get help myself
  • amyc414
    Love Crime Junkies!
    Brit and Ashley are the best! I can’t get enough of Crime Junkies! I listen to at least 5 or 6 episodes a day. I started at the beginning and it is so addictive. Keep giving us more! Sincerely, Amy Twitter: @puzzlemaster14 Instagram: @puzzlemaster435
  • Andy2.0v1
    Caught stealing content, and other peoples ideas but no acknowledgment or apology. Be better. Imagine getting caught plagiarizing and doubling down and stealing an entire idea for a podcast. Also stop speeding up the recordings. It sounds ridiculous and it makes it hard to follow.
  • cmpinva
    Great Podcast
    Love these girls and their true devotion to solving cold cases. They don’t use foul language to attract listeners and they have stayed true to their purpose. I’ve been a long time listener and highly recommend them. Brit, you got this, girl. Recovery is not easy but it’s worth it. On the days when you want to reach for a drink, please please pick up the phone and just call someone first. Just do that one thing before you reach for a drink. Do it for your kids, your husband, and of course yourself ❤️
  • tpok01
    Moving On
    Long-time listener & former financial contributor - I used to look forward to these every week and that has long since passed. These episodes get shorter and shorter every week. They used to be an hour or more, now we are lucky if we get thirty minute episodes. Everything is so basic and high-level that there seems to be little to no in-depth research done. Ashley is more interested in getting people to buy her book than the real reason this podcast exists: to tell a detailed story in hopes of providing awareness and comfort to the victims families. Also, Brit has (what I would assume to be) the most vulnerable announcement of her life regarding alcohol abuse and you decide it’s an opportune time to pick up Coors as a sponsor? Anything for a buck, I guess. Disgusting.
  • hdudbdhjebdubd hi s in dh
    God loves u
    y’all God loves you all and i have heard Brit say some stuff about evaluation but not to be rude it’s wrong God is right i dont know what you believe and i dont even know if you are Christian but God loves you and so do I. I am praying for Brit and hoping that she gets better and i pray that all the families of cold cases and missing or any type of crime you guys cover get full closure and fully recover and heal from there loss of a family or friend and as how Ashley and Brit always say TURST YOUR GUT!!! and IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS NOT IMPORTANT SAY IT! IT MAY BE THE FINAL PEICE OF THE PUZZLE SO SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! and one final thing BE WEIRD BE RUDE STAY ALIVE!!!!!
  • Gateway gator 23
    Of the best
  • dum a*s
    ɠɾҽαƭ ʂɦσw :))))
    i love this show i listen to it alll the time love (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
  • Moonly P.
    With love ❤️
    I absolutely love this podcast! I been listening to you guys since the beginning! It keeps me on my feet. I love Ashley and Brit. I am a proud crime junkie.
  • shitshitshitgame
    Good storytelling but the girls can be very annoying. Brit seems to not add anything but dumb planted questions and interruptions. Ashley gets too off track with emotion and opinions instead of sticking to the story that we are all here for
  • Dliciousdd
    Brit seems unnecessary. “Wow that’s crazy!” Thanks for the input.
  • Nflhdurif
    I have always loved this podcast. hoping hearing BritTalking about this difficult journey she has begun was incredibly moving and brought me to tears. I absolutely love the pure honesty and am more dedicated to this podcast than ever before. I truly hope that Brit is successful in her journey and that she remains in good health. My thoughts and prayers are with her.
  • journee_urmom
    i love it
  • bear🐻🧸♋️
    ✨⭐️💫🌟5 stars✨⭐️💫🌟
    Very exiting, best thing to listen if you don’t want to watch videos or listen to music. We love and support you Brit
  • Beth5353
    My all time favorite podcast!!!!
  • jrstout
    Fellow Junkie
    Love the show ladies! A friend recommended y’all and I’ve been binging!!! Thanks for all your hard work! ❤️❤️❤️
  • bribaby202020
    Like the podcast and I’ve been catching up on old episodes, PLEASE keep Britt off the show. The episodes with her are very annoying.
  • PianoMama109
    I am a relatively new lister, but was disappointed to learn of the extensive history of plagiarism this show has engaged in. I was led down this rabbit hole after reading reviews for the very-lackluster debut novel and can no longer support the way this company profits off the work of “the little guy”. It makes sense; I mean, how else would this show be able to keep up with this production schedule? It’s just disheartening to know Ashley (and crew) have been thumbing their noses at legitimate problems and laughing all the way to the bank. It appears they feel untouchable. And, maybe they are for now… but I’m out. ✌🏻
  • Erin_Runs_78
    My favorite podcast ever—by far! I have shared crime junkie stories with everyone in my life. The stories are not only compelling, but told with compassion. Ashley and Brit are giving voice to victims that deserve justice.
  • Kdaniel327
    Great info & entertaining
    Love this podcast! Y’all are so much fun! Kristy Gee Athens, Ga
  • greydog2
    Listened to book first
    So I listened to “All Good People Here” and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed enough to look up the author and discovered the podcast. I found it just yesterday and I am hooked. I have already listened to like 8 episodes! Thanks for putting it together, Steve in CA
  • eponymousanonymous
    Just came to say your book is wonderful 😊 quality writing, quality story, excellent first book!
  • EmTwAfFlEs
    i'm a true crime fan and i LOVE crime junkie and the deck. that's it. I do miss britt, and hoping she'll be back sooner than later! wishing quick recovery! 🫶
  • purple frossted
    Best podcast series
    Your videos are the best they are so good to listen to when you have Somthing to do
  • A1988te
    The best!!
  • khs2008
    Used to Love It….Used to
    Honestly, I used to look forward to this podcast week after week, but lately, all of the stories sound exactly the same and I’m losing interest. As Ashley grew to fame, she became way more political and woke and I’m just not feeling it anymore.
  • Sweeet_Lee
    the solution to ending police brutality is not more police :/
    “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” -Audre Lorde Long time listener, first time reviewer. There are surely things that have been said that I don’t agree with before, that’s how life works. However, The episode covering Timothy Coggins pushed me over my limit. The episode ended with saying Black Lives Matter, and was followed by a call to action for more People of Color to be in law enforcement via scholarships. I’m not sure how else to put this, but hearing a white lady go on a rant about how more People of Color are needed in law enforcement as a solution to police brutality is mind blowing. The mental gymnastics to get to this conclusion is astounding to me. To give monetary support towards law enforcement and thinking you’re doing that in the name of Black Lives Matter is off base and WILD to me. This is screaming white saviorism. Representation of identities that are marginalized in law enforcement does not lead to change of a system that is built on and relies on white supremacy to function. Furthermore, Black Lives Matter is not affiliated with Black and Missing Inc. To conflate an entire movement dedicated to dismantling and abolishing police to an organization that works with police is misleading. It also creates a narrative to fit YOUR politics and YOUR beliefs as a white woman. Don’t shield yourself with others’ trauma, pain, and loss in order to uphold policing, or use it as a reason for more police. Police do not prevent crimes… they cause them by abusing their power. Please, for the love of god, read texts by Black women who have been saying these things for decades. Read anything by Angela Davis. Read The Combahee River Collective. Read Grace Lee Boggs. Read Audre Lorde. Good luck!
  • Sholmo
    So touched by Brit’s story. It brought me to tears. Still the best crime podcast out there
  • whaiuneyb
    I’ve been listening for quite some time, I’ve always been a major true crime lover I grew up watching shows like Law and Order SVU, and NCIS with my grandma who raised me, listening to Crime junkie always makes me feel closer to her she would’ve loved it! She was a major true crime fan as well. I always find myself using this as a way to take time to myself to destress. They both have such kind and soothing voices that are perfect for podcasting! They do such a good job at not only full describing each situation that shows how much research was put in to this but also do a great job at bouncing question to one another and trying to cover any different theories that may revolve around the case which I love! I also have learned quite some great things from them like to use a folder that holds any passwords or important information to give to someone I trust incase something happened. So if you are looking for a podcast that is entertaining, substantial, fascinating, informative, and just great all around I HIGLY suggest it!! P.S. Much love to both Ashley and Brit ❤️❤️
  • colomominacaliworld
    What happened?!!
    Update : Also do not buy Ashley’s book All Good People Here. As a Colorado native this is a copy of JBR and not an original thought. Down to the glamour shots. The book and the show is no longer original. I was a die hard Crime Junkie fan, but as time went on I realized something is off. I felt like I heard these stories before and couldn’t figure out why. Then I got on one of my other podcasts I listen to and realized I heard it there first almost word for word. I thought maybe coincidence and let it go. But now it seems everything is an “unsolved” crime with the main suspect behind bars already. I understand it may technically be unsolved but there is a suspect and he’s already behind bars, but what about others that have no suspect or that were solved and their families have started organizations to help or bring awareness? I miss those because after hearing them I hold look them up and donate because I had a cousin murdered and always want to give back where I can. I don’t know, but it seems they have their hands in everything else and this takes a back seat so they just copy others work. Before it felt like Ashley really took the time to search these out but now, no. They just copy and paste. Maybe it’s not her and is an assistant but they should research better or actually make the story your own when telling the facts or asking for help to solve truly unsolved cases. I love Britt and miss hearing her voice and understand why she’s not on, but I do hope Ashley made the change to not promote Coors or any other liquor/alcohol in support of her friend.
  • Kzakzakza
    Why change?
    Seems like podcasts change so much once they become popular.
  • brittdavis93
    I love y’all
    Love listening to this podcast!!!
  • Anenaoicbrna
    Thank you!!
    Hello this is Kylie Chase!! I just want to thank you for multiple things. First, for creating awareness in communities across the world about how to best protect ourselves so that we can protect others too. I just so appreciate how involved you get in the stories of real life. I dealt with a lot of sexual and emotional harassment and manipulation in some of the romantic relationships I have been in, and so I can’t thank you enough for creating advocacy around those issues. I now want to simply thank you for your show, for the time you take to send one episode out each week. I am a sophomore in college with a custodian job, which is definitely not the most ideal job but you’ve gotta do what you gotta do right?! Anywho, I just want to share a little of my story. I have dealt on and off with suicidal thoughts. During those episodes - that would last for weeks at a time - I would go to my custodian job and turn on your podcast. I have been listening for over a year now. The reason I wanted to thank you is because when I would work as I struggled emotionally, I would get a break from that bondage by listening to your show. It helped me see that other people have face traumas and monstrosities and have survived them, and gone on to inspire many. That despite their trials, they can get through it and so can I. That I have so many people who would drop everything to come and help me, people I don’t even know. I have understood the worth and value of just one soul by listening to your show. The efforts that law enforcement and communities go to to save that one soul. I now look forward everyday to go to work and listen to your podcast. It’s weird because I don’t know you guys but I just feel like you guys care so much about me. Your podcast has become one of my greatest coping strategies when I struggle the most. So thank you for helping me get through this time.
  • chew0309
    Need Warnings for Animal Cruelty
    They never warn about cruelty to animals. I always immediately stop listening when blindsided by it. I’m just gonna drop this show.
  • Fhutv
    I love listening to all stories. And learning things I may not have know before. Ashley is such a wonderful storyteller.
  • True Crime Junkie 87
    I love you guys
    I have always been a crime junkie since I was a little girl. I never had anyone to share the interest with me. I remember the first day Law and Order SVU aired when I was in 7th grade and it blew my mind. I was finally able to get the fix I needed because I had already read every single Nancy Drew book. I am now a 911 operator and this Podcast gives me life. Thanks.
  • mango fanatic
    I love how great you go into detail on all the cases you work on! It is very apparent how seriously you take each and every person involved in the cases feelings into account and you just try to spit the facts. However just like every human in this world have a bias on who you think dun it 😅. Which is ok because wether or not you think someone is suspicious or wrongly convicted ( I 10 times out of 10 agree with your biases in every podcast 😁) you continue to tell us all the facts you could fine wether or not they dismiss your claim on who dun it. So basically what I’m trying to say is ( and I think I can sleep for most of us crime junkies out there ) I absolutely love your work there at audio chuck and keep doing what you do best!!!! ALSO IF YOU SEE THIS TELL CHUCK I SAID HI ! 🥹
  • rickdoss
    Started out as a good podcast. Then they started getting political and displaying their wokeness. No thanks.
  • Drifter725
    Awesome podcast
  • Sadittarius
    Stop yelling at me!!
    Does anybody else feel like this woman is just yelling at and lecturing you the whole time? I’ve never been able to finish an episode. 5 stars for the good work you do.
  • Big Chris2025
    Can’t stop…won’t stop!
    This podcast is absolutely amazing! I love it! If you are just getting started like me, I recommend going back to the beginning and binge it all. They are all so good. Absolutely love it!
  • tdubsofKentucky
    A lot of changes, not all good
    My main issue is the constant sponsor messages. You’re rivaling old school TV, like right pre TIVO. Yes, you should be paid for your work and you have researchers and staff. But seriously, it’s just too much shilling.
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