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  • anonymous116hga
    Stop the dis of police!!!
    The police go through mental torture you don’t know about!!! I bet you probably couldn’t handle it. There are stories of police because of what they have seen turn to alcoholism. They don’t speak up because of people like you. The left it constantly saying defund the police. If they don’t comply with your wokism their lives are ruined. Police die to protect you. And with the whole white privilege thing that is so untrue. The reason that the black women’s cases weren’t looked into was because it was during a time where racism was everywhere you looked 50 years ago. Your whole thing with discrimination is a fake situation made up to make white people feel ashamed of something that happened 100 years ago. And I believe there is only one race and that is the human race. Just like dogs there are different color dogs, but they are still dogs. There are black and white people but we are all people. And I mention dogs because you guys are obviously not Christians so what would separate us from being a human and animal. And I guarantee you won’t have the guts to respond to me yourself Ashley. If you’re a Christian and reading this STOP LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST
  • RedMerleGirl
    Loved this podcast…but it seems to have changed.
    I was a longtime crime junkie fan and had listened to Ashley and Brit for about 2 years…but as I’ve seen the following of CJ grow, the tone of the podcast has certainly changed. The cases covered have become far more grizzly and details are covered with less tact. The ‘cast does all it can to build salacious titillation during the episodes…even going so far to cut to commercial while discussing a r*pe and murder cold case, and playing a commercial whose tagline includes “solve your next case for sensible shoes!”. Oof. Fam, the dichotomy there is jarring. The sensationalist approach to covering these “”stories”” seems to separate the humanity of the real people involved. These are peoples lives, not just stories…and loosing sight of that concept seems…shady. I don’t think the cast is doing this on purpose or maliciously but it is something I’ve noticed recently. I ended up unfollowing as a result. Sorry to say I couldn’t feel comfortable continuing to support.
  • gucciman12345
    Pls tell me that Brit is ok 👍, and thanks for doing pride month shout outs, because I am a guy who is bie sexual
  • Liv Taylor!:)
    Too much
    Update. Gave it a try again and it’s even worse. I cannot deal with Ashley’s fake crying!! Check out red handed for an awesome true crime podcast. Great stories and way better hosts without all the fake crap and holier than thou attitude! I used to love this podcast! I enjoy the stories but Ashley’s voice influxes are too much now. The sound of her voice makes me cringe now. The fake laughing and “full body chills” it’s just too over the top.
  • Dianne Hupp
    Enjoy this Podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. I listen to it daily and have listened to other podcasts at the suggestion of Ashley Flowers.
  • hxjsbdjsjsjx
    I love this podcast so much. It’s my favorite thing to listen to on boring car rides or just on my day to day bases. I haven’t been here sense day one but the day I saw this on Spotify I immediately loved the page, I love the way how you tell every story, and how you just stick to the facts. Please keep doing what you do.
  • ajdkrywiejebhsiwhd
    I have been looking for a true crime podcast for forever that doesn’t scare the crap out of me but still gives me the fix I’m looking for! Will recommend forever! Also their puppy stories are what are keeping me going!!
  • stephperes
    Love this!
    My sister got my hooked on this podcast and now everyday all day at work it’s the only thing I listen to!
  • Cruz821
    Amazing podcast
    I’m not even a crime junkie or someone who watched cold cases. That was always my mom, but this is a great podcast. Really informative and the story telling is great. Definitely recommend.
  • AKludt
    Use to be great
    My wife and I use to love this podcast. It was my favorite. But 1. It’s so scripted and fake sounding and 2. It seems the podcast has been turned into a political podcast design to push the woke progressive agenda down the listeners throats. Do a political podcast if you want but you should change the name to Pride Junkie. So sad. We all miss the good true crime podcasts.
  • yjdsje
    Feel better Brit
    I love this podcast so much and Brit I hope you feel better your in my prayers ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • slloyd155
    Queen of Plagiarizing and Sexism!
    Ashley Flowers was caught shamelessly plagiarizing countless episodes and yet her joke of a publisher (Audiochuck) didn’t do a thing about it. They just quietly removed a huge chunk of episodes and acted like nothing happened. Well Ashley, we will never forget the scum you represent. We will also never forget how sexist and blatantly disrespectful you and your show are.
  • Belle0433
    Great podcast
    I’m a fellow Hoosier and love this podcast. My only complaint is when they promote woke crap. It’s not needed and turns me off the episode and show. Other than that, keep up the awesome job and hope Brit is doing well.
  • Twitter: @kfreitas11
    New Crime Junkie Fan!
    I’ve always loved everything to do with the criminal justice system and watching all the different shows. I am new to listening to podcasts and a co worker at my new job introduced me to Crime Junkies and I have been HOOKED ever since. I’ve listened to probably 10 episodes in 3 days! Can’t wait to listen to more! ❤️
  • Wolfgirl12339
    Love it but would like to see for serial killers😂
    I love this podcast! I’ve been listening for 3 years! I love the cases and Brit always absolutely shocked! And Ashley and Brit gave me the love of true crime and the dream of becoming a detective and a private investigator. I would love to see more serial killers because they interest me but I still love them!
  • lanebug..
    love love love!
    My absolute favorite podcast! I listen allll day everyday at work! So many cases I have never heard anything about, thank you so much for the time and research you ladies do! ❤️❤️
  • Mindy Lou-who
    Love the show, thank you!
    I love what Ashley and Brit are doing here! I think it is important for everyone to be reminded to stay aware of their surroundings and be cautious who you talk to. It’s so easy for us to get blinded and let our guard down now in days.
  • Meki L
    I am from South Bend and have recently relocated to the Indy area and I will always listen to this podcast. This podcast makes my day at work go by faster and literally keeps me so occupied. I love that you guys are in South Bend because hardly ever do I find what I feel like are “celebrities” right in my backyard. I hope this show never stops. You guys are amazing and you really help so many people in getting their stories told. You have no idea how much good you do for the community and I just hope you always know that. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!! my twitter is @wowmeki
  • AbzilllaBee
    My new favorite podcast!!
    I listed to one podcast and after 3 mins I was hooked. Immediately after the current episode was over I put on the first podcast they made and have been listening in order since. It’s been three days and I’m on the 12th one. SOOO GOOD. Thank you both for what you do. You’re killin it 🙌🏻 I don’t do Twitter so heres IG: abzillla
  • ftsioidkwjh
    Liked it but they push the lost white girl syndrome crap and her concerned about dead naming a suspect that was stalking Mary Lynn Witherspoon. I can look past the lost white girl syndrome agenda crap but when they literally were concerned about dead naming a suspect of a violent crime they lost me. then proceed to say before you leave all your one star reviews don’t because we don’t have time for that care. What a joke giving respect to somebody who has no respect for human life ridiculous.
  • Jessicapamela
    No just no
    I just can’t with this podcast. I tried to listen to several episodes but I couldn’t get interested. It’s definitely lacking something. The ads are way too much as well. For crime junkies, they don’t have any interviews or police reports they play. That’s what makes other podcasts interesting.
  • Em Sti
    It’s really sad
    This podcast used to be great. Until it wasn’t. I know it’s not going to happen but I wish CJ would simply go back to presenting a true crime story without interjecting their opinions and biases. You are alienating half of your fan base.
  • dissappontedinMA
    Stop bashing the police!!!!!!
    Not everyone that services the community is bad! I have been following you for several years and really enjoyed both of you. I have to say that in the past year there are certain episodes that I don’t even finish listening because of all the negativity against the police. Both my husband and I have decide to unfollow you. We know that every profession has good and bad but you guys seem to indicate all police don’t do there job !!!!!!
  • PVB Fox
    I’m an official binger, I’m hooked!
    I have always been a crime junkie at heart, and a friend introduced me to this podcast last week. I have literally had it running eight hours a day while I’m working, and have binged through 2017 and 2018 already. I love that this is a serious podcast, and the host is never trying to be giddy or silly like some others. I have learned so many things about cases I never heard of, and about those that I have. I am also thoroughly involved in animal welfare in my spare time, and appreciate and love that this is a noted passion of everyone involved in this podcast! Thank you for all that you do!@DianaPookieFox
  • MistTrean
    First podcast I've really gotten into!
    Big fan of the show. It's the first podcast I've really gotten into. I tried a couple before this but they didn't hold my attention. I enjoy the back and forth banter and that they're not afraid to call out shotty work, even if it is from police (a job title doesn't mean you're good at what you do), and weird situations. It makes my commute and workday more enjoyable!
  • Bradlees cool mom
    Pride month
    Not everyone wants pride month shoved down their throats. Please stop!!
  • mmcw1226
    It’s disheartening that Crime Junkie continues to hold such a high ranking in the True Crime Podcast genre. I have read several articles over the past several years about Ashley Flowers that depict her unethical and inappropriate behaviors, and there’s plenty of evidence to support me saying this. She needs to be held accountable for what she’s done/still doing, the countless other podcast hosts who (actually do their own) work so hard to produce their shows deserve for that to happen.
  • Shane2927
    Good not great
    I LOVE the content. However, I have such a hard time with the structure of the podcast. The hosts interactions are just so scripted and feel so forced… I get the idea, the main host needs a foil, but it gets so grating. I recently read how they have been accused of plagiarism quite a few times. I will probably listen to the episodes related to topics I want to learn more about, but otherwise I’m done listening to the fake banter.
  • DaniBaci
    Just Want True Crime
    I have listened to this show for years and even bought into it for a little, because I loved all the true crime stories, but since COVID, they really have gone down hill. True crime is great when you just tell the stories of the crime and all crime for that matter. Not just what they might consider the “less privileged”. It’s frustrating that all the good things out there have fallen into this leftist rhetoric, including this podcast. I really hope we can go back to things not being politicized or overly opinionated, because we really just want a good true crime story.
  • jbperelli
    Scripted/forced commentary
    I feel the hosts talk way too fast and it’ sounds very scripted. I enjoy podcasts where the hosts collaboratively talk a discuss the cases without it sounding forced or rushed.
  • bebecitak
    The best to ever do it
  • AshBG1313
    Love the show!
    I absolutely love this show! Episodes have replaced music in the car on my commute to work and back home. I tend to listen to an episode at lunch to with earbuds in. I’m so addicted!
  • Mentally intrigued
    Love it!
    I absolutely adore this podcast. I listen on my way to work and on my way home and while I cook dinner. Whenever I can fit it in I do.
  • krope21
    I discovered this podcast around Christmas 2021. It took me about two and a half months but I listened to every single episode. When my mom and I are together in the car, CrimeJunkies is our distraction! Hooked and obsessed is an understatement!
  • Killacroc.....
    Fantastic Story telling
    Man, I will listen to Ashley Flowers narrate the phone book, the dictionary, the Bible it doesn’t really matter. The way she bring these events, these stories to life is amazing.
  • MrsKBZ
    I couldn’t get through my work day without Ashley and Brit! My favorite podcast!
  • gsccx4
    I used to really enjoy this podcast, now it seems like theirs way more commercials than anything interesting. A lot of the cases they cover have been done by everyone in the true crime community. It just seems like they sold out.
  • Jess080987
    Five stars
    Love this podcast, very informative! @angie_a81
  • TooWokeForMe
    I like the stories but the clearly scripted questions and statements from the cohost are annoying. I understand that you have to make the story flow and tie up loose ends but it could executed better. Aside from that, they push the narrative of “missing white girl syndrome” and support the mental illness of transvestism. If not for the woke agenda I would give 5 stars. After hearing that Coors sponsors this podcast, I stopped drinking it.
  • Desperate for Solution
    Best Storytelling
    Hands down, THE best true crime duo with the biggest hearts. Can’t listen to anything else.
  • User123489262
    love this podcast!
  • Amy True Crime Review
    Ashley Flower is a psychopath
    Crime Junkie has always paid for reviews. But recently I see that once again Crime Junkie has paid for negative reviews on other big true crime podcasts. Specifically Morbid. Easily the best researched podcast. CJ wishes it was half as researched and well done. They are a plagiarist joke. Beyond the plagiarism that Ashley Flowers has done to make millions of dollars, they make up facts all the time! Also they are so whiny and opine way too much.
  • Ashley Faldo
    Use to be good
    This was the first podcast I ever listened too. I use to love it, but about 2 years ago it went down hill…. and QUICK! The opinions that Ashley gives through out her show are obviously made up. For example “when the detective saw the body he had full body chills.” Oh really??? You spoke to him directly? You were there? I literally laughed, turned off the podcast, an unsubscribed after that episode. Also, the constant bashing of police just seems like a way to be “woke” and make them more likable to a certain audience. Don’t get me wrong there are many bad/incompetent police officers out there, but in earlier shows ashley and Brit had a much different tone when it came to police officers. They are definitely trying to cater to a certain crowd of listeners. Mistakes should be pointed out, but opinions on these types of podcasts should be indifferent. Ashley and brit were not there… so why act like you were? Just give us the facts. Research and story telling has also gone downhill. And I absolutely HATE the music in the background one of the main reasons I stopped listening.
  • Tara8116
    Freeway phantom**
    Hi, Listening to the Freeway phantom story and I cant help but need to share this thought and feeling. The girls had middle names in common; a school employee is who I would look at. All girls from same area, around the same age, someone they would feel comfortable talking with. A school employee would have access to the girls files and see their middle names. That thought just sounds more and more prominent as the story goes on.
  • c10h12
    Interesting podcast
    I originally heard about this podcast from the plagiarism scandals. I assume they’re doing their own work now? Personally, I enjoy CJ & love the supportive statements for all members of the community.
  • Jayron Helm
    Not great but good
    One of my favorite podcast but you criticize the police departments WAY TO OFTEN!! Also voicing your opinions way to often as well. I love when you talk about the case itself and adding commentary but when you stop to put your opinion it’s sorta annoying Sending my love for Brit, hope she’s back and better soon!!
  • rach1883
    The best-sending love to Brit!
    The best crime podcast-I love that you bring awareness to under represented victims. Just heard about Brit, so happy she’s recovering, we love you here in OH and sending all the positive thoughts and full body love!
  • crime rookie
    My favorite ppl❤️❤️❤️
  • Ms. true crime obsessed
    OK YALL ARE WHAT GOT ME STARTED ON THIS STUFF I MEAN YALL ARE JUST AMAZING! The work you put into this is undeniable! Get well soon Brit!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Also can I get a list of sources if y’all read this?????? I really wanna do some research!!
  • H0nest@be
    WAY overhyped and overrated. Essentially a “lite” version of true crime summaries. The baby voice/vocal fry character play done by Brit was too much for me. The back and forth reactions/questions are ridiculous and are not typically genuine. It’s too scripted and is done in a way that treats the listener like they’re incompetent. Sorry, just my opinion.
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