Punch Up The Jam

by HeadGum

What if the greatest musical hits could be ...greater? Every Thursday, comedian/musician Miel Bredouw teams up with a special guest to revisit, review and revise the pop songs of our past, and offer an improved "punched-up" version.

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  • Froggerstinks
    The host is very annoying. I only listened to the episodes where her Dad guest starred and I enjoyed his commentary way more than hers. She is absolutely obnoxious and unfunny. Would not recommend. I think I rather sit in the car for 4 hours of silence instead of listening to her talk.
  • Crissy Web
    SO GOOD!
    I don't know why I haven't left a review yet because I have been listening since episode three (still can't believe that was 2017). Miel is soooo funny and her research on the songs makes it 100 times better. I miss Demi but life happens. Still an AMAZING podcast, definitely my favorite. Please don't hesitate listening, even if you don't previously know the song. Miel, YOU ROCK!!!
  • ZAustin1
    Went from Okay to Ugh
    The show was 4 stars with two hosts because Demi and Miel balanced each other well. Now that Demi is gone, the show is a lot of silly rambling and pays more attention to lyrics than music and production. I keep listening hoping the newest episode will be good because I love music and sometimes the guests are great, but more often than not it falls flat. The punch ups are also usually the same song with silly lyrics or the same lyrics but as a different genre. I wish that they tried to dissect and discuss the songs more and balance it with humor, but it’s mostly repetitive/garbage humor and rambling.
  • John Williamsing
    Unoriginal, uninformed and unfunny, the hosts are awful, skip this pretentious mess of a show
  • Selly!!
    So very good
    This last episode had me rolling! Love this pod!
  • Plops Mcgoo
    Good show
    I wish there was more trivia about the song and the band in the episodes. sometimes it feels like they dont have any info on the songs they punch up. regardless its always funny.
  • Person2332
    So Good, So Funny, So Entertaining
    Oh my goodness - just discovered this podcast and have neglected all others so that I could listen to backlog. "Steal My Sunshine" and "MMMBop" are probably the two best to start with. Miel is a fabulous host and the new format is equally as satisfying as the previous one. Yay! Just, yay!!
  • myfirstnameandabunchofnumbera
    Loved it and still love it
    I fell in love with dynamic between the two hosts but really appreciate how Miel revamped the show after Demi left. I especially like how the punch up is reflective of the discussion now. It’s still funny, insightful and occasionally educational. Keep up the great work!
  • cmdm
    how not funny is this podcast?
    ummmm...very not funny but the hosts can’t stop laughing at not funny stuff...so...there’s that...
  • Cay17
    Love the jams, love the creativity (and quality) of the punchhups, and super love Miel’s dad.
  • Joe Mue
    Not liking the new format
    I was a big fan of this podcast until Demi left. The dynamic is very different, the guest intro song was perfect before, and I don’t really like not hearing the punch up on the pod. I kind of get why she did it, but I have definitely skipped some of the newer episodes if I don’t know the song. If they are talking about a song you know and like, give the pod a shot.
  • Kris5449
    Great show
    I like how they (the hosts, now host and guests) talk about songs critically, without just $h!tting all over it. They critique songs they love, like, dislike & hate, with the same respect regardless. I know they are doing “it” right, because they effect me the same way real friends do. Sometimes I completely disagree with their stance, or they annoy me sometimes when they talk over the song clip, or when the excitement causes the banter to get obnoxious, or when they go down tangents I don’t relate to. But just like a friend that annoys me, I still love them and am ready to engage again at my next opportunity, and don’t want them to change to be more “like me”. A lot of podcasts don’t touch me that way. I’ve unsub’d and deleted plenty of podcasts for being annoying, or having differing views. This pod is different. Just like friends, it’s all good. I’m a little surprised by this even within myself. I think that’s a rare treasure to find in entertainment media. That said, they’re really funny, the production value is high, and they are very talented. Five very strong, solid stars
  • haitaitai
    Here since episode 1
    Fell in love with Demi & Miel’s dynamic. The fact that they dissected each song and at the end reveal their punch up, either a recording or a live performance. I loved it! Then Demi left and everything changed. Scraped Bring Em Out for underwhelming stock music. The guest doesn’t get to hear the punch up on the episode anymore bc she wants to sum up a punch up idea after the discussion, so the listener is the only one hearing it... and obviously the dynamic is gone so it’s all up to Miel the guest to create this chemistry (which works out most of the time considering she brings on funny writers) and the song that they decide on. I’m a big music head and still enjoy Miel’s personality so I’ll still be listening but it’s definitely taken a dip in enjoyment post Demi era.
  • Edi Girl
    Long time listener and really happy to see what Miel has done with the show as it moves into the new format!
  • Heart 2 Heart podcast
    Very disappointed
    I had never heard of this podcast but once I found it I gave it a go and it might be the most annoying thing I’ve ever listened to. Not funny at all.
  • Jonnydragon88
    I’d kiss a bridge for this podcast
    You guys are the Cloak and Dagger of podcast… in that Miel can touch the darkness in your soul and that Demi is always throwing knives at me. If that makes you feel uncomfortable you guys could also be the Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz because then you’d both be… ya know… from the better company. I’m pretty early in but I fell for you both on your sister (brother?) podcast AFE where I listened to Miel and then Demi’s guest episode without even trying. Pretty much love at first sound for Miel, and it didn’t hurt that one of you writes/wrote for the forking bad place. And now that I’ve heard a few of these I think we might have something here. Funny, kinda witty, sexy even, and pretty fun too. And the punch up is the best part.
  • #nerdmom
    A joy
    I started listening because I loved Demi on Gilmore Guys. I was hooked from my first episode. Thanks for making me wonder what the hell was going on in Africa, why she would have drops of Jupiter in her hair, and what the Spice Girls were really asking. I’m really pleased with how Miel is moving the show, although I miss hearing Demi’s voice every week.
  • AeroAg08
    The "punch up" for Intergalactic was AWFUL. It was a punch down in every sense. Truly painful to listen to. Giving this new format one more chance before I stop listening alltogether.
  • maneena13
    Puncherino for LYFE
    Absolutely to this podcast! We’re here for the laughs, the musical knowledge beyond compare, and of course the edging. I just listened to Miel’s first solo episode and I was so happy to hear that she is still killing the game. I love the new direction the podcast is taking and I will be listening to and recommending this show as long as it exists.
  • Wonderdad
    So excited for the new version
    Just finished the Intergalactic episode. I'm so, so happy that this podcast is going to keep on keeping on. I can't wait for Miel's changes - they all sound great! Also the punch up made me literally laugh out loud at work and made me get a bunch of strange looks. Perfect!
  • anordae
    My favorite podcast!
    I’m so happy this podcast exists. Miel is absolutely hilarious in a super genuine way and I wish I had an ounce of her passion. My favorite episodes are the ones where she shows off her vocal chops like “Misery Business” and “Shallow” so now I just wish she’d do full covers of any song. I listen to this podcast every week without fail!
  • Jessums
    I’ve been listening for a while and finally got to the I Write Sins Not Tragedy episode. I’m crying with laughter. Thank you thank you thank you for this gem of a podcast.
  • Ladyexlibris
    They make me cry
    I don’t know why on earth this podcast isn’t more popular! It’s one of my favorites. Miel and Demi have me laughing so hard it brings tears to my eyes. I really look forward to every new episode. Don’t ever stop, guys!
  • Mikey L.
    Comedy solid gold mashup podcasting!
    The songs you love to hate and the songs you love to love are analyzed and mashed up for some comedy effen gold! Miel is a lovable weirdo as well!
  • mistererich
    Great host, great show
    Miel is a super funny host who straight gives it to the Eagles. Thumbs up
  • RLopez815
    I’m charmed
  • Ev1983
    I’m crine
    I cry from laughter during every episode. Demi is hilarious and I want to marry Miel. Their commentary and punch-ups are 👌, and I’m hearing things in these familiar songs that I never noticed before (and learning some of the lyrics I used to just mumble through). Truly a fun listen, and it has entered my shortlist of podcast faves.
  • idritom
    Miel is a legitimately toxic person
    Moreover shes a magnet for the toxic fans. Glad demi left so I no longer feel enticed by a possibility of it being good.
  • ComradeSandera
    Cool guys
    Miel's dad sounds like a sane Jeff Goldblum
  • Jon Snobody
    The Shallow episode was shallow
    Consider the deep end?
  • Starbucks Officials!
    Good and ok
    When this podcast came out, I enjoyed listening to almost every episode, until the latest one. For me, it seem that they are just trying to rip and destroy people work for the episode. Not sure how I feel about it. If you don’t like it, don’t like it, you don’t have to rip it and tear it down for those who love it.
  • ShadowTheLight
    Three thumbs up!
    Good for music critique and a constant reminder of when Rugrats came out!
  • dudeinstagramwtf
    Miel where can i find your music!?!?
    Listening to the Sk8er boy episode for the 15th time and going back to the last few notes Miel sings because her voice hauntingly beautiful and gives me the chills.
  • emaemc
    My Sharona will never be heard the same. Love the show.
  • Rococochelle
    Tears are coming out of my eyes
    I rarely write reviews. I’ve listened to 4 of these episodes and WHY HAVE I NOT LISTENED TO THIS PODCAST BEFORE?!?!?! I listen to this at work and I literally have to stop it from time to time because I can’t hold in my laugh anymore. I’ve held it in where my face starts to contort and my silent laughter comes out through my eyes in the form of tears. I have also listened to this in bed, and my husband had woken up and caught me quietly ugly crying with laughter has asked ‘what’s wrong with you?’.. Miel and Demi are hilarious. I absolutely love Miel and her voice. Demi too. If you want to get a taste of how funny they are, the first I listened to was an all time favorite song of mine: Baby Got Back with Andrew Ti (from Yo is this Racist? Another favorite podcast)
  • IthacaJeanRose
    goofy feelgood sweetness
    The hosts and guests are just having so much fun, it’s contagious to listen to!
  • i_wanna_hold_your_glans
    Almost perfect
    I like the pod. Demi is the warmest and sweetest man, and plays along great with the hosts. The downside for me is Miel; I know everyone has their own personal taste, but she seems to be way more critical of all the stuff they listen to, and seems to justify that by suggesting she has some sort of ill-defined good taste that others might lack. It’s also a bummer when she didn’t really go along with many of Demi and the guests’ bits in the episodes I’ve listened to, which just really brought down the mood for me. I’m sure she’s the best part of the podcast for some listeners, and I don’t doubt she’s a wonderful human, but for me she’s also a reason to not subscribe. If she lightened up, this would be an easy 5/5 for me.
  • Saint sauces
    Love this podcast
    Even when I don’t know the song they are “fixing” the episode is always entertaining. My one complaint is that Patrick WalsH hasn’t been on an episode yet.
  • Ellenwatermelon
    You Can Call Me Al (... A Listener)
    This show is delightful, funny, engaging, and educational as well. Miel and Demi are excellent hosts, the guests always seem to have an amazing time discussing a song. Even if it’s a “bad” song, everyone shows a lot of respect for the artists. P.S. Miel, please never stop yelling or “screeching” or whatever other gendered term people use. Your energy level is fun and IM HERE FOR IT.
  • hove102
    I legit can’t stop listening to this show. Demi & Miel are hilarious and have great chemistry, and I love hearing them punch up songs I know and love. I’ve been binging this show since last week and I’m having a great time laughing my way through the back catalogue!
  • KR1029
    Demi > Miel
    This show has its moments of hilarity. Mostly I find myself wishing someone would cut off Miel’s coffee supply. Her intensity and excitement is the only drawback for me. Content is pretty solid and fun to listen to overall.
  • MarkaCarbondale
    So much fun!
    I’m currently OBSESSED with this podcast! It’s such a great idea and perfect to listen to at work.
  • The Yifster
    Just perfect!
    No other podcast has changed my life as much as PUTJ! I relisten to episodes, even ones where I originally didn't even know the song, and when I listen to the originals I inevitably end up singing the punched up version instead. Demi, Miel, I love you guys so so much! Curious listeners, if you want a place to start It Wasn't Me is definitely my favorite episode!
  • Notpeterparker
    A show idea I wish I would have come up with
    This show is a blast from start to finish. Demi and Miel are not only hilarious and brilliant, but they are great at breaking songs down and showing us listeners the background parts of some of our favorite songs that we have never heard before! While some people hate on Miel for being too “screechy and unbearable”, I think she is hilarious and just enjoying herself. The people who said that need to open up that little shoebox of happiness trapped underneath their bed and learn to laugh a little more. I am a song writer myself and hope that one day these two will punch up one of my songs! Good or bad..it’ll be a win for me!
  • ludowiththetudo
    love this show, love miel and demi
    binged this show in like 2 weeks, I enjoy it so much. I think miel’s laugh is delightful and it makes me smile every time. Both hosts are so funny and I love how much work they put into the punch ups and all the random tangents they go on. was also so surprised when I realized I recognized them from vine (rip), and I’m so glad they’re still making Great Content
  • Kimipants
    The female cohost is insufferable
    I wanted to like this show, but the cohost makes it unlistenable. She spends an hour just screeching and screaming at the top of her lungs and it’s horrendous. I like Demi, but that’s all really. Too bad.
  • erzl
    Cry laughing
    I listen to this through my AirPods at work and everyone looks at me funny as I dry heave with tears in my eyes because I’m laughing so hard. This podcast makes work bearable❤️
  • several large angry birds
    love these good folks
    great show, greater hosts. love their relationship and chemistry & the sheer amount of talent they’re bringing to the table. worth every penny to donate to the patreon to help keep the show going 💖✨
  • Jessica Labbe
    I love this podcast
    My only problem with this podcast, is that I don’t know if I like Demi or Miel more.
  • Tania7x
    Great But...
    I really love this podcast but there’s a very thin line between Miel being ‘quirky’ and annoying, I would not recommend binge listening.
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