Punch Up The Jam

by Headgum

What if the greatest hits could be ...greater? Every Thursday, comedian/musician Miel Bredouw teams up with a special guest to revisit, review and revise the pop songs of our past, and offer an improved "punched-up" version.

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  • Er45
    A truly successful evolution (and a triumphant finish)
    Edit, 1/1/21: I can’t believe the final episode dropped the day I contracted covid. Downright poetic. Thanks for everything. I’ll cherish this archive of episodes for a long time. Having been a listener through the transition of hosts (the original episodes are also iconic), and the quarantine stint featuring the frankly masterful (and gleefully ongoing) collaboration with Chris Fleming, I really do enjoy this podcast so much. It’s got so many different seasons to it, the style and level of critique change over time. This review focuses on Miel’s solo hosting with guests—which really hits its stride around when Rob Moose begins to feature. I think that the first Chris Fleming episode with Meatloaf really is one of the most hysterical hours of content I’ve ever listened to—and I have, many times over. In fact, all of his episodes (“i2i” being my other all-time favorite) have been repeatedly played these past few months as I’ve worked from home. My other 2020 favorites are the “Hook” episode, the chaotic dynamic of which is just fantastic, and “The Call” with BDG. It’s a rare thing to be able to find episodes you can listen to 4+ times over a pretty short period and just take absolute joy from every time. Some real classics have come out of this podcast despite a massive shift in format, and it’s also oddly sentimental and emotional to hear Miel’s continually changing experience. She’s become increasingly honest and personable in my opinion (her dynamic with Demi provided such a contrast that I do enjoy her more now that she can shine as an individual), and I’ve come to really appreciate her perspective and humor. It’s a really special podcast that has given me some considerably long, cramp-inducing cackles—my personal measure of a top-tier comedy podcast. As background noise, it’s one of the best. You also learn some neat stuff along the way. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • Mahnicah
    Will miss Miel
    Skimming the reviews has made me see there are a lot of haters. Don’t listen if you don’t like it! I am very sad to hear the pod is ending. I’ve listened since the beginning with Demi. Miel switched it up but I still loved it just as much. She is a truly talented, hilarious gem!
  • BooHerself
    Pump up the Punch
    I encourage you to listen to Enter Sandman episode and the episodes with Miel and her dad. If you can get past Miel’s exuberance, you’re golden. This woman’s voice will make you weep. Go get her album, too.
  • Akutomi
    First podcast I’ve ever rated
    This show has truly been nothing short of amazing. To have such a wide swath of hilarious and insightful guests just talking about some good (or...less...good), but weird tunes with two of the best hosts in the business? Unheard of! Unthinkable! But, believe it or not, it’s real and you should already be listening to it! Stop edging yourself and just crrrash into this show’s catalogue (you’ll get those refs and how poorly implemented they were by me after you listen) right now! (Side note: Thank you to literally everyone involved in the making of this podcast! Miel, Demi, Rob, Chris, all of the guests, and of course the ultimate super producer (Canada, get your maple leaves up!) Marissa! Every episode has really been a bright spot these past couple years and I just have to say thank you at least one last time, so...THANK YOU!)
  • Poop jdjsjsk
    Thanks for the laughs
    Thanks will miss this podcast
  • Zoila I
    We will miss you!!!
    The best podcast. Will miss you, Chris Fleming, and The Moose!! My life won’t be the same 😭
  • WewMaster007
    Good idea. Don’t know anything about Music. Bad very bad.
    They need to remain calm and listen to the Beatles. Good Luck. The Worst🎶
  • LittleBenjiPuppy
    Omg Miel. I get so confused by all of the other comments saying how she is always screaming and I just don’t hear it. I think that Miel is amazing and really funny!
  • guij maluij
    If you don’t like the host, don’t listen to the pod.
  • A person404
    i love miel
    came for chris fleming, ended up staying bc miel is such a delight. her laugh is infectious!! and i love the chemistry between her and chris, even when she has to tell him to stop interrupting her or to stay on topic lol. easily one of my favorite podcasts, definitely deserves 5 stars 🌟💖
  • Strung Out
    Worst podcast I’ve ever heard
    This podcast is what happens when your unfunny friend who is always laughing at their own “jokes” while you sit there in silence gets their own platform. The excruciatingly obnoxious host constantly laughs for no reason and mocks some of the best music ever written as if it sounded bad. It’s absurd. The fact that there are ads and a Patreon and as of now a legit 5 star rating is mind boggling; one wonders if the entire audience is composed of children the same age as the host who is probably 19 years old at most. Even when she likes a song, she still manages to mock things like passionate vocal delivery, again, as if it sounded bad. Avoid if you have a normal taste in music and/or are an adult (27+).
  • Millionthjen
    Ridiculously fun
    My daughter recommended this show to me ages ago and when I finally got around to listening, I was laughing out loud AND learning about music. Miel is a delight and the segments with Rob are a wonderful addition - so entertaining and educational!
  • RLTuy
    Fascinating and fun
    Miel you are great! Thanks for this show, I’ve discovered and re-discovered songs both great and terrible. A real love of music permeates this podcast
  • Shannyclaus
    Time after Time
    I just found your show. Where have you been all my life! I am not a morning person and I actually laughed this morning!! I couldn’t wait to get off work to finish the episode! I have never met anyone as random as I am until now!! Can’t wait to listen to more!!
  • JJessrr
    OMG Calm the F Down
    Great concept and could be an entertaining and highly original show, but the hostess (Miel)is so friggen’ over the top! She is constantly shrieking with laughter - or just plain shrieking - and after just a few minutes it becomes SO. BLOODY. ANNOYING! Even her ad readings are absolutely cringeworthy. Skip this! Click, click! Deleted!
  • Dmcnakn
    miel and chris ressurected my cat
    this podcast is the only thing keeping my cat excited about the world--please never stop making it!!
  • LakotaBlaine
    Roller coaster
    This show is a Rollercoaster! You go from laughter to confusion to upset (that they used your favorite song) back to laughter tears. Find a song you love and just enjoy the show and learn to laugh at the craziness that is music writing. I wish that we would still actually get punch ups each episode though...
  • Sarahchris
    Wish there were more punch ups
    I loved the episodes pre-quarantine, but I’ve been disappointed that there haven’t been many punch ups lately.
  • Cunfewzed
    Chris Flemming Forever
    I’ve been listening since roughly the last co-host’s departure. Seen a few guest hosts come and go as Michelle (😜) carried the weight of it... but Chris is so incredibly funny. Makes me legit laugh out loud in my car. Thank you for sticking to your guns, making Clozzzer unpunchable, and keep on keeping on. Don’t stop making this show. I’ll be sad.
  • ChasingWombats
    A solid punch up
    Honestly came here because of the Rusted Roots episode with Griffin McElroy, but stayed for Chris Fleming. Now I’m almost all caught up with this wonderfully chaotic podcast. It’s the perfect mix of conversation and music when I can’t pick between songs, or podcasts while doing chores.
  • creativity as a person
    I started with intergalactic by the Beastie boys (I had a strong feeling that it was the song from the Lego movie 2 trailer, AKA The only decent song associated with the Lego movie 2) and I am ten minutes in when writing this and they are WAY off topic! JUST GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!!!!! Sure 8-bit book club did it when it was still running, before it evolved into the amazing passion project called naddpod, at least then the tangents they went on were INTERESTING!!!!
  • blisterlite
    Chris Fleming Forever
    I love this podcast, but I extra love this podcast with Chris Fleming. Please keep this extra good person on the show forever.
  • Cryanhorner
    great potential but my god, the screaming
    I've been listening to this podcast for a while, and i swear it didn't used to be this way, but since demi's departure and especially lately, the host is just constantly screaming and shrieking and losing her mind. if she would just calm down and stop being a non-stop spaz it would be such a fun an interesting podcast, but it's become really hard to deal with lately. Rob's breakdowns remain super informative and fun, and i hope things, um, cool down a little soon with the rest of the show, but i just can't handle the delirious reactions to literally everything anyone says from miel.
  • Anonymous03
    Try Hard
    This show has its moments and used to feel genuine, but honestly, most of the time I feel like the host has no comprehension of the lyrics she’s “analyzing” throughout. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is supposed to be a comedy podcast, but most of the time it feels like a lot of shouting and overly literal interpretations of the lyrics. Again, it has it’s golden moments, but the more I listen, the more it feels like the host is grasping for any possible way to make fun of the songs, which ends up coming off desperate for a forced joke
  • anickanameanicknaaame
    So funny, love it!
  • Nicola Y.
    Hilarious and Informative
    This podcast is so fun! I love the personality Miel brings.
  • egh423
    Chris Fleming
    Please make this show pig the permanent cohost.
  • Katharine W
    Highlight of my week
    PUTJ is truly a highlight of my week! Love Miel, Rob Moose, and all the other lovely guests. I love how hilarious Miel is in addition to her musical background. 10/10 Also Miel’s new album is *chef’s kiss*
  • historylover09<3
    Used to be the best
    Before Demi left I loved this podcast. I’d wake up early Thursdays so excited to listen. Since he left, I can’t help but feel Miel isn’t that into it, which makes it less fun to listen to. Chris seems like he doesn’t like the concept of the podcast and uses any excuse to get off topic and not talk about the songs. Maybe it’s time to stop, develop another podcast idea you can be more passionate about
  • Ol' Whatshername
    Unlistenable since Demi Left
    Fun concept, but Miel is just awful as a host— overbearing, self-indulgent and trying waaaaaaaay to hard to be funny/control the guests conversation. Needs someone to balance her out.
  • Magrose
    Triple threat
    There is something quite special in the episodes with Miel, Rob Moose, and Chris Fleming.
  • Schulmanatrix
    Absurd and hilarious in the best way
    This show was such a surprise in every way. Just listen, you won’t regret it. I’ve laughed so hard!
  • Mandypo333
    Demi really made this podcast great. I liked his punch ups more. The podcast gets a bit too crude sometimes which makes it less enjoyable.
  • diversitya
    Sooo good!
    The podcast I most look forward to every week! Punch up or no punch up, it’s just fun to hear a popular song torn apart or admired
  • The Uncle Fatty Show with Joey
    Chris Fleming impersonating Rob Moose is hilarious, gets me every time.
  • TellinThatTruTru
    Miel is a National Treasure
    Read the title. Says it all.
  • bannanachan
    I haven’t listened to all of this (I tend to skip episodes where I don’t know the guest or the song), but many of the episodes I have heard have brought me to tears of laughter. I was unbelievably excited to see the Sugar We’re Going Down episode, having been in middle school in 2004, and my sister and I made my wife completely panic scream-singing along to Vindicated in the car a few months ago. The recent Rob Moose segments elevate it from good to great. Listen if you like music, or if you just like being overwhelmed with sense-memories of high school gym.
  • MairynSpelledDifferently
    Miel slowly breaks down
  • chancellormark
    Great concept, terrible host
    Used to love this show. Demi was awesome. Miel is super irritating and tries way too hard. She laugh/yells into the mic and seems like a kid in a recording studio.
  • no you enter a nickname
    so fun
    Great, enjoyable delving into how songs are sometimes less than the sum of their parts.
  • DougUSC
    We need
    More Miel rants screaming about edging
  • Danielle0413
    glad to be back
    I was a big fan in 2018/19 until college came along this past year, but in the quarantine i’ve revisited an old favorite. I miss Demi but Miel brings lots of energy and fun jokes that make me excited to listen to every episode. As someone w/ little musical theory knowledge, Rob’s parts are really interesting. As a longtime fan of Chris Fleming, i’m excited to see where this podcast goes !
  • Tylerh1693
    Good podcast but....
    Why does the host feel the need to scream into the mic every episode? I want to listen without the shrill screams. There’s no need.
  • dukatha
    Thumbs up
    More Chris Fleming!!! Less Andrew Michaan. That dude suxxx!
  • Madman Felton
    This show is on the edge…. Of perfection
    This show slaps. I have listened to every single episode of this show over the course of the last month. This is one of the more entertaining podcasts to emerge over the last year. The Demi and Miel episodes are an incredible joy of friendship and collaboration, but the show continues to be awesome with Miel going solo on herself. The jams are great and the process of going through the song clip by clip is delightful. Highlights include the LA Woman episode (which I’ve listened to dozens of times)“Summer Girls” and “What A Fool Believes” which actually made me kind of like the Doobie Brothers. Keep being awesome, Miel.
  • JogennaLizette
    Old & New: Love it All!!!
    The old episodes slap. The newer episodes are incredible. It’s all wonderful. Miel is a joy & for those who hate her laugh... do some soul searching. She is joyful and open and I love every time she laughs! The podcast is so well done and I love the new Rob Moose sections too!! Thank you for doing this pod Miel 👏🏼
    New favorite!
    I discovered this via Pat’s episode, and laughed so much but then I heard the teacher’s saving a baby bird egg and omg I had to pull over crying laughing, thanks for that!
  • Christ0pher Fulton
    Miel just played a song She thought had something wrong One punch up a week Makes me laugh till I pee Her dream guest’s on the show And she screams more and more Only got through one bar Innuendos gone way to far She was gonna be a singer She was gonna be star Now she makes this pod And I’m giving it 5-stars Her musicality Really edges me And nothing has been alright Since left Demi, her co-host Used to punch up and roast He had soundboards, and great jokes And now she punches on her own We tell her, she’s still cool And that the punch ups still rule So please give this pod a try Punch-teen Punch-teen Punch-teen 85.
  • Mara Jade 38
    Later episodes better
    This is my current favorite podcast. The newer episodes are much better. I am thankful I didn’t know about this podcast until this year because while Miele is hilarious and charming her former cohost on the earlier episodes is grating and kind of a drag. Keep making amazing new episodes. They are helping me get through this pandemic.
  • Kensukevic
    Hilarious and sometimes just beautiful!!!
    I love hearing Miel and the guests dissect iconic songs. The things they notice and nitpick are hilarious and I’m always so excited to hear the punch ups. Either parodies, remixes, mashups, covers, or new orchestrations; they are often hilarious but occasionally they just do really beautiful or transcendent versions of songs that I love more than the original. And ever since Rob Moose’s segment was added, it’s gotten even better! I highly recommend black hole sun, smooth, Kokomo, feel good inc., mambo #5, love shack, poison, mmm mmm mmm mmm, sk8r boi... honestly they’re all good, just pick a song you recognize and enjoy!
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