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Join Juliet Litman and special guests as they break down current news in Bachelor Nation and more!

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  • Lynnjake
    Ageism much?
    When you go on about how of course you can’t expect anything from anyone in their seventies you reveal your own ignorance. Everyone does dumb stuff. Seventy (or twenty-five) year olds don’t have ownership of that. It’s not about the age!
  • why wont h
    Reckless lies by Juliet
    Super irresponsible to say what you did about Nick and that woman. I hope YOU are never on the receiving end of such a thing. At LEAST you apologized but it was forced.
  • Gabe239
    Woke Police
    This podcast was so much better when Jacoby was on here to counter balance Juliet. She has devolved into the captain of the woke police. Bummer
  • CPA172635
    Callie :(
    Please get rid of Callie. I would prefer Juliet hosted alone. I miss the old days of the pod 😭
  • taydortott415
    Stop the spoilers
    PLEASE stop spoilers for couples who are still together or winners from all different seasons of love island. I understand these are seasons that have already aired, but many of us are probably listening to your recaps of this show cuz we are just getting into it and watching along and hoping to just hear info about the current season you’re recapping (season 2). I’d rather not hear spoilers for other seasons many of us have yet to watch.
  • JoanneLudwig
    Mean Girls
    Ugh - Juliette, I am so very disappointed in you! After listening to your podcast way before Callie joined you, your take on all-things-Bachelor (& beyond) was funny, intelligent, insightful, and entertaining. Somewhere you turned a corner and actually became a mean girl. You talk the talk on supporting everyone (LGBTQ, race, etc.), yet God forbid someone is Republican or Christian. It’s sad to see you’re two-faced. Unfollowing today after five years.
  • music_916
    Remove Callie!!
    Callie is terrible. So boring and has no real energy.
  • joyouslyapprehensive
    Used to like…
    I used to love this podcast, but the episode with Mandy Foreman was a HUGE turn off. I usually enjoy Juliet, but something came over them both and it was uncalled for how straight up rude they were. I listen to this podcast for joy and fun, and the negativity was way over the top and just not the kind of energy I want to associate with. Unfortunately, it’s a bye for now for me. Be kind, it costs literally nothing.
  • Lolo13419
    Golden Bachelor divorcing???!
    No one saw THAT coming. He is such a slime ball.
  • Marie Says!
    Love island Spoilers
    Pls avoid spoilers! Totally understand we’re covering season 2 from years ago but not everyone has kept up with the spoilers! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 now I know who’s married and we’re only on ep 6 🥲
  • Schapman18
    Never bring back Amanda foreman
    I generally like this podcast but the episode with Amanda foreman was unbearable. And I don’t know what was going on with Juliet in this episode but she started acting like Amanda! I was about to start listening to the Felicity podcast but after listening to this that’s now a hard NO.
  • Mamaskeptic
    WTAF to the latest episode.
    The guest was nightmarishly rude. I’m so glad she handles her traumas so well but she was absolutely horrible in this episode and I had to turn it off.
  • jessirodriguez92
    So negative
    These women are so negative! I used to listen but starting getting turned off by how mean Callie & Juliet were. It seemed like they never had anything nice to say and were always misogynistic & negative. I recently started to listen again out of boredom, but WOW that last episode with Mandy Foreman has me reeling. Like, are we watching the same show? Everything they said was either false, misogynistic, ableist, or just straight up rude. Never listen again. This podcast always leaves me in such a yucky mood. I’ll stick to Love to See it.
  • audreyreviews
    Thought on the aftermath episode
    The past episode with Mandy was challenging to listen to due to the negative comments made about the bachelor cast. While I understand the podcast is there to critique the show, the commentary about Kelsey, Joey, Daisy, and Jenn, Zach, Matt, etc. was inappropriate, personal and mean. I left the podcast feeling down, which I don’t believe is the goal of this show. I hope the host and co host were able to listen to the episode and reflect on their conversation and have a more uplifting discussion next time.
  • ae0903
    Disappointed by the meanness
    I’ve been a fan of this pod for years. I have noticed the attitude of the hosts has skewed more negative in recent seasons, but listening to this last episode my jaw was on the floor with just how cruel the guest was, and I was so disappointed that Juliet was right there with her. It was so off-base and insulting and (to both Joey and Kelsey) when Mandy said that Joey couldn’t possibly have picked Kelsey based on her behavior and suggested that she was being a “problem” in their relationship. This episode was so unnecessarily mean and the negative takes were baseless and uninformed. This entire episode should have been scrapped. Super disappointed to feel this way about a podcaster I have followed and loved for years.
  • cowa2914
    This last episode with guest host Mandy felt like a cautionary tale about knowing your audience. If someone is listening to this podcast, it’s because they enjoy the bachelor (probably because it’s fun and despite the drama, they like seeing a happy couple at the end). Meanwhile, this episode spewed needless negativity like berating Kelsey for talking about her mom’s death, saying Joey only wants to sleep with her, and criticizing couples’ therapy. There were other negative comments about the other contestants peppered in but the criticism of Kelsey and Joey was peak internalized misogyny and just backwards (like criticizing therapy? What year is it??)
  • Unsub99
    Wow, I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and although I often tend to disagree with the takes, I still like to listen because it’s always beneficial to explore other opinions or interpretations. This Bachelor finale recap was NOT IT though. Every single point that was made seemed to come through some sort of mean girl, jealous, negative, and aggressively rude viewpoint. I’ve actually never really felt drawn to the bachelor or bachelorette in almost every season, but Joey was unequivocally the most emotionally intelligent bachelor we’ve seen maybe ever, with a lot of love to give. He left that season with zero girls hating him, only wanting to fully support him. To crucify him for acting “performative” with Kelsey because ‘how could anyone love someone that much’ just shows more about the host and her guest than it does about Joey. Then the bashing of couples therapy as if that isn’t the most healthy thing to do in a budding relationship - deplorable. Ragging on Kelsey who apparently “spoke too much” about the death of her mother which just happened btw, not that it even matters the length of time you have been grieving. MY GOD. The list goes on and on. The easiest unsubscribe ever. I would say the host needs to do better but with an attitude like hers I can’t imagine she takes an inch of accountability.
  • ylime2415
    Too far
    Long time listener but unsubscribing after last episode. They have been rude and political before which i never liked but this last episode and the guest took it too far
  • Leah Aguirre
    Joeys Post finale Ep
    Yikes….this is a tough listen. I get that it’s the opinions of the host but this pod was too far and most of the opinions are super off base. Are we completely sure we’re watching the same show???
  • sarahgw524
    The most recent guest Amanda Foreman was so rude and bitter, had to shut it off. She basically said that Joey is so insecure, Kelsey can’t be anyone’s rock (???) Kelsey talks about her mom dying too much, Kelsey and Joey aren’t happy, and couples counseling is bad in general. It didn’t even occur to me that someone could have such a negative take on just a nice bachelor finale with an engaged couple at the end. No thanks
  • betsy26790
    An absolute debacle
    It will not surprise me if a future journalism course uses the March 28, 2024 episode of Bachelor Party with guest Amanda “Mandy” Gordon as an example of a self-inflicted debacle that brings down a podcast. Juliet, the host, showed no ability or inclination to rein in the nastiness spewed by her guest Mandy, and together they promoted the most unhinged and absolutely uninformed views one could imagine. It was a tour de force of crazy and cruel. I was a subscriber but had to unsubscribe after this. The podcast has lost its way.
  • teska06
    Last guest host
    This was such a negative episode that it literally left me in a depressed mood.
  • Nookmadazy
    That finale podcast was a stinker!
    Not sure when Juliet became this bitter (and the guest Mandy was absurd), but it’s kind of sad because I used to enjoy listening to her. She and the guest were so negative, rude and hateful in their comments of the two final girls that I’m honestly unsubscribing from this podcast. It’s gone downhill over the years and it’s about time I stop listening.✌️
    No more Callie
    Updated: Callie has grown on me a bit but my god please no more Mandy foreman. What a miserable person. I don’t understand why Juliet didn’t push back on any of this. She adds nothing to the show! Juliet has gotten increasingly negative since Callie has joined and Callies weird attitudes about everything ARENT helping. Also why is Juliet so mean about women’s appearances? It’s just nasty and sad.
  • SevenHund
    I enjoyed this podcast for until the latest one where they bash Kelsey and Joey and insist that “they’re not gonna last.” Such a negative attitude. Can’t you both be happy for them and wish them the best? Had to turn this podcast off. Don’t bring you negativity into other people’s lives and try to ruin them.
  • Loldogs.
    Please no more Mandy Foreman
    I like this pod and look forward to listening every week, but this weeks post finale recap was a rough listen. Please do not bring back this guest Mandy Foreman. Her takes were misogynistic (“he must have chosen Kelsey for her looks, there’s no other treason”) and extremely unpleasant to listen to. I honestly could barely get through the episode.
  • KirKW12
    Most recent guest host
    I love listening to y’all usually, but this most recent guest host (Mandy) had so many irrational and off-base opinions for someone who also claimed to not keep up with Bachelor folks on any platform. She had so many far-fetched comments, like assuming Kelsey can’t be a rock for would she even know that? Based on what? I wanted to ask where exactly she formed her opinions from because we must be living on a different planet. It boiled down to the fact that she wanted Daisy to “win”, and she didn’t. Just be happy for people!
  • AnyGivenUsername
    Juliet thinking she’s in a position to make fun of anyone else’s voice is a wild choice. But when she made fun of a deaf woman’s voice, it was flat out cruel. In the most recent episode she cruelly mocked a deaf woman while also breathlessly repeating “friendships matter to me. I care about friendships.” It was so unhinged and uncomfortable.
  • Kyle pengwynne
    The most recent episode about the bachelor finale was so hateful for no reason. I had to turn it off and felt genuinely uncomfortable listening to it (insulting Kelsey for being emotional about her mothers recent passing, bagging on the women for wearing too much make up).
  • Chanti20
    Mean girls
    Making fun of a girl for talking about her mom dying “too much” is despicable
  • JH3LP
    So Negative Lately
    I’ve been a loyal listener for years and plan/hope to continue but some recent eps feel like a contest to be the most negative, and that’s just not fun to listen to. It’s also not an additive or interesting cultural criticism just to hate everything. The guest host Amanda Foreman was the most egregious, but Juliet jumped right in to keep up. It’s ok to be happy for happy people! Or at least let them be….
  • Notthefinalrose
    Meh. Anxiety laden recaps
    I don’t like Juliet because of the way she votes. LOL Not true because I am a mature adult. Unlike Juliet. What a loser. Enjoy most of the guests. Best part of the show, usually. Poor Juliet, she is an anxiety filled mean girl. If she doesn’t like you, and she doesn’t like anyone with a different political perspective (half of America,) she will wrinkle her nose and dismiss that person. Like a junior high girl who loves to bully people to make up for her own inadequacies. And she tries to bring most of of guests on that journey but, thankfully, most are more mature and don’t take the bait. You also have a double standard. You’ll go all in on criticism of a white male - Bennet, Garrett - and then say things like “eh, who’s to know?” about black men - Easy, Michael Jackson. BTW, we all know about Covid by now. You can stop talking about it. Time to grow up Juliet. You should probably stop by watching the show due to all the anxiety it gives you.
  • Becca926
    Need hosts who like the show
    I’m sad to write this bc I’ve listened for so long but these women have become suchhhh a bummer. Time to admit that you’re just over the show which is fine. Get some new hosts in here
  • Bummed:((
    I had to turn the most recent episode off because I couldn’t listen to the sexist, shallow, unkind comments about Kelsey. Apparently, Joey made his decision based on her looks only and “who he wanted to sleep with.” The guest’s comments were gross and mean-girlish and Juliet went right along with her.
  • Oreocookiedog
    Your guest was so tilted and so far off base it was outrageous. Kelsey lost her mom. Different from losing your dad if you are a girl and have a great mom. I have lost both. Kelsey is mature and intelligent not insecure. Daisy was the insecure person. Your guest’s opinions were so far off base. Regarding the counseling, the show proved a couples counselor to work with them off the show as they got to know each other. They liked it so much they continued to see someone. I saw it as a positive. Bad choice for a guest.
  • One Time Reviewer 19
    Tough Guest Host!
    Whoa. I’ve never felt compelled to write a review, especially because I do love this podcast and overall rate it so high, but this last guest host Mandy. Yikes. I would honestly rather sit on a road cone than listen to her. Talk about the most pessimistic, negative person in the world. Hope she was just having a really bad day and was taking it out on all innocent souls.
  • Surfer on acid
    Callie is not good at her job
    I used to listen but with Callie as cohost I can’t listen to even 5 minutes. I know this is the Ringer and she has NBA connections but the folks who listen to this do not care! We want someone with passion for the show, not apathy.
  • Charli Jane
    Love you both!!
    Juliet and Callie are my faves! It is the first Bachelor podcast I listen to after each episode. They really do work well together! I love their banter and their honesty. Callie…thank you for telling Juliet to read The Women and The Nightingale. Like you, I couldn’t believe she hasn’t heard of these books - lol!!
  • Yumcat
    This podcast has gotten so bad
    Your podcast has become unlistenable, I can’t anymore
  • Erica 38473924
    LOVE this podcast
    I wish you guys talked for longer about the bachelor
  • BostonIrishRules
    Juliet IS the nice one!
    Callie can grate, but together they are gold. My first bachelor recap source always. Thanks!
    I tried to listen several times . I start and episode and they’re most likely then not hating on people. The LIB S6 reunion they already started hating Nick and Vanessa AGAIN . Move on . The reunion was AWESOME , yes not perfect , yes some questions wasn’t asked or was just edited out but the viceral tone of Juliet makes me sick . I know she’s a critic but that doesn’t mean you need to hate on people so much . Over this podcast . I wish there was a way to block it so it doesn’t pop in my feed again .
  • loverofpodcasts
    Love callie and juliet
    Love love love you both and your thoughts and the way you joke around
  • Noushy123
    Love Bach Party! Will tune into Felicity pod for Juliet. One thing I wanted to share (and rarely ever comment) I think Callie comes off really mean and entitled in the recent eps. In how she spoke abt the golden bach ladies not being married at their age and how she spoke w Juliet about her vacations / excursions. She comes off like she belittled even her friend and was so off putting.
  • Emilybachlistener
    Love love love
    I feel like a red pilled Reddit post instructed trolls to come bash this podcast to bring the ratings down bc the sudden onset on negative reviews does not make any sense. Have been listening since the beginning and they’ve never shied away from infusing their opinions (political or otherwise) into the content.
  • Jayqqqq1234
    Its pretty evident they don’t do alot to research and prep before these recordings. Juliet can have good moments but Callie consistently is low energy, mean spirited and clearly would rather do anything else. Theres no reason she should be co-hosting. I’m suprised to see its still going. There is plenty of other high quality bach podcasts to check out if you want to get a good analysis and have fun.
  • mizjamie
    Typical liberals
    They had to bring Trump voters and their uneducated view on it.. who cares who daisy’s parents vote for.. grow up
  • mary sio
    Juliet YES Callie NO
    Love Juliet ….but Callie 1. Sounds completely bored and 2. Doesn’t do enough homework She sounds aggravated and like she is doing the pod from bed
  • Pass1234abcdzz
    Leave the insulting political views out
    I have listened to this show for years and enjoyed until the last 2 episodes and am now done and unsubscribing. It’s so insulting to hear that they are surprised that Trump supporters could be nice! This is not what I’m here for.
  • S.J.Elliott
    The vocal fry, ugh
    I tried but these are not voices for a podcast. They come off as uneducated, infantile mean girls. It’s boring and disjointed.
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