Bachelor Party

TV & Film #13

Juliet Litman analyzes ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘The Bachelorette,’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in extreme detail with guests that include people from Bachelor Nation, fellow super-fans, and her Ringer colleagues.

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  • Chekkie_d
    More van!
    Bring him back! I think the episodes I enjoy the most are the ones where guests don’t know about bachelor nation. It’s refreshing.
  • cece843
    Please continue to bring in Politics and Social Issues into this Bachelor Pod
    Writing this as I just read the below review to “leave politics out of this podcast.” Welp, my review says KEEP THEM COMING! Let’s talk about contestants and advocate for POC casting and leads + address the importance of BLM and fighting for equal rights. Thanks 💙💙
  • BowieBassett
    Favorite bachelor podcast
    Bachelor Party is my favorite bachelor nation podcast. Juliet is incredibly down to earth and I wish we could be friends in real life. Always love the conversation and guests. Look forward to all the episodes coming out, a bright spot in my week. Thanks from a fellow Northwestern alum!
  • Samppppmm
    Fun perspective
    Yes , there are many Bachelor / Bachelorette podcasts but I really enjoy this ! I wish I could have asked Natasha what they do in their down time - is it true no TV / phones / books etc ? No wonder Sarah went crazy , I would too ! I also don’t like my food cold lol
  • Tl1946
    Matt’s timeline
    Great recaps as always! Just wanted to mention that Ashley I noted on her pod that she quarantined at nemacolin for 7 days prior to the date she hosted. She said she started her quarantine the first night Matt met the ladies. I buy Ashley’s timeline because supposedly this whole show filmed over 5 weeks. Matt and Serena’s comment about being there “3 weeks” is a story timeline for the show. All of that stuff that went down with Sara transpired in 7-8 days.
  • LRowley11
    Biased reporting
    Can we please stop having guests on ABC payroll? It’s so skewed.
  • miss bennettt
    Juliet rocks
    None of my (24F) friends even watch the bachelor but we listen to your pod lol.
  • ChristieErd
    The only reason I’m still watching the bachelor
    Bachelor party pod is the best!!! Juliet is funny, smart, and has great takes on the show. I have been so bored with the past few seasons but keep watching so that I can keep up with the pod. I constantly comment “I can’t wait to hear what Juliet thinks about this” while watching. I regularly find myself laughing out loud while listening to the pod and it is a highlight of my week during the pandemic. Thank you for the pod Juliet!!!
  • hockeymom312
    Can you please not bring your opinion of politics into your podcast? Everyone has different views but not everyone is bad or “predictable”. Please keep it neutral
  • Jmbrarst
    Van Lathan
    Please. Please. Please bring back Van Lathan! Loved hearing him talk about the Bachelor show. He speaks him mind and I laughed so much!
  • One Tree Hill<3
    Please Educate Yourselves
    Please educate yourselves before speaking about social issues. There is a very clear bias on this podcast. Also, stop inviting mean girl Rachel to be on. There’s a reason why the ratings on her own show have significantly dropped. She’s rude, opinionated and puts just about everyone down.
  • amk7991
    I love this show, great guests and good energy all around. That being said, Juliet- please be conscious of how often you interrupt others when they’re talking. I really enjoyed the most recent episode where you interviewed Ivan and just felt really frustrated that you kept cutting him off while he was talking.
  • hannahschooly
    By far the best Bachelor podcast!
    Juliet’s smart and thoughtful take on the bachelor is sometimes the only reason I watch the bachelor every week. Juliet always gets the best guests and has mastered how to discuss reality television in an in-depth way without being condescending or shallow. Please never stop making this podcast!
  • Zoila I
    Van, loved!
    Loved his views as a new bachelor/ette viewer. He was so funny with some bad takes 😂 bad as in, how he doesn’t yet know the ins and outs.
  • aaggie00
    Why rachal and van?
    Don’t they have their own podcast? They have their own for a reason lol
  • colsieob0
    Please no more ABC cohosts
    I love LOVE bachelor party and Juliette! She has great unbiased opinions so very enjoyable to listen to. Only thing is pleaseeee stop having Rachel Lindsay (and crew) as a co host. If i wanted to listen to ABC fabricated opinions I would go straight to their podcast. Keep it just Juliette + ringer crew or current bach contestants (not past season tho) would be five stars without RL hosting so many times.
  • AI344
    More Van!
    As if this show couldn’t get better you bring in this Ringer gem. I need Van Bachelor commentary weekly from now on 🙌🏼
  • laurlaur1015
    Odd Ball
    I enjoy the podcast but Juliet seems like a bit of weirdo to me. Her obsession with the guys on the show is a bit much. The way she talks about them is as if she’s a 16 year old high schooler. She strikes me as someone that maybe never fit in and doesn’t have a lot of dating experience. Sort of an Ashley I vibe.
  • Notthefinalrose
    Meh. Anxiety laden recaps
    Enjoy most of the guests. Best part of the show, usually. Poor Juliet, she is an anxiety filled mean girl. If she doesn’t like you, and she doesn’t like anyone with a different political perspective (half of America,) she will wrinkle her nose and dismiss that person. Like a junior high girl who loves to bully people to make up for her own inadequacies. And she tries to bring most of of guests on that journey but, thankfully, most are more mature and don’t take the bait. You also have a double standard. You’ll go all in on criticism of a white male - Bennet, Garrett - and then say things like “eh, who’s to know?” about black men - Easy, Michael Jackson. BTW, we all know about Covid by now. You can stop talking about it. Time to grow up Juliet. You should probably stop watching the show due to all the anxiety it gives you.
  • mags 34.
    Best bachelor pod
    She knows so much and has great analysis! I enjoy her conversations with her guests. Her guests are also top notch!!
  • wwwqqqqqwwww
    Socialized healthcare
  • AnnaOdonoghue
    I agree with everything Juliet says
    We share all of the same interests and I feel like she lives in my brain. Juliet, thank you for being you.
  • MeghanSki
    Blueberry bagel
    Legit the best 10 mins ever recorded on a podcast.
  • Annay234
    His name is Brendan
    Even Joe who was a contestant on the season said he’d never heard the nickname Brendo. It is getting very irritating. Also please stop having Nick on- he argues on every single point and acts like he’s better than everyone! Other than those 2 points, I love the podcast!
  • MaggieHagan
    Not what it used to be
    Been an OG listener the Jacoby days, and it used to be my favorite podcast, but it hasn’t been nearly the same since. I really used to love Juliet, but in recent years as she’s had the opportunity to meet/befriend contestants, Chris Harrison, etc I’ve noticed she seems to toe the ABC/Bachelor line more and more. She seems to dislike certain people in the franchise based on how Nick V feels about them and generally seems to cheerlead the show much more than she used to. She cheerleaded Colton and Peter for Bachelor despite other contestants being more popular and desired by fans, but these men were exactly who the Bachelor wanted. She said Mike would be “boring” as Bachelor while championing vanilla Pilot Pete. She has had a few critical things to say about the franchise, but she also ignores problematic things about the people she wants to keep up relationships with and have on her podcast (Nick V, Ben, Tyler C, Chris Harrison, etc) and didn’t see the issue with Peter as Bachelor over Mike. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these are all white men. We get you love/are friends with several of these men, but you can’t pick and choose when to care about problematic behavior. My favorite episodes include Jacoby, Bill Simmons and Mallory Rubin because aren’t concerned about keeping up any sort of relationships with these people and speak their minds more. I also agree with other reviewers about being generally unprepared and getting a lot of facts wrong while insisting she’s correct, which is frustrating for a podcast centered around one episode of a show per week. I really miss the old banter with Jacoby where they never seemed worried about calling people out because they didn’t really have contestants on. I’ve moved on to shows like Game of Roses, Date Card Pod, etc which feel more authentic and don’t pander to anyone. Update- Juliet continues to get facts wrong. Also, no one calls Brendan “Brendo,” as his friend Joe told us, so please stop. It’s so cringy. And you’ve called two Black men “articulate” in the past two weeks. Do you really not know the implications of that?
  • Essy_2012
    Love it!
    One of the best, if not the best bachelor podcast. New episodes are posted often. Keep the episodes coming!:) I look forward to each new upload! Having Mallory on was great!!! PS- Juliet, please let your guest get a chance to speak- its hard when you keep interrupting them.
  • BostonIrishRules
    Articulate ?
    I love Juliet and her pod. Sad to hear her say Demar is “articulate”, and so would be worthy of advancement to other shows. Institutional racism starts with each of us. Why not comment on Bennet or any other white participant’s articulate speech? Trying myself to see ways like this that we hurt and wear down black lives. Peace. Thanks for the fun pod break from covid!
  • Cc Og
    Please stop calling him Brendo.
    No one else calls him that. For the love of God, please stop.
  • Surfer on acid
    Not adding much
    I love most of your guests but Amelia is by far my least favorite. She enthusiastically affirms everything Juliet says. Might as well be a solo pod. Those episodes I always skip :/
  • Kay!!!!!!
    True Bachelor Stan
    I love that Juliet doesn’t pretend she doesn’t know bachelor history in order to be “too cool to be invested”. I feel like so many Bach podcast hosts always love to claim they don’t know the Reddit pages of bachelor, or don’t remember what has happened in past bachelor seasons in order to come off cooler? And Juliet knows it all and embraces it! It’s so refreshing.
  • sleeplessinPGH
    More Mallory
    Thanks for bringing back Mallory and please have her again for fantasy suites AND hometowns!!! Listening to the two of you makes me feel like we are just a few gals hanging out and gabbing like olden pre-covid times. I love it. Thank you!!!
  • love love love bachelor party
    Love Mallory & Juliet Vibes
    When Mallory is on the pod, it feels like two best friends discussing Bach end I love it so much!! Need more of that content to get me to the end of 2020. Also Bennet is major creep vibes for me as well Juliet
  • Swagner2016
    Love The Ring-colleague guests on Bach Party!
    I’m loving hearing more from Nora on various pods! She’s awesome. And Mallory Rubin on Bachelor Party is always 🔥🔥🔥
  • Flower35
    Not fun anymore
    Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but it gets old when Juliet’s only personality trait is that she is from New York. She is also very condescending about age.
  • blimb
    Best Bachelor Podcast Around
    If you're looking for a podcast about the Bachelor franchise, look no further than Bachelor Party. Juliet is the best host on the subject and always comes prepared with notes and interesting takes to discuss!
  • amgl5
    Best bachelor pod out there
    From one NU alum to another, bravo! Also, your chemistry with Dr. Joe was palpable. Just saying...
  • krcola
    Always receives a rose
    Best bachelor podcast out there. Juliet is perfect.
  • briannamontee
    Insensitive comments
    Wish I could rate a zero.. Very much loved this podcast in the beginning. I was excited to listen every week until Juliet made insensitive comments about the men on the art group date. When all the men shared something so personal about their experiences to viewers Juliet, in poor taste, called this moment “a parody” and “disservice” toward the men revealing their traumas and life experiences. Rubbed me the wrong way, it takes so much to reveal private matters to the millions of viewers. Juliet took away from that moment and will not be listening anymore or recommending. 0/10
  • annawxyz
    Juliette please just chill
    You’re over critical and you over analyze everything, i used to be an avid listener now I can’t even handle a minute of listening to the tone of your voice.
  • bachfan1985
    Love those sports guests!
    Always a Juliet fan but thought adding Golic was awesome! He really paired wonderfully with J this week and loved his ability to recall minor details of the episode! Usually J points something out and the guest hadn’t noticed. Loved him! Mina is also a breath of fresh air!
  • SusieK57
    Best episode ever = Mike Golic jr
    It was just the most fun!
  • hangrytho
    Mike Golic Jr
    10/10 guest.
  • mmstarr2
    Juliet is a Queen
    Absolutely love listening! Juliet is the perfect combination of fan girl and critic. Love her takes and look forward to these episodes. I also am a huge fan of this week’s co-host Mike Golic and no doubt we need more episodes with him.
  • latayho
    Some misogynistic tendencies from Juliet... Growing stronger
    I love this podcast and have been a loyal listener for a very long time. I have to say it’s getting harder and harder to listen because I’m not sure if Juliet has biases based on her own upbringing or her own disposition, but she is extremely hard on women while giving men a pass a lot, and she is also way more hard on more emotional people. She has become increasingly harder on women than she is on the men. She is quite easy on men when even they do something sketchy on the show, and even idolizes many of them, especially if they are attractive. All while belittling women for seemingly small things. Some of the things she said about Clare were unbearable to me. No Clare isn’t my taste but it was borderline bullying and I don’t throw that word around a lot. Just say you don’t vibe with Clare and move on. It’s very obvious when someone has their own body image issues when they focus on other women showing off their bodies in a condescending way. Don’t let your own feelings cause you to belittle others when how they dress has nothing to do with you.
  • ADC1993
    Used to love this show but it’s no fun now. Juliet is constantly saying “not judging but...” you are judging just own it. Wayyyyy too much COVID talk. We don’t need to circle everything back to COVID we get a enough of that these days. I just want to listen to Bach recaps and gossip :(
  • raymoney182
    No fun
    I just started listening so I don’t have the fond memories of when the show was good. I just know the host is kind of annoying and a know it all. I’m obsessed enough with the show to know she definitely doesn’t know as much as she thinks. Bye!
  • tamaaliee
    Mainstream Bachelor Guests
    If I wanted to hear from them, I could go listen to their podcasts. I’m here for Juliet’s take (which is normally awesome), not Rachel’s or Nick V’s. I much prefer hearing from Juliet’s friends from The Ringer, they respond to these episodes as an average viewer typically would. Juliet has the perfect amount of criticism—want to hear more from her and less from guests.
  • Alex.Ludtke
    Juliet is Insufferable
    We get it, Juliet. You’re friends with Rachel now so you’re too good for the show. I really don’t understand why she continues this job- she clearly is miserable and thinks all reality TV is beneath her. I miss the good old days when she swooned over Jacoby and morphed into a (fun!) personality similar to his. She’s so opinionated now and negative I can’t ever get through an entire episode. Not to mention, she continuously gets simple facts wrong. Maybe she just needs a vacation? (Clearly not to Palm Springs because OMG it’s the worst ever and so overrated 🙄.)
  • moonchild0022
    So much negative judgement
    Juliet, your negativity was a bit much to the Clare and Dale season finale, basically calling them liars and that you don’t believe Dale is excited. It’s a bit too judgmental. You’re not in their heads and hearts. Ease up!
  • Written Reviewer
    Too critical..getting too mean
    Juliet, since 2020 you’ve been too critical and negative in you’re rehashing. It’s one thing to analyze the episode and go back and forth on opinions, but it’s getting too mean for me. Would love for you to adopt a more diplomatic approach like Lauren Zima does in her discussion. She can have an unfavorable opinion without delivering it as a personal attack.
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