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For those who have money… or want more of it!Join Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench (from weekly for the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. Each week, financial experts Mindy and Scott interview unique and powerful thought leaders about how to earn more, keep more, spend smarter, and grow wealth.

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  • Interested bystander
    Singh approach is ok
    But I cannot envision millions of new people using his approach. The 401k strategy will work for many people because it is simple.
  • ShinarJSB
    Quicker to FIRE
    I’m up 700% on my Bitcoin investment. Just pointing that out for the Dave Ramsey crowd over here
  • ihateyouihateyou
    Inspirational, but wish it was more actionable.
    I really enjoy this show. It has more than just real estate investors and talks about getting your money right. I do wish we had more people that were actually in the trenches and y’all giving them instructions on what to do next, instead of people that used to be in the trenches and are now successful. Some hot seat episodes so to say. I want to get out of my situation, but can’t seem to find the right first step, and it would be nice to have some real time guidance.
  • AckandMe
    Bigger Pockets Money
    Great show. I enjoy listening to all the great content. Thank You!
  • Julie_Lvqs
    Too much commercials, it is killing the show
    I have been listening to the podcast for years, love it! BUT now there are SO MANY commercials, it ruins it…
  • cckidcat
    Trailer trash to trailer cash
    Been listening to you guys since the beginning, great podcast, thanks for directing me in changing my life
  • Duhnuvunys
    Thank You
    I’m not just here for the great dialog but also the never ending quality of shows.
  • CalebVT9
    Please no more Vivian Tu
    My goodness, I absolutely love this show and listen every week but Vivian Tu was absolutely terrible. Please never ever have her on again. She goes against everything that makes this show and Biggerpockets so great.
  • KDosko
    Great content, and very thoughtful episodes! Can’t wait to listen and learn more about the financial world.
  • shadikvassistant
    My most recommended podcast!
    This was my finance/money STAPLE when I started my journey. I love this podcast and Bigger Pockets. I recommend it to all my friends looking to start their personal finance journey.
  • JaBrowen
    Don’t Be mean to the guest
    Love this show especially finance Friday. But just listened to the campfi episode with Stephen and Mindy was just rude as she continues to be. She told Stephen he was bad at selling campfi and I was very interested that sounds like there’s people like him there and not just people with annoying high energy like Mindy there. She then tried selling it herself and I was like ugh this is just another get together with people with that extrovert high energy. Not everyone is like you Mindy.
  • ChrisMurphyVI
    You gotta be kidding
    How is the bigger pockets money show advertising Draft Kings???? Disappointed.
  • Gingermama5
    Enjoying the show but details matter.
    On the most recent show you mentioned several times that low income (MAGI) would result in access to Medicare. (A federal program for the elderly or those with disabilities). I think you meant Medicaid - the state run program. Otherwise love the guests- especially Michael Kitces and Sean Mullaney. Keep it up!
  • $$(7;?&),!!(:7(;
    Love listening!
    Love listening to this show! Highly recommend!
  • Terre22
    Love Mindy & Scott!
    This is one of the most informative and easy to listen to podcasts about all things money!
  • Ryan Davis M.
    Getting Started
    This is the podcast you need to listen to when you’re getting started. I am heavily interested in real estate but I’m not able to start in real estate how I want to because I can’t qualify for real estate on my own until I have one more year of business income. This podcast has educated me on other ways how to grow my money in the meantime.
  • tcnetzley
    The recent Codie Sanchez episode was particularly inspiring!! Love it all for the ideas and experiences though.
  • Abt digesting
    Thank you
    I’ve been listening to your show for a couple years and love your content. I’ve made many small but impactful changes to my finances over the last couple of years and now own 8 rental properties that are cash flowing my daughters college expenses. Yay!! On this Mother’s Day morning, I went for a nice walk on a nearby trail and listened to your episode that highlighted Jazmyn’s story. Wow. Hours later, I sit here and am still so moved by what I heard today. I am filled with gratitude toward Scott and Mindy, and want to thank you for the content you share with the BP community.
  • DillonBadger
    Love BP Money
    Love all BP Shows but especially this one as it gives some great variety to topics that aren't just real estate focused
  • JaxG83
    Ask more and better questions please
    They get good interviewees, have good topics, but the hosts don’t interject to ask questions enough. And when they do, they’re not good questions. So we don’t get a clear, in depth interview like we do with the pros on the main Bigger Pockets podcast. Work on your hosting skills, guys. Do more prep, so we can all get more out of these.
  • Ct what it be...
    Favorite finance podcast
    Love the wide range of topics and audiences!
  • SideHustleGal
    I’m so excited when new episodes launch. The podcast has taught me so many money saving tips!
  • Svitlana Graves
    Love this show!!!
    This show is amazing. Trustworthy, helpful and fun!
  • jardim11
    Repetition is good for the something something
    The path to having more money doesn’t have many steps. Podcasts cover all the necessities quickly, but the biggest benefit they usually provide are voices that reinforce the message. For the shortened listening experience, I highly recommend some of the earlier episodes with stories of people who made it and episodes with tips about how to save and invest. Some of the best are the episode with Scott Trench #2, David Greene #12, Julie #181, and Barabara Sloan #386
  • Stinky's Juke Box
    Chris Lopez show
    Really liked the discussion with Chris Lopez. I’d like more strategy oriented content like this. Keep up the great content.
  • iloveeggs1
    The hidden world of credit…
    What a great show teaching about how to get better credit especially for using it in business. I had no idea different types of credit cards have an impact on how well your credit looks.
  • Chas Micheal Micheals
    The best personal finance podcast
    3+ years listening to different personal finance podcasts and this is still the best!
  • Minva
    My favorite money show
    This show is excellent and a necessary and fun part of my financial journey.
  • WalleyeFisherman51
    Episode 364
    Many good episodes that I have been with picking with titles that are pertinent to my situation or just good stories related to financial successes as well as learning points. Episode 364 is not vetted - the relevant truth with that episode is very misleading. Somebody gave their version of events, but many things said aren’t helpful and misleading through interpretation of the interviewee. It’s a red flag episode in my mind and enough to write a review that isn’t favorable which I’ve never done.
  • consrvative zacky
    Great content. Party of my weekly listen. Thanks!
  • Rell618
    The best Finance podcast out there
    Finance Friday’s are the absolute best, Scott’s blunt breakdown of situations are just spot on and enlightening. You learn to adopt Scott’s way of thinking, understanding his stance and strategies. The next thing you know your looking at all of obstacles in your own personal life through his mindset, and for that I just want to say Thank You for all that you’ve taught me these last few years.
  • just_erica
    Highly recommend
    I love this podcast! It is so informative & they easily breakdown what is perceived as “complex” issues to manageable & easy to understand topics! Definitely my top 3 finance related podcasts!!!
  • Vegasbig
    Spotty advice at best
    Advice provided is meh at best.
  • Birbs04
    Great content!
    Love listening to this podcast. It is very educational.
  • RE Chad
    Generally a great show
    I usually love this show but episode 368 was probably the worst episode yet
  • KanKanslip
    Love the show
    I love the show and the variety of guests & financial situations. Sometimes I catch myself talking back to the podcast. Keep up the great work!
  • Jada998
    A podcast with potential
    I have been listening to this show for a while. It has good intention to help people with their finances. I like the different types of episodes, especially Finance Friday. I particular enjoyed the episode on I-bonds. However, as others have mentioned, the show needs improvement both in delivery and content. The episode where Scott lays out his philosophy was so unorganized and lacks clarity. He speaks so fast as if he was nervous and the 3 steps seem like something I have already heard from other podcasts. Nothing substantial or insightful. I was a bit disappointed as I expected more. I hope the books go deeper than what was presented. The Finance Friday episodes are more interesting since they tackle specific situations, but the solutions seem to be the same. Both hosts can continue to work on their hosting skills. i like Mindy’s optimism, but she needs to beef up her finance knowledge. While Scott seems to be logical, his delivery can be a bit less robotic. The show has potential, but the hosts need to take time to work on their style and knowledge in order to make it a better show.
  • BribBrib
    Great team!
    Love this team. I really appreciate Scott and Mindy taking the time to help others. Thank you.
  • Coatney-Schuler
    Thorough and helpful
    I have listened to Mindy and Scott for almost two years and have been remiss by not writing a review until now. Mindy is a positive and thoughtful force and has been a great cheerleader for me. Scott is my analytical twin…his uncanny ability to identify goals and design a portfolio to back into these goals have shaped and codified how I approach my financial life. I appreciate all of the invaluable work they have done!
  • Loucrew
    My favorite podcast to listen to!
    I highly recommend this podcast to anyone starting their personal finance journey. I’ve listened to hours and hours and hours of this and can say that it has tremendously impacted my personal finance framework. I absolutely love the Finance Friday episodes. In addition to Finance Friday, I love any episode with JL Collins or Kyle Mast. Those are must listens in my opinion. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
  • lfkdhauakwodh
    Great podcast, but finance Fridays…
    Work better with both Scott and Mindy. Their perspectives complement each other. The episodes are less focused without Scott
  • fire060491
    Great content, but need a new co-host
    Love the content and guests, but Mindy makes it really hard to listen when she constantly dominates the conversation and doesn’t let guests get their full thoughts out before telling a personal anecdote.. not to mention her rants are rarely based on any sort of logic..
  • 12234wertjsn
    Minty should talk more concisely
    Great topic, but Minty needs to give more room for the guests and Scott. She tends to talk too long and lose the focus of the topic.
  • reachingfi
    Good Finance Friday episodes, except for Mindy…
    I listen and enjoy a lot of the finance friday episodes but I seriously question why Mindy continues to be the host. She doesn’t contribute meaningfully to the guests’ questions, her comments are mostly basic finance info and very annoying…
  • Steve-Zissou90
    This show has really fallen off. It is disingenuous to have people who are not economists and have a surface level understanding of macroeconomics declaring that their guesses are better than the Fed. The Fed is not “destroying the economy,” it needs to be pulled back and interests rates are their primary tool. An overheated economy is NOT GOOD. We get you are trying to pump your asset class but this “analysis” has gone too far. Stick to your lane or get actual experts to speak on macroeconomics and real estate.
  • NuhuNPM
    Show 343…terrible
    These people (non-economists) are completely lost. There are so many non-factual opinions in this show. Scott needed to be part of this show. So much opinion…especially Kathy. My goodness. Please put larger disclaimer on this particular episode. BTW, most shows are awesome….not this one
  • Pygnhdeeu
    A regular listen for me
    I really love this podcast, especially Finance Friday. Mindy and Scott are so knowledgeable and so smart! I always learn something or am inspired to take a closer look at my finances and investments.
  • Cindy Tansin
    My number one finance podcast
    I think this is the most important finance podcast out there. It may be the first one I was introduced to, but after I started following many of their guests, I’ve been introduced to many more great podcasts. This started the breadcrumb Trail, and it’s continues to lead the pack.
  • jjt1412
    Love it!
    Great show! Love the energy of the hosts and great topics.
  • mccoymom52
    Could be great…
    I have tried for months but can not subscribe to this podcast. Mindy talks too much. Instead of asking pertinent questions, she hijacks discussions and comes across as a know it all. Scott should do it alone (or maybe with Mindy’s husband).
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