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The Fighter Pilot Podcast explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and most importantly—the people. Each episode features a guest who helps explain the topic at hand such as how ejection seats work or what it's like to fly on and off nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

Strap in and hang on for this incredible show!

If you love the roar of a high-speed flyby or are enamored by the poise and confidence of the brave men and women who pilot these aircraft, then this show is for you!

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  • JAGthehorrible
    Really educational
    As an aspiring fighter pilot (Air Force(F-22 Raptor) this is really cool for me to listen to and learn from!!
  • DrDocko
    Love this podcast!
    As a 70yo fighter pilot wannabe, this stokes my fantasy! Also gives me unique insight into the military
  • Jolly Roger Tomcat
    Amazing Podcast
    As a military aviation enthusiast, this is the type of knowledgeable commentary and content I had always wished to have access to. Excellent podcast, hosted by and featuring excellent people.
  • figtergiel2009
    I am really looking forward to listening to more podcasts! I want to become a fighter pilot, and go into the navy! I also realized that my dream can come true, because I want to apply to the ROTC program, and go to UCLA!!! I also want to be so good, the top 1% and go to TOPGUN! You made me realize that I can achieve my dream! Even as a girl! Thank you!
  • MoOOoNKy42
    Great Pod!
    As an eleven year old kid interested in becoming a pilot, this is very helpful and motivating for me to follow my goal to being a pilot! Keep up the fantabulous work!
  • Miles MacElrath
    The best podcast
    Every night I listen to this podcast, I can’t stop listening!!!!!
  • Nina Domagalski
    Amazing Podcast!
    Just wanted to say that I really love listening to your podcast and it's really incredible what you do. All the stories that are shared are so intriguing, even though I still have a lot more episodes to listen to! I'm hoping to become a naval aviator myself one day, and you're a huge inspiration to me. I'd like to thank you for that. Hope you are doing amazing Sir :)
  • luke Symon
    Best pod cast ever!!
    As a 14 year old, this podcast inspires me and encourages me to try to become a military pilot. Even so I am in the process of training for a pilots license. Keep producing awesome videos and have a wonderful life!
  • Perk44mag
    The best in the business
    I’ve listened to every one of the episodes, and have never had the urge to turn one off. Jell-o’s real world experience along with the expertise of his guest is in my opinion, unmatched in military aviation podcasting.
  • Skinnybones6551
    One of the best podcasts I have ever heard. I am a teenager interested in becoming a pilot and this is very helpful and informative. Thx soooo much!!!!
  • ClutchMG
    Absolutely Recommend!!
    So informative and fun to listen to!! Thank you for doing this Sir!
  • Golfing wannabe golfer
    Great insights!
    Interesting and informative advice.
  • willhaas
    So much great information about Joint Warfare!
  • Speedjason
    Great podcasts
    As someone who’s interested in fighter jets and the mostly importantly the people, this is fantastic. Love to hear the stories and discussions.
  • Ethan M. C
    Inspiring, Interesting, and Recommended!
    My passion to become a Navy Fighter Pilot was inspired and as I listened to each episode my passion grew as well as my aviation knowledge. Thank you so much for something to listen to every morning and night. I know it was a long journey to get to this point, but it paid off. Thank You, Jell-o!
  • MattBMF
    An Aviation Enthusiasts Dream Channel
    Anyone with a small interest in aviation and the stories of veterans needs to check this out. I first came upon this after the excitement of Top Gun. Which were fantastic insights. Then, I saw that they had some of my favorite warbirds. I’ve come to learn about a ton of other planes. The hosts have a great format, discussing the history and current impact of the platform. Then they chat about specific personal stories and even how they received their call signs. My favorites: B-17 P-51 MIG-29 (Need more foreign birds!) B-2 P-3 & P-8 (They made a 737 interesting!)
  • Rob at work
    Lots of better ones than this.
    I keep going back to this podcast and being disappointed. For example they spent 1 hour on the Falklands War with a Sea Harrier pilot, hardly any detail and just no depth. It’s like they’re in a rush to quit. 10% True is way better, Movers channel is way better, even Aircrew Interview is better than this.
  • Drake Morgan
    You guys rock
    I’m only 11 years old and I love fighter jets you guys really upgraded my understanding of the f18 and other jets
  • Jon 000001
    Thank you!
    I’m alive today and have a family because of CAS. I was ‘the 18 year old with a gun’, well, early 20’s but still a kid. Everything changed after combat and I’m still working through stuff. FPP is a great distraction to put my mind in a different place. Two decades later it’s still CAS but in a different way.
  • Autosleeper
    Thank you so much for this podcast. The show is very well put together with a variety of content and guests. I am not a pilot but I have always loved military aircraft and enjoy a lot of the technical descriptions as well as the flight tactics. Potential interesting ideas for shows( I am sure you aren’t short on content): What will the 6th gen fighters look like for each branch of the service? What is space force? What does the next gen bomber look like? Is there a super a-10 in the works? What does that look like? Why did the super tomcat 21 never come out- it had supercruise and thrust vectoring. What happened? Carrier landing gear versus regular gear Differences in light carriers and super carriers? - how does their mission differ? How are the aircraft different Defenses of a super carrier Next gen Battleships to defend carriers? Is that a thing, I keep reading about it here and there. These are just some of the things that may be interesting. I have more but you do such a great job. The show is so interesting and so much appreciated. Please send me some sponsorship information so I can see how that works. Also I echo the listener that said we appreciate you, your guests and the integrity of the content of this show. Please release them at your own pace. While it is fascinating it isn’t your day job and we are all happy to have you ( and sunshine, if he’s available) doing it. Thank you again. Best, Matt
  • bvuiexybbh
    Great stuff.
    Jello et al have a great thing going. Really enjoy the sea stories, which bring back my own memories of being at sea and squadron life (E-2 NFO, Midway/Indy, Desert Storm, etc.). BZ and keep at it.
  • cbspock
    A very informative podcast
    Love hearing all the various stories the people who actually work with these military aircraft. Each show is a great discussion on the topic at hand
  • Ridge Arthaud
    I want to hear about the F-15EX Eagle II.
  • cskust
    Love this!!!
    Absolutely love what you have done with this podcast and keep doing!!
  • F35panther
    Always on the edge of your seat
    What an excellent podcast. If aviation is your interest this discussion adds all the high tech future of aviation!
  • BigCountry 1245
    Awesome work!
    I am very happy to have come across this podcast. The people jello brings around, as well as the topics and all catch and keep your interest. Try one, you will NOT be disappointed.
  • Mamac2
    Closest to being a Fighter Pilot
    Great podcast. Always wanted to be a pilot, but never had the info to pursue. If this podcast was around back in the early 2000s I would have joined. Very informative with good stories too. A must listen!
  • terry w
    My review
    Very interesting like listening to the stories
  • GAA59
    Jello and his podcast vision.
    Always the best topics, info, and folks to tell the story. The greatest!
  • Sal Pilot
    Flight Surgeons - Episode
    This was a top 10 episode!
  • theelbee
    Amazing and informative
    Great interviews. So informative and interesting. I love listening
  • jp75556
    This is extremely disappointing
    Really like the show. Considering you’ve all defended our great country and actually believe that this fool was fairly elected is dumbfounding. This is easily evidenced but Jello using the term “Trumpers” as a clearly pejorative comment. Incredibly disappointing.
  • biggame_hoo
    Fantastic Podcast on Aviation!
    I absolutely love this podcast and can't say enough good things about Jello and the team at BVR Productions. My son is at the Air Force Academy and would like to be a pilot, so I have loved learning about this career field. Keep up the great content and God Bless.
  • Tundra guy with an iPhone
    FB-111 Episode
    Ken did a great job with this interview. His knowledge of the subject and willingness to get more technical and let the guest share some stories made for a great episode. Most every episode is interesting but sometimes the hosts timeline seems more important than the stories the guest may have. It’s nice to dive deeper than how fast, how high and what is it for when that information is pretty readily available. I want to hear about the good the bad and the ugly. The things ‘you may not know’ for people who have a little knowledge already.
  • XHimpx
    Semper Vigilans
    Love the podcast! Thank you for doing the episode on the Civil Air Patrol, aviations best kept secret.
  • BPGoben
    Favorite podcast!
    Thank you for doing this podcast. I find it fascinating and it makes me more proud to be an American!
  • Jbepics27
    Such an amazing podcast. My entire life I dreamed of serving and was unable. I’m a huge aircraft nerd and hearing these amazing stories of people who flew them is invaluable. Can’t say thanks enough.
  • F1 New guy
    Decent podcast, annoying host, good guests.
    I’ll let Jell-O himself review his podcast, in two easy quotes: “we don’t do the research” and “we want to leave people wanting more”. Well Jell-O, you succeed in both. People are wanting more because the fighter pilot podcast is extremely shallow, if at times entertaining. I have learned some, especially when Jell-O lets the guests actually speak between his rambling questions. Enjoyable as easy pub fare, but there are a lot of other much better podcasts out there covering military aviation.
  • Jake shadow
    Cool stuff
    Keep it up
  • Bananajoeboblawlaw123456789
    Love the focus on the people
    Flying is great but I especially love the stories of the aviators Jello finds.
  • dah777
    Awesome podcast
    Not the only podcast about fighter planes and pilots but in my opinion it’s the best. Love hearing the stories of pilots especially those from WW2 as we are losing them. Format is great and content is better!!
  • stahlie3
    Great podcast!!
    Really a great listen! If you like aircraft especially military aircraft, then this is the one four you! Top notch for sure!
  • wannabee Groupie
    Sky warrior maven
    A3 episode one of your top five all-time. Well done
  • KellerDE
    The Gold Standard
    Consistently excellent. Constantly raising the bar as the best in the genre.
  • kickbox banana
    Best podcast in the history of the world
    Listening to these episodes brings back some of my best memories. I miss the viper but most of all, I miss the people. Thanks jello and thanks to all of the contributors as well
  • Slootttttt
    Thank you!
    I am listening so I can try to understand more in depth what my boyfriend is doing while he’s deployed! Really appreciate the insight.
  • Kolsky
    Captain Kardashian ?
    What happened to ‘credible’ ? Dude lied about his Rico podcast and then laughed about it. Grifting the internet and monetising his own brothers death, using his own podcast. Seriously ? Can’t believe that AD pilots (hosts) are actively involved in it.
  • zoomZoomZoom520
    Great podcast - Learn alot about Military Aviation
    Really enjoying the podcast. The stories, the aircraft, and especially the people!
  • Jaymarvel06
    New and catching up. Also, holding Vincent & family in my thoughts.
  • reprobate joe
    Don’t lose hope
    I hope Vincent can get through this period in his life, all be sending everything I can.
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