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The Fighter Pilot Podcast explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and most importantly--the people. Each episode features a guest who helps explain the topic at hand such as how ejection seats work or what it's like to fly on and off nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

Strap in and hang on for this incredible show! If you love the roar of a high-speed flyby or are enamored by the poise and confidence of the brave men and women who pilot these aircraft, then this show is for you!

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Recent Reviews
  • Kelthebold
    A premier military aviation podcast
    Vincent, his crew, and his guests are outstanding in the way they present and discuss aviation from a military perspective and a professional mindset. These podcasts are easy and pleasurable to consume and the insights truly inspire pride and understanding of the caliber of men and women doing this job for us and the hardware they employ. Thank you for what you do and please continue!
  • Danchm15
    Fantastic Podcast!!
    I have only listened to a few episodes, but I can already tell that I am going to have to listen to all of the episodes. I love aviation, especially military aviation, and this podcast delivers great content and expertise! Thank you so much for creating this podcast!
  • Tater515
    Top notch podcast
    If you like aviation, and especially if you like military aviation, this podcast is a must listen. The content drives the show to be sure and Jell-O and company do an excellent job bringing quality guests to share their expertise and experience.
  • Planephlyer
    Awesome Show!
    Dudes and dudettes, Fellow military pilot here. Love learning about all things military aviation. You guys do a great job. I even told my good friend Matt “Tank” Taylor about you guys and the show. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Hobbs
  • Snow Control
    Most informative and funniest episode Yet Loved it!!! Dude was Awesome
  • Sbantajr
    The F-117 episode was one of the best things I’ve ever heard.
  • Jchaulk
    The absolute Top Gun of aviation podcast. Interesting from stem to stern. Great guests all fully loaded with insight that can only come from an operator.
  • GoodBlaster
    Pretty good show the only thing it’s missing is an Eagle episode
  • eltonaa
    I just discovered a this great show!
    Awesome information about military aviation: The training, the military aircraft and weapons, the tactics, the sea stories, the camaraderie amongst squad mates and staff, family relations, info regarding flight dynamics and physics. Jell-o and Sunshine are a great pair and compliment each other with their own specific training and experiences. I can’t get enough! I grew up next to Miramar when it was still the Navy TOP GUN school and loved watching the overhead breaks from the returning flights of Skyhawks, Phantoms, Tomcats, Hawkeyes, as well as the Tiger and Viper aggressor aircraft. I’m a DCS World F/A-18c Hornet driver in a virtual squadron and learn a lot from listening to this podcast. Thank you for producing the show. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to this great country. Elton “Echo” Aguilar
  • Ukyrob27
    Top Tier Podcast
    Jello obviously gets it - knows the (difficult) way to appease diehard aviation enthusiasts and also the general public interested in military aviation. Thank you for your service!
  • SmittyMan5679
    Very entertaining
  • Flyguy183366249
    Outstanding Work, informative and entertaining
    Vincent is a great guy who humbly shares his passion for military aviation. The show has a unique format and high production quality. As an aspiring military aviator I’m eating up all of this. Thanks for what you do Jello!
  • Jhale630
    One of my favorite podcasts.
  • Mr Mark N4CC
    Great for Air Geeks
    Great interviews with interesting people about interesting aircraft. Really worth the time for anyone interested in listening to combat pilots talk about combat and planes.
  • Lakers850
    Great Podcast
    As an USAF KC-10 Boom Operator, this is a great insight into what the guys we refuel do an go through. Awesome podcast!
  • tastrtrinitymarian
    3 episodes in. The podcast is AWESOME.
  • watsamattau
    Gotta like it
    As a person who thought I was going to drive a Buff one day , did not,but served in Army. loves military aviation goes to airshows since 1972 consistently this show feeds my brain. I build models of planes and , follow me , listening to podcasts as I’m building model is so darn nice. Thank you Jello And Sunshine. Call me Duh!
  • TechnologyMaster8
    Huge FPP Fan
    I’m a kid who knows a lot about aviation, but I just enjoy hearing this. It’s awesome.
  • MightyDog 50536
    Best podcasts I have ever heard
    I had the privilege of spending some time with Navy fliers in Pensacola and aboard USS Forrestal in the Med in 1989. Those memories come alive listening to your programs. Keep up the wonderful work!
  • alaskanmarine
    Great show and awesome hosts
    If you’re a fan of military combat aviation in particular anything to do with fighter aircraft then this is your podcast! Presented by actual former Navy fighter pilots in an engaging way that brings the average person into the cockpit of the what is like to fly frontline high performance jets. Thank you guys for your service to our great country and sharing your stories and insights.
  • brian trevor bennett
    My favorite podcast.
    I began new career this spring and had a hard time with the transition. Not that the job is physically strenuous, but mentally draining. I discovered the podcast mid summer and I listen during morning walks with my dogs. The podcast has helped relieve the stress and offer me inspiration. Thank you.
  • sandwillys
    Great podcast
    I heard about this podcast from the muscle car podcast . It really brings everything into perspective as I was a hole snipe on board The USS RANGER CV61, during Operation Desert Storm . Loved watching you guys do your thing, always thought pilots were a bit cocky, but hearing this makes me appreciate your job and feel we were all men in it to win it . Ranger - top gun of the fleet! Thank you .
  • Anonymous toad
    Best Podcast out there
    Currently going through the episodes to catch up on everything and I’m loving every minute of it!
  • Wogkiller99
    Sunshine, please keep these awesome podcasts coming!
  • The Orange Baron
    I had the wrong job
    I had a pretty exciting jaunt as a US Marine but this podcast makes me Jell-O if ya get me!
  • Ongurth coin#414
    Highly recommended
    A great podcast for anyone interested in military aviation, novice or expert alike! The hosts are entertaining and the information excellent. Give it a listen!
  • Noncenx
    Perfect for anyone interested in military aviation
    As the title says, this is the perfect podcast for anyone interested in military aviation. I’ve listened to every episode and it gets better and better each time. It’s interesting to not just hear the “facts” of different a/c but the sea stories that bring them to life
  • UNKNOWN3371
    Enjoyable Podcast
    As a pilot wannabe this is cool to listen to
  • Amused Attorney
    More more more
    So much fun to listen too. I work with Navy pilots and they turned me on to Jello and Sunshine. I used to listen to it with Earl Keegan, WWII Wildcat pilot, squadron mate of George Bush and recipient of two Distinguished Flying Crosses (all before he was 21.) He was also the first CO of the first jet squadron at Oceana. He called it a three drink show. As in he would pour himself a total of three whiskey and sodas during an episode. And then drive home. Just fine. They don’t make pilots like Earl any longer! We lost him last year at the age of 94. I could never forget Earl, but the pod reminds me of him even more when I hear it. I only wish that Earl had been a guest in the show. Keep up the amazing work, guys! I’m one among many fans!
  • Rick..M
    Great podcast
    It’s my daily podcast to work, until I run out. I liked it so much, I subscribed to their patreon.
  • John Schaeffer
    Like Jello and Sunshine
    Who doesn’t like Jello and Sunshine? No one i would like. Thanks guys for bringing my lifetime favorite topic to my phone. What amazing time to be alive. You guys rock!
  • Dropkick Hero
    Super awesome military aviation podcast!
    “Jell-o” and “Sunshine” are the perfect duo for the fighter pilot podcast! They are very down-to-earth (pardon the pun) and very thorough about the planes, the weapons and the people, and they keep it very entertaining, as if fighter jets need any added spice! Your guests are always top-notch and paint such brilliant mental imagery for me as they share personal stories, details about the aircraft, and so on. I reached out to Vincent aka “Jell-o” a little over a year ago with some questions concerning an aviation themed summer camp talk I was preparing and he was super helpful. He even offered to skype in and spend several minutes talking with the kids and fielding questions. That was definitely a treat for me, but it was very special for the kids, who had perhaps never really paid much attention to military aviation before. It’s very easy to get bit by the bug and nerd out while listening to you guys! You guys are great ambassadors for the military aviation community to not only wannabes like myself, but also to future generations of aviators as well. You guys are truly inspiring! Thanks for your years of service to our nation and for sharing your experiences, passion, and love of these amazing machines with us!
  • Robbie-ProAudioMixer
    I will listen to this podcast FOREVER!
    Professionalism in every aspect of this production. Now my favorite Podcast!
  • 19-zack
    I’m the son of an AIMD officer. You’ve been part of the reason as to why I want to be an F-35C pilot for the US. Navy. Just want you to know how much I enjoy listening to you and your sea stories. PS. Could you do a segment on the F-35C?
  • Karma 52
    Young mans dream
    Thanks for an awesome podcast.Love listening to pilots and professing their love for flying after seeing the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds inspired them to chase their dreams. Great interviews and always looking forward to the next podcast. I drive a truck over the road and it’s something great to listen to !!!!
  • Chucky473
    One Proud Papa
    So glad I found this podcast! My son is currently a US Marine in his final months of advanced fighter pilot training right now. He is stationed in Kingsville, Texas..... and will likely graduate at the end of May 2019. Your podcast has been a great listen, as I try to learn all I can about what my son is doing and experiencing. Thanks for giving us civilians an inside seat to the world of fighter pilots and what they do and go thru! I use to think I had a cool job, until I realized how awesome it must be for those good and lucky enough to protect us flying the skies. Thanks to all who serve us, past and present......🇺🇸
  • JustAnotherMc
    Leadership, Bravery & Excellence
    This is likely the closest many of us will get to experiencing what it’s like to be a fighter pilot. Jell-O’s expertise, attention to detail, and dedication are evident in every episode. He keeps an ear out for us civilian listeners, and breaks down military lingo and processes into anecdotes that are easy to comprehend. Each episode features a guest that is a subject matter expert, and each have incredible stories to tell. Jell-O, thank you for your service, and thank you for this podcast.
  • Zabrachiosaurus
    If you’re a fan on any kind of aviation this is a must listen.
    Jello and Sunshine are amazing hosts and know a lot about contemporary combat aviation. The 80s-Top-Gun-loving-kid, in me, geeks out every time a new episode drops. Thanks for taking the time to put this together guys. I love your work. Also, great news on the team-up with Jabbers. I hope that you two can find some time to explore the DCS community.
  • Podaddy9
    Love the podcast
  • Rockfan666
    Great info!
    This is great to listen to. I just found it yesterday and have dove in.
  • WuK7
    I love this!
    Thank you! Just started to listen this. Keep doing this please!
  • Argan123
    Very Good
    Well done Podcast, keep them coming.
  • kpbrave
    Farva episode
    Loved listening to the podcast with Farva. But I’m his sister :) Will definitely be listening to other episodes!
  • CV59_F14
    Excellent Podcast
    Wonderful job all around! So happy to have discovered this so I can share my Navy career with my 10 year old son. With 2 Med Cruises under my belt on the Forrestal and Roosevelt, it was great for us to be able to share this. Thank you for all that you do to make this great!
  • Jackychandaman
    One of a kind!
    This is a fantastic podcast for those of us serially intrigued by the world of military aviation. The hosts and guests have no kidding “been there, done that...” and they manage to cover a wide range of interesting, relevant and complicated subjects with ease. It’s almost as though these guys and gals have been trained to sound cool on the radio... Thanks to all involved for your efforts! And to the hosts and guests an extra thanks for your service!
  • Jayem22
    So cool for fighter pilot nerds (like me)
    I don't even remember how I stumbled across this podcast but I'm an instant fan. Jell-O and his guests get into the nitty gritty of modern fighter operations in a way that I really haven't heard much in the past. I love the diversity of topics and interesting places the conversations go. Kee it up!
  • moiserean
    Great show!
    Content is interesting, guests are awesome, and Jello always strives to improve his podcasts. No better way to start my day than FPP!
  • Chicoartist
    A military aviation podcast that 1) has an expert host who can actually speak clearly and in a relaxed tone, 2) he tells interesting tales, and 3) he has interesting guests. Yes - you can pick all four of those four! Personally, I love the tack we’ve been on, covering all aspects of modern military aviation, focusing especially on fighters, but I can see this podcast ‘growing’ ~ perhaps digging a bit more into aspects of the history of fighter aviation, much like the interviews already done so far with Willie Driscoll, Pete Pettigrew, and a couple of other very interesting guests Maybe having credible authors/historians as guests to discuss pilots, battles, and tactics of past wars, with emphasis on the more detailed aspects as we’ve been doing with the modern subjects. Keep it up - I binged, now I’m out of episodes!! (cry).
  • Teddyballgames
    What an excellent podcast. Fantastic window into the lives of fighter pilots/ Aviators .. thanks for letting us in.
  • nutzy83
    a true blessing.
    Words cannot express how good this is. If you want to know what it feels like to be an American, the price it costs, and just a heavy dose of real then begin with the ejection seat episode. God bless you guys/gals and your families. ‘Tis the star spangled banner. oh long may it wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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