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Hockey fans already know the name, but this is not the blog. From Sportsnet, 32 Thoughts: The Podcast with Jeff Marek and NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman is a weekly deep dive into the biggest news and interviews from the hockey world.

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  • Smittytwostep
    Elliotte is good
    Marek consistently has such horrible takes that I quit listening to this podcast.
  • sussex Mike
    Rod Brind’Amour Podcast
    Outstanding podcast. Loved watching him play with the Flyers. What a warrior. Hated seeing him getting traded. Great coach. Outstanding person. Thanks for interviewing him.
  • KKymen
    Friedman couldn’t sniff Biz’s jock strap in the humor dept.
  • Ryandoc13
    5 star show
    Doesn’t get much better than these guys for hockey source authority. Also songs at end of episodes are usually hits. Keep up the great work.
  • Lou Tommos Wife
    NY fan
    Good show, especially for those of us in US that do not get coverage outside our local teams. Enjoy the banter and chemistry between the guys. I do have an isssue with they stance on social norms of the day, in particular their belief you wear the LGBTQ…. Jersey or you are some kind of racist.
  • AustinBuff27
    32 Thoughts - 2 teams
    We all know Toronto is the center of the universe. We know Vancouver is a disaster but there are 32 teams in the NHL. I would expect some coverage of those pesky teams not named Maple Leafs and Canucks. It is 32 Thoughts for the 32 teams. Not 32 thoughts about Toronto and Vancouver.
  • D. Bett
    Blood Thirsty For Failure Podcast
    These guys were good once, now they are worse than BSH.
  • 223534553
    Friedman is pretty awesome, has his finger on the pulse for the most part. Jeff is an uncoordinated buffoon stumbling through his clunky takes. What an absolute idiot of a man
  • berlaewhsdahic
    Hossa was aight….
    But a “hockey player’s hockey player” would never quit cuz of eczema. Dudes play after taking pucks to the mouth, breaking bones etc etc, and this dude was too itchy? I’m out
  • Peachywoodster
    Friedman ambient noise.
    Friedman on his walks is still more intelligible than RA or Bissonette in studio.
  • RobbWalk
    I enjoy this show for the unique insight into the goings-on around the NHL, but putting out this episode without any mention of Mitchell Miller is absurd. Even if it didn’t come up in the interview, it should have been mentioned in the pre-recorded insert. That is the story in the league right now, and it reminds me of this show’s hesitation to discuss Kyle Beach during that time last year. Do better.
  • spinfrog
    One of the best!
    Great mix of hockey geekery, wisdom, humor and self-awareness!
  • LeoJM2
    Amil Delic
    Jeff and Elliott get along well and have a great rapport, which makes them easy to listen to….just two guys talking hockey. But the real star of the show is Amil Delic. The production value of this podcast is incredible. The little drops and added background music to stories takes the listener experience to another level. Kudos Amil. Keep up the great work.
  • shootthepuckbarry
    If you want to hear a weekly show that kisses the butts of the hockey elites than this show is for you. Never a critical word is uttered for fear a losing their precious access to the hockey gods. Old guy hockey elitism at its finest.
  • dkroeder
    Great podcast with current content
    These guys not only deliver an informative and entertaining podcast, but they make a great effort and take great pride in keeping the content as current as possible. Their efforts are really appreciated.
  • liberal-tarian
    Hush, hush on another Mogilny snub!
    MOGILNY BELONGS IN THE HHOF! Why do they hate Russian players so much?!? But this is a great podcast, if you don’t mind the Canadian bias!
  • billlllyboooobjoooooe
    This is amazing but please put out more podcasts pls.
  • Rutherp
    I wish I liked it as they have some good points and insights, but I just can’t get over how arrogant they sound. Every week I try listening to it but find myself turning it off.
  • Flyersfan1953
    Afternoon Hockey
    One game a week at 2 pm would be great. The minor leagues do a school day game but at 10:30 am or 11:00 am. It would also be great for retirees but also like baseball that has the businessman special game. Great podcast! I also enjoy your weekly spots on SiriusXM too.
  • sjsharksfan39
    Turn Down the Bumper Music
    I enjoy this podcast and the information and discussions that Jeff and Elliote have. I appreciated that it had shorter episodes 2 days a week instead of the longer episodes weekly when the show first started. I also enjoy the humor of the show and the chemistry between the two hosts. However, can you please turn down the bumper music? There is one bumper where it sounds like nails on a chalkboard, and if you are listening with ear-buds, it can get really loud. Personally I wish they would either bring back the old bumper music or get rid of it entirely. I'm afraid my hearing will go out sometimes when I listen to this show.
  • hellgaak
    Hockey evolved, stop playing catch up
    Ugh, too much pearls clutching and outdated view of hockey. Catch up with times, before you are left behind. Hockey evolved and this podcast should too. Elliotte is clinging to “his generation’s” perception of life and game too much to the point to becoming irrelevant and annoying.
  • McDuck1977
    32 thoughts…on COVID
    Yes, Covid is occurring, but when 2/3s of the podcast is covering Covid and not the sport, you know, the distraction we’re desiring, it’s time to tap out. I can take the political rants to an extent (they’re Canadian, you already know they’re left leaning); the 5 minutes of “here’s a band you never heard of from X…” got old real quick.
  • Chickenandwaffles09
    Good info from Elliot but…..
    This podcast should be called “We don’t have any takes that are not against popular opinion.” Or it could be called “Jeff bores us w endless proverbs.”
  • JCW@1
    Big deal!
    These guys hold themselves out to be the ultimate in sports journalism. What a joke! While far more important issues plague the NHL, these guys spend their time talking of inane garbage. It’s like a verbal comic book!
  • pryan144
    Elliot Friedman is so bad
    James is good as always but Elliot has such backwards and thoughtless rants that it becomes unlistenable. His latest view on the NHL just doing a “do over” in response to Bettman’s awful presser is a classic take from Friedman. He just wants to keep the access.
  • bwodarek
    More of a political show focused on social issues
    This show pushes Marxism and woke politics rather reporting on hockey 👎👎👎
  • Rick Shanley
    Why are you apologizing?
    Elliotte, I know you explained why you’re apologizing, but it strikes me as very odd. It’s almost as if you’re making yourself a part of this story — a much bigger part than necessary. It also seemed a little tone deaf to admit the embarrassment of being scooped by TSN. Why go there right now? I love your work, but this just seems oddly self-centered. You didn’t do anything wrong.
  • GnarlyNyman
    Wow, I sure love it
    The new artwork looks incredible, and these guys are even better. I can’t think of anyone that I’d rather hear breaking down hockey than these two. Great work!!
  • relocatedyank
    Entertainment and informative
    Love listening and getting some hockey news out in Eureka, CA. Sabres fan who supports Eichel in getting whatever surgery he and his doctors think is best for him.
  • emmajeanrooney
    I appreciate the diverse and unique perspectives that are highlighted on this show. When something crazy happens in hockey I look forward to hear what Jeff and Elliot have to say. (Looking forward to the yellow laces episode!!)
  • Badger Rock
    Consistently interesting
    Outside of the occasional obligatory PC left wing topics this is really good otherwise. Marek is too deep in the forest to understand NHL scoring, blimp goalies and horrible officiating. Typical dense CanDian clod apologist for game that has had the life sucked out of it . But he is knowledgeable. Friedge is very fair journalist. Far better than listening to shallow vulgarian and faux NJ tough guy wyshinski
  • a-name-that-isnt-taken
    Good hockey news but…
    But hard to wade through the woke fascistic tripe of the modern Canadian media.
  • 💯doe😳😳🚗😤skrtskrt
    Best sports podcast out there
    These guys know hockey and know what they’re talking about
  • kkellymac
    Are you going to interview Rick Westhead
    Toews only comment so far is that he is “annoyed”, “it seemed like it fed the fire a little bit “. Brent Sopel said he didn’t come forward sooner because he feared retaliation to his charity organization...he was afraid of retaliation to his charity. Think about that. Patrick Kane was not put on trial because the victims rape kit was removed from police evidence and destroyed the chain of evidence. Patrick Kane had an off duty police officer in his employ the night of the assault. That looks like collusion and police corruption. As the hockey saying goes. Past behavior is the best prediction of future performance.
  • DrNHL
    The real deal, HOCKEY!
    Elliot & Jeff know the game! I feel like I’m sitting around with my pals their delivery is so chill. You get the highs lows gut wrenching stories of real people involved in our great game.
  • Arilogan
    Lightning strikes twice
    Always a great podcast listen !
  • drydenfan
    Great behind the scenes info
    Thanks for putting the time stamps in the episode descriptions.
  • Timaaa
    ZeD NET TV
    These guys are The ScreenSavers of hockey A comfort zone as cozy as the new glass box at center ice. Always volcano deep stories with details lava hot CarCasts are bonus, just be careful, any collision would end everything
  • who knows what nickname
    Hockey’s gurus
    I love listening to these guys. They give a great perspective on the great sport of hockey.
  • Rounder22
    Elliottes great the host is bush league
    Get rid of the crappy host
  • Erunner382715
    Best hockey podcast bar none. Love the insights, guests, discussion, humour, and tone of the pod. Keep up the great work fellas.
  • ian879571
    Awesome hockey podcast. Impressed with breadth of knowledge and avoidance of hot takes. Better than Steve Dangle podcast, unless you like being shouted at about the leafs and unrelated topics.
  • Braden Hockey
    Don’t change anything
    This is a perfect show for hockey fans. The phone conversation doesn’t affect sound quality very much on Elliott’s end, so I think the podcast is just fine as it is. Keep em coming guys, I’ll always listen.
  • Mr. Dickhed
    Amazing listen
    The humor of these guys while delivering the biggest stories and names in hockey is unrivaled. Love this pod
  • tommy mike go biden
    Thank you Mr Friedman
    So appreciate Mr Friedman's calm, considered, rational, didactic expositions of all things hockey. What a telief from the usual talking-heads.
  • StanleyCup04
    Great Pod
    This is a great listen, these guys do a great job and the production valid is excellent. I shake my head at Marek sometimes but I don’t think I’m alone. How about ads on visors? Never knew Elliotte covered the NBA...also didn’t know there’s an NHL team in Detroi-it :). Love the pod, gents! Almost as good as the Bobcast was ;).
  • SavMoney1point0
    A Must Listen for hockey fans
    Great takes. Great guests. Great insight.
  • PatinaBox
    An essential weekly listen. The best hockey podcast out there.
    Other than my local team’s podcasts, this is my go-to podcast for national and global hockey news. Real insight, real perspectives from two people that have been involved with this for years. I followed Marek here from his old podcast, MvsW, and have really liked his change of role from the serious one to the heater, setting up the heavy takes to Elliotte while contributing insights of his own. They play off each other very well and I always walk away with my mind expanded ever so slightly. Even the metaphors and the language they use is top notch: Marek actually said in a recent clip “one which is explicitly two is implicitly one,” and then followed up with “that is a pretentious way of asking...” One example of the eclectic mix of hockey and knowledge. The show itself is VERY well produced. I was expecting the best effort of a Canadian sports giant, but this feels like if NPR produced a hockey podcast. No technical flaws, no annoying issues with levels or popping. The sound bytes they get are mixed well, the music they play at the end is always local and always catchy. I never have to adjust the volume, and that’s increasingly rare with podcasts today. I honestly can’t think of one bad thing to say about this podcast, and I definitely am proud to mention it any time I’m talking podcasts.
  • Jackal1973
    Awesome podcast
    Whatever Elliotte gets paid it’s clearly not enough! Love these two; whether it’s Elliotte’s well-researched information or Marek’s want for yellow laces, you’ll leave being well-entertained and feeling good about your life.
  • Jaybecksoc
    Two genuine people talking hockey
    Informationally the best podcast for insider info, especially if you prefer the weekly format. However, they are the truest to character names in the business. Genuine good people, which leads to a fantastic listen each week.
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