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Sports #101Hockey #4

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman know their hockey. Whether it’s the pros or juniors, they are always plugged in to the latest news, rumours and stories that you should know from around the game. Plus, look for bonus breaking news episodes and interviews with some of the most interesting personalities in hockey.

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  • FatKraken66
    Wow, I sure love it
    The new artwork looks incredible, and these guys are even better. I can’t think of anyone that I’d rather hear breaking down hockey than these two. Great work!!
  • relocatedyank
    Entertainment and informative
    Love listening and getting some hockey news out in Eureka, CA. Sabres fan who supports Eichel in getting whatever surgery he and his doctors think is best for him.
  • emmajeanrooney
    I appreciate the diverse and unique perspectives that are highlighted on this show. When something crazy happens in hockey I look forward to hear what Jeff and Elliot have to say. (Looking forward to the yellow laces episode!!)
  • Badger Rock
    Consistently interesting
    Outside of the occasional obligatory PC left wing topics this is really good otherwise. Marek is too deep in the forest to understand NHL scoring, blimp goalies and horrible officiating. Typical dense CanDian clod apologist for game that has had the life sucked out of it . But he is knowledgeable. Friedge is very fair journalist. Far better than listening to shallow vulgarian and faux NJ tough guy wyshinski
  • a-name-that-isnt-taken
    Good hockey news but…
    But hard to wade through the woke fascistic tripe of the modern Canadian media.
  • 💯doe😳😳🚗😤skrtskrt
    Best sports podcast out there
    These guys know hockey and know what they’re talking about
  • kkellymac
    Are you going to interview Rick Westhead
    Toews only comment so far is that he is “annoyed”, “it seemed like it fed the fire a little bit “. Brent Sopel said he didn’t come forward sooner because he feared retaliation to his charity organization...he was afraid of retaliation to his charity. Think about that. Patrick Kane was not put on trial because the victims rape kit was removed from police evidence and destroyed the chain of evidence. Patrick Kane had an off duty police officer in his employ the night of the assault. That looks like collusion and police corruption. As the hockey saying goes. Past behavior is the best prediction of future performance.
  • DrNHL
    The real deal, HOCKEY!
    Elliot & Jeff know the game! I feel like I’m sitting around with my pals their delivery is so chill. You get the highs lows gut wrenching stories of real people involved in our great game.
  • Arilogan
    Lightning strikes twice
    Always a great podcast listen !
  • drydenfan
    Great behind the scenes info
    Thanks for putting the time stamps in the episode descriptions.
  • Timaaa
    ZeD NET TV
    These guys are The ScreenSavers of hockey A comfort zone as cozy as the new glass box at center ice. Always volcano deep stories with details lava hot CarCasts are bonus, just be careful, any collision would end everything
  • who knows what nickname
    Hockey’s gurus
    I love listening to these guys. They give a great perspective on the great sport of hockey.
  • Rounder22
    Elliottes great the host is bush league
    Get rid of the crappy host
  • Erunner382715
    Best hockey podcast bar none. Love the insights, guests, discussion, humour, and tone of the pod. Keep up the great work fellas.
  • ian879571
    Awesome hockey podcast. Impressed with breadth of knowledge and avoidance of hot takes. Better than Steve Dangle podcast, unless you like being shouted at about the leafs and unrelated topics.
  • Peachywoodster
    Car casts
    Do the car cast. Friedman in his car is still more intelligible than RA or Bissonette in studio.
  • Braden Hockey
    Don’t change anything
    This is a perfect show for hockey fans. The phone conversation doesn’t affect sound quality very much on Elliott’s end, so I think the podcast is just fine as it is. Keep em coming guys, I’ll always listen.
  • Mr. Dickhed
    Amazing listen
    The humor of these guys while delivering the biggest stories and names in hockey is unrivaled. Love this pod
  • tommy mike go biden
    Thank you Mr Friedman
    So appreciate Mr Friedman's calm, considered, rational, didactic expositions of all things hockey. What a telief from the usual talking-heads.
  • StanleyCup04
    Great Pod
    This is a great listen, these guys do a great job and the production valid is excellent. I shake my head at Marek sometimes but I don’t think I’m alone. How about ads on visors? Never knew Elliotte covered the NBA...also didn’t know there’s an NHL team in Detroi-it :). Love the pod, gents! Almost as good as the Bobcast was ;).
  • SavMoney1point0
    A Must Listen for hockey fans
    Great takes. Great guests. Great insight.
  • PatinaBox
    An essential weekly listen. The best hockey podcast out there.
    Other than my local team’s podcasts, this is my go-to podcast for national and global hockey news. Real insight, real perspectives from two people that have been involved with this for years. I followed Marek here from his old podcast, MvsW, and have really liked his change of role from the serious one to the heater, setting up the heavy takes to Elliotte while contributing insights of his own. They play off each other very well and I always walk away with my mind expanded ever so slightly. Even the metaphors and the language they use is top notch: Marek actually said in a recent clip “one which is explicitly two is implicitly one,” and then followed up with “that is a pretentious way of asking...” One example of the eclectic mix of hockey and knowledge. The show itself is VERY well produced. I was expecting the best effort of a Canadian sports giant, but this feels like if NPR produced a hockey podcast. No technical flaws, no annoying issues with levels or popping. The sound bytes they get are mixed well, the music they play at the end is always local and always catchy. I never have to adjust the volume, and that’s increasingly rare with podcasts today. I honestly can’t think of one bad thing to say about this podcast, and I definitely am proud to mention it any time I’m talking podcasts.
  • Jackal1973
    Awesome podcast
    Whatever Elliotte gets paid it’s clearly not enough! Love these two; whether it’s Elliotte’s well-researched information or Marek’s want for yellow laces, you’ll leave being well-entertained and feeling good about your life.
  • Jaybecksoc
    Two genuine people talking hockey
    Informationally the best podcast for insider info, especially if you prefer the weekly format. However, they are the truest to character names in the business. Genuine good people, which leads to a fantastic listen each week.
  • gunter78redflag
    As good as it gets
    Great show boys
  • EHNorquist
    Must listen for all hockey fans
    Every week is like an “adult X-mas” when a new episode drops. Jeff and Elliotte are the best pair in hockey since Gretzky and Messier
  • northshorestalker
    More hockey, less promoting NHL profits
    I like listening to these guys, but for the life of me do not understand why they spend so much time trying to increase the NHL’s profits at the expense of the game. I don’t get why they’re spending half of an episode rattling off ideas like ads on jerseys and expanded playoffs because that will increase profits for the league. There are more interesting and worthy things to talk about. We don’t need more Darren Rovells in the hockey world.
  • AnonymouslyLC
    I look forward to it every week
    Jeff and Elliotte are fantastic together in this podcast. Listening every week makes me feel like I know everything that’s going on in the NHL and they both offer some of the greatest insight in the hockey landscape. Amil’s gotta put so much work into the editing but he does such a good job (really loving the new time stamps). Also, whoever picks the music does a KILLER job, I found Scenic Route to Alaska because of you guys so many thanks!
  • jtml41834
    Better than others, but where are the hard questions?
    In the most recent podcast as of this writing (1 Sep 2020), you go on to praise the players for taking a pause and for standing up for what they believe. At what point will sports journalists, as you fashion yourselves, ask the players the tough questions, such as: -Jason Blake had an open warrant first his arrest for sexual assault, trespassing, and theft, all connected to domestic abuse. You postponed the postseason 2 days for him? -Should police be allowed to defend themselves if an accused domestic abuser resists arrest, fights through being tased twice, and threatens cops with a knife? When you “journalists” start asking the ignorant players questions like that, I’ll start listening to your podcast again.
  • bwodarek
    More politics than hockey
    This show pushes Marxism rather reporting on hockey 👎👎👎
  • Rich Krisciunas
    31 Thoughts
    I can’t get enough of this podcast. It is great every week. Informative guests and lots of inside info. Keep up the good work.
  • NC College sports fan
    Thanks great podcast
    Well done
  • a_dub07
    Zachary Binney
    please repost the Zachary Binney interview as a stand alone. Great info
    Highlight of the week
    I look forward to every Thursday now and your talks. I wouldn’t mind if these were even longer! I feel part of the conversations with your guest. They have been so entertaining and insightful into inner hockey and these hockey players.
  • alexmicheletti
    One of the best hockey podcasts
    One of the best hockey podcasts around, the chemistry between Elliotte and Jeff is fantastic!!
  • KnightsBudde
    Awesome job and Thank you!
    Love, Love, Love 31 thoughts!! The insight, different perspectives, knowledge and connections are outstanding! Definitely opened my eyes to more in the world of hockey and I look forward to this podcast. These guys make it feel as if your sitting with them and could sit with them at anytime for good conversations. Very good, keep up the great work and thank you for your work and efforts in providing all the content that you all do.
  • davidochoseis
    Wonder if we could add that in
  • sjsharksfan39
    Show shouldn't be LONGER with no season
    I've been a listener of this podcast since it's inception. I mostly like the banter of the hosts during the season talking about the blog, the news of the week, and just what is going on with the league. I've noticed this season this show has gotten more interview happy and now with the shut down, that's basically all this show is, Interview Interview, Interview. You shouldn't have 2 hour podcasts when there is barely anything going on, and I think having 3 guests on the show is too much. You want to split the show up, maybe do Monday and Friday where you have banter and then a guest or a couple guests, that's good. Having a single show that's over 2 hours of nothing but interviews is getting tiring. I also miss the Ask 31 segments where they take twitter questions from listeners. Heck, the reason I got into this podcast was because my favorite podcast, Marek Vs. Wyshynski was ending and I still wanted to hear Jeff Marek. I also liked the community aspect of MvsW, which you don't get here. It's a shame this podcast has just become the interview show. I don't mind the occasional interviews, but I think it's getting to be too much now.
  • Fhrhsjjjsjsjdn
    Best Hockey Podcast around
    One of the best podcasts out there! If you love hockey or care about people then you will live this show.
  • TBLfan
    Listen to this podcast
    Seriously. Listen to it. You will not be sorry.
  • 7902 9059 53
    Definitely One Of My Favorites
    Great show. They guys are articulate and keep it interesting. More formal and less locker room like some other shows (Chicklets). The audio quality is great compared other shows that could definitely use some production, which I appreciate. If it’s relevant around the league they’re discussing it, but there’s lots of call backs and an almost default to the Leafs. I love all things hockey, and will continue to subscribe and listen as a fan, but I could do with a little less of the ooooohhhhh canadaaaa.
  • Paul, Head Chef @ PF Chang's
    Wicked smaht
    Much better discussion and insight than other podcasts...cough...chiclets
  • brightonjohn
    Smart and interesting
    2 very well spoken and cerebral dudes bringing interesting and intelligent analysis for Every team Every week. Great stuff
  • steveyYz19
    Hockey directly into my veins
    This podcast is the equivalent of intravenous hockey consumption
  • ggwigne
    2 much TOR
    I love the hosts and listen regularly but Too Much Leafs. I get it - big market - be for us Ottawa natives living out of the country - who cares about the Leafs
  • scottincm
    Can’t Get Enough
    Hands down the best hockey podcast out there.
  • Jws_left_foot_
    Favorite Pod
    31 Thoughts and Chiclets are my two favorite podcasts. You, however are the antidote to Chiclets and I will always listen to you first. Thoughtful, articulate, well spoken and not the locker room (and I LOVE the Locker Room)! Great insight - and you really dig deep to satisfy the true hockey player in terms of your depth and breadth of subject matter. Thanks again and keep it up.
  • ProphetIcculus
    Best analytical hockey pod
    This ain’t Chiclets or Puck Soup. If you’re looking for substantive analysis of the game today, this is the one. Friedman is one of the most informed guys in the sport, and Marek is a great host.
  • Chucker D
    Hockey Fun
    One of The best Hockey (and best in general) pods around.
  • DLavoh
    Love this Podcast but was very disappointed there wasn’t any discussion regarding Don Cherry. It said it was recorded on Wednesday, so it was well after his dismissal. How can you discuss Kovalchuk’s situation in LA as the lead story and not even a mention Don Cherry? The whole podcast other than the Stone interview should’ve been about Don Cherry.
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