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Twice a week Kinda Funny reviews, ranks, and recaps every movie in the biggest franchises including Marvel Studios, DC, Star Wars, Pixar, Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Godzilla, Indiana Jones, MCU, Edgar Wright, Christopher Nolan, and more! Watch the free video version at

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  • Hdbdhh
    I love this podcast I could do with out the podcasts within a podcast it takes us out of the great reviews but still a 5 star podcast
  • Da_duck
    In defense of Greg Miller
    I’m just writing a review in defense of Greg Miller. You say he’s too loud? That’s like the best part what! I like these guys because they ARE fun and loud, they’re different from all the other pretentious film podcasts out there. They’re just fun, I wanna be around these guys irl.
  • martin000888
    Just remove Greg Miller from these.
  • AwesomeNick94
    You could say...
    It's Marvelous. You could also say the plot recaps feel a little more like padding than you’d like sometimes.
  • emc2093
    Great concept
    Love the pod and the hosts. Y’all are too good keep it up!
  • illxsion
    Snyder Cut Review?????
    I’m REALLY trying to wrap my head around how you choose to do a movie review on a movie that you haven’t even finished. Y’all are saying it’s weird or bad without even finishing. It’s hilarious
  • Braceface07
    Really good podcast/channel!
    Start with the Winter Soldier episode. That and Back to the Future in review pretty much sum up KindaFunny for me.
  • patreonappsucks
    Would of gotten 5 stars
    If it wasn’t for Greg Miller. He’s super annoying. So is Joey. Less of them please
  • Jordon Peterson
    Star Wars Episode Three Review
    Trump didn’t say there were good people on both sides referring to NAZIs and Communists. Listen to the whole clip. You are being manipulated by deceitful press. Listen to whole clip. Btw Nazis and Communists are both a product of Socialism. Both are Left wing. Father right on the political spectrum means more freedom. Stick to movies.
  • fellowghost
    Thought I was subscribing to a review podcast. Upon the third podcast within a podcast I realized they have no idea what a review is. But the sex appeal of the cast brings it to a 5 star
  • thegambler256
    If only I were as insightful as Nick Scarpino thinks Nick Scarpino is.
  • butt_head1991
    I like it
    I only give 4 because Greg Miller is to loud.
  • 22011010010
    Best reviews
    Come for the reviews stay for the laughs.
  • madewell11
    this show might be a farse
    if you don’t do mulan 2 in the every mulan movie series this whole show should be renamed love the show though no complaints
  • Beardedbryant
    Constructive feedback.
    Seems like over time the show is more about reading off the plot than discussion. It would help to stop just going over the plot and taking more in depth about the films. Have viewers write in questions, give more facts about the movies, and stop reading the whole plot. People should watch the movie before they listen to the episodes.
  • Weisscast
    Best movie pod!
    I recently discovered this podcast during the Chris Nolan in review series and wow, I’m blown away. Possibly my favorite non-gaming KF podcast. I love everything about it. Y’all have so much fun, and obviously enjoy doing the show! Keep it up. Also since I can’t submit a haiku in review, here’s one at the end of my review of the podcast. I’m not a patron Because I cannot spare change I listen weekly
  • Kaii153
    Nicks criticism
    I really love in review but I am going through all the in reviews and listening to these i notice, fast and furious ones bad boys and now inception it’s quite frustrating when Nick disagrees or dislikes plot points or an overall film. It eclipses the rest of the mood and other opinions about the film it feels if Nick doesn’t like it no one should and it really bashes the quality of the show and its greatness. This issue doesn’t happen all the time but when Nick criticizes the film poorly it really dampens the mood for the rest.
  • TheSilverScream
    Science going far here
    My MeeMaw loves this show.
  • Damtzh
    Awesome in depth reviews.
    If you like friends talking for hours about a single movie and having a ton of laughs. These is for you!
  • BigWill22
    Not good
    When this first started with the MCU, I enjoyed to hell out of it. They talked about scenes they thought we awesome, put facts throughout the episode, actually set criteria for how their rankings go and kept it at a good length. Now all they do is go beat for beat of the plot of the movie and then quickly do some dumb segments (haiku in review is the worst) at the end. Not enjoyable.
  • JoeyAlf87
    Very annoying
    I can’t finish episodes and half to turn them off. Finally just unsubscribed. The constant interrupting and fighting for control of the conversation is nauseating. Since when does a “movie review” mean: “let’s read the plot line by line as fast as possible.” If you did a shot every time the one guy says “ but I digress”, you’d be hammered halfway through an episode.
  • drupac24
    Decent show
    Please do Lord of the Rings!
  • Jacob Knight Cyrus
    Love the Dynamic
    The chemistry is really what drives this podcast. I understand most reviews are negatively criticized, but a couple of the fellas seem to really force non-issues and really dig in it when it comes to their stance... that’s fine and all, but it’s the same guys that really have a problem with every movie. Not advising anything, just pointing things out.
  • Bayrowe
    Best podcast ever
    Love kinda funny. Just the best to listen to them, constantly making me laugh
  • mr. slendermin
    The more off the rails these reviews get... the more I enjoy them. From the interruptions to detailed anecdotes about how baby’s are made and the questionable wardrobe choices said creatures go on to adopt. Love it all!
  • funkyfresh1017
    Incredibly Rude
    The way Greg Miller treats his “Best Friends” is incredibly rude and disappointing. In all good conscience I can’t continue to listen and support him. The Man of Steel review is a perfect example of spitting in the face of people who support you.
  • Dub2305
    Talking Over And Interrupting
    The great points/info/discussion about the movies are lost by everyone CONSTANTLY interrupting the host and then loudly babbling over one another. The Man Of Steel episode is the best example of the peanut gallery ruining everything.
  • Cp123hey
    A podcast that makes the day fly by
    I listen to podcasts and music all day at work and a lot of the stuff I end up listening to starts to feel dragged on, but these reviews always feel fresh even when the movies are old. You guys keep my mind spinning while I do the mundane everyday keeping me thinking and questioning about my own opinions and rankings on the content. Y’all are stupid freaking hilarious which is a hard thing to find outside of actual comedian material. Keep making great stuff. Y’all should just do all of breaking bad and better call saul. I’d listen to every episode without hesitation. TOOOONNAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
  • RudyBagels
    ANNNNIII! Known since he was a small boy... No bigger than a pumpkin.
  • nikkihoi
    My kid loves your podcast when you talk about films they have seen and that are age appropriate, like Star Was anything, Harry Pottery, Marvel. If you are going to review these shows and use explicit language, please take the time to bleep them out in post, don’t use it at all or mark your show/episodes as Explicit so younger ears can’t be reached. Thank you!
  • Blake Westerby
    Love it.
    It’s fun to watch along.
  • se if your ok
    My review
    Love seeing others views on stuff so I loved this
  • Psearth
    Didn’t like your review on the Mandalorian
    I couldn’t finished listening to your reviews on the Mandalorian episode 1. It was that bad. First of all Disney didn’t come this far to lose. Not all Star Wars movies were fascinating, some were completely boring. Disney didn’t just made this for Star Wars fans(thank God), they made it for all fans and new ones that weren’t Star Wars fans. It was a very interesting episode and I liked it so much it kept me wanting more. And that’s why Disney has been successful.
  • Mower35
    Episode 1 Phantom Menace
    You guys said, do you remember people cheering before the end of a movie, and you couldn’t remember any? Endgame? Like, 5 different times!!
  • alchalant
    Sometimes hard to tell the difference...
    ... between the made up terrible on purpose prequel Star Wars dialogue the host reads and the realllll line readings - some of that dialogue is just that terrible
  • britonart73
    Kinda boring.
    I tried listening to their El Camino review and couldn’t get through it. I’ve just watched the movie, why are you explaining it scene by scene? Not funny at all, either. One of the hosts was doing a “funny” voice that was so grating on the ears that I gave up.
  • McHales_Navy
    Another great podcast from Kinda Funny
    The guys do an excellent job of fairly assessing movies. Not in a professional/expert way but as a group of friends who are way to into these movies would. In a huge surprise, they got Maggie Smith to reprise her role from Harry Potter every week to award points to the group. I was blown away!
  • Lucaboccia
    Best kinda funny show
    The recurring jokes and segments are my favorite. Whether I’ve seen the movie or not I still enjoy it. They are now doing all my favorite series this year and I can’t get enough. Keep them coming!
  • is it a wig?
    Plot plot plot plot plot plot!!!!!
    These guys are hilarious! I just got into podcasts and my friend referred me to “In Review”, and I was instantly hooked! They do a great job reviewing movies and ranking them, and they do it in such a fun way!!
  • Moon_Trimmer
    Been a fan for awhile and just now reviewing
    I used to listen to these guys religiously but fell off for some time and now I only listen to this podcast because it’s easier to keep up with. They do have a lot of criticism and unfortunately people take the criticism they give and assume the guys hate the film. Either way I love listening to their banter and it never gets old. The films they pick are pretty fun. I travel a lot for work and sometimes just throw random Marvel reviews on and they always keep me entertained. Keep up the good work guys and congrats on everything y’all have accomplished. Y’all should do a review for the Studio Ghibli films
  • Fanotastxd97
    High highs and low lows
    I like what the show is, a group of friends discussing what they like and don’t like about whatever they are watching. My problem is that everyone has at least one over pronounced quirk that makes them come off like they’re being caricatures, which would be fine if they were entertaining and not grating. Nick is the best; he is the easiest to discern when he’s being goofy and genuine and he doesn’t feel overbearing.
  • crpackers
    Game of Thrones
    I left a 5 star review for your movie review but your GoT reviews are just trash. You guys are the absolute worst kind of fans. You criticize EVERYTHING! You would swear this show can’t do anything right to please you it’s just crazy. I enjoy every episode and I’m excited to hear my favorite personalities discuss it and you just crap all over it week after week and I’m finally motivated enough to write a review about it. Especially Kevin... he really Hates this show.
  • TheWannabeCritic
    I feel like you guys can’t just enjoy things anymore. I can’t listen to you anymore, because you literally just CRAP ON EVERYTHING. I’m yelling in my car at you half the time because you west coasters just can’t enjoy anything. It just always feels like you have bad things to say. Not enough positive I don’t need that 😂
  • link455
    So funny!!
    This is like hanging out with some of your best friends and talking movies
  • Teneighypeewee
    So so good
    Hilarious banter. Great plot tear downs. Everyone’s inner monologue in the form of the funniest movie review podcast by far. May it never end.
  • Scorp_Wild
  • gksteveo_23
    KF at its Best
    This is the best of the KF content!! Where other shows are going downhill this show keeps cruising.
  • L.ch33ngon
    Some of the Best KF content
    I typically let these episodes stack up because of how fun it is to binge their reviews, honestly, if I had to rate this podcast I would but it at the top!
  • matthew cat
    “I need more recap juice.” - Greg
    Whether u watch the movie along with them or not Greg’s recaps are always good for some laughs. The podcasts within a podcast are short but sweet with custom music by Andy MF Cortez.
  • jameel88
    Sorta Funny
    The kinda funny group are the best group of all the groups when it comes down to the g in group it always comes first then of course the r then the o but y’all are just great g r e a t that’s how you spell that oh ya turn the ups almost forgot but please don’t get it confused with the mailing company... lol that would be hilarious.
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