Find out what happens when women break the rules - those unwritten but all too real bullsh*t expectations of how we should live our lives. Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin (formerly Stuff Mom Never Told You) tackle questions through their trademark obsessive research, stories from rule-breakin’ ladies and a solid dose of delightful feminist rage.

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  • Jenk1976
    I absolutely love the content, the topics, and the guests. But PLEASE... stop over using the word “yall”. It’s like nails on a chalk board.
  • VeronicaGrant
    I love the content!
    The content and DEI the women bring in is excellent. Overall, I love it. My only beef with is it sometimes it feels over-produced and too scripted. I totally get scripting the top of the show, but even some of the interviews feels highly produced/scripted. It makes it feel less personal, and I always like to feel the hosts of podcasts I listen to are my BFFs.
  • HeatherVC
    I love this podcast so much! It’s perfection! Much more intersectional than i thought it would be. I’m non-binary and was assigned female at birth and i often feel left out of these conversations, especially when held by cis-get women, but Caroline and Cristen make sure to be super inclusive. To all the people saying that they say “um” and “like” too much: I don’t think I’ve heard them say either word more that maybe a couple times. I think you’re projecting what society projects regarding a female voice. Might wanna check that.
  • Kiradoula
    So good
    Started listening to this podcast from Day one. Really like the episode about bicycling while female. And the one about how to get an abortion. So this is interesting... as I type this on my iPhone, auto fill refuses to suggest the word abortion. It’s pretending not to recognize it..😶
  • KateyyyHannnnnn
    Yass Ladies!
    Smashing the patriarchy one episode at a time. I love this show, it’s hilarious, addictive, and mega educational. My eyes are continually opened to the infectious disease that is society’s opinion of what a woman should be and how we should act. Keep up the amazing work!! 💕
  • mdcooper88
    Love these (un)ladies
    Love love love C&C. It’s been cool seeing their content and confidence evolution from old episodes of SMNTY (much better than the new hosts IMO) to this fun nuanced view and tone. I want to get their book! And as a fellow southerner who loves our gender neutral pronoun, def keep embracing the term “y’all”! Updated to say, too giggly at times
  • Kkremegirl
    Fast talkers
    Could you slow your roll? I’ve never heard people talk so ‘ valley girl’ fast!
  • cerraeh
    Terrific podcast, horrible intro music.
    Honestly I do love these ladies but why the agro punk intro music? I do FFW but it’s annoyingly
  • dilllyweed
    Empowering and enlightening!
    I love the show ladies! Thanks for empowering me to take action on the issues that get me down and enlightening me to issues I didn’t realize were affecting our society. You two are incredible! I feel like a better human for what you have taught me.
  • Portokali17
    Good effort!!
    This podcast can occasionally be a little tone deaf, but these hosts are working hard to learn about new subjects and share this knowledge. The intention is great, despite occasional regrettable moments in the execution. I appreciate the research and wide array of topics represented in the episodes. Caroline and Cristen do respond to audience feedback, and I can tell they are always striving to do better, which is so great! Keep up the great work!
  • Marie Marie Marie marie
    So good
    I love this podcast! Thank you for providing a safe space and lots of research for angry feminists 👍👍
  • LenaJones77
    Keep up the amazing work! An incredible podcast
  • McBlonde987
    The Best!!!
    I've been waiting all my life for this podcast! Great guests, well produced and Smashing The Patriarchy with style. Thank you!
  • Walbergr
    Approachable and Intellectual
    I appreciate the combination of approachable and theoretical in this podcast. It's at a level that could probably be enjoyed by folks who are dipping their toes in the feminist waters while also pumbing some deeper theoretical and radical topics. I agree with other reviewers that some further intersectionality would be well worth it, but otherwise a great pod.
  • fun couple456
    Love your podcast how do we comment
  • BitterBuffalo85
    I love this podcast!!!!!!
  • KateSos75
    HANDS DOWN! Informative, actionable, funny, refreshing, relatable, and super feminist! LOVE IT!
  • Aha!REH
    Absolute. Gold.
    As a queer AMAB non-binary person who grew up in a deeply misogynistic and otherwise oppressive religious community, this podcast is not just teaching me tons, it is helping me do so much healing from the violence of the culture and community I come from. I couldn’t thank you enough.
  • cvpapita
    Too many “like” usage while speaking. Please listen to yourself and tone down the “like”.
  • Mapahari
    Great materia but need to improve the narration
    Great material but I get distracted by the constant upspeak and “likes” and “uhms”
  • ohcae
    Every time I listen to an episode of Unladylike it gets me fired up in the best way possible. This show is a slap in the face that everyone needs! Inspired my feminist tattoo & pushes me to challenge the patriarchy. What else do you need in a podcast?
  • Kaiser Soso
    Some good guests
    I listen to this podcast because of the guests. The hosts are not my cup of tea. They sound rude, or unkind. I don't like the " y'all" fake southern dialog or the punchy non-receptive speech.
  • Ally R W
    This podcast has helped me evaluate myself & what feminism means to me. I honestly think it’s helped me evolve into a better feminist and person. The guest speakers always drop knowledge & leave me with a lot to think about. I appreciate this podcast so much.
  • EMorganShe
    This has been such a great addition to my podcast library. THANK YOU.
  • princess boi
    Love this podcast
    I love this podcast. The hosts are great. The topics covered are relatable and relevant. The intro song gets stuck in my head in the best way. I’d like to hear more from women that are combating climate change by pushing back against car culture. The only thing that I’d change is the ad choices. Bud Light? Gross. I get that the show needs money to keep going but eww.
  • Aeon Blues
    6 stars!
    Both entertaining and informative, this unladylike ladies are amazing. Social conditioning makes quite, good consumers. We need to be loud, unapologetic, and smashing the patriarchy.
  • Gk1180
    Best podcast ever
    This podcast is so empowering, funny, interesting and thought provoking. I listen every day and love it!
  • Kbernish
    Thought provoking!
    I love listening to things I know nothing about the really expands my thought processes. There is a great one with a professional phone sex worker. Push your boundaries!!
  • Lola's lovely
    Smart! Talk some more, please.
    This podcast is full of soooo much awesomeness! The interviews are well done, the ladies are so knowledgeable and articulate as in what they’re saying. That’ll you for passing all the knowledge.
  • Coco Chanel Coco 143
    Did not like episode 54. I don’t support feminism.
  • BunnyRabbid
    A Refreshingly Upbeat Approach to Feminism
    I have shied away from many a feminist pod due to the fully justified rage it inspires in my heart. While it does feel good to rant it out with some co-humans occasionally, it leaves me feeling exhausted. This podcast has a more constructive and positive approach to feminist discussions that leave me feeling inspired and full of joy. Building each other up and celebrating our accomplishments together feels more constructive than screaming in to the patriarchal void. My favorite episode is still “How to Change a Tire”.
  • astral_sleep
    This podcast is so validating. Many of the topics discussed here are from areas I have personally struggled with or had unanswered questions about. It’s liberating to know my feelings and experiences are real and justified.
  • Allthenicknamesrtaken (Nicole)
    I loved c&c’s previous show sooo much that I knew I would love this one too. Except I find myself skipping every episode because the topics are related more to feminism as “choices” and I was so hoping it would be more about feminism as a way to dismantle the patriarchy. They are currently on episode THREE(!!!) about women and body hair. Maybe we need to talk about that but jeez there is so much else going on right now we should be discussing and no one is going to suddenly have equal rights due to hairy pits. All over just a disappointment.
  • Hannah Lise
    The Big Sisters and Best Friends I always wanted!
    This podcasts tackles all the themes that I have either struggled with/wondered about since teenage-dom with such ease, professionalism, and humor. Each episode makes me feel heard, comforted, intriqued, inspired, and more often than not laughing out loud in public. Cannot reccomend enough, give Unladylike a try!
  • forlornkitty
    Interesting and empowering
    This is a cool podcast however I hate the theme song. It is loud and aggressive and angry sounding. I have to tune the volume down every time because it is so agitating. The topics are great, the hosts are fun, and they have good guests come in! However I don’t like it when sometimes it sounds like they are reading from a script for prolonged periods of time. I want to hear some of your unfiltered/disorganized/real thoughts!
  • dhjsnsnska
  • you know me (;
    Lacks Credibility
    There were several inaccurate statements made in the Mormon & Feminist episode. It was extremely biased. To build credibility, it would important to interview someone who is currently active in the church or even any of the leaders — men or women. If you are interested in receiving more information, please feel free to reach out.
  • Lcdscreen
  • mofem_respect_all
    Fact checks would be nice
    Your podcast on Mormon Feminism was well intentioned. Just wish you would have consulted with someone from our community before you posted it. It had a lot of errors and felt condescending that you wouldn’t respect the women of our community by trying to get it right. More research or even a second pair of ears would have cleared these missteps.
  • black cactus killer
    Very unfortunate
    I really loved the podcast, however when I asked a question on their socials, I was immediately blocked. I attempted to reach out to them to have a more honest conversation, but they never got back to me. If being unladylike is also being a misandrist, then y’all aren’t pushing for equality.
  • Dope Queen Paol
    Not intersectional
    Y’all are close and you have great topics but there is such an absence of really addressing issues and how differently they affect women of color instead of just a 30 second clip on it. It feels like the only issues you’re truly appalled by are those that affect white women.
  • FrancoFail
    Curse like a professional
    I share these with other women, but also my LGBTQ friends, friends of different cultures and backgrounds, and even men - pretty much anyone stronger than the patriarchy Maybe the pod on cursing will help my colleague so he no longer apologizes to just me in our calls when he drops an F-bomb. And I’ll start dropping a few too.
  • Scribble2me
    Please stop saying y’all
    Other than that I love the show!
  • LindaSC73
    My favorite podcast
    I look forward to it every week. I love that they tackle subjects so directly! And in some cases, it’s changed the way I look at things, challenged what I thought I knew, and opened my eyes to topics I had never considered.
  • Mikelqaz
    Another level🖤 Thanks for tackling the topics we've all been waiting for.
  • Tmb2462
    Educational and entertaining and interesting you guys are amazing
  • StarryNightQ
    You are the best! Such an inspirng show, love listening to it and getting inspired by it. Funny and fun and makes me want to unladylike the world!
  • Luckestarz
    The Babes with the Power
    Great podcast. Well researched and fun to listen to. Cristen and Caroline (the hosts) also wrote a book by the same name about intersectional feminism with amazing artwork by Tyler Feder. Stay informed and support women entrepreneurs because FEMINISM.
  • Sen. Lyndsie
    One of my favorites!
    I listen to tons of podcasts at my job and I always look forward to this one. Super high quality and extremely well rounded. Always accurately represents multiple perspectives of an issue. Highly recommend!!!
  • rbigelo
    For building empathy, listening, and understanding skills.
    The first job of the feminist advocate is to listen. I listen to Unladylike to build empathy, listening, and understanding skills.
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