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“Health has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify it” In this podcast, we hear stories from leading health experts and exciting personalities who offer easy health life-hacks, expert advice and debunk common health myths giving you the tools to revolutionise how you eat, sleep, move and relax. Hosted by Dr Chatterjee - one of the most influential GPs in the country with nearly 20 years experience, star of BBC 1’s Doctor In the House, and author of 4 internationally best-selling books, including ‘The 4 Pillar Plan’ – Feel Better, Live More aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we feel. When we are healthier we are happier because when we feel better we live more.

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  • Tbangaz
    Putting it to the test
    I’ve been incorporating a lot of the information I get from this podcast into my life, and my health has significantly improved. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I’ve become stronger. I found this podcast through you tube while I was looking for advice on how to improve my health, and this is one of the best. Life saving information.
  • smrcooper
    Amazing podcast!
    Being able to really just sit in on a chat with people, and have a bit of an explore, is really pleasant and rewarding.
  • ZigzagPath
    Rangan, stop saying “this is my podcast..”. We all know that it’s YOUR podcast. And stop addressing everybody in your greeting, “hi guys, how are you doing?” Just mention the name of the pod. Say what’s it’s about and if you want to sound friendly talk to a single person. That’s podcasting 101. And stop repeating your stories. For a regular listener is a turn off. Also, while you took a break from social media, your platforms kept posting content. How ironic!
  • jslhello
    Good podcast but either too short or too long
    Bite size podcast are too short at only 15mins but his regular podcast are too long at 2hrs ling. Podcast ideally should be 40min-1hr not too long. No one has time to listen to 2hr podcast-too much wasted time
  • Helpful/hopeful
    Great and straight forward information
    I enjoy the compassionate, yet straight forward approach of this podcast. It feels as though the ideas and information are useful and reasonable for us “regular” people. I have learned a lot about health and wellness, but the podcast also brings a smile to my face because of its positive tone and hopeful messages. Thanks for the work you do!
  • Hddbdhdbjdbfdbdhf
    Excellent Contact
    I can’t say enough about Dr. Chatterjee and the podcast. Since the first episode I heard I was hooked. I appreciate the practical ways he tries to offer suggestions for felt both physically and emotionally. I am a therapist myself and I am constantly telling my clients about these episodes.
  • Findingdonna1959
    Gelong interview
    Hello. First of all, I want to thank you and your wife for all the effort that goes into the show. It is absolutely first rate so thank you. I did have a few insights about the interview with Gelong. I question his obsession with the silent retreats. Since we are communal creatures - placing oneself in an environment that is not in alignment with our true nature would seem to logically cause us to suffer. It seemed to be his result for years - years that he can never get back. He seemed to do well the first year with community. Yet, he seemed to feel that people were a distraction versus a support. It almost felt like he was punishing himself. Just my insight. I also felt that his statement about parents understand unconditional love was a bit insensitive and incorrect as a blanket statement. I have parents as I know many others that have no idea what unconditional love is. In an ideal world - his statement would be true but unfortunately broken people bring brokenness to others even parents to children. Thank you again for the podcast.
  • whitestonebridge
    Fantastic teacher!
    I’ve learned so much from Dr. Chatterjee. I trust him and he’s made a positive impact on my life even though we’ll probably never meet. He keeps and open mind. He seems so genuine and truly compassionate. It’s refreshing to see an MD who wants to keep learning and is open to more holistic ideas.
  • boxysam
    Excellent, informative and pertinent
    Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee is an excellent manual for living. The podcasts are full of science backed information and tips to live a healthier, more satisfying life. Every episode provides take-aways to implement immediately. As a healthcare professional, I appreciate the experts Dr. Chatterjee interviews and the pertinent topics for this moment. I have personally streamlined my food choices and improved my sleeping habits through recommendations from this podcast. Also Dr. Chatterjee’s books are excellent resources! I look forward to every episode.
  • Alec Mc.
    Big Chatterjee Fan!
    Love this podcast — especially for Dr. Chatterjee’s personal approach, pleasant voice, wealth of knowledge, and balanced perspective.
  • miragladstone22
    Thank you!
    I really love this podcast. Dr Chatterjee is such a kind and genuine soul. It really shows up in the way he listens and talks with his guest. This podcast uplifts me and inspires me to be a better person.
  • barpu
    Excellent pod cast
    This pod cast opened a lot is possibilities that I never thought of can be improved in my life about me.
  • 13Foody
    Too much advertisement
    Its informative but 10 minutes of ads every 10 minutes is too much. What happened to focus in helping people instead of selling supplements?
  • plezc
    Diverse topics to inform and guide people to attainable health globally . Very good!
  • NoritonaK
    This Podcast is Life Changing
    On the average, we listen to each episode two or three times. I’ve learned so much! Dr Chatterly is very engaging and asks brilliant questions. Every guest he has is a gem.
  • AjayN21
    Genuinely Life Changing
    This podcast strikes the perfect balance between information, inspiration, and practical advice. It’s hard to explain why, but the range of topics discussed and the manner in which Rangan communicates ideas and guides interviews has connected with me in a way that nothing else has been able to do before in my life. Maybe I just discovered this show at the right time in my life. Regardless, this show has genuinely changed my life. I find doing things that I knew would help me such as practicing good sleep hygiene, exercising regularly, eating well, etc., that were so difficult to do consistently before, effortless to do now. And I find myself craving more. Rangan — you remind me of a future version of myself, someone I aspire to be like. Thank you for doing what you do.
  • Bethany2037
    Quite possibly my favorite podcast!
    I’ve been listening to the show for over a year now, and have found it to be so educational, informative, and aspirational, but also realistic, grounded, and inspirational. Many episodes have been wonderful, but my recent listen of Episode 378- Life Lessons from a Holocaust Survivor: Hannah Pick-Goslar prompted me to write this review immediately. All I can say is WOW. I wept while giving this a listen - both tears of sadness at the horrific parts of the survivors’ stories, but also tears of hope and gladness when I heard how strong, brave, resilient and compassionate Hannah and others survivors like her were despite all they endured. They created beauty and goodness where there was none, and if I can live up to even a fraction of a fraction of their legacy, I will have done something good. Thank you, Dr. Chatterjee, for the wonderful work you continue to do. It is much appreciated by this listener!
  • Snowface101
    #372 Sadhguro episode is PROFOUND
    I listen to your podcast alot & learn so many important and beneficial lifestyle habits. Yet the episode w Sadhguro (I haven’t even heard of him prior), blew my mind & openned my perspective more than any scientific guest ever have. That episode is a GIFT. I’ve listened to it twice already and its only a Thursday. It is BRILLIANT!
  • isEVERYnicknameTaken???
    Want to feel better? Listen up!
    I decided it was time to start really focusing on improving my health (you might think this would have occurred to me sooner as I’m a health professional, but hey…), and I stumbled upon this podcast and the YouTube videos, watched them while exercising and listened during chores and it’s been literally life changing. Intermittent fasting:I kept more stable energy levels and lost my excess 40 pounds. Sleep hygiene:started finally getting a decent nights sleep. High 5 habit: mood stabilized. “Glucose Goddess” tips: no more sugar crashes. The list could go on and on, but…just start listening and watching; Dr. C doesn’t invite charlatans, but actual researchers and others with valid and important information. This is THE ONE podcast you should make time for…and you won’t regret it.
  • prl72
    Great show but too long!
    I appreciate that Dr. Chatterjee wants to have deeper conversations but episodes are often running 2+ hours. Sorry Doc but I don’t have time for that and end up having to stop mid episode. Please try and keep conversations (and your listeners) by keeping episodes to 90 minutes max.
  • DCTrainer
    Good Podcast
    As a vegan fitness coach I am always looking for simple habits that I can share with my clients. I frequently recommend Dr Chatterjee’s book on weight loss. Dr. Chatterjee’s kindness comes through in all that he does. As with all things, you must decide what subjects you want to explore. I’m not a fan of alternative medicine, but I am open to healthy habits.
  • Kashmalen
    Great podcast!
    This podcast has given me so much insight and awareness about various facets of what it takes to be healthy. Dr. Chatterjee takes an approach toward wholistic health and I respect that so much in an M.D.
  • RelaxItsJustFood
    I loved the interview with Dr Mindy Pelz. I feel the conversation was really well rounded and organized. I listened to it multiple times! So great! Well done
  • peesfull
    Compassionate and informing!
    I found the interview between Dr. Chatterjee and Dr. Mate’ extremely compassionate toward the Mental Health issues many can relate to childhood trauma. I especially appreciated the discussion regarding Prince Harry and what I feel is unfair treatment and press he has received as he tries to come to terms with his own childhood trauma.
  • sizzle 2020
    Listen!! You willLove EVERY episode.
    What a wealth of interesting and IMPORTANT information presented in such a down to earth and engaging manner. Rangoon is so engaging and fun to listen to. It is my absolute FAVORITE podcast to listen to. Try it and Enjoy every episode.
  • blindGuyJoe
    This is it!
    Here’s the place & that’s for sure, to Feel Better & Live More!
  • jilliansmith.rd
    This is an amazing podcast with inspiring guests that have literally changed my life. Dr. Chatterjee is an incredible host that has relevant discussions with experts across all industries in health and beyond!
  • Jessica L Mejia
    Than you !
    Thank you for all the great episodes with a great guests. You’re doing an awesome work and an amazing contribution to the world. 🙏
  • Jadejasidy
    Swings between great & mediocre
    Some of the conversations are great but others vary from having poor sound quality to just being promotions for guests’ books
  • BP Writer
    Great podcast, content, guests
    Came across Feel Better Live More and am really enjoying it. The candid conversation with Lewis Howes about learning to deal with adversity, insecurities, and challenges in life, was amazing. Thank you for the valuable takeaways like how a great mindset can have a positive effect on destiny. Learned so much.
  • Skullkid1391
    Profound and with heart!
    Dr Chatterjee is not afraid to take a wholistic view of health and well-being. Every episode has been packed with incredible information.
  • Pam Pam Chap
    #342 Was Eye Opening
    Thank you for episode #342 with Mindy Pelz! I learned so much about myself as a woman, why I feel the way I do certain times of the month, and how I should design my fasting and workout routine around where I am in my menstrual cycle. The first hour of the episode should be heard by all women everywhere as a “Women’s Hormones 101” class. Thank you!
  • -c peters
    Absolutely incredible episode. I found myself at the beginning just not jiving with this episode and it wasn’t something I was even very interested in But I stuck with it and after about 10 minutes found myself having to stop and let all these bits and pieces Sink in. It literally has taken me nearly 8 days because some of the points and insights are so powerful. Absolutely beautiful episode. I will come to it again and again.
  • tc6469
    Packed with great information
    This guys cares! He is so smart and kind and inspiring. Each episode is chock full of amazing information. I learn something new every episode that I apply to my life. The best episode so far was with DR Mindy Pelz. Fantastic interview on a subject that absolutely needs to be fore front in health.
  • WSB27407
    Thank you so much for providing this podcast! Your genuine care for others shines through with each episode. Even on days I feel discouraged, I’m motivated to pick myself up and be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.
  • magalionajourney
    So insightful
    Thank you so much for the amazing content you provide each week!
  • MListens
    Thank you
    Thank you from the tips of my toes to the depths of my heart. Such compassionate and actionable advice and ideas. I am truly grateful. Bless you and many thanks.
  • MASSyogagirl
    So incredibly useful and interesting!
    The guests from all walks of life and backgrounds who provide discussions of real world issues is absolutely amazing. Never miss it!
  • L. Ghahramani
    Insightful podcast
    This is my absolute favorite podcast! I began listening to Dr. Rangan Chatterjee podcast about six months ago and look forward to the biweekly episodes. I’ve even listened to many of the recorded podcasts before that time because he is such an excellent interviewer. My favorite thing about the show is his insightful questions as well as allowing the interviewee speak about the subject without multiple interruptions. Highly recommend his show!
  • vivaldifan2
    A great place to find some encouragement!
    This podcast is one of my go-to resources for ideas on self-improvement.
  • fraudpatrol
    This is such a thoughtful podcast and the host is very genuine and engaged... and he has a lovely voice. It does seem very male centric though and would be refreshing to cover more women’s health and wellness which is underresearched or discussed. I have an immediate recommendation: Silent Fire by Dr. Shilpa Ravella—about the history of gastroenterology and it’s AMAZING—brilliant and impeccable researched as well as shocking in how Americans are slowly killing themselves with food. How to hear that interview!
  • Pdmittens
    Mixed feelings
    I love this podcast, I’ve learned and benefited greatly from many of the interviews. This one was interesting but I think it may need a cautionary disclaimer similar to the one about fasting for people with eating disorders. If, like myself, you are in a dark or fragile state because you’re struggling with depression this one might not be helpful at this time. Wait until you feel stronger within yourself.
  • ElizJoy14
    Truly such a powerful show. I appreciate all the immense effort and research and time that goes into each and every episode. It shows in the quantity content. Each episode leaves me inspired and with a lot to reflect on. I find myself thinking about the conversations for weeks afterwards!
  • RASinUS
    Questionable guests
    Excellent interviewer, but can’t listen anymore after some recent guests espoused pseudo science views with no supporting data. Views went unchallenged, and then of course same guests have products for sale on their websites of course.
  • LLuvCoolJane
  • More Orange
    Consistently Wonderful
    My favorite podcast. Dr. Chatterjee provides consistently wonderful conversations and vulnerably offers relevant bits about his life that educate, comfort and inspire. So informative!
  • Fitz1229
    Voice of reason in these chaotic times !
    Thank you good Dr. For your level headed advice on health and well being.. you don’t need me to tell you what stressful times were going through (and I mean everybody on this little blue marble!).. but change comes one individual at a time ..and by practicing the information in Dr. Chatterjees book “feel better in five “…you’ll have tools to navigate through the crazy times we’re living in !👍🏻🎸rock on Doc!
  • salmanay
    Outstanding podcast
    The most amazing and relaxing Podcast. Big thanks for Dr.Rangan you are making the earth more happy
  • Unbaised 101
    Absolutely a life changing podcast
    Thank you so much
  • SDmillion
    Amazing guests but the host???
    The guests are great but if only he would let them talk! 🙀. He’s always trying to show them up, always trying to impress them that “I already do this, I already practice that”. I am so holier than thou. Just get off your high horse and let them talk! Why so condescending? Stop patting yourself on the back! Let them talk! Enough with your own “I’ve been reflecting”. We get it. You’re more precious to mankind than gold. You’re a gift to humanity. Got it!
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