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In the Evidence Based Birth® podcast, we cover the research evidence on hot topics about pregnancy and childbirth! Our mission is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices.

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  • rose12334567
    Chest feeding.
    I’m done. Bye.
  • spinfencer26
    Some good information but too WOKE to be evidenced based
    Some of this information is helpful but the use of none evidence based, none scientific, political language, significantly undercuts the podcasts claim of being “evidence based.” Frequently using fraises like “chest feeding”, and “lactating or pregnant persons,” creates a cold, inhuman, atmosphere that denigrates and dehumanizes women. Where as talking about mother’s and women breastfeeding creates a warm, and reassuring atmosphere that promotes dignity and calm. There is no evidence that non women can get pregnant, give birth, or lactate. So using deliberately non female language creates confusion, mistrust, and is inaccurate. How can you say you are “evidence based” when you use language that is not in the least based on evidence?
  • Munchkin37
    Great birth podcast
    Great info about birth for pregnant people and birth workers!
  • thematriarch
    Hopefully you’ll grow out of this podcast
    This might be a good podcast for women just now entering the birth world but it’s also low key dangerous... and the erasure of women in their language is really upsetting. Women own birth. Let us have this one thing. ONE thing.
  • Birth Matters NYC
    Excellent resource for birthing parents and birth professionals
    I’ve been a childbirth educator and birth doula for over a decade, and Evidence Based Birth is one of my top 2 resources for expectant parents, and the first place I go whenever I want to look up the most current evidence on various birthing topics. It’s so nice to have not only their write-ups and be part of their professional membership (which is SO worth the investment), but also to have some of the info in podcast form so I can listen while this busy homeschooling mom running a business is doing all the things. Cannot recommend it highly enough!
  • BernadetteMary
    Love the site but the podcast is very biased
    I absolutely love the EBB site and how they have empowered so many women and birth workers with evidence and research surrounding birth practices. The podcast, however, has far too many subjective topics and has clearly been pushing sociological views. I’ve been really disappointed in how often guests spout opinions and views that are not evidence based. More than a few “full spectrum” doulas have been featured as well as guests biased towards new gender ideologies and abortion. Would love for EBB to stand by its name and do some real research on the effects and risks of abortion.
  • Bookworming it
    The best resource for all of my clients!
    Love Rebecca and how she presents all of the information!
  • Myrtle2016
    LOVE EBB ❤️
    EBB is where I send all of my clients and I love getting my own info from them! Definitely recommend listening in for tons of great info!
  • Katerry Florence
    Everything EBB does is gold
    All the content that Rebecca and EBB puts together is important to creating change in maternity care.
  • tresadee
    Relevant and inspirational
    Love this podcast! The evidence provided is presented in a non bias way and easy to understand. Other content and stories are great and have rekindled my passion for birth work! Definitely will recommend this podcast to my coworkers and future patients/clients. Thanks and can’t wait for the next podcast!
  • Trufflesque
    More ev
    While I appreciate the inclusion of personal stories and social justice in birth in the podcast, I can find this in a multitude of birth related podcasts and venues. I value most the episodes that focus on reviews of clinical evidence.
  • informednaturalmomma
    Top resource when preparing for birth.
    The Evidence Based website and podcast really helped give me peace of mind when preparing for a unmedicated birth. Having the evidence to support decisions I made for my birth plan was extremely helpful for both me and my husband. Oftentimes we intuitively know what we want for birth, but the empirical data can be helpful to form a framework to make decisions based on. Evidence Based Birth provides that. I highly recommend it for parents preparing for childbirth, for childbirth professionals, and anyone looking to learn more. It provides the best resources! Also a perfect place to point people who are questioning your birth decisions!
  • Utah's Motherhood Photographer
    BEST resource for birth people!
    This is my FAVORITE podcast to recommend to pregnant mamas - haha and just about every birth worker I know loves everything Rebecca does. She tackles important topics with the evidence everyone deserves to make informed decisions about their care, in a easy to understand way.
  • aef 123
    Loving this podcast!
    As a perspective doula and lover of learning all things pregnancy birth and women’s health, I am truly enjoying all the hard work put into these episodes. Thank you!
  • CK, L&D RN
    Invaluable information!
    As an L&D nurse, I love having this evidenced- based birth education available. It’s truly changed many aspects of my practice in pain management for patients, as well as teaching points for new parents in caring for their infants.
  • Taras Birth Services
    EBB 18
    This was great information!! I don’t think many people realize just how pain is perceived differently for everyone. Thank you for sharing this information!
  • JayMee212
    Love this podcast!
    So much information that helped me to prepare for the birth of my second baby.
  • Stephanie206
    Great information that is well based in scientific research. She is able to clearly summarize a complex topic.
  • plusmommy
    A Great Show For Parents & Birth Professionals!
    As a childbirth educator, I’ve followed and shared Rebecca’s work for years. I love taking my evidence based birth knowledge a step further with this informative podcast. It’s always a great listen!
  • Lauryn58
    One of the best birth podcasts
    Love the unbiased advice!
  • SarahMakesTea
    Old episodes are great, new ones are off topic
    I pass older episodes to clients all the time because they have great information. The podcast recently has been all about the upcoming book and is no longer relevant. I’m sure it’s fascinating if you have an Interest in writing a book but most people aren’t writing a book, and would be searching out different podcasts for that information anyway. I would love to see this podcast get back on track with great information for birth workers and expecting parents.
  • whitterific
    Where are the working women?
    I appreciate the insights of this podcast. I’m just starting out as a doula, with a full time job as a designer and am a single woman with no children. I’ve heard a lot of women share their stories who clearly don’t require a full time income from their work in childbirth, or mothers who are able to take a lot of flexible time with their children. It would be great to hear more acknowledgements that this is not the norm for a lot of people. A diversity in opinions on this front would be helpful.
  • Heidsms
    Birth Doula shout out to EBB
    I am a Birth Doula and I LOVE EBB! I take their classes, listen to the podcasts and refer all of my clients to them! Thank you for helping me the best Doula for clients and I try to reference you on Birth Story Podcast whenever I can! -Heidi from Birth Story Podcast
  • Ladybugbride
    Really helpful & interesting topics!
    As a L&D nurse and nurse-midwife student, I love all of the evidence-based information at my fingertips. This podcast is so easy and fun to listen to!
  • Mommadalles
    Perfect for sharing
    As a doula and childbirth educator this podcast is my go to resource for sharing the research on on issues important to my clients. The information is evidence based as the title suggests but the host, Rebecca Dekker, digest the information in to bite side episodes with understandable language. This podcast should be a go to resource for every expecting family.
  • SL- in Portland
    Incredible, well-rounded source of info
    I'm a doula and have been following Evidence Based Birth, since I first heard of it. I read the blog and check the website often, but the podcast is a very good source of short, easy-to-digest, gems of information for parents-to-be and birth professionals. It's easy to keep up-to-date on the actual research evidence (rather than the abundance of opinions and anecdotes) while driving to my appointments throughout the day. Great resource.
  • auntdaci
    So good
    Awesome information, unbiased, clear, concise... just great! Thank you for this amazing resource :)
  • Beck19842016
    Better to read
    This podcast is completely inaccessible. I have a PHD and a ton of experience with quantitative data. 28 weeks pregnant, I couldn't be more interested. However, the information is way too dense for the audio format and not explained well for the listener.
  • raplover411
    Great unbiased information
    Love this podcast to listen to while pregnant. I’ll be more educated and know what is actually a risk and what is not
  • elehuiani
    Great Resource!
    I’m so excited to have found this podcast via a doula org that I’m a part of. Great work Rebecca!!! it is helpful, insightful, and the episodes are short & sweet. As a newer doula, this podcasts is extremely helpful in that I can consider and learn about issues that I haven’t come across in my experience. Definitely looking forward to becoming more involved w EBBirth! 💛💛💛
  • Mom86421357
    Love this podcast!
    So much great information that is shared in a non-biased way with studies to back it all up. It’s also shared in terms that anyone can understand. You don’t have to have a medical background to learn great things. I love it!
  • katiemariecls
    Thanks for the data
    Rebecca, I am so grateful for you and the access you are giving people to real data. I feel like so many people educate from secondary sources. I’m always wanting to know the source of information given by my dr, doula, friends. Two things, first my care provider tried to get me worked up at 20 weeks about having a “big baby”. Your article gave me confidence to make my own informed decisions. PS I’m 6ft tall and had a 7.5 lb baby at 39+ weeks. Looking back I can see how my caregiver was trying to shift control to her side, by using fear. Second, is there any chance you could break down research on the glucose screening test? I eat a 90% paleo diet and I refused the test because I was afraid of what my body would do with the crappy ingredients in the Glucola. My MD was not open to alternatives like eating the same amount of sugar in the form of organic candy or juice. She ordered the test, I refused to go. After a few weeks she did a few blood tests and was happy enough with the results. Anyway, I don’t understand why it’s best practice for R/O GD is to feed a mother Glucola. I would love to hear what the research actually says. And if there is any support for alternatives. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  • Holisticnursemomma
    Love EBP, great for everyone
    From an expected parent, to nurse/OB/CNM, to doula, this is a great podcast. I feel like if more providers honored patient's wishes we'd have healthy and better outcomes. Rebecca does a great job bringing up articles and evidence that shows everyone information on these topics
  • KatieHopeWhit
    Midwife recommended!!
    I’m a CNM and love listening to EBB podcast! It’s a great way to get the latest information on topics that interest me. I can’t recommend tapping into evidence based birth enough— whether you’re an expecting Mom, doula, doctor, or just curious... please check this out!
  • kocipka
    Large volumes of info bundled up into quick and informative chunks
    A very good source of information that looks at multiple studies to help mom’s-to-be make better informed birthing decisions. Saves me a great deal of time from having to go through this research on my own to try to reach my own conclusions. Great podcast, Thank You!
  • Tat2346
    Excellent podcast
    Highly recommended!
  • aggiepie
    Love it!
    I love EBB and having it podcast available is great! Such great information in easy ways to understand. I recommend the site and podcast to all my pregnant friends :)
  • beach7
    Great information!!!
    I love EBB and am so excited that their is a podcast! I’m pregnant with my second and have been soaking up every bit of info!
  • JavaMidwife
    I love having EBB in my podcast queue!
    I’m a midwife who sometimes spends a lot of time driving. It’s wonderful having EBB in my queue.
  • Tris_11
    Empowering info
    This important information addresses how accepted medical birth practices may not always be evidence based. These study results empower women to be better advocates for their own birth choices, given in a language care providers will find hard to refute. If all women were aware of this information, it would completely change birth culture!
  • theCRP
    Great resource
    What a wonderful addition to anyone who wants to practice evidence based nursing. I love that it is just the facts, short and sweet! I can listen to the information multiple times without spending hours listening through.
  • Doula Diana
    Birth Doula and childbirth educator
    I always appreciate the information Rebecca provides. I love to listen to podcasts in my car and I’m excited to begin listening to these
  • midwifesherill
    Midwife Sherill
    I love evidence based birth. I direct all of my clients to many of the articles that are posted on the site. Invaluable information! Thank you Rebecca
  • Nananat06
    Birth Bombs!
    I love that parents and professionals alike can get the “meat” of these important matters from true evidence evaluation! Thanks for making the information available in these easy to listen to bites!!
  • AustinChiro
    Love this research based podcast!
    As a prenatal chiropractor I love listening to this podcast on my commute to work to help keep me up-to-date on evidence-based pregnancy and birth. Keep up the good work Rebecca!
  • Dkamfndlnfk
    EBB is awesome!
    I love learning all the information from EBB and it has been so helpful to me! I really like the podcast format as well!
  • Graya78
    Evidence based birth
    The reflections on her birth experiences was touching. Her experiences have led her to impact so many women/couples with a positive birth experience
  • Emilywalker0316
    Love EBB
    I love EBB. Their info was by far one of the most helpful references in planning both of our births! Knowledge is power and their info is so empowering Thank you EBB!
  • mary, rn, icce, cimi, ryt200
    Greatly appreciate every handout, podcast, YouTube video, etc. presented by Rebecca and her team. You make my work as a prenatal educator so much easier and inspire me to keep searching for the truth behind what we do.
  • NurseSchrcaso
    This info is relevant and unbiased—exactly what is needed.
    I love this podcast and all the research that goes into it. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it’s awesome! The placenta encapsulation episode left me with more questions than it answered! How do the 15 identified hormones play with postpartum body chemistry to support or inhibit lactation? How are the effects of placenta consumption the same and/or different over varying periods of time? 4 weeks vs 6 months postpartum? What were the aims if the two previous studies referenced—what were they looking for in their research? Etc... so many questions in my mind right now. I wish this podcast were 30-45 min long and could dive even deeper into the content!
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