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Careers #171

We all get the same 24 hours. It’s about how you use them. How you approach your obstacles and opportunities to find success. As a follow up to his book of the same name, Daymond John (star of ABC’s Shark Tank, Founder & CEO of FUBU) conducts candid interviews featuring the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Wendy Williams, Tyler the Creator, Nely Galan, and more. These entrepreneurs, musicians, and athletes share the secrets they use to outperform, outwork, and outhustle their way to the top — just like he did.

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  • bws7
    So glad I found this podcast
    He interviews people in an intelligent thoughtful way. He sounds as if he genuinely wants to know and is not just waiting for his turn to talk.
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Daymond, host of the Ride and Grind podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Brendan Beasley
    Great show
    Great show
  • T Notes
    Rise and Grind.
    I loved listening to this. Barbara help me make a decision. Love, love, loved your show. Thank you ❤️ Can’t wait for more.
  • Marisa J2
    Love it!!
    Daymond offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! This is a must listen!
  • i love puppr!
    Why so explicit?
    I would love a podcast that isn’t explicit. There are more than enough ways to motivate and teach without being explicit!! Just one episode?
  • AAAtime
    Fellow shark tankers
    Hi guys, I just wrote my first biz book. It’s our play book on how we went from 3 mil to 20 mil in 5 years. Only on amazon- B2B Sales Degree Any support from fell entrepreneurs is greatly appreciated! Hope you like the read !
  • Young Protege
    These guys always seem to hit on something that you’re going through in your life along with the great jokes and laughs. If you guys see this I would like you to ask ET if he can give a little segment on his forgiveness process with his Father.
  • PenUpGirl
    More episodes please!
    Great podcast for a little motivation on your way to work. More episodes please!
  • Jesus hope lives
    Very informative podcast
    I’ve learned a lot. This podcast gives me motivation. I love hearing about building business/ success stories. Keep up the good work Mr.John.
  • MGCHouse
    GREAT podcast!!!
    I’ve learned and been inspired!!!
  • Lenora C
    Great Value
    Daymond always gives great value in everything he does. He is a true example of success leaves clues. Thank you
  • ejontra
    Better and better
    I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I didn’t know much about Daymond until just the last few months. I knew him from Shark Tank and FUBU fame, but hadn’t really dug deeper. By pure happenstance, I heard him interviewed on another podcast— and was so impressed...especially with his willingness to be open about his faith. Subscribed to Rise and Grind today — and I’ve already listened to 3 episodes. Fantastic!
  • Sal.P
    Uber’s Branding officer
    Clean Interview she did a great job explain the inner workings of her workday. its important that minority’s find mentors that directly assist with their endeavors, Nice!
  • EllEBMOM
    Great way to get through the work day!
    Great way to get through the work day! Makes me work harder hearing advice from leaders!!!
  • Charmmeditates
    Great podcast for high performers
    This podcast has exceeded my expectations the interviews are honest and offer a peek into the life of some high performers you know and some you may not to offer awesome tips and resources to up your game.
  • Howard Gilliam
    Make them 1 hour or two parts
    Make them 1 hour or two parts and hire me Howard Gilliam Jr to shoot the video of these podcast. It would be great to watch or listen. Either way I’m hooked. Need more interviews also. Maybe 2-3 a week
  • BuckeyeTonya
    Part of my Rise and Grind!
    This has quickly become part of my own Rise and Grind routine. I listen during my long ATL commute. It’s my time for personal tips, reflection and motivation. Thanks D!
  • SolomonsThomas
    Gary’s interview
    The interview was great. Straight talk!!!!! Keep it up Damon!!💪🏿
  • BAE & KAY
    BAE & KAY
    I’m super pumped by your podcast! I normally listen while driving. But I now find myself listening at home and during downtime. Thank you for sharing your tools and advise!!! When I become successful I’ll hit you up!
  • @ThriftSociety
    Love this!
    I loved the segment on mentors! The episode with Nely Galan was everything!!!!! I’ve listened 3xs already! It’s very motivational especially since I am also a female minority in production! This is an awesome podcast! I recommend to everyone!
  • Delton Son
    Good Concrete Information
    Although I don’t have many words, I can say this: I am learning a lot, and also building confidence as an emerging entrepreneur. The guests seem relatable and authentic. I also appreciate the delivery of the open-ended questions.
  • scarsurface
    I got to make this your priority !
    Why can we get it on daily basis ?:)) I know is hard to put this together but I’m glad I have the option to hit replay anytime I want. D. You’re a true inspiration man ! Love love love your show !
  • patcamacho12
    A good start for the day!
    Every morning I listen to my favorite preachers’s podcast to nurture my soul and spirit to start the day! Now, I round it up with this amazing conversations of advise, motivation and inspiration that I enjoy so much!!! Thank you Daymond for sharing and giving back, with candid passion, so much of what you have received! God Bless you!
  • Mbiotidem B.
    Winning becomes easy with you listen to this podcast
    Daymond John’s Podcast excavates, dissects and presents the motivations, strategies, mindsets and daily rituals of his successful high profile guests in simple and relatable terms. It’s virtually impossible to listen to his podcast and not leave inspired, determined and energized. Success leaves cues and Daymond John gladly shares these cues with everyone who would listen to this podcast. A word of caution, if you DON’T want to be successful, rich and fulfilled I strongly advise you to stay away. Thank you Mr. John for taking time to give us this podcast.
  • LukeyBear23
    Great so far!
    Daymond is super successful and clearly a very smart guy. He’s got great guests and asks great questions. The only part I was worried about was the show sponsorship that interrupts the show from time to time, but they actually do a great job making that content relevant and not disruptive to the show experience. So far so good! I know with Daymonds reputation, there is not limit to the guests he could get, so excited to see who’s up next!
  • Chevyguyct
    Amazing Insight!
    Amazing insight to some of the brightest minds in the world ! Great job Uncle DJ.....
  • SaderWins
  • archiphobic
    Wendy Williams Interview was Horrifying
    Am I being punked?! Wendy Williams’ Life Lessons included gems like: Women can’t have it all. Working or not, if the dishwasher breaks the wife is responsible for getting it fixed because its what women do. You better be ready to put out when you “get that nudge in the night”. You can’t control what your guests may say but Daymond seemed to be cheering Wendy’s misogyny on. He should have never even released this offensive interview. BTW, I am a successful professional in my dream career, I have a husband and child, I have not washed any dishes since getting married because my husband always washes the dishes and I have sex with my husband because I enjoy it (not because I have to - thats just disturbing!!!) Yes I can have it all!!! I am so disappointed in you Daymond. I was such a fan, but I will not be listening to this podcast again.
  • limolou
    Love it
    I’m new to your Podcast, after following great names like Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone, The RealBradlea to name a few, your very inspirational with lots of energy! Total 5 Stars 🌟 I would give six!
  • Christiaan Amos
    Hitting the ground running!!!
    Great start I absolutely love Gary V and making him and his ideology a part of the foundation of what we can expect speaks volumes. Great work to both keep emm coming!!!
  • itsChrisStacks
    Real and Raw
    We have been avid listeners of Gary Vee for a long time and a fan of Daymond since FUBU began. The content in these podcasts is real and raw. It is not sugar coated and will help you develop that Rise and Grind mentality.
  • Mugshot E
    Dump the music
    I like the messages but I’m being distracted by the music. It’s taking away the focus.
  • ChicagosGreatest
    Would you like horse legs???.... the Tyler the creator episode was funny but his mind is special. It threw me off a little bit but when there was a long pause, I think I understood where he was trying to go when it comes to creativity. I’m feeling this podcast. #wouldyoulikehorselegs?
  • hustlers social club
    Love the show but.....
    Love the show but that Tyler the creator episode got really weird. Looking forward to the future shows coming up!!!!!
  • SeanCunningham
    Love the bonus material here to go along with the book!
    The associated book already brings insight from so many amazing people to help show others how having a solid routine makes an enourmous difference in accomplishing your goals. Now we get even more help establishing that framework with the interviews in this podcast. Thank you, Daymond, for spending so much time helping others achieve the success they've been looking for.
  • SuperDave38
    Great Show
    Informative and Entertaining
  • TMH64
    First Pitch Out of the Park!
    First episode is absolutely out of the park!!! Subscribed and grinding to the next rise!
  • Monument2Ra
    Great way to start the series with Gary V. Literally wrote a page of notes on a half hour interview. I can only hope this is a daily pod cast that extends longer than the book tour. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 star review is due to the zip recruiter add in the middle. maybe do it afterwards or before the interviews.
  • Madalyn Sklar
    Love this podcast!
    If you’re a fan of Daymond John, you’ll love this podcast. He shares interviews with the best of the best. It’s a must listen.
  • Momzndahood
    Daymond John’s powerful voice and epically inspirational message needs to be heard. Rise and Grind is a fascinating look into the lives and minds of people who have learned the secret to success. Daymond himself has an awe inspiring story. Three thumbs up!
  • mrcanada11
    Definitely a motivator!
    I’ve been so pumped for this podcast, since I’m old and just discovered them. They’ve taken the place of my morning sports, and this one gets me more excited every day it gets closer! Thanks Daymond, for inspiring me to move out on my own and try entrepreneurship!!
  • Hark_coffeeman
    It’s about Becoming a Better You!
    How do we do that? By learning from others, and Daymond has provided an opportunity to hear from those we may never get the chance to ask “what do you do, what keeps you going?” The celebrity interviews will be great but my favorites will be the ordinary entrepreneur who found a way to make it happen, like Kyle Maynard! I Can’t Wait! Martin #RiseandGrind! #RNGAmbassadors!
  • thisisteddy
    New mindset!
    The list of interviews looks amazing! Can't wait to listen
  • Frances Prado Hanging Secrets
    Rise and Grind Ambassador
    Thank you Daymond!! this R&G Podcast is going to be a great asset for entrepreneurs.
  • ten23designs
    I’m ready!
    This was an awesome introduction as to what is to come with RISE AND GRIND! I cannot wait to get my hands on my copy... although after listening to DJ in the teaser, I think the audio book may be even better! :) This is going to be a great read and discussion book for my new business book club! -Lauren Atwaters @Ten23Designs
  • master Romeo
    Going to be the best podcast out there!!!!
    Rise and grind is the mentality that everyone should have in order to out work and out perform the competition! Looking forward to hearing the stories of everyone who is featured, next week can't get here soon enough!!
  • mwilens
    Very Insightful and Educational!!!!
    I can’t wait for the release of this podcast! The two minute teaser was great. Rise and Grind is the perfect mentality to have everyday and I am going to listen to these episodes every morning on my way to work.
  • Vibrant Vonny
    Rise and Grind Ambassador!!! ;))
    Rise and Grind, Winners!!! Let’s Take 2018 to the Next Level and Beyond. Let’s GO, Daymond!! So Excited!! #RiseAndGrind 🚀🏆
  • Colleenhsweet
    Let’s Rise and Grind!!
    What an incredible tease! I have made millions and then hit rock bottom. I’m ready to fly again. I’m looking forward to hearing, reading and then achieving the highest level of grind possible!! Thank you, thank you, simply amazing. ❤️🙏
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