Business Wars

by Wondery
Business #23Management #2

Netflix vs. HBO. Nike vs. Adidas. Business is war. Sometimes the prize is your wallet or your attention. Sometimes, it’s just the fun of beating the other guy. The outcome of these battles shapes what we buy and how we live. 
Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights -- or to ruin. Hosted by David Brown, former anchor of Marketplace. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John and American History Tellers.
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  • bcbsmnuser
    Over the top
    I like the storytelling but could do without the fake dialogue and bad voice acting. (For goodness sakes, please find a different woman than the one with the nasally voice and vocal fry!)
  • TheDeathofClass
    What can I say, one of the best business history podcasts ever…I always learn so much by listening to each episode. Great content; I love learning about the personality of business leaders and the rise & sometimes fall of businesses.
  • emptynestingmatt
    Really enjoying this but obvious questions often don’t get asked or answered
    Just found this series recently and am finding it very interesting. However, it can appear to be a little biased by what it doesn’t ask. How can the show make the safety of Airbnb a major issue and never once present any comparable data for safety in standard hotels? I kept waiting for it and it never came. Looking forward to catching up on the parts episodes!!!
  • sneakysasquatchlover
    I have learned so much from listening to 3 or 4 seasons of this podcast. Thank you for making this podcast so I can listen to it every day.
  • teddy knott
    i’m 11 years of age and love this
  • Bony😃🤮😄🤮😄😒
    Great podcast
    I loved this podcast I do strongly recommend The Ken Coleman Show on Apple Podcasts or wherever you guys or girls get your podcats
  • Effturo
    Interesting and entertaining
    Really breaks down each story in a great way
  • ur momsfavorite
    Fun to listen to
    I’m 14 and I love listening to this, because David is such a good story teller and I love the special effects. It’s my favorite story telling podcast around! I love it so much I’ve binged every season! Keep it up!!
  • AvNav✌️✌️
    Can you guys do athleta vs. lululemon?
  • baddiegirlies
    My fav podcast ever
    I love this. Can you do one with Lululemon vs Athleta? please 🙏
  • Dawg82510
    I love this podcast
    I am 11 years old and I love to listen to this podcast it really inspires me and I find it genuinely interesting
  • bebop Rogomogo Guana Tron
    This podcast is great 😀😀😀
  • hdhdhdjsjhdhdhd
    This is the best podcast ever
  • §¢€¥₽£₩
    I really like this podcast
  • FireVaney
    Too Engaging For It’s Own Good?
    I’ve come to this podcast by way of “Flipping the Bird,” which I also enjoyed. Unfortunately, dramatizations that are not comprised of direct quotes weaken the credibility of this series, IMO.
  • CK subscriptions
    Tesla episode- language
    Love BW… but listening to the Tesla season, and if you’re going to have profanity don’t bleep it out. Personally I prefer no language since I like to listen to this in the car with my daughter, but if you’re going to put it in why bleep it? Throws off the listening experience.
  • History Raff
    Pretty disingenuous review of regulating TikTok by an individual whose entire existence revolves around tying things to Donald Trump. The government is seeking to ban TikTok because of Donald Trumps Tulsa Rally?! I mean come on. I think there might be a little more to it then that. Do better business wars.
  • #micah
  • forest decker
  • JamesMcNally000
    Just a great great podcast. Audio mixing has issues.
    How come in every dialog, one character is really loud and one character is really quiet? The audio levels are ridiculous. If you aren’t right next to your speaker or using earbuds, you won’t make out half the convos. That said it’s still a pretty good podcast. It’s not easy to tell these stories in a way that is fun to listen to and engaging, but this podcast absolutely nails it. Just a tiny bit of historical fiction like filling in convos, but not too much. Very listenable. Great podcast.
  • Dhny7777
    Interesting but way to much corn dog
    The show has interesting topics but I can’t make it thru an episode because of the over dramatization (trying to play parts and voices ) and the annoying duhn duhn duhn music. Just tell the story. The content is interesting enough. You don’t need all the other crap
  • MIlo😃😃😃
  • Lady Bills
    I’m addicted to Business Wars
    OMG I love Business Wars. I have learned so much and delightfully intrigued by the story telling. Thank you for the amazing stories.
  • CatBan
    Everything about this podcast is excellent! Very well done. I’ll be switching from Apple Podcast to Amazon music to listen without the commercials for this one podcast.
  • fst327
    Chinese propaganda
    Straight up propaganda for China. I listen to several episodes and if you can get over the subtle brainwashing you will like it.
  • imarchon
    Petrana and the word “like”
    Good series but ended with someone who habitually uses the word “like” in all the wrong ways. Very annoying. Read a book on public speaking and break the habit.
  • Indy_317
    Great but…
    Great pod, very interesting…but for the love of God if you’re going to continue putting in the “conversations” that you think people had, please get someone else to voice in addition to the narrator. Listening to his high pitch pretend voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  • Techme78
    Apple vs. Microsoft
    Oversimplified and factually wrong in many places. Dramatic though.
  • Matt Markulis
    Bad form. Greedy as heck with your paywall!
    The paywall is garbage and y’all ARE GREEDY. I’ll stick to better alternatives. Hope y’all learn relatively soon that this elitist mindset of wanting to soak people during tough economic times will ultimately lead to your undoing.
  • CatJohn0906
    Love the podcast but
    Hi Business Wars Team! I love the podcast and have been loving. Excellent story telling and I always learn something new. I subscribed for Season 79 because I love Disney and cannot wait but I keep getting an error message that says “something went wrong” when I try to access all the other episodes. I just paid for a subscription specifically to not wait and now I cannot access the content. It’s really frustrating and I am asking for someone to look into this? Thanks!
  • coolestcuber
    Business wars is the goat!
    This podcast is great. There is really something for everyone here. Living in the south has me relate to this being local in Texas. 5 stars! Also could you do a season on Dkoldies vrs. YouTube? It’s kinda an ongoing battle but I think it would be a great season.
  • 🥳🙂
    You are rooting for marvel universe
  • Buudies Dad
    Toyota vs Honda
    Season 76 may be episode one at the end, but definitely episode two at the beginning, whoever did the voice overs with the Japanese accent, sounded more like the Cookie Monster. Otherwise love the podcast.
  • scullyn
    Playing to the narrative
    How many more times on the Xmas one are we going to hear diversity and Gay?
  • mike01010
    Recently updated list Hacking
    I really enjoy both this podcast and how i built this, but the two podcasts are ALWAYS at the top of my long library list as being recently updated. For some time that deceived me into thinking there was a new episode. There was not. I understand the motivation behind whatever daily updates you put out in order to keep these podcasts at the top of everyones list and therefore get more listens (or perhaps the updates are completely innocuous), but youre ruining the whole point of the update list. Its quite frustrating. Also, in my case, i actually listen less because i rarely actually click on these podcasts anymore assuming there is not really a new episode.
  • John The Marketer
    This podcast tells the stories of businesses at war and is always interesting. The ads are cumbersome and frequent, but is to be expected for such a large show. I love the content and the narration of events as they happened. I have learned so much.
  • gmann750
    good listening, factual. just a few omissions
    i only listen to the series that look interesting and i have some knowledge of or experience with (tesla vs detroit, spacex vs nasa, starbucks vs dunkin donuts, hasbro vs mattell etc). I like the story format and learn some details along the way but noted in the Tesla episode, eberhart and his partner werent solely responsible for the creation of Tesla, the work of Alan Cocconi needs to be noted. He started the tech in EV1, which GM stupidly scrapped in the 90s.
  • Nockslock3
    It’s fantastic
    Who would have thought I had any interest in raisins, Nike, or Taylor Swift? Zero. But these podcasts made all these topics fascinating. Top notch production quality, and the voice actors bring the story to life. My new favorite podcast.
  • Bob in Fulshear
    TB vs. the industry but I really love TB best
    Corrected your title. Taco Bell vs Chipotle was named incorrectly and pretty biased. I get it. You’re a TB fanboy. Several of the previous series have been interesting but this one fell flat. Just about to give you the boot. Pick it up.
  • Willus_Mcbillus
    Season 75:
    Well now I know the history of Taco Bell and Chipotle. Oh and also how the Doritos Locos Taco was made
  • Meredith Brooks
    Can’t Handle the Goofy Voices
    I’ve tried listening to a few seasons but the narration is just too hard to listen to.
  • Brandonius813
    How about In n Out?
    I love this podcast! I’ve heard about 80% of the episodes and enjoy it immensely. I really want to hear something about In n Out and maybe Costco and Sam’s Club. Anyways, great Podcast!
  • Jdy328
    Chic Fil A belly flop
    I had to laugh out loud at the quote “ Chip-Fil-A belly flops over social issues”. I realize Business wars has a high entertainment appeal but as a reporter on historic stories and events I have the expectations that it will reflect accurate events. If by belly flop they mean a few people got mad and made a little tiny bit of noise that the media capitalized on… okay… kinda maybe. What it should have reported is truth in the fact that Chic-Fil-A had a meteoric rise from an already significant height! They became significantly more profitable and didn’t compromise a company core value. Now I may or may not believe in that stance or the values of that company (or others) but reporting needs to reflect truth. Why the 1 star… not just because of that but because the show needs to consider changing it’s name to Ad Wars! (Good idea for a new show) the slip in Ad like it’s part of the show… and or play so many Ads that you forget what the show was even about.
  • Wargence
    Shame about the political bias and misinformation about a certain virus over the last couple years, but the production quality and content are entertaining. I listen to most episodes, but end up scoffing at their opinions in some cases.
  • Kyushokid
    I’m hooked!
    I’ve been listening now for a couple of weeks and I’m on season 12. Really fascinating show!
  • nico1991montero
    Best pordcast ever
    I love this podcast! The way they make you feel with all the dramatic staging is great! It’s like being there! 10 stars if it was possible
  • Fed8881
    Fan fiction
    Look, some of the stories in the podcast are fascinating, but after listening to the Taylor Swift season, it’s hard to believe that it is anything more than fan fiction.
  • Spadalsky
    Hopefully you can do a series on the complete destruction of CNN because of TDS and the raise of Fox News.
  • LMSMK25
    Great except for music! Is it Monday Night Football?
    Enjoying the stories but the music sounds like a total rip off of the Monday Night Football theme.
  • wats spy gurl
    Air Bnb story
    I clean vacation rentals for a living. But doing well over 10 years. I find it a palling that the lady wants to scare everybody about Airbnb itself. They should do a story on and VBRO they have no cares for what happens on either side. Airbnb at least tries to do more. As far as bad guest. I don’t find a lot of them I’ve only ran into a very few where they don’t want to leave or are doing scam-ish things. Leaving it totally trashed. They have been messy more than what they should. But not to where they’ve destroyed the whole place. So I’m really upset that they have somebody on here talking the negative when they should put somebody also want to talk about the positives of Airbnb itself. Regardless of how everybody feels about it
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