Business Wars

by Wondery
Business #13Management #1

Netflix vs. HBO. Nike vs. Adidas. Business is war. Sometimes the prize is your wallet, or your attention. Sometimes, it’s just the fun of beating the other guy. The outcome of these battles shapes what we buy and how we live. 

Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights -- or to ruin. Hosted by David Brown, former anchor of Marketplace. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John and American History Tellers.

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Recent Reviews
  • ask su FCC j
    Great podcast
    You should do pop culture rivalries
  • Radical Linguist
    Best antidote for anyone who thinks: “business is boring” — no, no, not at all! Business is intriguing and engaging. And you DON’T need chicanery or skulduggery or dirty tricks to hold people’s attention. REAL people dealing with the REAL world — are really interesting.
  • Kdubbs20
    Good story telling could be great
    Love the stories told and the way they are organized and sourced. My only complaint is the voice work. A podcast with the resources of Wondery should be able to get multiple voice actors and definitely could use females for the female voices. This is the only thing holding back this podcast. Makes it hard to listen to at times.
  • W Foster
    Just awesome.
    I have ave been listening to podcast since the invention of the rss file and this is one of the best. This is one of the best written and produced podcast I have ever come across. The host David Brown keeps you glued to the story and has one of the best voices for story telling That I have ever heard. Heck I had to circle the block where I live just to come to a good stopping place as I didn’t want to stop listening to the story...
  • BBuxSamAlJan
    Excellent podcast. Very informative!
    A great way to learn!
  • Bug land
    Superb Podcast
    This is an extremely in-depth, interesting and entertaining podcast. Well done, I’m hooked!
  • olivia rkoss
    is this a glitch?
    i am subscribed but i have to listen to ads! otherwise these are amazing
  • TH1971
    Great show but pls don’t sell out like that
    Absolutely fantastic podcast. Only eye rolls for those ridiculous Lincoln MKZ promos. Your listener audience is more sophisticated than this and it just doesn’t fit
  • Tapout1076
    Season ideas
    Would love to see more aviation ones between the airlines and the aircraft manufacturers. There were some great gun maker battles over the decades, would love to see some of those.
  • shoya59
    Well Done!!
    Listen a few times a week before bed. It’s like a history lesson with a twist. Humorous, educational and fun! Have recommended to friends.
  • ravagesoul27
    More Aviation battles
    I’m loving this podcast but I would love to see more aviation battles between Lockheed, Boeing or Airbus or with other airlines
  • rayj710
    Very enjoyable
    I recommend subscribing
  • WhitePanther888
    Business wars
    I like this podcast it is quite Interesting.There is a lot of cliffhangers.
  • Graced_1517
    Trailer for Flatulence is Air Pollution
    ...Misattribute Nixon quote to Churchill in first two minutes. Sophomoric quality of wit supports the maxim that, “anyone who can afford to buy a quality microphone should not necessarily attempt to use it.“
  • vinchente7
    Favorite Podcast
    Love this podcast! Really enjoy this podcast. Only concern is that some episodes are missing; Nike vs. Adidas episode only 1-3 are available for example.
  • GreaterGamer🎮🤓
    Great! Just a few weird quirks
    I love business stories but one thing that kind of annoys me is that they re-air some series, passing them off as new ones. Otherwise a great podcast and very entertaining.
  • MMckennzie
    You just can’t stop. I love to let them back up and listen to them for hours at a time.
  • milkslde
    This is an excellent podcast, very entertaining. But the voice acting is cringe
  • Lccv
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast. I learn a lot about how business grow to become great and how the competition makes them better. I am from Mexico, how about doing international brands. For example: Sabritas vs Barcel( potato chips in Mexico) Or Bimbo vs Wonder (Bread Making) Specially with a lot of this brands coming into the US (Barcel with Takis, and Bimbo)
  • Ricky90278
    Hanna Barbara
    Would love to here the story the Beach Boy Brian, Dennis, Carl and Mike Love and all the other members that came into the group over the years.
  • Classic Bias
    Boo TRUMP
    Shameful, if you want to learn how the USFL collapsed because of Trump listen to the propaganda about the NFL vs USFL.
  • vilkie Smooth
    Really good storytelling
  • CLHayes Oklahoma
    Great series
    Love this podcast. The Netflix/Blockbuster story was great. Can’t wait to hear the rest.
  • NOVA1993
    Business Wars is a fantastic listen!
    Should be required listening in schools to help raise the business consciousness of our children and change the tide in corporate America. I hope that the continues to highlight current organizations like those that aggregate and sell consumer data to raise the consciousness of consumers regarding privacy as we head into the new decade.
  • Stoneyclaus
    Voice issue
    I love the stories but always laugh when they use a guy to portray a woman’s voice...why? This is so well produced...why fall down on this detail?
  • MLife77
    Great series
    I really, really enjoy this podcast. Love the story format and the insights and details shared. Highly recommend.
  • In2scrabble
    Why Do Liberals Have To Screw Up Great Entertainment?
    This would be a great podcast if they wouod stick to telling the compelling stories instead of editorializing anti Trump BS every chance they get. Stick to the facts! Shameful brainwashing! Listen but beware the spin!
  • kdndnwozbdiwnzbfoenabd
    Great presentation and very interesting
    And by golly the only podcast that puts their episodes in descending order so you don’t have to stop and go up an episode. How has nobody else figured that out?
  • Macky_81
    iPhone vs Galaxy
    We need a business war story about IPhone vs Galaxy!
  • Fortunate Penguin
    SO GOOD!
    This podcast is the best one I’ve listened to in the last couple of years. The stories and storytelling are incredible.
  • CodyTNelson
    No apparent political bias
    Unlike other wondery shows with an obvious attempt to shape history with a political bias, this show just tells the story without beating you over the head with politics
  • Admiral Magma
    Very epic
  • 7731770
    Love This Podcast
    Very venge worthy!!!
  • Colbat 45
    Wondery - the gold standard of podcasts
    Wondery makes the best podcasts available anywhere - and this one is no exception!
  • ninatothenines
    Good show but latest episode had an ad at the very beginning, a preview of the show, and then ANOTHER AD within the span of one minute. No other podcast has this many ad interruptions. It completely puts me off the show.
  • Milotic1234
    In depth and exciting
    I enjoyed listening to this series in the car, it’s fun to learn about how real world rivalry between businesses played out
  • Joshie0
    Obsessed with this show!
    I found this podcast after asking "Alexa" to recommend a random podcast. Now, I can't stop listening. The stories are told in such a compelling way that makes an otherwise dry topic extremely interesting and entertaining. I just finished the recent "Hershey vs. Mars" series, and can't wait to get through more. I've even been listening with my 11-year-old son, who loves it too!
  • Mabelle 25
    LOVE IT!!!
    Amazing!!!! My new favorite. I also found the Spanish version and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you!
  • To Scan QR Code, Do This:
    -4 stars for infomercial
    I was loving the Waze vs Apple Maps episode until the shameless embedding of advertising for a certain vehicle that sponsors the podcast. How can I trust any other "information" to be unbiased? Very disappointing.
  • B MAGA
    Unnecessary politics
    I’ve listened to and enjoyed quite a few of these short series, and always found them quite entertaining. I’m listening to the NFL podcast series right now, and am disappointed by the way they are representing Donald Trump. While almost every other billionaire and millionaire “character” from Business Wars is given respect and usually portrayed as competent, even when they had nefarious intents, but Mr Trump is being portrayed as a buffoon. An accomplished and competitive billionaire, being portrayed as a buffoon. The contrast between the way he is represented vs others is glaringly obvious and distracting and frankly unnecessary.
  • JWM76534
    My favorite podcast!
    This is my favorite podcast many great stories. Since Ford VS Ferrari is coming out maybe you could do one in the car industry! Thanks for all the hard work you out into these!
  • Scorpion_north
    Awesome Podcast
    Only 5 stars is not doing your show justice. I would give it 500 stars. I’m studying toward my MBA and these biz stories fit in perfectly with what we debate and discuss. Again amazing podcast and keep it up. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • MAHAxcl
    Entertaining and Informative
    I just enjoy the history of some the most powerful companies. It’s very inspirational as I build my brand.
  • Baggins 2519
    So insightful!
    I love this podcast - learn so many things about why businesses are the way they are and how the rivalry really betters consumers off more than anything. Learn so much!
  • rgIIIStevensRGIII
    Not Crazy With Story Telling Approach
    I’ve only listened to Netflix vs Blockbuster and while the story is interesting, the story telling cheapens what could be a great documentary-style podcast.
  • Can some one
    I would love to hear about the different makers of snowmobiles: Artic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha, & ski do. Keep up the great work!
  • Nachoman reviews
    Love this pod!
    I’m so happy I discovered the business wars pod! I’ve listened to nearly all the seasons. I love how the stories are given in such an entertaining and fun way. Thanks for providing such great content!
  • Joshicus
    Fender vs Gibson
    I loved this Podcast. I play guitar and I found it so interesting. I’m glad a friend of mine pointed me to Business Wars!
  • Hsugdeuvsg
    Great Podcast
    Amazing podcast to learn a bit about history!
  • Airrick_013
    Addicted... In a Good Way
    This is an unbelievable podcast that ties in the practical business strategies of competing organizations and a gripping storytelling experience. Being ~20-30 minute segments makes it digestible during windshield time to and from meetings.
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