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Women face gender discrimination throughout our careers. It doesn't have to derail our ambitions — but how do we prepare to deal with it? There's no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues, or taking on many other issues we encounter at work. So HBR staffers Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Emily Caulfield are untangling some of the knottiest problems. They interview experts on gender, tell stories about their own experiences, and give lots of practical advice to help you succeed in spite of the obstacles.

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  • design4all
    So many helpful ideas!
    I learn so much from this podcast! I look forward to what Amy and Amy and their guests share every week and their topics always seem to apply to issues I’m facing at work. One of my favorite podcasts!
  • Nadyne
    I want to be Amy B when I grow up
    Every time I listen to an episode of Women at Work, I learn something. In each episode, they bring the best workplace research from around the world, their own experiences in dealing with or managing through the topic at hand, and thoughtful advice for others who are trying to make their way through such things. Each host has a unique perspective that I really appreciate. I’ve especially found Amy Bernstein to be inspirational for my own leadership challenges.
  • SophiePaga
    So comforting to hear these women say what I think out loud!
    I can’t thank you enough for this content. So many thoughts go through my head at work every day. Many that I can’t find the space to release. To hear you speak about the challenges and fears that I’ve faced and heard in such a real way is so refreshing. I’ve mostly had male managers and it’s always felt like they see things differently. Thank you for diving deep and speaking about it all. I love hearing the encouragement and advice you give each other.
  • elizabethdg
    Great Podcast
    I found the entire series very useful, but I wanted to highlight the episode re supporting employees with children with mental health challenges. I’ve gone through this in the past three years with various leadership teams and who is on top makes a world of a difference in my own performance at work and trying to manage making sure I’m bringing my a game to work and to ensuring my children have what they need to thrive.
  • ca es
    Love this new series
    I love this new series with Amy Gallo: Getting Along. The practical tips and reframing are so much more powerful in this “call-in consultation” format. I especially loved the Tormentor episode, as I had a similar work situation to the caller, and found the insights and techniques powerful, insightful, validating (and challenging).
  • Shortiwithani
    Always adding value to the workplace
    The hosts of the Women at Work podcast consistently offer a different viewpoint on a multitude of topics. Although I might not personally carry each opinion, I always enjoy the podcast because it shows me how someone else may think about something. Definitely a must listen!
  • Jess Fick
    Don’t always listen to their advice
    As a woman in a C level position in professional sports (yes, all men around me). The last episode I listened to was embarrassing and it has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with being a respectful team player. Shame on you!
  • 2neos
    Change your settings to see newest first
    That’s not a show setting, but an app setting. Haven’t actually listened to this podcast yet but highly recommended by my colleagues!
  • Dian Z.
    Great show but
    Why ordering the episodes from old to new? I almost thought it stopped putting out new episodes. Other than that, I love it so much.
  • nycatskills
    Valuable Tools
    I learn such valuable tools listening to this podcast. Keep up the great work, it’s much appreciated.
  • baurorag
    Love this podcast!
    The hosts are so insightful and I love the way they speak. They bring on some great guests to the show who have a great deal of knowledge to share. Highly recommend!
  • PCN33
    Always looking forward to new episodes!
    Absolutely one of my fave podcasts to listen to. Feels like a mentor or colleague giving me advice or teaching me new things.
  • JazKraw
    Ashley talks too fast
    Love what you have to say. Slow down.
  • PhuongN1994
    Free, relevant, digestible, valuable career advices
    Gosh, i love this podcast so much. Its my go to listen for when im in learning mode or having questions to literally anything related to my professional career. U guys are doing such a great job to help women around the world who has access to ur podcast to position themselves better at work. Thank you!
  • Danielle Az
    Family Management
    Loved the first episode of the Family Management series, looking forward to more!
  • DKreu
    Love this podcast!
    I’ve been listening since the beginning, the topics discussed and the guests always keep things interesting.
  • neneseda
    A must for all working women
    This podcast has been life changing. Need more content!!!
  • Jjarmen
    Great content
    I enjoy listing to these while I exercise. Thank you!
  • Jakub[SOP]
    Powerful podcast!
    To the hosts, thanks for sharing your own personal struggles on your own career paths as women! Awesome source! Love the energy of every episode!
  • MJS DC
    A must listen podcast for women in the work force
    Engaging episodes , relevant topics and inspiring women. I’m constantly sharing episodes with friends and co-workers.
  • mariastela
    I loved every single one! Very inspiring!
  • Midwest bred
    Aren’t you supposed to support all women? Even those without kids?
    A little late to this podcast but a bit shocked on the episode disparaging workers without kids who have picked up the pieces for working parents. I worked 60-80 hours a week because another key member of my team had a child and couldn’t. And the thanks I got was to be laid off, yet he wasn’t, so please respect how hard COVID is for ALL women. Until then, I’ll have to give up on this podcast. So disappointed and shocked by Harvard.
  • Nicoleta Paladi
    A life-changer!
    Such an empowering and informative podcast for women. It has impacted me a lot before stepping into professional life & and during it. I look forward to more talks and life-changing lessons!
  • MBCal85
    Thank you for intelligent and profound discussion on work life and work-life balance which we so need to have and do here on this excellent podcast. Kudos to both Amy’s for inviting great guests and for providing listeners will a learning and supporting experience.
  • Globalstandard Space
    I don’t like Amy B.
    But, I need women’s thoughts.
  • Salbagal
    Sorry not sorry
    So helpful, great tips, real examples. I’m a fan of both Amy’s who share their point of view at different parts on their career ladder. Thank you!
  • Tolani
    Small suggestion
    Love the podcast. One suggestion: flip the order of podcast to most recent. I hate scrolling 😩
  • MauradingOrange
    Powerful resource
    As a white woman, I specifically appreciate the re-release of the series on race & gender in the context of the workplace. I hope that this helps reframe many of our professional and personal relationships with black women and women of color. Overall this podcast seems to be a great resource for strategies to navigate our changing and challenging professional development.
  • Why I listen
    Love it !
    This podcast has taught me more about how to be a strong professional than anything else. Love everything about this podcast. Listen every week without missing a beat! Amy and Amy do a wonderful job of hosting!
  • Tupstl
    Sisterhood episode
    I really enjoyed the sisterhood episode. Great insights, particularly around listening and knowing how to listen and respond without trying to make up some pretend common experience that may alienate the other person.
  • feyfaavae
    Just about perfect
    I very much enjoy listening to this podcast every week. The topics are relevant, the hosts are relatable and provide diverse viewpoints, the guests featured have actual tips that I can start implementing not only in my career but life in general.
  • Dr Ruth G
    Just brilliant!!
    What an amazing and fun podcast. I love how real and vulnerable the hosts are. Their guests are the best of the best! As a woman leader in higher education, everything hear resonates.
  • missingastarclancat
    Incredibly useful, tastefully curated tools for women at work
    I love this show to pieces. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and can’t get enough. I‘ve even repeated several episodes multiple times and enjoy exploring the extra readings linked in show notes. Across the board, it provides widely applicable but succinct and relatable examples—I’ve been able to implement ideas and add tools to my day-to-day that make work as a woman so much better. Love it!
  • tiredhr
    Informative and Empowering
    My “pre-work” podcast before I begin my day. The hosts are subject matter experts, and have a wonderful rapport with each other. Guests are awesome too. I look forward to every episode!
  • Lemagod
    I absolutely love this podcast! The content is current, relevant, and the hosts are authentic and relatable. Keep doing what you do.
  • TracieLeeB
    Every episode hits home
    I love this podcast. Great choice of topics, love the chatting at the end where the hosts talk about the interviews they did. It’s all very real, and makes me long for more (as in quantity) real personal/professional discussions with other women.
  • Kricket Smurf
    Wish I had this series years ago!
    Every episode hits home. So relatable! (Men would get a lot out of it, too.) And to think, I almost skipped over this series entirely because I thought it would be too girly & ‘feely’.
  • podcast-dj
    Every episode is relevant and helpful
  • Texan native
    Episode 1 of season 4 won’t play :(
    Love this who’s and was excited to hear it. Just came out today and it’s not working :/
  • Aphixxihpa
    I am a cis gender male, who manages a gender diverse team, and this podcast is among my favorites - not just as a manager but as a human in the workforce. The depth of every episode is in line with the best podcasts ever produced, and well beyond the scope of a standard business podcast. One of my favorite aspects is the thoughtful processing after each interview, where the hosts digest the interview and highlight personal takeaways. This podcast is well worth your time.
  • jehmaloof12
    Loving this!
    Love the content. Keep it up!
  • dylanator247
    Feminist grievance culture
    They conveniently disregard the fact men are more likely to be unemployed, lack a college education, be homeless, die younger, lack health insurance, lose custody of their kids, suffer from addiction, etc.
  • fujiapplepi
    Great Advice on Relevant Topics
    Love the topics and how applicable they are. Great advice and interesting to listen to.
  • Whyyyyyyyyyy123
    This is exactly what I hoped it would be
    I found this podcast when I was looking around for career-oriented shows. I’d subscribed to a few other related podcasts before, but they’re all hit and miss. It’s not to say they’re terrible or useless or anything so drastic, but I can honestly say that sometimes, I skip an episode. That’s not the case with Women at Work. I enjoy this show so much! The topics are engaging and thoughtful, and the hosts do a wonderful job of really digging in to the nuances of what it’s actually like to be a woman in the workplace. Thank you for your research and efforts. I am truly a fan, and I would recommend Women at Work to any woman, whether she’s working in an office, at home, or is a stay-at-home mom. It’s nice to feel like someone else has your back, and sometimes, a mentoring career woman with more experience than you is really helpful. I’d also recommend this podcast to men, because let’s be real: men could use a LOT more insight into the issues women have to deal with in the workplace. A little empathy wouldn’t hurt either! Long story short, Women at Work is exactly what I hoped it would be, and I am very glad to have found the show. Thanks again.
  • Emmalaz
    Thank you Deloitte Digital
    Deloitte Digital sponsors this exceptional podcast and too often we forget to thank them so want them to know that their message is getting through and associating their company with such a quality series ( ashamed to say I only discovered it recently but have gone back to listen to the previous seasons) will help them gain new clients and engender good faith from their existing clients. Thank you Amy B Amy G and Nicole for bringing your A game always. The guests are great but I really enjoy when the three of you discuss the topic after the guest.
  • TheRealC
    Thank you for having the two ladies on the show to talk about Sisterhood is scarce. They brought up issues I have been feeling as a woman in technology, and it felt nice to be heard for once.
  • commuter fan
    Make more episodes!! We need them!
    Thank you!
  • angelface1007
    So insightful and useful for men and women and all levels of experience
    I just found this podcast and am so happy to have done so. There are many topics and great speakers that I can really relate to and I made several realizations about my own behaviors in just the first episode! Can’t wait to listen to them all!
  • Culpeper2
    Thoughtful discussions relevant to working women
    The topics covered are timely and relevant to professional working women, and the range of views and perspectives makes for interesting discussion. I’ve listened to several and my favorite is the one that addressed the thankless, administrative or event planning projects that women often get stuck with. I talked about it with several of my female colleagues. I definitely recommend this podcast and look forward to the future episodes!
  • Ellen from Taiwan
    Love this podcast !
    I have recommended this podcast to many of my friends. Can’t wait to hear your new episodes!
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