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"Act on your principles, not your moods." A weekly meditation on how Stoic principles can help you be a better human.https://stoic.coffeeFollow us on social media:

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  • ORM1103
    Thank you
    Your pod cast is presented in a brief personal way, easy to appreciate in a short time span and very helpful to those searching for a more meaningful way to live. I’ve become a big believer of the importance of looking inward for answers, rather than outward to the maelstrom around our lives. I’m far from my goal, but am hopeful to continue to learn. Your podcast is now a daily event for me. I wish you success and thank you for your work.
  • Moore, OK User
    Succinct and Throughful
    I’ve found the Stoic Coffee Break to be well done and comprehensive, while maintaining singular theme throughout each episode. I devour each episode as it’s released and I highly recommend. I sampled several Stoic podcasts, and none of them stuck until Stoic Coffee Break.
  • Diane zhi
    Really really good
    A lesson in each short podcast, personal anecdotes and experiences serve as a practical example to illustrate the point. I love this podcast !
  • allie sheparo
    Short, simple & easy to understand. Perfect way to start the morning.
  • ohdag19
    Phenomenal podcast
    I love this podcast. Short sweet and to the point with something to ponder. Thank you for this podcast.
  • hjdjojndjejjdnnnrj
    He seems to have dropped the leftist political propaganda
    I find the host informative and enjoyable to listen to. B+ production quality, A for content. I’ve only listened to a few recent episodes and, coming in with zero knowledge of Stoicism, he’s brought me up to speed quickly. I saw some negative reviews lamenting that’s he’s pushing the tiresome woke, anti-white, privilege rhetoric but I personally haven’t encountered any of that garbage in recent episodes. If he starts going down that path again, I’ll unsubscribe, but as far as I can tell he’s now focusing exclusively on Stoicism without any woke virtue signaling.
  • youraveragrgamer
    Worth the Five Stars
    I rarely write reviews unless I'm truly impressed, and that's exactly how I feel about this podcast. It excels in being concise and informative, which is particularly beneficial for someone like me who is new to stoicism. However, I would appreciate it if the podcast delved deeper into the topic of emotions and how to acknowledge and accept them in a healthy and stoic manner. From my initial research, I've noticed that stoicism is often misconstrued as advocating for emotional suppression or detachment, which I believe needs further clarification. I also appreciate having no ads! I will support this podcast by spreading the word and getting some merchandise.
  • KevinJones88
    Instant likability
    Two episodes in and already hooked. Instant relatability with previous religious experiences and a shift in philosophy.
  • AidenPJB
    Every time I tune in I know it’ll be the same quality as last week: awesome and exactly what I’m looking for in a stoicism podcast. He also keeps the ads to an absolute minimum which is cool.
  • Cmc2011------
    Not really a stoicism podcast
    This feels more like the host’s personal therapy session. Recognizing that there are things beyond our control is fundamental to stoic philosophy but the host repeats the mantra that we cannot control how other people feel to the point where it borders on excusing bad behavior that causes harm or pain to others. The podcast is heavy on personal anecdotes and quotes from stoically but light on any in depth discussions.
  • ylsabiafwy
    Absolutely great listen and brief. It’s really a mental coffee.
  • not a nutter
    I like that the narrator openly relates to how tenants of stoic philosophy has helped his own life. This is a great podcast for a daily journey through living. As an educator, one has to maintain a clear mind, which isn’t easy to do for me.
  • Carlootie
    Always look forward to a new episode
    Great podcast and topic is always relevant and useful. Not too long and not to short and one of the few shows that holds my attention. Thank you and look forward to more.
  • barkingbuddhas
    good content but the background music loop is MADDENING
    i just discovered this podcast series and am on episode seven. i am enjoying the short, meditation type episodes but the same constant background music loop is so distracting and grating to me that i don't know i can continue.
  • Webster702
    Wish I found this sooner
    I’ve been (and still am) a fan Of Holiday, Massimo & Stoicism on fire. Stoic coffee break has filled a gap in (stoic) knowledge I’ve been looking for but just didn’t find in the aforementioned stoic podcasts. LOVED the ‘model for thinking’ 11/16/22 episode. Thank you!
  • ASR77
    Simply the best podcast on Stoicism
    I’ve listened to several podcasts on Stoicism over the past several years and although I only recently came across this one, it is by far my favorite. Every episode is accessible and an appropriate length and most are worth multiple listens as a lot is packed in to each one.
  • lucretius2
    Excellent presentation, communicated with clarity and understanding. Erick is honest to his stoic principles: no self aggrandizement, no ads.
  • nickname12920
    Better than Daily Stoic
    not full of grift and advertizements. Intimate and pragmatic.
  • TooTallTia
    love the narrator's voice
    listening to this short episodes is almost like a meditation. His voice is relaxing, thoughtful and the pacing is perfect for reflection. It really helps me wind down and get my brain to think deeper thoughts
  • Aaron Cathey
    So relatable and helpful.
    Daily Stoic went to paid so I wondered if Stoic Coffee Break came back. So glad it did. Love the host. It’s like a friend talking you through stoic philosophy. It’s stop start sometimes. But I get it. Just thankful he’s back.
  • brian485
    An outstanding podcast for both the content and form
    It takes skill to both briefly and coherently express a complex thought. A skill seemly lost in today’s world. Stoic Coffee Break does exactly that. Highly recommended.
  • whipitoutnowboy
    Check this out.
  • Blueswsky
    So worthwhile. Thank you!
    Just found your podcast and listened to the episode in anger. Got so much out of it. Plan to subscribe and support. Thank you so much!
  • speedemon688
    A great way to recenter yourself
    I love this podcast! Whether I need a break, a boost, or just a little inspiration, this podcast can do just that. It is a great way to ground and recenter yourself when life gets to be overwhelming. Highly recommend listening and then practicing what you just heard
  • Old guy 43
    Hit and miss
    Some sessions are pretty good, others are just meh.
  • MJ56&
    seems to be getting political.
    I was enjoying some of the Stoic insights and the application to my modern life. Unfortunately, similar to Ryan Holiday, an increasing amount of episodes have a political veil to them. For the record I’m not a fan of either major political party. One example, is the way in which Erick spoke of white male privilege. I have no issues with discussing privilege broadly and specifically as it relates to specific privileges, but he only includes the stereotypical white male while also failing to acknowledge that not all white males have the same experiences. I grew up poor and have had a gun pulled on me three times before I was 25, twice by cops (an accident on their part because I fit a description, young white, unshaved, hoodie). I have never been arrested… My point being that we all have unique experiences and privileges. Privileges can be economic, beauty, etc. Yes, some identity can correlate at a higher percentages with other privileges like race and economics, but it’s not a hard rule. The whole point is to treat people as individuals regardless of specific identities ranging from race, to religion, to gender. I welcome the conversation, but please present it in better faith rather than the typical white male stereotype. Perhaps you were speaking from the white male experience because that’s what you are, but we all don’t share that highly educated, privileged status.
  • haidozo
    Left-wing rhetoric presented as stoicism
    I started listening to this because there were one or two episodes where the host really seemed to dig into stoic philosophy. But that’s long gone now. Lately, the show is little more than the host’s left-wing thoughts, muddled up with quotes from stoics. Not particularly insightful nor interesting. And I say that as someone on the political left.
  • Frank Bellizzi
    Loved it, until you brought in your agenda
    That was the least stoic analogy you could have possibly used. “Professionals, who have dedicated their lives to this work”? He’s more of a politician than a scientist or doctor. And a vast array of information is present negating the ethical and logical application of this vaccine. Additionally, many argue against it for the simple fact that it is (1) a futile attempt, given the virus will likely mutate nearly 200x within the next year (variants); (2) never, for any virus, has a vaccine been state or government mandated; (3) and possibly the most important, is does not help to stop the spread; if the virus exists it can still be transmitted from a vaccinated individual. That was sad. Had you pegged for higher intelligence and reason than that. And you go on to challenge the concept of ignoring evidence and using the church as an example. You truly believe the government is any different than your church? Come on. That has to be the most twisted logic I’ve seen to date. And from you, who claims to be an objective stoic. Again, sad.
  • CGlikesPodcasts
    My favorite inspirational podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple years now. I started listening when I was stressed out in college, and haven’t stopped listening (nor being stressed out). This particular podcast really helps outline the valuable lessons of Stoicism, and these lessons have aided me in life greatly. Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Peggylyn O5
    Peace and Understanding
    This podcast has brought a great deal of peace and understanding to my life. It has had a profound impact on my everyday life and helped me let go of many things I struggled with and tried to control. Thank you so very much.
  • John bygone
    Best Stoic Resource
    I feel so lucky to have found this way of learning stoicism. Such a relief! Therapeutic in a big way. I’m so so so glad you started back up. I’m absolutely contributing to your patreon. You have so much value I hope I can steer more ppl your way!
  • onefishtwofishblue
    Just found this podcast! I’ve been in a bit of rut these last few days and episode 179 helped jolt me back to myself. The episode inspired some self reflection which was badly needed. Thanks for your work I hope to continue listening.
  • Dubdub2k
    Stoicism in kind every day language
    I love this podcast! Erick has a great way of breaking down the harder concepts of stoicism into understandable bite sized nuggets that always leave me asking myself more questions. He is also very approachable and responsive if you have a question or if you need more clarification about something he has said. He took a break for a while but now he is back to making the podcast and I could not be happier about it. I think the break did him a lot of good and his insights into living a great life through stoic practice have gained even more depth. I always have to stop and make myself actively listen to his episodes, and I am never disappointed. I always feel a little more challenged, and at times a bit uncomfortable with myself. But that is a sign that I am learning how to live a better life. What more could you ask than that.
  • ZenAbba
    Love the Show
    Would like to know how to support. Tried Patreon and could not find. Can you provide clarity somehow on your site?
  • Official Podcast Rater
    Packed with Insight
    I love how you get right to the point. So good! I often listen to them twice.
  • bulldog314
    Excited to start at the beginning
    Update: glad to see you are back! I grew up in the same faith as you, btw, though I also no longer practice. I found this podcast just a week ago, and now you are signing off! I’m excited to see how many episodes I have to catch up on though, because it’s the perfect little podcast. Good luck with your endeavors, and may they bring you joy.
  • Naswisdom
    Love this
    Just found you and I am starting from episode one. Thank you for sharing your journey!
  • shan_94
    Coffee time
    !Great show, glad to hear your doing what’s in your best interest at the moment. Look forward to when you return
  • Futurepx
    🙏 Thank You
    Thank you for making this podcast. It’s very reassuring to hear this outside voice.
  • terryinCA
    Stoic Coffee Break 2 thumbs up
    Love the quick couple of minutes of inspiration i get from these podcasts. Just a daily affirmation or devotional you can listen to in the car on your way to work. Well done! The judgements podcast today was awesome. Thank you
  • TLWinchell
    Big Ideas Compressed and Applied
    I enjoy this podcast so much! Writing this 2018-05-10 because of today's episode about how Erick manages anger. It's difficult to navigate emotions - to recognize them first, and then decide what to do with them. Erick is terrific about sharing philosophical concepts, then sharing how they apply to real life situations. Thanks, Erick!
  • JumpshotJR
    Quick, to the point.
    Excellent episodes. I listen to random episodes every morning.
  • Jamie G.
    Shorter than a coffee break.
    Well done podcast with a relevant and helpful Stoic focus.
  • Thgdfgj
    Well Delivered!
    These short and sweet podcasts are really insightful and help me understand many stoic ideas.
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