Peer to Peer

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Peer to Peer features two best friends living together in a house in Atlanta, and chronicles stories from their unusual lives. They're two distant friends that met on an old basketball podcast, Agent 00 and Legend of Winning discuss interesting topics from their lives and popular culture. A serious departure from the type of content they regularly post on YouTube, no subject is off-limits for these two.

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Recent Reviews
  • mikedaprince
    thank y’all for getting me through work! you boys inspire me greatly 🤝
  • producer jons burner
    Best pod
    Producer Jon needs a raise😤
  • MiracleMan35
  • justin louise castilo
    Davis has a gyat ✊🏿
  • KidFromNC
    Love y’all
    Always love watching peer to peer, keep being great
  • MXSamurai
    The combo of Jon, Low, and Agent on this podcast is GOATED! This is why they’re #1 on gaming
  • jdjdnsjjsbd
    Lick the tip
    Lick the tip
  • EG7Elite
    Peer to peer
    W podcast
  • richi4rmboston
    AMP best youtube group
    One of my favorite Podcast
  • Pgunna1800
    Aint Bout It
    LOW be gangsta till Jon throw them gang signs up
  • Z_art24
    They be speaking straight faxxs
  • eddyslla
    Only podcast I really listen to 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • aq1015
  • xirocc
    ofcourse its gonna be good its low and agent
  • EzBreezyASeezy
    10 out of 5 stars
    My dawg pmo this n I love these boys man. I’m excited every time I see a new podcast up. Funny, n informative. Jon a difference maker for sure
  • yahzilla
    Amazing content
    Binge worthy, love the vibes and banter, keep going guys
  • Lukas_++
    W menz W podcast
  • Deez ==Nutz
    Plz don’t stop
    Y’all best duo I can’t stop laughing and audio sounds great it’s like If Lebron and Serena Williams Had kids Agent and Low Both Don’t stop working and have a passion for what they do
  • ybn55555559
    Peer too peer
  • mr. hellmuth
    Agent and low
  • Althalmi
    One of the best podcast to listen before work
  • skdkdjxjx
    Low & agent and don’t forget john
    Where the podcast ?
  • KING Malus
    Noti gang 🤘🏽
    Shout out to the gang 🤘🏽
  • Bunnnn899
    Helps me get thru my day
  • kareem mills
    Low & Agent
    they mf legends- kareem1
  • Merga Gebeyehu🇪🇹
    I made sure to leave a five star
  • Ya know y im here 😑
    W Podcast on planet Eartth
    Best podcast on planet earth we love Low Jon and Agent AMP on top💯
  • Ccmamas267
    Big dubbs!
    W JON W LOW W AGENT bigg eff you to audiomack .. idky tho
  • CesarA.S
    How do I get acces to the PATREON?
  • 682neaal
    I listen to at least 3 episodes a day when I’m at work. This shi is such a basic podcast but it helps me through the day.
  • Jay Scribe
    Top of da Morning
    Top of da Morning, Top of da Morning, Top of da Morning, Top of da Morning, Top of da Morning, Top of da Morning, Top of da Morning
  • ikingleo
    W podcast
    i’ve listened to almost every episode and it’s easily one of my favorite podcast because it has it all. it’s very entertaining, funny, inspirational, and educational in some ways. Low and Agent’s personality mesh together very well and then u add Jon into the mix and it’s makes the pod absolutely HILARIOUS. i definitely recommend to anyone who’s already a fan of their youtube channels or looking for a entertaining podcast made by black content creators.
  • Wopdacity
    Quality Content
    These guys hands down have the best podcast on the planet. I truly aspire to be like them. 💯
  • AlmightyMojo
    Best pod duo ever
    I would of never thought I could listen to a podcast before this literally the time flies topic after topic they are hilarious and gamers my kind of people.
    W pod
    Tbh Jon makes this podcast 100x better. Get HEEM out the closet😂🐐
  • Khi_Khi2000
    The best podcast
    This is the greatest podcast love that they can talk about anything and still give good advice. One day I wanna be on their podcast
  • Sheanthebean
    for the boys
    W podcast😤
  • vinceb59101
    These guys the best
    Love Low, Agent and Jon. They a great team and give real people view points. This podcast a huge W.
  • yonix2674
  • gunna2smoove:))
    Pure greatness.
  • epagnihtab
    W podcast
  • Skully is here
  • xking.kofix
    Best pod on earth
  • ramses e
    I wanna go to Walmart and buy as much lotion as possible, grab a tub of lotion and dump it on marcels feet.
  • Rick_da_ruler
    Best Gaming Pod in da Game
    No comments needed 🎮💫
  • wetffshytrw
    Best Pod of all time
    Skully and noti gang gang gang gang! Also I stand with Jon and the silent protests 😤 PLM, PRODUCER LIVES MATTER
  • nickname42597
  • 559austin
    Agent and low are a dynamic duo great podcast to sleep to or listen through daily activities
  • seeesawwwedz22211
    W pod
  • -C1K-
    Peer to peer
    Listened to every episode on YouTube but came over here just to give it a 5 star 🤞
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