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Peer to Peer features two best friends living together in a house in Atlanta, and chronicles stories from their unusual lives. They're two distant friends that met on an old basketball podcast, Agent 00 and Legend of Winning discuss interesting topics from their lives and popular culture. A serious departure from the type of content they regularly post on YouTube, no subject is off-limits for these two.

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  • Beezybrice
    Gonna miss it
    Been listening since 2020 it was a nice ride, always listen to the podcast at work, at home or even on long drives
  • Jesus_jay
    Only podcast i ever stayed faithful to, finna miss it
  • zyzy😍🥵
    peer to peer
    This the only podcast i ever sat through and listened to at one time fr like podcasts doesn’t really interest me but peer to peer never fails to get all of my attention , and whoever is reading this review you are amazing never forget that and believe in yourself .🙂💫
  • Baglandbill
    RIP the pod
    Favorite podcast ever man my first podcast fr fr so many good memories I started watching as a freshman in high school and now I’m in the backend of my junior year in high school. I appreciate all the time and effort man and when you guys run back another podcast (which I think y’all will) or continue this one ima be back fs💙🥲🤧
  • Dame4321
    Peer to Peer
    I’ve listened to Peer to Peer for a couple years, and grew up watching both LOW and Agent 00. I’ve tuned in on multiple occasions since they started the podcast, usually on YouTube. The podcast covers a multitude of of topics, such as basketball and pop culture, but they’re pretty diverse with topics. There’s a different guest on each episode, with one of the biggest names being NBA star Jimmy Butler and Twitch star Kai Cenat. Their guests are usually in the twitch, YouTube, or basketball space, with a few exceptions. The pod always flows well and the hosts always connect well with the guests.
  • PappyMass
    Peer to peer
    I’m a big Agent Fan aswell as low and Jon I find this trio Hilarious and been watching since like episode 3 and still haven’t gotten bored or it. Keep up the good work!!!
  • TrulyMajor
    Poddy podcast
    I’ve been watching this podcast for over a year and this is one of the most hilarious podcasts out there give Jon a raise also
  • Kheron
    Podcast problem
    Does anyone know why my podcasts don’t get updated on here as they come out? The latest podcast I have is early October
    The only podcast I’ll sit throughout beginning to end. Watched all of the ones on YouTube so I’m listening again on podcast app. (I know they’re the same pods). Overall W pod
  • TemmeTalented
    Best podcast
    Always watch the podcast on YouTube but I wanted to help your reviews and rankings on here too
  • 1423jack
  • mr. hellmuth
    Wish y’all would post new pods on here
    I see like 4 eps on YouTube but i don’t have service at work and im not paying for YouTube premium
  • etov rogi
    5 stars
    Petition to either get LOW some lotion on his feet or get that man to wear some socks. Homie acting like don’t nobody out here care about him, that’s crazy
    LOWs Feet
    Petition to get him some lotion.
  • LOW got bunions
    Best podcast fr
    So I was never really into podcast, but I came across peer to peer and I realized podcast is a way to get away from you surroundings, and with peer to peer agent and low make it seem like I’m there with them. Then you got the great special guests who are actually special, and then you got John making me laugh here and there. So overall great podcast keep it up
  • jnaveh
    Noti gang gang gang ganh
    Great podcast
  • SamsonCoco
    Noti gang
    Noti gang gang gang gang GANG
  • Colagte
    Best podcast
  • caveman 230
    Best podcast
    Only podcast that makes me laugh out loud😫!!
  • KeyHitEmUp13
    Top 5 pod
    The only podcast I can listen to for hours of the day
  • Verified--
    W Podcast
  • zBad Game
    W Pod
    Love this podcast so much, just switched to audio from YouTube. So sad to hear that it might end tho because Agent is losing interest.
  • DevronT
    Golden content… too funny
  • Agent's Cranium
    Ashy Knees
    Make more episodes NOW
  • k1yaan
    amazing duo
    noti gang gang gang gang gang gang
  • jakaih___reviews
    Mac n cheese
    some mac and cheese seem good right now low ill make sure to wait for it to cool off unlike her ......
  • Owenlit23
    W pod gimme more episodes tho🤷‍♂️
  • jacoblilja
    Best Podcast
    usually be watching the youtube ones but had to move over to this to give y’all a five star i fw yall
  • haviok
    Preciate yall
    This is my favorite podcast, this trio is unrivaled thank y’all for the constant real life content laughs and more keep up the great work🫡
  • Sauceyboicharlie
    Peer to peer>
    One of the best podcasts love all three of y’all fr a couple entertainers who just make me laugh
  • blckchrcol
  • 4632667
  • Hank8kenzo
    Consistent Bangers
    this pod is my favorite hands down, i never miss a pod
  • almightyalu
    top three but not three. agent do be simpin tho…
  • MBzay76
    Found because of AMP⚡️🔥🔥
    ONLY podcast that I watch/listen too all the way through and still be interested by the end of it
  • Cheehdj
    Gets me through my day
    Always gets my through my shift😂 ty guys so much
  • jmurk1928
    Best podcast out
    These guys kills me, I listen to their podcast while truck driving. Keeps me awake especially with the suspect stuff John says all the time. Keep up the great podcast.
  • ccole0514
    Hilarious and entertaining
    I’ve never been listened to something and not been able to stop laughing. 10/10 would recommend
    Top Tier pod
    This pod is amazing. I get happy every time I get that YouTube notification
  • YKtV$
    Best Pod
    Could listen to Y’all talk all day Thanks for helping with these 10 hour shifts🙏🏽💯
  • jfowl_1
    Need a pod featuring Jon while agent or low produces but w pod fasho I stay listening to u folks
  • Kill4vendetta
    Laugh every time I listen to a podcast !
  • LowsToes
    W pod
    W pod always make my day better
  • Taraji ph
    Best Podcast
  • CruzSmoove
    ev’s > outdated internal combustion engines
    low’s tesla model x finna whoop agents dodge trx
  • DylanLabadie4
    Team Jon low fat
  • Nicktheactivist
    Best pod in the world
    Every episode with Jon is a pure classic!!!!!
  • user18491949
    the best podcast
    i listen to this podcast while i workout & their talks always make it so much better and more entertaining
  • salsa8780
    Great Podcast and huge AMP fan
    I love this podcast man! You guys make my road trips so entertaining when I’m tired of listening to music or even when I’m home chilling and just need a good laugh.
  • Miscy083_
    Best podcast!!
    Listening to y’all always makes me feel like I’m listening to friends talking, I absolutely love the energy y’all have every time!
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