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The truth is rarely the best story. And when it’s not the only story, the truth deserves another look. Every Wednesday, we tell the complicated stories behind the world’s most controversial events and possible cover-ups. Conspiracy? Maybe. Coincidence? Maybe. Complicated? Absolutely. Conspiracy Theories is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.

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  • Crissyelaine
    This is my absolute favorite podcast to listen to when I travel. (6 hours one way at least once a month) Molly and Carter are great, I love listening to other open minded people!
  • PodcastGal9
    Great Podcast, But Lots of Preaching
    This is a great podcast, but I find the hosts insert their opinions quite often. I could do without. Otherwise, very good.
  • Kamenikki
    Disappointed with the “Surprise”
    I have listen to every single episode of this podcast as they come out and all of the past episodes and I was actually hyped up for the Thanksgiving special but little did they know that by listening to this podcast I had jumped into the others from the parcast network only to get a very nice rerun of an old episode of a different show from the same year tsk tsk
  • Kate Fitzsimons
    They do their research but are bad at distinguishing between juicy rumors and facts. Not the best
  • Amber's J-boy
    Fellow conspiracy podcaster
    I love to listen to other people’s ideas on what I believe and cover!! You guys are awesome!! Joel from Chaotic Conspiracy Theories
  • Manicboii
    The ads have become unbearable.
    Is it just me or have there been more and longer ads every few minutes? It feels like I’m watching cable TV in the 90s. Will have to unsubscribe. I’ll just check the podcast topics and look up a video covering it on YouTube while using Adblock. (Also, your anti-vaping ads are the worst! Playing right into the hands of the tobacco industry. Shame on you sell-outs.)
  • taggman96
    Need a variety of content
    I have been listening to conspiracy theories for a awhile and to be honest UFO stories are getting really old really. Also please stop being political. If you are going to bag on side please bag on the other and dive deep into the actual facts rather than going surface level.
  • jxhnblazed
    Parcast in general
    It’s not a podcast, it’s an ad-roll.
  • Chanceton8
    Pushing leftist ideology
    I loved the show..... but then .... I’m all for listening to opposing views but that is not why I listen to THIS show. If you are going to have a show about conspiracy theories then thats what it should be about ... and not spouting off biased opinions about something that is irrelevant to the overall story. Extremely disappointed in the show. Also they are now putting advertisements in the show itself.
  • Izzybella1967
    Love Carter!!! Great podcast!!
  • Pthart
    Good format pass on Carter Roy’s inflections
    Really enjoy the systematic structure of the show but Carter Ray’s multiple inflections becomes annoying. Hey Carter, could you pleeeasssse take it eassssy on the old-times southern gentlemen accent inflectionnnnsss?
  • The Askani Walrus
    Lost there way!
    I thought the podcast was pretty good at first and then I got to the episode was about the Oklahoma City bombing and when they started to talk about Ruby Ridge and referred to the Weaver’s home as a compound and babbled on about how their religious extremists I realized they bring too much of their own bias into the podcast and are no longer sticking with the fact I’m highly disappointed.
  • raven1537
    If u want objectivity look somewhere else
    These two morons let their liberal bias shine through any chance they can. To say the Iraq War was about oil reveals that u literally did zero research into your episode. Big oil wanted the Hussein regime TO STAY IN POWER so that they could trade with him. They didn’t want him removed. There are multiple other reasons that dispel the idiotic notion that the war was over oil. But why let facts get in the way of an opportunity to bash a conservative. The war my have been foolhardy but it was t made over oil. Nice try.
  • leathal36
    Good hosts but horrible ads
    The subject matter and host are both very good. The ads are sooo redundant and repetitious. Literally he same 2 ads over and over and over. They play the exact same ads back to back quite frequently. And I Hate when they interrupt the story. 3-4 minutes of ads at the beginning would be much better
  • Spaulding67
    Decent but...
    Doubling up of ads? There are a couple of instances, in more recent episodes, of ads played twice back to back, two different times in one episode. What’s wrong, story content not long enough so you need to pad it? Bad practice, and unsubscribe worthy. Molly’s voice is fine, Carter has become completely buffoonish. Sounds like he’s speaking to a kindergarten group. Almost ready to unsubscribe from this one. Please just talk normally. Also this show really doesn’t require two hosts. It would probably run more smoothly with just Molly narrating. Switching off every sentence or two is a bit annoying. Well researched and written, this podcast delivers some great information for the audience.
  • Johnny ernest
    Great show
    Only gripe is I’m not a fan of the two part episode format.
  • ceepack
    Odd narration
    The guy narrator needs a lesson on when and how to place inflections on his lines. Makes the flow of the stories really clunky
  • willienelsonforlife
    Extremely politically biased
    Lack of straight facts. You cannot rate a conspiracy 10/10 unless you know with 100% certainty it is true. Of course they choose to do a story on a republican family making them sound evil. Why not do one on the Clinton’s!!?? Talk about conspiracies. I know 10/10 that Bill Clinton received a BJ in the Oval Office. Why not do an episode of how many of the Clinton’s political opponents ended up dead?
  • Tracy6968
    Liberal slanted view of history
    In The Mount Rushmore set, Guzton rhymes with boot not gut. They are the Lakota Sioux Indians. Mount Rushmore is the pride of South Dakota & our governor will protect them against all that mean to do them harm. Even the Lakota bought off by America haters.
  • Kaylars08
    I am obsessed with all things JFK, so I started by listening to that episode. After that I listened to more and more of the topics of my interest until I was just a regular listener. I listen on Spotify, but I wanted to come here to give a 5 star review.
  • ju5tn
    I want to like it, but cmon! We searched up conspiracies, and seems like you are reluctantly delivering them...cautiously. I didn’t mind that so much until I started hearing totally wack ads every 5-10 min about some ridiculous fool I don’t much care about. Oh, and it seems like everybody wants to try to get you into their political lean. If it’s not social media and the news manipulating’s the podcasts. Man. Good luck!
  • Scroogescrooge12345678
    The voices!!!
    Omg what’s with the weird fake voices and the back and forth singsong delivery?!
  • MSU 86
    Typical Liberals
    A little snippet in the Bush episode mentioned his so called failure to deal with hurricane Katrina is total crap. I’m in south Mississippi and was on the front lines. The failure fell on governor Blanco of Louisiana. New Orleans suffered due to horribly maintained levees; Mississippi took the brunt! Bush in conjunction with our governor Barbour brought us back. So get your facts straight before opening your mouth! And let’s not forget Iraq invading Kuwait. Y’all conveniently left that out regarding suspicions about Hussein. And while I’m stewing about the Katrina comment let me continue to educate you on the corruption of NOLAs mayor, Nagin at the time...and he did prison time.
  • rodierick
    George bush sr cia guy at Kennedy and was also almost president
    I can’t believe you guys didn’t even mention do you will in the second half but didn’t even mention the whole weird crazy John Hinckley Junior assassination attempts on President Reagan’s life which would’ve made George Bush president much earlier and he would’ve had to run for office I believe that was supposed to happen I believe John he’s a junior was CIA handled because Kamani you can try and kill a president over Jodie Foster come on
  • Kubrickfan51
    The male host of this show is an utter disaster. Cannot continue.
  • Night Club Neil
    Incredibly Biased
    This show used to be fun and fairly straightforward. However, multiple episodes seem to have been done just for political reasons. They might have reached peak idiocy when the hosts agreed Lincoln was not worthy to be on Mount Rushmore. Congratulations Parcast, you are now too woke for your own good. Enjoy irrelevancy.
  • cagirlgapeach
    I enjoyed this show until it appeared they were taking political sides. Which is their right. However I’m tired that I can not even escape politics when listing to a podcast that has nothing to do with politics.
  • Orfinator
    More political propoganda
    If only there was a non-biased podcast out there somewhere. There are soo many conspiracy theories tied to each president, each political party, etc... yet its always the same lean. Just not fascinating anymore.
  • jj silly
    Great job, you guys are the best!
  • NanainNV
    Just the facts, ma’am.
    Keep your opinions and political leanings out of the stories. Regarding the Timothy McVeigh piece and militias. Militias have nothing to do with white supremacy groups. There are militia members from all ethic groups. Don’t be so narrow minded.
  • Big.guy
    Great content, however
    Some of their episodes contradict each other. The series on the Illuminati says that the Masons started in either England or Scotland. However, in their Freemasons series, they show ties back to Egypt. Kind of confusing.
  • Tasha the Great
    You could make a drinking game out of how many times they say ‘however’ in each episode. However, make sure you have a DD because you WILL get inebriated. However, aside from the excessive use of the word, it’s a great podcast. Very entertaining.
  • sabina666
    Good but could be better
    Great topics and interesting stories... one HUGE problem is the two hosts switch off talking almost every sentence. The audio levels are typically off and this chaos makes it so hard to follow. Parcast should seriously reconsider the structure of this show and have either one main host or an ACTUAL discussion between the two, currently the episodes feel like two students reading off of index cards giving a report for a class- I recommend firing the male host because he has zero charisma and is a snooze fest. If they had a more energetic host telling these stories and conspiracy theories it would sound less like a bad book report and would be so engaging.
  • Rocket Science Guy
    Could be better
    I enjoy this podcast for the most part but Carter really plays the victimized liberal in some episodes. He clearly enjoys taking jabs at republicans. Unfortunately that’s the majority of Parcast podcasts. Way to be “tolerant”. I respect that point of view, but it gets tiresome after a while. Just leave it to facts and keep it that way please. We don’t need your political opinions. Molly seems much more level headed and I would enjoy the podcast more if it were just her. As for the writing, it’s pretty good until it gets to anything scientific. Several episodes have incorrect terms or poor wording. The writers clearly are not in their wheelhouse and apparently they don’t have time to research terms, units of measurement, etc.
  • Cmoney492
    One of my favorites!
    Perfect for a long drive if you're at all interested in conspiracy theories!
  • Smcmac32
    Overly scripted and wouldn’t be a Parcast product if they couldn’t find a way to tie MK Ultra or Richard Kuklinski into EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW. Also repeatedly spams feeds with new shows.
  • wreckit64
    I’ll bet the mysterious humming is because of all the straight white males.
  • Draw3
    Can you get One thing right?
    There’s no need for two people to tell a story. A narrator gets into a rhythm but when the two of them start talking the rhythm is broken. When a narrator is telling a story he or she will pull the listener in. It makes it very hard to follow along and to get into the story. The things they believe are facts are mostly lies. This is one of the worst podcasts I’ve ever heard.
  • jasonduskin
    Long time listener...former long time listener
    It has just become another outlet for politics...we listen to some podcasts and watch some TV shows to try and escape from the political BS not have shoved down our throats in thinly veiled comments.
  • Halfrican Rabbit
    Amazing Podcast
    Approach, facts, delivery... All A+... I fully enjoy learning some tidbits of lesser known history and the controversies surrounding these events. Well done! I’ve plowed through most of the episodes and eagerly await more. Please keep it up!
  • NickyKneecap
    Boring Narration
    Informative, but the voices are so stiff and non expressive. It doesn’t sound natural at all.
  • Ya aint got no learnin
    Marxist Propaganda
    Like almost every aspect of our society today, this podcast is about pushing an extreme left wing agenda. It has become nearly impossible to escape from the propaganda of the Obama cultists, as they have infected education, culture, sports, media, government, technology and even healthcare. They are the most dangerous virus humanity has ever known. Don’t waste your time with this tripe.
  • Grafiti ball 10000
    Wow. Such liberal propaganda!!
    The most recent four part Oklahoma City bombing episode is the most blatant propaganda ever. Not only does it not talk about the conspiracy theory around it but it is a topic they already covered. The only reason for doing this right now is because of what is going on currently in the country and to demonize anyone right wing. Carter Roy is a leftist and anti trump guy. Check out his youtube channel. It’s literally just vids of him pretending to be hitler as trump. Insane he of all people would do this pod.
  • murseinsomnia
    Just found your podcast. LOVE IT!!!! Binging on episodes in the car and at home while I fall asleep. Thank you for all your hard work. Fan forever. Are you going to present an more podcasts? Nothing since July.
  • piphmm
    Pretty Bad
    It’s amazing to see the reviews call this podcast political or biased when it’s so dispassionate, so invested in not having an actual discussion, and so willing to dismiss the suggestion of conspiracy and accept the dubious explanations that would make a conspiracy unlikely. Also, the nature of conspiracy is going to involve bias and opinion.
    Please stay neutral
    I really like most episodes but then I noticed how politically biased Molly and especially Carter are. Please just state the facts and leave your own views and your over the top political correctness out of it. You could also do an episode that is directed toward the left to cover all areas.
  • cottonpepper
    Title not accurate.
    Not really about conspiracy theories. Just a thinly veiled political podcast.I guess this is what you get in an election year.
  • Cheeze whiz26
    It’s weird how the woman podcaster gives every American made conspiracy a lower believability ranking but foreign conspiracies she is all in. It just goes to show perspectives in American can change how you view the world.
  • active_podcaster30
    Partisan Podcast
    Hate Reagan? You’ve found your podcast because these folks do as well! Even as the narrators attempt to make the case that the Republicans covered up Reagan and Bush’s crimes for Iran-Contra, it’s grasping at nothing. One can’t help but wonder, will this podcast also investigate the Fast & Furious program, where Eric Holder and Obama sold guns to cartels, and said guns were found to have killed Americans? Eh, don’t hold your breath.
  • boe jiden 777
    I really wish I could listen to a podcast without being forced to listen to their political beliefs.
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