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Modern Finance breaks down all things bitcoin, cryptocurrency, finance hacks & tips, decentralized finance (DeFi), yield farming, NFTs, robo-investing, and more. Join entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose as he interviews experts and the entrepreneurs building modern finance tools. Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." Kevin has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, as well as the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

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Recent Reviews
  • KGW1233
    Great crypto pod
    Kevin Rose strikes again
  • hgfttdde
    Great show!
    Love the new show. Kevin has a way of being informative but not to technical. If you’re interested in blockchain and or defi this is a great show.
  • Thedoctoraddiction
    Great content. Very timely subjects
  • djjjvjov
    Awesome podcast
    Learned so much about stuff i didn’t know i wanted to learn about great intro and can’t wait to see what you have to come in the future!!!!
  • mll378
    Great Show
    Listen if you want to hear interesting crypto content. I binged all of the episodes today. I’m looking forward to the next episode. Thanks Kevin!
  • wingshot21
    Just great!
    Such a useful resource in a rapidly changing ecosystem. Thanks Kevin!
  • jvdalen
    Just in time
    This is my new favorite podcast! Structured broadly to cover finance as what it is becoming. Thankfully material is not BTC specific.
  • pollypanzer
    You are changing my life!
    I just want you to know, I don’t know how I found you, but I’m so glad I did! Every single episode is so eye-opening of newness for me. Learning from your awesome, down-to-earth talks!!
  • jchetb
    Real Deal Crypto Podcast !
    I am so so happy to have Kevin Rose doing a podcast specifically on crypto! Thank you very much Kevin, it is really nice to know what I’m listening to is done out of your love for great conversations and education!
  • Blorpal
    Annoying nerds
    Some people have a face for radio what's the equivalent when your voice is horrible and nasally? Maybe They have a voice for being stuck down a well where nobody can hear you
  • Excited Listener
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    New favorite podcast. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the future of their money. As a new father and small business owner, I love learning about what’s on the forefront, and hearing everything about modern finance is amazing. Credit card point hacks to NFTs. I’m in love.
  • CAB SJ
    Stuffed with great ideas and tips
    And most importantly, Kevin breaks this all down in language I can understand!! Plus his show notes and links are so helpful. Thank you Kevin.
  • blakerevans
    I absolutely love the conversations Kevin is having with his guests. I’m new to crypto and NFTs. He does an incredible job making something so complicated and makes easy to understand and digest.
  • evgor2510
    Buzzwords galore
    Love Kevin but this is just a lot of rambling about every crypto related asset under the sun.
  • Newbete1
    Exceptional Podcast
    As a podcast junky, this has become my favorite podcast.
  • Tom Smith III
    Great crypto podcast
    Kevin's excitement in this space is easy to recognize. I listen as soon as each episode is released, and end up with way too many tabs open in my browser trying to dig deeper on things mentioned during the episodes!
  • evdman
    Thank you sir!
    Great content, Kevin puts a lot of energy into this podcast. Can’t wait for the next episode.
  • JesseGray
    Really looking forward to more of this
    If you’re a fan of Kevin Rose and the random things he’s into, you’re going to love this. For me, he has consistently brought things to my attention that were just off my radar, and have subsequently brought joy to my life. After only two episodes, this one is already getting added to my “must listen” playlist in Overcast.
  • Électrophone
    Great content
    Awesome content and speakers so far!
  • JQuirinoMusic
    Great podcast!!
    Great presentation and very engaging. One wish; if the high end could be tamed on the hosts mic. Softening the sibilance (S’s esp.) would make the voice sound less harsh. Will definitely be a long time listener nonetheless!
  • jdsimcoe
    Energetic; intelligent flow
    I love the energy, momentum, content and straightforward approach of this podcast. I highly recommend it!
  • sakura1
    New to NFTs and Crypto - perfect for me
    As a late entrant to the NFT and crypto world, I really appreciate the basic discussion of the first episode. It was easy to understand and exciting. Also love the website - no frills, but all the details. Thanks. Looking forward to more episodes.
  • Adcmarti
    Finally a resource that explains crypto/modern finance in simple terms. Kevin does a great job of breaking things down with his guest into terms the novice can understand. Highly recommend!
  • donnychaos
    Really exciting
    I loved both of the first two episodes. Great content and guests, and Kevin makes it all very accessible. Definitely subscribing and listening to all future episodes if they stay this high quality.
  • hawa11anry4n
    Kevin Rose is back doing a exceptional job here
    first 2 episodes have been similar to other podcasts but much different very understandable easy to listen (not too long not to short) plus I love that Kevin Rose is back such a likeable and knowledgeable host. Can’t wait for more content
  • TristanbNewman
    Exciting m, entry level content
    Always enjoy Kevin on Tim’s show. Now, seeing him bring the world of crypto to the average person’s financial understanding brings the joy! Thanks Kevin and guests!
  • Peteypedro111
    Amazing podcast
    Keep them coming! If you’re into crypto this podcast is the best!!
  • Sushi Sexy
    Kevin has a strong track record and knows what he’s talking about. Excellent podcast!
  • adam_nv
    Great podcast
    First two episodes have been great. Cutting edge stuff.
  • wsknyc
    He’s Back
    I’m a fan of everything Kevin does. Great interviewing style and great guests and topics. He made Tim Ferris rich. Definitely worth the time.
  • Mikelly22
    Wish Kevin would make more shows
    This is a great podcast and will definitely be a major resource as all things crytpo begin to interact more with the world. Kevin is a well rounded intellectual and has great conversations.
  • digitalmoteur
    Super excited about this podcast
    I think the first utterance I heard about Bitcoin came from Kevin Rose when I was a Diggnation listener. I’ve been a long time fan but as I’ve been spending all of my time learning about traditional finance as I strive for retirement, I’ve felt a little bit out of the loop when I see friends and coworkers exceeding my capabilities to keep up with our changing world. There’s only two episodes of this podcast but the conversational nature has been a great reintroduction to a world I’ve admittedly ignored for too long. I’m hoping to cover some blind spots in traditional finance as well. Kevin Rose is a magnet for interesting guests, as proven by his track record (The Foundation series of interviews was my favorite), and he’s someone who fully immerses himself in what he’s interested in and is able to engage people on a level only a true peer could. Outside of the content the quality of the podcast itself is consistent with someone who knows what they’re doing. Well trimmed, good sound management, and I’ve enjoyed it in my car as well as out running with my headphones on. Really looking forward to future episodes, great idea Kevin!
  • aguynamedben
    The right mix of hype and pragmatism
    I’ve followed Kevin since the TechTV days and I’m glad he’s getting back to more hardcore tech in this podcast. The first 2 episodes do a great job of balancing the hype cycle, the real economic shifts, and the technical workings of this new emerging economy. Great job Kevin!
  • ColeWest
    Kevin is an underrated interviewer. Great show!
    I’ve listened to several of Kevin’s shows. He is consistently great and really does his research. It is pretty impressive how he can keep up with so many topics and converse fluently with experts. Thanks Kevin—doing Portland proud!
  • Sd Christopher
    Worth your time
    Definitely something worth spending time listening to! I enjoy Kevin Rose’s interview style, and his ability to simplify things and then take it to a more complex level!
  • nkhach
    Kevin Rose is a legend if you know you know. This new podcast is a gem in a mine full of dirt 💎🙌
  • cbuck212?
    Thank you Kevin Rose for MoFi!
    For someone who is super curious about up and coming trends, this show is great. Kevin asks the right questions and has access to some great guests.
  • kanpai rod
    Informative as always
    Informative as always.
  • nmendler
    Pumped about this!
    I have followed KRose since the Digg days and he does and outstanding job of demystifing complex topics. Thanks for starting this Kevin!
  • Ckim198734
    Kevin is the GOAT
    New podcast. Modern finance / defi is the future. Let’s goooo
  • OregonIntern
    Potential is there?
    It’s just starting out and a big KR fan so the potential is there. But this episode felt more like an NFT infomercial than educating the listener. Basically a lot of talk about how rare, fun, beautiful, valuable, historical (oh and btw they own a bunch) these NFTs are. I agree the idea of digital scarcity is hard to appreciate. Including the idea of “owning a moment of history” in this sea of digital art that sounds like a flood. Overall I don’t know much more about NFTs after listening to this, just that they are being sold for a lot of money.
  • JimboBwater
    Outstanding show
    Great way to keep up with what’s going on in the world of crypto currencies and decentralized finance. Kevin is not a bitcoin maximalist or a defi shill, he just finds people working on interesting projects and talks to them about what they’re doing and why. Outstanding show.
  • sw3dge
    To Notch
    The best crypto insights in a podcast on the internet.
  • Freemarkit
    Great podcast! More blockchain please
    Great podcast! More blockchain please
  • Brooke Craven
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Kevin, host of the Block Zero podcast, highlights all aspects of bitcoin, blockchain and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Sammmm01
    First class blockchain content
    Interesting discussions with top minds in the space
  • djgeorg3
    Kevin Rose is my favorite when it comes to tech
    And now he did it again he pivoted from old school tech podcasts to the new Blockchain based technologies. Great to hear you again Kevin keep up the good work.
  • BeAHiro
    Great content!
    Great interviews that are always filled with new ideas.
  • S.F.Ron
    Excellent guests and content, thoughtful and well produced
  • Speedyheeb
    Very good
    Good show. Discussions are digestible without being too superficial. I’m not a programmer but I can follow the talks and get s lot of insight that I haven’t heard on other shows. The guests seem confidently around Kevin. The show with Jed was great. I would call this a “blue square” in terms of difficulty understanding for non tech people or non-finance people. (Epicenter would a Black Diamond).
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