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Learn research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life, drawing on the science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe. Hosted by award-winning psychologist Dacher Keltner. Co-produced by PRX and UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.

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  • MsFlowerLady14
    My hands were sweating for no reason all morning long no matter how I tried to tell my mind everything was ok . My anxiety just wanting to be on top. I found this podcast & after 8 minutes my hands were no longing sweating! Amazing !
  • taubg
    Seeing Results
    Just listening to the talks has a positive effect. But actively engaging in these short easy meditations, and sticking with them yields surprising results. There is always something you can relate to.
  • mituska2
    Applicable to my life
    This podcast gives strategies tried by people and backs them with research.
  • elizlk
    Useful tools
    Sometimes just interesting and fun, but these short episodes have good tools. Sometimes they’re useful to me when they come out, sometimes I go back to recall something when I need it - or need to share it with a friend.
  • raisingsail
    The most important 10-20Minutes of your day. Really.
    A wonderful break into what matters and makes a difference in raising awareness into happiness.
  • Vitaliya McElveen
    Amazing podcast! Every time I listen to a new episode I feel like I completed mini-research.
  • Jetomrs
    Science + emotions!
    I love this podcast! Easy to listen to and so informative usually includes something to act on. It’s great!
  • Ohio Vick
    Comments on 1/19/23 podcast about looking up to the sky
    I’m a new listener of the podcast and enjoying it immensely. This podcast reminded me of a habit from my childhood of looking at the shapes of clouds to find an animal or some other object. I still do it in mid-life. It’s fun. Also I can relate to finding awe and perspective by looking at a book marker of the Earth-rise from the Moon. I displayed the marker in my office to remind me how small issues can be in the grand scheme of things. Thank you & best wishes for your continued success with your podcast!
  • 1234lkjhg6789asdf
    Was curious what an anti-labor podcast host sounds like
    Was excited to listen to this new podcast after hearing about it from a friend. I heard from another friend that Keltener has refused to stand in solidarity with UC students striking for better pay. Maybe I skip for now….
  • Savta's
    I have been listening to this podcast for years and am never disappointed.
    I’m interested in research-based behavioral interventions that can applied to situations in our everyday lives. The Science of Happiness consistently introduces strategies that can be implemented to improve our mood and functioning if we are willing to try them. I like the modeling of the techniques and the science behind it.
  • Dehmeila
    Happiness Breaks are the best !
    Forgiveness and self compassion with Alex Elle is my lifesaver.
  • ck956
    Self care
    Happiness Breaks are great! Take a short break to re-energize.
  • Love P Joy
    Great Happiness practices
    Love the Scientific evidence for so many of the practices, I really believe in. In addition I constantly learn so many more. It’s so wonderful to spread these positive ideas in a world wired for constant stress.
  • NoOvernightGuests
    As someone who loves actionable, relatable science, this podcast is a must!
    Such an interesting podcast. You learn a lot about human behavior and people. I’m often surprised and touched by the interviews, resources, test results etc. shared during each episode.
  • Bitty12345
    Happiness breaks
    Just a little obsessed with the happiness breaks😍 Such great, useful information in a short amount of time. If you haven’t listened yet, do it now!
  • glimadoll
    Excellent practical and research-based tips for wellbeing
    Great podcast! Thank you for all of the very helpful practices and information!
  • traditionalgirl
    Episode 43
    Disgusting to hear the dissing of America & it’s culture. If you don’t like this great country , then leave.
  • Election junky
    Black man going down a slide
    In NYC adults are only allowed in playgrounds if they’re with a child. So pls don’t try that slide test if you’re not.
  • #Emma/
    I was so sad before I wasDepressed and mad but now i feel like so much weight was lifted off my shoulders it made me happier.😊😇
  • LindaB23
    Political bias evident
    I have not found an episode that does not contain a political bias. It is tiresome.
  • J*Learner
    Dacher is a superstar
    I truly enjoy this podcast. It is one tool in my tool belt for my mindfulness journey. Several episodes have not necessarily been of interest at first but, sure enough, there’s a nugget within the episodes that I appreciate and learn from. I also really like the shorter length because they’re not a huge time commitment and that makes the episodes more approachable for me. Dacher’s personality comes across as very warm and caring, which is the cherry on top of the substantive content.
  • Cincodemayomama
    Inspired by your stories...and science!
    It’s wonderful to learn about yourself through other people’s experiences. It takes the pressure off and allows the listener to be inspired without being deterred by ones own insecurities. These stories are entertaining and thought-provoking. I like that the ‘Happiness Guniepigs’ are often accomplished and sometimes well-known people with credibility. It makes me feel better about myself to know that everyone wants to improve their happiness... it’s not just regular ol’ me. This in-and-of-itself would make a great podcast, but they take it further by bringing in all the science supporting the happiness of said example during the second half of the show. Thank you (I guess I’m sort of writing a Letter of Gratitude) for making a show that can really help people improve their lives and the lives of those around them.
  • Mad MACC
    Happy talk
    Lots of happy talk about feelings from unscientific young people who start every thought with the word “So”. If you want to know about the real source of happiness then listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson. This is just fluff.
  • whitneyv05
    So good! Love the stories
    I love how this podcast focuses on a personal story about a particular topic first and through most of the episodes, and then dives into the science behind it. It feels less sterile than other podcasts and is overall really uplifting and gives tangible goals and techniques.
  • Su Glez
    Love it.
    Thank you for this podcast. I am a psychotherapist and I even use your podcast to explain difficult ideas and concepts to clients in a simple, short and easy way to absorb. Thank you!!
  • !ann?
    Thoughtful and inspires contentment:)
    Thought provoking interviews and good scientific based evidence for mindfulness.
  • Raechelle5
    I love listening to the Science of Happiness as I walk/jog in the morning. I’ve tried a few of the gratitude practices and found it to be very rewarding in my every day.
  • aj787878787878787878
    Life this podcast!
    Every episode is well done and a great listen! Thank you!
  • Mantis79
    Boring, Biased
    I was looking for an enriching podcast to listen to, this cough my eye. Unfortunately within the first few minutes there was Trump bashing, like huh? Was this necessary? Snowflakes talking about feelings, so boring.
  • M_______L
    Rip off of The Happiness Lab??
    This seems suspiciously similar an existing show, The Happiness Lab...
  • camilizer234
    I love this podcast !!!
  • bombon334455
    Love it
    Very fruitful and interesting podcast. I have been listening to it for a while now. I enjoy all the interviews and examples directed to be applied in our daily lives.
  • GigglezSR1
    This podcast is so joyful
    I had a lot of anger before listened to this podcast, But now that I did, I always feel good and remember what they said. And if I have a question about how to, Just be kind. Five stars for me
  • FayeAnna
    Is it ok
    I haven’t listen to it but is it good or bad please answer my question
  • Taylor_AW
    The Light We All Need
    When I’m struggling, I turn to this podcast. It’s so rewarding listening to the experiences of those using the practices and how it impacted their lives or points of view. Thank you for providing the light we all need!
  • Keilani B.
    Insightful. Positive. Influential.
    This podcast is amazing. After each episode I feel inspired to be kind and I have clarity on how to do so.
  • listenup1969
    Wonderful food for the soulful, sorry for the rest.
  • pro231311
    Very positive
    Thank you for providing a podcast that spreads positive energy into the world. I’m learning how to be a better person because of it.
  • ashleymc10
    Riveting podcast
    This is a podcast full of scientific evidence to support a happier life! As a PhD student, it has helped me get through! I send these to previously skeptical family members. This podcast has changed their lives too.
  • RPMSpeed
    Can’t hold my interest
    Writing a book and hosting a podcast is not the same. You lack the ability to grab and hold you listeners’ attention. Keep your day job.
  • aallen324
    Your political views do not matter. This is meant to be a podcast for happiness, not your far left hateful views. Change the name and purpose of the podcast.
  • Singer Kate
    Absolutely wonderful
    This is a practical, fun and super well done podcast. It's usefulness is profound, and they have wonderful guests doing the practices and reporting back. Very uplifitng to listen to- and even better to apply!
  • nick (nayhen
    Come on
    You need to work a lot to ketchup to the others because it is not good at all 🤬🤬🤔
  • _MaggieMae93
    Something Different!
    Really really love this podcast. It’s nice to have something more happy and more towards helping others! The only downfall is when some people are on the podcast all I can hear is the salvia in their mouth 😣 I’ve unfortunately had to skip a few episodes because of this
  • Lillie No Clever Nickname
    Nice format
    I love the try-and-see approach to each episode. The guests all seem to really benefit from their experiments.
  • Sokneeuhh
    This has been one of my favorite podcasts to tune into at least once a week. One of my favorite episodes that stood out to me and urged me to leave a review was “How to Keep Love Alive” (season 5 episode 3). I always appreciate hearing what the psychologists and experts at the end of each episode have to say about the exercises. Keep up the good work Science of Happiness! 💗
  • Dr Cordell
    I stumbled onto this podcast through my research on universal facial expression, work done in modern era by Dr. Paul Ekman. Interestingly, his work and work carried on by Dr. Eve Ekman led me to Berkeley’s Center for Greater Good. I have little doubt that we are all living in a mad, dangerous world - yet, our hope and our potential for better personal and collective human lives has always been within us. Thanks for this work GGIA.
  • PSUButler
    Blinded by the left
    Why do you feel the need to bash President Trump and claim that xenophobia and white supremacy are on the rise (no data- scare tactics) during an episode that is supposed to be about finding the good in life. He does not hate “all brown people”. Leave your hateful bias out of a podcast that references the utilization of Science. Are you so blinded by your left-wing media-induced hate that you cannot accept that others have a different opinion. I call this arrogance. Why alienate half of the country by bringing your politics into what, otherwise as an enjoyable podcast series.
  • Rice Mom
    successfully blends science with specific individual stories
    one of my top 5 podcasts! the tone is gentle but persuasive/encouraging. The guests are very authentic, disclosing, and likeable/relatable. They are also free people of color/non-WASP. The research is well summarized & fascinating. Commercials are brief and never obnoxious. These aren’t quick fixes but truly useful ways to improve ourselves and our families and communities. try a few episodes!
  • sfmorn
    I love this Podcast!
    People need to be more happy!
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