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Hosted by Mark Bell, inventor of the Sling Shot; American record holding professional powerlifter. Joined by Professional Bodybuilder & Grappler Nsima Inyang and producer Andrew Zaragoza, the crew covers topics ranging from Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Masculinity, Dating, Powerlifting, life coaching and motivation. Join Mark on his journey to "Make the World a Better Place to Lift".

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  • A_C_Clark
    In my top 3 favorite podcasts!
    I’ve benefited greatly from the podcast. The subjects covered from nutrition to fitness to personal growth, morning routines, PED’s, biohacking, the list goes on and on. Mark Bell has made a huge impact in my life and has helped me immensely in my journey to become jacked and tan as well as just becoming a better human being overall. Can’t recommend this show enough!
  • Modot2000
    A very fun and casual vibe that is still packed with information
    Title is self-explanatory
  • Roscoe Jones
    Gotta Love Andrew…
    …dude is a mush-mouthed millennial who can’t think for himself, parrots everything the other two say and has admitted that he doesn’t pay attention to the news…but he still participates in convos like these. IQ is hovering near mental retardation-level but he keeps talking. Bro, stick to recording and uploading and being Mark’s lapdog. It’s all you’re good for. That and doing the outro.
  • Darwinstheory_
    The stuff I needed to hear🙏🏾
    I’ve been a YouTube watcher for awhile and recently just came over to the apple platform. You guys give us this good knowledge and good vibes for free! The least I can do is give you that 5-star review! Luv✌🏾
  • CP 72
    New listener!
    Just started listening last week and this show covers it all. I like the interaction among the guys and the overall scope of fitness covered. Mark has great life advice and is very inspiring. I tried the Slingshot recently and it is a quality product. Then realized he had a podcast. It's a great show. Glad to have discovered it!
  • Cw2317$
    Great podcast for anyone!
    Very informative on a wide variety of subjects. I’ve learned so much from these guys and different guests they bring on.
  • Baldwin26142
    Absolutely outstanding show
    This show has been so beneficial to life. I love the variety of guests and topics . It has helped bring back my passion for health and fitness. Thank you power project.
  • fantastic2021
    893 Carb cycling
    Excellent++Do not miss this podcast Fantastic++
  • N1kk1a
    Great guys! Great show!
    I’ve been listening to these guys for years now and there is value in every episode. They talk about new ideas in fitness and also talk old school. Love it. Thanks
  • johnkessler160
    Great show!
    Definitely binge worthy! Topics for everyone
  • texas bill the shaman
    Daily motivation
    Great show! Been listening for years since mark was the “meat head millionaire” lol they bring so much value if you care about health, always bring new ideas and stuff to try so you don’t get bored.
  • ATC_Tek
    Great show
    Great show, great content. Discuss so many different aspects of fitness and overall health.
  • MBPP listener
    Great podcast
    This podcast has a ton of knowledgeable guests in subjects that I am interested in. I mainly follow it for the dieting and training education. The main idea I get from it is having discipline with good daily habits. Give it a listen if you’re looking to improve in all areas of life, not just physically!
  • dr strange👍🏻👍🏻
    Absolutely sick show
    Great takes on modern problems even outside the fitness industry. Definitely recommend.
  • Rwood310
    Never miss an episode
    Love the show!
  • Chechitttoooo
    A blessing
    How awesome that loving fitness can bring a wealth of knowledge in so many topics that have almost nothing to do with it. This podcast is an amazing tool to have in your back pocket, USE IT!
  • PitoPreme
    Life changing!
    Best fitness podcast in the whole world 💪
  • Rip Wheeler 69
    Great podcast
    Great overall podcast covering health and fitness and weight lifting, along with being a better person, spouse, parent, and friend
  • tl..something
    Something for everyone
    I came here for health and fitness, but found so much more. Such a positive, uplifting combination of life lessons, personal growth , physical and mental strength.
  • Bradkearns
    Fantastically Entertaining and Informative Show
    I love the format of three hosts all bringing something different to the production. They have great light-hearted banter but also blend that with hard hitting questions and outstanding guests with a variety of backgrounds and insights. One of the best shows out there with heavy production schedule and long-format interviews so we can really go deep.
  • Way2radd4u
    One of your lady listeners!
    40yo woman here! Not your normal demographic maybe but love you guys!! Good listen while lifting and changing diapers! Haha
  • Johndoe19770
    More please
    Awesome group of guys to listen to. From their opinions to bringing guests in who have different opinions. Providing great information and entertainment
  • nbabbitz
    One of the best fitness podcasts out there
    Fantastic and entertaining podcast! Mark and the crew talk about a wide range of fitness and nutrition content and have been a major influence and inspiration along my journey losing almost 100lbs and starting my own nutrition coaching business to help others do the same.
  • TD5789
    Andrew brings the show down immensely. He also looks as if he has never entered a gym in his life. When he starts talking I can’t get through a podcast. Replace him and it becomes 5 stars.
  • Cwe_20
    This podcast is not from this planet
    In all seriousness this podcast is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! This podcast led me to Marek Health, and helped me make the needed changes in my life. I have learned so much from these men. They bring the best experts on for health, fitness, nutrition, and comedy that I have ever found anywhere. They even listen to the discord for topic input and will find an expert to cover it. I don’t know where you find your guests for the show, but I am so thankful you get them on. Thank you guys for the entertainment and knowledge you drop each time.
  • wolfmansbrother85
    I am a power project.
    This podcast has changed my life; I listen everyday when I work. The tips and hacks I receive from these 3 men and their guests have revolutionized my fitness. The community and the discord fills in most gaps or things I miss. It helps that they’re all pretty funny and entertaining.
  • edm fan
    Great podcast
    What else can I say !!!
  • tcseise
    These guys really just tell you how it is. There is no get ripped quick scheme in these podcasts. I really appreciate how straight forward they all are.
  • caleb_lucas123
    Great podcast
    Very informative and hilarious. I always listen to these guys on my way to work or at home.
  • JTaft18
    Great show!
    They’re informative, have great banter, and it’s refreshing to listen to. They’re as much about mental and emotional improvement as they are physical improvement. They have great mindsets and they’re willing to have on guests of all types and listen to them with an open-mind. Literally my favorite podcast ever!
  • Cross Comics
    Keeps getting better
    Been listening around 3 years now. I don’t miss many episodes. So well done. Have learned a lot & been encouraged in so many ways by you 3 & many awesome guests. Just noticed you guys will hit 1000 episodes before too long, amazing…thank you, have a best day ever! 🙏🏼😄
  • bears eat beats
    Couldn’t be better
    I started listening in on MBPP after searching for Ben Patrick podcasts. I appreciated the attention and openness that these guys gave him; it was better than any other host (even Joe Rogan). I started listening in more just out of curiosity, even if it was an uninteresting topic. Now I’m hooked. They have amazing banter. They ask all the right questions. They actually converse vs just asking a list of questions. They have open minds and show each guest respect, even if you can tell they don’t agree. They’re so funny! And bonus points for the endless pods on the topic of the Big Toe. I don’t ever rate podcasts, and I don’t lift heavy or eat meat. That’s how good this stuff is!
  • Chris62399
    To: Mark
    Please call the chocolate farm and restock Steak Shake and make 5lb tubs please.
  • Pokey71
    My New Favorite Podcast
    I recently found this podcast even though I’ve been following Mark for awhile. It’s instantly become my favorite podcast. The banter between the three of you is great.
  • xc red vz as
    Thanks dagain s C see sees we as w saw rest
    Uh just was hex uh s s C Ed dates by error red add we’d saws
  • mynameismudd1
    Steel Toe Minimalist Shoe
    Someone needs to make a steel toe minimalist shoe.
  • vanefer23
    Yes sir trust your intuition! Love you guys
  • JakeLinnell
    12oz Curls
    Just finished the booze n biceps episode. Love the info on it. Personally I love beer. I’m 26, born and raised in Montana. It’s part of who we are in my circle (hold on now I can explain). I make beer, try all different kinds and styles, and only drink on weekends, with a 3-4 beer limit. I am currently studying to get my PT certificate and have been lifting (bodybuilding with a recent addition of functional movements) for 10years. Fitness is important so my rules is no carbs if I plan to drink that day. Eat a large, satiating meal at least 30 mins before any drinks. Fast the next morning and hydrate a lot. Get a workout in before breaking my fast. That’s my plan and it work’s pretty well for me! Thanks for all the episodes guys. We need more people listening to you!
  • Mama ABF
    Fun, funny and informative!
    These guys don’t hesitate to question popular mainstream ideas/concepts in a genuine, entertaining way. They set up their podcast in a way that makes me feel I can comfortably listen in, as if I’m a friend/family member sitting in the same room as they chat.
  • Gary3
    Intellectual Meatheads talk fitness and strength
    Great work from very likable guys. Good guests and great topics. Two thumbs up
  • BoaBoa01
    Awesome Podcast!
    These guys make stayin fit fun 👌
  • tmotz za2
    Best Podcast
    Best Podcast that I’ve found, getting to listening to these guys on a regular basis is honesty life Changing, so grateful for everything you guys put out! Keep up the Great work, you guys are making a major impact to the lives of your listeners!
  • wyatj
    Wide variety of topics and they’re all fascinating
    These guys go where other podcasts won’t. They have such an interesting and wide variety of guests. Every episode covers an issue you’ve always been interested in but haven’t thought much about or were too scared to ask. They keep me listening and it’s helping myself and my relationships. Keep up the good work guys.
  • hahahdhhdhahdbnfjs
    Great info!
    Love all the experts they bring on this pod
  • exforsure
    Cuckolding !!!
    I still don’t know what this term actually means fully, but enjoyed your episode, Mark you always know how to relate while bringing comedy with it!!!
  • ryja86
    Sucking wind before every word gets old
    Hey Mark breath through your nose
  • ubfit2
    Next Level Fitness Information
    The best podcast get information on all types of strength and conditioning from a credible gallery of PhD’s to bros!
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Amazing 🔥🔥
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • Vandyfan3
    Best podcast out there
    You guys are so entertaining to listen to, every episode, whether you have a guest or just talking amongst yourselves, I love it. So informational and fun, keep up the good work guys!
  • Bubb472
    POWERFUL !!!!
    Love the power project and the guests and content are always great !
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